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> Mtp Competition!, Sign-up thread!
post Dec 18 2008, 09:17 PM
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Experienced Tone Seeker

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Hi guys,

My name is Andres I’m 32 years old(33 next week). I learned to play the guitar when I was 17. My influences at that time were Pink Floy, Metallica and Guns n roses. I played for a couple of years , and I don’t know what happened , I got desmotivated I guess , I wasn’t good enough. Two years ago I bought a guitar again and I decided to learn in the right way. In September 2007 I found GMC and I subscribed immediately , so far I can say that I have learned a lot. So after this litltle intro here goes my entry for the MTP.

These are a couple of uploads I have made for collaborations and youtube:


https://www.guitarmasterclass.net/guitar_forum/index.php?showtopic=20825&st=40&p=292490&#entry292490 ://https://www.guitarmasterclass.net/gu...p;#entry292490



Here are a couple of posts were I have tried to be helpful:





I want to join the MTP becuase I am totally commited to take my playing to the next level. As I posted on the forums I want to focus on fusion and I think Muris can guide me very well on that path. My big weakness at the moment I think it is timing , although I think I have improved a lot in the las months. I also think I can be a good mentor for begginers because of my experience and my theory knowledge, Im not an expert but I do my best. So thats it for now guys, thanks for reading.

The only thing yo can do, is what you love!

Visit my youtube
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post Dec 19 2008, 10:58 AM
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Learning Tone Seeker

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This is my entry for the MTP ...

To create an introduction video was the hardest task i can tell. Speaking in front of the camera is quite a challenge.
I have tried to structure this video in different parts to get an better idea of what i wanted to say.
Informations about myself, playing guitar, where i could be helpful as a mentor are in the video.
At the end i play a few notes. I's of course not fully improvised, but developed during improvisation.
Now i hope i am not doing a complete fool out of myself, .. be kind. smile.gif


I did a few upload of some takes over the last months. Some are YT links, some are earlier uploads in the forum.

Nocturnal Vision (Kris & Marcus)
GMC : https://www.guitarmasterclass.net/guitar_fo...5050&hl=wrk
YT : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBBympG7lsw&fmt=18

Fusion Jam (Interm.) & Tapping & Legato (Muris)
GMC : https://www.guitarmasterclass.net/guitar_fo...21132&st=20
YT Fusion : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZyRfWl8ORw...page&fmt=18
YT Tapping : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlHrDYpCNZs...nnel&fmt=18

Inspiration" (David)
GMC : https://www.guitarmasterclass.net/guitar_fo...showtopic=20127
YT : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIjOChcVD-w...nnel&fmt=18

E Minor - Melodic Solo (Muris)
GMC : https://www.guitarmasterclass.net/guitar_fo...showtopic=17445
YT : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uuFu9YVgNQ...page&fmt=18

Larry Carlton style (cover of Marco Sfogli's version)
YT : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3C-kBnG_JvA...page&fmt=18

Rocking Tune (Interm.) (Muris)
GMC : https://www.guitarmasterclass.net/guitar_fo...6424&hl=wrk

Blue Note In A (Improvisation) - (Muris)
GMC : https://www.guitarmasterclass.net/guitar_fo...showtopic=20342

Mark Knopfler - (Muris)
GMC : https://www.guitarmasterclass.net/guitar_fo...showtopic=11697

Some collaboration audio takes. Maybe it helps to get an idea about what happens
when i step out of the secure zone of playing other peoples lessons/songs
and have to create melodies on my own.

Michael Jackson Collab (Siggum)

3.4 Collab (Siggum)

Gary Moor Style Collab (Ivan)

You guys have no mercy smile.gif. I have 350 posts so far, means i am not the most active member in the forum when it's about posting, but i read the forum daily so i'm well aware of what's going on. If some of my posts were helpful? Don't know, at least i hope they were encouraging.

HERE ... yes, this was helpful laugh.gif

E - Help i need from a Mentor
To have Muris as Mentor would be just like a dream comes true! He is always helpful anyway when i ask.
If he could help me or supervise me a bit more would be awesome.

Here are some points were i would like to get some help:
  • I would love to have someone to point out regular mistakes i do, technically, but mainly musically.
  • I play a lot based on my ears. Even if i have a good understanding of theory, to apply this knowledge in real time on the guitar is a main gap. I would like to focus and work on this more.
  • More and more i dislike my vibrato. I have to work on this. I play cheap guitars, maybe this is the reason for a bad vibrato technic i got. I try to use vibrato to let strings ring longer instead to add something nice to the sound, maybe i'm wrong on this, but i don't have another answer what to do here.
  • Bends are a problem as well. I did progress by recording myself regular, but it's still not reliable on pitch all the time.
  • I'm aware of problems with my right hand. As being left handed, but playing right hand guitars, this is no surprise. I work hard on this since a few months and do some progress, but i guess it just needs more time.

Thank you .. !

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post Dec 20 2008, 12:49 AM
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Learning Tone Seeker

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Hi my name is Monte Stevens and I am hoping to be able to be apart of the MTP program here at GMC. I have been playing guitar for almost 20 years now. Some of my favorite guitarists are Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Andy James and Vito Bratta. The main thing I would like to get out of the MTP is to learn to improve my chops as well as improvise. I am really interested in learning to compose instrumentals and I would also like to learn to record. I love to teach and would believe I could be a good mentor to beginning guitarists.

Here are some of my interactions on the forum.






Here are some videos I have made. Very crude I know, but learning to record and make some useful video lessons is one thing I would really like to get out of the MTP here at GMC.

This is my take on Muris's Canon in D:

This is my take on an Andy James tune:

This is an original tune I have worked on:

I would love to be a mentor for beginning guitarist. I am by no means a virtuoso as evidenced clearly by my videos laugh.gif laugh.gif , but I would love to help anyone who would like my help with anything I could help with. I really hope I can be apart of the MTP program here at GMC. I will never be a professional guitarist/musician but I would love to be able to do some high quality lessons here at GMC that would hopefully be beneficial to somebody. I hope that being apart of the MTP at GMC would allow me to do this. Thanks for everything Kris and everybody at GMC.


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Rated Htr
post Dec 20 2008, 04:34 AM
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Experienced Rock Star

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Hi. My name is Filipe and here’s my presentation:
I’ve been playing Electric guitar for 2 years and some months now (3 years if you count acoustic). I think I have good timing, some theory knowledge that I hope to improve and just starting to exit the world of pentatonic and diving into mode applications. I jam most of the time and, when I don’t have school stuff to do at night, I usually try to study theory. I would like to have a mentor, since I think I always need guidance to my music path. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to know what’s more important or how much do I actually know or can do.
For me, it’s very difficult to upload videos at the moment…Lack of good recording software, so I hope it’s ok to use the last video I used for mtp situations.

Helping Members:
(2nd Page…First post I made a mistake but than I made a good explanation tongue.gif)

List of GMC Uploads:

Old Recordings:

New Ones [Rushed tongue.gif]

Hope this is good enough smile.gif

Currently Practicing

Rhythm: Finnish Power Metal III: Nightwish
Legato: Ben's Land Of Legato
Alternate Picking: Alternate Picking Workout #5
Chords: Chord Melody Technique

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post Dec 21 2008, 06:02 PM
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Learning Rock Star
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my name is Tolek and my size of shoe is 43.
I´ve been playing classical guitar and learning music theory for 7 years now. In September, I changed school in order to study briefly music. Now, I have 7 hours a week music at school. After school, I go to music school where I learn harmony, analysis and classical guitar. I got my first electric guitar for Christmas 2005 (or 2006). My first influence was Carlos Santana. I just loved his music and I think he is a good idol for beginners. It was a really pleasant entry into the electric guitar world. Now, my tastes changed a lot. I love Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Larry Carlton, Gary Moore...
I am keen to be a professional guitarist in the future. So, I work hard to develop as much as possible. I try to get loads of information about different music styles, guitarists, techniques etc. so that I don´t get boring/bored.

In my opinion, music is kind of a communication between people. It serves to transmit feelings and thoughts about several subjects. It is also the best way to relax, for me. For instance, the last few months/years were very stressful for me. I dived that deep into music while playing that I forgot what was happening around me. When I finished I was so relaxed. It´s just a great feeling when you play a note and it fits the backing so well. Also, music is a manner to teach other people. Someone who experienced a lot in his life can tell this in his music and the listener has to figure it out.

Why would I make a good mentor? I think that due to my pretty good theory knowledge and my big love to music people will trust me and take my advice seriously. Also, I like to help other people, especially when it comes to music. I love seeing the progress of somebody that I´m personally teaching. I also started doing SI lessons which makes so much fun! I hope I´ll have the time during school time to continue working on those lessons and also that all GMCers can profit from them.
My playing: my biggest problems are improvisation and timing (when improvising). I work hard to get better and I see from time to time some positive results. However, I still need help from a good mentor like Muris. smile.gif I´d love to be taught by this great guy. It was he who changed my mind and made me change school. It was he who taught me so much about music and life during a few days only. Thanks to him I am so sure that being a professional musician is my destination. I don´t know what I could do else...

Here are 5 examples where I help other members:


This was recorded 2 years ago on a audition in my music school.

My "Blues Ballad Collaboration" take.

My entry for last month´s challenge.

My take on the "80´s Rock Collaboration".

My SI lesson.

Mojo Oro, two weeks ago. It´s far from perfect. I´m still working on this awesome song.

My take in the "Funky Rock Collaboration".

Pedja´s first lesson: Rock/Blues Solo in Eb Minor

Heitor Villa-Lobos: Etude N°1

Please excuse the bad audio quality. sad.gif As soon as I get my POD Studio for Christmas, I´ll be able to record directly through my pc. More videos will come. smile.gif

Update: I got my POD. smile.gif A video showing that awesome sound (my playing is so bad here...):

Thanks for reading.
Good luck to everybody! And wish me luck, too. biggrin.gif


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post Dec 22 2008, 01:49 PM
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Accomplished Tone Master
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MTP Entry

Hello, my name is Matthew Craven and I’m 14. I’ve been playing guitar for about two years. Before the guitar I played the keyboard and the oboe. I don’t play the oboe any more but I do still play the keyboard. I play the guitar about 5 hours a day on average. I like all styles except most indie and most rap. Some of my favourite artists are Rush, Killswitch Engage, Nick Kellie, Jimi Hendrix, and Iron Maiden. Anyway after that little introduction, here’s my entry for the MTP.

My video explaining where my playing is at now, what I want to achieve, and why I think I would be a good mentor.

I am very sorry but when I was talking about the speeds I could play different techniques at, the speeds were incorrect. The speeds should have been as follows:
Alternate picking: 100bpm
Sweep Picking:100bpm

Five of the places where I have tried to be helpful.






Some of my uploads going in order from most recent to oldest.

A solo I composed for the MTP to show my shred skills.

Pure Steel Metal Collab
Dec 21 2008, 07:12 PM

A Solo I Composed for the MTP (both videos were recorded with a digital camera and I plan to get a camcorder very soon so my videos will be better quality)
Dec 16 2008

80’s Rock Collab
Nov 18 2008, 05:28 PM

Old School Rock Collab
Nov 17 2008, 09:27 PM

A Metal Song I Composed (MIDI)
A Metal Song I Composed (GP)
Oct 5 2008, 11:59 AM

Heavy Rock Collab
Sep 28 2008, 05:25 PM

Buckethead Style Improv
Aug 20 2008, 07:16 PM

Massive Power Ballad Collab
Aug 17 2008, 02:27 PM

Gary Moore Ballad Collab
Jul 20 2008, 12:19 PM

Elvis Presley Twist Collab
Jun 29 2008, 07:59 AM

Rock Arrangement of Happy Birthday
Jun 12 2008, 02:46 PM

Smoky Blues Collab
Jun 9 2008, 03:26 PM

Mixo-Dorian Interaction Collab
May 23 2008, 06:07 PM

Hirojoshi Scale Solo I Composed
Apr 18 2008, 03:23 PM

Vimto Collab
Apr 14 2008, 11:45 AM

Rock Song (My first full song)
Apr 13 2008, 02:22 PM

Blue Heaven Collab
Mar 17 2008, 07:33 PM

Brian May Melodic Collab
Mar 13 2008, 08:32 PM

Thanks for reading.

Matt smile.gif

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post Dec 23 2008, 12:30 PM
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Learning Rock Star

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Hey, my name is Matt and I am 16. I have been playing guitar for 8 years (seriously for a year and a half or so). Technically i think i know enough to be able to mentor, although, admittedly, some techniques (mainly ones that aren't prevalent in music i listen to) are beyond me. However, i think i have a pretty natural sense of timing and have a pretty good ear as well. I think both of these things may be more important to pass on to a student than techniques they won't be able to do for a few more years. Mainly i like instrumental guitarists like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Marco Sfogli, Andy Timmons, etc. I think that i would be a good mentor because i have taught kids (from my town) lessons for a couple years now and also i give lessons on Youtube and seem to have pretty good feedback from that. I also am open to any type of music so hopefully the student will feel comfortable asking to learn any genre. Plus, i have to admit that i am on the internet at least a few times a day (a little sad, yes) so i will be quick to answer any questions one might have. Also, being 16 i think that i could relate to many beginning guitarists (possibly being young) because i am around their age and also was probably around their skill level only a few years ago.

What I would most want to learn is more aspects of theory and how to put together a song. I am downright useless on the drums and although i have the equipment (logic pro) i have never put in the time to make a full song. I would also like to become more creative in my improvising (probably goes along with theory).

Here are videos:


Also check out Vaialation1232 on youtube if you need more vids or to see me teach lessons

Preview of lesson setup-(check attachment) Pardon the poor Satch imitation though..although it proves i need help with improv

Times i helped (or tried): https://www.guitarmasterclass.net/guitar_fo...rt=#entry307507

Thanks, and also i fully understand if i am not accepted. Certainly there are better players on here than me and plus i signed up only recently (like a week ago) so others have paid their dues more than i have. Anyways, i hope you consider my entry. Also, i would like to say that lcsdds should definitely be considered (with me or before me) because he was the one who helped me learn both of the andy james songs and is a really good player as well!

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post Dec 24 2008, 12:00 AM
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Learning Tone Seeker

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Hi everyone. Some of you know me as Jeff and others as UncleSkillet. Well if you just read this now you know me as both. I am going to keep my Introduction short because I don’t want this competition to close while I sit here and type. In January of 2009 I will have been at GMC for one year. I started playing when I was 13 I think. Played for a few years and because of circumstances had to stop. I started playing again when I was about 20 and for several years had some great experiences growing up in the 80’s big hair genera. Truly a great time for guitar and music in general. Once again I decided to put down the guitar to pursue a career and family. A little more than a year ago I decided I was missing an important part of me. Part of my soul so to speak. So I bought a guitar that I always wanted but could never afford when I was younger and promised myself that I would finish what I started.

I am entering this competition because I have never had any formal training musically at all and as you can see from my video I could use some polish. I am completely self-taught and most of what I know I’ve learned by ear or has rubbed off on me just from being around other great players. I would like to learn more theory and techniques so that I can better express myself musically. As you can also see I can’t play 16th triplets at 250bpm or do a lot of flashy things (well yet). But one thing I think I do correct is play within my abilities and do my best to make a musical statement.

When I play something I try to give it meaning and a soul. I think there is a lot of pressure on beginning guitar players to play as fast as you can and to be as technical as possible. I would rather hear someone play 5 real cool notes that sound great then 100 notes that leave me confused. You need to learn to speak with good grammar slowly creating sentences before you can write a book.

My Video:
Well here it is. My first one ever. Not the best quality but we all have to learn and start somewhere right. I am sure you will see a bunch of things with my playing that I could use your help with. One thing I hope I at least did right was to convey how much I love guitar and music. I decided to do a jam over Emir Hot backing from the Instuctors collab "Hard Rock Solo".

Here are some links where I have tried to either be friendly or offer a helpful comment.

Here are the collaboration I have participated in.

A few other recording I have uploaded.

Thanks you for your time and considering my entry


This post has been edited by UncleSkillet: Jan 24 2009, 06:04 PM

"Think of a guitar solo as a paragraph. You need a clear beginning, a middle, and an end. Look at musical phrases like sentences, and make sure you break them up using punctuation—or space. You pause naturally when conversing, right? If you don't, you'll bore the listener. The same thing will happen with your audience if your solo is one dimensional. You'll wear them out and lose their attention." —Tom Principato
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Velvet Roger
post Dec 24 2008, 08:54 PM
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Learning Tone Seeker
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Hi guys,

I decided in the end to also put up an application to become a mentor (probably not now, as several much more skilled persons applied already smile.gif , but I just want to express my interest in it). As you probably would have seen I have also signed up to be part of the MTP beginners.

Current level, what to achieve, why a good mentor

Here are a couple of videos which show my current level of playing

Christmas Rock Collab

Blues Ballad Collab

My name is Roger, am from the Netherlands, 33 years old, and I have been playing the guitar effectively for about a year back in the early '90s, however lacked completely a proper lesson-plan etc etc. I was basically just trying to hit the strings and get proper sounds out of it (which to a certain extend even worked tongue.gif ). After this, I remained playing very minimal (sometimes once a month) for another 2 years, but then the guitars went to the attic.

Since about 1.5 years I have picked up my guitars again, and decided that this time things would go differently. I took lessons (which is extremely helpful getting the theory linked to the actual playing), but somehow it did not give me full joy. I came across GMC a while ago and since then I have developed myself quite a bit due to all the lessons, very valuable forum info and also the collabs. Since about 4 months I also play in a band, and am starting to write material for it smile.gif (I have attached a very quick and dirty example (first take with quick mixing, with bass/drums by midi) of a part of a song I am currently working on together with one of my band members).

What do I want to achieve
I am interested in quite a few musical styles of which Jazz, Blues, Funk, Rock and Hard Rock are the most important ones. However, I would very much like to get more into other styles as I believe it will make me a better musician in the end.

In particular I am having quite some difficulties with several aspects of my playing (as compared to other parts), and I would love to improve those also in the MTP:

Lead: Sweep picking, arpeggiated alternate picking runs at high speeds
Rhythm: Combining chords with lead lines (hybrid picking), especially developing them in my own music (example I quite like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSM3FL7zUdw).
Theory: Moving from knowing all the boxes of the major/minor scales, pentatonics and some of the modes towards 'on the spot' hearing which notes to play next (basically developing my ears more).

Although I would like to be able to playing some very fast runs if required, my ultimate goal is to become a good musician, and playing speed should only be a tool to reach that goal.

Why a good mentor
One of the things I am quite good at in my life is trying to be always helpful in getting solving someones problems, goals, challenges etc. Although I am not a very experienced player at the moment, I think I can certainly add some useful input to e.g. absolute beginners (which is also fed by the 1.5 years of private guitar lessons I did have, which loads of useful tips/tricks and basic lessons etc). Furthermore, I am playing already music since the age of 8 (playing keyboards, some drums and ofc guitar, although with some long pauses in between). Music is basically the key thing in my life, which also contributes in being able to address certain questions/problems in a more broader musical sense.

During my PhD thesis period (10 years ago), I have also gained a lot of experience in teaching medical school students both from a theory perspective and practical perspective. During my current job (Managing a Business Development Department at a Pharmaceutical company), it involves quite a bit of mentoring actually to get employees reach their goals, and unfortunately they also come to you with loads of other (some unrelated) problems smile.gif .

I am currently working on a couple of SI lessons (one about a Jazz Blues work-out, and one about suspended chords). Unfortunately I won't be able to upload those prior to the finalization of the current MTP competition smile.gif .

List of previous forum uploads

As I don't want to overstress the board with too many attachments, please see my MTP beginners post for the different uploads up to now (video's are shown below). https://www.guitarmasterclass.net/guitar_fo...22312&st=20

List of post where you have tried to be helpful

I am trying to be as helpful as possible in the forums, whilst not just being copying statements already put in threads as I think nobody is wanting that. Below are a couple of my helpful posts (first one is with a short video, which I would certainly like to do more in the future, but just have to get myself a better cam soonish tongue.gif):


Again, I do not really expect to be selected to become one of those who would be the chosen to be mentored by the great Muris, however I would like to express my interest in becoming a mentor in the shortterm or longterm on GMC!

Thanks for considering this post,


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"Don't practice until you get it right. Practice until you can't get it wrong."

Guitars & Amps
Brian Moore DC-1 Custom Shop (Cherry Sunburst, mahogany/rosewood)
Eric Johnson Signature Strat (2-tone Sunburst, alder/maple)
Ibanez RG770 (Black, basswood/rosewood)
Peerless Journeyman (solid spruce/maple)
Sixt Bov-105C (Ovation-like acoustic) - Ibanez SGT-130 (Jumbo acoustic)
London City VS-1 (Precision bass) - Baton Rouge U3S (Ukelele)
Fender HotRod Deluxe 40W combo - Fender Princeton Reverb Reissue 5W combo - Marshall JCM 900 50W Hi-Gain combo

Effects & Other stuff
POD Studio UX2 audio interface - Edirol MA-15D monitors
EH Double Muff - Fulltone GT-500 - Fulltone Fulldrive 2 Mosfet - Guitarsystems TrebleTool Junior - Guitarsystems FuzzTool Junior
Korg Pitchblack Tuner - MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay - TC Electronics Nova Modulator - Morley Bad Horsie 2 Wah
Shure SM58 - Roland PCR-500 midi controller/keyboard & Yamaha Clavinova CL-910 piano

My Website
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Andrew Cockburn
post Dec 24 2008, 09:46 PM
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Moderation Policy Director
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Keep 'em coming!

Since Christmas is a busy time for everyone, lets leave applications open until the end of tomorrow!

The panel will close the entries and start their deliberations on the 26th smile.gif

Check out my Instructor profile
Live long and prosper ...

My Stuff:

Electric Guitars : Ibanez Jem7v, Line6 Variax 700, Fender Plus Strat with 57/62 Pickups, Line6 Variax 705 Bass
Acoustic Guitars : Taylor 816ce, Martin D-15, Line6 Variax Acoustic 300 Nylon
Effects : Line6 Helix, Keeley Modded Boss DS1, Keeley Modded Boss BD2, Keeley 4 knob compressor, Keeley OxBlood
Amps : Epiphone Valve Jnr & Head, Cockburn A.C.1, Cockburn A.C.2, Blackstar Club 50 Head & 4x12 Cab
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Rated Htr
post Dec 24 2008, 10:04 PM
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Experienced Rock Star

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oh I really wanted to know the results today sad.gif

Currently Practicing

Rhythm: Finnish Power Metal III: Nightwish
Legato: Ben's Land Of Legato
Alternate Picking: Alternate Picking Workout #5
Chords: Chord Melody Technique

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Muris Varajic
post Dec 25 2008, 01:21 AM
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Wonderful takes guys,made me proud indeed,
can't wait to start working more personally with some of you!! smile.gif


Album "Let It Out" on
and CD Baby

Check out my video lessons and instructor board!

The Pianist
tune is progress,check it out!

"ok.. it is great.. :P

have you myspace? Can i to personalize this for you guy?"
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post Dec 25 2008, 04:41 AM
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Too bad there is no emoticons for *FINGERS CROSSED* smile.gif
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post Dec 25 2008, 06:56 PM
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I will keep my entry simpler than others. I hope I still have a chance rolleyes.gif

I. Intro

Hi, my name is Gustavo and I am 26. This video gives further introduction:
I think best example of why I could be a good mentor is the Student instructor lesson I put up together:
My Student Instructor lesson
That should prove that I like detailed explanations! tongue.gif
However, I see now that there are lots of things I made wrong for that SI lesson. For instance I did not create a proper backing track. I did not know a thing about backing tracks at that point. Also I´d like to have video explanations of every part.

II. Recording skills

This should show my recording skills improved a lot (as well as composing skills):

Collaborations are actually the part I like the most in GMC. Here are my takes for the collabs I took part:
Christmas rock collaboration
Rockabilly collaboration
Elvis Presley twist collab
New Ballad Collaboration
Blues ballad collaboration
Smoky blues ballad collab
Endless pain collaboration
Bring it on collaboration
New funk collab

III. Helping others

There are so many ways to help someone. All my life I liked to be a helpful person and I found myself in love with GMC exactly because the community is so helpful (which in turn makes me feel compelled to help even more).
I may not be a top poster, but sometimes I make very long posts just to try to help someone. Again, the reason is that I like detailed explanation of things. So that´s what I would like to highlight on my entry.
Helping on theory
Helping someone to figure out a small passage of a song
Helping with an extended gear review
Helping on guitar setup
Helping to cheer up

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my "Thank you GMC!" video

If you like it please vote in the competition ;-)

Gus Stairway to Guitar Heaven - my practice agenda

Check out my lesson here Phrygian Dominant Solo lesson

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Some of my Guitar heroes: Jimmy Page, Slash, Kirk Hammett, Augusto Licks, Joe Satriani, Gus G, David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler...
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post Dec 25 2008, 07:12 PM
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Learning Tone Master

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Hi all! My name is Adam Murrell and I've been playing for approx 7 years now. Have teached locally for a few years, but haven't gotany serious experience in tutoring.

This entry is now complete, thanks for looking through all this smile.gif


Forum Media Uploads:

Here's my intro video - apologies for the bad quality, used my web cam, but hope to be using a HDD video cam when I can find the charger! I also hate videoing myself, so this was somewhat of a phobia to try and beat - hence the anxious tone in my voice perhaps! The background music is me playing along with a backing track

Attached File  gmc_mtp_intro.wmv ( 5.78MB ) Number of downloads: 109

The backing track I played along to can be heard here on its own

Attached File  gmc_mixdown.mp3 ( 6.83MB ) Number of downloads: 125

This is my most recent uploaded take on Emir's Vinnie Moore lesson. I have a video showing my ability the previous week, and improvement since then in audio form.

Here's a tapping track I just made, the rhythm guitar doesn't work at some points but I made it quickly this evening before the deadline!

Attached File  gmc_tapping.mp3 ( 2.52MB ) Number of downloads: 147

Here's a song I made a few months ago when the new strat arrived smile.gif

This is a link to my myspace music account, which I'll admit is a bit old. The song "My Steps" may demonstrate my ability to record and write a song in full. All instruments and vocals are by me apart from the drums. I wrote this for a friend to use for a University project.


Where I have helped:






My first collaboration take:

This is my first collaboration and was mainly an exercise I created for alternate picking for myself. I was gutted to miss out on the previous Pink Floyd one as this would more accurately have shown my improvising abilities! I will however upload a video/audio of a backing track i'm playing along with as an improvisation.


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GMC Travel Agent, at your service.
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post Dec 26 2008, 02:14 AM
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Learning Apprentice Player

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As much as I would love to be mentored by you Muris I just don't beleive I am no where near the skill as all of these applicants.

Good luck everyone. You are all great players.

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Learn how to count. It's what separates the hack and the pros IMHO. -LCSDDS
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Rated Htr
post Dec 26 2008, 02:23 AM
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Experienced Rock Star

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QUOTE (opeth.db @ Dec 26 2008, 01:14 AM) *
As much as I would love to be mentored by you Muris I just don't beleive I am no where near the skill as all of these applicants.

Good luck everyone. You are all great players.

Took the words right out off my mouth, but you got the point all wrong...I think the worst ones got even more opportunity to get in, but maybe that's what I wanna hear laugh.gif

Currently Practicing

Rhythm: Finnish Power Metal III: Nightwish
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Alternate Picking: Alternate Picking Workout #5
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post Dec 26 2008, 04:26 AM
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QUOTE (Rated Htr @ Dec 26 2008, 02:23 AM) *
Took the words right out off my mouth, but you got the point all wrong...I think the worst ones got even more opportunity to get in, but maybe that's what I wanna hear laugh.gif

As far as I understood the competition it´s not really about our current level of playing. It´s clear that everyone who signed up would benefit from mentoring from a world-class player such as Muris.

The real subject of the competition is: how helpful can we be to other players? wink.gif

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my "Thank you GMC!" video

If you like it please vote in the competition ;-)

Gus Stairway to Guitar Heaven - my practice agenda

Check out my lesson here Phrygian Dominant Solo lesson

Gear : Ibanez RGT320q (I just love the neck-thru sustain), Washburn EA-20SDL (acoustic 6 string), Standard strat (Mexico), POD X3 Live

Some of my Guitar heroes: Jimmy Page, Slash, Kirk Hammett, Augusto Licks, Joe Satriani, Gus G, David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler...
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post Dec 26 2008, 02:17 PM
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Competitions Coordinator - Up the Irons
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Great entries guys, I'm stunned blink.gif

The competition is now closed, thank you so much for these awesome entries

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Rated Htr
post Dec 26 2008, 05:13 PM
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Experienced Rock Star

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QUOTE (audiopaal @ Dec 26 2008, 01:17 PM) *
Great entries guys, I'm stunned blink.gif

The competition is now closed, thank you so much for these awesome entries

How long will it take to know the results? smile.gif

Currently Practicing

Rhythm: Finnish Power Metal III: Nightwish
Legato: Ben's Land Of Legato
Alternate Picking: Alternate Picking Workout #5
Chords: Chord Melody Technique

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