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post Jun 11 2008, 05:09 PM
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Hi Muris...hope you can help me with this one...
*i want to learn some new licks because i feel i just play the same things over and over again:(....
*i would learn those licks that will tear you up when you hear them, those crazy bends ...i think you get the idea here rolleyes.gif wink.gif
*i like you phrasing alot, i love the bends and how you use those fast runs ( timing ) into one crasy bend at the end smile.gif ohmy.gif ....and i would like to know where you got you licks from, music vovalbury..and how you think when you are finishing you fast runs and what note you should bend? ..
*Where did you get you licks frome,hendrix petrucci e.t.c...Whats you favorite scale you use the most ?
*This will help me alot if you answered theese question for me Muris...i guess you are gonna say" listen to you guitar heros e.t.c and you style of music" but the answer here my friend is that i want to learn from you..becuse i like you style the most,,,and i have heard alot of styles hehe cool.gif


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post Jul 26 2008, 03:17 AM
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I'll take a shot at answering this one cause I remember starting out.
In my first year of playing, all I knew is I wanted to learn how to play lead guitar but with my own style. Having a lack of resources and access to guitar tabs before the internet existed led me to decide that the only way I was going to learn my own style and simultaneously develop my skills as a player was to start stringing notes togther. So one at a time, I built my own scales. I started with two notes and a bend. I didn't know what key they were in, nor did I care ... only that they sounded good to me. As soon as I could get those three notes to sound cool the way I wanted, I added a fourth, then a fifth etc. I discovered some of the things that make your notes more musical along the way, such as vibrato, hammer-ons, pull offs, double stops, double stops with string bends etc. and kept building "my" music vocabulary. It was a long road, like I said, about a year before I could begin to hear what other guitarists were doing on the records I used to like. The finger strength, dexterity, and stamina came along as well during that time.

Click the time warp icon to today and the resources you have for learning are insane and that's a good thing. I reccomend the path I chose in learning for one reason and that is to develop your own ear for what sounds good. Exercise extreme patience with yourself and work hard, but combine what you can learn from the lessons presented on GMC to accelerate your learning tremendously as compared to what I did to get started. Pick a lesson here that you like the sound of no matter what the level of difficulty and work on it until you can play it to your satisfaction. It doesn't matter if it's a level 1 or one of Muris's level 10 lessons, but more importantly choose something that's within reach for about a weeks worth of work. (If you can play Muris's level 10 lessons, I want your autograph, cause I will have to wait till Muris comes to my hometown to get his. smile.gif ) Work until you're satisfied with a lesson, then move on to a lesson that challenges you in new and different ways. You will accomplish your goals.

Now, I've got to go practice for awhile. See ya.


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Muris Varajic
post Jul 26 2008, 02:21 PM
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Oups,it's been a while since you posted this,sorry!!

So,basicly you're seeking for the answer you don't wanna hear. biggrin.gif
Ok,I've been expanding my music vocabulary by listening to many players.
It would be hard to list just a few of them cause
hundreds of players have influenced me.
You pick one of many famous or less famous players
and I surely learned something from him. smile.gif

But if you're just looking for my style only (tho I'm not sure if I have my own style yet)
then you should go for all my lessons at GMC
and some stuff aside,like Youtube,my album etc.
Tho I wouldn't suggest you to focus on just one player. smile.gif

About "crazy" bands, not sure if I got your point
but I guess you're seeking for some powerful
sounding bends at the ends of lick or certain run?
Well,as I tried to explain in other thread,
bend is just another way of playing certain note
or connecting 2 notes,more like smooth sliding
without hearing frets.
So all you have to do is to chose desired note
you wanna end with and then simply apply bend to reach it.
Another idea to do crazy band is to
break the strings but that is not an option I guess. biggrin.gif

Now scales.
It would be totally wrong to say my favorite scale is x or y.
Scale is base for everything,chord progression,
melodic line,soloing etc.
Whatever you play you're using certain scale and its notes.
And each of them gives us different spectrum of sounds
so it's all up to us to decide what kind of music we wanna make atm.
But lets say that most common scales in todays are
Minor,Major,Min/Maj pentatonics,Harmonic Minor,
Dorian,Mixolydian,Phrygian and Lydian.

I hope this answers some of your questions,
please ask if you need more info
and once more my apology for delay. smile.gif


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post Jul 27 2008, 08:59 PM
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regarding the bends:

I have a name for you: Paul Gilbert biggrin.gif

Olle "AJ" Svensson
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