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> Rated Htr's November Mtp Thread, Weekly assignments and uploads here
Pedja Simovic
post Nov 3 2009, 03:13 PM
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Hello Filipe!

Welcome to your MTP program.
I hope you will enjoy the assignments as much as I will enjoy working with you man.
For your 1st assignment this month, I have chosen to start some theory and harmony with you. Please let me know if you find the assignment too difficult or too easy for that matter, we shall change the pace as we go along.

1st assignment is due on November 10th (a week from today).

Theory reading :

- I would like you to read my posts from links provided below.
- Once you read it all, memorize 3 and 4 part harmony in C major scale.
- Learn to apply scale degrees rather then numbers ( I in C major is C, IV in C is F etc).
- Write out in this thread all notes for 3 and 4 part harmony in C major scale.

Here are the links:

Major scale harmony and chord functions


Let me know if you have any questions!


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Rated Htr
post Nov 3 2009, 09:34 PM
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Great topic Pedja, here's how i'm planning on doing. I already saw the major harmony stuff and recorded a video to show you my ideas and understanding, I'll upload it tomorrow as soon as I cover everything since I only did for the tonic understandment. Is that ok with you? I prefer video than writing because there you can see what I'm playing and how I'm applying it. Of course I'm gonna talk and write what you asked but I think I get more from MTP if I do it this way, ok with you? smile.gif

Well, I did the video anyway, here are a couple of notes

Please forgive my thinking hesitation
Please forgive my mouth tics
There's one part, when I'm comparing the C major chord to the E Minor Chord and I said A wasn't part of the C, and I said the E is part of it, I meant the opposite.
After giving a quick look at the cadence part I realised I did some cadences on the video.

The idea I had of cadences was the types...The ending with the dominant, creating that unfinished atmosphere. The resolve into the root chord, that sort of stuff, but I guess you generalised it for every mode.
The 3 part I already knew, because of the little mode knowledge that I have, usually to think of the chord in question, I think of the mode.

Dorian is minor, so the II is actually gonna be ii...So, if I'm playing in G Major, A ( the second degree ) is gonna be minor.

As for the 4 part, I do have to admit that it's the first time I've ever set eyes in this scheme, but it's still easy to guess. The 7th was added, but most the degrees perserve their nature cause the 3rd is the one that influences the chord. So I still keep the major degrees and minor degrees, just adding the 7th. The V is the dominant chord, I know that by the books, and you added the 7th now, and gave it the name G Dominant 7, speaking of the C Major scale. Why can't it be Gmaj7, it's still the V degree, why does it gain the name Dominant? I know it might sound stupid but I'm not thinking right now, it's 2:40AM laugh.gif.
The Diminished Chord, in terms of triad, is 1 b3 b5 so, in order to continue being like that, we have to mention the b5, since that's what makes it diminished. Since the 3rd decides wether it's major or minor, we have to point out it's b3, to make it minor ( and to be diminished cause I think that 1 3 b5 is a major chord with a flatten 5th, don't know the particular name for it ). Finally,if we add the 7th, we have a Bminor7b5 but, my question is, is it possible to call it Bdim7 aswell? Minor and 5b are the terms of the diminished triad as I mentioned.

So, you want me to write it down, how do you know I won't copy paste? ohmy.gif laugh.gif Just joking

C Major Scale with Triads
I - C E G ( 1 3 5 - Major Triad )
ii - D F A ( 1 b3 5 - Minor Triad )
iii - E G B ( 1 b3 5 - Minor Triad )
IV - F A C ( 1 3 5 - Major Triad )
V - G B D ( 1 3 5 - Major Triad )
vi - A C E ( 1 b3 5 - Minor Triad )
VII - B D F( 1 b3 b5 - Diminished Triad )

This formula happens because of the semitones between E and F and B and C which change the distance in some chords.

C Major Scale with 4 Note Chords
I - C E G B ( 1 3 5 7 - Maj7 )
ii - D F A C ( 1 b3 5 7 - min7 )
iii - E G B D ( 1 b3 5 7 - Min7 )
IV - F A C E ( 1 3 5 7 - Maj7 )
V - G B D F ( 1 3 5 b7 - (G)7 ) - Ok, it's the dominant chord and now I know why! Because the Dominant 7th has a minor seventh, if it was a major 7th, it would continue to be a simple GMaj7, right?
vi - A C E G ( 1 b3 5 7 - Min7 )
VII - B D F A ( 1 b3 b5 7 - Dim7 ) - Gonna call it like this until you tell me if it's incorrect or not.

And, I think I pretty much did the assignment, so if you want to give me something else to work with, or even the triads, I would be glad to do a video smile.gif

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Pedja Simovic
post Nov 4 2009, 01:05 PM
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Filipe well done man, you put a lot of effort I could tell man.
Unfortunately I have to close this thread for November. We can continue working in December. Read about it HERE please.

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