Guitar Chat 2007-05-09
Kristofer Dahl
May 14 2007, 04:01 PM
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00:56:33 brainlesswonder: Guitar Heaven: lol.. this place is packed!
01:14:56 Ryan: Guitar Heaven: Hey
01:15:02 ace_frehely: Guitar Heaven: hi
01:15:14 Ryan: Guitar Heaven: hows it goin?
01:15:20 ace_frehely: Guitar Heaven: just chillin
01:15:25 ace_frehely: Guitar Heaven: payin
01:15:33 ace_frehely: Guitar Heaven: playin
01:16:02 Ryan: Guitar Heaven: same here
01:16:12 ace_frehely: Guitar Heaven: where u from
01:16:18 Ryan: Guitar Heaven: Kansas, Usa
01:16:36 ace_frehely: Guitar Heaven: im from vegas, i gotta keep practicing peace out
01:28:13 moorkop: Andrew's Theory Room: good morning
02:23:22 Speedeh: Guitar Heaven: hellooooooooo
02:23:41 blindwillie: Guitar Heaven: hi!
02:24:14 Speedeh: Guitar Heaven: what's goin own
02:24:26 Speedeh: Guitar Heaven: *down
02:25:11 blindwillie: Guitar Heaven: nothing really, just trying the connection from work, seems to be OK now
02:25:32 Speedeh: Guitar Heaven: cool you're at work? i'm about to sleep
02:29:06 blindwillie: Guitar Heaven: hehe, a bit weird
02:29:42 blindwillie: Guitar Heaven: been 1,5 hour at work
02:33:32 Speedeh: Guitar Heaven: neato 8-) well, cya later!
02:33:34 Speedeh: Guitar Heaven: dont' work too hard
02:33:47 blindwillie: Guitar Heaven: ok, cu
05:31:09 BalysLTU: Andrew's Theory Room: Hey *meow*
07:28:11 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: allo
07:28:14 FmX: Guitar Heaven: hey
07:28:20 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: how goes?
07:28:33 FmX: Guitar Heaven: CRAP I'm so pissed off trying to nail barre chords
07:28:40 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: ditto
07:28:50 FmX: Guitar Heaven: most annoying thing EVER
07:28:56 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: my fingers are odd and no matter what I do I get dead strings
07:29:02 FmX: Guitar Heaven: same..
07:29:07 FmX: Guitar Heaven: b and g string, ALWAYS
07:29:15 FmX: Guitar Heaven: unless I press so hard my arm hurts
07:29:22 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: yep
07:29:56 FmX: Guitar Heaven: and that's on electric guitar... yeay, looking forward to when I have to practice it on my acoustic too
07:30:24 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: it might be the same problem as me... in which case if I figure it out I'll letya know
07:30:36 FmX: Guitar Heaven: hehe thanks ^^
07:31:40 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: it's frustrating cuz some of the really sweet stuff uses barre chords
07:31:53 FmX: Guitar Heaven: yea, like Stairway to Heaven
07:32:25 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: dunno, never seen it transcribed
07:32:56 FmX: Guitar Heaven: how long have u been playing?
07:33:39 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: oh jeez, off and on noodling and wasting about for 20 years
07:33:50 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: never really learned anything though
07:34:03 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: wasn't till lately I got serious about wanting to learn something
07:34:27 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: I want to learn a few things so I can teach my kid
07:34:28 FmX: Guitar Heaven: hehe yea I've noticed if you don't practice strict and know what to practice you don't become better. I learned more last 2 weeks with GMC than I did before in total
07:34:33 FmX: Guitar Heaven: aha
07:34:47 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: well I can honestly say the same about GMC
07:34:54 FmX: Guitar Heaven: though the barre chords are KILLING me
07:35:12 FmX: Guitar Heaven: I just want to smash my guitar..
07:35:38 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: well I am going to be looking at ways to toughen up or thicken my index finger of my fret hand to see if I can "straighten" it out
07:36:25 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: my prob with barre chords is that half my finger is narrower than the part closer to my palm
07:36:33 FmX: Guitar Heaven: yea I might chop my index finger off and installing a finger of metal so I can do this shit..
07:36:59 FmX: Guitar Heaven: my problem is all I have is MEAT on the strings hehe
07:37:10 FmX: Guitar Heaven: I try to get an angle but it doesn't help, just hurts
07:37:24 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: sooo when I get the narrow part positioned proper there is too little pressure on the higher strings hence they just thunk
07:37:58 FmX: Guitar Heaven: ok, yea well same here basicly. the b and g string especially.
07:38:17 FmX: Guitar Heaven: and to be honest it's really frustrating to sit and practice barre chords all the time. No progress at all
07:38:29 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: switch it up
07:38:49 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: that's what I do to kill the mnotony and frustration
07:39:13 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: it helps keep from wanting to make expensive toothpicks
07:39:37 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: or an expensive bbq
07:40:08 FmX: Guitar Heaven: hehe yea well I guess if I keep practicing it'll come to me.
07:40:33 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: eventually.. it could jsut be that we're still " too soft"
07:41:03 FmX: Guitar Heaven: I think so, our index fingers aren't used to be being abused I guess
07:41:20 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: maybe so lol
07:42:11 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: heya I'll be right back.. gotta restart, windows update just popped up again for the 50th time.. be aabout 5 mins or so before I get back
07:42:32 FmX: Guitar Heaven: kk
07:42:41 FmX: Guitar Heaven: I'll be here, practicing barre chords
07:42:42 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: tired of windows whining that it needs a restart back asap
07:42:56 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: take a break... work on a scale or something
07:43:25 FmX: Guitar Heaven: I've been sitting since 11 with scales and licks and last 20 mins with barre so gotta do some barre
07:43:48 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: ahhh okies.. I'll brb, gonna reboot.. back asap
07:43:52 FmX: Guitar Heaven: kk
07:54:12 FmX: Guitar Heaven: ok I'm giving up for today
07:54:18 FmX: Guitar Heaven: 3 hours practice, no progress
07:55:19 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: ahhh
07:55:31 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: I find that the minute I get ticked off with soemthing I have to quit
07:55:51 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: otherwise I won't remember a bleedin thing other than how choked I am
07:56:16 FmX: Guitar Heaven: yea.. I'll regroup and try again tomororw
07:56:31 FmX: Guitar Heaven: I am happy as long as I've practice atleast 2 hours a day..
07:56:39 FmX: Guitar Heaven: that means I've tried atleast Oo
07:59:05 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: allo Guest
07:59:32 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: I would love 2 hours practice a day
08:00:12 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: feel free to join us Guest.... if you wish to change your Guest name, you'll need to join the forum as the chat pulls your name from your forum login
08:02:52 FmX: Guitar Heaven: Gaelan, what level are you at if I may ask
08:03:01 FmX: Guitar Heaven: can you like, sweep for an example
08:03:54 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: not a chance
08:04:18 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: I can't even make it thru an A minor Pentatonic scale without screwin up lol
08:04:45 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: that however is due to lack of practice time. I only get week ends when I can do any serious practice
08:05:06 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: my hands are just too darned tired after work
08:05:54 FmX: Guitar Heaven: hehe well don't feel too bad, I am worse...
08:06:07 FmX: Guitar Heaven: but hey, as long as it's fun, right?
08:06:26 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: yep
08:06:27 FmX: Guitar Heaven: though the barre chords are NOT fun they're just annoying
08:06:43 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: my goal is to get a few things under my belt, then teach my kid
08:06:55 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: well I am still workingon barre chords
08:07:14 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: been thinking of experimenting with medical tape
08:07:33 FmX: Guitar Heaven: on your finger?
08:07:36 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: put one winding of medical tape on my index finger to "take up the slack"
08:07:42 FmX: Guitar Heaven: haha
08:07:46 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: squish it and make it firmer
08:07:51 FmX: Guitar Heaven: that's the best idea I've heard in weeks
08:07:53 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: getting desparate here
08:08:38 FmX: Guitar Heaven: yea same here, the bottom of my index finger (the one that covers the high e, b and g string) feels like a meatball
08:08:53 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: that's where I get my dead strings
08:09:16 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: might even just wrap the spot between the palm and knuckle
08:09:28 FmX: Guitar Heaven: same, if I see kris on the subway or anything I'm gonna go ahead and ask him about barre chords hehe
08:09:41 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: still have the flex in the finger with the firmness of the "pressed" meat
08:09:53 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: jeez
08:10:08 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: meatballs, pressed meat... sounds like we're talking about a picnic or soemthing
08:10:16 FmX: Guitar Heaven: well we are in a way
08:10:36 FmX: Guitar Heaven: I'd rather think about food than barre chords right now. They're the tool of the devil
08:10:41 FmX: Guitar Heaven: who said metal was devil music xD
08:12:43 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: yea it's not the music that's evil
08:12:55 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: it's all the practice ya have to do to get good at playin it!
08:13:12 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: 8)
08:14:03 FmX: Guitar Heaven: you said it
08:14:22 FmX: Guitar Heaven: I'm starting to feel ready for another practice session, wanna nail those damned chords
08:15:11 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: got some tape?
08:15:51 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: just for yuks try a wrap around the meat between your hand and first knuckle
08:16:05 FmX: Guitar Heaven: yea I'm gonna try that lol
08:16:09 FmX: Guitar Heaven: sec!
08:16:26 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: I'd try it but it's 6:16 am here... don't think the neighbors would appreciate getting up this early
08:16:29 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: not too tight
08:20:08 FmX: Guitar Heaven: haha
08:20:11 FmX: Guitar Heaven: it actually works
08:20:24 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: really??
08:20:27 FmX: Guitar Heaven: yea lol
08:20:42 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: use that to find the best position for ya...
08:20:47 FmX: Guitar Heaven: now we just gotta figure out
08:20:55 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: then work on making that side of your finger stronger
08:20:58 FmX: Guitar Heaven: how do I make my meatball fingers like tape
08:21:06 FmX: Guitar Heaven: yea that's a good idea.
08:21:27 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: I do all my best thinking butt early in the am
08:21:49 FmX: Guitar Heaven: ahaa
08:21:52 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: wish I could practice this early tho
08:21:55 FmX: Guitar Heaven: I think I got it without the tape
08:22:05 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: good good
08:22:15 FmX: Guitar Heaven: YES!
08:22:23 FmX: Guitar Heaven: I got the position now
08:22:33 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven:
08:22:36 FmX: Guitar Heaven: doh, I was keeping my finger too low
08:22:50 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: hmmmm
08:23:03 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: maybe I am doin the same??
08:23:05 FmX: Guitar Heaven: yea, let's try again
08:23:17 FmX: Guitar Heaven: lol, I swear it's working ^^
08:23:19 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: i can't try till tonight
08:23:51 FmX: Guitar Heaven: wow, finally. Now I gotta practice it
08:24:36 FmX: Guitar Heaven: you know the top piece of your index finger, where your nails are
08:25:11 FmX: Guitar Heaven: half of it sticks out from the fretboard = I get a good barre, awesome. But still a long way to go :s
08:26:03 FmX: Guitar Heaven: you can't try it?
08:27:14 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: nahh it's too early here
08:27:24 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: it's DEAD silent here
08:27:43 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: I start strumming, even unplugged and it'll sound loud
08:27:43 FmX: Guitar Heaven: ok, canada?
08:27:47 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: yep
08:27:52 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: 6:30 am
08:27:57 FmX: Guitar Heaven: ouch
08:28:03 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: 6:27 if one wants to get technical
08:29:14 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: heya
08:29:26 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: how goes?
08:33:40 FmX: Guitar Heaven: my index finger hurts
08:36:44 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: it will for a bit
08:37:00 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: yanno I was thinking about a gadget for toughening up fingers without playing
08:37:11 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: methinks I have a design worked out
08:37:46 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: just need to figure out how to build it and get it tested
08:38:23 FmX: Guitar Heaven: how old is your kid btw Gaelan, if you don't mind me asking
08:39:26 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: he's 10
08:39:57 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: he loves his little acoustic guitar but it's a C&G model and I can't do jack about "upgrading" it
08:40:21 FmX: Guitar Heaven: wow, 10 years old and already playing the guitar
08:40:26 FmX: Guitar Heaven: he'll be a pro when he's 20
08:40:29 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: a little
08:40:36 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: I need to get him a better rig though
08:40:54 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: he has an elcheapo from C&G and it sucks
08:41:12 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: C&G = Crap and Garbage
08:41:13 FmX: Guitar Heaven: yea I know how annoyin it is with cheap guitars
08:41:19 FmX: Guitar Heaven: ^^
08:41:34 FmX: Guitar Heaven: I had a strat copy that was SHIT to be honest
08:41:43 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: was a dirty cheap ring from some place called American Tool Group
08:41:58 FmX: Guitar Heaven: aha, well whatever you do
08:42:00 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: what does a tool CO know about guitars??
08:42:11 FmX: Guitar Heaven: don't buy guitars by behringer
08:42:15 FmX: Guitar Heaven: they're absolute garbage
08:43:16 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: good thing ya told me cuz I was going to get him a cheap one.
08:43:38 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: since he has an attention problem, I don't want to get him anything expensive until I know he's going to stick with it
08:43:53 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: altho would love to get him an Ibanez Mikro
08:44:05 FmX: Guitar Heaven: In my opinion I think u should get him something decent if you can afford it
08:44:06 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: in jewel blue to match mine lol
08:44:18 FmX: Guitar Heaven: you gotta believe he will stick to it
08:45:11 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: yeppers
08:45:20 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: if I can make it fun for him I think he will
08:45:54 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: I am going to go see about putting a small rig on credit for him next tuesday
08:46:24 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: make payments on it and fix my credit at the same time
08:46:47 FmX: Guitar Heaven: yea well hope u get it to work out good
08:46:53 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: so do I
08:46:53 FmX: Guitar Heaven: what kind of music do yoy like btw
08:47:13 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: if my book sells well I might just wait and get meself a JEM
08:47:46 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: give my GRG to kiddo and get myself a JEM
08:47:51 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: allo Guest
08:48:26 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: if you want to change your name, you'll need toregister on the forum as the chat seems to pull your name from there.
08:49:00 FmX: Guitar Heaven: might be people that aren't subscribers to GMC that are checking out the site
08:49:22 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: FmX, do you think a resource with 750+ links to guitar resources is worth 10 bucks?
08:49:46 FmX: Guitar Heaven: ofc
08:49:48 FmX: Guitar Heaven: ^^
08:50:06 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: I am currently up to 999 links
08:50:19 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: but some of those will be removed
08:50:37 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: I suspect there will be around 750 by the time I remove the garbage
08:51:08 FmX: Guitar Heaven: what have u planned
08:52:35 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: it's a dynamic directory
08:52:49 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: with a chat room, and MAYBE a message board
08:53:02 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: I haven't figured it out entirely yet
08:53:47 FmX: Guitar Heaven: I see, anything special you're focusing on?
08:54:00 FmX: Guitar Heaven: like a certain style or something
08:56:03 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: nope
08:56:14 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: everything
08:56:20 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: pick a style
08:56:32 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: if I ain't got it and people request it I"ll add some
08:58:13 FmX: Guitar Heaven: you know any theory btw Gaelan? ofc you know some but I mean like, circle of 5th?
08:58:27 FmX: Guitar Heaven: because I wanna learn that, seems complicated though
08:58:48 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: not a clue
08:58:54 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: I am musically illeterate
08:59:03 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: can read 4 notes
08:59:09 FmX: Guitar Heaven: let me guess
08:59:15 FmX: Guitar Heaven: E, F, G and what more?
08:59:24 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: FACE
08:59:42 FmX: Guitar Heaven: almost then ;o
09:00:08 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: pretty close
09:01:07 FmX: Guitar Heaven: who are your favourite guitarists?
09:04:53 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: hmmm
09:05:04 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: Clapton, Ry Cooder,
09:05:12 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: Colin James
09:05:19 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: and BIlly Gibbons
09:05:21 FmX: Guitar Heaven: aha, hey J.E.M
09:05:29 FmX: Guitar Heaven: Clapton is great
09:05:36 J.E.M: Guitar Heaven: hi
09:05:44 FmX: Guitar Heaven: nice devil
09:05:46 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: heya BW
09:06:01 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: allo JEM
09:06:22 brainlesswonder: Guitar Heaven: wait, is this the quilting club chatroom? I might be lost.
09:06:30 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: lol
09:06:35 FmX: Guitar Heaven: hehe
09:06:58 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: I think they called it quits
09:07:09 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: someone compalined about all the loud stitching
09:08:36 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: 4 more days before a day off
09:08:56 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: and I gotta spend my day off at a family dinner
09:09:29 FmX: Guitar Heaven: wow, I'm glad I started with guitar at a fairly young age, before family etc...
09:09:47 FmX: Guitar Heaven: will be hard to practice this much in 10 years
09:12:37 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: that's what happened to me
09:12:46 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: took timeoff for "life"
09:17:09 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: speaking of which, I need to bail and get ready for work
09:17:38 FmX: Guitar Heaven: okidoki, have a nice day!
09:17:41 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: will catch ya laters or tomorrow
09:17:42 Gaelan: Guitar Heaven: ta
10:53:40 Nick334: Guitar Heaven: hello
11:52:52 FmX: General Chat: hey Pavel
11:53:49 Pavel: General Chat: hey
11:54:16 FmX: General Chat: love your videos hope I can start learning from them soon
11:54:40 Pavel: General Chat: great
11:54:42 FmX: General Chat: (too amateur atm)
11:54:58 FmX: General Chat: got any advice to get freedom/speed in the fingers? wink.gif
11:55:09 edguy: General Chat: hi guys
11:55:23 Pavel: General Chat: hello
11:55:38 Pavel: General Chat: you probably heared of PRactice, right?? wink.gif
11:55:40 FmX: General Chat: hey edguy
11:55:47 FmX: General Chat: yea I have ;D
11:55:51 Pavel: General Chat: hahaha
11:56:22 edguy: General Chat: yeah stop chatting and go practice
11:56:24 Pavel: General Chat: also start thinking free and don't be afraid of hitting wrong notes
11:56:39 BalysLTU: General Chat: Sup guys?
11:57:01 edguy: General Chat: suß?
11:57:16 edguy: General Chat: what do you mean with that?
11:57:16 Pavel: General Chat: that's why you are playing alone in your room - noone will kill you if you hit the wrong note - so experiment and start singing together with playing a scale - that way you'll memorize it much faster
11:57:48 Pavel: General Chat: me??
11:57:51 edguy: General Chat: no
11:57:59 edguy: General Chat: balysl
11:58:00 FmX: General Chat: what's the first step to start soloing, just playing scales and licks? oo
11:58:04 Pavel: General Chat: stop thinking in scales and imagine playing like drawing a picture
11:58:31 Pavel: General Chat: before playing a solo you must be able to sing what you want to play
11:58:33 BalysLTU: General Chat: By sup i meen whats up.
11:58:35 Pavel: General Chat: than apply it to fretboard
11:58:40 edguy: General Chat: ah ok
11:59:03 BalysLTU: General Chat: Dudes, anyone know any sites where I could download ebooks?
11:59:07 BalysLTU: General Chat: Decent sites
11:59:14 edguy: General Chat: what are ebooks?
11:59:14 BalysLTU: General Chat: Guitar related ebooks.
11:59:27 BalysLTU: General Chat: Erm. Books in .pdf format
11:59:33 BalysLTU: General Chat: Its like a big text document.
11:59:43 edguy: General Chat: i downloaded a full archive of guitar pro tabs
11:59:45 Pavel: General Chat: ok if anyone want to talk about playing - i'll be in Pavel's Room
11:59:48 edguy: General Chat: but thats all
11:59:53 Pavel: General Chat: pass is Pavel
11:59:56 FmX: General Chat: ok Pabel
11:59:57 FmX: General Chat: pavel
12:00:22 BalysLTU: General Chat: Ok. Guess I'll go study.
12:00:27 FmX: Pavel's Room: hey, I know it's annoying but I got so many questions ^^
12:00:34 Pavel: Pavel's Room: i think i could do it without password...didn't know that
12:00:39 Pavel: Pavel's Room: go ahead
12:00:43 BalysLTU: Away Room: *meow*
12:00:46 BalysLTU: Away Room: *meow*
12:00:46 FmX: Pavel's Room: I see your guitar playing and that's wherre I want to get that's why I want to ask you specially
12:00:47 BalysLTU: Away Room: *meow*
12:00:48 BalysLTU: Away Room: *meow*
12:00:54 BalysLTU: Away Room: *meow* *meow* *meow*
12:00:56 BalysLTU: Away Room: *meow* *meow* *meow*
12:00:57 BalysLTU: Away Room: *meow* *meow* *meow*
12:00:57 BalysLTU: Away Room: *meow* *meow* *meow*
12:00:58 BalysLTU: Away Room: *meow* *meow* *meow*
12:00:58 BalysLTU: Away Room: *meow* *meow* *meow*
12:00:58 BalysLTU: Away Room: *meow* *meow* *meow*
12:00:58 BalysLTU: Away Room: *meow* *meow* *meow*
12:00:58 BalysLTU: Away Room: *meow* *meow* *meow*
12:00:59 BalysLTU: Away Room: *meow* *meow* *meow*
12:01:00 BalysLTU: Away Room: *meow* *meow* *meow*
12:01:01 Pavel: Pavel's Room: keep asking man!
12:01:02 BalysLTU: Away Room: *meow* *meow* *meow*
12:01:47 FmX: Pavel's Room: well to be honest, I said I just started guitar that's not true I've been playing for one and a half year. But I have not devoloped at all. I play some scales but I still suck at barre chords etc and I have no idea how to solo and stuff so I don't know what to do really, following kris lessons atm
12:01:48 Pavel: Pavel's Room: just a sec - i'll try to make a room without password...
12:01:52 FmX: Pavel's Room: ok
12:02:16 Pavel: Pavel's Room: can you switch to Strictly Guitar Room??
12:02:19 Pavel: Pavel's Room: o want to try something
12:02:27 FmX: Pavel's Room: ok
12:02:44 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: ok cool
12:02:53 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: the room is closed automaticlly
12:03:14 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: i started my playing with Metallica - playing their songs by ear
12:03:25 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: than i saw Steve Vai and Hamemt became a stupid noob to me
12:03:55 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: than i moved to Michael Angelo "Speed Kills" instructional and that's where serious pratice started
12:04:35 FmX: Strictly Guitar: hehe.. that's so funny.. let me tell u why!
12:04:37 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: the more lessons you learn the more you develop
12:05:31 FmX: Strictly Guitar: sorry, got phone
12:05:43 FmX: Strictly Guitar: It's so funny, because I have the exact same thing lol, I started with MEtallica
12:05:57 FmX: Strictly Guitar: but lately, I started to look at *drums* Michael Angelo Batio! Love that guy
12:06:22 FmX: Strictly Guitar: though, you are good at guitar I suck that's the difference but anyway, I don't play tabs any moer feels like I have to learn the basics all over again.
12:06:43 FmX: Strictly Guitar: Tell you the truth the last 10 days I've been in GMC my pinky has gotten more training than the 1.5 year before
12:06:57 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: i never played by tabs
12:06:59 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: i hate reading tabs
12:07:07 FmX: Strictly Guitar: yea you said by ear, how do you train that anyway
12:08:04 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: i didn't - my father has a perfect ear pitch so i got it from him - naturally
12:08:20 FmX: Strictly Guitar: damn it!
12:08:27 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: i almost have no problems playing anything by ear
12:08:38 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: you can train it but it's not the same
12:09:03 FmX: Strictly Guitar: yea but you've got more guitar experience too, could u play anything by ear from the startt?
12:09:14 FmX: Strictly Guitar: or did it come with experience
12:09:15 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: pick one song you like - and if you can't play it jsut spend a week or two until you learn to play it - by ear - without tabs
12:09:31 FmX: Strictly Guitar: jesus, that sounds impossible to me lol
12:09:43 FmX: Strictly Guitar: got any good songs to start with?
12:09:47 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: when i was in music school - my teacher was always giving me notes - i always asked him:" Can you play it for me, once?"
12:10:04 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: he played - after taht i never looked in notes any more
12:10:15 FmX: Strictly Guitar: cool, that's a great ability
12:10:19 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: than he realized i can do it by ear and he never playd the piece to me anymore
12:10:23 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: so i had to struggle with notes
12:10:54 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: one guy asked about: "How do i know which C to play?"
12:11:05 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: it comes with experience
12:11:06 Bitey: General Chat: hey
12:11:38 Bitey: General Chat: lol guess I am the only one
12:11:48 FmX: Strictly Guitar: yea, but if you hear a riff for an example, can you play it right, in the right key and all without ever looking at notes or tabs?
12:12:04 FmX: Strictly Guitar: just like that
12:12:23 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: yesa
12:12:30 Bitey: Strictly Guitar: hey everyone
12:12:35 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: it will take me 1 minute to find the best way to play it
12:12:39 FmX: Strictly Guitar: that's awesome
12:12:43 FmX: Strictly Guitar: hey Bitey
12:12:47 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: why should i care about the key??
12:13:04 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: if i can play it by ear the key is not important
12:13:18 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: the key is important if you are composing your own songs or playing in band
12:13:24 FmX: Strictly Guitar: yea I don't know how that works yet
12:13:28 Bitey: Strictly Guitar: true
12:13:30 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: but if you are playing someones song you don't even have to know what key it is in
12:13:52 Bitey: Strictly Guitar: good because i usually dont lol but can anyone tell me what a ghost note is?
12:14:24 Bitey: Strictly Guitar: it goes like this on a tab ------(9)-----
12:14:36 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: sorry - phone - brb
12:14:41 edguy: Strictly Guitar: i think it is a note which is still ringing
12:14:42 Bitey: Strictly Guitar: and it usually has something else near it i never got what it was
12:14:56 Bitey: Strictly Guitar: no because it can be like this 8---(9)---8
12:15:03 edguy: Strictly Guitar: ok
12:15:10 FmX: Strictly Guitar: I don't think so edguy, not sure but it's a note that you play but is so muted/damped it's nearly silent I THINK
12:15:28 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: back - here is what they say in WIkipedia
12:15:29 FmX: Strictly Guitar: Pavel will know though
12:15:30 Pavel: Strictly Guitar:
12:15:51 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: haha - they clicked the link hahahađ
12:15:58 FmX: Strictly Guitar: haha
12:16:00 FmX: Strictly Guitar:
12:16:03 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: did you guys just click the link?? haha
12:16:07 edguy: Strictly Guitar: yeah
12:16:11 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: i knew it
12:16:13 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: hahahahaha
12:16:23 edguy: Strictly Guitar:
12:16:31 Boggi: Strictly Guitar: So pavel how long you been playing guitar ?
12:16:34 FmX: Strictly Guitar: how long have u guys played?
12:16:37 FmX: Strictly Guitar: lol boggi
12:16:39 Boggi: Strictly Guitar: lol
12:17:01 edguy: Strictly Guitar: for 2 and a half Year now
12:17:18 Boggi: Strictly Guitar: 1 year, and have learnt alot. !
12:17:18 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: 4 years classic guitar - 4 years electric
12:17:28 Bitey: Strictly Guitar: wow the school computers are dumb that was crazy
12:17:33 FmX: Strictly Guitar:
12:17:42 Bitey: Strictly Guitar: but anyways i got a new guitar yesterday
12:17:46 FmX: Strictly Guitar: 1.5 year here tbh, though just recently started practicing seriously
12:18:02 FmX: Strictly Guitar: I practice like 4 hours a day now, so we'll see. I feel like I SUCK though ;s
12:18:17 FmX: Strictly Guitar: Give me your guitar skills Pavel =D
12:18:17 edguy: Strictly Guitar: i made a break because in the last months i made my a level in germany
12:18:46 edguy: Strictly Guitar: practice and you get own guitr skills
12:18:57 FmX: Strictly Guitar: yea ^^
12:19:08 FmX: Strictly Guitar: I will practice and get good, I swear!
12:19:12 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: you wanan buy it for 3 millio dollars??
12:19:14 FmX: Strictly Guitar: I won't give up ^^
12:19:26 FmX: Strictly Guitar: nah, I'll just bug you with stupid noob questions instead
12:19:26 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: i am selling my skills - 3 million bucks!!
12:19:27 edguy: Strictly Guitar: ok my dad is rich i buy it
12:19:50 Boggi: Strictly Guitar: just have 2m please ?
12:19:51 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: ok cool - for that money i can live without a job and practice my entire life haha
12:19:59 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: ok - 2m sold!!!
12:20:11 Boggi: Strictly Guitar: heh
12:20:13 FmX: Strictly Guitar:
12:20:23 Nick334: Strictly Guitar: hello all
12:20:38 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: here is my account number 3728190920 - i'll send you my skills in attachment once i recieve the money hahahaha
12:20:44 FmX: Strictly Guitar: hey Nick334
12:20:44 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: hey man
12:21:03 FmX: Strictly Guitar: Pavel: yea email him your skills after you recieve the money
12:21:09 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: hahahaha
12:21:13 Boggi: Strictly Guitar: hahah
12:21:33 edguy: Strictly Guitar: he guys how much songs you can play? or do you only practice the things on gmc?
12:21:58 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: actually i only practice my own stuff hehe
12:21:59 FmX: Strictly Guitar: I can play parts of like every metallica song, but not a single whole song lol I just practice stuff on gmc now..
12:22:21 edguy: Strictly Guitar: ok like me
12:22:25 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: i have loads of my own excercises to kill my arms so that's enough for a daily practice session
12:22:32 edguy: Strictly Guitar: but i can play whole songs from metallica
12:22:38 Nick334: Strictly Guitar: i like to learn riffs and solos, not whole songs
12:22:54 FmX: Strictly Guitar: I just learn riffs, can't solo yet :<
12:22:56 Boggi: Strictly Guitar: Pavel whats your favorite exercise ?
12:23:15 FmX: Strictly Guitar: well actually I know one solo
12:23:19 FmX: Strictly Guitar: Nothing Else Matters one
12:23:48 Nick334: Strictly Guitar: yeah thats a good one
12:23:54 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: Pentatonic string skipping stretches with 2 finger tapping in right hand...
12:23:54 edguy: Strictly Guitar: in my opinion playing guitar is the hardest thing i ever done in my life
12:23:59 Nick334: Strictly Guitar: played that songs for my music exam
12:24:29 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: the excercise is so insane that i can only practice it for 40 minutes...
12:24:41 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: will be on GMC one day..
12:24:56 Boggi: Strictly Guitar: oki. where did you get the exercise ?
12:25:00 Nick334: Strictly Guitar: how long you been playin Pavel?
12:25:23 edguy: Strictly Guitar: so i am off to play metallica songs now bye guys
12:25:28 Nick334: Strictly Guitar: bye
12:25:35 FmX: Strictly Guitar: Pavel do you recomend the Michael Angelo Batio DVD?
12:26:13 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: got kicked lol
12:26:20 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: i write my own excercises
12:26:39 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: i've been playing electric guitar for 4 years and yes - i definitely recommend MAB's DVD
12:27:38 FmX: Strictly Guitar: okok
12:27:57 FmX: Strictly Guitar: Speed Kills or smth, right?
12:28:05 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: yep
12:31:10 GuitarDude: General Chat: cool live chat lol
12:31:51 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: any questions?
12:32:42 FmX: Strictly Guitar: no don't think so I guess just follow the GMC lessons to build speed
12:33:06 FmX: Strictly Guitar: well, when is it fitting to start with your lessons after you finish the beginer lessons
12:33:40 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: i dunno - when you feel you are ready
12:34:24 FmX: Strictly Guitar: ok which one of your lessons do you think people should start with or doesn't it matter
12:34:57 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: well you shoulddefinitely practice legato
12:35:21 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: and maybe Rock Rythm 'n Solo to get your feel for the fretboard
12:41:44 Rvddps: Strictly Guitar: hello guyd
12:41:46 Rvddps: Strictly Guitar: guys*
12:43:23 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: hey
12:43:48 Rvddps: Strictly Guitar: oh, gotta go, off to m guitar lesson, cyas later on
12:44:21 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: bye
12:46:40 FmX: Strictly Guitar: sorry, was afk
12:46:45 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: no probs
12:46:57 FmX: Strictly Guitar: is there any legato lesson on gmc? couldn't find any
12:47:28 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: yeah there is
12:47:31 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: in Excercises
12:48:34 FmX: Strictly Guitar: ah here we are
12:54:28 Mark Schiewe: Strictly Guitar: hey guys whats up?
12:56:25 FmX: Strictly Guitar: hey
12:58:00 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: hey
12:59:00 FmX: Strictly Guitar: Stupid Barre Chords, struggling with them now too
13:00:43 Mark Schiewe: Strictly Guitar: I know this website is awesome, but may I suggest that you check out the Metal Method Dvd's. There crazy awesome, Rustey Cooley learned off of them back in the 90's.
13:01:15 FmX: Strictly Guitar: I've heard about Metal Method and Michael Angelo Batio's Speed Kills from other ppl too
13:01:42 FmX: Strictly Guitar: I just decided to get Speed Kills, dno about Metal Method, might get that too then. It' s not like you cna't combine them with GMC
13:03:02 Mark Schiewe: Strictly Guitar: Speed kills is alright, but there is nothing on there that has not been covered here in the Speed picking leesons. And that basicly is what speed kills is. Metal Method teaches everything from simple chords to complicated modes
13:09:09 FmX: Strictly Guitar: hehe, Pavel how much do you recomend for practicing a day
13:10:37 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: the more the better
13:10:52 FmX: Strictly Guitar: okok, I could see that one comming lol
13:11:01 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: hahahaha
13:11:04 FmX: Strictly Guitar: aiming at 2-3 hours a day, will try to get to 4 though
13:11:45 FmX: Strictly Guitar: how much did you practice a day on an average you'd say
13:11:55 FmX: Strictly Guitar: the last 8 years that you've played in totl
13:13:29 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: i never practiced while playing classic guitar so count only 4 years of electric and only 3 years of serious practicing
13:13:38 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: from 4 to 10
13:13:46 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: my all-time record is 13 hours
13:14:13 FmX: Strictly Guitar: ah, that's how you managed to get so good in such a short period of time (counting 3 years)
13:14:33 FmX: Strictly Guitar: 13 hours, you monster
13:14:43 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: my whole family are musicians so i am in music from my first birthday
13:16:31 FmX: Strictly Guitar: Pavel while I'm bombarding you with questions anyway, do you know any good dist pedals?
13:16:48 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: i only like DF-7
13:16:53 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: that's the one i use
13:17:23 FmX: Strictly Guitar: what fabricant is that
13:17:28 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: Digitech
13:18:45 FmX: Strictly Guitar: you use any multi effect?
13:19:04 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: no
13:19:28 FmX: Strictly Guitar: kk, what do you think would be a nice guitar for like Maiden and MEtallica
13:19:34 FmX: Strictly Guitar: that type of music
13:20:37 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: i am a huge Ibanez fan so i can only suggest Ibanez - they are the best in my opinion
13:20:44 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: ESP i guess also
13:21:55 FmX: Strictly Guitar: kk, just wondering in general. cool. Think I'll go practice some ;D
13:22:03 FmX: Strictly Guitar: afk
13:22:13 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: ok cya
13:22:26 FmX: Strictly Guitar: thx for the help pavel
13:23:19 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: Hey pavel?
13:23:30 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: hey
13:23:54 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: I was just wondering if you recommend using single foot petals as oppose to a pedal board
13:24:25 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: I honestly have a great ear and I can't see how my pedal board is worse sounding than having individual footpetals
13:24:49 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: you mean you ahve a multiFX??
13:25:07 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: because PEDALBOARD is the ebst if you use together with rack equipment
13:25:10 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: Ya..I have the GNX 4 from Digitech
13:25:23 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: those are different things
13:25:36 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: pedalboard is jsut a midi controller for rack and effect processors
13:25:46 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: while MultiFX is ALL-IN-ONE and it totally sucks for gigs
13:26:02 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: Ya..that's what I mean....
13:26:07 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: i ahd DIgitech RP100 and it was only good for home practicing
13:26:27 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: the singel pedals haev much better tone on high volumes
13:26:38 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: sorry for typing mistakes
13:26:47 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: I have a multi but it works well for me atm. I simply have all my effects for each song in each bank
13:26:49 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: ah..kk
13:27:34 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: maybe that's why I haven't noticed a difference then
13:27:37 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: yeah i know what you mean - the problem is the sound on high volumes - that was a problem for me
13:27:51 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: than after my first gig i sold the multiFX and bough separate flor pedals
13:28:26 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: because I play with single pedals and the mult at home and it sounds fine..but I never realised that it will prob sound better using singles at more volume
13:28:39 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: ROFL
13:28:46 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: you might convince me to do the same
13:29:06 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: I'll have to borrow my friends next time I play
13:29:16 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: and I'll see that diff. that it makes
13:29:22 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: you should try!
13:29:24 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: what*
13:29:29 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: I deff will
13:29:41 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: I probably just got used to the sound of mine perhaps
13:30:02 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: I"m excited to see if it will sound better...if it will blow my mind
13:30:23 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: but you have to cranck your amp to see the difference
13:30:34 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: kk
13:32:21 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: I also have 4 guitars practice acoustic and my really nice acoustic...I have a crappy electric..and a decent electric..(Looks just like a Les Paul) has all the parts from gibson but it's made from Mann...
13:32:41 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: I"m honesly trying to find a REALLY nice guitar to buy..and I honestly don't know where to look
13:33:01 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: what kind of design do you like?
13:33:11 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: would be nice if it looked nice as well..but i"m more focused on playability...
13:33:18 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: so a good quality guitar
13:33:54 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: I like the look the BC rich's Mockingbird..and that kind of style...but the lower end BC rich's tend to suck the big one when it comes to quality
13:34:57 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: you see i don't have a problem finding good guitar - if you ask me i would go for IBANEZ without thinking
13:35:16 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: lol..I know you love your Iban..heheh
13:35:29 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: Ya..I actually really like your guitar too
13:35:48 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: not just the look of it..but it seems that it sits well on your lap
13:35:49 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: you know
13:36:06 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: lol
13:36:06 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: some buy flying v's then find out it's hard to sit down with them
13:37:02 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: yeah my friend owns one Jackson Flying V
13:37:09 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: and i was totally confused when i tried it
13:37:24 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: you can't keep it on your right leg and you can't keep it on your left leg - like: "WTF??"
13:37:25 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: lol..ya..they are different all right
13:37:31 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: lol
13:37:42 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: it's only for show in my opinion
13:39:23 ezravdb: Strictly Guitar: helloo guys
13:39:25 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: so you know..I've played acoustic most of my life..but now I want to dump some money and get a nice electric...but
13:39:29 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: hey ez
13:39:43 ezravdb: Strictly Guitar: yeah playing electric is fun!
13:39:52 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: I just wanted adive for the little things that will make a diff. in the long run
13:39:58 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: like...floating bridge??
13:40:05 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: thin or thick neck?
13:40:23 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: i always need a floating bridge
13:40:30 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: why is that?
13:40:45 FmX: Strictly Guitar: what's a floating bridge
13:42:17 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: I like to play around with tremolo and that's what so special about it
13:42:25 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: Fender Strats tremolo is tooo weak
13:42:36 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: i like to do all the screaming stuff and strong tremolos
13:43:11 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: so you deff recommend a floating then
13:43:12 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: k
13:43:24 FmX: Strictly Guitar: again, what's floating bridge ><
13:43:40 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: I think I would like to have a thinner neck too...and have nice light strings
13:43:53 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: I'm using far too thick of ones now
13:43:57 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: bending is killing me
13:44:29 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: Floating bridge is a NOT fixed bridge
13:44:50 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: it uses springs inside the guitar to keep it at place
13:45:02 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: it has it's advantages and disadvantages
13:45:08 FmX: Strictly Guitar: aha, like ones with whammy bar?
13:45:08 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: but it all depends on a player
13:45:13 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: yes
13:45:34 FmX: Strictly Guitar: ok I think i'm gonna get a guitar with whammy next.. My guitar atm doesn't have one
13:46:12 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: hey pavel...
13:46:18 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar:
13:46:28 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: not much but just seeing what you think
13:46:38 ezravdb: Strictly Guitar: lol
13:46:56 ezravdb: Strictly Guitar: that site doenst work with links and stuff
13:47:12 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: I just came out that way
13:47:22 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: you can still copy and paste into a new url though
13:48:03 ezravdb: Strictly Guitar: ok
13:48:06 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: ah sorry
13:48:11 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: well if i open it i get a MAIN Ibanez page
13:48:19 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: is there a particular guitar you want to show me?
13:48:21 ezravdb: Strictly Guitar: yeah thats what i mean
13:48:22 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: ya sorry
13:48:28 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: it's the the..........
13:48:42 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: RG tremolo
13:48:51 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: RG350DX
13:49:44 ezravdb: Strictly Guitar: i heard that name before
13:49:45 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: hihihi it's almost my first guitar
13:49:49 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: I had rg370dx
13:50:09 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: ok - let's go this way - how much can you spend on a guitar?
13:50:45 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: I was thinking around 1200 american
13:50:55 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: but I can swing higher if need be....
13:51:03 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: I don't want to cheap out on my guitar
13:51:54 ezravdb: Strictly Guitar: yo

13:51:56 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: heya
13:52:02 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: this RG serie is the cheapest
13:52:06 FmX: Strictly Guitar: hey Gaelan
13:52:08 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: lol
13:52:11 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: i suggest you go for RG Prestige serie
13:52:16 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: they are all with tremolos
13:52:21 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: nice
13:52:22 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: hey Gaelan!
13:52:37 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: Heya Pavel, howdy FmX
13:52:53 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: and the price of them is from 600$ and higher
13:53:12 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: I jstu saw a co workers custom rig
13:53:29 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: can't believe there are that many pickup on the thing
13:54:00 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: Hey there busy room!
13:54:11 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: RG2610E ...I like that look
13:54:16 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: he's got 6 pickups on his custom! BOdy on it is huge!
13:54:24 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: Hey Kris
13:54:34 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: Hey pavel what's up
13:55:02 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: helping people out with guitars and excercies
13:55:15 FmX: Strictly Guitar: hehe we've murdered Pavel with questions ^^
13:55:22 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: kind of
13:55:31 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: Sounds excellent that's what the room is for.
13:55:32 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar:
13:55:38 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: Letäs kill him !
13:55:46 FmX: Strictly Guitar: oh yea
13:55:51 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: Can someone maybe explain to me what the benefit of having a boatload of PU would be?
13:55:52 FmX: Strictly Guitar: Kris give private lesson in stockholm ;<
13:56:01 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: what's your guitar what's your guitar what's your guitar
13:56:09 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: hahaha
13:56:17 FmX: Strictly Guitar: lol, as if only guitar, asked about pedals and everything too
13:56:29 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: Hey Bulletproof - that looks nice but i suggest you still get a guitar with a neck humbucker
13:56:40 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: Cool - I need to know about pedals too - any recomendations?
13:56:44 Bulletproof: Strictly Guitar: kk
13:56:50 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: one of my co workers has a custom built rig with 6 pups!
13:56:57 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: hahaha what for??
13:57:08 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: what for what the 6 pups?
13:57:16 FmX: Strictly Guitar: Well Pavel recomended a pedal called DF-7 gonna try that one in some store. Jam or smth
13:57:19 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: Pedals?? Digitech all the way!!! It's my opinioin
13:57:34 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: Welll.. btw is ff7 a boss pedal?
13:57:41 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: sorry df7
13:57:51 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: aha are they better?
13:57:55 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: it's Digitech
13:58:09 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: it's a matter of taste but i like Digitech much more than Boss
13:58:14 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: I like my elcheapo pedals lol
13:58:18 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: I was thinking about something analog maybe
13:58:24 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: they do the job for me well enough
13:58:39 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: It would cool to try those...I think they are called tonebone
13:58:48 FmX: Strictly Guitar: well Gaelan it's not like me and you are rockstars, elcheapo is good enough for us lol
13:59:05 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: Erich Johnson endorses them
13:59:09 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: yea I have a Danelectro set
13:59:20 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: the elcheapo FAB series
13:59:27 FmX: Strictly Guitar: I don't have a pedal, I got my amps dist channel that's it :s
13:59:37 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: i am not a big expert in analog and digital - i jsut know i get a killer distortion sound anywhere i plug that pedal in so i like it
13:59:40 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: FmX same for me basically
13:59:54 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: the only reason I use pedals is cuz I hate having to stop and fiddle with knobs on my amp
14:00:08 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: Pavel yeah it's incredibe how cool the digital effects havce become!
14:00:18 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: push the button in.... let the button out.... yadda yadda
14:00:27 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: I remember trying one of the first zoom pedals they where horrible
14:00:55 FmX: Strictly Guitar: Kris, be warned. If I see you @ T-bana or smth I'm gonna come ask you about barre chords. I know how you look!
14:01:06 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: Gaelan you can use a footswitch to change the channels on your amp...depending on what amp you have
14:01:07 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: lol
14:01:15 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: I got an elcheapo
14:01:25 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: jsut a 10 watt Ibanez
14:01:34 FmX: Strictly Guitar: yea I got a footswitch, it's still pretty crappy though
14:01:35 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: ...but now the zoom pedals sound ok!
14:01:52 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: I'm saving up for a new amp
14:02:03 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: what are you thinking of?
14:02:05 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: going to give kiddo this one when his Mikro comes in
14:02:21 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: Maybe a Cube 30,
14:02:36 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: I have to get out and take a look cuz I want something with modeling
14:02:43 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: Yes I can recommend the cube serie - really impressive for what they are!
14:03:02 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: right now i am saving for a 7-string and than goes an amp - Mesa or Marshall - not sure yet
14:03:06 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: well, as sacreligious as this sounds, I ain't keen on tube amps
14:03:17 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: because of where I live getting replacement parts is a nightmare
14:03:22 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: FmX haha I won't show up at t-bana then! wink.gif wink.gif
14:03:28 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: t-bana = metro
14:03:42 FmX: Strictly Guitar: well I'm not that expierienced but I can tell you this Gaelan, don't buy a 100w amp to use at home. I can hardly take the volume over 1 :s such a waste
14:04:00 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: agreed - small amps at home
14:04:00 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: yeah that's right
14:04:14 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: pavel: I was very close to going for a 7string...
14:04:25 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: HGA where I live I can barely take this ibanez I got to 2 and it's only a 10 watt amp! small as it is the thing has got some snap to it
14:04:30 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: but I decided to go for a normal RG instead
14:04:38 FmX: Strictly Guitar: I've always wondered, on a 7-string guitar how is the 7th string tuned? Is it another B?
14:04:45 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: yes
14:05:08 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: i really want a 7-string - it's another challenge for me - i see all those shredders out there with a 7-string and i have to master that instrument
14:05:25 FmX: Strictly Guitar: 7-strings sounds like alot of work
14:05:29 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: man I wish I could load the chat from my PDA lol would give me soemthing to do at work while I wait for customers.
14:05:44 FmX: Strictly Guitar: why not go for doubleneck Pavel, shred those 18 strings! ^^
14:05:56 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: The way I see (I dont know much about it) the main thing with a seven string would be to get those thick powerchords
14:06:23 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: it's another extension to scales and sweeps
14:06:40 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: yes that's true!
14:06:53 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: right now if you want to play pentatonic string skips you can actually on skip this way: 6-4-2 or 5-3-1
14:06:54 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: I'll learn 6 strings first... LIke FmX Barre Chords are killin me cuz of a freaky shaped fingers lol
14:07:03 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: if i get a 7-string i can go 7-5-3-1!
14:07:08 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: hehe
14:07:25 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: you know i am a shred -o-holic hahaha
14:07:33 FmX: Strictly Guitar: yea.. Gaelan and I can hardly run down a scale and you're talking about shredding on 7 string guitars
14:07:46 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: lol
14:07:47 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: you are right - however I do think things can sound quite "mushy" on the 6 string...!
14:07:48 FmX: Strictly Guitar: thanks for making our self confidence even better guys!
14:08:06 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: so the 7th string would scare me!
14:08:18 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: works for me... jsut p*sses me off enough to wanna practice harder
14:08:19 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: Fmx: hehe
14:08:21 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: hahaha - com here 7-string come here!!
14:08:28 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: I wouldnt be able either - if that
14:08:29 Pavel: Strictly Guitar:
14:08:36 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: that a consolation
14:08:53 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: anyhooz, lunch break is almost over so I gotta log out and get back to work
14:08:58 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: what about an 8-string??
14:08:59 Pavel: Strictly Guitar:
14:09:02 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: take care all
14:09:07 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: bye m8
14:09:11 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: ta
14:09:14 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: Lunch? I am of to sleep
14:09:18 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: bye!
14:09:21 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: only 5 more hours to go lol
14:09:24 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: almost 21:00 here
14:09:30 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: 12 noon here
14:09:34 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: 20:10 here
14:09:37 FmX: Strictly Guitar: wow, talk about worldwide chat
14:09:43 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: ok than we have same time Kris
14:09:48 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: anyhooz, catch everyone later
14:09:53 Gaelan: Strictly Guitar: **poof** gone
14:09:54 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: thats good to know
14:09:59 FmX: Strictly Guitar: "I'm off to lunch" "Good morning" and "good night" within 10 seconds ^^
14:10:06 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: hehe
14:10:17 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: that's so amazing with th einternet!
14:10:27 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: yeah
14:10:37 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: ok guys - i gotta go pick up my guitar!!
14:10:37 FmX: Strictly Guitar: true, that and porno, sorry, it had to be said
14:10:53 FmX: Strictly Guitar: hehe ok Pavel, good luck
14:10:56 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: sound slike a good idea - dont do less that 7 hours!
14:11:01 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: see ya later !!!
14:11:03 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: *slap*
14:11:08 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: hahahaha yeah ok
14:11:12 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar:
14:11:29 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: bye everyone! chat ya later!!
14:11:30 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: see ya
14:11:35 FmX: Strictly Guitar: bye bye Pavel
14:11:42 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: So who's left?
14:11:53 FmX: Strictly Guitar: well me ofcourse, watching hockey and sitting here
14:12:03 FmX: Strictly Guitar: my left arm hurts from practicing so I can't pick up the guitar atm ^^
14:12:16 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: practice the right arm!
14:12:20 ezravdb: Strictly Guitar: me, but im recording
14:12:28 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: what ar eyou recording?
14:12:31 FmX: Strictly Guitar: true, could work on my alternate picking!
14:12:38 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: yes absolutely
14:12:41 ezravdb: Strictly Guitar: an original song from me
14:12:54 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: sounds cool! Sinigning?
14:13:08 ezravdb: Strictly Guitar: I already have it on video and mp3 but it needs some extra work
14:13:11 ezravdb: Strictly Guitar: noooo
14:13:19 ezravdb: Strictly Guitar: no singing
14:13:22 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: on video?
14:13:33 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: youtube?
14:13:45 ezravdb: Strictly Guitar: not yet on youtube
14:14:05 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: ok - I was fishing for a link! wink.gif
14:14:18 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: Any progress on Curious Coindicence?
14:14:20 FmX: Strictly Guitar: yea Kristofer I thought of something
14:14:38 ezravdb: Strictly Guitar: uhmm yeah I think so
14:14:53 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: cool you are well on your way!
14:14:54 ezravdb: Strictly Guitar: but I still have to figure out the rhythm for the beginning lick
14:15:02 FmX: Strictly Guitar: when you're playing something, and you play a note wrong, should you restart or just conitnue.
14:15:16 FmX: Strictly Guitar: Because I always just give up and restart wen I make a misstake, but I always make a misstake :s
14:15:17 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: fmx that depends on the situtaion
14:15:23 ezravdb: Strictly Guitar: yes
14:15:39 ezravdb: Strictly Guitar: i going further with recording BRB!
14:15:44 ezravdb: Strictly Guitar: you'll hear it soon
14:15:50 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: if you are practcing an exercise
14:15:54 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: then yes!
14:16:04 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: coo c u
14:16:08 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: cooL
14:16:44 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: Now if you are trying to play a piece of music (lick riff) then just continue and pretend like nothing happene - if you are performing that is!
14:17:00 FmX: Strictly Guitar: aha
14:17:30 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: I fyou are practcing a song (no audience) then don't start it all over because you made a mistake in the middle of it
14:17:49 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: instead practice the difficult sectionm
14:18:26 FmX: Strictly Guitar: yea that's what I've done so far, though I restart when I make a misstake the result is that I can play alot of riffs and part of songs but no whole song
14:18:41 FmX: Strictly Guitar: The closest one I can get is Creeping Death by metallica - the solo ^^
14:19:19 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: actually I did that too alot - and it's ok as long as your goal isn't to perform with a hole band...
14:19:26 FmX: Strictly Guitar: so now I'm just not bothering with tabs, just following your lessons, maybe get the technique up and see.
14:19:28 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: by the way got to go
14:19:42 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: I hope to drop by later...!
14:19:45 FmX: Strictly Guitar: ok, thanks for the help ^^ good luck have fun etc
14:19:48 FmX: Strictly Guitar:
14:19:54 Kristofer Dahl: Strictly Guitar: See you soon!
14:46:41 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: ok - got my guitar here - onto practice!!
14:46:49 FmX: Strictly Guitar: go for it
14:47:03 FmX: Strictly Guitar: I practiced some but can't anymore, barre chords = hurts :s
14:47:14 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: you press it too hard
14:47:23 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: it all depends on how you place your index finger
14:47:40 FmX: Strictly Guitar: yea I found a way but I have to press pretty hard :s
14:47:57 FmX: Strictly Guitar: though I can take all barre chords except for minor barre
14:48:13 FmX: Strictly Guitar: with the low E-string. Fm, Gm etc.
14:53:58 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: i am killing myself with stretches...
14:54:28 FmX: Strictly Guitar: no pain no gain
14:54:31 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: 21-17-16-14-16-17 and so on from the beginning
15:25:55 ezravdb: Strictly Guitar: pretty quite here
15:27:44 Smikey2006: Strictly Guitar: hey alls
15:36:55 ezravdb: Strictly Guitar: yay I finishedrecording my song
15:37:03 ezravdb: Strictly Guitar: i gonna take shower now
15:37:18 browq: Strictly Guitar: listned to it
15:37:21 browq: Strictly Guitar: sounded great
15:37:54 Ben C: General Chat: This is awesome....
15:40:59 Ben C: Strictly Guitar: anyone here?
15:50:04 Jarl Emil: General Chat: hi everyone
15:50:54 Jarl Emil: Strictly Guitar: hi nice chat room
15:51:43 Ben C: Strictly Guitar: its surprising that hard;y anyones in here right now
15:51:45 Jarl Emil: Strictly Guitar: btw i found a fender stratocaster on a norwegian site and guess what it costs under a 1000 bucks
16:03:10 lefty01: Strictly Guitar: hi.
16:03:48 lefty01: Strictly Guitar: just finished my practice for the day...anyone here?
16:07:14 le

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