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post Aug 27 2008, 12:43 PM
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O.K. I want some pedals... But I know basically nothing
about them. I want a few, so I will explain...

1. wah-wah pedal

2. an octave pedal to play like Joe Satriani "Super Collosal"

3. any other cool pedals... rolleyes.gif

Any suggestions; brands, specific ones??

I want something good quality, but not too much more than $100 smile.gif


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post Aug 27 2008, 12:51 PM
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100$ for each pedal I hope... For the wah I would always go for A Crybaby, they sound really oldschool and fuzzy, just like you imagine a wah to sound like. For heavier stuff I would recommend a Zakk Wylde wah(best Crybaby tonewise) or a Marc Tremonti wah from Morley.


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Chris Evans
post Aug 27 2008, 01:17 PM
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are you using them for just home use? or do you play in a band and plan to take them out?

If just for home and you want inexpensive but reasonable quality I`d check out the Behringer range of pedals, for starters theres a huge range, I have 5 of their pedals and I gotta say I`ve been impressed with every single one of them, for the cash its a no brainer, however....... (had to be a but) the cases are all plastic, and if your heavy footed or get a little carried away I could see them getting damaged pretty easily.

I use three of them live, a digital delay, a chorus and a mulit FX one that does pitch shift, phaser, flanger and delay, (I mainly only use the phaser effect with the pitch shifter ever so ocasionally), they`ve been the perfect buy for me, I dont use effects too much in the band, I pretty much plug straight into the amp, huge amounts of gain and my amp has a boost setting for solo`s so they dont get an awful lot of foot stomping on and off! I`ve had these for about a year now with no problems whatsoever, for how much they cost they are pretty much throw away and buy a new one if they broke at all.

If you want something a little more heavy duty then you`ll probs have to spend a little more, as Zakk said I`d expect more like $100 for each pedal at least.

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post Aug 27 2008, 02:55 PM
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If you have to choose between the wah and the octave pedals, I'd go with the wah hands down, it's a very important and fun effect, while the octave might be great too it can only be used now and then compared to the wah.

As for other pedals I'd go for delay, reverb and chorus, but that's my choice.

If you get a wah I also recommend a cry baby, though VOX sounds pretty good too. As for the other pedals, well, they aren't cheap if you choose brands such as BOSS or even Digitech, they sound good and are built like tanks. As has been mentioned, Behringer makes more affordable pedals, some of which sound very good but they are not as durable (but they cost much less!)

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post Aug 27 2008, 03:09 PM
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for the octave pedal, check out the electro harmonix micro pod, it can make your guitar go from sounding like a bass to a super high frequency instrument, very cool pedal
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Ivan Milenkovic
post Aug 27 2008, 07:06 PM
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Electro Harmonix makes one of the best octaver processors, so you should definitely check their site. It has some nice video review as well.

As for wah, Crybaby is a standard in the industry so you won't make a mistake if you buy one. Morley wah can be also interesting if you find it. You can check out wiki article about wah 535q review from the forum that I translated there.

Another nice pedal would be delay if you don't have one. You can check out my gear tutorial about Boss DD20 that is about to go live in 5-10 days, and until then, check out review of it here.

Also some pedals choice depends on the amp as well. What amp do you have?

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post Aug 27 2008, 07:51 PM
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As been said before. There are alot of cheaper pedals that are great for home use (it is not how they are build but how you turn the knobs and press the buttons of the thing). But if you are going to go live you might want to get those that are build like tanks.

Can't go wrong with a crybaby.

If you like me use an amp with build in effects (most notably Delay and reverb on the same button) I'd go with a delay pedal. Why, Most build in reverbs are great but you can do a lot of really cool and weird thing with it.

otherwise. I'd save up some more money for other things. The only effects that you will use regulary are Reverb, Delay and Wah. And maybe Chorus and Octaver.

Hope this helps

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Hisham Al-Sanea
post Aug 28 2008, 11:32 AM
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if you asking me i prefer you to buy a multiple effects . some thing like boss Gt-8 or less price from Zoom

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Bogdan Radovic
post Aug 28 2008, 11:44 AM
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wah : Crybaby 535q
octaver : Boss OC-3
other: Boss Digital Delay pedals...

For example smile.gif

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Marcus Siepen
post Aug 28 2008, 12:11 PM
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The only pedal that I am still using from tiem to time is my Cry Baby, and as the others said before, you can't really go wrong with that one. An option would be the Morley Wahs, they have the advantage of not using regular pots that might wear out after some time, but they sound different of course. As usual the best would be to go to a shop and try different models to see what you like best.
About other pedals, well, the only other one I ever used is my Tube Screamer, back when I was still using my Marshall, but aside from this I don't really like pedals, I prefer a good multi effect in my rack, like this I don't have to start dancing when I want to change to a different sound, I just have to step on my Midimate once and get the sound that I want immediately, I don't have to activate / deactivate tons of pedals for this.

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