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> December Challenges Poll!
Vote for your favourite take
Beginners Challenge entries
Organised Confusion [ 34 ] ** [79.07%]
Valentino [ 9 ] ** [20.93%]
Intermediate entries
Coffeeman [ 9 ] ** [20.93%]
Velvet Roger [ 15 ] ** [34.88%]
JamesT [ 3 ] ** [6.98%]
Vaialation1232 [ 16 ] ** [37.21%]
Advanced entries
Enforcer [ 14 ] ** [32.56%]
Bladzerok [ 10 ] ** [23.26%]
Purple Hayes [ 2 ] ** [4.65%]
GrindGuer [ 17 ] ** [39.53%]
Total Votes: 43
Chris Evans
post Jan 1 2009, 11:06 AM
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Learning Tone Guru - Community Coordinator & Moderator
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Apologies to all the entrants for the delay on this, Christmas and New Year kind of took over and I was not around as much as I expected to be!

So with out any further delay here is the poll for Decembers Challenges! smile.gif

here are the vids

Organised Confusion : https://www.guitarmasterclass.net/guitar_fo...st&p=299728

: https://www.guitarmasterclass.net/guitar_fo...st&p=303172

Coffeeman : https://www.guitarmasterclass.net/guitar_fo...st&p=300243

Velvet Roger : https://www.guitarmasterclass.net/guitar_fo...st&p=306144

JamesT : https://www.guitarmasterclass.net/guitar_fo...st&p=307446

: https://www.guitarmasterclass.net/guitar_fo...st&p=307849

Enforcer : https://www.guitarmasterclass.net/guitar_fo...st&p=310723

Bladzerok : https://www.guitarmasterclass.net/guitar_fo...st&p=309442

Purple Hayes
: https://www.guitarmasterclass.net/guitar_fo...st&p=309398

: https://www.guitarmasterclass.net/guitar_fo...st&p=306014

All great takes, nice to see entries accross all levels as well, well done guys and good luck! biggrin.gif

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post Jan 1 2009, 11:35 AM
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Experienced Tone Seeker

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post Jan 1 2009, 11:46 AM
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Learning Rock Star
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Good luck everybody! smile.gif

This post has been edited by Tolek: Jan 1 2009, 11:50 AM
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Velvet Roger
post Jan 1 2009, 12:00 PM
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Learning Tone Seeker
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Group: Student Instructor
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Voted smile.gif

"Don't practice until you get it right. Practice until you can't get it wrong."

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post Jan 1 2009, 12:19 PM
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WOW. This is difficult to choose from. Insanely hard. I went for them in the end though. The quality is great. smile.gif

Guitars:- Caparison Horus Snowcloud, Parker Nitefly M, Parker Nitefly SA, Gibson SG, Parker P10e, 40 Year Old Spanish Acoustic
Amps:- Framus Ruby Riot 2x12" stack
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post Jan 1 2009, 12:35 PM
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Group: Student Instructor
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Well, there are so many good players here that I think I dont even stand a chance biggrin.gif

Well It was worth trying...


incoming spoiler read it at your own risk!


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it, surely, spoiled me!!!

and may the force be with you :)
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post Jan 1 2009, 07:54 PM
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Experienced Rock Star & Challenge Star

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From: France
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I did vote. And it was not easy because there is a lot of entries. Nice work everyone !
Hey Kjutte, why did you remove you entry ? Another mistake ? wink.gif

�Million-to-one chances crop up nine times out of ten.�
― Terry Pratchett, The Light Fantastic
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post Jan 1 2009, 08:10 PM
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Great takes everyone.
Voted smile.gif

High speed, low drag

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Here you can find my
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post Jan 1 2009, 09:17 PM
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Learning Tone Seeker

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From: Cincinnati, Ohio
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Congrats to all. Hard to make I choice but I voted smile.gif

"Think of a guitar solo as a paragraph. You need a clear beginning, a middle, and an end. Look at musical phrases like sentences, and make sure you break them up using punctuation—or space. You pause naturally when conversing, right? If you don't, you'll bore the listener. The same thing will happen with your audience if your solo is one dimensional. You'll wear them out and lose their attention." —Tom Principato
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post Jan 1 2009, 09:43 PM
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Learning Tone Seeker

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From: Paris/France (..used to be german)
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Voted. Great takes everyone, really not easy to take a decision !!

Good luck smile.gif

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post Jan 1 2009, 10:13 PM
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Learning Roadie - Never Give Up - Moderator
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From: Charlotte,NC USA
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definitely some tough choices but I made them. Great job to all of you guys and good luck! smile.gif

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post Jan 2 2009, 06:27 AM
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Experienced Tone Seeker

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From: Bogota,Colombia
Member No.: 2.793

It was very hard to choose, very nice takes from everyone. Thanks to all who have voted for me.

The only thing yo can do, is what you love!

Visit my youtube
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post Jan 2 2009, 09:47 AM
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Learning Rock Star

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From: Bay Area, CA
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Voted! Thanks everyone!
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Pedja Simovic
post Jan 2 2009, 10:54 AM
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From: Nis, Serbia
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Voted !

When are final results published?

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Vinod Saranga
post Jan 2 2009, 11:33 AM
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Acoustic Instructor

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From: Colombo,Sri Lanka
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Voted biggrin.gif

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purple hayes
post Jan 2 2009, 01:03 PM
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Ultimate Guitar Hero

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From: USA
Member No.: 2.712

I'd like to send out a big thank you to whomever voted for me. My ego was really taking a beating for being the only entrant to not get any votes.

I was this close |--| to taking up the accordion.

My guitar bits on YouTube: <a href="https://www.youtube.com/duathlon70" target="_blank">https://www.youtube.com/duathlon70</a>
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post Jan 2 2009, 01:52 PM
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Learning Roadie
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From: Telford.Shropshire.England
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That was a tough vote, the advanced entries were very close in my opinion great work guys

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Ivan Milenkovic
post Jan 2 2009, 05:47 PM
Post #18

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Group: GMC Instructor
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From: Belgrade, Serbia
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Voted, it was a tough one, all the takes were very good guys. Good luck! smile.gif

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post Jan 2 2009, 11:17 PM
Post #19


Group: Members
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From: Madrid, Spain
Member No.: 5.951

hey! look at this! I have some votes smile.gif

Thanks guys, That means a lot.

Very nice takes here.

good luck!

If somebody finds a slice of finger call me please, surely is mine

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post Jan 3 2009, 12:15 AM
Post #20

Learning Guitar Hero

Group: Members
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Member No.: 3.977

ouch i don't think i will win laugh.gif there were lots of great takes this month ohmy.gif

anyway good luck everyone and i had lots of fun learning this! i will definetely try this month also smile.gif

My gears are:
-simon and patrick accoustic guitar
-ovation accoustic guitar
-Ibanez S320 electric guitar
-Ibanez RG7321 electric guitar
-Peavey valveking 112
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