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post Jul 28 2008, 05:54 PM
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Couldn't find any posts on this topic (so my excuses if it has been posted before) but I thought that it would make a very interesting topic

ADD stands for Attention Defecit Disorder. So basicly I have the concentration capabilities of a 10 year old child. Which is
a great obstacle when it comes to things like school or playing guitar.

However, I would never want to lose it, as it doesn't only make me who I am but has also has added many benefits.

I am almost your typical ADD'er. Introverted, dreamy, can't remember my own phone number and having the concentration capabilities of a 10 year old child. So if you would ask me to concentrate on a picture for 5 minutes, I will see a bird fly past the window after 5 seconds tongue.gif . But somehow I manage to be able to paint miniatures on a above average standard, and I can read books for hours. So my own condition is quite hypocritical. You could say.

However ADD has a lot of benefits as well. Your senses are a lot better, as I for example can feel the structure of almost
any kind of paper. And I can see a lot of things other people can't see, but I won't see the really obvious things though tongue.gif. ADD also has granted me an almost encyclopedic knowledge of completely useless information, but when it comes down to it, that useless information is suddenly not so useless anymore.

ADD also has another negative side effect. Hyperfocussing. Which is the single worst thing that can happen to any ADD'er. Hyperfocussing is when and AD(H)D'er is so focussed on completing for example an essay that he or she will ignore the outside world. And will deliver an increbible essay, at which the teacher probably will say "See, you can do it" but the AD(H)D'er might not be able to hyperfocus the next time at which the teacher will scold him or her. In my personal experience those moments on which I hyperfocus it will leave me mentally exhausted for at least a week. Not being able to do anything else other than playing games or practicing guitar. As long as it isn't something related to the thing I hyperfocussed on/about.

In my 19 years I have been continuesly been practicing my concentration. And I have never taken or needed medication for my condition. So for those a few years younger who have the same condition: "Unless you really have it bad, you won't need meds and everything will turn out alright."

So how do I do it? How can I concentrate when I have the concentration capabilities of a 10 year old?
For that I had to develop techniques (grrr difficult word to spell dry.gif, good for scrabble though ) which haven't only helped me concentrate better, but have also helped me make better use of my time. And these techniques are not only helpful for AD(H)D'ers but for anyone, so pay attention everyone.

1) bursts of concentration. 5 seconds of concentration and 1 second of loosening concentration. This is especially useful (to put it in guitar context) for studying theory or in GMC general context reading long forum posts. This has benefitted me a lot when studying anything or when reading a book.

2) take regular breaks. As this helps your mind relax, drink a cup of coffee, read some forum posts etc. When your mind is fresh you will not only be able to absorb more information but makes the whole process of learning/practicing a lot easier. In guitar context it also allows you to rest your fingers a bit, allowing your fingers in the end even build more strength than someone who practices 2 hours without taking a break. But remember, do not make this break too long, as we have to stay in our zone (more on this later).

3) Selfdiscipline. This is hardest of all. But when you are capable of saying I am going to do this thing I'd rather not do, and do it, you will notice that it will make things easier in the end. I have to be completely honest here though, and admid that I am far from mastering the art of selfdiscipline. However, I have mastered it enough to enter a zone and stay there.

4) Zones. Okay, what do I mean by zones? A zone is an specific amount of time you will fix your mind on a specific thing. like school. If I would know that I would have school from 8.00 until 13.00 and have 2 hours of homework afterwards I know I have to stay in the zone for that specific period of time. So after school I will take the bycycle to home and have a cup of coffee, and after that I will inmediately do my homework, as I am still fixed on school. When I have finished my homework I might decide to practice guitar for two hours, now I would enter the guitar zone for two hours. In most cases you already do this unconciously, but think about it. and combine it with regular breaks to keep your mind fresh.

5) Variation! The most important one of all. If there wasn't variation I couldn't do any of the above. There is just no way I could study maths for 2 hours, even if I would take breaks. So it is better to do those 2 hours of study in blocks of 30 minutes in 4 days. Not only will you not go insane, but I bet you will get the feeling that you have actually learned more. The same thing goes for learning new techniques for guitar. You can spend one year of only learning and improving your alternate picking. But does it satisfy you. because I believe that if someone spends two years learning and improving his/her alternate picking but learning and improving all kinds of other cool techniques aswell, it willl not only make the alternate picking better, but also a lot more fun.

Oops, I think I went a little bit overboard there rolleyes.gif

But, I hope this has been useful to some people. And I would love to hear your opinion on these things. And I especially urge fellow ADD'ers to speak up, and talk about how they have dealt with their condition.

Gonna take a break now,

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post Jul 28 2008, 06:02 PM
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I always thought ADD was all in the head. I used to have it but I got over it by just not thinking of it as a problem and I managed to control it after a lot of effort.

I don't really have ADD now but I have OCD but not so bad.

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post Jul 28 2008, 06:21 PM
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Can't say that I have ADD... I just basicly don't give a flying F-word about things that don't interest me, including some school subjects tongue.gif

It's good that you accept it though ^^ You're right, it gives you personality and makes you individual smile.gif

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Ivan Milenkovic
post Jul 28 2008, 08:44 PM
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Hey mate I never thought of it before, I'm glad you have found a way to fight you disorder. Me too have trouble concentrating, perhaps even a mild version of the same disorder, but with self-discipline as you say, everything can be accomplished. Also planning what you're going to do over the period of one week and follow that plan can really help you battle that disorder and also make you a stronger person. I really appreciate you telling us about it, way to go mate.

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post Jul 28 2008, 09:22 PM
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I got the diagnosis AD(H)D 3 months ago.. The H is in my head tho tongue.gif (Hyperactive part).. I think too much..

I got ordinated the medication Motiron (Dopamine transporter blocker type) and its a whole new world .. Seems like theres quiet in my head for the first time ever. smile.gif


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Moon Boots
post Jul 28 2008, 10:51 PM
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It's great to hear someone fighting back and doing all they can to beat the problem! Keep it up and I'm sure you'll be fine.

Shortly after I started primary school I was diagnosed with dyslexia and my parents were told that I wouldn't be able to read/write properly and would struggle with maths. Now, 11 years later, I've just finished A-levels in Physics, Computing and Chemistry and have got a conditional offer from a good university to study a Computer Science degree. You can do whatever you want, just as long as you give it all you've got! smile.gif

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post Jul 28 2008, 10:53 PM
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I have a the weaker version of ADD basically causing me to not be able to focuse as well as others.

Its great that you found a way to get past this. This is a really good topic!

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