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Apr 8 2009, 02:45 PM
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I play guitar. I record it at home , alone. It's my thing I can do all day everyday. I just jam a little , think of a riff for guitar 1 , loop it and improvise guitar 2. Like so I recorded several 'songs'. But they aren't songs... they are jamloops
I was satisfied then. I never did any musical education. I thought it was nice at the time. listen to them on

But now I will make Songs. I have already idea's for 2 songs. But I got problems getting to the recording. It must be prepared in advance, have a defenite structure and no other than the best possible. I tried everything, recorded a lot of times where I jammed in a half improvised way. But I never seem to be pleased about it. While some time ago I was often pleased with the first recording. It's because my goal is different now. I wanna make a really great song. And it does sound great to me as progressions. But it never has been worthy of the name song yet. I'll work on it, there's no doubt about that. But one song is kinda summer hit, happy song... it would be a nice summer fo me if I could just finish this song off. It will be my first, I 'm kinda patient type, but still...

What could be a nice way of making a bridge for a song, prechorus and nice structures, if this is what you know:

the song is kinda happy, but kinda slow.
I tune to Eb and play:

l D l C l D l C/G l the D is actually Dsus2 and the C is Cadd9 or with lowG added
as a progression in which G is the I chord. I think of doing less or maybe more resolving to G as a variation. But where would I best do these variations? within verses/chorus or between them or both and should I do the same variations again or new ones. It's really different than improvising. I now got these details to worry about... but it will be better and have structure that was intended.

I want to start off with the D C D C G - theme played once very sofly and getting a little louder with open chords.
Then repeating the theme more in the chorus way (on barre chords with hendrix style fills) with a smooth solo
Then the verse played with open chords and I do resolving to G only every other time.

l D l C l D l C l
l D l C l the last measures I do D C G
Do the measures change here, or what do you do here for musical correctness ?
I think it's 4/4 , would it be good to change this? I record here at home with some stupid non-programable drum device, the one you got inside a GNX4 digitech recorder. I would like to experiment with this also. variate drums and add fills, but is not possible with this device.

chorus with lyrics follow
verse 2 (now also played with barre chords)

for changing from verse to chorus or making a bridge:
I was told you can make great songs with only three chords, but it seems i do have to use another chord to fight boredom. Or other variations and stick with the D C G.
I've read about playing the main theme's intervals a full note higher or stuff like that for a bridge, and I think it would probably make sense in this song because of the happy sound. But I can't really sing high.

That's another thing if someone is interested to sing, I got lyrics... I do sing it, but well enogh for a recording, more suited for a barbeque...

Can you get menatlly crazy from cracking your head over these things and should I not be wasting my time with this recording on my own or should I get a band and try to convince them to play my song.

Please tell me something regarding anything I was telling, or don't.. already felt good to tell what was on my mind

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Ivan Milenkovic
Apr 9 2009, 10:55 PM
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Definitely don't spend your nerves pushing the creativity - creativity should push you! You cannot control it, and I advise you take a break from that song for a couple of days, and come back with a "fresh set of ears". The possibilities will look much different then. I've never heard a great song that had a poor vocal line, but most of them have 3 chords! What this means is that possibly you can fight boredom in your project by accenting the vocal line as a main focal point of the song. In every second of the song vocal line should do something logical and interesting for the listener. If you find a way to balance out what the listener is expecting and surprises in the melody that are waiting for him - you are on the way of making a hit! smile.gif
Also don't be afraid to show the work to some of the musicians people. Good author material can get you in the band in no time.

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