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> When To Get New Frets, and is it worth it on a MIM Strat
purple hayes
post May 1 2009, 01:09 AM
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I noticed the middle frets on my guitar are getting worn down. How do you determine if you need new frets? How much does it cost to get them replaced (US $ if you know)? Is it worth it on a cheaper guitar?

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post May 1 2009, 02:01 AM
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The frets ware off with the time but it takes quite some time to get them to the point where replacement is needed. Most of the time one of these two cases make a refretting neccessary:

1. You played a ''dent'' into your fret, making your string getting stuck when you bend, fret down, etc...
2. You wore of so much fret-material that by pushing the string down, your string does not touch the fret you're fretting anymore (because it's grinded down) and therefore touching the next fret (example: fretting a wornout 12th fret will give you the sound of the 13th fret)

If your guitar's neck has a binding then it is very expensive to get it refretted because the binding needs to be removed andput back on for the procedure and this takes a lot of work, it'll cost at least 200$ if you get a good price

If you have no fretboard binding then it's a piece of cake for a good luthier, should cost ~50-80$



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Ramiro Delforte
post May 1 2009, 07:34 AM
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Zack gave you a good advice, but there's also the fret rectifiying. That procedure level the frets to even that difference you've got from bending a lot and making little "holes" into the frets. That work can be done if those "holes" are not huge, if they are you have to replace the frets. This work I mention is a lot cheaper because is pretty easy.

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Sensible Jones
post May 1 2009, 11:06 AM
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Take it to a tech and see what he thinks about it! Any decent Tech would rather not do a re-fret if it's not needed!!!
He may tell you that the Frets just need 'Dressing' in which case he will file down all the other Frets to match the low points!
This should cost around $50 or so.
A full Re-fret will cost you upwards of $120.
On very rare occasions they might suggest a combination, whereby he'll replace single frets and then dress them to suit the originals.

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post May 1 2009, 11:38 AM
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As for the guitar being worth refretting... only you can tell!
It doesn't matter if it's an inexpensive guitar or not, what matters is how much you like playing it. If you love that guitar then you'll do whatever it takes to keep her alive smile.gif If you are not comfortable with it, I say save for a new one!

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