Guitar Chat 2007-05-10
Kristofer Dahl
May 14 2007, 04:11 PM
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01:22:47 ezravdb: Strictly Guitar: lol
01:23:00 ezravdb: Strictly Guitar: nowim the only one whos awake
04:23:09 Rvddps: General Chat: hey
04:23:10 Pavel: General Chat: hey
04:23:24 Rvddps: General Chat: i was in hear earlier, but no one else was
04:23:26 Pavel: General Chat: i am at university - getting borred so this chat is awesome place to spend iome time
04:23:43 Rvddps: General Chat: hey, how about a counter on the main page or something telling you who's in chat?
04:24:00 Rvddps: General Chat: yeah, im on exam leave, i got no exams today, so im happy
04:24:01 Pavel: General Chat: there is - on the main forum page
04:24:07 Pavel: General Chat: at the bottom
04:24:21 Rvddps: General Chat: ahh, darn, didnt see that
04:25:49 Rvddps: General Chat: so, not got any classes atm?
04:25:56 Pavel: General Chat: Whammy bar lesson is on it's way
04:26:02 Pavel: General Chat: will record it when i get home
04:26:16 Pavel: General Chat: i have a java programming class but it's borring
04:26:44 Rvddps: General Chat: lol, java programming, i assume you don;t hve to attend then?
04:27:02 Pavel: General Chat: i HAVE to
04:27:14 Rvddps: General Chat: but you're not?
04:27:23 Pavel: General Chat: i'll have exam in the end of semester so i have to have some idea about it
04:27:30 Pavel: General Chat: i am in the class right now
04:27:39 Rvddps: General Chat: lol, wifi?
04:28:57 Pavel: General Chat: it's practical class - we are on computers
04:29:06 Pavel: General Chat: they all have internet access
04:29:14 Rvddps: General Chat: and your professor doesnt mind you beig on here?
04:30:13 Pavel: General Chat: no
04:30:32 Pavel: General Chat: as long as i can do 2 things at the same time
04:30:44 Rvddps: General Chat: lol
04:33:04 Rvddps: General Chat: so, what are you writing?
04:34:04 Pavel: General Chat: who me??
04:34:08 Rvddps: General Chat: ye
04:34:16 Pavel: General Chat: right now - typing a JAVA excercise
04:37:55 Pavel: General Chat: boooooooooorrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggggggg
04:38:06 Pavel: General Chat: i want my guitar!!!!!!!!!!!
04:39:07 Rvddps: General Chat: damn, my guitar has a chip in it!
04:39:17 Pavel: General Chat: ???
04:39:32 Rvddps: General Chat: i was just looking at my guitar, and its got a chip at the bottom
04:39:42 Rvddps: General Chat: i just bought it around a month ago
04:39:44 Pavel: General Chat: wtf?
04:39:52 Rvddps: General Chat: some of the paints came off
04:39:57 Rvddps: General Chat: i have no idea how it happened
04:40:00 Pavel: General Chat: what fuckin' chip??
04:40:08 Pavel: General Chat: oh that's what you mean
04:40:13 Rvddps: General Chat: yea
04:43:31 Pavel: General Chat: don't worry - the guitar will be pretty beat up over the years
04:43:52 Pavel: General Chat: i take care of my JEM and still manage to hit smething with it every day
04:43:55 Pavel: General Chat: i have a small room
04:44:02 Rvddps: General Chat: does yours have cracks?
04:44:07 Pavel: General Chat: no
04:44:20 Rvddps: General Chat: then why does mine? i havent hit it off anything!
04:44:58 Pavel: General Chat: cheap paint??
04:45:08 Pavel: General Chat:
04:45:13 Rvddps: General Chat: RG1570 prestige, i hope not
04:45:26 Pavel: General Chat: looool
04:46:34 Pavel: General Chat: can't wait for my Universe
04:46:46 Pavel: General Chat: i hope July will be the month for it
04:47:06 Pavel: General Chat: but i think i will get it in August
04:52:27 Rvddps: General Chat: i cant believe its chipped, damn it
04:52:33 Rvddps: General Chat: i only got it a month ago
04:52:39 Rvddps: General Chat: and i keep it in its case
04:56:22 Pavel: General Chat:
04:56:26 Pavel: General Chat: that's my baby mmmmmmmm
04:57:09 Rvddps: General Chat: thats nice, how much?
05:01:39 Pavel: General Chat: 2000$
05:03:57 Rvddps: General Chat: gota shoot off, ill be back later
06:15:00 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: hey
06:15:32 FmX: Strictly Guitar: hey Pavel
06:15:56 FmX: Strictly Guitar: How are you today
06:16:08 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: fine - getting borred at university
06:16:16 FmX: Strictly Guitar: hehe same
06:16:43 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: can't wait to get home to record the new lesson
06:16:57 FmX: Strictly Guitar: really, what do you have planned?
06:17:38 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: Whammy bar
06:18:16 FmX: Strictly Guitar: nice
06:25:05 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: so how is guitar going?
06:25:28 FmX: Strictly Guitar: actually I think I am gonna start warming up the shoulder before, stretching
06:25:40 FmX: Strictly Guitar: my shoulder and bicep hurt alot yesterday ohmy.gif
06:26:17 FmX: Strictly Guitar: no pain today though, so other than that it's going good. But I guess you can really get hurt
06:26:33 FmX: Strictly Guitar: My posture when playing SUCKS too think that's why I get some pain
06:27:21 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: try to sit as i do
06:27:27 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: while practicing
06:27:41 FmX: Strictly Guitar: never noticed how you sit, gonna see in the vids.
06:28:36 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: keep the guitar on your left leg
06:32:55 FmX: Strictly Guitar: hmm do you keep it in your left leg?
06:33:16 FmX: Strictly Guitar: looks like you sit "normally" like me, only I lean over the guitar :<
06:33:45 FmX: Strictly Guitar: could u take a pic for me?
06:33:57 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: check my last Hand Control lesson
06:34:08 FmX: Strictly Guitar: kk
06:35:09 FmX: Strictly Guitar: actually now that you meantion it
06:35:29 FmX: Strictly Guitar: it's the most natural position as the guitar stays in the "same" area even when u stand up
06:36:11 FmX: Strictly Guitar: though I must ask you, are you sitting with your left leg crossed over the right and the guitar on the left? lol , did I get it right?
06:37:03 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: no
06:37:18 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: i have a foot-stool for my left leg
06:37:22 FmX: Strictly Guitar: ahaa
06:38:36 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: it's almost the same position when you play stand-up
06:40:25 FmX: Strictly Guitar: yea that's really clever
06:40:43 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: it's classical way
06:40:51 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: and it's the only way to get to high skills
06:41:02 Pavel: Strictly Guitar: natural hand positioning is the key
06:41:13 FmX: Strictly Guitar: yea really good advice Pavel, thank you so much
06:41:35 FmX: Strictly Guitar: It's almost the same as standing up and playing, like you said
06:42:15 FmX: Strictly Guitar: anyway I am gonna go home now, quick walk, maybe 10 minutes. I'll be back when I get home. See ya later!
07:29:07 Liam: General Chat: hello /
07:40:13 FmX: General Chat: Hey Gaelan
07:41:06 Gaelan: General Chat: heya
07:41:12 Gaelan: General Chat: how goes?
07:41:55 FmX: General Chat: good good, you?
07:43:51 Gaelan: General Chat: not bad... jstu wakin up
07:44:00 Gaelan: General Chat: just*
07:44:23 Gaelan: General Chat: I am trying to figure out how to organize all these guitar links I got
07:48:46 FmX: General Chat: :]
07:49:00 Gaelan: General Chat: i have like 1000 links
07:51:25 FmX: General Chat: that's alot of work
07:51:31 Gaelan: General Chat: yeppers
07:51:38 Gaelan: General Chat: I plan on compiling them and selling them
07:51:42 Gaelan: General Chat: well access to them
07:51:53 Gaelan: General Chat: 1 time payment... 14.95
07:53:21 FmX: General Chat: cool
07:54:59 Gaelan: General Chat: I jsut have to weed out the crap
07:55:54 FmX: General Chat: that can take some time with 1000 links
07:58:04 Gaelan: General Chat: well there won't be 1000 when I am done as some of them aren't quite that good
07:59:40 Gaelan: General Chat: there will also be a forum, a chat and MAYBE a guitarist classifieds
07:59:53 Gaelan: General Chat: allo andrei
07:59:59 General Chat: hi there
08:00:04 Gaelan: General Chat: how goes?
08:00:14 General Chat: well ok
08:00:21 FmX: General Chat: hey
08:00:32 General Chat: just preparing to jam alitlle
08:00:36 Gaelan: General Chat: nifty
08:00:38 General Chat: hi Fmx
08:00:48 Gaelan: General Chat: I am sorting out guitar links lol
08:01:04 General Chat: yeah?
08:01:10 General Chat: found something cool?
08:01:52 Gaelan: General Chat: I am compiling a ebook
08:02:15 Gaelan: General Chat: I figure I can manage to have about 750+ guitar related links in it
08:02:39 General Chat: wooww
08:02:40 Gaelan: General Chat: I am also debating including a classifieds section
08:02:54 Gaelan: General Chat: I have 1000 links to sort through... classify, and clean up
08:02:58 Gaelan: General Chat: well 999
08:03:05 General Chat:
08:03:34 Gaelan: General Chat: some are garbage though and a least one triggered my antivirus
08:03:51 Gaelan: General Chat: so I need to find those and remove them
08:04:09 General Chat: well a lot of work
08:04:31 Gaelan: General Chat: yeppers
08:04:45 Gaelan: General Chat: hopefully enough work that people will want to buy the book when it's done
08:05:19 General Chat: i'm sure they'll do
08:05:31 Gaelan: General Chat: it'll be cheap... 1x fee of 14.95
08:10:04 Gaelan: General Chat: I need to do something with all this info lol
08:10:44 General Chat: yeap
08:10:49 General Chat: :
08:10:51 General Chat:
08:12:32 FmX: General Chat: brb guys
08:12:47 Gaelan: General Chat: man I wish I could practice this early in the am
08:16:28 FmX: General Chat: damn it
08:16:35 FmX: General Chat: I just can't practice with a metronome
08:18:49 FmX: General Chat: hey rokchik
08:19:01 rokchik: General Chat: Hey back. What's up?
08:19:15 FmX: General Chat: practicing
08:19:34 FmX: General Chat: how bout you?
08:19:50 rokchik: General Chat: I just got back from the gym figured I'd pop in to see what's going on before I start
08:20:06 rokchik: General Chat: still on barre chords?
08:20:26 FmX: General Chat: yep yep
08:20:34 FmX: General Chat: ohmy.gif
08:20:57 rokchik: General Chat: same...might start the alternate picking lesson today
08:21:05 FmX: General Chat: doing it on my acoustic though, figured if I figure it out on acoustic I will be able to do it on electric too
08:21:10 rokchik: General Chat: just to change it up a bit
08:21:21 rokchik: General Chat: I find that too
08:21:47 FmX: General Chat: yea that's good, I already started with that too. I practice alot of things, all beginer lessons + alternate picking. Though I am not moving on untill I nail the barre chords
08:22:03 rokchik: General Chat: I guess because the action is higher and my acoustic neck is a bit wider
08:22:14 FmX: General Chat: F minor chord is the most annoying chord ever
08:22:32 rokchik: General Chat: I'm getting fustrated with the barre chords
08:22:36 rokchik: General Chat: I agree
08:22:40 FmX: General Chat: join the club
08:22:45 rokchik: General Chat: LOL
08:22:48 FmX: General Chat: Me and Gaelan are already members
08:23:08 rokchik: General Chat: Well sign me up strange initiation though is there
08:23:16 FmX: General Chat: nah
08:23:21 rokchik: General Chat: cool
08:23:28 FmX: General Chat: I don't know, barre chords are just... hard
08:23:50 rokchik: General Chat: yeah but so many cool songs use them
08:24:09 Gaelan: General Chat: mernin
08:24:13 FmX: General Chat: yea, I wanna be able to play Stairway to Heaven.
08:24:17 FmX: General Chat: all barre basicly
08:24:32 Gaelan: General Chat: ohhh are we referring to the Barrechords are killing us club?
08:24:46 FmX: General Chat: yep, we're 3 members now lol
08:24:52 rokchik: General Chat: mornin''s Alberta's early out there
08:25:14 Gaelan: General Chat: yeppers it's 6:24 am and I have no idea what it's like yet... ain't stuck my nose out the door lol
08:25:34 rokchik: General Chat: Yea I can do the opening to Stairway but that's about it. Creep by Radiohead is another I want to learn
08:25:52 FmX: General Chat: lol I made a club chat ^^
08:26:01 FmX: General Chat: really rokchik? that's cool
08:26:10 rokchik: General Chat: It's 9:25 here and clouds
08:26:12 Gaelan: General Chat: yea ya need to stay there tho for the room to remain
08:26:24 FmX: General Chat: it's 14:26 here, cloudy and cold as hell
08:26:45 FmX: General Chat: perfect time to practice. I rarely sit down and just practice I sit at my PC and practice lol
08:27:02 rokchik: General Chat: Same here
08:27:17 FmX: General Chat: damn I'm glad I joined GMC
08:27:26 FmX: General Chat: Feels like I'm not battling this alone somehow lol
08:27:40 rokchik: General Chat: Amen to that I've improved so much since I've joined
08:28:04 rokchik: General Chat: and it's great to talk to others about guitar...very helpful
08:28:51 FmX: General Chat: yea
08:29:08 rokchik: General Chat: What songs r u learning now if any
08:29:31 Gaelan: General Chat: i can't practice this early lol
08:29:37 FmX: General Chat: I've stopped with songs, only one I practice now is Nothing Else Matters
08:29:39 rokchik: General Chat: LOL
08:29:52 FmX: General Chat: find it perfect for timing with the rhytm and barre chords
08:29:57 Gaelan: General Chat: I noodle around with my own creations
08:30:00 FmX: General Chat: plus I can nail the solo woohoo
08:30:26 rokchik: General Chat: That's a good one. Metallica are awesome. I've been tinkering with One
08:30:44 rokchik: General Chat: Congrats
08:30:46 FmX: General Chat: yea One is good, problem is the dual guitar
08:30:59 rokchik: General Chat: yep...never sounds right
08:31:00 FmX: General Chat: Nothing Else Matters is easier to do with 1 guitar
08:31:10 rokchik: General Chat: true
08:31:28 rokchik: General Chat: I haven't really looked at that yet...but soon
08:31:59 FmX: General Chat: yea another reason for why I practice Nothing Else matters is because it has alot of elements I suck at
08:32:27 rokchik: General Chat: Right now when not doing lessons I've been trying to nail down Killing in the Name by RATM. Got a whammy and a Wah now so trying to use them
08:32:29 FmX: General Chat: odd rhytm, finger picking and barre chords
08:32:51 rokchik: General Chat: good way to practice...will be very happy when you get it
08:33:15 FmX: General Chat: nice, I wanna learn alot of songs, feels like I better get a good foundation first. Go through kris' lessons first.
08:33:31 rokchik: General Chat: Gaelan what r u practicing now
08:33:51 Gaelan: General Chat: scales and barrechords
08:34:03 FmX: General Chat: I only know two scales lol
08:34:07 Gaelan: General Chat: and some straight chords liek E,C,A
08:34:22 rokchik: General Chat: I find just learning a song that incorps what I'm learning helps me stay motivated
08:34:22 FmX: General Chat: I should really learn more scales
08:34:24 Gaelan: General Chat: up till now I been a noodler
08:34:50 Gaelan: General Chat: just pick at strings tillI find stuff that I think sounds good and just work from that
08:34:59 rokchik: General Chat: I've I'm trying to nail down the Am scale and all that's associated...and those damn barre chords
08:35:10 Gaelan: General Chat: I use a chord finder
08:35:25 Gaelan: General Chat: when I find something I like I lookit up on the chord finder to see what it is
08:35:32 Gaelan: General Chat: or what it's close to
08:35:34 FmX: General Chat: hehe I think we're all 3 at about same level, that's pretty cool ^^
08:35:36 rokchik: General Chat: Barre Chords are evil:{
08:35:52 rokchik: General Chat: That is cool
08:35:56 FmX: General Chat: so let's make an agreement right here and now
08:36:04 FmX: General Chat: the one that figures it out first, tells the others lol
08:36:12 rokchik: General Chat: deal
08:36:24 Gaelan: General Chat: well I know WHY barre chords get me....
08:36:26 FmX: General Chat: I found a good way yesterday to do barre chords. but it HURTs after 5 minutes so it can't be the right way
08:36:35 Gaelan: General Chat: as to HOW to fix the problem... I got no clue yet
08:36:37 FmX: General Chat: I know why they get me too, I got meatball fingers
08:36:59 FmX: General Chat: I've been thinking about putting my index finger over the fire.. maybe that'll make it harder
08:37:06 rokchik: General Chat: I have small hands and my index finger doesn't like me
08:37:25 FmX: General Chat: yea but one thing I've been thinking about
08:37:52 FmX: General Chat: the day I started, damn, I realise now I had absolutely no control over my fingers.
08:38:02 Gaelan: General Chat: ditto
08:38:15 FmX: General Chat: my pinky was a wuss, still is but alot better atleast Never thought about that before I started with guitar
08:38:32 Gaelan: General Chat: I was all muffed up last night... had the barre all nailed down and the rest of my fingers jsut wouldn't move
08:38:53 Gaelan: General Chat: tried to do an F chord and was totally hosed
08:39:11 FmX: General Chat: Fminor is the tool of the devil I tell ya
08:39:20 rokchik: General Chat: That's what I find the second I think I have the barre down the rest of my hand says " no ya don't he he" and then messes it all up
08:39:35 Gaelan: General Chat: I am thinking about a small wheel with pins onit....
08:39:46 rokchik: General Chat: barre chords are the devil
08:39:47 Gaelan: General Chat: like a pizze cutter type thing...
08:40:14 Gaelan: General Chat: run that over ones fingers to help build callouses on the soft spots
08:40:28 FmX: General Chat: yea that's what I need too..
08:40:46 rokchik: General Chat: now that i'm back to the gym callouses won't be a prob
08:40:48 FmX: General Chat: my finger tips are basicly leather lol I want the soft part of the index finger to be like that
08:41:06 Gaelan: General Chat: mine are getting there slowly
08:41:16 Gaelan: General Chat: my problem is that I get MAYBE an hour a night to practice
08:41:25 rokchik: General Chat: I find too that my hand cramps up
08:41:46 Gaelan: General Chat: if your hands are cramping up fast it's usually from one of two reasons...
08:41:53 rokchik: General Chat: yeah I don't have much time now that work is picking up
08:42:01 FmX: General Chat: you know when my hand cramps up? when I use my pinky and ring finger on 2 frets next to eachother
08:42:02 Gaelan: General Chat: 1. yer choking the Sh*t out of the neck....
08:42:09 FmX: General Chat: like a chromatic scale = cramp-feeling
08:42:20 Gaelan: General Chat: or two your neck is too low and you hand is at a wierd angle
08:42:43 Gaelan: General Chat: I play with my neck high because I have ape arms
08:42:51 FmX: General Chat: yea you know I think my problem is I don't know where the thumb goes when doing barre. I think that's the problem..
08:43:04 Gaelan: General Chat: try centered of the neck
08:43:17 FmX: General Chat: I have tried, no luck
08:43:20 rokchik: General Chat: Yeah mine seems to be when the pinky and ring are next to each other however I did notice I do grip the neck pretty tight when trying to use my pinky
08:43:53 FmX: General Chat: The only way I get tone in b and g strings is if my thumb is low on the backside
08:44:04 Gaelan: General Chat: my next rig is going to have large frets
08:44:15 rokchik: General Chat: I find my thumb needs to be around the center or lower just so I can use my pinky
08:44:29 Gaelan: General Chat: I suspect the larger the frets the lighter you can press
08:44:46 FmX: General Chat: rokchik: that's great to hear, no offense but I thought I was the only one and that there was something wrong with me and my left arm, but then kris said it was normal and now you say you have the same thing
08:44:51 FmX: General Chat: I thought I was a freak ^^
08:45:02 rokchik: General Chat: I think you can put more pessure on the strings when thumb is lower
08:45:26 FmX: General Chat: yea so that works but it's not so comfy.
08:45:33 Gaelan: General Chat: allo Tank
08:45:41 rokchik: General Chat: no and I think that's half my problem
08:45:41 Tank: General Chat: Hi all
08:45:45 rokchik: General Chat: hey Tank
08:45:45 FmX: General Chat: hey Tank
08:45:53 Tank: General Chat: This is a bit swish
08:46:06 Tank: General Chat: I dunno, I go away for a week, and they install a chatroom!
08:46:11 FmX: General Chat: hehe
08:46:21 rokchik: General Chat: Yeah but it's raelly great
08:46:44 FmX: General Chat: Tank, what do you do with your thumb when you barre?
08:46:56 rokchik: General Chat: great question FmX
08:47:08 Tank: General Chat: When I barre my thumb tip is in the centre of the back
08:47:16 Tank: General Chat: of the neck
08:47:35 FmX: General Chat: aha, so say like the back of like the D or G string or somewhere around there?
08:47:46 rokchik: General Chat: mine hovers around there but I need to put it lower to use my pinky
08:47:51 Tank: General Chat: I tend to drop my wrist quite low
08:48:04 FmX: General Chat: aha, gotta try that, sec!
08:48:09 rokchik: General Chat: I've never noticed if I do that
08:48:44 FmX: General Chat: blah the index finger do you put right behind the fret?
08:48:46 Tank: General Chat: I used to play cello for many years, so I think a lot of that position comes from that
08:49:16 Tank: General Chat: Yeah, whichever finger I use will be about a mm behind the fret
08:49:45 Tank: General Chat: (I sometimes place the second finger on top of the first if I'm playing Em shapes)
08:49:54 FmX: General Chat: yea I got a pretty good sound out of that actually
08:50:04 rokchik: General Chat: I think I need to get the rack to stretch my fingures
08:50:10 FmX: General Chat: though I pressed abit hard, that's what annoys me
08:50:28 Tank: General Chat: I'm writing a vid lesson for beginners, so you'll see how I do it in a couple of weeks hopefully
08:50:36 Gaelan: General Chat: I am about ready to jsut work on non barre chord stuff
08:50:39 rokchik: General Chat: cool
08:50:40 FmX: General Chat: ok, thanks for the advice Tank, I think I'm close to figuring it out now
08:50:50 Gaelan: General Chat: honestly I ain't looking to play other peoples material anyways lol
08:50:52 FmX: General Chat: was about same as I did yesterday, only the thumb is lower
08:51:24 Gaelan: General Chat: got enough of my own shiznat in my head that I wanna get out
08:51:41 Tank: General Chat: With practice you'll develop a comfortable way of doing it. The most comfortable way for you, is the right way
08:51:42 rokchik: General Chat: you go Gaelan fight the power
08:51:45 FmX: General Chat: hmm seems to make a difference if you're not exactly behind the fret too..
08:52:11 rokchik: General Chat: I just noticed that myself FmX
08:52:14 Gaelan: General Chat: allo browq
08:52:23 browq: General Chat: arrgghhh mateys
08:52:25 rokchik: General Chat: hey Browq
08:52:35 Tank: General Chat: It becomes more difficult to fret the further away you are from the fret
08:53:12 FmX: General Chat: mhm, I am trying to find the optimal way to barre before I sit down and practice it, I am close now!
08:53:13 Tank: General Chat: because you have to apply more pressure, for the string to make firm contact with the stopping fret
08:53:37 Gaelan: General Chat: man I need a laptop lol
08:53:46 FmX: General Chat: though I have to press hard, is it normal?
08:53:51 browq: General Chat: i remember the days i was trying to play barre chords, man i sucked when i first started
08:53:56 browq: General Chat: it was sooo hard
08:54:07 FmX: General Chat: hehe then you know what we're going through browq
08:54:21 rokchik: General Chat: Oh I C what your saying Tank. My index fingure tends to angle off the further away from the fret
08:54:28 rokchik: General Chat: not a good sound
08:54:41 Tank: General Chat: It does take pressure to do it correctly, but you'll get used to it as your hand strengthens
08:54:53 FmX: General Chat: I press with my thumb right now, is that the correct technique? or is it wrong
08:55:02 rokchik: General Chat: Hand strength is my problem
08:55:07 browq: General Chat: yes i do. but you'll soon be able to do it. i don't qoute remember how long a day i praticed it, about 10 min a day i geuss
08:55:12 browq: General Chat: it comes pretty fast
08:55:22 Tank: General Chat: grip between index finger and thumb
08:55:45 FmX: General Chat: Tank do you put your thumb right behind the index finger when barre+
08:56:17 Tank: General Chat: Rokchik, hand strength will develop the more you practice
08:56:41 rokchik: General Chat: yeah I know but it's very frustrating
08:56:42 Gaelan: General Chat: what I need is to win the lotto so I can afford to stay home and practice lol
08:56:49 FmX: General Chat: aha, that worked better didn't have to press as hard. I put my thumb like 1.5 fret away. Felt better with thumb behind though, is that the correct technique?
08:56:53 rokchik: General Chat: sounds like a good plan
08:57:19 Tank: General Chat: FMX, yeah, if you remove the neck from between your fingers, your thumb tip should be parallel with the mid section of your index finger
08:57:44 FmX: General Chat: aha, let me try that some more
08:57:53 Gaelan: General Chat: well I launched a new service two weeks ago that is going to be hitting the east coast in about a week.. if that takes off I can cut my dayjob hours in half which will leave me a few hours practice time.
08:58:04 FmX: General Chat: lol I have a different problem now
08:58:19 FmX: General Chat: the high e-string gets semi-muted now, but not the b and g-string atleast
08:59:36 FmX: General Chat: damn barre chords
08:59:39 FmX: General Chat: I hate them
08:59:44 rokchik: General Chat: Oh My God!!!! just played the opening 3 barre chords of Creep and sounded buzzing no muting just clean sound...
08:59:58 Gaelan: General Chat: for me FmX it's the bottom half of the fretboard that gets semi muted
09:00:16 Gaelan: General Chat: the strings that the fleshy part of my index finger are suppoed to handle
09:00:28 FmX: General Chat: lucky rokchik, it sounds better for me too, thanks for the advice Tank. But I still got some more things to figure out before I nail this
09:00:57 FmX: General Chat: Gaelan I have the exact same problem but now that I did like Tank said with the thumb behind and in the centre theres some pressure on them so they ring
09:01:05 FmX: General Chat: but the high e-string gets semi-mutes
09:01:12 FmX: General Chat: so, solved one problem, got another haha
09:01:15 Tank: General Chat: Ah, I cheat on that one
09:01:27 rokchik: General Chat: Well didn't last long....back to the muting thing...damn. Thanks for the advice Tank it's gonna help a lot I can tell
09:01:46 Gaelan: General Chat: well not really it jsut means that now you have to try and "pull in" the base of your index finger
09:02:08 Gaelan: General Chat: when I do that I get a clean ring on the high E
09:02:09 FmX: General Chat: but now atleast I got the right technique.. I pressed 10 times as hard before, that might explain why my left arm hurt yesterday ohmy.gif
09:02:20 FmX: General Chat: so thanks I guess, may have saved me from an injury
09:02:27 Tank: General Chat: I have realtively long fingers, so I place the hard part of my mid knuckle over the E and B strings, and then allow the top two thirds of my finger to go across the rest of the strings.
09:02:32 Gaelan: General Chat: choking the life out of the neck will make any excercise hurt
09:02:37 FmX: General Chat: I have gigantic hands
09:02:55 FmX: General Chat: ok not gigantic, but pretty long fingers
09:02:59 Tank: General Chat: Rather than put my fingertip on the bottom e, and gripping with the rest of the finger
09:03:01 FmX: General Chat: that's my problem
09:03:06 Gaelan: General Chat: i have odd fingers... they are hourglass shaped lol
09:03:23 FmX: General Chat: haha
09:03:36 Tank: General Chat: rokchik, you'll get little breakthroughs here and there
09:03:51 Gaelan: General Chat: no matter hw I pivot, I always have a bow in my finger
09:03:58 rokchik: General Chat: Tank that's some great advice I find I try to grip the strings with my fingure
09:04:10 FmX: General Chat: this chat rox
09:04:18 FmX: General Chat: can ask questions.. for ppl with same interest
09:04:23 FmX: General Chat: but 10 times better than you xD
09:04:25 Gaelan: General Chat: yep
09:04:47 rokchik: General Chat: Yes I'm so glad Kris put this chat in
09:04:53 FmX: General Chat: Tank another question
09:04:57 rokchik: General Chat: you get real time answers
09:04:59 FmX: General Chat: I have problems with my thumb generally.
09:05:22 FmX: General Chat: When running down a Am Penta scale, is your thumb stationary or does it move up and down with your other fingers
09:05:30 FmX: General Chat: because mine just sits there in the middle lol
09:05:43 FmX: General Chat: it feels like it slows me down, but I don't know
09:05:49 Gaelan: General Chat: I pivot mine FmX
09:06:22 FmX: General Chat: same here
09:06:22 rokchik: General Chat: I kind picot mine too...but I'm still slow but then again just starting that scale
09:06:22 Gaelan: General Chat: it stays in the same spot but rolls up and down depending on which direction I am playing
09:06:38 Tank: General Chat: I've never checked. I think it just goes where is comfortable, but I suspect it's around the middle
09:07:01 FmX: General Chat: but it doesn't really move from the position if you know what I mean
09:07:20 Tank: General Chat: not unless I'm shifting position
09:07:28 FmX: General Chat: ok, good then .D
09:07:38 Gaelan: General Chat: yea I put mine in the middle so I can pivot on it. I have ape arms so I have to play in a position that allows my forarm to be "up"
09:08:16 Tank: General Chat: Again, it's all about comfort.
09:08:20 Gaelan: General Chat: yep
09:08:25 rokchik: General Chat: FmX...I just tried moving my thumb around and it just messed me up. I think when its in one place it lets the other fingures focus on the notes
09:08:36 Gaelan: General Chat: I can't practice or play worth beans sitting down
09:08:56 Tank: General Chat: The trick to playing fast is to train your hands so well that you relax while playing. You don't get cramp, or press down too hard.
09:08:57 rokchik: General Chat: But when I move postion moves with
09:09:20 Gaelan: General Chat: allo Boggi
09:09:41 rokchik: General Chat: I find I put a lot of pressure on the neck with my I'm pushing up or something
09:09:52 Gaelan: General Chat: anyone know about the subtlties of fret size?
09:09:54 FmX: General Chat: ok rokchik we got similar technique then
09:10:04 Boggi: General Chat: hello
09:10:10 FmX: General Chat: hey Boggi
09:10:13 Gaelan: General Chat: would large frets be eaier to play versus medium frets for example?
09:10:15 rokchik: General Chat: Nello Boggi
09:10:34 rokchik: General Chat: That should be a H not a N. can't type sorry
09:10:38 Tank: General Chat: That's because your first finger isn't strong enough yet, and you are over compensating with your thumb (which is naturally stronger), to push the strings onto the first finger, rather than the other way around
09:10:49 Tank: General Chat: hi boggi
09:11:01 rokchik: General Chat: that makes sense
09:11:20 Gaelan: General Chat: **sighs** 20 mins before I need to bail and get ready for my stint as a wage slave
09:11:33 rokchik: General Chat: so I guess with practice this should stop
09:12:03 rokchik: General Chat: LOL Gaelan...I'm off today...guitar all day
09:12:06 Tank: General Chat: It will stop as your hand gains strength
09:12:07 Gaelan: General Chat: it will rokchik... I am already noting a difference. What I did was experiement with how hard I had to fret to get a clean ring
09:12:40 rokchik: General Chat: cool thanks for the advice guys
09:12:54 Gaelan: General Chat: then I ran scales are that pressure to get a memory. now the only time I throttle the neck is when those evil barre chords come into play
09:13:05 FmX: General Chat: my god, I'm trying the barre excercise that kris talks about in his video
09:13:13 FmX: General Chat: this is bad
09:13:19 FmX: General Chat: I suck at this damn it
09:13:23 Gaelan: General Chat: bad as in good?
09:13:28 Gaelan: General Chat: nm....
09:13:31 Tank: General Chat: Right, I must go.
09:13:34 Gaelan: General Chat: question answered
09:13:35 rokchik: General Chat: Keep your head up man...
09:13:39 Gaelan: General Chat: take care Tank
09:13:44 rokchik: General Chat: see ya Tank and thanks again
09:13:49 Tank: General Chat: all the best with practicing
09:13:54 rokchik: General Chat: thanks
09:13:57 Gaelan: General Chat: woohoo
09:14:04 FmX: General Chat: bb tank
09:14:08 FmX: General Chat: thanks for the advice
09:14:10 Gaelan: General Chat: the rest of my set came in
09:14:14 Tank: General Chat: Any issues, throw a note on one of the boards
09:14:20 Tank: General Chat: bye
09:14:24 rokchik: General Chat: see ya
09:14:33 Gaelan: General Chat: I ordered the full set of the Danelectro FAB pedals
09:14:48 rokchik: General Chat: sweet
09:14:49 Gaelan: General Chat: for 27 bucks a pop they are pretty decent
09:15:16 Gaelan: General Chat: I figured they were crap at first because of the nasty buzz but it turned out to be a fault patch cable
09:15:22 FmX: General Chat: ok guys I'm gonna be semi-afk for a while gotta concentrate. Stupid barre chords
09:15:36 Gaelan: General Chat: swapped that out and they are nice and clean now
09:15:50 Gaelan: General Chat: okie dokie
09:15:56 Gaelan: General Chat: allo Guest
09:17:42 rokchik: General Chat: Actually guys I gotta split.. gotta take the doggy to the vet before I sit on my ass and practice all day. It was great chatting with ya...FmX keep up the good work with the Barre chords remember your better than them...we will concure them soon...little buggers...and Gaelan have fun with the pedals
09:17:59 rokchik: General Chat: See ya guys
09:18:04 Boggi: General Chat: cya
09:18:24 Gaelan: General Chat: will do
09:18:28 FmX: General Chat: bye Rokchik
09:18:33 Gaelan: General Chat: ta for nbow
09:18:37 rokchik: General Chat: Rock on boys
13:00:00 Pavel: General Chat: hello!
13:00:06 blindwillie: General Chat: hey
13:00:08 Pavel: General Chat: hey edguy
13:00:12 edguy: General Chat: hi
13:00:32 edguy: General Chat: very fast
13:00:44 Pavel: General Chat: hehe
13:00:46 edguy: General Chat: like your playing
13:01:36 edguy: General Chat: do you still practice pavel or do you only chat with us?
13:02:37 Pavel: General Chat: right now i am working on a new lessons
13:02:39 Pavel: General Chat: editing videos
13:02:46 blindwillie: General Chat: wee
13:02:55 Pavel: General Chat: so that's why i can also chat
13:03:01 edguy: General Chat: ah ok
13:03:22 blindwillie: General Chat: you are producing to fast now, cant keep up, they all seems fun. Im to slow to learn
13:03:44 edguy: General Chat: take your time
13:03:51 Pavel: General Chat: Kris and i hve kind of agreement - i will work on 2 lessons each week
13:03:52 blindwillie: General Chat: ye, I am
13:03:58 edguy: General Chat: i have the same problem
13:03:59 blindwillie: General Chat: wow, great
13:04:12 Pavel: General Chat: i would love to make more of them but i can't work on both lessons and university
13:04:24 edguy: General Chat: what do you study pavel?
13:04:30 Pavel: General Chat: let's say next week - i won't be able to do lessons - i haev an exam on MOnday
13:04:38 Pavel: General Chat: Informatics
13:05:00 edguy: General Chat: is it hard?
13:05:11 Pavel: General Chat: do you guys have tremolo on your guitars?
13:05:15 edguy: General Chat: because i want to study economy informatics
13:05:22 edguy: General Chat: yes i have a tremolo
13:05:29 edguy: General Chat: but no floyed rose
13:05:35 Pavel: General Chat: informatics are very interesting and not hard if you have goot teachers - but my teachers suck
13:05:52 edguy: General Chat: ah ok
13:05:55 Pavel: General Chat: well - next lesson is about whammy bar incorporation so that's why i am asking
13:06:11 blindwillie: General Chat: @pavel: I dont. Because of what music I like to learn, I selected sustain and keeping tune before it
13:06:13 edguy: General Chat: wow thats nice
13:07:09 Pavel: General Chat: well - JEM always keeps tune and has a great sustain so i don't have problem with that wink.gif
13:07:27 blindwillie: General Chat: As it is now I cant see I would ever use it really, but I'm sure you will change that with your lessons wink.gif
13:07:38 edguy: General Chat: i have an ibanez too but a teh S series
13:07:41 Pavel: General Chat: yeah well it depends on a person
13:07:46 Pavel: General Chat: i love to play around with it
13:07:57 blindwillie: General Chat: Ye, but still trem < tune and sustain on the same guitar as trem
13:08:12 blindwillie: General Chat: hmm without trem ofc
13:08:20 blindwillie: General Chat: ah, you get it
13:09:23 Pavel: General Chat: well on expensive guitars that problem is actually not a problem hehe
13:09:40 blindwillie: General Chat: And if I ever feel I need a trem, I will have to uy a new guitar. Wee \o/
13:09:46 edguy: General Chat: why we have no slow down function in the videos is this in work?
13:10:55 Pavel: General Chat: I have no idea
13:11:06 blindwillie: General Chat: oh yes, a trem will always be bigger risk of detuning than same guitar without trem
13:11:07 Pavel: General Chat: i have nothing to do with website development
13:11:19 edguy: General Chat: because at the moment i practice the courious coincidence solo from kris
13:11:28 blindwillie: General Chat: have to go for a couple of minutes, brb
13:11:41 edguy: General Chat: and for me teh slow things are too fast
13:11:43 Pavel: General Chat: well that was a problem on my first RG - it was 300$, now i haev this baby - it's 2300$ and i never went out of tune in the middle of playing
13:12:25 edguy: General Chat: pavel i have a question
13:12:39 Pavel: General Chat: go ahead
13:12:49 edguy: General Chat: i have a big problem with palying to an backing track
13:12:56 Pavel: General Chat: why is that?
13:13:06 edguy: General Chat: i dont know but i think
13:13:25 edguy: General Chat: i played the last years (before gmc) only with the cd
13:13:33 edguy: General Chat: so i heard the guitar
13:13:55 edguy: General Chat: without hearing what the guitar is palying i have big problems to paly in time
13:14:10 Pavel: General Chat: well before trying playing to a backing track you haev to elarn tabs
13:14:16 Pavel: General Chat: learn*
13:14:42 edguy: General Chat: yeah ok when i have learned the tabs and i want to play the song or whatever to the backing track
13:14:56 edguy: General Chat: i dont know what i have to do
13:15:10 edguy: General Chat: should i listen to the drums and play
13:15:31 Pavel: General Chat: the rythm is the most important
13:15:35 Pavel: General Chat: counting 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4
13:16:34 blindwillie: General Chat: @no ofc, a good guitar shouldn't, but since it not in my style I choosed the model without trem, personal preferneces
13:16:42 blindwillie: General Chat: edguy, you too?
13:16:48 blindwillie: General Chat: I share that problem
13:17:04 Ryan: General Chat: hey everybody hows it goin?
13:17:05 edguy: General Chat: ok an example your lesson speed metal riffing
13:17:09 Pavel: General Chat: hey Ryan
13:17:13 blindwillie: General Chat: the answer will be "practice"
13:17:15 edguy: General Chat: i can paly it but not to teh backing track
13:17:30 Ryan: General Chat: I GOT A NEW AMP TODAY..sorry about bothering your convo
13:17:31 blindwillie: General Chat: hey ryan
13:17:39 Pavel: General Chat: which one?
13:17:47 edguy: General Chat:
13:17:51 edguy: General Chat: this one
13:17:52 blindwillie: General Chat: no, its general chat, supposed to be chaotic
13:17:58 Ryan: General Chat:
13:18:19 Pavel: General Chat: no - i mean which amp?
13:18:20 blindwillie: General Chat: discussing playing to backtracks
13:18:31 Pavel: General Chat: i know my lessons
13:18:32 edguy: General Chat: oh sorry
13:18:33 blindwillie: General Chat: @ryan, link the amp?
13:18:44 blindwillie: General Chat: hehe
13:18:47 Ryan: General Chat: ok hodl on..i gotta f9ind it
13:19:22 Pavel: General Chat: wrong button
13:19:24 blindwillie: General Chat: pavel is a noob
13:19:32 Pavel: General Chat: hahahaha i know i am
13:20:01 blindwillie: General Chat: well, me too, never liked IRC, but this was fun and can be useful
13:20:02 Pavel: General Chat: i have the Logitech G5 mouse and it has button on the left side of it and i accidently clicked it - it's button for BACK
13:20:15 Pavel: General Chat: F)/#"$)("/$)!&"($/&!("$
13:20:17 Pavel: General Chat:
13:20:22 blindwillie: General Chat: mmm, been there done that, have that one too
13:20:34 Pavel: General Chat: than you know what i mean
13:20:40 blindwillie: General Chat: yepp
13:20:54 Ryan: General Chat:
13:21:01 Pavel: General Chat: Don?t click the link
13:21:04 Ryan: General Chat: whoosp
13:21:06 Ryan: General Chat: lol
13:21:13 Pavel: General Chat: hahahaha
13:21:16 edguy: General Chat: why
13:21:19 blindwillie: General Chat: specially if I'm practising and using my mouse with the wrong hand, I've reloaded the videos a trillion times
13:21:28 blindwillie: General Chat: ???
13:21:42 Ryan: General Chat: let me find another site..that 1 wont link cus it has my name in it
13:21:46 Pavel: General Chat: because you'll close the chat if you clik it
13:21:59 blindwillie: General Chat: haha!
13:22:00 Pavel: General Chat: no it's ok i see your amp
13:22:15 Ryan: General Chat: o yea
13:22:30 Pavel: General Chat: ok let's get back to backings practicing
13:22:32 Ryan: General Chat: my g/f bought it for me..i was using a squier sidekcik..I DONT RECOMMEND EVENT O BEGINNERS (
13:22:49 Pavel: General Chat: hahahaha year Squier is total shit
13:23:21 edguy: General Chat: ok backings back to your lesson
13:23:32 edguy: General Chat: i can paly it if i hear you playing
13:23:35 Ryan: General Chat: yea i know lol...This RMS might not be amazing..but i love it compared to this gay ass squier
13:23:55 edguy: General Chat: but when i play to the backing track i dont know how to play teh lick
13:24:13 Pavel: General Chat: than yoi haev a problem
13:24:19 Pavel: General Chat: you have*
13:24:32 blindwillie: General Chat: anyone of you using a POD XT (or 2.0)? If so, do I need a floorboard with it? Main purpose is to practise with headphones
13:24:34 edguy: General Chat: and how i can fix the problem
13:25:20 Ryan: General Chat: the same y i fixed my problem..with the...Iron simpler terms...PRACTICE
13:25:33 Pavel: General Chat: hahaha yeah
13:25:38 Pavel: General Chat: Practice is a good way
13:25:59 Pavel: General Chat: man i didn't have that problem so i can't help you except tell you to practice slowly again and review tabs again and again
13:26:25 edguy: General Chat: o0k
13:26:50 Ryan: General Chat: listen to how the lick is played A BILLION TIMES...then slowly try it yourself..concentrating..on how it suppose to sound..and dont just settle with close to it...
13:26:51 blindwillie: General Chat: hey, leed
13:27:20 Pavel: General Chat: hey leedbrake
13:27:39 Ryan: General Chat: hows it goin leed?
13:27:42 leedbreak: General Chat: s,up
13:27:54 leedbreak: General Chat: great playing guitar at work
13:28:17 Ryan: General Chat: how is that..where do you work..cus i want to work there
13:28:17 blindwillie: General Chat: :/ unfair
13:28:26 leedbreak: General Chat: yes, it is
13:28:29 leedbreak: General Chat: lol
13:29:12 leedbreak: General Chat: work for self
13:29:46 Ryan: General Chat: awesome
13:29:49 leedbreak: General Chat: brb
13:30:23 Pavel: General Chat: wrong button hahaha
13:30:29 blindwillie: General Chat: hehe
13:30:31 Ryan: General Chat: lol
13:30:36 Pavel: General Chat: i think it will take us ssome time to get used to this chat
13:30:42 blindwillie: General Chat: mhm
13:30:44 Ryan: General Chat: yea
13:31:18 Ryan: General Chat: anybody know when the jazz suppose to start?
13:31:25 blindwillie: General Chat: only problem is it takes time from practice
13:31:40 Ryan: General Chat: NO IT playing as we speak
13:32:09 blindwillie: General Chat: haha, tried that, ended up with logging out as soon as I used the mouse
13:32:49 Ryan: General Chat: lol
13:33:02 Pavel: General Chat:
13:33:23 leedbreak: General Chat: Pavel How old are you? and how long have you been playing?
13:33:55 blindwillie: General Chat: (I dont want to know, not good for my confidence)
13:34:03 Ryan: General Chat: lol
13:34:32 leedbreak: General Chat: ah but now we practice right wink.gif
13:34:51 leedbreak: General Chat: like he has done from the start
13:35:05 Pavel: General Chat: i'm 19
13:35:11 Pavel: General Chat: played electric guitar for 4 years
13:35:15 blindwillie: General Chat: ... told ya
13:35:18 Pavel: General Chat: and classical guitar for 4 years also
13:35:19 leedbreak: General Chat: i was affraid of the
13:35:26 leedbreak: General Chat: that
13:35:30 Pavel: General Chat: hahahaha
13:35:48 Ryan: General Chat: whos the youngest on gmc..anyobyd know
13:35:52 leedbreak: General Chat: I have a step son older than that
13:36:00 blindwillie: General Chat: a 12 year registered today
13:36:06 Ryan: General Chat: damn
13:36:09 Ryan: General Chat: thats cool
13:36:13 blindwillie: General Chat: hehe, my daughter is older
13:36:18 Pavel: General Chat: lol
13:36:31 leedbreak: General Chat: I hope he does not see kris' R rated lesson
13:36:44 blindwillie: General Chat: lol
13:36:47 Pavel: General Chat: hahaha Burry Your Genitals thingy ha??
13:36:53 leedbreak: General Chat: yep
13:36:55 Ryan: General Chat:
13:37:02 Pavel: General Chat: hahahaha lol lol lol
13:38:38 leedbreak: General Chat: Pavel I guess the perfect alternate picking comes without think?
13:38:47 leedbreak: General Chat: ing
13:39:14 Pavel: General Chat: it comes with actually FEELING it in your hand
13:39:24 Ryan: General Chat: pfff mine comes from..not careing so much about how i sound..but more about being relaxed...
13:39:31 leedbreak: General Chat: can I borrow you hand
13:39:46 Pavel: General Chat: ok i will copy it and send by mail in the attachment
13:39:51 Pavel: General Chat: lol
13:39:54 leedbreak: General Chat: \Cool
13:40:07 Ryan: General Chat: mess me up
13:40:13 Ryan: General Chat: messed
13:40:17 Pavel: General Chat: no really - he're is how i got it - i am a big fan of Rusty Cooely and i watched his instructionals thousands of times
13:40:34 Pavel: General Chat: i always wanted to haev HIS style of picking and one day i just realized how he does it
13:40:55 leedbreak: General Chat: How?
13:41:01 Pavel: General Chat: now all i have to do is make it faster and faster
13:41:13 leedbreak: General Chat: ic
13:41:18 Pavel: General Chat: watch his videos - and try to repeat it
13:41:39 mattacuk: General Chat: hi all!
13:41:44 Ryan: General Chat: whats up
13:41:47 leedbreak: General Chat: know of any links to his vids
13:41:51 leedbreak: General Chat: hello
13:41:53 mattacuk: General Chat: well, im ill today !
13:42:17 Ryan: General Chat: sorry..but im rdy for a long LONG day of guitar...
13:42:32 Pavel: General Chat: hey mattacuk
13:42:36 leedbreak: General Chat: What time is it it everyone computer? 12:42PM
13:42:37 Pavel: General Chat: leed - just a sec...
13:42:41 mattacuk: General Chat: leedbreak Hey bro
13:42:43 Pavel: General Chat: 19:42
13:42:47 mattacuk: General Chat: Pavel hey dude
13:42:52 leedbreak: General Chat: mattacuk s'up
13:42:55 blindwillie: General Chat: 19:42
13:42:57 mattacuk: General Chat: 18:42
13:43:17 Ryan: General Chat: 12:45 P<
13:43:20 Ryan: General Chat: M
13:43:24 blindwillie: General Chat: haha
13:43:25 mattacuk: General Chat: ive been playing all week, but ive caught a bug, and tried to play today but ended up in bed
13:43:38 leedbreak: General Chat: Ryan central time dude
13:43:49 Ryan: General Chat: yea
13:43:56 Pavel: General Chat: hey leed - here it is
13:43:57 Pavel: General Chat:
13:43:58 Ryan: General Chat: i kansas (
13:44:04 leedbreak: General Chat: thanks
13:44:13 Pavel: General Chat: it's long but you can see everything here
13:44:19 mattacuk: General Chat: Im listening to buckethead right now
13:44:44 leedbreak: General Chat: BRB click will make me leave
13:45:08 leedbreak: General Chat: Guess not I cant click it
13:45:43 mattacuk: General Chat: Pavel, thanks for replying to my thread earlier
13:46:17 leedbreak: General Chat: brb
13:46:20 mattacuk: General Chat: ok!
13:46:25 Pavel: General Chat: no probs man
13:46:36 Pavel: General Chat: hey leed - you can copy and paste the link in another window
13:46:41 mattacuk: General Chat: Looks like im going to have to give up the idea of girls lol
13:46:59 blindwillie: General Chat: mattacuk : huh?
13:46:59 Pavel: General Chat: haha
13:47:05 Ryan: General Chat: lol
13:47:08 Pavel: General Chat: practice longer haha
13:47:10 mattacuk: General Chat: blindwillie no time !
13:47:11 Ryan: General Chat: yea
13:47:12 mattacuk: General Chat: hahaha
13:47:16 Pavel: General Chat: that's why he can't haev g/f
13:47:20 blindwillie: General Chat: ah, ok
13:47:25 Ryan: General Chat: lol
13:47:26 Pavel: General Chat: you want a girl or guitar
13:47:32 blindwillie: General Chat: hehe
13:47:33 Ryan: General Chat: I got both woooooooo
13:47:34 mattacuk: General Chat: girls are a pain in the long wrong,
13:47:35 Pavel: General Chat: or a better way is - first own guitar - than own girls haha
13:47:41 mattacuk: General Chat: sure !!
13:47:44 Ryan: General Chat: lol
13:47:48 leedbreak: General Chat: got the link will check it out in a few
13:47:59 blindwillie: General Chat: in the end you will have girls and guitars right? thats why we do it
13:48:12 Pavel: General Chat: ok - there are some awesome views of right hand
13:48:25 mattacuk: General Chat: sure, i figure when im good ill have more time for chicks
13:48:27 Pavel: General Chat: i don't have g/f and i don't care - i don't have time for them
13:48:28 leedbreak: General Chat: At 40 I will just play guitar to avoid heart attacks
13:48:49 blindwillie: General Chat: actually I prefer a view of girls rather then pavels right hand
13:48:55 mattacuk: General Chat: lol !
13:49:03 Pavel: General Chat: ok videos rendering is over - now comes the most borring part - typing text
13:49:20 Pavel: General Chat: no - it's not my right hand i am talking about - it's Rusty's haha
13:49:32 blindwillie: General Chat: mmm nice
13:49:33 mattacuk: General Chat: Bucket head has in-human right hand!
13:49:46 Pavel: General Chat: for some reason i don't like Buckethead at all
13:49:49 leedbreak: General Chat: pavel, did you see my post in the lessons tread?
13:49:55 Ryan: General Chat: i used to be like you Pavel...have no g/f...and my excuse was the same reason...NO si had to shcool.then like a LONG LONG 12 hour days at work
13:50:00 mattacuk: General Chat: Pavel that is understandable
13:50:16 Ryan: General Chat: Buckethead...y is he so popluar..I CANT FIGURE IT OUT
13:50:17 Pavel: General Chat: leed - no i havent - jsut a sec...
13:50:21 mattacuk: General Chat: PG is my no1 Guitar hero anyway !
13:50:32 mattacuk: General Chat: Ryan I love his techqniue, and his music
13:51:01 Ryan: General Chat: hmm
13:51:09 leedbreak: General Chat: mattacuk can everyone see this
13:51:27 mattacuk: General Chat: leedbreak i can, not sure if anyone else can!
13:51:34 Ryan: General Chat: i cant
13:51:43 leedbreak: General Chat: mattacuk Yep click sends a private i guess
13:51:52 mattacuk: General Chat: leedbreak awsome
13:51:58 leedbreak: General Chat: or maybe not
13:52:05 Pavel: General Chat: Leed you're welcome man
13:52:15 Pavel: General Chat: i jsut read it! thanks and you're welcome!
13:52:27 mattacuk: General Chat: Pavel Can you read music? if so how long ago did you learn
13:52:51 Pavel: General Chat: i play things by ear faster than reading notes
13:53:07 leedbreak: General Chat: I can read then play just not read and play
13:53:08 Ryan: General Chat: Thats the only way
13:53:14 mattacuk: General Chat: Pavel Is that something thats just developed over time?
13:53:27 Pavel: General Chat: what do you mean?
13:53:28 Ryan: General Chat: Its developed..or it just comes natural
13:53:29 Pavel: General Chat: playing by ear??
13:53:32 mattacuk: General Chat: yes
13:53:38 leedbreak: General Chat: he is from anothe planet
13:53:55 Pavel: General Chat: i understand it like a natural thing - you can train it but never to perfect level
13:53:55 Ryan: General Chat: i was tol dyesterday by my boss i was superhuman.cus the grease wasnt murnign me
13:54:03 Ryan: General Chat: burning*
13:54:23 mattacuk: General Chat: I am learning to read music, its something ive always wanted to do !
13:54:23 Pavel: General Chat: my father has perfect pitch so i guess i got it from him
13:54:34 mattacuk: General Chat: that is a great thing to have
13:54:43 leedbreak: General Chat: ah, in the blood line i c
13:54:45 Ryan: General Chat: awesome..your a lucky 1
13:54:50 Pavel: General Chat: i had to read music while being in music school - but after that i stopped doing that and now i am sorry about it and started to learn it again
13:54:56 Pavel: General Chat: especially now when writing my own music
13:55:14 mattacuk: General Chat: My music teacher is putting me in for a Music Theory exam
13:55:15 Ryan: General Chat:
13:55:39 Pavel: General Chat: i have whole orchestral arrangements - my father is helping me with it so i must read notes pretty fast to work with him
13:55:55 Pavel: General Chat: i mean it's not a problem to read - problem is to read and play it 100% correct immediately
13:56:03 mattacuk: General Chat: yes!
13:56:06 Ryan: General Chat: Sight reading sux
13:56:23 mattacuk: General Chat: I have only been playing 8 months, but i feel im progressing well
13:56:24 Ryan: General Chat: i had to do some of that for jazz band..pfff..when i plyaed tenor saxophone
13:56:29 Pavel: General Chat: but than again you mast be able to do it
13:56:53 Ryan: General Chat: OOO the i miss it
13:57:04 leedbreak: General Chat: lol
13:57:08 Ryan: General Chat: sorry..i didnt get much sleep last night
13:57:13 Ryan: General Chat: im not usually like this
13:57:23 leedbreak: General Chat: Starting to look like an AOL char room LOL
13:57:31 Gaelan: General Chat: ack
13:57:41 Gaelan: General Chat: that's not something I need to see as soon as I get in here
13:57:47 Gaelan: General Chat: lol
13:57:49 Pavel: General Chat: haha
13:57:50 Gaelan: General Chat: how goes?
13:57:56 mattacuk: General Chat: hello!
13:57:56 Pavel: General Chat: good
13:58:01 Gaelan: General Chat: my sensitive eyes
13:58:06 Ryan: General Chat: lol
13:58:09 leedbreak: General Chat: great but I should be playing not chatting
13:58:13 Pavel: General Chat: guys - i'll be less actiev in next 30 minutes - i haev to type text for ya new lesson
13:58:28 Ryan: General Chat:
13:58:28 mattacuk: General Chat: leedbreak Me too, but i have caught something and dont feel well
13:58:31 Gaelan: General Chat: I'm on lunch so I got 20 mins to chat
13:58:42 leedbreak: General Chat: Hey pavel
13:58:48 Pavel: General Chat: i am also tired as hell and it's frickin' hot here in my room and i am going crazy
13:58:59 mattacuk: General Chat: you need air con!
13:58:59 leedbreak: General Chat: add the up and down stokes to the next GPro file
13:59:08 Gaelan: General Chat: need to do a chili pepeprs thing.... do lessons in your skivvies
13:59:19 mattacuk: General Chat: I am really loveing Guitar Pro, i like to see the musical notation play
13:59:33 mattacuk: General Chat: I am not keen on tabs
13:59:51 Pavel: General Chat: i ahve air con but i haev cold so it's not a good idea
14:00:00 mattacuk: General Chat:
14:00:26 leedbreak: General Chat: Pavel add the up and down stokes signs to the next GPro file
14:00:29 Pavel: General Chat: upstrokes and downstrokes are personal thing - i play a lick 3 times and i play it different ways 3 times
14:00:33 Gaelan: General Chat: what I don't like about tabs is that they often don't tell ya squat
14:00:54 Pavel: General Chat: so jsut watch the video and try to follow it - i am sure for some people my fingering is not the best
14:00:58 leedbreak: General Chat: Wow, now that a tip to charge for
14:01:07 mattacuk: General Chat: Pavel How long have you been playing?
14:01:15 Gaelan: General Chat: sure you get the breakdown but that differs from interpreter to interpreter
14:01:15 Pavel: General Chat: 4 years electri
14:01:32 Gaelan: General Chat: allo
14:01:35 mattacuk: General Chat: Pavel awsome!
14:01:43 preownedguitar: General Chat: whats up guys
14:01:48 Pavel: General Chat: hey m8
14:01:51 Gaelan: General Chat: not much
14:01:59 Ryan: General Chat: ok pavel sorry, but when you say 4 yerars elec. and 4 years classical or w/e....does that mean 8 years all together..or just 4 years?? of playing both?
14:01:59 leedbreak: General Chat: I love chatting folks but it off to work on pavel hand lesson
14:02:11 Pavel: General Chat: leedbrake - it would take me 3 hours to make correct up-down thing and that's not important because you can make your way to it
14:02:21 Gaelan: General Chat: I am sitting here debatingon wether to go into debt again or not to get my kid this Ibanez Mikro
14:02:43 leedbreak: General Chat: Thank pavel and to all good day
14:02:43 Pavel: General Chat: playing classical guitar was actually a waste of time for me - i didn't play nothing too difficult
14:02:52 mattacuk: General Chat:
14:02:57 Pavel: General Chat: everything i can play on electric i learned after quitting classical and practicing only electric
14:03:11 preownedguitar: General Chat: anyone know where to find info on setting the action/fixing intonation?
14:03:23 Gaelan: General Chat: check the website for your rig
14:03:30 Pavel: General Chat: oleedbrake - have fun with it
14:03:34 Gaelan: General Chat: look under the support section
14:03:56 leedbreak: General Chat: oh i will
14:04:16 Gaelan: General Chat: different models will have different methods.. or so it seems according to the instructions that came with mine
14:04:48 preownedguitar: General Chat: k
14:05:03 blindwillie: General Chat: preownedguitar: someone posted a link yesterday I think, I'll chech
14:05:06 mattacuk: General Chat: Is it acceptable to not play guitar when your really ill ?? lol
14:05:17 Pavel: General Chat: yes
14:05:29 mattacuk: General Chat: good cause im really ill and i feel guilty not playing today
14:05:32 Pavel: General Chat: when i am REALLY ill i can't cotrol my hands and it's friggin hot when practicing
14:05:46 Pavel: General Chat: so jsut take it easy and stay on chat
14:05:59 Gaelan: General Chat: yes it is.... do you have any idea how hard it is to get illness gunk out from behind your pups??
14:06:06 blindwillie: General Chat: preownedguitar :
14:06:10 mattacuk: General Chat: i usually get on well with sweeping shapes but today my hand hurt and i nearly fell asleep over my guitar!
14:06:11 preownedguitar: General Chat: thanks
14:07:04 mattacuk: General Chat: what do you guys think of my new guitar
14:07:06 mattacuk: General Chat:
14:07:43 General Chat: woow
14:07:44 blindwillie: General Chat: sli

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