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> New Wave Collab, Final Mix and Comments!
Ivan Milenkovic
post Jul 31 2009, 07:54 PM
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Ok guys, here are comments and final mix of this collaboration, all in one place! smile.gif

Thanks a lot for participating and I hope to see you on the next collab as well! Cheers everybody! smile.gif


Rhythm: Great rhythmical build up in the first section using quarter notes on the upbeat followed but couple of eight notes after it, followed by longer note (usually bend) and continuing to use that rhythmical phrase couple of times. In the middle section there is nice logical progression, but I got the impression there are too many quarter notes towards the end of the solo. This is something that could easily be made even more interesting by breaking the equal note sequence and using eight notes here and there between those quarters. Two good lesson exercises that I can recommend for this is speed burst are these:
first one handling horizontal and second one handling vertical movements. Tempo is not important just the main concept.
Phrasing&Melody: Your phrasing ability is one of the best aspects of this solo. Good phrases and good logical connection between them. As I commented in the other collab on some previous takes, main thing is to keep the last strong note changing, this already gives a sense of movement within a melody. You are doing a very good job of it, by using very similar licks but changing the last note and inserting some effects as well to accent it more. Part with bends in the middle was very good, after that there are two faster sequences with the part between them that has a bend that doesn't have a very strong function there, it's a dead end, probably a moment of inspiration or fingers just went there not knowing what to do next in the same style, so you came back on that run once again. Small detail, but important to mention cause that bend could be used a bit more effectively by just changing timing of it.
Phrasing effects: Good use of pinched harmonics really stands out here, and accenting strong notes with it turned out great. Your vibrato is not very well controled, it is shallow and too fast, but it does have a certain positive character to it here, as it somehow goes along nicely with this kind of style. I would still prefer for you to achieve a better control with it, cause there is difference between controlled fast vibrato and uncotrolled one. Usually that difference is that controlled one is more even and steady. Here is one small video with some tips about doing hte bends that I've made for Toroso some time ago, you may find if useful:
Sound: Good intense sound that cuts well through the mix, with lots of treble and lots of gain. You inserted some (a bit dark) delay on it which adds nicely to the space, very subtle and not very audible in the mix which I find a positive thing, cause this kind of a track I think requires more of a natural dry raw type of sound. One thing that you should work on is muting techniques to remove all the unnecessary noise from your playing which will then really make your tone more defined and even sharper.


rhythm: Very good rhythmic placement can be heard throughout the whole solo. THe key word here is not logical but interesting in my opinion. ALthough all the solo parts are not connected and function together as a whole in rhythmic sense, they do keep the focus for the listener, and maintain a flow, although these are some simple rhythmic patterns (some eight note sequences, with a touch of swing feel here and there followed by longer duration, usually bended quarter or half). In essense all the parts were nice and solid, but what I can suggest is paying more attention to overall rhythmical structure. You understand when to insert a longer note to keep things more interesting, now try to possibly tie all those rhythmical phrases together to form a meaning, and possibly insert smaller note durations towards the end, maybe a mini run for a more effective ending wouldn't be a bad idea. Good thing to practice thins kind of stuff would be to take only 2 notes and make various combinations with them, this sharpens the rhythmic feel even on faster paced tracks.
Phrasing: You have a good sense for phrasing and the highlight of the track is actually first two phrases that have two parallel pairs of major seconds melodic sequences played at the end of each phrase which sounded like a great opening to me. After that you were kinda lost out there, using roots for landing, and on several phrases after that, perhaps 3 or 4 out of 5 prhases you landed on a root in a similar fashion. It is very important to keep things interesting and to land on several different notes to build a story from your phrases. This kind os structure resembles on a call/response structure with pairs of similar licks evolving but sounding similar cause the landing notes is often the root. Gotta fix that root and keep it more interesting. In the end the ending was a bit acquard as well cause of that C note, and then out of the sudden, without any logical connection playing a bluesy interval in the very end. Sounded cool to me, but I think more connection between those elements is needed, either by involving C somehow and inserting more notes to create a logical sequence to that last lick, or by keeping things simple and just dropping the C out of the equation completely, leaving only the bluesy lick in the end and possibly spicing it up with vibrato.
Phrasing effects: Very good and solid bending throughout the solo. I would prefer to hear a bit more vibrato use, and it has to be more solid, but with those kinds of bends you are on the right track. Keep it up.
Sound: The sound sounded buzy to me simply put. Very little dynamics, no punch and buzzy in the higher register mean one thing - too much distortion. Try to clip the sound lot less for the recording purposes - it will become more distorted later in the mix.


Rhythm: Starting solid with the rhythm, but problems with the middle part. Some notes are a bit off, specially in that accending run. Other than that I think you played everything very nice, sounds pretty solid to me.
Phrasing: Good use of pentatonics, first couple of phrases are great, and second couple is great as well, but the ending on the last one is that descending run that is a bit undefined rhythmically. After that there are some ascending/descending runs and not too defined phrases, so this part could use a bit more structure. In the end you finished nicely using build-up phrases, and god ending, although I would like to hear the root one octave higher, possibly bended.
Technique: You technique is in general good, and everything you play is pretty solid, leaning a bit towards metal styles mainly because of the palm muting that is often heard. This is not bad however, I think you managed to achieve a very cool HM vibe here. What I would like to hear more, and bends and vibratos, specially towards the end, and in the end itself.
Sound: Your sound was good, but as I said on the stormy collab, it lack some volumen, punch and cutting through the mix. This all can be very easily adjusted by using some EQ, and possibly lowering down ovedrive knob juust a tiny bit to increase overall definition.


Rhythm: Good rhythmical structure, very interesting in the first part, and good in the second part as well, very similar compared to the first one. I like the fact you took a main theme approach and it sounds very good. One thing that could be inserted are perhaps some longer notes in the middle or possibly developing rhythmically the main theme when you played it in second part of the solo. Not too much tho, but just inserting note here or there to keep it interesting and with some rhythmical jump outs.
Phrasing: Good main theme on the solo, catchy. Nicely balanced solo, but I feel you could do nicer climax and build the solo up in the middle part, specially on the second phrase in the middle part.
Technique: Everything is very good, I think your playing is pretty solid. I would like to hear couple of more bends, and possibly even a vibrato in the middle part on the second phrase tho.
Sound: Good sound, but I have a feeling it is not cutting well through the mix. I think spending a bit more time on adjusting the EQ will do the trick with that. Other than that it is good and smooth.


Rhythm: Very interesting rhythmic "islands" and phrases man. The solo progresses in a very interesting way and definitely has a great vibe to it. Some notes need some polishing, they are not perfectly in time, but this is technique issue not rhythmical. Overall, really well done on the rhythm part, sounds pretty cool.
Phrasing: Good phrasing, reminds me on British rock, and it is a very positive thing. There are 6 phrases here, actually 3 pairs of phrases, and the finishing one that is number 7 and seems similar to phrases 5 and 6. All pairs are great, and middle pair is brilliant. Sounds like a true british hit rock song from the 80ties. I think the weakest link is the ending itself, cause I woudl make a big build up using intervals and climb it up, possibly using tremolo playing or something like that. Similar build up techniques would make this really a stand out material.
technique: Pretty solid in my opinion. There are some noise issues, and not all notes came out perfectly clear, but I think everything is played on a very decent level, just needs a bit more polishing.
Sound: Very nice sound, really feels like British rock tone, but I would say it needs a bit more punch and mids to it to really make it nasty. Ovedrive is just right perhaps liiitle over the top (on the top end). All in all very good, and cuts nicely. I'm please to hear this take, it is very interesting.

Again, thank you very much for participating guys, great playing from all of you! smile.gif
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