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post Aug 29 2010, 09:28 PM
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Hey guys!

I'm in desperate need for some new monitors on my computer, because I know have some real crappy ones. I wanted to spend about €50 on a multi-functional set op logitech boxes, but now my eye felt on these:

The M-Audioi AV 30 Studiophile. I know M-audio makes some nice products and now I have two questions:

- can I hook these up easily to my pc?

-what do you think about these monitors?

I know that a set of €500 monitors will be of better quality, but I'm just not willing to spend that smile.gif



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post Aug 29 2010, 09:53 PM
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I use 2.1 Logitech Inspire T3100 desktop speakers and for 50 € they do a nice job. I even got the same ones for my gf's laptop smile.gif

I like them because I listen to music when I'm doing other stuff around the house, and they are better suited for that purpose than near field monitors. They are worse for mixing (obviously), but i don't do much mixing anyway wink.gif

As for those AV30s, they might work... but if you really want to get some good monitors I'd go for something with 6'' (but they will be more expensive...). Just my 2 cents anyway.

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Todd Simpson
post Aug 30 2010, 01:35 AM
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The good news is that you can get pretty good monitors pretty cheap.

Before we get in to purchase mode though, it's important to note a couple of things. There is an old saying "Whatever your mixing speakers are good at, your mixes will be bad at" So if your mixing speakers are really good at mid range and high range, then your mixes tend to sound flat when played on systems with a flat e.q. curve. If your speakers have great bass, then your mixes may lack bass when played on a system with a flat e.q. response.

Ideally, you want your speakers to be "neutral" without too much boom, or tweet. That way, you know what you are getting in your mix. If your speakers accentuate any part of the sound spectrum, it will be obvious when you play the mix on other systems.

I use two pair of monitors, KRK ROKIT 6 and Alesis MK2.
Both are paired to a subwoofer. I go back and forth between them when mixing which is a common approach. Mixing on just one pair of speakers can yield uneven results when played back outside of your mix room.

You can save money by using your own amplifier/reciever/home stereo or whatever to power your monitors. My Alesis are powered by a Sony 5.1 consumer amp. The KRK are self powered but more expensive. Here's a pic.
Attached Image

You can get powered KRKs at the site you are looking at for 295 Euro with Isolation pads!

Attached Image

If you are really only looking at spending 50 Euro, you might be better off getting a good pair of shure mixing headphones as they will be a TON more accurate than the little pc speakers you are thinking of. Sadly, speakers that small have no bass and are not good to mix with. You could always just run your PC out in to your home stereo until you can save up some more cash. Whatever you decide, make sure you listen to any speakers before buying them and play music through them that is roughly what you will be trying to record. E.g. take your cd with you to the store and crank em up smile.gif


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