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> The Curtains Of This Town
post Jun 16 2008, 11:39 AM
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I wish someone would have told me.
Of this plague, this disease that was eating away at the people of this town.
Hiding in these bushes, looking at whats left of this town is so painful to see.
Waiting for a chance to strike,make my move.
Destroy all the evil in this town.
And leave untouched.

They went about with their activities.
Normal in their own ways but so different.
I felt like I was going mad just staring at them.
You could smell the infection from miles away.
So close, that you to almost felt infected.

Perhaps these flesh eating creatures arent so deprived,
So held back.
Maybe that energetic Insignia symbol on the skin of the beast is a sign.
A sign that there just might be reason to all this maddness,
All these games, puzzles, that remained unsolved as I uncovered what was left of the shattered truth.

I watched them eat.
The hunger never escaped their putrid souls.
They attempted to attack.
Once, Twice, Thrice...Losing count never meant so much.
Finding the leader of this pyschotic cult was difficult.
But the reward seemed so pleasant.
Saving everyone and walking out a hero.

I met aquantinces along the way.
Guiding me.
Helping me find the source of this evil.
The source to that Insignia,
The one thing that haunted my dreams night after night.
It blew a soft breeze down my spine and did succed in giving me the chills.

Once my sources died off it became quite easy to see.
I was close to finding answers.
Close to uncovering the truth.
Finding the antidote.
Injecting the cure in every last one of them.
Freeing mankind and myself.
I knew I now was infected.
And that time was running out.

The final battle was approaching.
The leader was identified and Ive come all this way to find him here.
I watched from a distance as he walked.
The Insignia tatooed on his back.
Showing his Dedication for the movement,
The Disease.
The Infection.

I killed alot of them along the way only to make it here.
I watched friends die in my own arms.
The pain that they experienced before their death remains uncomparable.
This leader will feel the pain Ive felt.
Suffer just as I wanted him to.
This disease that consumes both him and me will mark the end of both of our lifes.


I stocked up.
Gathering anything possible to fight him.
Guns, Lots and Lots of Guns.
The merchant was pleased at my purchases.
I was pleased knowing that I to was now prepared,
For the battle that lurked in the the not so distant future.

I ran through the village.
The people of the town swarmed,
Attempted to attack and kill the good left in me.
My blood now a full spectrum of colors.
As I fought my way to the core of this plague.

The murders I commited that week were uncountable.
Once, Twice, Thrice ? Quite cary.
I wish the government never sent me here.
Maybe someone else was meant to play hero.

I walked through the gates.
Passing corpses.
Some of them had blood that was still fresh.
I knew they were my murders.
I killed them just like all the others.
Only to find myself here.
The sign read at the entrance [Newbark]
He was here.

The Insignia I had seen,
The symbol of all this misfortune was now stained,
Deep in the various sections of my brain.
I kept walking.
This old abadoned town.
It was becoming clear that he was close.
You wouldnt know it if you were anyone else but me.
I was infected.
I thought as they thought and knew their games.
Knowledge seemed to be my prevailing reason,
To enter that deserted town.

My arm was now swollen.
The bite that I had on my shoulder was now swelling.
I watched as the pus, slowly escaped my pores of my shoulder.
The effects of that bite were getting worse.
And I needed to find help.

In the middle of the town,
In the most tense moment.
Something happened.
The man I had been searching for,
The leader of this wretched cult.
The Insignia of my dreams.
Was standing one hundred feet in front of me.

I didnt see where he came from.
But the important part was that he was here.
We longed to find one another.
Shared a common hate for each others blood.
He to looked as if he visited the merchant.
And prepared himself for this war.

His desciples hid in the shadows of this deserted town.
I made the first move as I started walking towards him.
My hand on my pistol.
Heartbeat, steady.
He was confused by my courage.
The thought of me approaching this animal,
This enraged beast, was idiotic.
Yet I knew what I was doing.
I was going to kill the beast.

He started walking towards me aswell.
I to was shocked by his bravery.
Clearly he didnt see that I was just as crazy as he was.
We finally met.
Only five feet of ground seperated us.
I was scared, and so was he.

I saw what appeared to be a vial on his belt.
I knew this must have been the antidote.
The cure for this plague, this infection, disease.
Without hesatition, I dropped my gun.
His still remained in his hand.
Confused once more by my actions.
He to dropped his weapon.
And prepared for the Final Fight.

The Final Fight

Then all of the sudden,
He attacked.
We rolled about on the ground.
His eyes glared into mind as he tried to strangle me.
The fight was fair.
He was stronger.
But I persisted.

Victory was so close.
Just want you thought you were winning,
You relized it was only the beggining.
His coarse hands through punches.
He was getting the best of my and there was nothing I could do.
I was being killed.
I felt it.
But the plague that engulfed me gave me courage.

I pushed him over.
Me now on top.
He was in full guard.
Trying to predict my attack.
But he had no time to react.

I gave him a quick punch into the face.
He was now stunned.
It was my turn to make my move.
The evil from inside of my was bulding up.
I was playing dirty now.

Reaching into my pocket I pulled out a switchblade.
I held his head down as I stabbed his face.
The skin peeled away.
For once I could see who he really was.
As the blood poured out onto my hands I became furious.

His followers stayed off into the distance of the fight.
Still respecting the rules.
And being honest.
Now that he was hurt I did what I had been planning to do.
My blade dug into his eye sockets.
I carved his eyeballs out.
The eyes that stared at me.
From one-hundred feet away.
From five feet away.

These eyes would no longer stare at me.
They were mine.
After that was done, and the leader was almost fully dead.
I carved out the tongue.
The tongue that spoke.
Gave orders.
Fullfilled his plans of evil and refuge.
It was mine for the taking.

His people looked at me.
They couldnt believe what happened.
How a fight between two monsters got so out of hand.
How I carved every last bit of hate out of that beast.
And how his life was mine for the taking.

I realized why they werent attacking me.
I claimed victory, So I was the newfound leader.
My mission and my object became sublimonal.
I was so sick and so infected.
I stared at the vial.
Laying in the gravle beside the man.
It was the cure for it all.
The antidote to this curse.
I picked it up, and smashed it.
So[i] sick
, so destructive.

The cure was gone.
The people of this area will always be like this.
The sickness of what had happened and what was to come was scary.
But we didnt care, we were safe.
Me and my people.

The people of Newbark watched as my back began to blemish.
Red bumpy, Pimple-like surfaces arose.
In the shape of what appeared to be,
A noble Insignia.

For awhile I didnt know what was going on here.
The cause for all this terror.
But as I looked behind the curtains of this town,
I uncovered the truth
And I to became consumed with the power of this infection.

____________© John Minoia 2008

This one took awhile to write smile.gif
Im happy with the outcome and I know its long.
But I do however feel as if its worth reading.
Tell me what you think, I want lots of Criticism for this one biggrin.gif

Thanks-/ J

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