Guitar Chat With Kyle Logue, Nemanja, Milenkovic Ivan, Muris Etc. 2008-03-04
Mar 5 2008, 04:30 PM
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04:33:11 RIP Dime: Dude the voice that says welcome is creepy
04:40:57 RIP Dime: I just farted
14:18:36 Slammer: Lol look at rip dime ^^
14:18:52 Gen: LMFAO
14:20:13 Slammer: Rodstrupe
14:20:21 Robin: yes slamber
14:21:29 Slammer: Rodstrupe would you like to sing a duet
14:21:31 Slammer: ?
14:21:35 Robin: sure man
14:21:43 Robin: or actually
14:21:46 Robin: no i dont think so
14:21:47 Slammer: a duet with the GIrl singer
14:21:52 Gen: im dying
14:21:59 Robin: ah no thanks man, i cant sorry.
14:22:07 Gen: why robin?
14:22:25 Robin: well guys
14:22:26 Robin: got to go
14:22:27 Robin: see ya
14:22:33 Gen: you coward
14:23:08 Slammer: Gen remember robins blues song
14:23:10 Slammer: he sang
14:23:12 Gen: yeah
14:23:26 Slammer: that would sound good vocals with a duet
14:23:28 Slammer: with her
14:23:54 Slammer: don;t you think?
14:25:27 Gen: yeah he sings pretty good
14:25:43 Gen: *slap*
14:25:59 Slammer: must sing Louder wink.gif
14:26:03 Gen: mate wink.gif
14:26:34 Slammer: Automatic...
14:26:40 Slammer: it's Catchy
14:26:49 Slammer: the Song from the Funk Collab
14:26:59 Gen: yeah
14:28:39 Gen: slamber? :?
14:29:30 Gen: slammer! :
14:29:32 Gen: biggrin.gif
14:29:37 Gen: smile.gif
14:29:40 Gen: ohmy.gif
14:29:41 Slammer: Automatic....automatic
14:29:52 Slammer: can't get out of head
14:29:54 Slammer: wink.gif
14:30:06 Slammer: sup GEN?
14:30:06 Gen: yeah
14:30:10 Gen: not much
14:30:15 Gen: just trying to sing
14:30:16 Gen: a bit
14:30:21 Slammer: how is life in GENeva
14:30:26 Gen: its cool
14:30:31 Slammer: How is Heidi
14:30:31 Gen: how's life in vice city?
14:30:33 Gen: miami i mean
14:30:38 Slammer: btw is your car
14:30:40 Slammer: ...
14:30:41 Slammer: a
14:30:45 Slammer: Automatic?
14:30:49 Gen: man
14:31:01 Gen: i dont have a car
14:31:07 Gen: i got a van
14:31:20 Gen: i usually drive with it around elementary schools
14:31:31 Gen: there is "free candy" written on it
14:31:41 Gen: by myself!
14:32:21 Gen: but yeah
14:32:23 Gen: my van is
14:32:28 Gen: AUTOMATIC
14:32:31 Slammer: nice
14:32:37 Slammer: I should get a car
14:32:58 Gen: cant you borrow some motorbikes from papa john?
14:33:00 Gen: lol
14:33:02 Slammer: even tho I don't know how to drive
14:33:05 Slammer: LOL
14:33:10 Slammer: or som wink.gif
14:33:12 Gen: LOL
14:33:56 Gen: that jeff healy collab looks promising i must say
14:34:14 Slammer: yes
14:35:00 Slammer: gen you should join the Chick Collab
14:35:09 Gen: why?
14:35:29 Gen: why?
14:35:49 Gen: ohh haha that was a joke i think, not really funneh .. wink.gif
14:35:58 Gen: keep practicing jokes mate wink.gif
14:36:24 Gen: *whip*
14:36:33 Slammer: biggrin.gif
14:36:55 Gen: that smile looks dumb
14:36:59 Gen: that's the best : wink.gif
14:37:31 Slammer: this is the best
14:37:38 Slammer: :|
14:37:41 Slammer: Conan
14:37:43 Slammer: o
14:37:45 Slammer: Brien
14:38:17 Gen: yes sorry
14:39:10 Gen: how was the your job today?
14:39:26 Slammer: LOL
14:39:29 Slammer: not too hard
14:39:38 Slammer: only worked from 8 am to 1 pm
14:39:48 Slammer: made pizza
14:39:58 Slammer: and swept the floor
14:40:00 Slammer: LOL
14:40:05 Slammer: that's about it
14:40:12 Slammer: and Folded Boxes
14:40:14 Slammer: or som wink.gif
14:40:44 Gen: lol cool
14:40:52 Gen: are you better at sweeping now ?
14:41:03 Gen: lol
14:41:03 Gen: ok that sucked sorry
14:41:24 Slammer: :|
14:41:29 Gen: lol
14:41:31 Gen: lol
14:41:32 Slammer: max
14:41:33 Gen: lol
14:41:36 Gen: what?
14:41:44 Gen: what's up with max?
14:41:47 Slammer: Max Weinberg :|
14:41:50 Gen: oh hahah
14:41:58 Gen: la bamba!
14:42:02 Slammer: and La Bamba!
14:42:04 Slammer: HEY!
14:42:05 Gen: haha
14:42:06 Gen: !
14:42:14 Slammer: remember that video yesterday
14:42:15 Slammer: tongue.gif
14:42:22 Gen: yeah dude i was going to talk about it
14:42:23 Gen: lol
14:42:24 Gen: with
14:42:27 Gen: triumph!
14:42:39 Gen: i want a dog like that
14:44:16 Gen: sad.gif
14:44:48 Slammer: *whip*
14:45:17 Gen: hey there
14:45:18 Gen: gmcer
14:45:46 Gen: what's up in miami?
14:45:51 Gen: how's the weather?
14:46:24 Gen: *whip*
14:46:26 Slammer: LOL
14:46:30 Slammer: nice and sunny
14:46:39 Gen: cool
14:46:43 Gen: hey kyle
14:46:48 Kyle Logue: hey
14:46:51 Slammer: Kyle Logue
14:47:04 Slammer: Last person I chatted with last night
14:47:05 Slammer: LOL
14:47:08 Gen: lol
14:47:12 Slammer: third person todsy
14:47:15 Kyle Logue: haha
14:47:36 Kyle Logue: nice to know a fellow addict i guess
14:47:42 Gen: lol
14:48:01 Kyle Logue: *slap*
14:48:05 Kyle Logue: *whip*
14:48:06 Gen: *whip*
14:48:07 Slammer: brb
14:48:10 Gen: *meow*
14:48:59 Slammer: back
14:49:00 Slammer: in
14:49:10 Slammer: Tan shirt
14:49:12 Slammer: ohmy.gif
14:49:25 Gen: ohmy.gif
14:49:25 Slammer: sup guys?
14:49:32 Gen: not much
14:49:37 Gen: sup slamber?
14:49:51 Slammer: Jennifer's FLowers
14:50:00 Gen: bad
14:50:00 Gen: bad
14:50:01 Gen: bad
14:50:04 Slammer: biggrin.gif
14:50:07 Slammer: biggrin.gif
14:50:07 Gen: try again wink.gif
14:50:07 Slammer: biggrin.gif
14:50:08 Slammer: biggrin.gif
14:50:14 Slammer: Gotta get a SLIDE
14:50:22 Gen: then get it
14:50:27 Slammer: LOL
14:50:34 Slammer: COME BACK
14:50:41 Gen: but according to what i ve heard from you
14:50:46 Gen: you cant play with a slide
14:50:54 Gen: neither a pick actually
14:51:17 Slammer: Ooohh
14:51:28 Slammer: that Hurts
14:51:29 Gen: what?
14:51:32 Gen: did i offend you?
14:51:37 Gen: cool then, it was on purpose
14:51:40 Slammer: why do you ask sad.gif
14:51:46 Gen: lol
14:51:47 Gen: tongue.gif
14:53:13 Slammer: I think we scared Kyle Logue
14:53:23 Gen: yeah :?
14:53:24 Robin: you sure did
14:53:32 Gen: so robin, what about that duet
14:53:33 Gen: ?
14:53:36 Slammer: now he's playing Triplets on his kit
14:53:41 Robin: man im too shy to sing in collabs
14:53:53 Slammer: me to
14:53:55 Slammer: too*
14:53:59 Gen: LMFAO
14:54:00 Robin: wink.gif
14:54:10 Gen: why do you guys are shy?
14:54:11 Gen: i mean
14:54:15 Gen: robin you got a super cool song
14:54:19 Gen: you can sing
14:54:26 Gen: why dont you want to do that duet?
14:54:30 Robin: yeeeah but man, in a collaboration dude. its super scary
14:55:39 Gen: really?
14:55:45 Gen: i didnt know you were that scared?
14:55:56 Kyle Logue: collabs make it easier...your only responsible for 1 part sucking
14:55:57 Kyle Logue: lol
14:56:06 Gen: but what about that something or nothing song you are doing for the virtual band that? isnt that kinda same as a collab?
14:56:22 Robin: nah but im so used to sing that song wink.gif
14:56:30 Gen: yeah right tongue.gif
14:56:45 Gen: and is it okay for you slammer?
14:56:58 Gen: *whip*
14:57:09 Slammer: what?
14:57:13 Gen: the duet
14:57:38 Slammer: idk
14:57:45 Slammer: maybe Kyle can sing a Duet
14:57:50 Gen: lol
14:57:57 Slammer: what do you think Kyle Logue?
14:58:10 Kyle Logue: lol...i don't sing
14:58:14 Slammer: ohmy.gif
14:58:15 Kyle Logue: but i'll do it
14:58:17 Kyle Logue: !
14:58:18 Slammer: biggrin.gif
14:58:22 Gen: lol
14:58:39 Slammer: Kyle and Angelica duet
14:58:47 Gen: and slammer aswell
14:58:47 Kyle Logue: what am i singing?
14:58:50 Robin: does any of you know of any cheap delay pedals?
14:58:52 Gen: singing the blues
14:58:58 Kyle Logue: lol
14:59:00 Slammer: in the Jeff Healy Collab
14:59:11 Kyle Logue: oh man
14:59:15 Slammer: I got da BLues Baby
14:59:26 Slammer: (Johhny Bravo talking)
14:59:29 Slammer: ^^^
14:59:32 Gen: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
14:59:54 Gen: automatic
15:00:03 Robin: does any of you know of any cheap delay pedals?
15:00:12 Slammer: no sad.gif
15:00:27 Robin: ok sad.gif
15:00:31 Slammer: well
15:00:35 Slammer: go look online
15:00:40 Gen: lol
15:00:44 Robin: i am
15:00:59 Robin: know any brands except for Boss and Behringer that might make delay pedals?
15:01:14 Robin: boss was too expensive, and i couldnt find any from behringer llol.
15:01:16 Kyle Logue: nope...i use a digitech gnx3
15:01:42 Slammer: Danelectro Delay is $14.99
15:01:53 Slammer: well
15:01:58 Slammer: Echo actually
15:02:01 Slammer: Close
15:02:02 Slammer: LOL
15:02:16 Slammer: Robin
15:02:17 Slammer: *slap*
15:02:26 Slammer: HOw much is Cheap?
15:02:32 Slammer: like what Price
15:02:35 Robin: i would prefer it if you called me mr. rødstrupe
15:02:39 Robin: 90$
15:02:40 Slammer: are you willing to pay
15:02:52 Slammer: is Ibanez a good brand for you?
15:02:59 Robin: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
15:03:00 Robin: maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
15:03:01 Robin: idk
15:03:06 Slammer: $69.99
15:03:11 Robin: ooooooooooohhh
15:03:12 Slammer: for Ibanez Delay
15:03:14 Robin: ibanez... hmmmmmmm
15:03:15 Gen: good numer smile.gif
15:03:16 Gen: 69
15:03:24 Robin: iii...i-i got to think about that
15:03:38 Slammer:
15:05:34 Gen: *whip*
15:05:36 Gen: *meow*
15:05:44 Slammer: *slap*
15:05:57 Gen: *fart*
15:06:16 Robin: gen
15:06:19 Gen: yes?
15:06:20 Robin: thats funny wink.gif
15:06:25 Gen: robin?
15:06:27 Robin: yeah
15:06:34 Gen: hehehehe *droolings*
15:06:39 Robin: wink.gif
15:06:42 Gen: wink.gifwink.gif
15:06:44 Robin: disgusting dude wink.gif
15:06:45 Gen: wink.gif wink.gif
15:06:51 Gen: why? :?
15:07:15 Slammer: LOL
15:07:16 Slammer: LOL
15:07:17 Slammer: LOL
15:07:18 Slammer: LOL
15:07:18 Slammer: LOL
15:07:19 Slammer: LOL
15:07:19 Slammer: LL
15:07:20 Slammer: LOL
15:07:21 Slammer: LL
15:07:21 Slammer: LOL
15:07:22 Slammer: LOL
15:07:23 Slammer: LOL
15:07:23 Slammer: LOL
15:07:24 Slammer: LOL
15:07:25 Slammer: OL
15:07:25 Slammer: LOL
15:07:26 Slammer: OL
15:07:26 Slammer: OL
15:07:27 Slammer: OL
15:07:33 Gen: hehe
15:07:35 Slammer: that's why ppl think I'm crazy
15:07:36 Slammer: sad.gif
15:07:37 Gen: hoho
15:07:41 Gen: lohohohol
15:07:57 Robin: lohohol wink.gif
15:08:03 Gen: k
15:08:04 Gen: mm
15:08:06 Gen: heheh
15:08:08 Gen: :9
15:08:13 Kyle Logue: i'm out guys...later
15:08:13 Robin: :0
15:08:16 Robin: ahhh doesnt wrok here
15:08:18 Robin: seeya
15:08:18 Gen: look at the silly maaan looook
15:08:22 Robin: LOOOOOOOOL
15:08:23 Robin: look gen
15:08:24 Robin: look
15:08:25 Robin: :9
15:08:28 Robin: look at the silly man
15:08:29 Robin: :9
15:08:33 Robin: there he is, look :9
15:08:34 Gen: LMFAO
15:08:38 Robin: lol
15:08:41 Gen: hehe
15:09:12 Gen: SLAMBR
15:09:16 Gen: SLAMBER
15:09:25 Gen: *slap*
15:09:30 Gen: stop eating pizza
15:10:06 Slammer: LOL
15:10:21 Slammer: I brought 2 extra large CHeese Pizzas home with me today
15:10:27 Robin: delay pedal and echo pedal = same thing?
15:10:36 Slammer: no
15:10:41 Gen: come in switzerland if you want echo
15:10:43 Slammer: Echo is like a ECHO
15:10:48 Slammer: and Delay
15:10:48 Robin: i see
15:10:51 Slammer: you can
15:10:53 Slammer: Set it
15:11:00 Robin: i already have a REAL echo "machine" actually.
15:11:01 Slammer: for like
15:11:06 Robin: a big box with things inside it
15:11:07 Slammer: 1-2 seconds
15:11:08 Robin: yeah i see
15:11:40 Robin: slamber
15:11:42 Robin: there is
15:11:46 Robin:
15:11:47 Robin: and?
15:11:49 Robin: andother similar site
15:11:52 Robin: another*
15:12:28 Slammer: ebay
15:12:30 Slammer: .
15:12:31 Slammer: com
15:12:33 Slammer: or
15:12:34 Slammer: som
15:12:35 Slammer: wink.gif
15:12:45 Robin: wink.gif
15:12:49 Gen: wink.gif
15:13:02 Gen: automatiic
15:13:50 Robin: cool gen. my car is manual
15:15:07 Gen: my car is that free candy van pic
15:15:14 Robin: ahh cool
15:15:23 Robin: why does it say "free candy" on it?
15:15:29 Robin: i mean, whats the point?
15:15:35 Gen: fu?
15:15:43 Robin: FU B****
15:15:50 Robin: GEN
15:15:50 Robin: DAMNIT
15:15:55 Gen: assh0le
15:15:56 Robin: i have had enough of this!!!
15:15:58 Robin: stfu
15:16:09 Gen: a$$hole
15:16:21 Robin: moderatoooors!! gen is being mean to me!!!
15:16:25 Robin: tell him to stopppppppp
15:16:38 Slammer: what key is a song in the key of C?
15:16:40 Gen: no, im not going to fall in this trap robin
15:16:46 Gen: ABC?
15:16:48 Robin: C mate wink.gif
15:16:50 Slammer: ohmy.gif
15:16:50 Slammer: ohmy.gif
15:16:51 Slammer: ohmy.gif
15:16:52 Slammer: O
15:16:52 Slammer: :
15:16:55 Gen: tongue.gif
15:16:57 Slammer: never thought of that
15:17:01 Robin: cool
15:17:03 Slammer: Lol lol lol lol lol
15:17:03 Robin: then i guess
15:17:05 Slammer: cul
15:17:05 Robin: you learned something
15:17:08 Gen: yeah
15:17:11 Gen: i guess :/
15:17:16 Robin: loooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
15:17:21 Robin: yeah...
15:17:22 Robin: :/
15:17:26 Slammer: Gen taught me Cul and Robin taught me Kuk
15:17:32 Robin: cool
15:17:39 Slammer: Now I
15:17:40 Robin: hi me213
15:17:44 Slammer: will teach you
15:17:46 Gen: hey there me213
15:17:46 Slammer: to say
15:17:48 me213: hi
15:17:52 Slammer: SLAMBER
15:17:59 Robin: thats pretty cul
15:18:02 Slammer: me213
15:18:03 Robin: slamberzz
15:18:05 Slammer: sup?
15:18:06 Gen: i can teach you stuff aswell slammer
15:18:06 Slammer: Dude
15:18:07 Gen: like
15:18:08 Gen: lite dase
15:18:13 Slammer: hows it's going?
15:18:14 me213: not much
15:18:29 Slammer: Whats on your mind
15:18:33 Slammer: we're here to help
15:18:34 Slammer: biggrin.gif
15:18:38 me213: whats everyone up to?
15:18:43 Robin: not much
15:18:46 Gen: not much
15:18:54 Robin: im just trying to put some sense into Gen's little brain
15:18:55 Slammer: Gen is a Amazing Guitarist, in fact his name is Gen Petrrcci
15:19:03 Gen: yeah
15:19:05 me213: Ha ha
15:19:06 Gen: robin i cant stand you
15:19:09 me213: ha
15:19:09 Robin: gen
15:19:10 Robin: stfu
15:19:11 Robin: k?
15:19:15 Gen: No not okay
15:19:21 Robin: its not ok?
15:19:22 Slammer: Robin is that Funtwo kid from Youtube
15:19:24 Gen: :{
15:19:24 Robin: well
15:19:26 Robin: fu gen
15:19:33 Gen: robin is a sami guy from norge
15:19:33 Robin: i sure am
15:19:45 Robin: Its spelled noreg you piece of #¤"#!
15:19:51 Gen: shut up troll
15:19:54 Slammer: me213 how long you've been playing?
15:19:55 Robin: gen
15:20:00 Robin: stfu right now
15:20:04 Robin: or im going to kill you
15:20:04 Gen: well
15:20:05 Gen: now
15:20:08 me213: just coming up to 2 yrs
15:20:09 Gen: what about that?
15:20:13 Slammer: nice
15:20:13 me213: u?
15:20:14 Gen: kill me then
15:20:17 Robin: yeah what about it?
15:20:18 Slammer: what kinda guitar you have?
15:20:18 Robin: yeah
15:20:20 Robin: maybe i will?
15:20:21 Gen: what are you waiting for?
15:20:26 Robin: your mother?
15:20:33 me213: Its an SG copy
15:20:36 Gen: that's not funny
15:20:39 Robin: gen
15:20:43 Robin: its super funny, trust me
15:20:44 Robin: it i
15:20:45 Robin: s
15:20:47 Gen: how's going with gunnar?
15:20:58 Robin: great. howbout your mommy?
15:21:05 Gen: she's going well
15:21:06 Gen: but
15:21:16 Gen: this is not your buisness ok? stfu? maybe??
15:21:21 Robin: gen
15:21:23 Robin: how many times
15:21:23 Gen: no
15:21:24 Gen: shhhh
15:21:26 Gen: you talk too much
15:21:27 Robin: do i have to tell you
15:21:28 Gen: shhhh
15:21:33 Gen: trolls dont talk
15:21:34 Gen: shh
15:21:36 Robin: its totally my buisiness
15:21:47 Robin: sure they do
15:21:57 Gen: they run around in forests
15:21:59 Gen: with axes
15:22:05 Robin: well
15:22:13 Robin: you run around in your kitchen with a plastic spoon
15:22:49 Gen: yeah sure robin
15:22:56 Gen: (he just needs his medics, dont worry guys)
15:23:08 Robin: yeah
15:23:09 Gen: *whip*
15:23:17 Robin: medics because im allergic to gen
15:23:36 Slammer: So hey guys
15:23:39 Gen: hehe yes robin, we all agree that this was the best joke ever....right guys?? (dont offend him)
15:23:48 Slammer: you Scared me213 away
15:23:55 Robin: yeah Gen did
15:23:56 Slammer: you should be ashamed of yourselfs
15:23:58 Gen: no Robin
15:23:59 Slammer: Bad BOy
15:24:02 Slammer: BOYS*
15:24:03 me213: no im still here
15:24:04 Robin: sad.gif
15:24:06 Slammer: LOL
15:24:07 Robin: biggrin.gif
15:24:08 Robin: hurray
15:24:08 Gen: so slammer
15:24:11 Gen: what about the duet?
15:24:15 Robin: yeah slammer
15:24:16 Robin: what about it?
15:24:25 Slammer: I think I'll let her sing herself
15:24:33 Gen: why?
15:24:38 Slammer: because
15:24:39 Gen: are you too shy?
15:24:41 Slammer: she
15:24:43 Slammer: is
15:24:44 Slammer: a
15:24:47 Slammer: Soprano
15:25:05 Robin: ahh ok
15:25:21 Slammer: I'm a Wannabe BLuesman who can't find his slide
15:25:22 Slammer: sad.gif
15:25:25 Robin: sad.gif
15:25:28 Gen: well
15:25:35 Gen: i have to agree with that sad.gif
15:25:39 Slammer: LOL
15:25:42 Gen: tongue.gif
15:25:44 me213: sorry to cut in but when i practice the top af my picking arm ACHES does it happen with you guys
15:25:45 Robin: wink.gif
15:25:54 Robin: ohh damn dude
15:25:56 Gen: be careful
15:25:58 Robin: you should take a break
15:26:00 Robin: yes be careful
15:26:17 me213: it happens after 20 mins im not sure why
15:26:18 Robin: no need to apologize for breaking our conversation, we're just messing around wink.gif wink.gif
15:26:24 Gen: use only the wrist for alternate picking,not the elbow
15:26:25 me213: k
15:26:27 Robin: really? that doesnt sound very good
15:26:28 Robin: yes
15:26:34 Robin: wrist, not your whole arm
15:26:41 Robin: also, do you warm up before playing?
15:26:51 Slammer: so robin what did you win?
15:26:51 me213: i do use my wrist and warm up
15:26:56 Robin: ok
15:27:08 Robin: pedal for around 90$ and 3 packs of Ernie Ball strings
15:27:10 Gen: a skap in the a$$
15:27:13 Gen: slap*
15:27:15 Robin: well how long have oyu been having this problem?
15:27:18 Robin: in your arm
15:27:25 Slammer: nice
15:27:27 me213: um
15:27:40 me213: about a year
15:27:43 Robin: ohmy.gif
15:27:49 Gen: take a little break man
15:27:54 Gen: does it really hurt much?
15:28:00 me213: not much
15:28:01 Robin: maybe you should see a psyiotherapist
15:28:05 Gen: yeah
15:28:19 Robin: and remember: RELAX while playnig
15:28:23 Robin: very important
15:28:28 me213: its like when you leave your arm up in the air for a while
15:28:38 Robin: hmm ok
15:29:36 Gen: hey there slammer
15:29:48 Robin: see you guys later, bye
15:29:51 Gen: no
15:29:55 Gen: you stay
15:29:58 Gen: i got a shotgun
15:30:03 Robin: ¨no im not wink.gif
15:30:09 Gen: omfg
15:30:12 Gen: stfu
15:30:37 Gen: well cya guys
15:30:39 me213: im gonna go too there be some theory need to be learn't
15:30:45 me213: see ya
15:32:18 Slammer: HEY!
15:32:36 Slammer: sad.gif
15:32:45 Slammer: and now I'm Alone
15:33:53 Slammer: if anyone comes in be sure to *slap* or *whip*
15:41:55 Slammer: ok bye
16:25:28 signularis: hi
16:35:23 g-forcelover: *meow*
16:35:30 g-forcelover: anyone there?
16:39:41 g-forcelover: *slap*
16:39:48 g-forcelover: *whip*
17:45:44 USAMAN: sup.
17:45:48 OrganisedConfusion: hey man
17:45:55 OrganisedConfusion: How are you?
17:46:15 OrganisedConfusion: Whereabouts in USA are you from?
17:46:17 USAMAN: Pissed...depends oh where your from as to what that means
17:46:23 USAMAN: on
17:46:27 USAMAN: Minnesota
17:46:30 OrganisedConfusion: I'm from UK
17:46:36 OrganisedConfusion: I pissed also lol
17:46:41 OrganisedConfusion: I'm
17:46:41 USAMAN: so pissed means drunk there?
17:46:52 USAMAN: or angry
17:46:55 USAMAN: or both
17:47:03 OrganisedConfusion: lol. Yeah.
17:47:06 OrganisedConfusion: biggrin.gif
17:47:14 USAMAN: i hope to be pissed later
17:47:14 OrganisedConfusion: hey Slammer
17:47:15 Slammer: Hey, yesterday I made a "Monday Chat" Thread
17:47:23 Slammer: tongue.gif but you knew that I think
17:47:28 USAMAN: Thats what promped mine dude
17:47:48 OrganisedConfusion: I'm just waiting for pizza to be delivered to me and then I can eat and collapse in bed smile.gif
17:47:48 Slammer: let's see how many ppl will come
17:47:53 Slammer: Pizza!
17:47:59 USAMAN: are both of you in pavels new colab?
17:48:02 Slammer: no
17:48:06 USAMAN: mmmmmmmmmm
17:48:08 Slammer: pizza from where?
17:48:13 Slammer: Pizza hut
17:48:25 OrganisedConfusion: I'm getting in from local pizza place here in Nottingham
17:48:33 OrganisedConfusion: I'm in Pavel's collab USAMAN
17:48:37 USAMAN: luv pizza
17:48:43 USAMAN: i thought so
17:48:47 USAMAN: have you posted yet
17:48:48 Slammer: I spend the first half of my day around pizza
17:48:49 Slammer: tongue.gif:
17:48:58 OrganisedConfusion: I'm not gonna be very good in it but I need to progress
17:49:07 Slammer: I make pizza for a living
17:49:08 OrganisedConfusion: I haven't yet
17:49:11 USAMAN: i did mine yesterday...i kinda rushed it
17:49:15 Slammer: tho I'm not to good at it yet
17:49:16 OrganisedConfusion: My guitars are all injured and being fixed
17:49:17 Slammer: LOL
17:49:20 OrganisedConfusion: 3 guitars injured
17:49:24 USAMAN: but thats a great jam track
17:49:33 USAMAN: i heard
17:49:40 USAMAN: sup deep
17:49:47 DeepRoots: hey guys
17:49:50 USAMAN: man this is awsome
17:49:51 OrganisedConfusion: hey deep and ibanex
17:49:58 OrganisedConfusion: ibanez
17:50:00 OrganisedConfusion: even smile.gif
17:50:02 DeepRoots: Hey OC- hows things
17:50:07 ibanezkiller: hey guys...
17:50:13 Slammer: Deeproots just in time, I have another Theory question about a Out of Scale Chord progression
17:50:16 OrganisedConfusion: Things are great. How is Wales currently?
17:50:31 DeepRoots: oh god- you know im no good at those
17:50:34 Slammer: LOL
17:50:41 USAMAN: count me out
17:50:43 DeepRoots: Wales- is still wales unfortunatley lol
17:50:45 USAMAN: wheres andrew
17:50:52 OrganisedConfusion: I haven't been in a while
17:50:52 Slammer: btw you left yesterday without saying Bye sad.gif
17:51:10 DeepRoots: countryside is good, good weather at the moment too
17:51:21 DeepRoots: me slammer??
17:51:22 USAMAN: whats the question me in suspense...
17:51:24 Slammer: yes
17:51:27 OrganisedConfusion: Yeah it isn't bad currently is it
17:51:28 Slammer: sad.gif
17:51:31 DeepRoots: sowwie sad.gif
17:51:35 USAMAN: it cold here,,,,
17:51:36 Slammer: :
17:51:47 Slammer: I don't forgive you :{
17:51:50 DeepRoots: anyhow- lets see if i can do this progression
17:51:53 Slammer: LOL
17:52:00 Slammer: it was a joke tongue.gif
17:52:04 DeepRoots: dont worry- i forgive myself
17:52:08 DeepRoots: wink.gif
17:52:26 OrganisedConfusion: What's everyone upto currently?
17:52:35 OrganisedConfusion: I'm waiting for pizza and watching Dexter
17:52:41 DeepRoots: oh bugger- slammer you got me out of bed for that
17:52:42 USAMAN: Dexter?
17:52:45 USAMAN: cartoon
17:52:51 DeepRoots: Pizaa? its almost 11?!
17:53:03 Slammer: just chilling on a tuesday afternoon, after work
17:53:06 USAMAN: Hey dude
17:53:11 DeepRoots: hey max
17:53:11 Slammer: Chast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
17:53:16 chast: SLAMBER!
17:53:21 USAMAN: lol
17:53:24 OrganisedConfusion: Dexter the American show. Pizza at 11 is good biggrin.gif
17:53:24 Slammer: did you catch the Football?
17:53:28 chast: hey jordan
17:53:31 chast: no
17:53:34 OrganisedConfusion: Yeah I watched it
17:53:36 chast: i think gen stole it sad.gif
17:53:40 Slammer: who's Jordan?
17:53:43 DeepRoots: mee
17:53:44 OrganisedConfusion: Good results
17:53:46 DeepRoots: wink.gif
17:53:55 Slammer: damn, I thought your name was Deeproots
17:53:55 OrganisedConfusion: We have Cardiff City on Sunday in the FA Cup biggrin.gif
17:54:00 DeepRoots: lol
17:54:06 DeepRoots: if only
17:54:12 Slammer: that would be cool
17:54:27 Slammer: "This is Ben, David and Deeproots"
17:54:27 DeepRoots: nah i prefer Jord - quicker to type for u too
17:54:35 DeepRoots: lol
17:54:37 DeepRoots: haha
17:54:44 DeepRoots: would get lots of funny looks
17:54:59 USAMAN: what is everyones real patrick
17:55:02 Slammer: I think Ibanezkiller would get more fuuny looks
17:55:09 chast: max
17:55:10 OrganisedConfusion: Do you guys have help on lessons I should practice. I want to practice down picked only, ap and sweep picking mainly
17:55:15 DeepRoots: more worried looks though
17:55:18 Slammer: LOL
17:55:32 Slammer: Chester
17:55:36 DeepRoots: did you look at Kai's lessons
17:55:38 DeepRoots: ?
17:55:39 ibanezkiller: oh Andrew...
17:55:51 DeepRoots: kai's were good for downpicking
17:55:54 OrganisedConfusion: Nope but I remembered he did a great one
17:56:03 DeepRoots: check those out
17:56:05 USAMAN: go learn master if puppets
17:56:11 ibanezkiller: Yes metallica!
17:56:12 Slammer: ok chast
17:56:15 Slammer: you ready?
17:56:15 USAMAN: the album
17:56:19 DeepRoots: and there are millions for Ap and sweping
17:56:20 USAMAN: go
17:56:23 OrganisedConfusion: I can play most of MOP
17:56:30 DeepRoots: cool cool
17:56:30 USAMAN: great music
17:56:32 Slammer: Chast! *slap*
17:56:34 ibanezkiller: yes
17:56:36 chast: im ready bob
17:56:42 USAMAN: hit me
17:56:45 Slammer: ok you must pick one...
17:56:49 USAMAN: go
17:56:52 DeepRoots: bob? who's bob?
17:56:54 Slammer: SRV or Hendrix?
17:56:58 USAMAN: srv
17:57:03 chast: srv
17:57:05 chast: no
17:57:05 DeepRoots: srv
17:57:06 chast: hendrix
17:57:08 OrganisedConfusion: SRV
17:57:10 chast: i dont know
17:57:11 chast: biggrin.gif
17:57:13 Slammer: Judas Priest or Iron Maiden?
17:57:14 DeepRoots: lol
17:57:17 USAMAN: maden
17:57:17 DeepRoots: maiden!
17:57:19 USAMAN: maiden
17:57:19 OrganisedConfusion: Judas Priest
17:57:19 DeepRoots: up the irons
17:57:26 Slammer: Judas Priest or Def Leppard?
17:57:31 OrganisedConfusion: Judas Priest
17:57:36 DeepRoots: neither...
17:57:38 chast: slammer or bb king ?
17:57:39 USAMAN: 6 6 6 the number of .....
17:57:43 Slammer: Strat or LP?
17:57:45 USAMAN: slammer of course
17:57:48 DeepRoots: slammer lol
17:57:49 USAMAN: lp
17:57:51 OrganisedConfusion: neither tongue.gif
17:57:54 DeepRoots: strat
17:58:01 USAMAN: ibanez though
17:58:07 USAMAN: i have both
17:58:14 DeepRoots: im cheap tho
17:58:17 Slammer: niether for the LP or strat OrganisedConfusion ?
17:58:23 DeepRoots: i have a $100 guiar
17:58:26 USAMAN: caparison
17:58:29 DeepRoots: its reall naff
17:58:31 chast: jord do you have your guitar back now ?
17:58:36 OrganisedConfusion: not me.I like the weird rare guitars with modern looks and feel
17:58:40 DeepRoots: no will have it tommorrow
17:58:44 chast: smile.gif
17:58:46 Slammer: JEM or Nitefly?
17:58:49 chast: jem
17:58:50 DeepRoots: and as it has taken so long the repair is free biggrin.gif
17:58:50 USAMAN: nite
17:58:52 OrganisedConfusion: Nitefly
17:58:59 USAMAN: dont like jems
17:59:01 DeepRoots: jem
17:59:03 Slammer: Jolie or Pam Anderson?
17:59:06 chast: i want to try a caparison
17:59:07 USAMAN: they need to tone them down a little
17:59:12 DeepRoots: jolie!oh yeh tongue.gif
17:59:13 USAMAN: pam
17:59:16 chast: hm
17:59:19 chast: depends tongue.gif
17:59:19 OrganisedConfusion: Jolie
17:59:21 USAMAN: a few years ago
17:59:26 chast: one night ?
17:59:28 Slammer: Hilary Duff or Lindsay Lohan?
17:59:30 chast: then pam
17:59:31 DeepRoots: both tongue.gif
17:59:36 USAMAN: same
17:59:38 DeepRoots: duff tho
17:59:47 chast: i dont know hilary duff
17:59:52 Slammer: David W or David O?
17:59:56 USAMAN: they are both the same person
17:59:56 OrganisedConfusion: Both would do
17:59:58 ibanezkiller: what is a good metal scale or mode?
18:00:01 OrganisedConfusion: not those 2 lol
18:00:04 Slammer: LOL
18:00:12 DeepRoots: phrygian! or aelion (minor scale)
18:00:13 chast: phyrigan
18:00:17 DeepRoots: wink.gif
18:00:21 USAMAN: dorian
18:00:26 DeepRoots: bluesy
18:00:28 Slammer: Muris or Marcus?
18:00:30 USAMAN: harmonic minor
18:00:32 DeepRoots: ouch
18:00:33 USAMAN: both
18:00:34 ibanezkiller: i got the phyrigan but ill work on the aelion
18:00:39 USAMAN: muris
18:00:40 DeepRoots: yep harmonic minor rules
18:00:42 chast: murcus 8)
18:00:49 DeepRoots: phrygian dominant works for me too
18:00:52 ibanezkiller: yeah that was one of the first i learned
18:00:53 Slammer: Dahl or Pavel?
18:01:00 DeepRoots: muris
18:01:02 Slammer: LOL
18:01:04 USAMAN: who is dahl
18:01:07 DeepRoots: lol
18:01:09 ibanezkiller: thanks boys peace!
18:01:13 chast: cya
18:01:14 USAMAN: kidding
18:01:16 DeepRoots: no porblem
18:01:23 USAMAN: pavel
18:01:27 Slammer: Guitartube or Kristofer Dahl?
18:01:31 chast: guitartube!
18:01:33 DeepRoots: steals our opinion and leaves! bloody cheek tongue.gif
18:01:35 chast: biggrin.gif
18:01:40 USAMAN: dahl is king sh!t
18:01:48 OrganisedConfusion: Dahl is awesome
18:01:53 DeepRoots: indeed
18:02:01 chast: bad mother fingerrrrrr
18:02:02 OrganisedConfusion: but we need more of his lessons smile.gif
18:02:05 USAMAN: the big giant head of gmc
18:02:30 USAMAN: y"you ready"
18:02:31 chast: petrucci or chast ?
18:02:37 chast: hard question..
18:02:37 USAMAN: petrucci ...sorry
18:02:39 chast: biggrin.gif
18:02:52 OrganisedConfusion: petrucci sad.gif
18:02:52 USAMAN: no offense
18:02:53 chast: beer or whiskey?
18:02:57 USAMAN: B
18:02:58 USAMAN: e
18:02:58 USAMAN: e
18:02:59 DeepRoots: petrucci (sorry max)
18:02:59 USAMAN: r
18:03:00 OrganisedConfusion: but your ace too. tongue.gif
18:03:07 OrganisedConfusion: you're even
18:03:16 OrganisedConfusion: whiskey
18:03:18 DeepRoots: hehe
18:03:21 DeepRoots: beer
18:03:26 USAMAN: wait
18:03:27 chast: yeah i argree
18:03:28 USAMAN: wait
18:03:31 DeepRoots: i got waay too ill of whiskey- almost in hospital
18:03:35 USAMAN: beer or beers?
18:03:38 DeepRoots: never again!
18:03:44 DeepRoots: beersrsrsrsrs
18:03:48 USAMAN: better
18:03:51 chast: jord prefers tequila biggrin.gif
18:03:55 DeepRoots: indeed!
18:03:56 OrganisedConfusion: Whiskey is bad lol. But yet very good biggrin.gif
18:04:05 DeepRoots: tequila is fun
18:04:16 USAMAN: tequila makes you reverse engines
18:04:21 DeepRoots: ?
18:04:25 USAMAN: spew
18:04:28 DeepRoots: hehe
18:04:34 chast: bob or patrick ?
18:04:36 USAMAN: but its fun thill then
18:04:38 chast: patrick for me
18:04:38 DeepRoots: i managed half a liter okay the other night
18:04:40 USAMAN: Patrick
18:04:43 DeepRoots: patrick!
18:04:48 USAMAN: <8)
18:04:51 Slammer: Bruce Lee or Jet Li?
18:04:54 chast: bruce
18:04:55 DeepRoots: jet li
18:05:01 DeepRoots: too cool for school
18:05:02 USAMAN: they call me bruce
18:05:05 Slammer: Lee or Norris?
18:05:10 USAMAN: lee
18:05:11 DeepRoots: norris
18:05:13 chast: mac gyver
18:05:15 Slammer: LOL
18:05:24 USAMAN: he rules
18:05:28 OrganisedConfusion: I bought Short Circuit today for £2 biggrin.gif
18:05:31 Slammer: Star Trek or Star Wars?
18:05:34 chast: wars
18:05:37 OrganisedConfusion: neither ohmy.gif
18:05:38 DeepRoots: did anyone search on google yet "find chhuck norris" and hit im feeling luck instead of search- awesome
18:05:39 USAMAN: trek
18:05:46 Slammer: Yep
18:05:51 DeepRoots: *find chuck norris
18:05:51 Slammer: @ deep
18:06:30 OrganisedConfusion: I think my new guitar arrives tomoz biggrin.gif I'm gonna keep this one in a metal container full of foam biggrin.gif
18:06:46 USAMAN: What did you get
18:06:55 OrganisedConfusion: Parker P10e acoustic
18:06:59 chast: gibson or fender?
18:07:01 USAMAN: cool
18:07:15 OrganisedConfusion: 1500 dollars
18:07:18 OrganisedConfusion: Bargain smile.gif
18:07:20 USAMAN: both and an ibanez and a warmoth
18:07:26 chast: 5 + ? = 10
18:07:29 chast: slamber ?
18:07:31 USAMAN: 17?
18:07:44 USAMAN: wait .....17?
18:07:44 chast: *slap*
18:07:47 chast: *meow*
18:07:59 chast: close
18:08:00 chast: tongue.gif
18:08:03 USAMAN: i knew it
18:08:30 USAMAN: math is my friend
18:08:34 OrganisedConfusion: doing your homework chast tongue.gif biggrin.gif
18:08:39 chast: nah tongue.gif
18:08:42 USAMAN: sad.gif
18:08:46 chast: i already did them
18:08:52 OrganisedConfusion: Maths is awesome
18:08:53 chast: the first time for this school year biggrin.gif
18:08:58 USAMAN: fender or marshall
18:09:00 OrganisedConfusion: Made up most my engineering degree
18:09:05 chast: im so proud of myself
18:09:12 OrganisedConfusion: Fender for clean, marshall for dirty. can't decide
18:09:28 chast: seymour duncan or dimarzio ?
18:09:28 USAMAN: 5150 or jcm900
18:09:40 OrganisedConfusion: jcm900 but i got an 800 which is even better biggrin.gif
18:09:48 USAMAN: i know
18:09:50 OrganisedConfusion: dimarzio
18:10:19 OrganisedConfusion: people know everything about me now lol. I need to hide in the wilderness for a bit
18:10:22 USAMAN: jcm800 or switchblade
18:10:32 chast: hm
18:10:35 OrganisedConfusion: jcm800
18:10:42 OrganisedConfusion: I only prefer one amp to the 800 smile.gif
18:10:53 OrganisedConfusion: Fender '65 Twin Reverb ohmy.gif
18:11:02 USAMAN: el34 or 6l6
18:11:20 chast: transistor
18:11:29 USAMAN: argggggggggg
18:11:50 USAMAN: lol
18:12:01 USAMAN: 6l6 or el84
18:12:17 USAMAN: and then there was silence
18:12:25 chast: tongue.gif
18:12:40 USAMAN: pod or gnx
18:12:53 chast: pod for recording
18:13:13 chast: gnx for
18:13:17 chast: ahm
18:13:25 chast: connecting to the amp
18:13:51 USAMAN: gotta hook the pod up using four cables to make it sound right
18:14:05 chast: well guys im off now
18:14:12 USAMAN: google it ......pod four cables
18:14:14 OrganisedConfusion: buy chast
18:14:21 USAMAN: later dude
18:14:22 chast: got to go to school tomorrow :S
18:14:31 chast: cya and have a good night tongue.gif
18:14:36 OrganisedConfusion: night
18:14:39 USAMAN: peace
18:15:08 USAMAN: org how many guitars do you have
18:15:32 USAMAN: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
18:15:38 USAMAN: zzzzz
18:15:40 OrganisedConfusion: i have 5
18:15:46 OrganisedConfusion: u?
18:15:53 USAMAN: 10 or 11
18:15:59 OrganisedConfusion: christ
18:16:08 USAMAN: for now biggrin.gif
18:16:09 OrganisedConfusion: My cheapest in 1000 dollars sad.gif
18:16:15 USAMAN: im close
18:16:27 USAMAN: lose the mexi tele and i can say that 2
18:16:37 OrganisedConfusion: my pizza has arrived smile.gif
18:16:42 USAMAN: mmmmm
18:16:45 USAMAN: pizza
18:16:53 USAMAN: drool
18:17:03 OrganisedConfusion: im gonna turn into a pizza soon smile.gif
18:17:15 USAMAN: i gotta go any way..enjoy the za
18:17:23 Slammer: but it's your chat
18:17:26 OrganisedConfusion: later man
18:17:27 Slammer: you're the host
18:17:30 Slammer: you must stay
18:17:32 USAMAN: i have passed the torch
18:17:52 USAMAN: i need to make a quick beer run....just upstairs
18:17:56 USAMAN: brb
18:18:19 OrganisedConfusion: i want another beer but i have work tomorrow
18:18:22 USAMAN: Ill stay for a little wouldnt mind chatting with you guys a little longer
18:18:30 USAMAN: me 2 5am
18:18:48 USAMAN: you dudes are all over the posts
18:18:50 OrganisedConfusion: 7am here. leave at 5
18:19:08 USAMAN: very active here
18:19:15 USAMAN: i try to be
18:19:27 USAMAN: this is my favorite site lately
18:19:39 OrganisedConfusion: i try to post as often as i can
18:20:00 OrganisedConfusion: especially if i can help people with any knowledge i have
18:20:09 USAMAN: lots of lessons llately....marcus need to post again
18:20:50 OrganisedConfusion: marcus is an incredible guitarist
18:21:05 USAMAN: hes been sluffing off.....kinda jones-in for a neo classical rip fest
18:21:18 USAMAN: yes he is
18:21:29 USAMAN: got my muris pick yesterday
18:21:42 OrganisedConfusion: cool smile.gif
18:21:52 OrganisedConfusion: Muris is too kind to us all smile.gif
18:22:02 USAMAN: He seems a really nice guy
18:22:19 OrganisedConfusion: everyone at the site does
18:22:33 USAMAN: did you guys check out his last lesson..the neo classical one
18:22:39 OrganisedConfusion: good place to be
18:22:43 USAMAN: holy @##
18:23:07 OrganisedConfusion: ?
18:23:11 USAMAN: he is so fast and clean.....i know he is a robot
18:23:31 USAMAN: or alien or ninja
18:23:41 OrganisedConfusion: he's a superhero lol smile.gif
18:23:54 USAMAN: thats it
18:24:08 USAMAN: able to leap strings with a single bound
18:24:38 OrganisedConfusion: he should be making thousands
18:25:20 USAMAN: More than that....his skill level is head and shoulders above 99% of players
18:25:54 OrganisedConfusion: i'm glad he got the Elixir deal
18:26:16 USAMAN: marcus you mean....i was talking about muris...but marcus as well
18:26:44 USAMAN: hows the pizza
18:26:52 OrganisedConfusion: i actually think marcus is even cleaner ohmy.gif
18:26:57 USAMAN: hummmmm
18:26:59 OrganisedConfusion: great pizza smile.gif
18:27:03 USAMAN: thats not possible
18:27:11 Slammer: IE7 or Firefox?
18:27:20 USAMAN: they are both flawless
18:27:32 Slammer: WHAT!
18:27:35 USAMAN: ie7
18:27:38 Slammer: LOL
18:27:42 USAMAN: i dont care for firefox
18:27:49 OrganisedConfusion: ie7
18:27:51 Slammer: me neiter
18:27:55 OrganisedConfusion: firefox constantly crashes on me
18:27:58 Slammer: but IE keeps crashing on me
18:28:02 Slammer: just happened
18:28:09 OrganisedConfusion: lol
18:28:13 OrganisedConfusion: depends on computer i guess
18:28:14 USAMAN: ie7 has been screwing up my email
18:28:21 OrganisedConfusion: internet is evil
18:28:32 USAMAN: Yes it is
18:28:35 OrganisedConfusion: Hey Angelica
18:28:36 USAMAN: Howdy
18:28:40 USAMAN: Angle
18:28:42 Angelica: hi there
18:28:45 USAMAN: angel
18:28:47 USAMAN: lol
18:28:59 Angelica: smile.gif
18:29:10 USAMAN: and there is silence
18:29:12 USAMAN: lol
18:29:19 USAMAN: how are you today
18:29:23 OrganisedConfusion: How are you Angelica?
18:29:29 USAMAN: beat you to it
18:29:29 Angelica: fine thanx
18:29:47 Angelica: smile.gif
18:30:05 USAMAN: so working on any new lessons here on gmc ...(all)
18:30:23 OrganisedConfusion: Nope sad.gif But been recording with my band
18:30:36 Angelica: actually i'm not practicing so much :|
18:30:48 USAMAN: shame...shame
18:30:56 Angelica: i canìt gett the right sound, wanna buy a dist pedal first
18:30:59 USAMAN: *whip*
18:31:12 USAMAN: metal muff.....all the way
18:31:12 Angelica: biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
18:31:33 OrganisedConfusion: I have a Metal Zone but I don't actually like it but always use it lol
18:31:43 USAMAN: its relatively cheap and covers everything
18:31:43 Angelica: so everybody's from the USA?
18:31:50 Slammer: yes
18:31:53 USAMAN: Im not.....wink.gif
18:31:59 Angelica: lol
18:32:04 USAMAN: oh wait
18:32:16 USAMAN: that might not be so true
18:32:25 OrganisedConfusion: I'm not
18:32:29 USAMAN: where are u from
18:32:32 Angelica: Italy
18:32:36 OrganisedConfusion: I'm from UK and it's nearly my bedtime lol
18:32:47 USAMAN: the boot...i wanna go there sometime
18:32:48 Angelica: yeah in Milan it's already bedtime
18:32:54 USAMAN: it looks beautiful
18:33:06 OrganisedConfusion: Is it half midnight there Angelica>?
18:33:08 Angelica: lo
18:33:11 USAMAN: ive only been over seas once
18:33:12 Angelica: yeah
18:33:28 OrganisedConfusion: You don't support football do ya?
18:33:31 OrganisedConfusion: AC Milan?
18:33:58 USAMAN: football football or soccer football
18:34:04 OrganisedConfusion: soccer football
18:34:22 Angelica: lol yeah
18:34:25 OrganisedConfusion: I'm emigrating to USA all being well
18:34:36 OrganisedConfusion: I can get in with the job I'm qualified for
18:34:41 USAMAN: cool a city in mind
18:34:46 Angelica: i kinda support Milan but er...first of all I'm a woman lol and I'm not so interested in football
18:34:57 OrganisedConfusion: I really wanna go to Bridgeport or Greenwich Connecticut
18:35:02 Angelica: and bad thing is that the owner of Milan si Berlsconi
18:35:06 Angelica: berlusconi
18:35:12 Angelica: which i hate lol
18:35:15 OrganisedConfusion: lol
18:35:18 OrganisedConfusion: fair enough
18:35:27 USAMAN: nice weather
18:35:35 USAMAN: head for the coast man
18:35:44 USAMAN: just not san fran
18:35:50 OrganisedConfusion: Isn't Bridgeport on the coast?
18:35:59 USAMAN: home of the fruits the nuts and the flakes
18:36:01 Angelica: ohh damn that has to be COOL
18:36:04 OrganisedConfusion: and Greenwich really
18:36:17 Angelica: :?
18:36:19 OrganisedConfusion: I don't where to move to be totally honest
18:36:35 USAMAN: me either
18:36:36 OrganisedConfusion: I'm gonna search for jobs in my area as a Systems Engineer and plan around that
18:36:49 USAMAN: i live in minnesota
18:37:02 OrganisedConfusion: What's it like there?
18:37:22 USAMAN: I live in St. Paul.....capitol
18:37:36 OrganisedConfusion: Nice place?
18:37:40 USAMAN: weather ranges for hot summer to very cold winter
18:37:52 USAMAN: Well .....want the truth
18:37:59 USAMAN: yes but
18:38:02 OrganisedConfusion: weather ranges from cold in summer to colder in winter here biggrin.gif
18:38:08 Angelica: waht time is it there guys?
18:38:19 USAMAN: 5:38 pm
18:38:25 OrganisedConfusion: It's 11.35pm here in UK smile.gif
18:38:28 USAMAN: tues
18:38:42 USAMAN: 3 4 08
18:39:05 USAMAN: not sure how many time zones from here to italy
18:39:05 OrganisedConfusion: You confused me then lol
18:39:13 OrganisedConfusion: I thought I'd missed all March biggrin.gif
18:39:26 OrganisedConfusion: 3rd April smile.gif
18:39:44 Angelica: cool
18:39:45 USAMAN: oh thats right you guys do it backwards from us......4 3 08
18:39:49 Angelica: so you all in office?
18:39:58 USAMAN: in office?
18:40:01 USAMAN: at work?
18:40:09 USAMAN: not me.....
18:40:17 OrganisedConfusion: I'm at home drinking beer and eating pizza lol
18:40:19 USAMAN: home drinking suds
18:40:44 USAMAN: just one.........or maybe two......rough day at work
18:41:07 USAMAN: my boss is a fool
18:41:15 USAMAN: lol
18:41:18 OrganisedConfusion: Who you voting for in elections USAMAN?
18:41:22 OrganisedConfusion: or you not voting?
18:41:36 USAMAN: are you sure you want the answer to that
18:41:50 USAMAN: clinton...................................not
18:41:58 USAMAN: obama.....................................not
18:41:58 OrganisedConfusion: lol
18:42:09 USAMAN: mcain .................................not
18:42:16 USAMAN: i dont knoe]
18:42:21 USAMAN: I got it
18:42:24 OrganisedConfusion: Not a good situation is it
18:42:27 Angelica: lol
18:42:32 Angelica: how's obama?
18:42:34 USAMAN: Me for evil lord emperior
18:42:39 Angelica: is he as good as he seems?
18:42:41 OrganisedConfusion: smile.gif
18:42:42 USAMAN: n
18:42:52 USAMAN: hes a showman....that is all
18:43:01 Angelica: i never trust somebody who gets so close to the white house lol lol
18:43:04 USAMAN: really a bad policy dude
18:43:06 OrganisedConfusion: He is sensible I think
18:43:17 OrganisedConfusion: He's got his head firmly on his shoulders
18:43:27 OrganisedConfusion: whether that is good though I don't know
18:43:31 OrganisedConfusion: Step up from Bush
18:43:36 USAMAN: i hate taxes he on the other hand has never seen one he didnt like
18:43:38 OrganisedConfusion: Clinton would be a step down biggrin.gif
18:43:47 USAMAN: agreed
18:44:00 OrganisedConfusion: 20 years of Bush and Clinton biggrin.gif
18:44:23 OrganisedConfusion: depressing thought smile.gif
18:44:28 USAMAN: im gonna open a can of worms.....
18:44:34 Angelica: yeah that's true
18:44:45 USAMAN: true answers only
18:44:47 Angelica: always the 2 fucking same families holding alla merica
18:44:50 USAMAN: I have a thick skin
18:44:52 Angelica: all america
18:45:02 USAMAN: opinion of America
18:45:08 USAMAN: ?
18:45:31 DeepRoots: good bye all- after length pirvate chat with slammer i must sleep
18:45:33 Angelica: Well I'll express myself with a jim morrison sentence....
18:45:36 OrganisedConfusion: I really love America but some aspects of it I think are really bad
18:45:39 Slammer: LOL
18:45:40 USAMAN: real thoughs and feelings only dont sugar coat anything
18:45:44 DeepRoots: laters all x
18:45:44 Slammer: LOL
18:45:49 USAMAN: later
18:45:56 OrganisedConfusion: laters
18:46:00 Angelica: "the spirit of the Indian people tastes his revenge"
18:46:02 Slammer: cya
18:46:18 OrganisedConfusion: I think the fact guns are legal is crazy
18:46:23 OrganisedConfusion: Always have and always will
18:46:25 USAMAN: I carry one
18:46:37 Angelica: but out of those already-made sentences...
18:46:59 Angelica: I think that I can't have opinion about a so big country
18:47:05 OrganisedConfusion: I just think the law should be changed
18:47:13 Kyle Logue: hey
18:47:16 USAMAN: i think the people here a are gresat
18:47:16 OrganisedConfusion: I want to move there for sure
18:47:19 USAMAN: great
18:47:21 Angelica: i can have opinion about the country, the laws
18:47:25 Kyle Logue: it's good to see that people are actually using this now
18:47:30 Angelica: the behaviour
18:47:31 OrganisedConfusion: But I don't like death penalty, gun laws etc
18:47:36 Angelica: but not the people
18:47:39 USAMAN: you are fully intilted to any and all opinions you hold
18:47:48 Slammer: Kyle Logue is ass
18:47:51 Slammer: I mean
18:47:52 Slammer: Add
18:47:53 OrganisedConfusion: hey Kyle
18:47:54 Slammer: Sorry
18:47:56 Slammer: LOL
18:47:59 USAMAN: hehe
18:48:10 Kyle Logue: hey OC
18:48:12 Slammer: at least he said last night
18:48:16 Slammer: I'm add
18:48:17 OrganisedConfusion: Where are you in USA Kyle?
18:48:21 Slammer: whatever that means
18:48:25 Kyle Logue: East Texas
18:48:26 OrganisedConfusion: I'm emigrating in a year
18:48:33 Kyle Logue: i'm a.d.d.
18:48:36 Slammer: OHH
18:48:39 Kyle Logue: attention deficit disorder
18:48:41 Angelica: and i think that if USA doesn't stop all of his absurd politic around the world
18:48:42 Slammer: I thought it meant
18:48:45 Slammer: Addicted
18:48:49 Slammer: to GMC
18:48:52 Slammer: or somehitng
18:48:54 Gen: hey everyone
18:48:55 Kyle Logue: that too
18:48:57 Slammer: LOL
18:49:24 Angelica: especially related to environment...the world will be finished very soon
18:49:33 Angelica: that's what i think
18:49:40 USAMAN: what do you feel we are doing?
18:49:45 USAMAN: im curious
18:49:50 Gen: Hey everyone
18:49:54 USAMAN: howdy
18:49:56 Gen: lol
18:50:13 Angelica: well I've seen that Al Gore film and it touched me so much
18:50:15 OrganisedConfusion: A lot of people are to blame for the state of the world
18:50:21 Gen: slammer, you tell me to come in the chat and you dont even say hello :?
18:50:25 Angelica: even though i'm not a fan of al gore it has made me think
18:50:26 OrganisedConfusion: Don't listen to Al Gore
18:50:33 Angelica: about the pollutions from Usa
18:50:34 OrganisedConfusion: He's a hypocrite
18:50:38 USAMAN: al is a pawn
18:50:42 Angelica: and the refusal to put a stop on it
18:50:56 Angelica: wll but in Italy all te scientists say same thing
18:50:59 USAMAN: might wanna talk to china bout that
18:51:03 OrganisedConfusion: His car and house and god knows what else dishes out tonnes of pllution
18:51:09 Angelica: global warming, and so on
18:51:18 Angelica: the main responsibe is now America
18:51:27 USAMAN: not so
18:51:29 Angelica: yeah sure
18:51:45 Angelica: but china does respect the kyoto least says to
18:51:48 OrganisedConfusion: America is a huge place. It doesn't proportionately add more
18:51:49 Angelica: usa neither this
18:52:03 USAMAN: kyoto was made to hamstring the USA
18:52:04 Slammer: Hello GEN
18:52:08 Kyle Logue: I'm the cause of world depression
18:52:11 Angelica: anyway I love america for a lot of things
18:52:12 Angelica: music
18:52:13 USAMAN: lol
18:52:14 Gen: hello slammer :{
18:52:21 OrganisedConfusion: you make us at GMC happy Kris biggrin.gif
18:52:25 Angelica: and it has to have astonishing landscapes
18:52:33 OrganisedConfusion: Kyle
18:52:37 OrganisedConfusion: Kris lol
18:52:50 OrganisedConfusion: I've got Dahl on the brain smile.gif
18:52:51 USAMAN: We should probably stop this topic...i dont think that they like it here
18:53:08 Angelica: well but I think Usa should be a little hamstrected....typed well?
18:53:15 Angelica: they're ruling the entire world
18:53:21 Angelica: I'm so tired of it
18:53:27 USAMAN: how so?
18:53:38 Angelica: well a simple thing
18:53:52 Angelica: every year, on 9 11
18:53:55 USAMAN: I am curious
18:54:00 USAMAN: go on
18:54:14 Angelica: there are plenty of politicians here in Itlay who go on saying"we're all americans"
18:54:20 Angelica: but what????
18:54:24 Angelica: we are ITalians
18:54:28 USAMAN: I agree
18:54:41 USAMAN: you have a very great history and culture
18:54:49 OrganisedConfusion: Italy is awesome
18:54:52 USAMAN: so does America
18:54:52 Angelica: and it's so sad to see our history and culture
18:54:57 Angelica: being wasted
18:55:08 Angelica: yeah
18:55:32 OrganisedConfusion: Every country has great people and people runing things. It's a fact
18:55:36 USAMAN: we are not the great melting pot any longer and people dont respect our culture either
18:55:37 Angelica: but I think that the globalization has made every "western"
18:55:39 Angelica: american
18:55:44 Angelica: which is not true
18:55:47 Angelica: we are sooooo different
18:55:59 USAMAN: Hum
18:56:05 USAMAN: I find that curious...
18:56:12 Angelica: yeah
18:56:20 Angelica: we have different values
18:56:26 USAMAN: I had no idea that anyone from another country thought that
18:56:27 Angelica: for example about death row
18:56:35 Angelica: or wars
18:56:49 USAMAN: about the western "american thing" i think thats wrong
18:56:50 Angelica: in itlay nobody wanted wars but they've pushed us in it
18:57:04 Angelica: just because america's in it
18:57:05 OrganisedConfusion: Nobody wanted war in America
18:57:11 USAMAN: cast your hate at me now...however......
18:57:12 Angelica: yeah
18:57:21 Angelica: but those pieces of sorry
18:57:22 OrganisedConfusion: Nobody wanted war in UK
18:57:26 Angelica: bush and co
18:57:29 Angelica: they rule the world
18:57:38 USAMAN: no they dont
18:57:39 Angelica: lol
18:57:55 USAMAN: truely
18:58:08 Angelica: no i dont hate americans
18:58:19 Angelica: i think there are great persons out there
18:58:22 Angelica: like everywhere
18:58:25 OrganisedConfusion: Do you agree with the voting system USAMAN or do you think the votes should be counted and the person with most votes the winner
18:59:13 USAMAN: I think the popular vote should be the decider.....however cant change the rules mid game
18:59:26 OrganisedConfusion: Clinton has won 13 states and Obama 23 states. If that happened in UK Obama would have won it with ease
18:59:27 USAMAN: if thats what your getting at
18:59:39 OrganisedConfusion: yeah
18:59:51 USAMAN: im not sure i like any canidates
18:59:53 OrganisedConfusion: the guy who is most popular doesn't necessarily get in as president
19:00:11 Angelica: i don't like the fact that usa has so few numbers of parties to vote for
19:00:14 Angelica: so little choice
19:00:23 Angelica: and here they want to become like that
19:00:39 USAMAN: it a bad move
19:00:42 USAMAN: its
19:00:55 Angelica: it's a limit to democracy
19:00:57 OrganisedConfusion: We have the Mad Raving Loony Party biggrin.gif
19:01:04 Angelica: lol
19:01:17 USAMAN: im a low tax...high responsibility ....small gov type of guy.....thats not offered here anymore
19:01:22 OrganisedConfusion: Some of their policies were to paint grey squirrels red to even out the squirrel population
19:01:43 USAMAN: that never works
19:01:51 OrganisedConfusion: And to release a 99p coin to save on change biggrin.gif
19:01:55 Angelica: actually if i have to say what i think.... I think that USA , despite all the statement of being so democratic
19:02:00 USAMAN: they are trying to do that here now
19:02:06 Angelica: is not so democratic at all
19:02:29 USAMAN: know.....thats a fair statement
19:02:42 OrganisedConfusion: I can't wait to move to USA
19:02:47 USAMAN: as much as i wish you were wrong ......
19:02:52 OrganisedConfusion: I just hope I move to a place where I'm happy you know
19:02:56 USAMAN: its a great place dude
19:03:06 USAMAN: the political sys is broken though
19:03:13 OrganisedConfusion: such a huge place and many great states
19:03:18 Angelica: but anyhow i have to distinguish
19:03:28 USAMAN: you have to go to .......................wait......................
19:03:28 OrganisedConfusion: cya later Angelica
19:03:33 Angelica: if anyone askes me about italian government
19:03:36 USAMAN: Vegas
19:03:40 Angelica: good night oc
19:03:46 USAMAN: I would like ot know
19:03:47 Angelica: i'd say s...t
19:03:58 OrganisedConfusion: Or did you not mean you were off lol
19:04:02 USAMAN: see ya bud, thanks for the chat time
19:04:06 Angelica: but if someone askes me about the country, the place and the peolpe
19:04:10 Angelica: i'd say lovely
19:04:37 Angelica: italy is so a beautiful place and so bad as its politics
19:04:39 USAMAN: The thing about Europe that i think is so cool is
19:04:54 USAMAN: you have History......Old history....
19:04:58 Angelica: yeah
19:05:03 USAMAN: we dont
19:05:11 OrganisedConfusion: Cya later all. I'm gonna go to bed and be wide awake for work and band practice tomorrow. And more importantly the beer festival on Friday biggrin.gif
19:05:20 Angelica: me too i think
19:05:33 USAMAN: I need to go to........
19:05:33 Angelica: i'm really sleepy! biggrin.gif
19:05:44 OrganisedConfusion: Goodnight all
19:05:52 USAMAN: its been fun ,...thanks for sharing your view points with me
19:06:03 Angelica: oh thank you
19:06:10 OrganisedConfusion: I'll let you know where I decide upon smile.gif
19:06:11 Angelica: it's great to talk with someone so far
19:06:11 USAMAN: n/p
19:06:13 USAMAN: Peace all
19:06:20 OrganisedConfusion: night
19:06:34 Angelica: and i surely wished to be in florida than in milano right now!!! lol
19:06:34 USAMAN: and im out in
19:06:35 USAMAN: 3
19:06:36 USAMAN: 2
19:06:37 USAMAN: 1
19:06:41 Gen: bye
19:06:42 Angelica: bye!!!
19:06:44 USAMAN: bye
19:06:54 OrganisedConfusion: bye Angelica
19:07:06 Slammer: LOL
19:07:20 Gen: damn lol
19:07:44 Gen: that was a huge talk
19:29:05 Nemanja: any body here
19:30:15 Slammer: I'm here
19:31:09 Gen: me too
19:31:19 Gen: hey!
19:31:27 Nemanja: hi guys smile.gif
19:31:41 Gen: what's up?
19:32:02 Nemanja: nothing working on my album every night for the last 4 days
19:32:17 Gen: oh cool
19:32:29 Nemanja: you
19:32:50 Gen: just playing some guitar, and chatting
19:33:04 Nemanja: where are you from man smile.gif
19:33:13 Gen: switzerland smile.gif
19:33:16 Gen: geneva
19:33:26 Nemanja: fedderer country smile.gif
19:33:27 Gen: welcome back slammer
19:33:30 Slammer: that;s why his name is Gen
19:33:31 Gen: yeah haha biggrin.gif
19:33:33 Gen: no
19:33:34 Gen: NO
19:33:43 Slammer: LOL
19:33:44 Nemanja: no what? smile.gif
19:34:00 Gen: im not called gen because i live in geneva
19:34:05 Gen: slammer is just teasing me
19:34:09 Nemanja: oh
19:34:14 Slammer: never
19:34:19 Slammer: it's the Truth
19:34:21 Gen: slammer lives in vice city anyways
19:34:22 Slammer: actually
19:34:24 Slammer: Muris said so
19:34:25 Gen: how's tony montana slam?
19:34:30 Gen: how is he going?
19:34:38 Slammer: tony?
19:35:38 Nemanja: so hov is there in geneva
19:35:55 Gen: its cool
19:36:21 Slammer: Nemanja how long have you been singin?
19:36:33 Nemanja: uf...let me think
19:36:54 Nemanja: 7,8 years mabe more
19:37:03 Nemanja: my mom is opera singer
19:37:10 Slammer: have you thought of going onto a show like american idol or som
19:37:36 Nemanja: I vas just waching it tonight on youtube
19:37:41 Slammer: LOL
19:37:43 Nemanja: pol pots
19:37:57 Nemanja: answer is no..
19:38:10 Nemanja: building my own carier...
19:38:15 Nemanja: and alone
19:38:46 Nemanja: and it woiuld not be american idol
19:38:51 Nemanja: but Serbian smile.gif
19:38:51 Slammer: LOL
19:40:10 Nemanja: is there Rock in your countries...I mean what young people listen the moust
19:40:32 Gen: everything lol
19:40:38 Gen: mostly metal
19:40:40 Gen: but rap aswell
19:40:41 Gen: lol
19:40:48 Slammer: here in US sadly it's mostly Hip HOp
19:41:09 Nemanja: everything is a gud music direction lol
19:41:44 Nemanja: rap is not bad:?
19:41:48 Nemanja: kiddding
19:41:56 Nemanja: off course damn repers
19:42:24 Nemanja: welcome bham
19:42:32 Nemanja: and welcome ser Ivan
19:42:38 bham: thank you
19:43:11 bham: yeah, it's all rap in the US. occasionally there'll be some trashy radio rock song that comes on
19:43:27 Gen: hey there ivan and bham
19:43:32 bham: sup
19:43:56 Slammer: Hello Milenkovic Ivan
19:44:17 Nemanja: rep is eating the art of music..and making it to a fast food
19:44:18 Milenkovic Ivan: Slammerbham
19:44:41 bham: there is a little bit of decent rap out there
19:44:56 bham: the guitarist in gym class heroes is decent
19:44:56 Nemanja: off course
19:45:05 Nemanja: but moust is fas food
19:45:15 bham: yeah, definitely
19:45:31 Milenkovic Ivan: hey guys
19:45:35 Milenkovic Ivan: what's up!
19:45:44 bham: not much at all
19:45:45 Nemanja: nothing talking a bout rap
19:45:49 Nemanja: you
19:46:31 Milenkovic Ivan: rap was cool in 90ties
19:46:38 Nemanja: ice vanila
19:46:41 Nemanja: smile.gif
19:46:47 Nemanja: vanila ice
19:46:50 Nemanja: sorry
19:46:56 Milenkovic Ivan: coolio, early dr. dre, da luniz
19:47:05 Milenkovic Ivan: i got 5 on it
19:47:09 Milenkovic Ivan: great songs
19:47:25 Nemanja: that thing vith mishele pheifher
19:47:32 Nemanja: is so good
19:47:35 Milenkovic Ivan: yeah that wa a world hit
19:47:44 Milenkovic Ivan: gansgtas paradise
19:47:51 bham: that stuff is so old school
19:47:54 Milenkovic Ivan: it's a cover tho
19:47:54 Nemanja: yeh that one
19:48:01 Nemanja: of what
19:48:12 bham: 2pac?
19:48:16 Nemanja: oh..
19:48:24 Nemanja: did not knowe
19:48:25 Milenkovic Ivan: i've herad the original song, sounds like sting or something, not sting but similar style
19:48:26 bham: i think, not entirely sure
19:48:30 Slammer: bham where ya from?
19:48:41 bham: minnesota, united states
19:48:48 Milenkovic Ivan: 2 pac of course
19:48:51 Slammer: Lol just like usaman
19:48:53 Milenkovic Ivan: he is great
19:48:58 bham: where are you guys from?
19:49:07 Slammer: Florida usa
19:49:09 Milenkovic Ivan: we're from serbia
19:49:15 Nemanja: Srbia Belgrad
19:49:16 Milenkovic Ivan: i mean nemanja and i
19:49:21 bham: nice.
19:49:26 Slammer: Gen is From Geneva
19:49:30 Milenkovic Ivan: Cool
19:49:31 bham: its really cold up here, man
19:49:36 Milenkovic Ivan: smile.gif
19:49:40 bham: -40F with wind chill today
19:49:49 Milenkovic Ivan: wow that's cold
19:49:58 bham: i wish i was in florida
19:50:00 Nemanja: is vlade divac known name up there
19:50:02 Slammer: LOL
19:50:12 Gen: thanks for pointing that out slammer wink.gif
19:50:15 Slammer: like 80 degrees nice and sunny today
19:50:36 Nemanja: in us I mean
19:50:36 Slammer: no prob mate wink.gif
19:50:47 Slammer: smile.gif
19:50:53 Milenkovic Ivan: so what do ya guys doing so late
19:51:00 Milenkovic Ivan: is it late there?
19:51:05 Slammer: well, it's 7:50 pm here
19:51:09 Milenkovic Ivan: smile.gif
19:51:12 bham: 6:50 pm here
19:51:24 Nemanja: here 1 51 am
19:51:25 Slammer: what time is it in GENeva?
19:51:26 Milenkovic Ivan: it's 1:51AM here
19:51:36 bham: dang yo
19:51:42 Milenkovic Ivan: i'm not late i'm early
19:51:47 Milenkovic Ivan: wink.gif
19:51:55 Gen: almost 2 am
19:51:55 bham: haha
19:51:56 Gen: lol
19:52:20 Slammer: Milenkovic Ivan
19:52:23 Milenkovic Ivan: do you know what's the difference between a violin and viola?
19:52:34 Milenkovic Ivan: who cares..they are not a guitar!
19:52:35 Slammer: did you see the Jeff Healy collab?
19:52:39 bham: tuning, IIRC
19:52:41 Nemanja: smile.gif
19:52:46 bham: viola is higher pitched, i think
19:52:51 Milenkovic Ivan: wink.gif
19:52:57 Nemanja: no it is lower
19:53:01 Milenkovic Ivan: i didn't see it
19:53:06 Milenkovic Ivan: Slammer
19:53:11 Slammer: well, it's for blues rock
19:53:17 Slammer: and the uncreator
19:53:24 Milenkovic Ivan: really? cool!
19:53:26 Slammer: needs a BT do you have any spare ones?
19:53:38 Milenkovic Ivan: i can make one sure, but tomorrow
19:53:40 Slammer: and he needs 15 ppl for a solo
19:53:43 Slammer: GREAT
19:53:46 Slammer: let him know
19:53:53 Slammer: he'll be REALLY happy
19:54:16 Milenkovic Ivan: if i don't forget sure, jsut pp me so that i don't forget it pelase
19:54:30 Milenkovic Ivan: i will forget it for sure i forget things easily
19:54:31 Slammer: pp?
19:54:41 Milenkovic Ivan: just send me a remnder what to do exactly
19:54:43 bham: do you guys use machines (IE dr. rhythm) or programs for your backing tracks?
19:54:55 Milenkovic Ivan: nope
19:54:59 Milenkovic Ivan: jsut software
19:55:02 Nemanja: me too
19:55:28 Nemanja: DAW is Nuendo 3
19:55:29 Milenkovic Ivan: too expencive machines are
19:55:42 Slammer:
19:55:48 Nemanja: I agre they are expencive
19:55:53 Slammer: angelica is gonna do the vocals
19:55:57 Slammer: smile.gif
19:56:01 Nemanja: smile.gif
19:56:15 Slammer: smile.gif
19:56:29 Gen: smile.gif
19:56:34 Slammer: smile.gif
19:56:38 Nemanja: smile.gif
19:56:41 Slammer: smile.gif
19:56:44 Nemanja: smile.gif
19:56:47 Slammer: rep is bad
19:56:51 Slammer: smile.gif
19:56:52 bham: i'm learning kyle's drum lessons on my keyboard so i'll be able to make backing tracks, because i'm too poor to afford software haha
19:56:52 Nemanja: ha ha ha
19:56:53 Milenkovic Ivan: wink.gif
19:56:54 bham: smile.gif
19:56:57 bham: ?
19:57:07 bham: angelica is a big deal, i guess
19:57:13 Slammer: smile.gif
19:57:14 Nemanja: what keyboad do y9ou have
19:57:14 bham: haha
19:57:21 bham: korg x50
19:57:41 Nemanja: howe much octavs does she havew
19:57:53 bham:
19:57:56 Slammer: 1 or somthing
19:57:58 Slammer: IDK
19:58:03 Nemanja: 1?
19:58:07 Slammer: IDK sad.gif
19:58:08 Milenkovic Ivan: that's a nice one
19:58:12 Milenkovic Ivan: great machine
19:58:21 bham: i got it for 400$ used, too
19:58:24 bham: perfect condition
19:58:26 Milenkovic Ivan: cool
19:58:31 bham: drum sounds are very realistic
19:58:32 Milenkovic Ivan: it looks sturdy
19:58:41 Milenkovic Ivan: with those handles
19:59:03 Milenkovic Ivan: that's quite a deal considering they are over 500$
19:59:14 Milenkovic Ivan: nice peace of machinery
19:59:16 Nemanja: Ivan got great mashine m audio midi controler
19:59:18 bham: yeah, it's great
19:59:26 bham: very light too, less than 10 pounds
19:59:44 bham: i need to buy a new audio interface that works with windows vista before i can start recording again
19:59:45 Nemanja: how muchi is 10 pound in kg
20:00:02 bham: about one really fat newborn baby
20:00:08 Milenkovic Ivan: smile.gif
20:00:12 Nemanja: smile.gif
20:00:16 Nemanja: vista is bad
20:00:16 Slammer: smile.gif
20:00:20 Milenkovic Ivan: nice comparison wink.gif
20:00:23 Nemanja: welcome Muris
20:00:28 Milenkovic Ivan: hey muris
20:00:29 Muris: hey guys
20:00:30 bham: muris!
20:00:37 Gen: hey there muris
20:00:39 Milenkovic Ivan: what's up man
20:00:39 Muris: what's going on?
20:00:40 Nemanja: was up
20:00:44 Milenkovic Ivan: back from gig?
20:00:55 Milenkovic Ivan: nothing we're cahitng along
20:00:56 Muris: Slamm is having another theory class? biggrin.gif
20:01:04 Nemanja: smile.gif
20:01:06 Slammer: now that you're here I am
20:01:09 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:01:11 Muris: lol
20:01:12 Gen: lol
20:01:31 Muris: how was that G chord
20:01:37 Muris: was it on 3rd fret?
20:01:37 Nemanja: Muris what is going on in Sarajevo
20:01:45 Slammer: no on 10th
20:01:45 Muris: ahh nothing much
20:01:57 Muris: actrually,show started falling again
20:02:01 Muris: it's like a storm
20:02:08 Muris: I thought winter was over
20:02:12 Muris: silly me biggrin.gif
20:02:17 bham: i hate winter
20:02:19 Milenkovic Ivan: smile.gif
20:02:21 Nemanja: tomorow snowe here
20:02:23 Milenkovic Ivan: me too
20:02:27 Nemanja: they say
20:02:38 Muris: it's that wet snow
20:02:43 Muris: heavy for driving
20:02:52 Muris: I went onto gig in summer cloth
20:02:56 Muris: came but all wet
20:02:58 Nemanja: I am just learning to drive
20:03:04 Muris: and almost had an accident
20:03:07 bham: hate playing guitar in sweatshirts and jackets
20:03:12 Muris: couldn't stop on red light
20:03:13 Milenkovic Ivan: you're crazy man smile.gif
20:03:26 Nemanja: Muris what accident
20:03:30 Muris: luckily,trafic was kind a late
20:03:34 Muris: car
20:03:36 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
20:03:38 Muris: wet road
20:03:40 Nemanja: smile.gif
20:03:42 Muris: wink.gif
20:03:52 Nemanja: ha ha
20:04:12 Muris: switch to local
20:04:19 bham: totally unrelated question guys:
20:04:22 Muris: Ivane,jesi odnio one podatke u banku?
20:04:31 Slammer: Muris can I ask something?
20:04:36 Milenkovic Ivan: cekam da dodje isplata
20:04:37 Muris: just a sec Slamm
20:04:37 bham: what do you guys do when you hit a plateau (in speed) when performing a certain lick?
20:04:40 Milenkovic Ivan: sve je ok sa podacima
20:04:44 Muris: aha ok
20:04:55 Milenkovic Ivan: ne brini jos para dana bice sve ok
20:04:56 Muris: to sa Iban i Swift su malo zakomplikovali
20:04:57 bham: the paul gilbert lick is kicking my ass
20:05:20 Milenkovic Ivan: nemaju bazu za BiH tako da im treba samo IBAN da te pronadju nista vise
20:05:31 Muris: super,onda ce ici lako
20:05:36 Nemanja: ko je IBAN
20:05:39 Muris: lol
20:05:40 Milenkovic Ivan: cim sredim saljem pp
20:05:45 Nemanja: valjda IVAN
20:05:46 Milenkovic Ivan: smile.gif
20:05:50 Nemanja: smile.gif
20:05:53 Muris: dobra wink.gif
20:05:55 Muris: eee
20:05:58 Milenkovic Ivan: IBAH
20:06:03 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
20:06:04 Nemanja: smile.gif
20:06:06 Muris: znate kako se zvala krava od Nikole Tesle?
20:06:11 Nemanja: ne
20:06:14 Muris: zarulja
20:06:15 Muris: lol
20:06:18 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
20:06:25 Nemanja: lol
20:06:25 Gen: lol so funny
20:06:33 Nemanja: sorry guys
20:06:39 Muris: we're done
20:06:43 Milenkovic Ivan: ok wink.gif
20:06:44 Muris: so Slamm,go ahead
20:06:45 Gen: jk lol
20:06:57 Slammer: I forgot what it was 8)
20:06:59 Milenkovic Ivan: paul gilbert?
20:07:16 Slammer: oh well nvm
20:07:28 Muris: he's mad now
20:07:28 Milenkovic Ivan: what do you guys do when you hit a plateau (in speed) when performing a certain lick?
20:07:35 Muris: cause we used local language
20:07:35 bham: yeah
20:07:38 Milenkovic Ivan: i wait for tomorrow and practice again
20:07:39 Muris: I know Slamm
20:07:40 bham: who's mad?
20:07:46 Slammer: LOL
20:07:48 Muris: wink.gif
20:07:51 Slammer: Slamm
20:07:55 Slammer: LOL
20:08:06 bham: sweet
20:08:07 Slammer: My name is slammer!
20:08:10 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:08:14 Milenkovic Ivan: slammer by hammer
20:08:17 Muris: I cannot use short one?
20:08:18 Slammer: YES!
20:08:22 Slammer: wait
20:08:24 Slammer: no
20:08:27 Slammer: sad.gif
20:08:27 Milenkovic Ivan: Slamm Bamm!
20:08:28 Muris: ohhh
20:08:35 Gen: slamber
20:08:38 Slammer: sad.gif
20:08:49 Slammer: :?
20:08:50 Muris: Slammy biggrin.gif
20:08:55 Slammer: :|
20:08:56 Gen: shaggy
20:08:58 Milenkovic Ivan: Slammington
20:09:02 Slammer: :{
20:09:04 Nemanja: any body seen Michael Clayton
20:09:08 Gen: frank
20:09:13 Muris: lucky you,many nicks
20:09:14 Milenkovic Ivan: who?
20:09:22 Muris: I don't have a single one
20:09:23 Muris: lol
20:09:29 Milenkovic Ivan: who's michael clayton
20:09:30 Slammer: Gen is name that because he's from Geneva, right Muris?
20:09:30 Nemanja: the muvie...:0
20:09:41 Gen: LOL DAMN
20:09:42 Nemanja: o my
20:09:43 Muris: yeah,guess so
20:09:52 Slammer: see I told you
20:09:57 Nemanja: gret film
20:10:03 Gen: well i think i know better, ok slam? lol
20:10:18 Slammer: wink.gif
20:10:54 Muris: sranje..
20:10:58 Milenkovic Ivan: ?
20:11:01 Nemanja: nije
20:11:05 Muris: imam bobuljicu velicine klikera na prsima
20:11:07 Nemanja: nemoj tako smile.gif
20:11:11 Muris: majke mi
20:11:16 Slammer: A Dorian is the Relative Dorian of E Aeolian
20:11:16 Gen: jdj fjkhenfejif uidheie fjhfheifudheif fed?
20:11:17 Slammer: right
20:11:17 Muris: nemam pojma sta je ovo
20:11:22 Muris: ako je bobuljica uopste
20:11:26 Nemanja: malo aspirina u vodu i namazi na nju
20:11:27 Muris: boli ko sam djavo
20:11:37 Slammer: Hola, Vamos a la playa
20:11:40 Gen: LMAO
20:11:41 Nemanja: si
20:11:59 Milenkovic Ivan: proci ce mozda je potkozna
20:12:00 Slammer: Mi Llamo Alberto
20:12:14 Nemanja: znam mozda od brijanja
20:12:23 Muris: na prsima biggrin.gif
20:12:26 Milenkovic Ivan: lol
20:12:27 Slammer: damn can;t beat that sad.gif ^^
20:12:29 Nemanja: ha ha ha
20:12:40 Muris: oogrooomno
20:12:44 Milenkovic Ivan: mora da se bude lepo za snimanje a?
20:12:45 Muris: mozda je dlaka
20:12:52 Nemanja: urasla
20:12:56 Slammer: oye como va
20:12:59 Muris: aha
20:13:02 Muris: odoh provjeriti
20:13:03 Nemanja: te amo
20:13:06 Slammer: LOL
20:13:06 bham: A Dorian is relative to E Aeolian.
20:13:07 Muris: ako se nevratim brzo
20:13:11 Muris: you'll knwo what to do
20:13:12 Muris: lol
20:13:16 bham: 1 sharp
20:13:32 Nemanja: muchaco smile.gif
20:13:35 Slammer: Yo soy un Jugador
20:13:42 Milenkovic Ivan: A dorian?
20:13:53 Milenkovic Ivan: is realtive to E Aeolian?
20:14:07 Milenkovic Ivan: what does that mean? is it a question?
20:14:07 Nemanja: Aeolian je mol?
20:14:25 Milenkovic Ivan: Aeolina je eolski modus
20:14:39 Milenkovic Ivan: nautar minor
20:14:42 Slammer: Para Bailar La Bamba
20:14:43 Milenkovic Ivan: natural minot
20:14:43 bham: yeah, it was a question i think
20:14:47 Milenkovic Ivan: minor
20:14:53 bham: he was asking if A Dorian was relative to E minor-
20:14:57 Nemanja: understand
20:15:03 bham: they have the same number of sharps, so they are relative.
20:15:04 Milenkovic Ivan: relative?
20:15:06 bham: (1 sharp)
20:15:23 Milenkovic Ivan: of course
20:15:27 Slammer: Well they have the same notes right?
20:15:30 Milenkovic Ivan: Gmajor key
20:15:31 bham: yes.
20:15:34 Slammer: from the G major Scale
20:15:41 Milenkovic Ivan: G a b c d e f#
20:15:47 Nemanja: a minor is relative to Cmajor
20:15:51 Nemanja: >
20:15:52 Nemanja: ?
20:15:54 bham: yes
20:16:00 Milenkovic Ivan: they all have the same notes
20:16:01 bham: no sharps or flats, so they are relative.
20:16:02 Slammer: so could I play A dorian over a Em Progression
20:16:06 bham: absolutely
20:16:09 Milenkovic Ivan: sure
20:16:25 Slammer: and G mixolydian over a C Major
20:16:31 Milenkovic Ivan: you can play a lot of things on top of that
20:16:34 Milenkovic Ivan: depending on the music
20:16:37 bham: could also play F# phrygian
20:16:43 bham: woops
20:16:44 bham: i mean
20:16:49 bham: F# locrian
20:16:50 Milenkovic Ivan: locrian?
20:16:51 bham: G major
20:16:53 Milenkovic Ivan: yes wink.gif
20:16:54 Muris: that's not point of modes guys
20:16:58 Muris: imho
20:17:08 Muris: if you have progression in Em
20:17:14 bham: play in Em
20:17:15 Muris: then you play E Aeolian
20:17:26 Muris: you can call it A dorian if you wish
20:17:29 bham: the notes are the same though, and i think that was his question
20:17:32 Muris: but that's not A dorian
20:17:41 Muris: notes ARE the same,that's right smile.gif
20:17:43 Gerald: Hi all smile.gif
20:17:47 Nemanja: welcome Gerald
20:17:53 Nemanja: and Jamesito
20:18:00 Muris: hello folks
20:18:00 Slammer: Well, A Dorian is one of the Positions of the E Aeolian
20:18:02 Slammer: I think
20:18:04 Jamesito: omg there are people in here lol
20:18:08 Milenkovic Ivan: yes
20:18:09 Gerald: Hi Muris!
20:18:13 Jamesito: hey guys!!!
20:18:22 Muris: mode isn't positio Slamm,mode is mode
20:18:29 Gerald: <-- just took the plunge and purchased 3 month video membership. : )
20:18:31 Milenkovic Ivan: you can play a run involving dorian scale over a Aminor chord in Em progression for example
20:18:37 Slammer: Slamm is Slammer
20:18:39 Milenkovic Ivan: but mode is a scale
20:18:40 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:18:46 Jamesito: lol
20:18:48 Nemanja: what is the actual diference betwen a mode and a scale
20:19:03 Gerald: a mode is a variant of a scale?
20:19:06 Milenkovic Ivan: it is not commonly used form note to note,
20:19:15 bham: a mode is a scale contained in another scale
20:19:16 Milenkovic Ivan: in the solo
20:19:17 Muris: I would explain it that way
20:19:34 Muris: per example,in key of Em,chords are Em,C and D
20:19:53 Muris: would you say you play C lydian over C,and D mixo over D?
20:20:03 Muris: I wouldn't smile.gif
20:20:08 Milenkovic Ivan: i would stick to mixolydian smile.gif
20:20:15 Slammer: LOL
20:20:15 Jamesito: slammer do you live in miami dude?
20:20:18 Slammer: Yes
20:20:18 Milenkovic Ivan: kidding wink.gif
20:20:32 Muris: it's all E natural minor right?
20:20:33 Jamesito: is there a guitar center near the airport?
20:20:38 Tuubsu: hello everyone!
20:20:42 Milenkovic Ivan: hi man
20:20:43 Slammer: not really
20:20:45 Jamesito: hey tuubsu
20:20:46 Slammer: But
20:20:46 Muris: some guys try to locate mode over each chord in progression
20:20:50 bham: It all depends on the tonic chord
20:20:51 Nemanja: oki..muris understud
20:20:54 Slammer: There is a Sam Ash close
20:20:57 Muris: no point for doing that
20:20:58 Jamesito: ahhh
20:21:02 Slammer: At the Dolphin Mall
20:21:18 Slammer: about 5-10 miles away
20:21:22 Slammer: from the Airpot
20:21:27 Gerald: would you all say playing music by ear > than playing with the knowledge of theory? Isn't the ear the end all be all - if it sounds good it is good?
20:21:30 Slammer: Pretty much the Same
20:21:35 Jamesito: bascially i have a connection to Ecuador and I have to spend a night in Miami and I thought it would be a good oportunity to buy a ibanez s series lol
20:21:36 Slammer: I mean
20:21:41 bham: why not both theory and ear?
20:21:41 Muris: sure
20:21:49 bham: you need both to succeed
20:21:56 Muris: theory is just the way to explain what are you play
20:21:57 bham: you need an ear to tell the key of a song
20:21:58 Slammer: you should James
20:21:58 Gerald: well many greats haven't had as much theory
20:21:59 Muris: nothing else
20:22:05 Jamesito: yeah it´s a great guitar
20:22:07 Gerald: music came before theory
20:22:10 Nemanja: I agree
20:22:13 Muris: absolutely
20:22:19 Slammer: are you gonna stay at a Hotel?
20:22:22 Jamesito: yeah
20:22:24 Muris: theory gaves names etc
20:22:27 Muris: explanations
20:22:29 Muris: not rules
20:22:30 Slammer: You could proably take a Bus
20:22:35 Slammer: to the Dolphin Mall
20:22:39 Jamesito: yeah that´s waht im thinking
20:22:42 Nemanja: ruels mak it complicated
20:22:44 Slammer: because Most buses go there
20:22:46 Jamesito: how much would a taxi be roughly
20:22:49 Tuubsu: Ear is what tells you what sounds good
20:22:50 Gerald: i feel that theory was created to explain and literally put a "theory" on what the master composers did with their creations
20:22:55 Slammer: Depends on where you're at
20:22:56 Muris: a bus to D mixo?
20:23:00 Muris: lol
20:23:03 Jamesito: its like 1 mile form the airport
20:23:10 Slammer: Taxi's can be pretty Expensive
20:23:11 Jamesito: lol muris
20:23:12 bham: i dont there's a reason not to learn music theory, though
20:23:25 Milenkovic Ivan: it is important thing to know
20:23:27 Jamesito: yeah, i know
20:23:29 Gerald: Muris - are you a fan of SRV? I know you have a lesson inspired by him
20:23:31 bham: it's expanded my songwriting abilities tenfold
20:23:37 Gerald: bham - I totally agree 100 percent
20:23:40 Milenkovic Ivan: of course
20:23:40 Muris: of course,who isn't biggrin.gif
20:23:44 swingline: Without it im list
20:23:49 Jamesito: but that´s cool i will ask the hotel where to get the bus, hang on a second how much is the bus in the states
20:23:57 Slammer: LOL
20:23:59 Slammer: well
20:24:04 Tuubsu: OFcourse theres reasons to konow theory but I thonk its ears that make the final judgement
20:24:15 Slammer: in miami the Miami Buses are 1.50 each
20:24:20 Jamesito: ok
20:24:26 Muris: absolutely,ear is final judge,no doubt there
20:24:27 Jamesito: that beats engñland anyway lol
20:24:31 Milenkovic Ivan: well you can practice ears to the point where you imagine notes in your head
20:24:31 Slammer: LOL
20:24:33 swingline: Ive only been on a school bus
20:24:37 Slammer: LOL
20:24:38 Milenkovic Ivan: just like htey are on the fretboard
20:24:39 Jamesito: lol
20:24:49 Jamesito: i think im too big to get on a school bus
20:24:55 Gerald: Ivan - doesn't BB King do something along those lines when he plays?
20:25:01 Milenkovic Ivan: yes he does
20:25:10 Nemanja: Muris sta koristis od bubnjeva za lekcije...
20:25:13 Tuubsu: And Marty friedman also
20:25:15 bham: Tuubsu - i think they're unrelated. music theory is just a tool that we use to make music sound good (or bad) to our ears
20:25:16 Milenkovic Ivan: you can feel that he is playing from his head straight on
20:25:23 Muris: Addictive Drums najcesce
20:25:41 Nemanja: start up?
20:25:45 Jamesito: but that´s cool, i arrive about 2 pm in miami so hotel, shower go and buy a guitar
20:25:45 Gerald: bham - one thing about theory tho is if you look at the blues it's all wrong
20:25:54 Gerald: but the blues sound good smile.gif
20:25:56 Jamesito: afterwards rock out the hotel wooooooooo
20:25:57 Muris: ne,napravio sam neke presete
20:26:03 Milenkovic Ivan: he has a great soul too, that's why his solos sound good
20:26:08 Gerald: yeah bb king does
20:26:15 Milenkovic Ivan: his one note says it all man
20:26:20 Tuubsu: I see what your saying bham
20:26:26 Gerald: I've been on a blues kick lately and I'm going to start on your bb king lesson
20:26:34 Milenkovic Ivan: i've done one more
20:26:36 Nemanja: jesi probao BFD
20:26:37 swingline: How old is bb king
20:26:39 Milenkovic Ivan: albert king lesson wink.gif
20:26:42 Gerald: nice!
20:26:46 Muris: jesam,previse mi je sirov
20:26:47 Gerald: any SRV lessons?
20:26:49 JVM: wow
20:26:52 Muris: nema internih efxs
20:26:55 Slammer: JVM
20:26:55 Milenkovic Ivan: his too old now, don't know if he can play
20:26:56 bham: Gerald - what about the blues is wrong?
20:26:58 Muris: sve moras extra dodavati
20:26:59 Tuubsu: isn't bb king almost 100
20:27:06 Gerald: SRV is one of my personal favs - the you tube of albert and srv playing is awesome
20:27:11 Nemanja: treba jak komp za njega
20:27:15 Milenkovic Ivan: albert and srv are great
20:27:17 Tuubsu: years old?
20:27:23 Muris: nije do kompa meni bio problem
20:27:27 Milenkovic Ivan: srv picked up a lot from him
20:27:30 Muris: soundom je presirov
20:27:34 Muris: za moj ukus
20:27:36 JVM: slammer
20:27:36 Gerald: bham - blues goes against music thoery and how music is supposed to be composed - if you played the blues to the old masters like Bach they would probably hate it
20:27:45 Milenkovic Ivan: he plays a gibosn flying V, left handed upside down string layot
20:27:49 Gerald: i know!
20:27:52 Gerald: i read that on wiki
20:28:02 Nemanja: aza album ..koji je super poslusao sa mojo oro na youtube sta si koristio
20:28:03 Gerald: im really surpised he played a V
20:28:07 Tuubsu: Omg! this chat lags!
20:28:15 Milenkovic Ivan: his a real character albert
20:28:16 Slammer: Pacmanproductionsreborn!
20:28:23 Muris: to je...mislim Artist Drums,nisam 100% siguran
20:28:26 swingline: Its the end of the world as we now it
20:28:36 Nemanja: sam si kucao
20:28:40 Muris: aha
20:28:45 Milenkovic Ivan: blues is the best, the basis of all music
20:28:50 Nemanja: super je ispalo
20:28:50 JVM: +1
20:28:52 Gerald: bham - also to clarify im not saying leaning music theory is bad - im just saying that I think the ear vs music theory - the ear wins but knowing theory is very important
20:28:55 Muris: hvala smile.gif
20:28:56 swingline: Whats Artist Drums
20:29:00 Nemanja: smile.gif_
20:29:06 bham: Gerald - they would probably not like it, but that doesn't have any bearing on theory. how "music is supposed to be composed" is all relative-
20:29:08 Milenkovic Ivan: very universal, like newton theory in physics
20:29:09 Muris: sad idemo sve zivo,bubanj,bass ,keys,sve
20:29:17 Nemanja: imaqs li muzicare
20:29:21 Tuubsu: I agree with you Gerald
20:29:25 bham: also gotta remember certain things were unacceptable to write in music back in those days
20:29:25 Nemanja: dobre naravno
20:29:26 Muris: imam,sve sredjeno
20:29:28 bham: flatted fifth, etc
20:29:33 Nemanja: kad ulazis i gde
20:29:36 Muris: bubnjar je jedan,ostalih imam vise
20:29:44 Muris: basista,klavijaturista...
20:29:45 Gerald: ivan - true true - im trying to really focus on blues to help with my playing to lay a foundation for other music styles
20:29:54 Nemanja: koji studio
20:30:01 Milenkovic Ivan: many jazz players started of blues
20:30:04 Muris: Almanah,ovdje u Sa
20:30:07 Muris: SSL wink.gif
20:30:10 swingline: I must say I hated theory to start but now its my Crack.
20:30:11 Milenkovic Ivan: they built on that
20:30:13 Nemanja: koji sto imaju
20:30:17 bham: many rock and metal players started with blues too
20:30:22 bham: theory is sweet
20:30:26 Milenkovic Ivan: blues is actually not so simple as people tend to thiink
20:30:26 JVM: what makes bach and other classical composers the judges of what is right and wrong to compose?
20:30:34 JVM: what about all the other styles of eastern music for example
20:30:36 Gerald: bham true - but blues is accepted knowadays because our "ear" as a society accepts it because it does sound good - irregardless of it being composed correctly according to music theoritical standards of the elder masters
20:30:37 swingline: Kirk hammett
20:30:39 Milenkovic Ivan: behind it is a whole lotta of theory
20:30:44 Muris: mixer kosta 500.000 eura
20:30:48 Muris: sta dalje reci
20:30:51 bham: It wasn't bach- it was the king and pope that decided what could be written and what couldn't.
20:30:58 Nemanja: ih...pola miliona..auuu
20:31:04 Muris: covjek ima top opremu
20:31:07 Muris: prejak
20:31:08 Tuubsu: or the emperor
20:31:10 Nemanja: neznas kako se zove
20:31:12 bham: word
20:31:14 Muris: cuo si za Josipa Pejakovica?
20:31:18 Nemanja: da
20:31:23 Muris: to mu je sin
20:31:26 Muris: Dejan Pejakovic
20:31:41 Nemanja: ih..cuo sam za njega na Rumskom forumu
20:31:54 Nemanja: ako znas koji je to forum
20:32:06 Muris: znam,bio sam par puta,ne previse
20:32:16 Gerald: ivan - would you say there is a theory per se behind blues guitar - like the call and answer phrasing
20:32:17 Nemanja: haha..ima ih raznih tamo
20:32:21 Muris: ma da
20:32:24 Muris: dangube
20:32:28 Nemanja: svi
20:32:32 Muris: zato i nisam puno na forumima wink.gif
20:32:41 Milenkovic Ivan: i think there is
20:32:42 Gerald: you start or end on certain notes withing the blues scale(s) to provide the feeling of blues guitar phrase etc?
20:32:45 bham: pentatonics, added flat fifth, out-of-key bends
20:32:51 Milenkovic Ivan: yes
20:32:54 Nemanja: srcno sa albumom stari smile.gif
20:33:01 Muris: hvala smile.gif
20:33:10 swingline: I think there is alot of theory behind blues just not quite as much as other genres
20:33:11 bham: 1-4-5
20:33:15 Muris: odoh sad u krevet,ko pas sam umoran
20:33:19 Gerald: yeah a lot of 1-4-5
20:33:22 bham: 12 bars, baby
20:33:22 Nemanja: laku noc:)
20:33:25 Muris: guys,see ya latter,bed time
20:33:26 Milenkovic Ivan: poz murise
20:33:29 Gerald: im working on 12 bars now
20:33:32 Muris: thanks smile.gif
20:33:34 Muris: bye
20:33:34 bham: later muris
20:33:37 Gerald: mostly in the key of E
20:33:48 Milenkovic Ivan: 12 bar is great
20:33:49 Nemanja: welcome the ucreator
20:33:50 Gerald: what would you say is the main keys of blues music?
20:33:52 The Uncreator: Wow that chat is packed
20:33:53 Milenkovic Ivan: I IV V
20:33:57 The Uncreator: Sweet
20:33:58 JVM: i know
20:34:00 Tuubsu: HI the uncreator
20:34:01 bham: dorian, aeolian
20:34:04 Milenkovic Ivan: and then you have some mixing of the pentatonics
20:34:08 JVM: i just got here a few minutes ago it suprised me
20:34:18 Milenkovic Ivan: you can do a whoel lotta impro on those prgoreassion
20:34:20 bham: mixolydian
20:34:27 Milenkovic Ivan: yes
20:34:43 Milenkovic Ivan: mixing dorian, minor and mixolydian progressions
20:34:48 Gerald: when you start learning/playing the blues what do you think is the starting point one should begin with?
20:34:54 Slammer: Hey Milenkovic Ivan
20:34:56 bham: pentatonic minor
20:34:57 Milenkovic Ivan: well, some licks
20:35:00 bham: learn all the positions of it
20:35:01 Milenkovic Ivan: hey
20:35:11 Gerald: bham - that's exactly what I'm workign on currently
20:35:13 bham: learn where the root and the fifth are in every box
20:35:16 Slammer: the Uncreator was making that Collab remember?
20:35:25 bham: kris' pentatonic lessons helped me tremondously
20:35:26 The Uncreator: Aye, that i was
20:35:32 Milenkovic Ivan: knowing your pentatonics and minor blues scale is a must
20:35:37 Slammer: LOL
20:35:39 Gerald: yeah those lessons are cool - im also working some of gabriel's blues lessons
20:35:53 swingline: All of Kris's lessons helped a ton for me
20:35:55 Tuubsu: The uncreator, would you be a sport and if I upload some lyrics tomorrow, maybe you can give me a little help.
20:36:07 The Uncreator: Yeah no problem
20:36:10 The Uncreator: Glad to
20:36:15 Jamesito: a sport lol
20:36:19 Tuubsu: great
20:36:22 Milenkovic Ivan: hey uncreator
20:36:23 Jamesito: the queens english there
20:36:25 The Uncreator: Yeah?
20:36:31 Milenkovic Ivan: can i participate>
20:36:37 Jamesito: hehe good job tuubsu
20:36:38 The Uncreator: Hahah, yeah!
20:36:44 Milenkovic Ivan: great
20:36:46 The Uncreator: That would be awesome
20:36:48 The Uncreator: I would love it
20:36:53 Tuubsu: comon its wasnt that fanny jamesito
20:36:56 Jamesito: havent heard that in ages, dosent go down to well in yorkshire lol
20:36:56 Milenkovic Ivan: do you need a backing or something?
20:37:02 Milenkovic Ivan: somebody mentioned it
20:37:05 The Uncreator: Yeah, Backing track would help a bunch
20:37:08 Slammer: I wonder who...
20:37:12 The Uncreator: I nice bluesy one
20:37:29 Milenkovic Ivan: like a blues progression or maybe something rock&blues?
20:37:31 Gerald: I practice to ivan's backing track for that blues collab
20:37:38 Gerald: a while ago
20:37:43 Jamesito: Tuubsu, it is common yes but only the upper class say it lol jeje
20:37:45 The Uncreator: Rock and blues would be great, cause Jeff has some awesome rock licks in him
20:37:58 Tuubsu: Jamesito, I love those good ol words
20:38:00 Milenkovic Ivan: ok i'll try to record something tomorrow
20:38:02 Slammer: with enough space for a Vocal smile.gif
20:38:03 Jamesito: hahahahahhaa
20:38:04 Slammer: LOL
20:38:06 Jamesito: damm right!
20:38:07 The Uncreator: Thanks Many !
20:38:15 Milenkovic Ivan: no problem glad to help
20:38:19 The Uncreator: Big weight off my shoulders, Thanks smile.gif
20:38:21 PacmanProductions Reborn: theres so much going on that i cant even enter the conversation....
20:38:25 Jamesito: how´s your weight training going tuubsu?
20:38:27 The Uncreator: lol
20:38:28 Slammer: PacmanProductions Reborn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20:38:31 Gerald: hi packman smile.gif
20:38:36 Gerald: err pacman*
20:38:36 bham: tuubsu is weight training?
20:38:37 Milenkovic Ivan: i must go now to sleep see ya guys!
20:38:37 Slammer: It's been a lonnnng time!
20:38:40 PacmanProductions Reborn: Hola... lol
20:38:44 The Uncreator: Cya Ivan!!
20:38:45 Gerald: cya ivan
20:38:46 Jamesito: hola
20:38:50 Tuubsu: yeah, just fine going to the gym tomorrow
20:38:53 The Uncreator: Auf Widersehn!!
20:38:56 Nemanja: by Ivan I am going guys
20:38:56 Jamesito: cool dude
20:38:59 The Uncreator: Spelling
20:39:02 Jamesito: Chau ivan
20:39:05 Slammer: You've gotta send him like 3 pm's to remind
20:39:09 Slammer: LOL
20:39:11 PacmanProductions Reborn: lol
20:39:12 Jamesito: lol
20:39:12 The Uncreator: I shall lol
20:39:29 Tuubsu: Chest, tricepsm shoulders
20:39:30 The Uncreator: Thanks Slammer, for talking to him about it
20:39:31 bham: i'm an athletic trainer during the day
20:39:33 Slammer: NP
20:39:36 Jamesito: good call
20:39:44 bham: good stuff
20:39:49 The Uncreator: Alright well i gotta go for a bit, Cya you all around GMC!!
20:39:52 Jamesito: i have just done 2 days, Shoulders then bicepts and triceps
20:39:53 bham: peace
20:39:53 The Uncreator: Later guys!!
20:39:57 Jamesito: CYA
20:39:57 Slammer: ok man cya
20:40:05 Jamesito: chau hermano!
20:40:05 PacmanProductions Reborn: ok cya! btw, are you getting on xbox live?
20:40:11 bham: do you work your core or legs at all?
20:40:13 PacmanProductions Reborn: well nvm then
20:40:16 PacmanProductions Reborn: lol
20:40:23 Slammer: Oye Como Va
20:40:26 Tuubsu: OFCOURSe!
20:40:27 Jamesito: jajaj
20:40:32 bham: sweet
20:40:35 Jamesito: me va bien gracias a dios
20:40:38 Jamesito: lol
20:40:41 Slammer: Jamesito let's talk in spanish
20:40:44 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:40:45 Jamesito: orale!
20:40:47 Tuubsu: Deadlift is a king excersice
20:40:51 Slammer: Como estas?
20:40:51 PacmanProductions Reborn: i guess ima go too
20:40:52 Jamesito: yeap
20:40:59 PacmanProductions Reborn: cya
20:40:59 Jamesito: muy bien
20:41:00 bham: yeah, deadlifting is sweet
20:41:02 Jamesito: y tu
20:41:06 Jamesito: cya dude
20:41:07 Slammer: PP y?
20:41:07 bham: i just started getting into them
20:41:10 Tuubsu: cya
20:41:13 bham: i was a squat man for a long time
20:41:15 PacmanProductions Reborn: XBOX LIVE
20:41:18 PacmanProductions Reborn: lol
20:41:19 Jamesito: Deadlifting is really good for all the body
20:41:30 bham: yeah, definitely
20:41:31 Jamesito: pp?lol
20:41:44 Tuubsu: very kinda "whole body " excersice
20:41:49 Jamesito: yep
20:41:51 Gen: Hey there people
20:41:51 Slammer: Mi llamo Alberto
20:41:58 PacmanProductions Reborn: PacmanProductions
20:42:00 bham: sup gen
20:42:08 Jamesito: good the the hammstrings, gluts, lats, lower back, traps
20:42:09 Gen: not much
20:42:09 PacmanProductions Reborn: so they call me PP
20:42:15 Jamesito: me llamo james
20:42:15 PacmanProductions Reborn: cya ppl
20:42:15 Tuubsu: if you could do only one I would do deadlift
20:42:20 Jamesito: musto gusto alberto
20:42:24 Jamesito: cual es tu apellido?
20:42:26 [Action] PacmanProductions Reborn: has left the building
20:42:26 Slammer: donde esta la playa?
20:42:27 Gen: paulo gilberto
20:42:33 Slammer: LOL
20:42:35 Jamesito: la playa está en miami!!
20:42:39 Slammer: Pablo Gilberto*
20:42:40 Jamesito: lol
20:42:48 Jamesito: jaja
20:42:49 Gen: tony montana
20:42:52 Jamesito: lol
20:42:53 Gen: slamerrito
20:42:57 Jamesito: say hello to myu little friend
20:43:00 Slammer: Gensita
20:43:02 Gen: muchacho
20:43:06 Jamesito: slammerito chavez 5th lol
20:43:09 Gen: moustakito
20:43:14 Slammer: Roberto
20:43:15 Gen: LA BAMBA
20:43:18 Slammer: LOL
20:43:22 Jamesito: hay arriba arriba
20:43:24 Gen: lol
20:43:24 Jamesito: lol
20:43:29 Slammer: Por ti se re
20:43:33 Jamesito: lol
20:43:40 Slammer: Rip dime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20:43:42 Slammer: Rip dime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20:43:43 Tuubsu: Andele andle, what does it mean?
20:43:43 Slammer: Rip dime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20:43:43 Slammer: Rip dime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20:43:43 Slammer: Rip dime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20:43:44 Slammer: Rip dime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20:43:44 Slammer: Rip dime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20:43:44 Slammer: Rip dime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20:43:44 Slammer: Rip dime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20:43:44 Slammer: Rip dime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20:43:45 Slammer: Rip dime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20:43:49 Slammer: Hi!
20:43:52 Jamesito: its like get to it
20:43:54 Jamesito: hurry up
20:43:56 RIP Dime: YO
20:44:02 Tuubsu: ok
20:44:05 Jamesito: hahaha
20:44:06 Gen: rip dime
20:44:18 Jamesito: have you triend good mornings tuubsu¡?
20:44:35 Gen: not good farting in the chat room dime wink.gif
20:44:39 Gen: lol
20:44:44 RIP Dime: lol
20:44:56 Slammer: Yo Quiero Ser
20:44:56 RIP Dime: That was a while ago lol
20:45:01 Gen: i know
20:45:02 Tuubsu: umm, I have tried but never got comftorble enough for it
20:45:04 Gen: i know everything ohmy.gif
20:45:12 Jamesito: que quieres ser alberto lol??
20:45:20 Slammer: porque?
20:45:23 Jamesito: its hard man
20:45:24 Gen: caramba
20:45:28 Jamesito: lol
20:45:34 Jamesito: porque si!!
20:45:36 Slammer: why do you call me Alberto?
20:45:36 Jamesito: lol
20:45:43 Jamesito: lol
20:45:44 RIP Dime: So, how's everyone's day going?
20:45:48 Jamesito: that´s ur spanish name
20:45:57 Jamesito: alberto slammerito Jr
20:45:58 Jamesito: lol
20:45:59 Slammer: that was just a Phrase I learn in Spanish Class
20:46:06 Slammer: Mi llamo Alberto
20:46:11 Gen: LOL
20:46:15 Jamesito: it´s Me llamo ""
20:46:19 Jamesito: lol
20:46:19 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:46:20 Slammer: sad.gif
20:46:27 Gen: what's my name in spanish?
20:46:27 Jamesito: gues someone failed spanish class lol
20:46:30 Gen: ricky martin!
20:46:36 Tuubsu: My spanish nick would be El TUubsu
20:46:38 Jamesito: whats ur name in english or whatwver?
20:46:39 Slammer: so thats why
20:46:41 Slammer: ...
20:46:45 Jamesito: damm right
20:46:45 Gen: she bangs
20:46:46 RIP Dime: Je suis Jeff
20:46:47 Gen: she bangs
20:46:50 Jamesito: lol
20:46:52 Gen: haha
20:46:59 Gen: you can speak french?
20:47:00 Gen: dime?
20:47:00 Jamesito: she bangeritos
20:47:04 Gen: LLOL
20:47:05 Jamesito: je parle francais
20:47:10 RIP Dime: I'm taking a class
20:47:16 Gen: oh cool lol
20:47:18 Jamesito: lol
20:47:27 Jamesito: el tuubsu haha
20:47:28 RIP Dime: I speak and understand very little
20:47:38 Slammer: Gen is Fluent in French and English
20:47:43 Tuubsu: If my name is Teemu Tuuva what would it be in spanish?
20:47:45 Slammer: and Swiss
20:47:48 Jamesito: i have just stopped using Methyl E have you heard of it?
20:47:49 RIP Dime: That's cool man
20:47:51 Gen: lol yeah, maybe in french but not in english
20:48:00 Jamesito: Teemudo Tuvvito
20:48:03 Jamesito: lol
20:48:08 Gen: taco bell
20:48:10 Jamesito: lol
20:48:12 Slammer: SIm
20:48:14 Jamesito: i hate taco bell
20:48:17 Slammer: Bm chord
20:48:18 RIP Dime: lol
20:48:19 Jamesito: pizza hut for ever!!!
20:48:22 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:48:23 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:48:26 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:48:27 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:48:31 Slammer: Papa johns FTW
20:48:34 Slammer: LOL
20:48:35 Jamesito: jeje
20:48:41 Tuubsu: lol okay... Im glad Im finnish
20:48:41 Jamesito: KFC is god!!
20:48:43 RIP Dime: Taco Bell baby
20:48:47 Slammer: Papa Johns is where I work btw*
20:48:50 Slammer: LOL
20:48:52 RIP Dime: lol
20:48:55 Gen: yeah papa john ftw
20:48:58 Jamesito: taco bell is the poor mans KFC u know it guys lol!!
20:48:59 Slammer: LOL
20:49:01 Gen: slammers pizzas are the best
20:49:07 Slammer: GEN you've never eaten there
20:49:08 RIP Dime: 7/11 ftw!!!
20:49:09 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:49:13 Gen: yes i did
20:49:17 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:49:19 Gen: remember
20:49:30 Gen: when you told me how much the tickets to miami costs
20:49:34 Gen: and then i said brb
20:49:36 Slammer: LOL
20:49:42 RIP Dime: lol
20:49:44 Gen: lol
20:49:57 Jamesito: good times...
20:49:59 Jamesito: lol
20:50:01 Gen: bad times
20:50:09 Slammer: you know I've had my shared
20:50:10 RIP Dime: Smelly times heere
20:50:16 Jamesito: lol
20:50:18 Gen: lol
20:50:24 Jamesito: only coz you noobs fart all the time lol
20:50:33 Slammer: when my women left home with a browned eyed man, ain;t nobody seemed to care
20:50:43 RIP Dime: Hey man don't make fun of my little problem!
20:50:46 Jamesito: lol
20:50:48 RIP Dime: lol
20:50:50 Slammer: *insert Crazy Jimmy Page solo*
20:50:54 Jamesito: that´s what u get from taco bell man
20:50:58 Jamesito: lol
20:51:03 Jamesito: jimmy page is sloppy man
20:51:03 RIP Dime: lol
20:51:19 RIP Dime: Wait Jimmy Page eats tacos?
20:51:23 Jamesito: yes
20:51:23 Slammer: LOL
20:51:26 Jamesito: yes he does lol
20:51:28 RIP Dime: YES
20:51:31 Slammer: his Wife is from Brazil
20:51:33 Slammer: LOL
20:51:37 Jamesito: lol
20:51:43 Slammer: so he probaly eats
20:51:44 Jamesito: i thought she was mexican
20:51:51 Slammer: arroz con Frijoles
20:51:54 Jamesito: lol
20:51:57 Jamesito: good choise
20:52:00 Slammer: Arroz con Leche
20:52:02 Jamesito: the poor mans choise
20:52:04 RIP Dime: He has a wife?
20:52:08 Jamesito: lol
20:52:10 Slammer: Arroz con Pollo
20:52:21 RIP Dime: I'm so behind
20:52:21 Jamesito: u can order this crap u see lol?
20:52:22 Gen: vamos a la discoteca
20:52:24 Slammer: Arroz cantones
20:52:32 Tuubsu: okay well, Adios amigos! I'm going
20:52:37 Gen: okay cya
20:52:38 Jamesito: vamos a la discoteca y compranos arroz con pollo en taco bell!!!
20:52:39 Slammer: NO you stay right here
20:52:43 RIP Dime: cya
20:52:44 Slammer: I've got a shotgun
20:52:45 Gen: yeah
20:52:50 Gen: lol
20:52:50 Jamesito: hes packing lol
20:52:52 Slammer: Gen has one too
20:52:58 Tuubsu: No are serious!
20:53:03 Jamesito: there only packing fudge these guys lol
20:53:09 RIP Dime: lol
20:53:12 Slammer: go or TJchep will play manhattan for you
20:53:18 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:53:35 Jamesito: Cya Tuubsu good lucj with ur training
20:53:42 Tuubsu: cya
20:53:46 Tjchep: ahh
20:53:47 Jamesito: eat loads and u can become a real man like Kris lol
20:54:07 Gen: alpha male
20:54:12 Jamesito: lol
20:54:13 RIP Dime: I don't like fudge that much
20:54:15 Slammer: Tjchep you look like a young version of David Walliman in your video
20:54:21 Tjchep: do I?
20:54:22 Gen: LLOL
20:54:22 Tjchep: haha
20:54:25 Slammer: LOL
20:54:26 Slammer: yes
20:54:33 Jamesito: why do you guys in the states have all those university ferats things
20:54:42 Slammer: Frats?
20:54:46 Jamesito: like omega 3 - 2 wolf and that stuff lol
20:54:51 Slammer: LOL
20:55:00 Tjchep: Slammer, dave's my cousin.
20:55:01 Slammer: someone failed English Class
20:55:03 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:55:05 Slammer: JK JK
20:55:06 Jamesito: lol
20:55:13 Slammer: he is?
20:55:14 Jamesito: fraternaties ?
20:55:18 Jamesito: is that rigt
20:55:20 Jamesito: lol
20:55:24 Slammer: rigt?
20:55:25 RIP Dime: yes
20:55:32 Slammer: it's Right
20:55:32 Jamesito: lol
20:55:34 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:55:45 Jamesito: yeah why do they exist?
20:55:54 Jamesito: we dont have anything like that here
20:55:58 RIP Dime: TO drink beer
20:56:00 Slammer: LOL
20:56:01 Jamesito: lol
20:56:06 Slammer: GENNIFER
20:56:12 Gen: ROBERT
20:56:12 RIP Dime: That's the best answer I can think of lol
20:56:13 Jamesito: yeah but for that i can just go out with my friends or wahtever
20:56:33 Jamesito: im thinking van weilder
20:56:35 Jamesito: lol
20:56:43 RIP Dime: Yea, but you get like a place to live with frats....I think
20:56:48 Gen: slammers father is tom selleck
20:56:51 Tjchep: Hmm, I do kinda look like him.
20:56:51 Slammer: LOL
20:56:55 RIP Dime: lol
20:56:57 Jamesito: lol
20:57:00 Slammer: Gen's father is Robin
20:57:01 Gen: he got the same moustache
20:57:02 Jamesito: dear me
20:57:05 Gen: LOL
20:57:17 g-forcelover: 8whip*
20:57:23 RIP Dime: I do like a good mustache lol
20:57:23 g-forcelover: dang
20:57:33 g-forcelover: *whip*
20:57:35 Jamesito: like magnum PI lol
20:57:44 RIP Dime: lol
20:58:08 RIP Dime: Hey is Rob Halford here?
20:58:10 Jamesito: lol i tell you what is good here in the UK, diagnosis murder is on everyday lol
20:58:14 RIP Dime: I heard a whip
20:58:17 Gen: hahaha
20:58:25 RIP Dime: lol
20:58:26 g-forcelover: *meow*
20:58:29 Slammer: *slap*
20:58:31 Gerald: is there a lot of subarus in the UK?
20:58:31 Tjchep: lol
20:58:33 Jamesito: the same bad story lines over and over again
20:58:34 Gen: *fart*
20:58:34 g-forcelover: *whip*
20:58:42 g-forcelover: wow
20:58:44 Slammer: *roundhouse kick*
20:58:45 g-forcelover: gen
20:58:49 Gen: LOLL slammer
20:58:52 RIP Dime: Someone is farting on, whipping and slapping a cat
20:58:53 Gen: how dare you
20:58:55 Gerald: slammer trying to do a chuck norris?
20:58:59 Slammer: *chuck morris*
20:59:01 Slammer: I mean
20:59:03 Gerald: lol
20:59:03 Tjchep: hahahha
20:59:04 Gen: LMFAO
20:59:04 Slammer: *norris*
20:59:05 g-forcelover: who wants to play rock paper scissors?
20:59:11 Gerald: <-- paper
20:59:17 g-forcelover: chuck norris
20:59:22 RIP Dime: lol
20:59:22 g-forcelover: ha
20:59:22 Slammer: <----Norris
20:59:23 g-forcelover: i won
20:59:28 Jamesito: *slap*
20:59:33 g-forcelover: *meow*
20:59:39 Tjchep: is it jamesito's corner?
20:59:42 Slammer: *Whip*
20:59:45 RIP Dime: *whip*
20:59:46 Gerald: chuck norris and mr t. once collided in an epic battle - the result was the 80s
20:59:47 Jamesito: lol
20:59:53 Jamesito: yes it is my corner
20:59:55 RIP Dime: lol
20:59:56 Gen: chuck muris
21:00:00 Gerald: LOL
21:00:00 Gen: *norris
21:00:02 Gen: lol
21:00:04 RIP Dime: lol
21:00:10 Jamesito: everyone whio disagerees gets their cat whipped lol
21:00:22 RIP Dime: Chuck Muris can shred and kick your ass
21:00:25 Tjchep: i dont have any sort of cat.
21:00:26 g-forcelover: chuck norris is currenly sueing myspace, for taking the of what HE calls everything around you
21:00:29 Jamesito: *whip*
21:00:34 Tjchep: ohmy.gif
21:00:39 Jamesito: lol
21:00:54 g-forcelover: i have a ton of chuck norris FACTS
21:01:01 Slammer: Gen has more
21:01:02 Jamesito: enlighten us then
21:01:03 Jamesito: lol
21:01:04 g-forcelover: takes forever to list them
21:01:05 Gen: yes
21:01:05 Gerald: hehe the chuck website is funny
21:01:13 Gerald: WWCND
21:01:13 Gen: im chuck norris's student
21:01:18 Tjchep: his workout videos - the best
21:01:24 Gerald: the total gym
21:01:27 Tjchep: mhm
21:01:29 g-forcelover: chuck norris can kill 2 stones with one bird
21:01:34 Gerald: wesley snipes is on that now
21:01:44 Slammer: TJ you're Left Handed?
21:01:45 RIP Dime: HOw does Chuck Norris find his way into everything on the net/
21:01:47 Tjchep: haha
21:01:52 Tjchep: no it was mirrored
21:01:56 Slammer: LOL
21:02:02 Tjchep: It was really bright too
21:02:05 Tjchep: so i look albino
21:02:10 g-forcelover: brb i got to go get better facts
21:02:33 Slammer: LOL
21:02:39 Gerald: what does everyone use to record on their pc? I'm trying to get my setup going so I can upload files for review etc.
21:02:55 Tjchep: I got's de tonezport.
21:03:04 Slammer: I have a PC
21:03:06 Gerald: chuck norris can play stairway to heave with one round house kick
21:03:07 Slammer: BTW
21:03:09 g-forcelover: if you have 5 dollars and chuck norris has 5 dollars, chuck has more money than you
21:03:11 Gen: lol
21:03:15 Slammer: how is the Tone port?
21:03:19 Jamesito: thats a good saying thatm has anyone actualy killed two birds with one stone?
21:03:22 Gerald: i heard the toneport is nice
21:03:23 Tjchep: jude for yourself.
21:03:26 g-forcelover: chuck norris built the stairway to heaven!
21:03:27 RIP Dime: I record with chuck norris
21:03:36 Gen: haha
21:03:36 Tjchep: I played. and gave a bad example smile.gif .
21:03:41 Tjchep: but it sounds nice I think.
21:03:42 Gerald: im going to get an audio card from a friend for the pc and use cubase but thought about using reaper
21:03:49 Slammer: pretty good tone
21:03:51 Slammer: I mean
21:04:00 Slammer: I have Line6 Products
21:04:01 Slammer: but
21:04:07 Slammer: how much does it cost?
21:04:07 Gerald: <-- line 6 amp
21:04:08 g-forcelover: oh yeah i got a good one
21:04:12 Tjchep: Its good for 100 bucks
21:04:15 Tjchep: real good
21:04:18 g-forcelover: chuck norris is the reason waldo is hiding
21:04:21 Gerald: lol
21:04:24 RIP Dime: lol
21:04:49 Gerald: what does chuck norris tell someone with two black eyes? Nothing - he alreadly told them once
21:05:03 Slammer: LOL
21:05:03 RIP Dime: lol
21:05:14 g-forcelover: contrary to popular belief, america is not a democracy, its a chucktatorship
21:05:16 Slammer: but Chuck Norris Couldn't help Huckabee win
21:05:22 Tjchep: hahaha
21:06:12 g-forcelover: there is no theory of evolution. just a list of animals chuck norris allowed to live
21:06:39 g-forcelover: each night the bogey-man checks his closet for chuck noris
21:06:46 g-forcelover: gotta go!
21:06:46 Gerald: lol
21:06:48 RIP Dime: lol
21:06:48 g-forcelover: siya
21:06:50 Slammer: LOL
21:06:50 Gerald: cya
21:06:53 RIP Dime: bye bye
21:07:06 Slammer: so did you guys listen to the Funk Collab Uploads
21:07:07 Tjchep: what to eat.
21:07:07 Tjchep: hmm
21:07:18 Slammer: there is a Vocal track
21:07:21 Gerald: slammer not yet are they good? I want to get in aon a collab asap
21:07:26 RIP Dime: no
21:07:31 Slammer: with a song called Automatic
21:07:33 Slammer: by
21:07:37 Slammer: Angelica
21:07:43 Slammer: check it out
21:08:01 RIP Dime: I shal
21:08:01 Gerald: do you all feel that learning to play covers helps with one's playing and if so how much time should you spend on learning them?
21:08:24 Tjchep: I don't know, they are fun.
21:08:33 Slammer:;#entry151149
21:08:37 RIP Dime: If you mean learning popular bands songs, that's how I learned to play guitar
21:08:46 Gerald: im learning some ac/dc stuff at the moment
21:08:58 Gen: automatic
21:09:02 Gerald: b/c while I can play guitar sometimes I don't think I Play "music' per se
21:09:16 Gerald: rip yeah popular bands like ac/dc - zep etc..etc..
21:09:48 RIP Dime: I think it's good to learn how to structure songs from them yes
21:10:18 Gerald: my thing is if someone says hey play somethign on guitar i cannot play a whole piece
21:10:23 RIP Dime: ANd there are many things you can pickup, so yes it helps alot
21:10:49 Gerald: i can jam out on something off the top of my head but not play a whole song - so now that im playing guitar again after a 12 year break im learning some covers
21:11:08 RIP Dime: I think that's good
21:11:16 Jamesito: i play more covers
21:11:24 Jamesito: because i have no creativity!
21:11:27 Jamesito: lol
21:11:29 RIP Dime: lol
21:11:46 Gerald: yeah some ac/dc stuff that uses a lot of a/d/b/e is pretty easy for me to pick up at my lvl - the solos are a different story - but currently im learning back in black and the jack
21:11:51 RIP Dime: Usually when someone asks me to play something I play something of my own
21:11:55 Tjchep: slammer where's the one she sings on?
21:12:02 Slammer: um
21:12:07 Tjchep: i checked both
21:12:08 Slammer: on the link^^
21:12:11 Gerald: rip - do you have full pieces you have written or do you just play some riffs etc?
21:12:12 Gen: lol
21:12:12 Tjchep: didnt hear any vocals..?
21:12:17 Slammer: well, I was showing because
21:12:18 Slammer: she
21:12:20 Slammer: is
21:12:22 Slammer: gonna
21:12:26 Slammer: sing on the blues collab
21:12:32 Slammer: in case you want to join
21:12:33 Jamesito: one question guys, is herman li cool? lol
21:12:35 Slammer: the Jeff Healy
21:12:37 Gen: a duet with slammer
21:12:41 Gen: that's gonna be great
21:12:42 Gerald: lol
21:12:44 Slammer: no
21:12:49 Gen: yes its gonna be
21:12:50 Slammer: she's gonna sing solo
21:12:51 Gen: why it wouldnt?
21:12:52 Gerald: he has is own ibanez now
21:12:57 Jamesito: yep
21:12:58 RIP Dime: I usually play what I got, it's usually not longer than a minuite or so
21:13:04 Jamesito:
21:13:08 Jamesito: look at that
21:13:15 Jamesito: its so funny, it kills dragonforce lol
21:13:57 Gerald: rip - my boss at work plays - been playing for like 25 plus years but its all covers not much original - no theory either just by ear
21:14:17 RIP Dime: I saw a jam vid with Satch, Friedman, and a couple other guys and Li was pretty good
21:14:27 Gerald: its cool cause we have 2 guitars in our pc lab and i jam out with him on some 12 bar blues and he shows me some cool licks and helps w/ covers etc..
21:14:57 RIP Dime: That's cool man, nothing wrong with covers
21:15:03 Gerald: has anyone seen the you tube of dragonforce doing a betcha can't play this and herman is trying to how an a minor appegio?
21:15:21 Jamesito: lol yep
21:15:34 RIP Dime: unfourtunately
21:15:37 Gerald: lol
21:15:45 Jamesito: i have been playing for 2 years so i only know power chords lol
21:15:54 Gerald: power chords own tho : )
21:16:01 Jamesito: lol
21:16:08 Tjchep: wish i could play a powerchord.
21:16:13 Jamesito: lol
21:16:21 Jamesito: look at the video i sent
21:16:23 Jamesito: lol
21:16:30 Jamesito: 3 powerchords lol
21:17:05 Jamesito: LOL OMG
21:17:09 Tjchep: i litterally almost threw up with just the intro
21:17:34 RIP Dime: That hurt my damn ears lol
21:17:37 Jamesito: lol
21:18:13 Tjchep: that guys a bit better than herman.
21:18:15 Gerald: so what is everyones guitar of choice? I play a sg classic and japanese fender strat
21:18:19 Jamesito: yeah i thyough that
21:18:41 Jamesito: I play a Epi les paul custom with EMG 81-85
21:19:19 RIP Dime: I play a Jackson Kelly pro, from like late 80's I think, manlius pickups
21:19:35 RIP Dime: And a Dean Vendetta 4F
21:19:46 Gerald: i also have an ibanez 470 dx with floyd rose
21:19:49 Jamesito: im gonna but a ibanez s series so i can be cool like herman li lolk
21:19:54 Gerald: lol jam
21:20:22 Gerald: i'd like to have a 58 spec les paul - don't quite have 6k to pony up tho : (
21:20:23 RIP Dime: IBANANAZ
21:20:23 Tjchep: aww he has an s series?!
21:20:28 Gen: lol
21:20:29 Jamesito: yeah
21:20:32 Jamesito: but a fancy one
21:20:40 Tjchep: well I gota sell myn then
21:20:40 Jamesito: its a good guitar though
21:20:46 Jamesito: lol
21:20:47 Slammer: Tjchep do you have the UX1 or US2?
21:20:50 Slammer: UX2*
21:20:52 Tjchep: ux1
21:20:58 Tjchep: ill make some more samples if you like
21:21:12 Tjchep: theres plenty out there thou
21:21:13 Tjchep: gh
21:21:18 Slammer: well, it's starting to look interesting
21:21:22 Jamesito: im gonna go into the guitar store and do some hammer ons and pull ofss like that vid lol
21:21:24 Slammer: I mean
21:21:27 Gerald: lol
21:21:31 Slammer: I really want a POD X3
21:21:38 Tjchep: mm..
21:21:43 Slammer: but, I could buy a Tone Port sooner
21:21:47 Tjchep: yeah
21:21:48 Gerald: im outie all - gd chat'n w/ u guys
21:21:51 RIP Dime: I want a yellow Ibanez, so I can say "It's my Ibananaz"
21:21:53 Tjchep: bye
21:21:57 Jamesito: cya
21:22:00 RIP Dime: cya
21:22:11 Tjchep: The x3 does have a bit better sound. I dont konw why though.
21:22:23 Tjchep: just a bit fuller, but you can get some nice tones out of the tone port.
21:22:23 Jamesito: i want a natural ash color one
21:22:46 Slammer: $500 > $100
21:22:47 Jamesito: so i can play through the fie and flames with an "enhancement" pedal and look cool
21:22:48 RIP Dime: How good are those Line 6's at higher volumes?
21:22:48 Tjchep: mm
21:22:58 Tjchep: well if you dont mind practicing near your computer.
21:23:02 Tjchep: then tone port all the way
21:23:25 Jamesito: one important question guys
21:23:39 Jamesito: i can change pickups and do guitar electronics
21:23:52 Jamesito: but when somesone says set up a guitar
21:24:06 RIP Dime: I farted
21:24:08 Jamesito: does that mean, tweaking the truss rod and that stuff, intonation or whatever
21:24:10 Tjchep: lol
21:24:12 Tjchep: yeah
21:24:20 Tjchep: and ajusting action and stuff
21:24:25 RIP Dime: Yes
21:24:32 Tjchep: adjusting*
21:24:33 Jamesito: is it hard to do?
21:24:41 Tjchep: not at all
21:24:57 RIP Dime: Adjusting action, truss rod, pickup height, floating the bridge if it's a floyd style
21:25:00 Jamesito: they should do a lesson on it here
21:25:06 RIP Dime: Totally
21:25:13 RIP Dime: YOu should suggest it
21:25:14 Jamesito: ok well i can do brige and pickups no probs
21:25:17 Jamesito: i will do
21:25:23 Slammer: it's official McCain has the Nom
21:25:25 Jamesito: i will send it to kris
21:25:54 Jamesito: who do you reakon would be the best instructor to do it?
21:26:02 Jamesito: Ivan is prettyy good at that stuff
21:26:02 RIP Dime: McCain? hmmm
21:26:30 RIP Dime: I'd say....I dunno, David?
21:26:33 Jamesito: don´t McCain make fries?
21:26:34 Jamesito: lol
21:26:39 RIP Dime: lol
21:26:52 Tjchep: jeeze there spam in skype too..
21:27:02 Slammer: yep Official, Huckabee's Dropping Out and McCain's got it
21:27:07 RIP Dime: I'd say post the suggestion, so whatever instructer wants to do it can set up
21:27:10 Slammer: so
21:27:14 Slammer: most likely
21:27:20 Slammer: McCain-Obama
21:27:26 Tjchep: Yeahm
21:27:28 RIP Dime: I agree
21:27:28 Slammer: or McCain-Clinton
21:27:34 RIP Dime: ugh
21:27:36 Tjchep: Clinton.. nah
21:27:52 Tjchep: shes psycho
21:28:11 Jamesito: i met bill clinton once
21:28:33 Slammer: "I did not have Sexual Relations with that women"
21:28:36 RIP Dime: Economy wise her husband did very well
21:28:41 Jamesito: thats what i was thinking
21:28:41 RIP Dime: lol
21:28:43 Slammer: LOL
21:28:53 Tjchep: he got it in too.
21:28:58 Slammer: ohmy.gif
21:29:01 Slammer: I
21:29:04 Tjchep: who said that?
21:29:05 Slammer: am
21:29:07 Slammer: Slammer
21:29:08 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:09 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:10 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:10 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:10 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:10 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:11 Jamesito: :? :? :?
21:29:11 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:11 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:11 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:11 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:11 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:12 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:12 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:12 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:12 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:12 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:13 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:13 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:13 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:13 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:13 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:13 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:14 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:14 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:14 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:15 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:15 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:15 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:15 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:15 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:15 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:16 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:16 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:16 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:16 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:16 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:18 Gen: lol
21:29:19 Tjchep: your impressive
21:29:19 RIP Dime: He's not the first president to do that
21:29:24 Jamesito: *whip*
21:29:26 RIP Dime: lol
21:29:28 Slammer: here we go again
21:29:29 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:30 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:30 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:30 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:31 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:31 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:31 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:31 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:31 Jamesito: lol
21:29:32 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:32 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:32 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:32 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:32 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:33 Gen: no
21:29:33 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:33 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:33 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:33 Gen: NO
21:29:33 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:34 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:34 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:34 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:34 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:35 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:35 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:35 Gen: NO
21:29:35 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:36 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:36 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:36 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:36 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:36 Slammer: biggrin.gif
21:29:36 Gen: STO
21:29:37 Jamesito: lol
21:29:38 Gen: P
21:29:38 RIP Dime: *meow* *meow* *meow*
21:29:41 Gen: OWNED
21:29:42 Tjchep: lol
21:29:46 Jamesito: *whip*
21:29:48 RIP Dime: lol
21:29:50 Gen: flood warning
21:29:50 Jamesito: re owned
21:29:52 Jamesito: lol
21:30:59 Tjchep: what happend
21:31:04 RIP Dime: dunno
21:31:06 Tjchep: it was all fun and games
21:31:29 RIP Dime: I like pickles
21:31:35 Tjchep: wow
21:31:37 Tjchep: thank you
21:31:38 Gen: i like potatoes
21:31:54 Tjchep: I'm eating a potatoe now.
21:32:03 Gen: great
21:32:05 RIP Dime: I'm starving
21:32:06 Gen: gimme some
21:32:16 Tjchep: dey very expencive
21:32:40 Gen: lol
21:32:56 Tjchep: gen dude.. how old are you?
21:33:00 RIP Dime: MORE BEER!
21:33:11 Tjchep: lol
21:33:58 Gen: im 19
21:34:05 Gen: and you?
21:34:09 RIP Dime: Cool me too
21:34:14 Tjchep: 16
21:34:21 Tjchep: I swore you were like way older.
21:34:26 Gen: lol
21:34:28 Tjchep: lol
21:34:48 Tjchep: did you ever have an avatar of an old guy or something?
21:35:08 Gen: lol where gmc?
21:35:13 Gen: avatar or profile pic?
21:35:13 Tjchep: yeah
21:35:19 Tjchep: I don't know
21:35:22 Gen: lol
21:35:23 Tjchep: either
21:35:24 Gen: ohhh
21:35:25 Gen: i had
21:35:28 Gen: an avatar
21:35:33 Gen: of larry carlton once
21:35:38 Tjchep: ahh
21:35:39 Gen: old guy yeah
21:35:41 Tjchep: mabye that was it
21:35:43 Gen: great jazz guitarist
21:35:45 Tjchep: yeah
21:35:55 Tjchep: Never heard of him back when I joined though
21:36:12 Gen: gmc does good things biggrin.gif
21:36:15 Tjchep: haha
21:36:37 Gen: well
21:36:41 Gen: slammerito left
21:36:46 Gen: and i gotta go anyways LOL
21:36:50 Gen: almost 4 am
21:36:54 Tjchep: owch.
21:37:01 RIP Dime: it's 4pm here
21:37:05 Gen: lol
21:37:08 RIP Dime: lol
21:37:08 Tjchep: 10 here.
21:37:13 Tjchep: pm*
21:37:24 Gen: well, that was a nice chat, cya later guys
21:37:27 Tjchep: But yeah, I think i'm giong to go make smy self a nice dinner
21:37:31 RIP Dime: cya
21:37:38 Tjchep: yeah, talk to you guys later.

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