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> The Daughter Of The Universe, Chapter 1: The End Begin (New story re-done)
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_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The Daughter Of The Universe
Chapter 1: The End Begin
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Through a foggy morning sky
The pale light was illuminated
A sudden flash of light with no sound
Consumed in the silence of the vaccuum

The ground shook beneath my feet
And the planet howled in pain
A single fissure crossed the planet in seconds
Opening it to the very core

The human forces struggled against
The barrage of gamma rays
Slowly the flames will sear through
Our delicate atomsphere

Night has fallen and the sky is empty
Stars falling to earth in a beautiful shower
(Of death)
Cities swallowed by the dismantled crust
Continents devoured in flames

Our existence is eaten away
By unseen jaws of unseen face
With no time to cry for our loss
We fall quickly to the void

I fall to the ground on my knees
Under gravity a hundred times stronger
My blood forced from wounds unopened
I try to cry but my voice is cut short

Atoms stretched to the point of fission
I feel myself being dissassembled
I force my eyes to the sky one last time
To see it blotted out by a single machine

Night has fallen and the sky is empty
Stars falling to earth in a beautiful shower
(Of death)
Cities swallowed by the dismantled crust
Continents devoured wholly
(In flames)
Xenocide on a scale as yet unseen
Existence has begun its death throes!


Earth's fragile shell has been crushed
Split in two by a monstrous cataclysm
13 billion dreams have turned to nightmares
13 billion lives has been erased from existence

13 billion years have pave passed
Our sleep is over

© Brett Windnagle, 2008

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

April 27th, 2692
Milky Way Galaxy
Planet Earth
2:32 am

The citizens of earth awakened in the night by a sudden flash of light, So bright it blinded those who saw it directly, Even though it was 100 kilometers above there atmosphere. This explosion was followed by a barrage of comets, Or what they perceived to be as such. Quickly as humanity looked into the sky, which was strangely empty, they realized it was not comets or asteroids that had fallen, But the stars themselves had fallen upon them. This was an attack.

No one saw who or what was attacking them, But it was if the universe itself had begun a single strike against earth. Gamma Rays stripped the earth of its atmosphere, leaving the sun to char the continents, setting them ablaze in a fire that consumed billions in its flame. The mass of the earth was multiplied by 100, Creating a pull so strong no one could move from the ground, there very blood being pulled from them.

But the final blow for earth was when a sudden super massive black hole had formed on Antartica. Though its existence was only a few nano-seconds, the black hole stripped half the earth away over the point of no return, Its pull able to rip the crust of the earth itself. Planet Earth was killed....

And no one knew why.

To Be Continued...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

For those of you who remeber, when this lyrics board first started, I began a series of songs called "The Daughter Of The Universe". Well since then I have learned alot from my previous efforts and songs. The Universal Equation was a feeble and in my eyes, failed, attempt to be able to condense a song with a big concept to a few songs. I realized I cannot do this, But I tried at least. Instead I am taking what I learned from all my other songs and suggestions from the people here on the lyrics board to redo my favorite set of songs. The story is essentially the same, which I will reveal later, and it has changed quite a bit though in some respects, But it will be more focused, So you can understand it better. Songs will have more easy to follow structure, So I hope you enjoy what I have done smile.gif

Thanks to all those who read all this crap, It means alot.
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