Guitar Chat With Muris, Kyle Logue, Vinod Etc. 2008-03-03
Mar 5 2008, 04:26 PM
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08:13:05 Staples: Gatorade. The Thirst Quencher.
08:13:12 Staples: Tang. It's a kick in the glass.
08:13:37 Staples: Muderknobs. Doorknobs for a new world.
08:13:47 Staples: ...I can't spell murder.
08:14:05 Staples: Baby, the otha otha white meat.
12:56:52 Slammer: LOL
12:57:00 Gen: lol
12:57:06 Gen: you cant sing the blues man
12:57:43 Slammer: LOL
12:57:46 Slammer: thanks
12:58:28 Slammer: dude
12:58:54 Gen: lol
12:59:40 Gen: Welcome back
12:59:53 Slammer: wink.gif
12:59:57 Slammer: dude
13:00:04 Slammer: chat is going really slow for me
13:00:11 Gen: oh
13:00:13 Gen: dam
13:00:14 Gen: damn*
13:00:14 Slammer: I'm going to exit and be right back
13:00:18 Gen: okay
13:02:29 Gen: LOLman long time noe see
13:02:31 Gen: no*
13:04:49 DeepRoots: whats up guys
13:05:08 DeepRoots: *whip*
13:05:20 Gen: hey there
13:05:23 Gen: what's up
13:05:25 Gen: not much
13:05:28 Gen: lol
13:05:28 Gen: here
13:05:47 Slammer: heel
13:05:49 Slammer: hello
13:05:52 Slammer: biggrin.gif
13:06:04 Slammer: man chats is back to normal now
13:06:11 Gen: kewl
13:06:23 Slammer: Sup Mr DeepRoots
13:06:52 Slammer: oh no! he left once I came
13:06:59 Slammer: it happens everytime
13:07:04 Slammer: :?
13:07:25 Gen: *whip*
13:07:27 Gen: hey there
13:07:32 Gen: the man with the mouth
13:07:36 Gen: lol
13:07:40 DeepRoots: hes back
13:07:50 DeepRoots: hehe hows it going
13:08:07 Gen: good
13:08:08 Gen: and you?
13:08:15 DeepRoots: could be worse smile.gif
13:08:41 DeepRoots: watching a paul gilbert dvd trying to get some licks down
13:08:42 Slammer: DeepRoots doesn't your Mouth hurt?
13:08:49 Gen: wich dvd
13:08:50 Gen: ?
13:08:50 DeepRoots: not all the time > lol
13:08:54 Slammer: after the Party Trick
13:08:55 DeepRoots: GOOMY
13:08:55 Slammer: LOL
13:09:01 Gen: lol
13:09:13 Gen: have you seen the "get out of my yard" instructional dvd?
13:09:18 DeepRoots: well yes it did hurt alot right after the trick
13:09:26 DeepRoots: gen- thats the one im watching
13:09:32 Slammer: LOL
13:09:35 Gen: its awesome
13:09:37 Gen: and hilarious
13:09:38 Slammer: GOOMY
13:09:40 Gen: that begining
13:09:42 Gen: with the bike
13:10:24 Gen: wb
13:10:38 Slammer: SO it seems DeepRoots has become the number 3 or 4 guy to go to with Theory questions
13:10:47 Slammer: so I have one for him
13:10:52 DeepRoots: really?
13:10:56 DeepRoots: oo yay
13:11:12 DeepRoots: go for it mate
13:11:40 Slammer: If I had a Chord Progression of, Bm-A-G-F# what key would that be 8)
13:12:14 Muris: wow
13:12:20 Muris: top crew in here biggrin.gif
13:12:20 Slammer: at first I would think Bm, but then the F# would have to be F#dim I think
13:12:26 Slammer: MURIS!!!
13:12:35 Gen: hey there muris
13:12:50 Slammer: no wait
13:13:00 Slammer: the F# would have to be F#M I mean
13:13:01 Muris: is this a thoery class Slamm?
13:13:11 Slammer: the F# would have to be F#m* I mean
13:13:14 Slammer: LOL
13:13:16 DeepRoots: not F# dim im sure
13:13:18 Slammer: I'm confused
13:13:53 Muris: you can have F# or F#m
13:13:59 Slammer: you can ohmy.gif
13:14:13 Muris: with F#m it'd be pure Bm progression
13:14:34 Muris: with F# major chord,it's mix of natural and harmonic minor
13:14:35 DeepRoots: yup
13:14:43 Muris: spanish kind a sound
13:14:47 DeepRoots: ooo
13:14:48 Slammer: DeepRoots what I meant was if it was in the key of G it would be F#dim
13:14:50 Slammer: I think
13:14:51 Slammer: LOL
13:15:02 DeepRoots: yeh
13:15:05 Muris: you dont have A chord in key of G
13:15:10 Muris: it'd be Am wink.gif
13:15:19 Slammer: Yeah
13:15:24 Slammer: thats why it's in Bm
13:15:29 Muris: yep
13:15:34 Slammer: *runs and hides*
13:15:48 DeepRoots: im not so quick with the theory- i like to write it all down first smile.gif
13:16:01 Muris: lol
13:16:03 DeepRoots: so Muris is a Ferrari compared to me tongue.gif
13:16:21 Slammer: so in retrospect... If the Progression was Am-G-F-E it would still be AM key?
13:16:23 Muris: an image of you swalowing the glass just runned before my eyes
13:16:24 Muris: lol
13:16:41 Muris: that video on YT was awesome
13:16:48 Muris: was it 6 or 7?
13:17:28 DeepRoots: cant remember lol
13:17:52 Muris: does it hurt?
13:17:52 DeepRoots: last one hurt tho!
13:17:54 Muris: I mean
13:18:03 Muris: those are HUGE glasses
13:18:12 Slammer: Gmaj7-C7-F#7-Bm7 <<<---Thats a Chord Progression that my friend wrote, It's been bugging me for like 3 months what key it's in
13:18:12 DeepRoots: yeh lol
13:18:29 DeepRoots: may i try slowly??
13:18:52 Slammer: try what?
13:18:54 Slammer: LOL
13:19:02 Muris: another glass
13:19:03 Muris: ??
13:19:05 Slammer: LOL
13:19:07 Muris: lol
13:19:11 Muris: Slamm
13:19:11 Slammer: ouch
13:19:15 Muris: that progression
13:19:20 DeepRoots: your theory! not a glass lol
13:19:24 Slammer: LOL
13:19:26 DeepRoots: yeh the progression lol
13:19:27 Muris: it's not simple one key stuff
13:19:33 Slammer: sad.gif
13:19:37 DeepRoots: okay then- Muris in ding ding
13:19:46 Muris: no prob
13:19:51 Muris: you go ahead smile.gif
13:19:52 DeepRoots: i can only stick to one key stuff
13:20:01 Slammer: someone!
13:20:04 DeepRoots: i could try though
13:20:05 Slammer: anyone....
13:20:06 Muris: Deep?
13:20:08 Muris: ok
13:20:11 DeepRoots: muris can mark me on my effort
13:20:20 Slammer: GEN!
13:20:23 Slammer: sad.gif
13:20:31 Muris: Theory scares him
13:20:32 Slammer: we were Ignoring Gen sad.gif
13:20:36 Slammer: poor fella
13:20:39 Muris: you should have known better
13:20:40 Muris: lol
13:21:38 Muris: C7 is chord "out" of story
13:21:43 Slammer: so muris, I got the guitar Guitar Grimoire
13:21:49 Slammer: now I understand Modes
13:21:49 Muris: but it has purpose
13:21:52 Slammer: biggrin.gif
13:21:57 Muris: great smile.gif
13:22:00 DeepRoots: hmm
13:22:04 Muris: I haven't seen that book before
13:22:10 Muris: but I guess it's good?
13:22:13 Slammer: yep
13:22:20 DeepRoots: that C7 isnt in the Gmajor key like the rest right Muris
13:22:29 DeepRoots: ?
13:22:41 Muris: it's Bm key I would say Deep
13:23:03 Muris: lol
13:23:04 Slammer: because I played Bm Aeolian over it and it sounded good
13:23:13 Slammer: or B Aeolian*
13:23:15 Slammer: LOL
13:23:16 Muris: except over F#7
13:23:27 Muris: you have A# there
13:23:33 Muris: aeolian has A
13:23:37 Muris: right?
13:23:58 Slammer: Deep?
13:24:02 Muris: Slamm?
13:24:03 DeepRoots: ahhhh
13:24:04 Muris: lol
13:24:05 Slammer: LOL
13:24:07 Slammer: LOL
13:24:09 Slammer: man
13:24:10 DeepRoots: <head explodes>
13:24:15 Slammer: this is confusing
13:24:21 Slammer: so Muris the ANswer is
13:24:21 Muris: not really
13:24:23 Gen: hey there
13:24:28 Slammer: that it's in the Key of Bm
13:24:31 Muris: is your friend advance player Slam
13:24:33 Slammer: but C7 is Out chord
13:24:34 DeepRoots: no guitar atm so im just trying to work it out on paper sad.gif
13:24:38 Muris: the one who wrote the progression?
13:25:18 Slammer: well, he's really good technique wise, not so much Theory... I think he just played it because it sounded good to him
13:25:32 Muris: exactly smile.gif
13:25:52 Muris: so all 3 chords except C7 fit nicely into Bm key
13:25:53 DeepRoots: i can only analyse stuff that makes sense lol
13:26:04 Muris: scale wise it'd be Bm harmonic
13:26:23 Muris: tho you can play aeolian over Bm and Gmaj7
13:26:29 Muris: now,C7
13:26:51 Muris: it's taken from kind of B phrygian
13:26:55 Muris: but not totally
13:27:18 Muris: 7th is Bb,which ruins B tonality in a first place
13:27:23 Muris: soo
13:27:30 Slammer: ^^^ Thats why I like the Trusty Am Pentatonic
13:27:31 Slammer: biggrin.gif
13:27:35 DeepRoots: lmao
13:27:52 Muris: you'll have to play C Mixo#4 to get right sounding
13:27:55 Muris: sort of biggrin.gif
13:28:02 Iluha: yo
13:28:08 Muris: hi Iluha
13:28:09 Slammer: well I have that Scale in the Book I'll have to find it
13:28:15 DeepRoots: hey Iluha
13:28:16 Slammer: Thanks guys!
13:28:27 Iluha: hey whats up guys?
13:28:30 Muris: it's like Mixolyidian with #$4,nothing more
13:28:36 Muris: lol
13:28:46 Muris: 4th that brings $
13:28:48 Muris: lol
13:28:51 Slammer: LOL
13:28:57 Slammer: Yes
13:28:59 Iluha: lol
13:29:06 Slammer: GEN!
13:29:07 Slammer: *Slap*
13:29:11 Slammer: Wake up boy
13:29:14 DeepRoots: mixo#4 isnt that like a lydian b7 ?
13:29:27 Muris: it is Deep,same thing
13:29:30 Muris: different name
13:29:32 DeepRoots: biggrin.gif
13:29:35 Muris: wink.gif
13:29:50 DeepRoots: glad i can spot one thing in this convo
13:29:55 Iluha: any of you heard the eagles's new album?
13:30:02 Muris: me not
13:30:08 Muris: I'll have to excuse myself
13:30:10 Muris: have to go
13:30:11 DeepRoots: nope sorry man
13:30:15 Muris: just wanted to say hi
13:30:21 Iluha: Cya man smile.gif
13:30:23 DeepRoots: cya Muris!
13:30:26 Muris: PLUS we solved Slamm's issue wink.gif
13:30:30 Slammer: yes
13:30:31 Slammer: Thanks
13:30:32 Muris: latter guys
13:30:32 Slammer: biggrin.gif
13:30:35 Muris: bye smile.gif
13:31:14 Fsgdjv: well hello there!
13:31:19 Slammer: so which one of the Five Pentatonic MOdes are your Favorites?
13:31:38 DeepRoots: oooo
13:31:51 DeepRoots: well iv not really tried the pentatonic modes
13:32:07 DeepRoots: just regular diatonic modes
13:32:09 Slammer: Well, I mean the 5 different Shapes
13:32:14 Slammer: LOL
13:32:36 Slammer: I have the Book in my Hand and it says modes
13:32:38 Slammer: but
13:32:47 Slammer: you know the Five different shapes right?
13:32:53 Iluha: :s
13:33:03 Slammer: I like shape(or Mode) number 5 the Best
13:33:06 Iluha: I like the basic one most i guess
13:33:23 DeepRoots: just the 5 pentatonic shapes? sure
13:33:42 DeepRoots: yeh i know them- but only every use box 1 when soloing lol
13:33:51 Fsgdjv: I like the shape that's similar to the aeolian mode best, or the last one
13:33:52 Fsgdjv: lol
13:34:09 Iluha: I learned an Eagles solo by ear yesterday, I think it's the first solo I ever learned by ear lol
13:34:44 Slammer: the first thing I learned by ear was Ode to Joy
13:36:00 Iluha: *akward silence moment*
13:36:12 Slammer: come on everyone get Happy
13:36:18 Slammer: biggrin.gif
13:36:18 Slammer: put on a smiling Face
13:36:26 Iluha: smile.gif
13:36:27 Fsgdjv: biggrin.gif
13:36:35 Slammer: so guys
13:36:57 Slammer: there's something I want to discuss
13:37:02 Slammer: in private
13:37:05 Slammer: LOL
13:37:05 Iluha: Why does it call people Users?
13:37:14 Iluha: very rude to assume that all musicians are on drugs..
13:37:15 Slammer: hello Staples
13:37:23 DeepRoots: lmao iluha
13:37:42 Slammer: whoever wants to discuss this with me send me a private chat
13:37:45 Slammer: LOL
13:37:53 Slammer: hmm.....
13:37:56 Iluha: let me guess
13:37:58 Slammer: I see no one
13:38:03 Iluha: haha
13:38:09 Slammer: .....
13:38:11 Slammer: ......................
13:38:13 Slammer: ............
13:38:33 Slammer: come on it's important I'd like someones Opinion on it
13:40:10 DeepRoots: im in
13:40:15 DeepRoots: whats up man?
13:41:01 DeepRoots: slam?
13:41:07 Slammer: LOL
13:41:09 Slammer: dude
13:41:14 Slammer: On Private Chat
13:41:16 Slammer: LOL
13:41:21 DeepRoots: hows that work lol
13:41:40 Slammer: Click on my name OVER there >>>>>>
13:42:12 Iluha: lol Slammer what the hell tongue.gif
13:42:55 Slammer: tongue.gif
13:43:46 Fsgdjv: so what's up dawgs?
13:44:03 Slammer: yo yo yo
13:44:06 Slammer: What up
13:44:08 Fsgdjv: biatches
13:44:13 Slammer: LOL
13:45:21 Slammer: BOTOXFOX!
13:45:26 Slammer: been a long time
13:45:35 botoxfox: yeah
13:45:49 botoxfox: sup?
13:45:54 Slammer: not much
13:46:20 botoxfox: not much here either
13:46:32 botoxfox: just ate dinner
13:50:54 Fsgdjv: *meow*
13:51:10 botoxfox: *whip*
13:51:20 Slammer: *Kick*
13:52:41 DeepRoots: *kick*
13:52:56 Slammer: *Punch*
13:53:43 DeepRoots: *tackle*
13:53:50 Slammer: *slug*
13:54:26 DeepRoots: *hurt*
13:55:38 Slammer: *Ride on Strecher*
13:57:52 DeepRoots: *stretcher breaks*
13:58:04 Slammer: *falls on floor*
14:00:00 Slammer: *waits for Help*
14:00:39 Slammer: *still waiting*
14:00:40 DeepRoots: *doesnt receive any*
14:01:06 Slammer: *sues Deeproots*
14:01:14 Slammer: hey comeback
14:01:17 Slammer: sad.gif
14:01:24 Slammer: where did he go?
14:01:26 Slammer: sad.gif
14:03:06 Slammer: *meow* *slap* *whip* *slap* *whip* *meow* *slap* *meow* *slap* *whip* *slap*
14:03:09 Slammer: wake up!
14:05:08 Fsgdjv: *meow*
14:09:24 Slammer: where did everyone go?
14:09:41 Gen: lol
14:15:19 Slammer: Hello
14:15:46 mattacuk: hey Slammer, hey crew =)
14:15:58 Slammer: how's it going?
14:16:11 mattacuk: pretty good thanks, been doing alot of theory again today smile.gif
14:16:17 Slammer: nice
14:16:27 mattacuk: im looking to get more creative
14:16:28 Gen: hey there matty
14:16:36 Slammer: I've been delving into theory alot latlely
14:16:37 mattacuk: hey Gen my good friend =)
14:16:53 mattacuk: I really want to start composing
14:17:21 Gen: :0
14:17:25 Gen: ah, doesnt work here
14:17:31 Robin: :9
14:17:48 Robin: too bad:(
14:17:52 Slammer: I can just see you like a Conductor with a baton and a Orchestra
14:18:10 mattacuk: haha
14:18:15 mattacuk: well i like classical music =)
14:18:33 Slammer: Mattacuk Etude no. 8
14:18:38 Gen: lol
14:18:49 Slammer: The Saga of Buckethead
14:19:04 Slammer: tongue.gif
14:19:04 Slammer: Those are your Greatest hits
14:19:09 Gen: as
14:19:09 Gen: i can see slammer
14:19:15 Gen: papa johns owner
14:19:20 Slammer: LMFAO
14:19:36 Slammer: oops
14:19:39 Slammer: Oh
14:19:40 Slammer: know
14:19:45 Slammer: he left because of me
14:19:47 Slammer: sad.gif
14:19:50 Gen: lol no
14:20:02 Gen: hey there, welcome back
14:20:07 mattacuk: awww
14:20:12 mattacuk: my internet connection sux sad.gif
14:21:02 Slammer: sad.gif
14:21:03 Slammer: brb
14:21:18 Slammer: I have to go and get a Raisin bagel from the toaster
14:21:34 mattacuk: hey Robin
14:21:40 Robin: hi
14:21:42 mattacuk: your lick of the day totally kicks ass!
14:21:49 Robin: Roflskaters
14:21:55 Slammer: ohmy.gif
14:22:01 Robin: thanks LOL.
14:22:06 mattacuk: hehe smile.gif tis good
14:22:14 Gen: yeah it is
14:22:17 Robin: gen
14:22:19 Gen: top notch quality smile.gif
14:22:22 Robin: shut the F up, ok?
14:22:34 Slammer: did you guys know that Gen is a Amazing Guitarist?
14:22:37 Gen: okay then :{
14:22:39 Robin: yes ofc
14:22:40 Slammer: I heard him play
14:22:44 Slammer: on a video
14:22:48 Robin: :{
14:22:50 mattacuk: i was being nice sad.gif
14:22:50 Gen: robin your vid sux
14:22:51 Slammer: he had soooo much soul
14:22:53 Gen: you cant play guitar
14:22:55 Robin: i know gen
14:23:02 Robin: i know slamber
14:23:07 Robin: ohh matt
14:23:10 Robin: i wasnt talknig to you
14:23:12 Slammer: Gen is alot better than ME
14:23:12 Robin: i was talking to gen
14:23:13 Gen: slammer why are you lying liek that?
14:23:16 Robin: gen can just F off
14:23:17 mattacuk: ahhh ok! smile.gif
14:23:18 Gen: like*
14:23:22 Gen: you too robin
14:23:25 mattacuk: that Gen, needs putting in his place!!
14:23:27 Gen: okay then
14:23:27 Robin: thanks asshole
14:23:27 Gen: man
14:23:31 Gen: you did it
14:23:31 Slammer: WOAH!
14:23:32 Robin: i know man, he totally does
14:23:43 Gen: im gonna post a vid of your real car on gmc
14:23:44 Gen: that vid
14:23:56 Gen: wich says "free candy" badly written
14:24:02 Robin: sorry matt for confusing you, i would never say somethnig like that to you wink.gif wink.gif wink.gif wink.gif
14:24:07 Gen: van*
14:24:13 Robin: gen on the other hand.... :{
14:24:18 mattacuk: Robin haha thats ok man biggrin.gif
14:24:26 mattacuk: im abuseing gen on msn right now tongue.gif
14:24:32 Robin: me too
14:24:36 Gen: yeah
14:24:39 Robin: im verbally kicking his ass
14:24:40 Gen: you have a crappy voice robin
14:24:45 Robin: i know
14:24:51 Gen: stfu
14:24:57 Robin: no you stfu
14:25:01 Gen: you laugh like a baby
14:25:33 Robin: :{
14:25:38 Gen: easy
14:25:38 Gen: boo
14:25:40 Gen: you suck
14:25:41 Robin: well
14:25:42 Gen: game over
14:25:44 Robin: you ARE a baby
14:25:48 Gen: no you are
14:25:56 Gen: you dont have hairs!
14:25:57 Gen: liek babies!
14:26:01 Gen: like*
14:26:21 Robin: well i look like sasquatch under my clothes douchebag
14:26:29 Gen: LMFAO
14:26:31 Gen: i knew it
14:26:35 Robin: Loooooooooooooooooool
14:26:53 Robin: well see you guys later
14:26:57 Robin: have fun with baby gen here
14:26:59 Gen: NO
14:27:00 Slammer: no rodstrupe
14:27:01 Gen: YOU STAY
14:27:01 Robin: he thinks hes so cool
14:27:04 Robin: bye biggrin.gif
14:27:07 Slammer: you stay right here
14:27:10 Gen: no
14:27:18 Gen: im gonna scream on the make , it ll make you deaf
14:27:24 Gen: mic*
14:27:26 Gen: damn
14:29:00 Slammer: mattachuk left again
14:29:07 Slammer: Mattacuk*
14:29:11 Slammer: LOL
14:29:24 Gen: hey matt omfg welcome back!
14:29:31 mattacuk: i really need to ring up my ISP sad.gif
14:29:47 Slammer: hey Mattacuk
14:29:52 Slammer: can I ask something
14:29:57 mattacuk: hello !
14:30:09 Slammer: hmm...
14:30:16 mattacuk: sure
14:30:26 Slammer: umm...
14:30:37 Gen: robin stop watching redtube
14:30:41 mattacuk: LOl
14:30:49 Robin: cant talk, busy
14:30:50 mattacuk: gens always showing me that site
14:30:58 Robin: cya in about... hmmm 4 hours
14:31:02 Slammer: Which movie would you say is a accurate Portrayal of like in England?
14:31:05 Gen: yeah well
14:31:06 Gen: you ask me
14:31:08 Gen: so i show you
14:31:13 mattacuk: good question
14:31:23 Slammer: because
14:31:35 Slammer: thats where I was born, but I don't remember it
14:31:46 Slammer: cuz I was only there about 1 year
14:32:04 mattacuk: well it depends onthe location of the movie i guess smile.gif
14:32:21 Slammer: Well I was born in Wembley
14:32:26 Slammer: area
14:32:36 mattacuk: thats a tricky one
14:32:47 Slammer: is that close to london?
14:32:54 mattacuk: I think so
14:32:56 Gen: robin what's those noises im hearing through the mic
14:33:01 mattacuk: i guess you could Watch Snatch !!!
14:33:04 Slammer: LOL
14:33:08 mattacuk: lol
14:33:09 Robin: *flap flap flap flap flap*
14:33:11 Robin: what noises?
14:33:16 Gen: LMFAO
14:33:41 Slammer: well, my mom want to go visit there again with me sometime this year
14:33:48 Slammer: I mean
14:33:51 mattacuk: i think no movie does it justice
14:33:56 mattacuk: a visit would be better smile.gif
14:34:05 Slammer: My mom and I might visit there later this year
14:34:06 Slammer: or som
14:34:12 Slammer: IDK
14:34:17 Slammer: Expensive from US
14:34:32 Slammer: LOL
14:34:40 mattacuk: check this out
14:34:41 mattacuk:
14:34:45 Slammer: I'll have to make ALOT of pizzas for that
14:34:54 Slammer: LOL
14:35:21 Gen: slammer would you please ask robin to give me the salt please :{
14:35:27 Slammer: LOL
14:35:35 Gen: please twice lol
14:35:38 Slammer: RODSTRUPE
14:35:39 Robin: slammer, would you please tell gen that his sex toys is still at my place.........
14:35:43 mattacuk: LOL
14:35:49 Slammer: If you don't give Gen the Salt
14:35:50 Gen: LLOL
14:35:52 Gen: that was mean
14:36:00 Gen: i told you not to tell anyone about this
14:36:10 Slammer: I'll throw my Slide at you... Once I find it :?
14:36:17 Robin: talk to the hand cause the face aint listening
14:36:20 Robin: oh sad.gif
14:36:38 Gen: well, go clean your hand full of *ehem* first
14:36:47 Robin: no, not done yet
14:36:49 mattacuk: ohmy.gif
14:37:27 Robin: :0
14:37:39 mattacuk: ===D
14:37:51 mattacuk: ohmy.gif
14:38:18 Gen: :9
14:38:19 Robin: wink.gif
14:38:24 Slammer: mattacuk have you ever played a Hello Kitty guitar?
14:38:30 Gen: i did
14:38:33 mattacuk: Slammer Sadly not, id like one...
14:38:37 Gen: i played on robin's one
14:38:37 Slammer: how was it?
14:38:48 Gen: it was good
14:38:48 mattacuk: its so pretty=)
14:38:52 Gen: yeah it is
14:38:53 Robin: yeah, untill you managed to break a string....
14:38:55 Gen: i envy robin so much
14:39:03 Slammer: what about the Hannah Montana one?
14:39:09 Robin: ahh that ones nice to
14:39:11 Robin: too
14:39:18 Slammer: and the Daisy Rock
14:39:19 Gen: robin?
14:39:27 Robin: yeah asshole?
14:39:34 Gen: hehehe *droolings*
14:39:37 Slammer: LOL
14:39:44 Robin: :?
14:39:53 Gen: dont be scared my child *wan
14:40:02 Robin: :?
14:40:11 Gen: ok f**k you then??
14:40:16 Slammer: so guys what is the Relative minor of Am?
14:40:19 Robin: yeah, F me....
14:40:23 Gen: LMFAO
14:40:26 Robin: its ABC
14:40:30 Slammer: LOL
14:40:34 Gen: sorry
14:40:38 Gen: robin needs his medics atm
14:40:39 Gen: sorry slammer
14:40:39 mattacuk: F me is the relative minor of F u tongue.gif
14:41:05 Slammer: what is the Relative minor of B Aeolian Robin?
14:41:10 Robin: yeah and you're just cranky cause you dnot have you shmex toys gen...
14:41:16 Robin: its 123
14:41:31 Gen: :?
14:41:40 Robin: :{
14:41:42 Gen: dont tell everyone :'
14:41:47 Gen: :?
14:41:54 Gen: oh you look so badass with that angry face
14:42:00 Slammer: LOL
14:42:06 Robin: :{
14:42:22 Slammer: alright guys
14:42:22 Gen: :|
14:42:26 Slammer: it's time for SLammer'
14:42:28 Slammer: s
14:42:33 Slammer: famous QUIZ!!
14:42:34 mattacuk: lol, i wonder if kris reads throug these logs haha
14:42:34 Gen: conan o brien :|
14:42:45 Slammer: you must pick of out of the Two
14:42:47 Robin: well then he can atleast see how bad Gen is behaving
14:42:52 mattacuk: i can imaging the title
14:43:02 Gen: LOLL yes totally you mf
14:43:09 mattacuk: "gen and robin discuss the relative minors of Fu "
14:43:12 mattacuk: pmsl
14:43:16 Robin: Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
14:43:16 Gen: LMFAO
14:43:20 Slammer: Clapton or SRV?
14:43:24 Robin: srv
14:43:27 mattacuk: Srv
14:43:33 Slammer: Zeppelin or Sabbath
14:43:36 mattacuk: Srv is muccch better
14:43:41 mattacuk: neither tongue.gif
14:43:44 Slammer: :{
14:43:53 Robin: neither indeed
14:43:57 Gen: yeah
14:44:01 Gen: dragon force ftw
14:44:03 Slammer: Clapton is my Favorite :{
14:44:05 Gen: herman li
14:44:06 Robin: yeah
14:44:07 Gen: !!
14:44:19 Gen: no but shmeriously
14:44:20 Gen: both
14:44:24 Robin: manowar owns dragonforce....
14:44:28 Gen: HAHA
14:44:32 Slammer: Gen or Robin?
14:44:33 Gen: the true metal
14:44:35 Robin: much better live outfits
14:44:39 Gen: whimps and posers off the hall
14:44:44 Slammer: Gen or Robin?
14:44:47 Gen: GEN
14:44:50 Gen: robin sux
14:44:52 Robin: slammer
14:44:56 Robin: you sux
14:44:59 Slammer: LOL
14:45:00 Gen: you see, he cant even pick himself
14:45:02 Robin: gen i mean
14:45:03 Gen: he sux
14:45:10 Gen: yes i love you too robin
14:45:14 Gen: (lying muahaha)
14:45:14 Slammer: Muris or Marcus?
14:45:15 Robin: FU
14:45:19 Robin: muris
14:45:22 Gen: both
14:45:24 Gen: idk
14:45:27 Robin: yeah i guess
14:45:27 Slammer: Gabe or Pablo
14:45:28 Gen: hard question mate wink.gif
14:45:32 Gen: gab
14:45:33 Gen: gabe*
14:45:35 Robin: gabe
14:45:41 Slammer: David O or David W
14:45:49 Robin: david o
14:45:57 Slammer: Strat or LP?
14:46:01 Robin: lp
14:46:04 Gen: lp
14:46:05 Gen: yeah
14:46:11 Gen: fu
14:46:11 Gen: dont copy me
14:46:11 Slammer: Jem or LP?
14:46:14 Robin: lp
14:46:14 Gen: LP
14:46:16 Robin: ROFL
14:46:23 Slammer: JEM or Strat
14:46:26 Gen: strat
14:46:27 Robin: strat
14:46:29 Slammer: LOL
14:46:30 Gen: copyer
14:46:31 Robin: LOL
14:46:35 Robin: not even a question
14:46:36 Slammer: JEM or Hello Kitty
14:46:38 Gen: LMFAO
14:46:39 Gen: indeed
14:46:42 Robin: hello kitty
14:46:43 Gen: hello kitty
14:46:46 Slammer: Damn
14:46:48 Slammer: no Jem lovers
14:46:51 mattacuk: hello kitty
14:46:53 Gen: oh ri ri?
14:47:02 Robin: gen? you chinese?
14:47:05 Slammer: Ben n or ben h?
14:47:06 Gen: bad
14:47:07 Gen: joke
14:47:09 Gen: fo
14:47:10 Robin: ben h
14:47:18 Gen: ben h
14:47:26 mattacuk: racer X style Ibanez or cheese on toast?
14:47:28 Slammer: Bogdan or Ivan?
14:47:33 Slammer: ohmy.gif
14:47:38 Gen: racer x style ibanez
14:47:42 Robin: razer x style ibanez
14:47:47 Slammer: Cheese on toast
14:47:50 Slammer: I'm Huyngry
14:47:51 mattacuk: LOL
14:47:52 Slammer: sad.gif
14:47:55 Gen: lol
14:47:56 Gen: lol
14:47:56 Gen: lol
14:47:58 Gen: lol
14:47:58 Gen: lol
14:47:59 Gen: l
14:48:06 Slammer: you know one time I told a dumb joke
14:48:08 Slammer: I said
14:48:33 Slammer: Paul was Hungary, so he slipped on Greece and Landed in Turkey
14:48:40 Gen: hehehe
14:48:42 Robin: nice
14:48:43 Slammer: but no one laughed
14:48:45 Slammer: sad.gif
14:48:46 Gen: funneh
14:48:48 Robin: you shouød be a commedian
14:48:52 Robin: i loled
14:48:59 Slammer: and Muris said "Wrong Sentance"
14:49:00 Gen: no you didnt liar
14:49:04 Robin: LOOOOOOOL
14:49:05 Gen: i didnt hear you laugh
14:49:07 Gen: you liar
14:49:13 Robin: geeen stfu :{
14:49:23 Gen: you said slammers sux at telling jokes
14:49:27 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:28 Gen: share your opinion about him here
14:49:29 Robin: LIAR
14:49:31 Gen: not on the mic
14:49:32 Gen: please
14:49:33 Robin: LIAR
14:49:33 Robin: LIAR
14:49:34 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:34 Robin: LIAR
14:49:34 Robin: LIAR
14:49:34 Robin: LIAR
14:49:35 Robin: LIAR
14:49:35 Robin: LIAR
14:49:35 Robin: LIAR
14:49:35 Robin: LIAR
14:49:36 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:36 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:36 Robin: LIAR
14:49:36 Robin: LIAR
14:49:36 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:36 Robin: LIAR
14:49:36 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:36 Robin: LIAR
14:49:37 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:37 Robin: LIAR
14:49:37 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:37 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:37 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:37 Robin: LIAR
14:49:38 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:38 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:38 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:38 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:38 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:38 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:39 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:39 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:39 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:39 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:39 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:39 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:40 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:40 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:40 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:40 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:40 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:41 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:41 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:41 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:41 Slammer: sad.gif
14:49:42 Gen: LOL
14:49:43 Robin: LIAR
14:49:43 Robin: LIAR
14:49:44 Robin: LIAR
14:49:44 Robin: LIAR
14:49:45 Robin: LIAR
14:49:45 Robin: LIAR
14:49:45 Robin: LIAR
14:49:48 Gen: STFU
14:49:50 Slammer: but I tried my best sad.gif
14:49:55 Robin: gen im gonna kill
14:49:55 Gen: i know
14:49:58 Gen: but i didnt say anything
14:49:59 Robin: you
14:50:00 Slammer: :?
14:50:00 Gen: he said
14:50:10 Gen: robin likes mooses
14:50:13 Gen: and sami people
14:50:17 Robin: and strap
14:50:19 Robin: ons
14:50:28 Gen: LOL!
14:50:38 Robin: you know, strap on hats
14:50:41 Robin: they look neat
14:50:44 Gen: LMFAO
14:51:14 Gen: so slammer
14:51:19 Gen: how is it going at papa john?
14:51:31 Slammer: fu
14:51:48 Slammer: LOL
14:51:52 Slammer: Matty !
14:51:59 mattacuk: Slammy !:p
14:52:09 Slammer: Cukky!
14:52:24 Slammer: GENNY!
14:52:30 Slammer: robin
14:52:35 Robin: wink.gif
14:52:35 Slammer: tongue.gif
14:52:39 Slammer: wink.gif
14:52:40 mattacuk: LOl
14:52:46 Gen: kuky
14:52:49 Slammer: I can teach you bass wink.gif
14:52:56 Robin: Looooooooooooooooooool
14:52:58 Robin: Looooooooooooooooooool
14:52:58 Robin: Looooooooooooooooooool
14:53:01 Gen: LMFAO
14:53:02 Robin: wink.gif
14:53:03 Robin: wink.gif
14:53:03 Robin: wink.gif
14:53:03 Robin: wink.gif
14:53:03 Robin: wink.gif
14:53:04 Robin: wink.gif
14:53:27 Gen: wink.gif
14:53:29 Gen: wink.gif
14:53:30 Gen: wink.gif
14:53:32 Gen: wink.gif
14:53:33 Gen: wink.gif
14:53:34 Gen: wink.gif
14:53:35 Robin: wink.gif
14:53:35 Robin: wink.gif
14:53:35 Robin: wink.gif
14:53:36 Robin: wink.gif
14:53:36 Robin: wink.gif
14:53:37 Robin: wink.gif
14:53:39 Gen: wink.gif
14:53:42 mattacuk: wink.gif
14:53:42 Robin: wink wink
14:53:43 Robin: wink wink
14:53:43 Robin: wink wink
14:53:44 Robin: wink wink
14:53:45 mattacuk: wink.gif
14:53:46 Gen: oink oink
14:53:54 mattacuk: >___<
14:54:14 Slammer: Once there was a Norwegian named Ole who took his wife with him wherever he went so that he wouldn't have to kiss her goodbye
14:54:27 Slammer: LOL
14:54:57 Gen: lol
14:55:27 Gen: im a hippoponymous and i like to hop, and i also like to drink soda pop
14:55:28 mattacuk: there once was a man from venus
14:55:37 mattacuk: who had a rocket ship for a
14:55:40 Robin: you sure are ge, you sure are....
14:55:41 Slammer: Ole and Sven went on a fishing trip to Canada and come back with only three fish, and Sven says, "The way I figger it, Ole, each of them fish cost us $400. Well. At dat price it's a good ting we didn't catch any more of em than we did."
14:55:55 Robin: lol
14:55:56 Slammer: "I need to buy some boards there, Sven." "How long you want 'em, Ole?" "Long time. I'm building a house, ya know."
14:56:10 mattacuk: PMSL"""""
14:56:13 Slammer: So Lena was competing in the Sons of Norway Swim Meet and she came in last place in the hundred-yard breast stroke and she said to the judges, "Oh say, I don't vant to complain, but I tink those other two girls were using der arms"!
14:56:24 Slammer: LMFAO
14:56:50 Slammer: Sven and Ole went out duck hunting, and they worked at it for a couple hours and finally Sven says: "I wonder why aren't we getting any ducks, Ole?" "I don't know. I wonder if we're throwing the dog high enough."
14:57:28 Robin: wel brb
14:57:30 Gen: no
14:57:31 Gen: man
14:57:32 Gen: you liar
14:57:37 Gen: you said you dont want to type anymore
14:57:41 Slammer: Did you hear about Ole's nephew Torvald who won the gold medal at the Olympics? Yeah, he had it bronzed.
14:57:43 Gen: and you said you re gonna say brb
14:57:45 Gen: you liar
14:57:57 Slammer: So Sven and Ole are walking home from the tavern late at night and they head down the railroad tracks, and Sven says, "This is the longest flight of stairs I ever climbed in my life." And Ole says, "Yeah, it's not the stairs that bother me so much, it's these low railings."
14:58:14 Slammer: LOL
14:58:47 Gen: LLOL
14:58:50 Slammer: Mama, I have da biggest feet in da third grade. Is dat becoss I'm Norvegian?" "No, it's because you're NINETEEN."
14:59:00 Slammer: ohmy.gif
14:59:30 mattacuk: slammer whereyou from man
14:59:38 Slammer: FL
14:59:40 Slammer: US
14:59:43 Slammer: of A
14:59:46 mattacuk: cool !!!1
14:59:57 mattacuk: btw, that duck hunting one was pretty funny tongue.gif
15:00:06 Slammer: LOL
15:00:43 Slammer: Saint Peter is checking ID's at the Pearly Gates, and first comes a Texan. "Tell me, what have you done in life?" says St. Peter. The Texan says, "Well, I struck oil, so I became rich, but I didn't sit on my laurels--I divided all my money among my entire family in my will, so our descendants are all set for about three generations." St. Peter says, "That's quite something. Come on in. Next!" The second guy in line has been listening, so he says, "I struck it big in the stock market, but I didn't selfishly just provide for my own like that Texan guy. I donated five million to Save the Children." "Wonderful!" says Saint Peter. "Come in. Who's next?" The third guy has been listening, and says timidly with a downcast look, "Well, I only made five thousand dollars in my entire lifetime." "Heavens!" says St. Peter. "What instrument did you play?"
15:01:45 Slammer: LMAO
15:02:30 Gen: lol
15:03:08 Slammer: Yo' Mama is so stupid, she bought a video tape on how to fix your VCR!
15:03:52 Slammer: LOL
15:05:01 Slammer: LOL
15:05:03 Slammer: LOL
15:05:03 Slammer: LOL
15:05:03 Slammer: LOL
15:05:04 Slammer: LOL
15:05:04 Slammer: LOL
15:05:04 Slammer: LOL
15:05:04 Slammer: LOL
15:05:04 Slammer: LOL
15:05:05 Slammer: LOL
15:05:05 Slammer: LOL
15:05:05 Slammer: LOL
15:05:05 Slammer: LOL
15:05:05 Slammer: LOL
15:05:06 Slammer: LOL
15:05:06 Slammer: LOL
15:05:06 Slammer: LOL
15:05:06 Slammer: LOL
15:05:06 Slammer: LOL
15:05:06 Slammer: LOL
15:05:07 Slammer: LOL
15:05:07 Slammer: LOL
15:05:07 Slammer: LOL
15:05:07 Slammer: LOL
15:05:07 Slammer: LOL
15:05:07 Slammer: LOL
15:05:08 Slammer: LOL
15:05:08 Slammer: LOL
15:05:08 Slammer: LOL
15:05:08 Slammer: LOL
15:05:08 Slammer: LOL
15:05:09 Slammer: LOL
15:05:09 Slammer: LOL
15:05:09 Slammer: LOL
15:05:09 Slammer: LOL
15:05:09 Slammer: LOL
15:05:10 Slammer: LOL
15:05:10 Slammer: LOL
15:05:10 Slammer: LOL
15:05:10 Slammer: LOL
15:05:10 Slammer: LOL
15:05:10 Slammer: LOL
15:05:11 Slammer: LOL
15:05:15 Slammer: goodbye guys
15:05:37 Gen: NO
15:14:59 Gen: hey there slamber
15:19:01 Slammer: goodbye
17:54:17 iainsteward: hello all smile.gif
17:59:17 chast: *slap*
17:59:26 iainsteward: hi chast
17:59:49 chast: how are you doing ?
18:00:41 iainsteward: good thanks, just joined earlier today so still trawling through the never-ending libraries of lessons and forum stuff tongue.gif
18:01:23 chast: biggrin.gif
18:01:26 chast: yeah its a lot
18:01:43 chast: you always find something new smile.gif
18:02:18 iainsteward: i always knew about GMC but didnt know too much about it until speaking with Marcus, he told me it was great and that I should join so I went for it, already learned quite a lot in the few hours ive been a member, mostly from Marcus and Muris
18:02:49 chast: do you know marcus personally ?
18:03:13 iainsteward: not personally, i have spoken to him many times via e-mail and through Youtube
18:03:41 chast: ah ok smile.gif
18:03:53 chast: he is an awesome player
18:04:30 iainsteward: i always knew he was amazing, and I knew how good his video's are but its Muris who has surprised me, he is unbelievable and he is unbelievable playing any style!!
18:05:00 chast: yeah muris, he is so versataille
18:05:20 iainsteward: so what level are you at? can you play any of Marcus' lessons?
18:05:39 chast: lol
18:05:43 chast: good joke tongue.gif
18:06:03 chast: i recorded his neo classical beginner lesson
18:06:09 chast: but well
18:06:56 iainsteward: lol tongue.gif i can play lots of Marcus' stuff but nothing all the way through yet, I seem to struggle at the minute when going from a slower lick up to a faster lick......I get caught or stuck or something, so Im trying to work through that
18:07:09 chast:
18:07:11 chast: here it is
18:07:13 chast: tongue.gif
18:08:31 chast: but i can i improved tongue.gif
18:08:42 chast: my improvisation is still crap
18:09:01 chast: and my solo writing aswell
18:09:03 iainsteward: im going to try and record Winding Roads and Muris' Knopfler lesson
18:09:25 chast: winding roads is my favourite of marcus smile.gif
18:10:36 iainsteward: yeah, its amazing!! im hoping to have it down at full speed in the next 2 weeks and recorded in the next month hopefully
18:11:27 chast: i just watch some videos of myself
18:11:35 chast: im lucky my playing got better lol
18:13:18 iainsteward: lol i hope mine will improve......with a bit of luck at least!!
18:14:48 iainsteward: im pretty good with slow stuff, and bending/vibrato i just have the one problem to work on at the moment and that is speed, i need to increase my speed and also stop fumbling and being as sloppy when going from a slow lick or a melody line into a fast burst of speed
18:14:51 chast: for long do you play guitar now ?
18:15:37 iainsteward: about 8 years, just not serious for that long.....i spent the first 3 just sitting learning chords, not being too into it.....then I heard Malmsteen and it was like uh-oh! i want to get good lol
18:15:44 chast: biggrin.gif
18:15:54 chast: im playing for 3 years in april
18:15:56 chast: i think
18:16:05 chast: im not sure when i begun tongue.gif
18:16:13 chast: march or april
18:16:56 chast: < if you are a nice guy, please buy me that amp tongue.gif
18:17:20 iainsteward: i am a nice guy......just not a RICH nice guy!!
18:17:45 chast: ;D
18:17:56 chast: its so expensive sad.gif
18:18:48 iainsteward: im nice enough to buy you this one:
18:18:50 iainsteward:
18:18:53 iainsteward: tongue.gif
18:19:01 chast: oh you are so nice
18:19:04 chast: lol
18:19:27 iainsteward: haha! wow....theres still over 100 members online....its been like that all day!!
18:20:10 chast: yeah
18:20:18 chast: but the chat is always empty sad.gif
18:20:22 chast: almost
18:22:33 iainsteward: i thought it would be full...yet i came in and it was empty!! then you came and cured my loneliness tongue.gif
18:22:41 chast: wink.gif
18:23:03 chast: everybody is practicing probably
18:25:04 iainsteward: too late to practice im spending all night designing guitars on this website ive found!
18:25:12 chast: biggrin.gif
18:25:16 chast: its fun
18:26:00 iainsteward: do you have msn messenger?
18:26:05 chast: yep
18:26:19 chast: [email protected]
18:26:45 iainsteward: is that just your name "chast" ?
18:26:57 chast: after chast is a _
18:27:06 chast: and my real name is max wink.gif
18:27:26 iainsteward: pleased to meet you max, im iain.... and ive added you!!
18:28:12 chast: im also off now
18:28:20 chast: just some minutes more in msn
18:28:28 chast: so lets talk there smile.gif
22:10:17 Kyle Logue: yup...i'm here
22:12:45 Tjchep: hello
22:12:48 Kyle Logue: hi
22:12:56 Tjchep: how you doing man
22:13:08 Kyle Logue: better than yesterday...that's for sure
22:13:17 Tjchep: why's that?
22:13:53 Kyle Logue: i was just tired
22:14:14 Tjchep: yeah.
22:14:24 Kyle Logue: i went to the Seether, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace Concert....way too much driving
22:14:47 Tjchep: who opened up?
22:14:54 Tjchep: seether?
22:14:55 Kyle Logue: HURT
22:14:58 Tjchep: oo
22:15:03 Kyle Logue: never heard of them before the concert
22:15:24 Tjchep: I heard breaking benjamin where terrible in concert
22:15:34 Tjchep: live*
22:15:38 Kyle Logue: yea...i thought they were boring
22:15:45 Kyle Logue: Three Days Grace....they were great though
22:15:52 Kyle Logue: pyrotechnics and everything
22:16:03 Tjchep: very cool
22:16:42 Tjchep: yeah but, I got to go do home work man.
22:16:50 Tjchep: cya later
22:16:58 Kyle Logue: haha alright...take it easy
22:29:50 Kyle Logue: hey staples
22:30:04 Staples: Hey
22:30:11 Kyle Logue: what's going on?
22:30:22 Staples: Not much, on lunch break, about to go back to work, you?
22:31:33 Kyle Logue: messing around with my gear...looking for a new sound
22:31:42 Kyle Logue: it's 9pm though...way past lunc
22:31:44 Kyle Logue: lunch*
22:31:55 Kyle Logue: for me
22:32:08 Staples: Ahh yeah, I'm in Japan now. Waiting on new gear to get in, Digitech RP350
22:32:51 Kyle Logue: nice
22:33:26 Staples: I'm not all that advanced of a player but I love having a wide array of options so I said screw it, let's get a multi-effect.
22:34:09 Kyle Logue: I'm messing around with a Digitech GNX3...the father to the RP350
22:34:10 Kyle Logue: lol
22:34:16 Slammer: hello...
22:34:21 Kyle Logue: hey slammer
22:34:26 Slammer: LOL
22:34:35 Staples: Yeah I looked at that as well. It's basically the 350 with a few more bells and whistles. Work well?
22:34:38 Slammer: how's it going guys?
22:34:43 Staples: Not too bad
22:34:46 Slammer: just stopping by to say hello
22:34:54 Slammer: gotta go to bed soon
22:35:00 Slammer: work in the morning sad.gif
22:35:07 Staples: Everyone else is going to bed and I'm at work blah
22:35:13 Slammer: gotta get up at 6:30
22:35:17 Slammer: to shower
22:35:18 Slammer: LOL
22:35:32 Staples: xD
22:35:48 Kyle Logue: this is the best time of night for's where all the sweet grooves start coming
22:35:59 Slammer: damn... 10:30 here
22:36:00 Staples: Ha
22:36:05 Staples: So that GNX3 work out nice?
22:36:14 Staples: <12:40pm
22:36:22 Kyle Logue: i've had it for 4 years...for me it's better than a POD
22:36:46 Staples: Yeah as I said I debated one, but just went with the 350.
22:36:52 Slammer: btw Kyle great job on the lessons
22:36:59 Staples: Pretty limited budget and that still has a lot of great reviews.
22:37:23 Kyle Logue: thanks...i'm constantly trying to find something to do that seems almost out of place here...guitar stuff is plentiful
22:37:47 Slammer: I wish you would have been here before... my subscription ran out
22:37:51 Slammer: LOL
22:37:58 Kyle Logue: lol
22:38:09 Slammer: I'm thinking of Renewing soon, esp since there are drum lessons
22:38:31 Slammer: although I don't have drums...
22:38:34 Kyle Logue: renewing soon would be smart...I'm about to start kicking out 1-2 lessons per day
22:38:35 Slammer: damn
22:38:52 Slammer: cool
22:39:19 Staples: I have a lot of bad habits I've got ot unlearn, that crap is frustrating.
22:39:24 Slammer: I used to Jam with a "Drummer" I wish he could have seen your lessons
22:39:35 Slammer: LOL
22:39:44 Slammer: what Kind Staples?
22:40:28 Staples: I played for a bit when I was younger [geetar] downstroke downstroke, just one way for the most part, lack of metronome, that kind of thing. Got those habits unlearned, but now it's a pain to make good ones.
22:40:31 Staples: Blaggh
22:40:40 Kyle Logue: brb
22:40:43 Staples: Crap I gotta get going, time to head back to work.
22:40:44 Slammer: don't worry it'll come
22:40:49 Staples: You guys have a good one.
22:40:52 Slammer: ok man
22:41:01 Slammer: I gtg in about 15 minutes or so
22:41:03 Staples: Later
22:41:06 Slammer: cya
22:41:44 Kyle Logue: ok i'm back
22:41:53 Slammer: wb
22:42:14 Kyle Logue: how long do you think i've been playing drums?
22:42:21 Slammer: 3 years
22:42:25 Kyle Logue: hahaha
22:42:28 Slammer: 2...
22:42:32 Slammer: 1....
22:42:33 Kyle Logue: i think 1.5
22:42:35 Slammer: 7!
22:42:37 Kyle Logue: maybe 2
22:42:52 Slammer: are you in school?
22:42:58 Kyle Logue: I'm out
22:43:11 Slammer: LOL
22:43:18 Kyle Logue: I own and operate my own web development business
22:43:26 Slammer: nice
22:43:34 Kyle Logue: it pays the bills...i'm bored with it though
22:43:44 Slammer: so you work from home?
22:43:47 Kyle Logue: yup
22:43:53 Slammer: Awesome man
22:43:56 Kyle Logue: i want to take my music and turn it into a career
22:44:00 Slammer: I wish I could sometime
22:44:06 Slammer: work from home I mean
22:44:09 Slammer: LOL
22:44:12 Kyle Logue: it's not as awesome as it seems
22:44:17 Slammer: I don't like waking up early
22:44:17 Kyle Logue: I'm like add
22:44:21 Slammer: LOL
22:44:33 Kyle Logue: that's why i play the drums and the guitar
22:44:37 Slammer: well, I just started a job like 2 weeks ago
22:44:38 Kyle Logue: haha...i can't stick with 1 for long
22:44:43 Slammer: first job for me
22:44:52 Kyle Logue: where are you working?
22:44:58 Slammer: Papa Johns LOL
22:45:02 Slammer: Pizza
22:45:04 Kyle Logue: I love that place
22:45:10 Slammer: It's yummy
22:45:11 Kyle Logue: barbecue pizza's are my favorite
22:45:15 Slammer: oh yeah
22:45:16 Kyle Logue: and they have the best mushrooms
22:45:31 Slammer: did you ever try the Tuscan meats?
22:45:37 Kyle Logue: no
22:45:45 Slammer: pretty good stuff
22:46:09 Slammer: But I work the Morning Shift
22:46:11 Slammer: like
22:46:14 Slammer: 8-2
22:46:30 Slammer: and It's only 1 mile away
22:46:34 Slammer: so I walk back
22:46:41 Slammer: and play guitar the rest of the day
22:46:47 Slammer: LOL
22:46:58 Kyle Logue: dream job would be to either be a rock star...haha...or get kris to partner with me and make a drummasterclass site
22:47:15 Slammer: dude your Song was Awesome
22:47:26 Kyle Logue: which one?
22:47:26 Slammer: Cocoon or something
22:47:40 Kyle Logue:'s definitely not my best
22:47:45 Slammer: the Lyrics really hit close to home for me
22:48:10 Slammer: as far as letting God show you what do etc.
22:48:19 Kyle Logue: I actually didn't write the song
22:48:24 Kyle Logue: my buddy Joel did
22:48:24 Slammer: at least I think thats what the song was about 8)
22:48:44 Slammer: Well, Joel is a good songwriter
22:48:47 Kyle Logue: I just played a lot of the instrumental parts and recorded it for him
22:49:07 Kyle Logue: I ought to make a topic with my songs
22:49:13 Slammer: yes
22:49:16 Slammer: Kyle
22:49:18 Slammer: 's
22:49:25 Slammer: Greatest hits vol. 1
22:49:27 Kyle Logue: haha
22:49:52 Kyle Logue: I'm putting together a band right now...we've all got some serious talent and we play good together
22:50:00 Kyle Logue: i can't wait until we all live in the same city
22:50:08 Kyle Logue: we're all friends or family
22:50:35 Slammer: thats awesome man
22:50:46 Slammer: I'll come watch you guys jam
22:50:47 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:51:23 Kyle Logue: I'm thinking about starting something new on GMC too... I know of a couple of sites that let you stream webcam feeds to them... So I was thinking of doing a live video lesson
22:52:24 Slammer: nice
22:52:31 Slammer: Innovative
22:52:41 Kyle Logue: that or add
22:52:42 Kyle Logue: lol
22:52:54 Slammer: dude
22:53:00 Slammer: do you ever make collabs?
22:53:09 Kyle Logue: story of my life
22:53:15 Slammer: ...
22:53:33 Kyle Logue: i play and write songs with other people all the time
22:53:44 Slammer: I mean on the GMC forums
22:53:44 Slammer: biggrin.gif
22:53:48 Kyle Logue: "go for broke" is the only band on GMC that i've done a collab with
22:53:55 Kyle Logue: i did a drum loop...nothing fancy
22:53:57 Slammer: oh ok
22:54:06 Slammer: you should make some
22:54:08 Slammer: cuz
22:54:20 Slammer: no one else knows jack about drums
22:54:20 Slammer: tongue.gif
22:54:23 Slammer: on GMC
22:54:25 Slammer: well
22:54:26 Slammer: maybe
22:54:29 Slammer: like 5 ppl
22:55:05 Kyle Logue: i'm not the best at anything, but i'm more creative than most people on GMC
22:55:11 Kyle Logue: that's why it seems like i'm better
22:55:12 Kyle Logue: lolo
22:55:17 Kyle Logue: i just practice A LOT!
22:55:21 Slammer: yes
22:55:25 Kyle Logue: my guitar is in my lap at the moment
22:55:27 Kyle Logue: smile.gif
22:55:44 Slammer: Practise the Am scale biggrin.gif
22:57:13 Slammer: anyways man I gtg to bed
22:57:20 Kyle Logue: alright...nice talking with you
22:57:20 Slammer: Nice talking to you
22:57:25 Kyle Logue: 'night
22:57:33 Slammer: see you around the Forums..
22:57:44 Slammer: hope to Collab sometime
22:57:45 Slammer: LOL
22:57:48 Kyle Logue: invite me!
22:57:50 Kyle Logue: lol
22:57:56 Slammer: cya
23:09:30 iainsteward: hi guys
23:09:36 Kyle Logue: hey
23:09:45 iainsteward: hows things?
23:10:01 Kyle Logue: slow at the moment
23:10:27 iainsteward: ahh, im just enjoying my first day as a GMC member smile.gif
23:10:48 Kyle Logue: awesome!
23:10:51 Kyle Logue: like it so far?
23:11:23 iainsteward: love it.... ive spoken with Marcus for months now, and he told me to join up! So I went for it and ive already learned so much in the first day!
23:11:35 Kyle Logue: that's great!
23:11:55 Kyle Logue: i was a member for a little while and then decided to be an instructor
23:12:02 Kyle Logue: definitely an awesome community
23:13:26 iainsteward: thats cool, i teach guitar for a living....just not at GMC, but since coming here Ive tried more and more different things and learnt so much, mostly from Marcus and Muris lessons......more so Muris as I normally play neo-classical Malmsteen stuff so not as much to learn from Marcus, where as Muris has millions of vids in dif styles
23:14:45 Kyle Logue: his blinking pick distracts me though
23:14:45 Kyle Logue: lol
23:16:08 Kyle Logue: I'm somewhat good at guitar...and decent at drums
23:16:20 Kyle Logue: i know quite a bit about the music industry though and producing
23:17:10 iainsteward: lol yeah, that pick 8) i dont see the point in a blinking pick myself!! probably just a showman thing like Vai and his light glove and headset
23:17:32 Kyle Logue: haha yea...i think my creativity makes up for where my talent lacks
23:17:33 Kyle Logue: lol
23:18:51 iainsteward: lol so when are you putting up your first vid?
23:19:11 Kyle Logue: i've got about 8 already up
23:19:40 Kyle Logue:
23:19:41 iainsteward: really? let me look....
23:20:36 iainsteward: ahh no wonder, i was looking in guitar lesson's hehe....some great, informative stuff in there man, i particularly enjoyed the studio for under $1000 vid
23:21:00 Kyle Logue: thanks
23:22:29 iainsteward: i cant work that fruity baffled me!! i had to take it off and just stuck to Hydrogen and EZDrummer for drums, and then Cubase/Audacity for recording my guitar
23:23:06 Kyle Logue: i'm quite the computer don't feel bad
23:23:18 iainsteward: smile.gif
23:23:20 Kyle Logue: i work with computers every day for a living
23:24:29 iainsteward: that must be pretty cool...i like working with computers, i like designing animations/paintshop stuff and also websites with html/css
23:24:35 iainsteward: hi mellon
23:24:41 Mellon: Hey
23:24:49 Kyle Logue: hey mellon
23:24:55 Mellon: Hello
23:25:18 Kyle Logue: yea i actually own and operate a web development company
23:25:39 Kyle Logue: that's what I do...but it's not what I wish I was doing...I dream of being in music
23:26:45 iainsteward: yeah, i wish i was a touring guitarist.....touring the world with some cool band, creating and learning and having hours of practice time on the tour bus.... but instead i teach guitar in bleak, rainy, cold, miserable england lol
23:27:40 Kyle Logue: lol i guess it pays the bills though huh?
23:27:58 iainsteward: hi Vinod
23:28:17 Vinod: Hi
23:28:22 iainsteward: yeah, well it does at the minute but business drops off a little more every month....going to have to look into other avenues
23:28:52 Kyle Logue: be a GMC instructor
23:29:42 iainsteward: Marcus asked me the same thing, I don't have time to be one at the minute and I dont think it pays enough for me to quit teaching and do that full time... tongue.gif
23:30:06 Vinod: I AM again HERE at gmc AFTER few weeks
23:30:16 Kyle Logue: welcome back Vinod!
23:30:35 Kyle Logue: iain...maybe it can be something to compliment your full-time work
23:31:05 Vinod: heavy work in cmps life exams exams exams!!!
23:31:10 Vinod: I am so bored
23:31:16 iainsteward: lol
23:31:51 Kyle Logue: being an instructor at GMC is helping me afford the gear I've always wanted and in turn become better at what I
23:32:15 iainsteward: I would need about 500,000 video's to get all the gear I wanted sad.gif
23:33:16 Vinod: sad.gif
23:33:51 Kyle Logue: what gear costs $50,000,000?
23:35:33 iainsteward: well I would need around 10,000,000 for all the guitars I want, 1,000,000 for the amps, 9,000,000 for effects and recording gear, 1,000,000 for a recording studio built into my home...... and 10,000,000 for a bigger house to keep everything in tongue.gif
23:35:47 iainsteward: the rest i would spend on my 2nd biggest weakness after guitars..... pizza!!
23:35:54 Kyle Logue: haha...cheapskate
23:35:59 Kyle Logue: :_
23:36:00 Kyle Logue: smile.gif
23:36:45 iainsteward: it would probably cost me more than that for the guitars I wanted.... I would need about 4,000,000 just to buy one of Yngwie Malmsteen's personal collection Strats smile.gif
23:37:44 Kyle Logue: well guys it's been fun, but i'm off to find some ice-cream and something on tv
23:37:54 iainsteward: night Kyle, nice meeting you smile.gif
23:38:05 Kyle Logue: 'night
23:38:10 iainsteward: wow....Vinod, your Etude in E Minor by Tarrega is beautiful!!
23:40:17 Vinod: you practises it
23:43:44 Vinod: ?
23:43:55 Vinod: practised*
23:44:25 Vinod: *slap*

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