Chat Premier! 2007-05-08
Kristofer Dahl
May 14 2007, 03:55 PM
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11:04:06 Kristofer Dahl:Guitar Heaven: Question that is
11:04:11 Andrew Cockburn:Guitar Heaven: Yes, what are you gonna eat?
11:04:14 Andrew Cockburn:Guitar Heaven: lol
11:04:21 Kristofer Dahl:Guitar Heaven: I don't know
11:04:29 Kristofer Dahl:Guitar Heaven: But I know that Im hungry
11:04:41 Kristofer Dahl:Guitar Heaven: A sandwitch I gues
11:04:51 Kristofer Dahl:Guitar Heaven:
11:05:04 Andrew Cockburn:Guitar Heaven: ok See you later - I'm heading off to do some work at last
11:05:30 Kristofer Dahl:Guitar Heaven: See you guy later - cheers!
11:05:34 Andrew Cockburn:Guitar Heaven: bye
11:12:25 blindwillie:Guitar Heaven: hey! nice
12:05:16 Bulletproof:Guitar Heaven: man andrew..I need to take a break from your theory much to absorb; But it's amazing stuff
12:06:04 Bulletproof:Andrew's Theory Room: man andrew..I need to take a break from your theory much to absorb; But it's amazing stuff
12:06:14 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: lol
12:06:45 Bulletproof:Andrew's Theory Room: I deff. see how in the long run it will be the icing on the cake when improvising solo and whatnot
12:06:46 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Great thing about theory is you can just dip in every so often
12:06:51 Bulletproof:Andrew's Theory Room: exactly
12:12:17 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: Hey hey hey!!
12:12:26 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: Just stopped by to say "HELLO"
12:12:26 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Hey Pavel!
12:12:34 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Cool
12:12:40 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: it's my first chat here - looks great!
12:12:56 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Yes it is - lost of good stuff happening here!
12:13:12 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: It takes the interaction to a whole new level, its really cool
12:13:18 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: I am sure we'll have a crowd here later in the evening (it's 18:13 here in Croatia)
12:13:44 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Yep - it was busy earlier when people in the US first got up
12:13:54 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: And Kris dropped in as well
12:14:10 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: Forum acticity will decrease now hahaha everybody will be here for chat
12:14:16 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: activity*
12:14:19 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Yep
12:14:36 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: We'll see - I bet some people will try it then go bacl to the fporum
12:14:46 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: This way we don't haev to exchange IM numbers - just get in here and chat - awesome!
12:14:56 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: but its really cool to chat with people you ahve been posting with for months
12:15:10 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: it's also easier to explain things!
12:15:19 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Yes - a lot quicker
12:15:48 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: So how is the new "Hand Control" lesson going? did you try to play it?
12:15:52 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: I like that we can make our own rooms as well
12:16:04 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Not yet - I didn;t have any time last night
12:16:18 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: But I will for sure cos its just what I need ight now!
12:16:24 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: it was VERY useful for me - when i first thought about it and started to compose the whole piece it was pretty sloppy hehe
12:16:40 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: LOL - you playing sloppy? I don;t believe it!
12:17:02 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: I like it because it sounds really cool - a great composition in its own right, and teaches you a lot of stuff at thge same time
12:17:48 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: hmmm....i jsut got some strange CHAT problems...
12:18:07 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: sorry - had to reaload page
12:18:19 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: lol - hope it is working now
12:18:23 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: if i try to open another page in another firefox TAB the chat window messes up
12:18:25 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Its working great for me
12:18:36 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: Hey Ezra!
12:18:40 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Looks like you can only be in one chat room at once
12:18:47 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: yeah
12:18:59 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: i tried to open GMC Forum in another window
12:19:03 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: but that's enough if it's crowded in gutiar heavebn i think
12:19:04 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: it was not chat...
12:19:12 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Hmm wierd
12:19:59 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: yep - if you open chat in other browser it kicks you
12:20:07 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: haha cool - you can definitely be in only one chat
12:20:07 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: ok
12:20:19 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: betcha I can be in two ... hang on ...
12:20:31 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: yeah - using 2 PC-s haha
12:20:56 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: heh -0 didn;t think of that way
12:20:59 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: well - i am talking to Internet expert so i think you'll find a way
12:21:01 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: no cheating huh!
12:21:09 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room:
12:21:14 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room:
12:21:23 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Damn, my machine is about to hang I think
12:21:37 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: hehe cool! it want's you to start practicing guitar hehehe
12:21:49 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: No more chat - back to practice
12:21:52 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: :-D
12:21:54 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: yes - thats a big risk here - we all chat and don't practice!!!
12:21:57 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: i always play guitar behing my pc /m/
12:22:07 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: yeah, me too
12:22:13 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: i am sure Kris put some kind of limitation here - if you chat too long - the chat burries your genitals hahaha
12:22:21 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: ROFL
12:23:02 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: i also play guitar while chatting on PC very often
12:23:11 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: ok
12:23:28 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: I gotta reboot ... brb
12:23:29 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: sometimes i forget to practice, thats pretty annoying
12:23:33 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: laters
12:23:34 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: i think you can't use the same log-in for chat to open it twice
12:25:12 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: brb - just want pick up my guitar
12:25:18 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: cool
12:26:05 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: back ...
12:26:26 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: me too - got my guitar!
12:26:58 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Cool - I'm supposed to be working, got a Solution Overview document to finish today
12:27:36 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: that's really annoying - i jsut got back from university - tired as hell
12:27:53 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: and hours of practice still to do ...
12:28:06 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: But you owe it to your fans
12:28:16 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: yeah!
12:33:43 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: pavel you ghave 2 youtube pages right? if i can remember correctly
12:33:52 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: i forget the new one
12:34:42 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: i have 1 youtube account - 1 video there, i deleted the other 2, and i have one regular website
12:35:05 Bulletproof:Andrew's Theory Room: man pavel..that sweeping lesson is great. You make it look too easy(Not fair)!!
12:35:06 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: ohhh thats why there only one vid
12:35:27 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: thanks man! - yeah i deleted them because they are old
12:36:42 Granite:Andrew's Theory Room: hey guys anyone listen to Andy Timmons? i found him recently and am really liking his style alot
12:36:50 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Yeah, I figure if I can get a Jem like pavel, and his exact amp setup etc I could sweep liker that
12:37:04 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: hahahaha yeah right! hahaha
12:37:12 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room:
12:37:24 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: yeah i heard of Andy Timmons
12:38:05 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: yup me too
12:38:46 Granite:Andrew's Theory Room: i learning his song Deliver Us right now, killer tune
12:39:53 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: sorry - i am not familiar with his song names
12:41:41 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: jamming around with the same riff idea right now....trying to finish it to make a lesson for Thursday...Rock Rythm 7
12:42:29 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: lol 7 already
12:42:33 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: yep
12:43:15 Granite:Andrew's Theory Room: Pavel are some of those lessons pieces of songs from the album you said you are working on?
12:43:25 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: no - not even 1
12:43:47 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: the lessons i make are far away from the style i make compositions for album..
12:44:10 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: brb Im goign to try to record my new song, lets see how it turns out with my webcam hahah
12:44:27 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: good luck
12:44:33 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: ty
12:48:27 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: Hey guy
12:48:30 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: s
12:48:57 Granite:Andrew's Theory Room: hey Rv
12:49:36 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: hello Rvd
12:54:52 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: whatsup pavel
12:55:09 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: making a new lesson right now
12:55:29 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: you're not on msn
12:55:56 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: no - we have chat now
12:56:20 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: but still, msn owns
12:56:43 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: back....
12:56:49 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: k
12:56:59 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: gotta get used to this chat behaviour
12:57:15 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: like opening tabs and windows...
12:57:23 Leviathan:Guitar Heaven: So this is the new chat?
12:57:55 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: hey guest
12:58:44 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Guests can;t reply
12:58:51 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: ahh, hmm
12:58:52 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: They need to sign up ...
12:58:54 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: hey andrew
12:58:59 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Hey!
12:59:18 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: and pavel, i took your advice, i screwed around with my floyd and set it up perfect now
12:59:51 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: cool
13:00:02 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: but i have one question
13:00:23 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: you know the studs to lower and raise the action, which way do you turn to lower - clockwise or anticlockwise?
13:00:43 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: clockwise to lower
13:00:53 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: ok, thanks alot
13:01:01 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: np
13:08:03 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: pavel, will changing the action mess with the tuning? meaning that i have to adjust screws again?
13:08:21 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: you'll just have to tune the strings with fine tuners
13:08:30 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: it doesn't screw strings a lot
13:09:04 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: i usually run out of uhhhh screw length
13:09:15 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: is pretty irritating
13:09:18 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: ez, ive been meaning to ask, what guitar do you have?
13:09:33 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: Ibanez rgt 6 ex
13:09:44 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: but it's a limited edition
13:09:48 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: edge pro?
13:09:51 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: yes
13:09:57 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: 2 i think
13:10:01 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: edge pro II
13:10:02 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: cool, i got a RG1570MRB
13:10:12 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: allright
13:10:50 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: brb
13:11:28 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: pavel, i got a idea for a lesson
13:11:35 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: go ahead
13:11:40 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: wammy bar tricks
13:12:30 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: yeah i know but i didn't think of any solo to use all of them
13:12:43 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: maybe some day...
13:12:54 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: ask kris to let you do an explanitory lesson
13:14:06 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: i'll see now if i can make some solo for a lesson for WB tricks
13:14:17 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room:
13:14:24 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: back soon, going to tinker with my floyd
13:15:33 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: WAVE export function on guitar pro rules !
13:21:55 BalysLTU:Guitar Heaven: Hey Hey Hey!
13:22:10 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Hey Hey Hey!
13:22:15 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: *meow*
13:22:22 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: hey
13:22:28 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: OMG!
13:22:35 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: what?
13:22:42 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Tis my favorite guitarist with thou I speak?
13:22:47 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room:
13:22:51 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: hahahaha
13:24:02 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: I might aswell uninstall CS:S and spend my free from guitar time here
13:24:22 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: haha yeah - that's a good idea
13:25:29 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: So how r u Pavel?
13:25:57 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: good thanks! Rvddps gave me idea for whammy bar tricks lesson so right now i am in the middle of writing it
13:27:43 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Cool Because my guitar has a whammy and I dont know how to use it
13:27:48 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Well I do know how to use it
13:27:51 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: cool
13:27:58 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: it will be of good use than
13:27:59 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: But I dont know "where" to use it and when to use it
13:28:01 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: ah youi know what I mean
13:28:14 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: yep
13:28:27 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: still. GMC has so many lessons that I dunno where to start. Im doing your alternate picking lessons now.
13:28:38 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Just learnt the whole first lesson. Going for second and third.
13:28:52 Slayer_of_chords:Andrew's Theory Room: Hey
13:29:09 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Gonna play with my metronome cause Im having a hard time keeping up with it Hey slayer
13:29:10 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: hey Slayer
13:29:32 Slayer_of_chords:Andrew's Theory Room: hey pavel, how you do'in?
13:30:01 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: fine, thanks!
13:30:40 Slayer_of_chords:Andrew's Theory Room: I got to say, you got awsome lessons. I can learn alot from your lessons.
13:30:54 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: great man that's really cool! Thanks
13:33:31 Slayer_of_chords:Andrew's Theory Room: Hey pavel, can you help me with Artificial Harmonics?
13:33:38 Fsgdjv:Andrew's Theory Room: yeah, I gotta say that aswell, pavel, you're great and I would've been like 10 times worse without your lessons
13:34:07 Slayer_of_chords:Andrew's Theory Room: or you andrew?
13:34:18 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: Fsgdjv: thanks man! I am glad you're improving using my lessons!
13:34:19 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: I;ll try ...
13:34:27 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: Slayer: what's the problem eith it?
13:35:20 Slayer_of_chords:Andrew's Theory Room: I dont know, I just can't figger out how should I make it.
13:35:49 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: You could check out my harmonics theory lesson ...
13:35:57 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: There is some info in there
13:36:13 Slayer_of_chords:Andrew's Theory Room: ok
13:36:40 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: well yeah, Andrew's explanation is very informative and also i think a video of it wiould be the best - i'll record it tomorrow together with lesson and post in the forum
13:37:02 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Yeah - explanations are good, but seeing it done is the best way
13:38:22 Slayer_of_chords:Andrew's Theory Room: cool
13:40:26 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: ok i think i jsut solved my problem about Thursday lesson - Whammy bar tricks! hehe
13:40:44 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: the biggest problem is to tab it in GP
13:41:02 Slayer_of_chords:Andrew's Theory Room: it will be cool lesson.
13:42:00 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Yeah, GP is pretty good, but that is probably a step beyond it!
13:42:29 Granite:Andrew's Theory Room: the videos will be the key to a lesson like that anyways i think
13:44:37 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: yeah - GP can't tab all you cn play on guitar
13:50:00 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: well yeah - GP sucks for Whammy bar tricks so i will just tab the notes so you'll have to follow the video in order to know where to use whammy bar
13:50:23 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: yeah, sounds like a good plan
13:50:24 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: i just tried to use the "Tremolo Bar" tool inside it - it's useless
13:50:37 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: LOL
13:50:50 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Hey, Kris just announced we have a Jazz/Fusion instructor
13:51:36 Fsgdjv:Andrew's Theory Room: nice, sounds great
13:51:51 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Damn, makes it harder for me ...
13:52:06 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: I've been torn between rock and Jazz for a while now ....
13:52:13 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Now I will have to learn bot !!!
13:52:19 Fsgdjv:Andrew's Theory Room: poor you!
13:52:22 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: LOL
13:52:28 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: haha yeah - jazz iz great - but tons of theory to know
13:52:36 Fsgdjv:Andrew's Theory Room: I've wanted to learn jazz for ages, so
13:52:37 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: i'm still more of metal shred man....
13:52:53 Fsgdjv:Andrew's Theory Room: theory is the easy part of gutar playing for me
13:52:54 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: i don't make lessons in that style but that's the only thing i play at home
13:53:16 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Leavin aside the differences in musical approach, I wonder how much tecnique overlap there is? Quite a lot I would guess
13:54:50 Granite:Andrew's Theory Room: metal styles really use more techniques than jazz, jazz just uses more scales and extremely rich harmonies
13:55:34 Granite:Andrew's Theory Room: but techniques like sweeping and string skipping arent really so common in most jazz, at least not as blatant use of them
13:56:31 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: i think i just the Whammy bar tab going! hehe - i think you'll haev all the symbols there! lol
13:56:39 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: brb
13:59:34 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: I agree about the harmonic side, definately, but speed picking is speedpicking if you do it in jazz or metal I guess
14:00:00 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: I'm pretty sure there will be some crossover and benefots to learning both
14:02:28 Granite:Andrew's Theory Room: oh no doubt, i was just meaning that things like really long sweep picking runs arent really seen in jazz, but in metal they will compose sections of a song around them
14:03:05 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Yep, you're right - sweeps, chugging, power chords are all very metal
14:05:28 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: that's why everyone of us likes some certain style the most
14:06:09 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Yeah - I love jazz because I learnt a lot of Jazzy stuff at school - love all the complex chords
14:07:18 Granite:Andrew's Theory Room: yeah.....I wish I would stick to one style more, I think I;d benefit from that, but I jump between doing classical fingerstyle, to metal, to basic jazz stuff
14:08:10 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Exactly! I am a little torn because I would love to be able to play Jazz solos, but I have so much work left to do with sweeping, speedpicking, stretches etc
14:08:30 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Focus is the way to brilliance
14:09:20 Granite:Andrew's Theory Room: nice way to put it, I agree
14:10:21 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: i love fast playing and the technique stuff so much that i don't eevn try to learn jazz for now
14:10:52 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: I'm back
14:11:23 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: hey man! you'll have the Whammy bar tricks this week! hehe
14:11:31 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: just got a lesson on that
14:11:53 Granite:Andrew's Theory Room: chat room is paying off already!
14:11:54 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: i was reading
14:12:10 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: just fixed my guitar, tightned a few screws and lowered the action
14:12:19 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: thanks for idea because i am out of inspiration this week
14:12:24 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: now its beautiful
14:12:38 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: well, ill take some of the erm cash you get them
14:12:40 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: then-
14:12:42 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: then*
14:12:54 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: hahaha
14:12:57 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: Allo all
14:13:05 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: hey, right, ill be back later
14:13:09 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Nooo!!! Pavel needs that for hi new 7 stringer!
14:13:16 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Hi Gaelan
14:13:23 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: he can buy me a 7-stringer
14:13:28 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: lol
14:13:30 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: allo again Andrew
14:13:31 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: yeah! i am not giving you my Universe hahaha
14:13:36 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: hehe
14:13:39 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: just the JEM then?
14:13:47 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: I want the Jem!!
14:13:53 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: i already got it
14:13:56 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: too slow
14:13:58 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: damn
14:14:13 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: hahaha you stole my Universe haha
14:14:21 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: I need a good rig for blues and country rock.... without going Fender
14:14:25 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: oh i did didnt i, oh well, ill have 2 guitars then
14:14:37 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: I'm up to my eyeballs in theory right now
14:14:39 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: gaelan. try gibson??
14:14:48 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Les Paul
14:15:04 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: you know what's the funny stuff?? i never actually learned theory!
14:15:05 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: A lot of soul for blues
14:15:06 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: or if your on a budget, go epiphone
14:15:14 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: Thinking about it, problem is I am in a hick town that seems to specialize in models from C&G
14:15:18 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: im trying to lrarn now
14:15:26 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: learn*
14:15:33 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: ^^ refering to theory
14:15:33 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Pavel - that explains why you suck as a guitarist - not!
14:15:44 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: yeah i know i suck!
14:15:48 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: lol
14:15:52 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room:
14:15:54 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: ladies and gentlemen, i think we have a fight on our hands
14:15:54 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: If only I sucked as bad a syou
14:16:01 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: hahahaha
14:16:02 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: lol
14:16:15 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: who wants to place bets on a guitar duel between pav and andrew
14:16:23 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: what are the odds?
14:16:23 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: i bet pavels jem that he will win
14:16:24 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: no way, Pavel would own me
14:16:31 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: with one hand
14:16:35 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: exactly, see, im betting his guitar
14:16:45 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: ahhh
14:16:57 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: you know - when i was learning theory in music school - i never payed attention to actual USAGE of it!
14:17:01 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: well I am workin on a project and if it pans out I want a JEM
14:17:04 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: I can;t actually play at all, I just talk about it
14:17:10 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: then I"ll give kiddo my current rig
14:17:17 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Jem! Yes!
14:17:18 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: but now when i am writing lessons i realize i actually know lots of things but i never think about them when playing
14:17:30 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Thats the way ti was with me too -
14:17:41 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: still trying to figure out a good starter rig for him cuz that acoustic he has is another C&G model
14:17:47 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: I didn;t realize I knew anything about theory untilk I sat down and thought about it
14:18:03 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: now you do kickass lessosn about it
14:18:25 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Thanks
14:18:37 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: I appreciate that coming from the shred master himself!
14:18:43 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room:
14:19:18 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: really man! You can actually type so much text about subject as simple as MAJOR scales! i mean - hey! Where did you get it from??
14:19:33 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: Heya while I got a cople more experienced players available... can one of you explain to me the differences between normal scale and 3/4 scale guitars??
14:19:49 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: are the 3/4's jsut shorter??
14:19:56 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: LOL - it all just flows out of my brain, you store it up over the years, and I've been playing for about 30 years now
14:20:13 Granite:Andrew's Theory Room: yeah, 3/4 means 3/4 scale length of the neck
14:20:15 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: wow - 30 years!!
14:20:27 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: started age 10, I'm 30 now
14:20:34 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: I wasted at least 15 of those though
14:20:46 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: I'm 34 next month
14:20:57 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Happy Borthday!
14:21:01 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: been noodling for about 20 years and still can't play anything
14:21:04 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: lol
14:21:05 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: (in advance)
14:21:07 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: lol
14:21:32 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: For some of that I have concentrated more on recording and arranging than guitar technique
14:21:33 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: tks much for my BD I want a lifetime supply of hair dye for my beard and sideburns....
14:21:56 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Good plan
14:21:57 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: half way to santa claus already **cries**
14:22:04 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: lol
14:22:13 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: hahaha
14:22:36 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: woohoo 999 links for my book
14:22:54 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: jsut gotta go threu em and get rid of the garbage ones
14:23:36 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: I'm compiling an ebook.. "1001+ l for Guitarists
14:23:53 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: oops 1001 resource links*
14:24:00 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Cool
14:24:15 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: debating on wether I should sell it or not though
14:24:15 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Make sure at least 900 of them are GMC
14:24:56 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: GMC is already first link on my site
14:25:04 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: smack on the main page
14:25:15 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Excellent - get Kris to pay you for reciprocal linkage!
14:25:25 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: can i have link to my site there??? lol
14:26:11 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: kidding !!
14:26:20 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: PM me your URL Pavel
14:26:48 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: I'm serious... I'll figure out a way to get ya either into the book or the site
14:27:08 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: nah really - just kidding man! but anyway here it is:
14:27:17 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: all small letters!
14:27:37 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: I'm currently working on a couple interviews.... waiting for responses from agents...
14:27:55 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Interview Pavel!
14:27:57 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: looking to interview indie bands
14:28:57 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: gonna ask em for tips on practicing, maybe some licks etc
14:29:29 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: cool
14:29:34 Granite:Andrew's Theory Room: i bet your better off asking pavel!
14:29:54 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: lol well, I'll harass Pavel soon enough
14:29:55 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: NO, I'm not worthy
14:30:29 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: man I wish I could load the chat on my PDA
14:30:47 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: What, your PDA doesn;t support Java ? Disgraceful wink.gif
14:30:51 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: hahaha the chat is awesome hahaha
14:31:12 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: if it does I haven't figured out how to get it installed
14:31:17 Robin:Andrew's Theory Room: Indeed. Good entertanment while practicing
14:31:18 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: lol
14:31:21 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: it's soemthing my cell co overlooked
14:31:25 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Hi Robin!
14:31:32 Robin:Andrew's Theory Room: heja
14:32:24 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: anyways... I need to scoot again... lunch hours are never long enough
14:32:56 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: seeya
14:33:07 Robin:Andrew's Theory Room: bye
14:33:12 Robin:Andrew's Theory Room: wow, awesome
14:33:16 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: lol
14:33:23 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: We're all like kids with a new toy
14:33:35 Robin:Andrew's Theory Room: Indeed, this is keeeewl
14:33:36 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: take care all... be back in about 5.5 hours LOL
14:33:43 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: ok bye!!
14:33:52 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: Yeah indeed - this is a TOY! hahaha
14:33:56 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: gotta go finish the shift as a wage slave
14:33:58 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: But guitar is still a better toy! hahha
14:34:02 Gaelan:Andrew's Theory Room: **poof** gone
14:34:36 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: the new lesson tab is almost finished as we speak hehe
14:34:48 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: btw Andrew - i managed to tab all the whammy bar moves!!
14:35:25 Robin:Andrew's Theory Room: btw, I'm recording some stuff here, but the problem is, I cant possible play a shuffle rythm on bass/drums with a straight beat. I use a drum machine as a metronome. Anyone know if its possible to get a shuffle rythm? software or maybe metronomes? I'm using ProToolssomething
14:35:34 Robin:Andrew's Theory Room: possibly*
14:36:07 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: You did - wow, I'm imprssed!
14:36:45 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: The drum machine ought to have some shuffle rythms
14:36:59 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Playting shuffle to a straight beat will make your brain bleed ..
14:37:11 Robin:Andrew's Theory Room: you dont say? Huh, Its a bit new. Havent really gotten into reading about it, I'm playing manually >_<
14:37:14 Robin:Andrew's Theory Room: indeed
14:37:18 Robin:Andrew's Theory Room: its fucked >_>
14:37:35 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: You quite often get something called "swing" or something like that
14:37:40 Robin:Andrew's Theory Room: been playing the bass and drums a hundred times now, I never get it right. Well thanks, I'm gonna check it out later
14:37:56 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: it might be a separate function, or might be buiult into the patterns
14:39:27 Robin:Andrew's Theory Room: I just recently started a 1man blues band. When I get the song done, I might make a lesson of it
14:39:43 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: lol - like it!
14:40:36 Robin:Andrew's Theory Room: oh my god, I just noticed this chat got the same awesome smileys as the forum laugh.gif
14:40:39 Robin:Andrew's Theory Room: huh
14:40:47 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: yeah! smiles are great
14:40:49 Robin:Andrew's Theory Room: lol
14:43:19 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: pavel ,how about a sneak peak for the person who inspired you, eh ?
14:44:08 lefty01:Guitar Heaven: hi all.
14:44:46 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: no videos yet - only tabs
14:44:58 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: video recording coming tomorrow
14:45:34 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: hi all.
14:45:51 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: hey
14:46:04 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: hey pavel...thanks for all your great work on here
14:46:48 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: thanks a lot man!!
14:46:58 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room:
14:47:31 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: this is great, we can live chat now. I hope it up 24/7, that would be a great help, since we are all in diif parts of the world.
14:47:52 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: yep - it's 20:50 here right now
14:48:06 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: where are you?
14:48:12 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: Croatia
14:48:18 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: I seeeeeeeeeeee
14:48:31 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: uSA, alomst 1500hrs
14:48:45 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: how long have you been playing?
14:49:42 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: 4 years classic guitar, 4 years electric
14:50:05 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: wow! you've really dev. quickly;)
14:50:22 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: i hope you can say it's quick
14:50:38 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room:
14:50:42 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: is. you sound much more exp
14:51:09 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: He is - check his sig - its not the days you practice its the hours
14:51:17 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: i'm 38, but only playing about a year. playing has made leaps and bounds since joining GMC.
14:51:20 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: indeed
14:51:31 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: my thought exactly...Hi Andrew.
14:51:37 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: hi
14:51:51 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: GMC also improved me in lot's of things - including composing!
14:52:09 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: great stuff from you too, I'm just not ready for all the theory yet
14:52:12 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Its great to have a focus - GMC has improved my playing AND my theory
14:52:19 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: i have to think of 2 lessons each week, make them interesting and also practice them! so it's quite some work
14:52:22 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: You can dip in and out of theory
14:52:43 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: focus is what I am lacking. not sure where to start, and when to move on.
14:52:48 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: but i feel the improvement from it so it's great
14:52:49 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Yeah, the lesson prep on its own must take ages
14:53:01 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: yes, but worth it
14:53:04 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: it's also great to both work and communicate with so much nice people around here!
14:53:14 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: you are correct sir.
14:53:24 Robin:Andrew's Theory Room: Heh, I've been very lazy with lessons the last month or so, been improving alot on my blues improvising though. Also been making alot of songs.
14:53:26 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: lotta onlines places are just rude
14:53:39 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Rudeness just doesn;t work at GMC
14:53:46 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: sometimes i think of 3 new lessons in one day - but sometimes it takes me week to think of a scratch
14:53:47 Robin:Andrew's Theory Room: indeed lefty
14:53:55 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: i'm still making noise, so if you are writing songs...great for you.
14:54:05 Robin:Andrew's Theory Room: haha
14:54:12 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room:
14:54:30 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: He, Pavel, save some ideas for your own material wink.gif
14:54:35 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: we proved the thing about rudeness a few days ago :-D
14:54:37 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: noooooooooo
14:54:38 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room:
14:54:39 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: lol
14:54:40 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: LOL
14:54:49 Robin:Andrew's Theory Room: haha
14:54:54 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: i want all of everyones ideas for myself
14:55:06 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Monday came and went ...
14:55:18 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: and tuesday was close by...
14:55:30 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: sorry.
14:55:34 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: haha
14:55:34 Robin:Andrew's Theory Room: its tuesday today, right?
14:55:39 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Um, yes
14:55:43 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: lol...oops!
14:55:44 Robin:Andrew's Theory Room: Ah good.
14:56:04 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: i gotta sleep more
14:56:12 Robin:Andrew's Theory Room:
14:56:16 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Nooo! Play guitar instead!
14:56:30 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: now, my friend, you are correct.
14:56:46 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: working 12's is killing me..i'm too old
14:56:58 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Working is killing me full stop!
14:57:10 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: I can;t stand it anymore, gonna pick my guitar yup ...
14:57:13 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room:
14:57:16 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: freakin' university is a waste of time
14:57:20 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: lol
14:57:27 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: major?
14:57:45 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: ??
14:57:55 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Hey Hey Hey *meow*
14:58:03 Robin:Andrew's Theory Room: *meow*
14:58:04 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: university? your major?
14:58:06 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: hey
14:58:07 Robin:Andrew's Theory Room: AWESOME!
14:58:13 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: welcome
14:58:22 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: i am studying at university - so that's what is borring!!
14:58:29 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: lol
14:58:36 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: teachers suck so it's a waste of time
14:58:40 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: been there, but it will pay off.
14:58:47 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: What are you studying? IT?
14:58:53 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: yes
14:59:01 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Thats boring
14:59:05 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: i would love to go to GIT in London but don't have the moeny
14:59:19 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: very pricy
14:59:21 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: You couldnt get me to study IT even if you would hold an AK47 in my head and said "go study fucking IT
14:59:32 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: "
14:59:40 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room:
14:59:53 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: I got a degree in it ... pays the bills nicely but no time to practice
15:00:01 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: that's why i just want to finish it to have a degree and continue the music way
15:00:11 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: in time
15:00:14 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Why dont you go pro with the guitar?
15:00:41 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: it's easy to say but hard to achieve - i HAVE to finish the university to have the degree as a back-up plan!
15:00:49 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: after that i can do whatever i want
15:00:54 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Yea. Thats what I will do.
15:00:54 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: sensible
15:01:14 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: i hope to have a one hour CD to send around by the end of University
15:01:40 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: you never know how your life will turn up
15:02:11 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Ive planned like 10 years ahead of my life
15:02:13 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: i hope to AT LEAST continue teaching for life
15:02:25 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: and if i EVER get a record deal - than wow - i am a lucky man
15:02:42 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: GMC discount, Pavel?
15:02:49 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: After finnishing school Ill sign up for the army for 1 year, then Ill go to law school and IF I have the strenght in me ill go for pro
15:03:23 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: what do you mean Lefty?
15:03:45 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: discount for you cd for fellow GMC'ers?
15:03:58 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: sure!
15:04:02 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: LOL - GMCers should pay extra to help Pavel out
15:04:10 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Theres this dude I know, he played the guitar. And he was worried because he didnt know where to study. Should he go pro on guitar or should he go for economy. He wanted a comfortable life so he thought that he will go economy first. Now hes making 30000 Euros/month in switzerland. Talk about LUCKY
15:04:11 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: hahahaha that sounds good also! hahaha
15:04:15 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: keep you to that. you''ll do. you sincerely have the talent.
15:04:49 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: you give us old guys the insperation to keep at it.
15:04:54 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: sp?
15:05:01 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: thanks man - i sure will continue! Rusty Cooely started the profesisonal career around 30 years so i definitely have time!
15:05:15 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: hey Batlystu: does he earn with guitar or economy?
15:05:26 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Pavel, we willbe hearing about you soon Just don;t foget all your old GMC buddies
15:05:30 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: it will hapeen when it suppose to...not before.
15:05:40 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: i believe so...
15:05:55 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: i read thousands of biographies of difeerent pro guitarists...
15:05:57 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: gotta have something.
15:06:06 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: i didn't manage to find even 1 SIMILAR biography
15:06:12 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: everybody has his own life
15:06:51 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: But didnt pro guitarists put their personal lives ahead of them so they would have time to practise hard?
15:06:54 lefty01:Andrew's Theory Room: ugh! i gotta go...gotta pick up the kids from school. Ya'all have a great day. talk with you soon.
15:07:14 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: Andrew don't worry - GMC will be the forst at: SPECIAL THANKS TO
15:07:18 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: I know Clapton did. He was lonely because of his mother or sth
15:07:22 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: on the cover of my CD
15:07:39 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Uh oh
15:07:39 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: That sounds fantastic
15:07:52 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: that sure will be
15:08:01 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room:
15:08:03 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: I will tell my friends "hey dude, Im learning guitar from a pro, ya, he gives me lessons. ya. beat that"
15:08:12 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: hahahahaha awesome hahaha
15:08:36 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Pavel? Yeah, I knew him when he couldn;t even play 32nds at 700 bpm ...
15:08:44 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: DDDDDDDD
15:09:10 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: lol
15:09:25 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: hahahahahahahahahahaha
15:09:29 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Yea, the same guy that's teaching Rusty Cooley now ...
15:09:49 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: thanks guys! that's a great support!! really thanks!
15:10:56 Robin:Andrew's Theory Room: Anyone know anything about these crappy free drum programs?
15:11:29 Robin:Andrew's Theory Room: I'm just wondering if you can make the beats you make into normal sound files that you can play in windows media player etc.
15:12:25 kevin-riff-after-riff:Guitar Heaven: bonjour
15:12:30 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: I dunno. What programs do you use to make backing tracks Pavel?
15:12:36 kevin-riff-after-riff:Guitar Heaven: well, not actually french, but anyway
15:12:41 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: Cubase with Addictive Drums plug-in
15:12:56 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: Cubase SX 3
15:13:35 kevin-riff-after-riff:Guitar Heaven: is anyone therreeeeeee
15:13:41 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Cool
15:13:44 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Thanks
15:14:07 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: no probs
15:14:29 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: i remember my first try doing anything in was like: "What the hell is this??"
15:14:43 kevin-riff-after-riff:Guitar Heaven: fine then
15:14:48 blindwillie:Guitar Heaven: wow
15:14:53 blindwillie:Guitar Heaven: hi
15:14:57 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room:
15:14:58 blindwillie:Guitar Heaven: ...
15:15:01 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: lol
15:15:23 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: I'm back!
15:15:25 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Yeah I always get confused with music related software myself.
15:15:31 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Welcome backĄ
15:15:37 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Damn lithuanian letters
15:15:42 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: ŪslapŪ
15:15:44 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: DAMN
15:15:46 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: *slap*
15:16:00 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: hahaha
15:16:36 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Pavel, how old are you?
15:17:05 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: i know your feeling - i haev Russian language installed on my PC and my mother often sends mail and talk to my older brother on ICQ (he lives in another country), and she always leaves Russian language ON. I come back home and start typing and send the message than realize it's in Russian! hahaha
15:17:21 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: 22-2-1
15:17:28 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: the other side is always like: "?????"
15:17:39 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: than i explain the whole story hahaha damn languages!
15:17:40 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Ty govarysh po ruskyj?
15:17:48 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: i ne toljko po ruski!
15:17:53 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: cool
15:17:58 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: haha
15:17:58 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: me either
15:18:15 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: My mother is also russian
15:18:37 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: my parents are Ukrainian but russian is common used language in our family
15:18:43 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Its kinda funny because in Lithuania the russian language is kinda... erm
15:18:45 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: how do i say
15:18:51 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: getting pwned by english
15:19:03 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: so my mothers friends always think that I dont know russian
15:19:22 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: so if Im in the same room with my mum and her friends and they want to talk about sth in private
15:19:37 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: they always try the old "your kids dont know russian. haha. lets speak russian" trick
15:19:51 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: yeah same here hahahaha
15:19:58 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: but I can understand everything so HA. Take that.
15:20:06 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: i mean me and my mom speak russion if there are some guests around haha
15:20:06 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Be right back guys
15:21:32 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: Andrew - you here??
15:21:49 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: yep
15:21:53 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: i need to find where your notes explanation is - one guy asked about TIED notes but i can't find the topic...
15:21:57 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: can you help me?
15:22:05 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: yes, that would be ...
15:22:17 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: one of the time 101 lessons
15:22:23 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: let me check
15:22:49 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: got it - thanks a lot!
15:22:55 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Cool
15:26:31 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: ok - finished the tabbing process!
15:26:37 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: will record it tomorrow hehe
15:26:41 ezravdb:Andrew's Theory Room: yeah /m/
15:26:43 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: excellent
15:26:45 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: if the chords g E-B-A, what would it be in the key of C?
15:26:50 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: go*
15:26:57 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: ok guys thanks for awesome chat - i am off to eat something and need to do a serious practice session
15:27:05 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: enjoy - later pavel
15:27:07 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: catch ya
15:27:14 stratman33:Andrew's Theory Room: see ya
15:27:17 Pavel:Andrew's Theory Room: bye - see you later!!!
15:27:18 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: no, not C
15:27:31 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: no, can you transpose the chords into C
15:27:37 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: i know its in E atm
15:27:53 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: ohm yes that would be C G F
15:28:03 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: thanks
15:28:06 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: np
15:28:16 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: I SO dont know WHAT the hell are you talking about
15:28:58 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: You are welcome to go read up on it on the theory board
15:29:18 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Its kinda funny because Im taking guitar lessons from a proffesional guitarist that has played for like 40 years. He teaches me almost 80 percent of theory and 20 percent of the actual guitar playing
15:29:31 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Bad thing is I dont understand the same theory in english
15:29:56 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Is theory different in other languages?
15:30:05 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: The terms I mean?
15:30:18 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: No, it isnt. Thats the whole point
15:30:41 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: lol
15:30:49 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: andrew, do you play any other instruments other than the guitar
15:31:02 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: some keyboard, a little bass
15:31:06 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Eh. Need to do guitar homework. Digital Chord Writing.
15:31:20 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: good luck
15:31:40 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: i got plenty time to play guitar, its exam leave atm and i only got french tomorrow
15:32:15 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: inthat case ... bin chance!
15:32:23 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: bon chance even
15:32:26 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: bon
15:32:28 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: yeah
15:33:00 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: You know, the thing with the M+ instead of aug and m- instead of dim
15:33:23 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: x(sus2) instead of 7sus2. Ring a bell ?
15:33:56 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: kinda - there are a lot of ways of writiung chords down
15:34:22 stratman33:Guitar Heaven: have you guys checked out the new maiden lesson?
15:34:24 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: I just dont know how to pronounce it in english
15:34:31 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: me either
15:34:52 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: If I would translate it word by word from lLithuanian to English then it would be Digital Chord Writing
15:35:04 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Damn, i need myself a dictionary Too bad they dont make those
15:35:11 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: hmm ... there has to be another term
15:35:26 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: I know what youare trying to say
15:35:30 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Guitar term dictionaries Heh.
15:35:34 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: don;t know what the English for it would even be
15:35:36 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Digital Bass. Im sorry
15:35:44 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Not digital chord writing.
15:35:44 The Uncreator:Guitar Heaven: Anyones here?
15:35:51 stratman33:Guitar Heaven: i am
15:35:55 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Are you talking about slash chords maybe?
15:36:00 The Uncreator:Guitar Heaven: Hello then
15:36:04 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Whats that?
15:36:08 moles:Guitar Heaven: this is pretty darn cool
15:36:13 The Uncreator:Guitar Heaven: yeah
15:36:14 stratman33:Guitar Heaven: i know
15:36:17 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: like, you change the bass note of a chord
15:36:24 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: so it sounds a bit differeny
15:36:25 The Uncreator:Guitar Heaven: useful for direct question answer kinda stuff
15:36:29 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: if you played a D major chord with an F# bass note, you would call it D/F#
15:36:29 The Uncreator:Guitar Heaven: and just chattin
15:36:32 stratman33:Guitar Heaven: have you guys looked at the maiden lesson?
15:36:35 moles:Guitar Heaven: hehe yeah =]
15:36:38 moles:Guitar Heaven: nah not yet
15:36:46 The Uncreator:Guitar Heaven: Iron Maiden Pwns
15:36:48 stratman33:Guitar Heaven: its awesome
15:36:50 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: No. Not like that.
15:37:05 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Erm.
15:37:22 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Ill try to explain. Someway
15:37:44 mattacuk:Guitar Heaven: hey all!
15:37:50 stratman33:Guitar Heaven: sup
15:37:51 moles:Guitar Heaven: hey
15:37:51 The Uncreator:Guitar Heaven: Yo Yo whats up!
15:37:57 mattacuk:Guitar Heaven: ive caught you.........should you be practicing!??????
15:38:15 The Uncreator:Guitar Heaven: 7 hours yesterday, im takin a break right now
15:38:22 mattacuk:Guitar Heaven:
15:38:24 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Ah. Forget about it
15:38:28 The Uncreator:Guitar Heaven: Pavel has got me on the Hand Control Lesson
15:38:28 stratman33:Guitar Heaven: 7 hours??
15:38:31 mattacuk:Guitar Heaven: thats good, ive been playing 4 hours a day
15:38:31 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: lol
15:38:42 The Uncreator:Guitar Heaven: I got 7 hours in cause i didnt go to school
15:38:48 stratman33:Guitar Heaven: ahhhhh
15:38:51 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Its the uncreator RUN
15:39:03 stratman33:Guitar Heaven: Uncreator-what grade are you in?
15:39:10 The Uncreator:Guitar Heaven: Junior in high school
15:39:15 The Uncreator:Guitar Heaven: 11th grade
15:39:19 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Oh ya. Dif channel. Were safe 8)
15:39:19 mattacuk:Guitar Heaven: anyone here my age?lol
15:39:21 The Uncreator:Guitar Heaven: senior in a few months
15:39:23 stratman33:Guitar Heaven: 7th grade
15:39:25 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: Its ok, hes over there
15:39:27 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: lol
15:39:42 moles:Guitar Heaven: ah i have no idea about grades xD
15:39:49 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: i prefer andrews house
15:39:54 The Uncreator:Guitar Heaven: I started to play guitar in 7th grade
15:40:02 The Uncreator:Guitar Heaven: well the end of 6th actually
15:40:06 mattacuk:Guitar Heaven: im 26 lol
15:40:06 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: More refined - no Death metal here!
15:40:07 stratman33:Guitar Heaven: i started in like fourth grade
15:40:07 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: lol Some dude lost an ALHAMBRA electro acoustic guitar. Damn
15:40:20 The Uncreator:Guitar Heaven: mattacuk seems to be the oldest here
15:40:23 moles:Guitar Heaven: so how old are you if you are in 7th grade? :?
15:40:28 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: It costs like 1750 bucks 8)
15:40:32 The Uncreator:Guitar Heaven: i dont know uhh....12?
15:40:36 The Uncreator:Guitar Heaven: something like that
15:40:42 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: how do you "loose" a guitar
15:40:42 moles:Guitar Heaven: ah right k
15:40:45 stratman33:Guitar Heaven: ya im 12 probably the youngest on the site
15:40:46 mattacuk:Guitar Heaven: i was the youngest here just a few hours ago lol
15:40:57 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: Ya. I asked him the same question
15:40:58 Andrew Cockburn:Andrew's Theory Room: ouch
15:41:01 The Uncreator:Guitar Heaven: I think andrew is the oldest isnt he?
15:41:01 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: they're quite nig
15:41:04 BalysLTU:Andrew's Theory Room: He said he was very drunk.
15:41:06 The Uncreator:Guitar Heaven: like 35 or something?
15:41:09 Rvddps:Andrew's Theory Room: big*

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