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> Band Drama :p
post Jan 25 2009, 07:55 AM
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Man, I'm so sick of drama. When I graduated Highschool i thought I was done with it tongue.gif

Nah, it's not that bad. We have our first show coming up next month so I am pretty excited about that. Just some things I'm rather aggravated about, most things that can/will be solved with a band meeting.

1. Our drummer that I posted about a while back never really got up to par. It's been way too long and he's had way too many chances. I think that we will get through this first show and might start looking for a better one. He had his warning and apparently didn't take it seriously. I remember last week we decided it might be fun to do a cover of Nemesis by Arch Enemy (how do you not love that song? tongue.gif). I had already learned the song on my own and our drummer says he had learned it too. Now, I don't know if he thinks that I only pay attention to my parts in the song, or I don't know how the song sounds or whatever but I can comfortably say he does not know how to play that song.

2. The main writers in the band are me and our other guitarist, obviously we are open to any suggestions, it isn't a dictatorship it just fell in that way. But guitarist #2 keeps writing riffs that sound so... eh not death metal at all. Like a couple of them here and there are ok but it sounds like soft rock most of the time. I haven't really mentioned that to him but the riffs get shot down every time one of them comes up, I would expect he'd get the hint. I mean he has added some cool stuff to the songs but lately it all sounds as if he has been listening to way too much Creed or something.

3. Not even a band issue but the other guitar player can't stay at home for more than 3 days. That dude calls me like every other day to see if I want to hang out or wants to clarify something for the band that can easily wait until practice. I mean I should be flattered that he considers me that close a friend but dang it! I like my me time XD

Yeah, I know a band meeting will fix problem 3 tongue.gif

I just felt like posting it I dunno. Anyway wish us luck on our upcoming show or pray if your religious. Since a death metal band sandwiched between modern rock and (gulp) emo. Might be unsettling to the audience.

Biggest issue is gonna be finding a replacement drummer especially since our rehearsal room has a bigger music scene than this entire state and he is the bass players brother.

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Toni Suominen
post Jan 25 2009, 11:52 AM
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I had similar problems with my former band. Our drummer didn't really develop that much, and we always had to play the same covers of Enter Sandman and such. Plus he started to go in another direction musically.

Discussing things openly is the key in a band. Like you said, a band meeting should clear a lot of things up. All problems should be addressed and talked about.

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Bogdan Radovic
post Jan 25 2009, 01:03 PM
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I think you are maybe overstressed because of the gig...I recommend waiting for gig to pass and than doing some serious talk would be good idea...Just see how the gig went , record it with a digital camera and then analyze and see if you are happy how the whole band performed...You can try inspiring the drummer to practice more..Just with a friendly attitude...Ask him about the problematic parts (you think he can't play) to see what he thinks about it (his performance there)..Remember , sometimes its easier to let the drummer practice more then to go out and find another one..Maybe he just didn't learn the cover he supposed to well , it happens...How does he perform your own songs ?

Regarding the second problem with guitarist...You need to sit down and talk with him to get your goals/ideas together..Tell them in which way band is going and ask him if he can compose "heavier" riffs/licks...Tell him when he makes a soft one that it sounds soft to you...This should not be a hard talk, I'm sure he'll understand.

Regarding the gig, well - I played a lot of times in between bands that play a "contrary different music" then ours and it went great..Call your friends to the gig , people who listen to genre of music you play..IF you put out a good performance audience will recognize it (no matter if they listen to rock or pop).They can feel when the band is good.

Just take it slowly , maybe wait for gig to pass for some more serious talks...I think its not that big of a "drama" and that it will all go well in the future..

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Ivan Milenkovic
post Jan 25 2009, 01:36 PM
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I agree with Bogdan, just take it easy and let the first gig pass. You will feel a bit different after that, and hopefully you will have material to analyze after the gig. The most important thing with bandmates is proper communication. Band cannot simply exist if you go into studio, play, go home, and that's it. Bandmates gotta talk about their opinions in a honest manner. If someone has a problem it can go a long way if not spoken right on the spot. I suggest you tell your drummer and other guitar player honestly what you think about their progress and work. Don't be cruel or hard on words. Tell them frankly what you think, and let them tell you what they think about your work as well. Ask other bandmates what they think about drummers work in the band and go from there. Also, you can give your fellow guitar player some of the music you're listening to, it may turn him around a bit.

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