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> Funky Bluesy Collaboration, FINAL MIX & COMMENTS
Ivan Milenkovic
post Dec 8 2009, 12:41 AM
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Hey guys, here is the thread with summed up comments for this collab and final mix! smile.gif


Rhythm: Very articulate rhythmical figures that really blend into each other nicely and maintain the flow. What I would like here tho is to here some kind of a build up, some rhythmic phrase dynamics. Use of more longer notes, and possibly some more pauses (although ones that are there are doing the job). You had good sense for rhythm on this one, I think now it's time to tame that sense, so you make a more structured rhythmic take. Simple example would be : intro - slower, outro - faster.
Phrasing: Great phrasing, good note choice in whole solo in general. I can see you practiced some pentatonics, you really nailed those faster pentatonic passages down. The thin that could be a bit better is the ending, it has to be more effective. Similar to rhythm, you kinda jumped right on the climax of the solo in the beginning, so the structure as a whole was a bit unbalanced.
Techniques: From what I heard in previous collabs, your technique has drastically improved. You're playing is now faster, better and more articulate, and you nail those notes down to the money. I'm very glad because of this, and I recommend that you keep practicing those bends and vibratos a bit, they can mean a lot. Also try to incorporate some more longer vibrating notes, it will "water down" the faster bits nicely.
Sound: Very good tone, distortion was quite good, buzzy a bit, but veeeery little. It was more smooth than buzy. The thing that bothered me is the reverb - too big tail. Try cutting it short, no need for that much reverb in general. A LOT less reverb, and if you want to make it audible, increase the level slightly, or just EQ it so it pops out somewhere in the mix where there is room.


Rhythm: Great rhythmical phrasing throughout the solo. You have a great ability for syncopating the rhythm, more specifically holding the beat down and taming it with those long bends. This is very important to escape uniformity, and I think you really made a good progress in that field. One thing that I personally didn't quite liked as a listener is the fact that faster sequences were a bit scattered without strict note separation within a bar. I understand that faster sequences are something that doesn't have to be strictly in bar, but if you listen to great players, you will see that no matter how fast they play, notes will always be spot on rhythmically, and every note has this ability. If it doesn't this is done on purpose, so I suggest is just fine tuning the 16th and 16th note triplet runs a bit more.
Phrasing: Great punchy intro to the solo and good development throughout. Some great stock blues licks in there, but very nicely blended throughout the take. This is the proof of some mileage in blues jamming or natural talent for making a fluid solo. The thing that could be a bit better is possibly development in the second part of the solo. The structure here seems to get a bit loosy and uniform. I think you could also do even more effective ending with some nice long high bends for example. Just a suggestion for the ending tho. Structure needs a bit more development, so I suggest you focus more on the V-IV-I part of the blues progression. This kind of move is causing some issues I believe in this take.
Technique: Well played with a nice degree of dynamics in certain parts. I think in general your playing is solid and nothing stands out in a negative way. I can possibly suggest to focus more on those faster passages, and to really get those bends and vibratos fast and articulate.
Sound: Good clean sound that enables dynamics to be expressed via your playing. The tone is bit thin and cold, but this can be solved easily. In general it has a nice twang to it and sounds cool. The reverb is a bit box-like and shallow, sounds like a small room reverb that is unpleasant to hear in general, specially on headphones. What I suggest is inserting more deeper reverb with bigger feedback time value.


Rhythm: Good rhythmic structure throughout the solo. I think the overall balance was achieved in this take, but I also thing phrases could be connected in a bit more natural way. I can recommend possibly the use of more longer notes on occasions, and use of syncopation here. Timing was in general good, but I think more precise playing could also be implemented. When doing those fast speedpicking patters, I recommend more control and putting every note into place for more effective results.
Phrasing: Good use of pentatonic scale and blues scale. In general all the phrases used were very good. The thing that could be a bit better is the accenting of the chords. Although everything was sounding very nice and in tune, I think you could build a bit more natural melody by using strong notes of each chord when they come into play. This would enhance the connection with the backing. When I take away the backing it is a bit hard for me to determine what was the music over what you played, which is very important.
Technique: Overall everything was played very nicely and precisely. There are couple of techniques that could use some fine tuning. Bending could be more in pitch, vibrato more wider and slower, and speedpicking more accurate.
Sound: The sound could be better. It lacked dynamics, but also lacked drive as well. The tone was phase shifted in unnatural digital way, and although it was heard very nicely, I think you should investigate more to find a bit more natural tone with more sustain. The tone wasn't harsh and had good space which was positive.


Rhythm: The timing was good, and the way you blended rhythm with the backing was good, but I must say the take was quite uniform in structure. The first part was full of long notes that didn't quite round up as a whole, and in the second part there were repetitive licks that didnt' quite have function in relation to the longer notes as well. I think more use of various note durations, and better structuring would do the trick.
Phrasing: Phrases used were good, and there were some nice call & response pairs during the whole take. I really liked the melody on the last couple of phrases. The thing I noticed is that you land phrases too much on the root, which adds to the uniformity of the improvisation, and makes all phrases sound similar, specially the longer ones. I suggest you analyze the chords, and start applying other important notes on the landing spots as well.
Technique: Vibrato was quite nicely controlled, wide and precise and on the right places. Bending was accurate as well, but I think yoru bending vibrato needs just a bit more fine tuning. In general everything was played good, and except from some string noise here and there your playing is great.
Sound: Good sound, a bit phasey sounding because of the digital modeling, and slightly buzzy, but it was nice and smooth. Amount of delay and reverb was too much, try cutting down a bit, to add a bit of warmth and "in-face" feel of your playing.
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Daniel Realpe
post Dec 8 2009, 03:41 AM
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great takes guys!

nice backing track!

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