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> Changing Guitar (help?)
post Jun 30 2008, 08:50 AM
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The faded LP had burstbuckers, with the 490/498 combo it should sound the same as that white one, if not better since they claim that less paint brings out the sound of the wood.

I don't think the idea of getting two guitars is a very good one, in a half year fron now you'd be thinking "why did I get the mexican strat instead of a US strat", same as with the LP special you have today.

ESP's (and LTD for that metter) are very expensive in Sweden. Check out US ebay, I know that ESP has a restriction against US companies shipping abroad and large companies like musiciansfriend will not do it. But the ebay stores will, if you ask them nicely. And you'll pay like $900-1000 for a new guitar, then add quite a bit for shipping but you're still saving quite a bit of money.

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post Jun 30 2008, 08:59 AM
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QUOTE (MickeM @ Jun 30 2008, 02:50 AM) *
The faded LP had burstbuckers, with the 490/498 combo it should sound the same as that white one, if not better since they claim that less paint brings out the sound of the wood.

I dispute that as an old wive's tale.

However agree on getting one good one over two no so good. This appeals to you because of the newness of the items. But newness wears off, and then you are not satisfied again. Human nature.

Don't know why you feel that way about your les paul. If it has a maple top, I am sure it is a regular old les paul. I have a custom shop standard and a studio. I like my Studio.

I also have a Mahogany les paul that I got at a great price ($100 less new than they go for on ebay used). Now it does not sound like a normal les paul, no maple. But I still like it. In fact, it is in my arms now as I type. Has burstbuckers, which I am growing increasingly fond of. Although the 490/498 is fine also.
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post Jun 30 2008, 09:56 AM
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I have dropped the idea of 2 guitars already thanks to the input of you guys smile.gif.

The Les Paul Special i have right now.. I dont know why, but I am not happy with it. I was happy the first month but after that there has always been something that needed fixing, intonation, pickups, right now it is the frets that are uneven which I guess happens to all guitars over time. It has over the last month or so (I had it for maybe 1.5 years) become more and more a source of irritation. The other guitarist in my band has an epiphone with EMG pickups and his guitar sounds a lot better than mine which makes me feel that maybe there *is* something wrong with mine...

So, I have pretty much decided, after all, to part with the Les Paul Special. The first idea was to buy a Gibson LP Studio or a Faded, I can afford either one, but the Faded is really the top of my budget smile.gif Having played both I liked the sound of the Studio better and the feel of the Faded better, but I didnt like the finish of the Faded much. While I was there i tried an ESP too and that one felt a lot better than both of the Gibsons at the same pricerange. Both the Gibsons felt cheaper than the ESP. I guess one way to go would be to save for another 6 months and buy a real LesPaul Standard to get the real finish on it...

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post Jul 6 2008, 01:53 AM
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QUOTE (Koopid @ May 26 2008, 07:45 AM) *
Hi, I saw a lot of topics about virtually the same problem but since I didnt wanna hijack someone elses topic I created this one smile.gif

I am a new member, couple of days only, so I might aswell say hello too.

My problem:

I own a gibson lespaul special early 2000's with EMG81 plus the original gibson pickup. I play mostly metal but I like to dabble in some blues too. I also own a PodXT Live and a Peavy Valveking 212 combo amp. Since I got the pod I never use the amp anymore.

If I sell the amp and the gibson I could afford to buy myself 2 other guitars. I was thinking a Schecter Diamon C-1 Exotic star and a cheap mexican fender stratocaster.

The question is, am I stupid changing a Gibson LesPaul for a Schecter and a Mexican Fender? Should I just keep the Gibson?

The Special version of the lespaul is a cheap Gibson, somehow it feels like if I should have a gibson it should be one of the more expensive versions. This one just feels cheap. I should get more guitar out of the money buying a guitar where I have to pay less for the brand?

Sell your pod and buy a good soundcard instead man. You'll get that 'valve' sound we're all talking about.

About the guitar. Personally I don't find a les paul very versatile, but that's all about what you're looking for. You didn't really mention why you wanted to sell it...? Cheap doesn't mean crap btw.


After reading your last post there it seems like you're psychologically sick of your guitar.
Your amp settings and effect pedals are 90% of the sound that comes out of it. Well, except for your hands, ofc, but that's not gear.

Honestly, I think you've got a nice guitar. Unless you really want a tremolo bridge, I'd stick with it.

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