Guitar Chat 2007-05-13
Kristofer Dahl
May 14 2007, 04:30 PM
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03:55:33 Sircraigery: General Chat: yo
03:56:15 Sircraigery: General Chat: what kind of axes do you have?
03:56:36 ezravdb: General Chat: an ibanez
03:56:44 ezravdb: General Chat: and a copy strat
03:57:11 ezravdb: General Chat: the ibanez plays very good
03:57:22 ezravdb: General Chat: some kind of shred guitar I think
03:57:26 ezravdb: General Chat: and you?
03:58:06 Sircraigery: General Chat: i got a jackson and a epi les paul
03:58:25 Sircraigery: General Chat: i'm looking for an old roadstar II from ibanez
03:58:37 Sircraigery: General Chat: an 80's version....impossible to find
03:59:30 Sircraigery: General Chat: where are you from?
04:00:59 ezravdb: General Chat: holland /m/
04:02:16 Sircraigery: General Chat: canada
04:03:52 Sircraigery: General Chat: so what level are you at? fairly new to guitar?
04:19:19 ezravdb: General Chat: hmm
04:19:27 ezravdb: General Chat: sorry for my late post
04:19:42 ezravdb: General Chat: Im not new anymore to guitar I think
04:19:52 ezravdb: General Chat: have checked my youtube page?
04:20:00 ezravdb: General Chat: you can judge your self
04:20:06 ezravdb: General Chat:
04:37:00 ezravdb: General Chat: *slap*
04:37:02 ezravdb: General Chat:
04:55:31 Sircraigery: General Chat: sorry, i was just practising my g major scale lol
04:57:19 Sircraigery: General Chat: your better than i am lol
05:02:18 ezravdb: General Chat: keep practicing that g major scale then
05:16:54 Sircraigery: General Chat: i'm up to 94 bpm, not bad i only learned it today
05:17:14 Sircraigery: General Chat: anyways, i'm of to bed, it's 3:17 am here.....need sleep. later bro
05:21:44 ezravdb: General Chat: laters man!
05:21:45 ezravdb: General Chat: lol
05:21:51 ezravdb: General Chat: here its 11 am in the morning
06:18:31 ezravdb: General Chat: YAWN
06:24:17 ezravdb: General Chat:
07:56:29 Boggi: General Chat: hello
08:13:21 ezravdb: General Chat: ello
08:23:46 ezravdb: General Chat: yowwzzz
08:23:51 Gaelan: General Chat: allo
08:24:13 Gaelan: General Chat: how goes
08:24:50 ezravdb: General Chat: good...but school tomorrow
08:24:54 ezravdb: General Chat: = homework
08:24:57 ezravdb: General Chat:
08:25:10 Gaelan: General Chat: jeez... school... knowing what I know now I wish I was back in school lol
08:25:48 Gaelan: General Chat: for me it's work
08:25:51 ezravdb: General Chat: i can understand
08:26:04 Gaelan: General Chat: sooo i can relate
08:26:22 Gaelan: General Chat: just thought I'd pop in for a few before I get workingon my website
08:26:59 ezravdb: General Chat: ok!
08:27:27 Gaelan: General Chat: if it takes off there is a JEM with my name on it lol
08:27:48 Gaelan: General Chat: maybe
08:28:04 Gaelan: General Chat: I might decide to go with something a little more suited for country/blues
08:28:07 ezravdb: General Chat: lol cool
08:28:42 Gaelan: General Chat: i got a little Ibanez now but I can't get the right tone out of it for country without an OD pedal
08:29:19 ezravdb: General Chat: no?
08:29:45 Gaelan: General Chat: I think a lot of it is my amp tho too so before I spend big bucks on a different rig I am going to upgrade my amp
08:30:23 Gaelan: General Chat: i wanna get one with modeling on it so I can get a tubed OD sound without needing tubes
08:30:45 ezravdb: General Chat: hmm yeah
08:31:13 Gaelan: General Chat: if I blew a tube out here I'd never get it replaced.. this podunk little berg has never seen a tube letalone have a place that can oder em in for me
08:31:52 ezravdb: General Chat: ok
08:39:53 Gaelan: General Chat: heya sorry for the delays
08:40:14 Gaelan: General Chat: i am trying to get some site work done before I have to leave for a mother's day dinner with family
08:41:57 ezravdb: General Chat: aha
08:51:59 Gaelan: General Chat: yea I have been working on something for 14 months now.. it's live and ready to go so now I have to write up explainations about it
08:53:56 ezravdb: General Chat: wow
08:54:42 ezravdb: General Chat: what is it about?
08:56:59 Gaelan: General Chat: it's a technology thing.. deals with telephones
08:57:19 Gaelan: General Chat: shows people how they can harness Voice over IP for any phone
08:57:31 Gaelan: General Chat: still trying to figure out an angle for the USA though
08:58:07 ezravdb: General Chat: cool
08:58:10 ezravdb: General Chat: does that mean:
08:58:14 ezravdb: General Chat: free phone calls?
08:58:19 ezravdb: General Chat:
09:02:26 Gaelan: General Chat: not free but very very cheap
09:02:44 Gaelan: General Chat: there are different features that do different things dependingon how they are put to use
09:03:24 Gaelan: General Chat: as an example I called New Zealeand yesterday and talked for an hour via my cell phone... it cost me $2.40 cents
09:03:38 Gaelan: General Chat: and did not use up any of my anytime minutes
09:05:52 Gaelan: General Chat: allo
09:05:56 Gaelan: General Chat:
09:05:57 TheProof: General Chat: hi
09:06:04 Gaelan: General Chat: how goes?
09:06:26 TheProof: General Chat: very well thank you, you?
09:07:23 Gaelan: General Chat: not bad... workin and chattin
09:07:30 TheProof: General Chat: illbe back
09:07:38 Gaelan: General Chat: website work for a new service... man I hate writing website copy
09:09:03 ezravdb: General Chat: that sounds great gaelan! about the phones
09:09:44 ezravdb: General Chat: brb
09:09:48 ezravdb: General Chat: lunching
09:12:17 Gaelan: General Chat: np
09:12:24 Gaelan: General Chat: it will be as soon as I can advertise it
09:12:34 Gaelan: General Chat: need to figure out how to do that on zero budget
09:21:04 ezravdb: General Chat: bsking with your gutiar wink.gif
09:21:09 ezravdb: General Chat: busking*
09:24:48 TheProof: General Chat: im back
09:25:15 ezravdb: General Chat: yow
09:26:34 TheProof: General Chat: shit! its mothers day?!
09:27:46 ezravdb: General Chat: yes
09:28:01 ezravdb: General Chat: well here, IT OS
09:28:04 ezravdb: General Chat: Is*
09:28:15 TheProof: General Chat: ill just hope it isnt here then..
09:28:30 TheProof: General Chat: you know any good metal riffing
09:28:44 TheProof: General Chat: like trivium style rhythem ?
09:28:54 ezravdb: General Chat: i dont know trivium very well
09:30:16 TheProof: General Chat: oh, well they're worth checking out i find the dual guitaring very influential
09:30:31 ezravdb: General Chat: ok
09:31:01 TheProof: General Chat: do you know any good metal rhythem?
09:32:51 TheProof: General Chat: hello there
09:32:59 browq: General Chat: hi all
09:33:18 TheProof: General Chat: the other 2 are presumably afk
09:33:57 browq: General Chat: think so ^^ well, it is sunday after all 8)
09:34:11 TheProof: General Chat: i was just asking if anyone knnew any good metal riffing like trivium rhythem or anything good-brb
09:34:32 browq: General Chat: k
09:37:52 ezravdb: General Chat: howdi!
09:37:58 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: morning
09:38:07 ezravdb: General Chat: its afternon here :@
09:38:08 ezravdb: General Chat:
09:38:11 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: lol
09:38:13 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: sorry
09:38:44 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: Damn got to go - my wife has a job for me
09:38:48 TheProof: General Chat: andrew, know any cool metal riffing?
09:38:53 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: no
09:38:58 TheProof: General Chat: aw
09:38:58 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: Not really a metal guy
09:39:03 TheProof: General Chat: aw
09:39:11 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: seeya l8r
09:39:19 TheProof: General Chat: enjoy the job wink.gif
09:39:24 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: gee thanks!
09:39:27 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: bye
09:41:27 TheProof: General Chat: anyone here?
12:10:01 ezravdb: General Chat:
12:10:02 ezravdb: General Chat: heheeh
14:20:18 ezravdb: General Chat: hello
14:20:29 ezravdb: General Chat: it suprises me that there're so little people here sometimes
14:23:23 ezravdb: General Chat: hmm practicing
15:52:26 rokchik: General Chat: anyone here
16:04:37 ezravdb: General Chat: yeah me
16:04:40 ezravdb: General Chat: ahh im to late
16:26:58 ezravdb: General Chat: colour
16:27:03 ezravdb: General Chat: hey
16:27:38 ezravdb: General Chat: *meow* *whip* *slap*
16:27:41 ezravdb: General Chat: lol
16:27:48 ezravdb: General Chat: all at the same
16:27:54 ezravdb: General Chat: lol Im bored XD
18:30:58 TheProof: General Chat: hey
18:31:02 rokchik: General Chat: Hello
18:31:10 rokchik: General Chat: How's the T.O.
18:31:36 TheProof: General Chat: very nice how's wherever you are
18:31:55 rokchik: General Chat: I'm in Labrador...sunny about 5 degrees
18:32:24 rokchik: General Chat: There are a few of us Canucks on this site
18:32:36 TheProof: General Chat: ahah there are
18:32:55 rokchik: General Chat: so you been playing long?
18:33:14 TheProof: General Chat: long hours every day
18:33:19 TheProof: General Chat: about a year or so
18:33:24 TheProof: General Chat: 5-8 hours a day
18:33:28 TheProof: General Chat: you?
18:34:15 rokchik: General Chat: It'll be 2 yrs for me in July. Due to work I only get about 1-2 hrs a day but I try to jam as much in as possible
18:34:41 TheProof: General Chat: what are you playing lately?
18:35:23 rokchik: General Chat: doing the metronome and Barre chord lessons right wise just started to learn Mr. Brownestone by GNR and Over the hills and far Away by Zeppelin
18:35:30 rokchik: General Chat: you
18:35:56 TheProof: General Chat: im working on metal riffing right now and john petrucci 3 string sweeps
18:36:07 rokchik: General Chat: sweet
18:36:37 rokchik: General Chat: I havn't ventured much outside of the beginner lessons...want to try and be systematic
18:37:09 TheProof: General Chat: with good intentions it'll do you no harm
18:37:30 TheProof: General Chat: i just like the satisfying feeling of playing hard
18:38:57 rokchik: General Chat: hey...I agree but I find I get kinda confused and frustrated if I jump around....when I start to lose motivation I just try to learn a new song with what I've learned so far on GMC it usually helps
18:39:51 TheProof: General Chat: what kinda guitar are you playing?
18:40:30 rokchik: General Chat: A Gibson Les Paul Standard....bought it this past August. It's my baby!!!!
18:40:39 rokchik: General Chat: you
18:41:08 TheProof: General Chat: ohh very nice! i'm a thrash metal shred fan so i got myself a nice shecter blackjack
18:41:45 TheProof: General Chat: i was debating whether to get a gibson les paul studio in white but i ended up with this one, i think i made the right decision for my fingers desires
18:41:57 rokchik: General Chat: cool. I like the look of the shecter and the Ibanez but I'm not much of a shredder
18:42:20 rokchik: General Chat: my LP is a 60's slim taper neck so it's not so fat
18:42:32 rokchik: General Chat: it's also black
18:42:45 TheProof: General Chat: sounds nice
18:44:06 rokchik: General Chat: Yeah I'm in the process of making it all black as right now it has like a cream color accent. But I have a black pickguard and toggle patch ordered. Picked up the brckets for the pickups last week.
18:44:33 rokchik: General Chat: I just like black guitars for some reason
18:44:39 TheProof: General Chat: i can relate!
18:44:57 TheProof: General Chat: they just have the undescribable apeal
18:45:24 rokchik: General Chat: they go with everything....ultimate
18:45:27 TheProof: General Chat: my blackjacks got a cream outline but i find the contrast very benefitial to the overall look
18:45:41 TheProof: General Chat: ahahah i guess that's true, never thought about it tho
18:46:07 rokchik: General Chat: my LP will still have the cream trim along the edges for a bit of contrast
18:46:33 rokchik: General Chat: it's a women thing...accessorising is our life
18:47:07 TheProof: General Chat: ohh, RokChik
18:47:22 rokchik: General Chat:
18:47:33 TheProof: General Chat: i thought you were making a joke that you were a Hik and you couldnt spell Rock
18:47:46 TheProof: General Chat: silly me
18:48:21 rokchik: General Chat: nope just trying to be original
18:49:35 rokchik: General Chat: I'm not much of a techy so this whole forum/ online handle is new to me. rokchik just seemed to fit...I'm a chick who likes to I used it
18:50:00 rokchik: General Chat: am a bit of a hik though
18:50:30 TheProof: General Chat: ahah
18:50:36 TheProof: General Chat: then we'll play it both ways
18:51:55 rokchik: General Chat: cool....I'm really just a horrible spelling is actually pretty good. Hooked on phonics worked for me!!!!
18:53:17 TheProof: General Chat: ahah yea well my spelling has steadily decreased with typing
18:54:07 rokchik: General Chat: what do you do on Toronto?
18:54:47 rokchik: General Chat: besides guitar
18:57:10 TheProof: General Chat: lol i dont know if i should be saying it on the internet
18:57:33 TheProof: General Chat: im a rastafarian
18:59:00 rokchik: General Chat: I work for the fed's...don't hold that against me tho
18:59:16 TheProof: General Chat: -.- what exactly do you do
19:00:17 rokchik: General Chat: Border officer
19:00:35 TheProof: General Chat: oh
19:00:58 rokchik: General Chat: it's a living
19:01:05 TheProof: General Chat: religious belief is on the constitution of rights so whatever lol
19:01:52 rokchik: General Chat: like I said...don't hold it against me
19:04:10 rokchik: General Chat: My cousin is a rastafarian
19:04:32 rokchik: General Chat: he's living in Vancouver right now
19:06:03 rokchik: General Chat: he converted after a visit to Africa
19:10:20 rokchik: General Chat: so how U liking GMC?
19:13:28 TheProof: General Chat: i enjoy it quite a bit
19:13:44 TheProof: General Chat: it really gives a nice convienence and very easy to work of off
19:15:52 rokchik: General Chat: I find the video lessons can start and stop as much as you want. No live teacher would do that for ya. Kris and the other instruct. are great too. Lessons structured very well
19:17:05 rokchik: General Chat: Well I gotta jet so great talking to ya. see ya around the site.
19:25:07 FmX: General Chat: heya TheProof
19:25:16 TheProof: General Chat: hey
19:25:22 FmX: General Chat: how's it going
19:25:34 TheProof: General Chat: good you?
19:25:52 FmX: General Chat: decent, hey rokchik
19:25:57 rokchik: General Chat: hey boy's I'm back
19:26:36 rokchik: General Chat: dogs wanted to come in the decided to run up the road
19:26:38 FmX: General Chat: how have the barre chording practice gone rokchik
19:27:31 rokchik: General Chat: I was just typing the same thing to U. coming along...have my good moments and bad ones. bad ones are slowly starting to be fewer. how bought you
19:27:45 FmX: General Chat: shit for me
19:27:54 rokchik: General Chat:
19:28:03 FmX: General Chat: I've had some pain in my shoulder the last 2 days so I've basicly just worked on my alternate picking
19:28:28 rokchik: General Chat: R U using a strap on your guitar?
19:28:30 FmX: General Chat: TheProof what level are you at
19:28:58 TheProof: General Chat: level?
19:29:16 FmX: General Chat: rokchik: yea but like I said I'm a metalhead so the guitar is at my knees even with the strap. And I sit down and play so it doesn't really affect my shoulder I think
19:29:24 FmX: General Chat: of guitarin', are you a pro?
19:30:06 TheProof: General Chat: course not, not close-but with steady practise and hard work i hope i will be one day
19:31:00 FmX: General Chat: ok, that's a very nice ambition, I have the same one only barre chords have slaughtered me completely
19:32:24 TheProof: General Chat: i pretty much strictly practise alternet picking sweeping and finger picking- at the moment. once i get those to a certain level ill work on something else maybe barre chords
19:32:29 rokchik: General Chat: FMX: I found that even sitting down, if I never had a strap my shoulder would still bother me. Felt like the guitar slipped a bit when playing so was always compinsationg then my shoulder would hurt. Since I started using strap even when sitting don't seem to have problem but that may just be me and the fact that my LP weighs a tonne
19:33:01 FmX: General Chat: oh jesus a LP lol
19:33:08 rokchik: General Chat: yeah
19:33:09 FmX: General Chat: I've played one of those I can understand the pain
19:33:18 FmX: General Chat: weighs a ****ing ton
19:33:36 rokchik: General Chat: yep...but worth every ounce
19:33:51 FmX: General Chat: yea, but it's a really really heavy guitar
19:34:49 rokchik: General Chat: I'm willing to deal with that because it sounds amazing. Besides gives me a arm workout so one less thing to do at the gym
19:35:04 FmX: General Chat: true true
19:35:23 rokchik: General Chat: What r u playing...still usuing the acoustic
19:35:29 FmX: General Chat: oh god, why did you have to remind me I gotta go to the gym tomorrow
19:35:31 rokchik: General Chat: I can't spell sorry
19:35:46 rokchik: General Chat: or type
19:35:53 FmX: General Chat: yea, but I'm thinking about starting using my electric only for a while and get the barre chords..
19:36:01 FmX: General Chat: feels like zero progress the last few days
19:36:47 TheProof: General Chat: bigger hands easier they are they come naturaly to me
19:37:29 rokchik: General Chat: I've sort stopped the metronome lesson right now just so I can cocentrate on the barre chords. I've been going along with the lesson videoi pretty good but if I actually try to apply to a song I lose it
19:37:51 rokchik: General Chat: my pinky is still a problem
19:38:19 rokchik: General Chat: kinda solved the thumb thing though...Tank had some great suggestions
19:38:33 FmX: General Chat: actually I've been cheating with the metronome too, don't use it all the time, I should but I don't
19:39:00 rokchik: General Chat: Yeah I'll feel guilty after barre chords are learned
19:39:07 TheProof: General Chat: lol
19:39:35 rokchik: General Chat: see ya Te Proof
19:39:45 rokchik: General Chat: sorry typing is horrible
19:40:03 rokchik: General Chat: I should take lessons in that too LOL
19:40:38 FmX: General Chat: hehe don't worry. my grammar is teh shit
19:40:48 rokchik: General Chat: lol
19:41:18 rokchik: General Chat: FMX it must be pretty late or early depending on how you want to look at it in Sweden
19:41:29 FmX: General Chat: I was just thinking about that
19:41:39 rokchik: General Chat: great minds think alike
19:41:40 FmX: General Chat: tell you the truth I just woke up after 3 hours of sleep
19:41:45 FmX: General Chat: aye ^^
19:41:52 TheProof: General Chat: great minds think for themselves lol !
19:41:56 TheProof: General Chat: anyone remember that ?!!
19:42:16 FmX: General Chat: what is that, a quote from a movie or something? xD
19:42:33 rokchik: General Chat: it sounds familiar but can't place
19:42:41 TheProof: General Chat: sienfeld!
19:42:44 TheProof: General Chat: or however you spell it
19:42:50 rokchik: General Chat: I feel like a dummy now
19:42:56 TheProof: General Chat: you should lol
19:43:01 rokchik: General Chat: lol
19:43:23 rokchik: General Chat: I'm more of a Simpsons quoter
19:43:33 FmX: General Chat: hoho rokchik I'm just like you
19:43:38 FmX: General Chat: so many timeless homer sayings
19:43:48 rokchik: General Chat: Homer is my hero
19:44:06 FmX: General Chat: same same
19:44:13 rokchik: General Chat: Ned is my god....actually willie is too.
19:44:19 FmX: General Chat: "Trying is the first step towards failure. The lesson is, never try"
19:44:20 rokchik: General Chat: and Lovejoy
19:44:27 rokchik: General Chat: lol
19:44:43 TheProof: General Chat: wow! big metal riffing inovation
19:44:53 FmX: General Chat: Willie is awesome
19:44:54 TheProof: General Chat: throw yourself in half step or drop d whatever you prefer
19:45:11 rokchik: General Chat: "Beer...the cause of and solution to all of lifes problems"
19:45:15 TheProof: General Chat: then make up a beat with your left hand or whichever is on the fret board
19:45:30 TheProof: General Chat: and hit the board your keeping a beat
19:45:37 TheProof: General Chat: and then go with it with your picking hand
19:45:37 rokchik: General Chat: Drop D is awesome
19:45:45 FmX: General Chat: yea that one is good too
19:46:02 FmX: General Chat: TheProof: where are u pulling that stuff from
19:46:09 TheProof: General Chat: made it up lmao
19:46:10 TheProof: General Chat:
19:46:15 TheProof: General Chat: but its working for me!
19:46:24 TheProof: General Chat: ive been yearning for some hardcore riffing for the past few days
19:46:29 TheProof: General Chat: and i just made some wicked stuff up
19:46:39 FmX: General Chat: I can't believe
19:46:42 FmX: General Chat: that after 1.5 year
19:46:48 FmX: General Chat: I'm still not improvising I'm shit
19:46:55 rokchik: General Chat: soooo many good songs in drop's cool that your improvizing. great work man
19:47:16 TheProof: General Chat: i spend like all my time on improv tho lol
19:47:20 FmX: General Chat: yea Dropping the guitar is cool, I did it all the time before
19:47:23 FmX: General Chat: That's why i suck
19:47:29 TheProof: General Chat: unless im sitting done with the intention to stand back up with a song in hand!
19:47:41 FmX: General Chat: I wasted my time trying to sound cool, sound like others when I should have sat down and practiced like an animal
19:48:22 TheProof: General Chat: i cant improvise sweeps yet tho thats what i want to accomplesh by september
19:48:27 rokchik: General Chat: I'm not really trying to sound like anyone...I just wanna play
19:48:38 FmX: General Chat: now I'm on that same level too rokchik
19:48:41 TheProof: General Chat: me too i find simplicity is the key
19:48:48 FmX: General Chat: before I wanted to learn every Metallica song, every maiden song etc
19:49:05 FmX: General Chat: was just, learn a song, 10 secs in you encounter a problem, oh well. Next song etc. so basicly
19:49:12 TheProof: General Chat: when you listen to some hard core speed picking by like petrucci or something hes keeping the patterns farely simple
19:49:18 FmX: General Chat: I know 100 small parts of songs but not a single whole song and that's sad
19:49:25 TheProof: General Chat: oh boy
19:49:25 rokchik: General Chat: Like the great Garth would say..." I like to play..." tap on the symbol to end quote.
19:49:34 TheProof: General Chat: if you like to learn songs learn an entire one perfectly
19:49:42 TheProof: General Chat: trust me it'll make a world of difference
19:49:43 FmX: General Chat: exactly
19:49:56 rokchik: General Chat: true that
19:49:59 FmX: General Chat: learning parts of songs by tab is useless
19:50:02 FmX: General Chat: takes you nowhere
19:50:08 TheProof: General Chat: just never give up at it you can take breaks if frustrated but its a huge and necessary step towards writing your own music
19:50:27 FmX: General Chat: I can honestly say I SUCK after 1.5 year, the only advantage I have over complete noobs is that I'm kind of familiar with the guitar. I feel comfortable with it.
19:50:31 rokchik: General Chat: I know lots of people who can play the beginnings to lots of songs but can't play one all the way through. Why even bother
19:51:10 TheProof: General Chat: ive been playing a year ish
19:51:20 FmX: General Chat: if I had practiced like I have after joining GMC from the start I would have been soooo much better now
19:51:34 TheProof: General Chat: and i wouldn t say i suck not to sound vain! but 5 or more hours of practise a day gives me the right to say im a little past the sucking stage
19:51:37 rokchik: General Chat: I feel the same way
19:52:09 rokchik: General Chat: I think I suck...people say I'm not bad for being self taught...but I suck
19:52:25 FmX: General Chat: yea well it's normal I guess
19:52:43 FmX: General Chat: name one person that didn't suck after such a short time
19:52:57 rokchik: General Chat: your your own worst critic
19:53:06 TheProof: General Chat: yea
19:53:41 FmX: General Chat: well actually I knew pretty much everything from the beginners sector (even the barre chords I just never practiced them)
19:53:53 FmX: General Chat: well, the metronome lesson was very important to me, I didn't know that actually
19:54:13 FmX: General Chat: so now I'm just lost.. DOn't know what to do. I thought I'd go for all the BORING stuff because then I know I am doing it right lol
19:54:28 rokchik: General Chat: I'm going through the beginner lessons pretty good now...noticing some great improvment
19:54:41 FmX: General Chat: but I'm losing motivation like this, I don't want to play damn country music so I think I'll just go for the legato and tapping lessons when I'm done with the barre chord
19:55:11 rokchik: General Chat: I havn't thought that far ahead yet.
19:56:05 rokchik: General Chat: just gonna go with the flow I think after the beginner stuff is done...try to figure out just what I want to accomplish once the basics are taken care of
19:56:27 TheProof: General Chat: oo
19:56:32 FmX: General Chat: yea I think it's important not to cheat with the basics
19:56:36 TheProof: General Chat: i did
19:56:37 TheProof: General Chat: lol
19:56:38 FmX: General Chat: that's why I'm still in the beginers section
19:56:44 rokchik: General Chat: me too
19:56:47 FmX: General Chat: it's boring, yes. But it has to be done
19:56:49 TheProof: General Chat: i was self taught till 2 months ago
19:56:56 TheProof: General Chat: i can shred like a maniac
19:57:00 TheProof: General Chat: but just learned to keep time
19:57:02 TheProof: General Chat: etc
19:57:15 FmX: General Chat: cool, how long have u been playing TheProof?
19:57:19 TheProof: General Chat: yearish
19:57:27 rokchik: General Chat: I try not to think of it as is but it is also neccessary
19:57:53 FmX: General Chat: yea rokchik I agree with you but let's face it
19:58:21 FmX: General Chat: compared to the stuff we want to do it's boring. But I see it as an investment. It will give us great joy later on I guess
19:58:33 rokchik: General Chat: exactly
19:58:40 FmX: General Chat: sitting down and just writing a song or something, I just wanna get there. And I will no matter how hard the road will be
20:00:04 rokchik: General Chat: It will be that much more rewarding in the end man
20:01:31 rokchik: General Chat: already it's been rewarding for metronome speeds are picking up, barre chords are slooooooowly coming along and I'm happy with the progress I've made in the scales/excercise lessons
20:02:13 rokchik: General Chat: And already I've noticed that the songs I knew before I seem to play better
20:02:24 FmX: General Chat: rokchik how do you use the metronome
20:02:42 rokchik: General Chat: how do you what do I practice?
20:02:52 FmX: General Chat: I just put it on once in a while, I don't keep track.. actually I don't know how to practice using the metronome except for in excercises kris tells us how to in the vids
20:02:57 FmX: General Chat: yea exactly
20:04:42 FmX: General Chat: and TheProof how long did it take to start sweeping for ya
20:06:36 rokchik: General Chat: Basically i just play the Am pentitonic scale. I'll start counting the quarter notes basically I'll do one note on the scale for each beat and go from there. As I move up (eighths, triplets etc) I just adjust the count. I don't know if that makes sense or not
20:08:03 FmX: General Chat: yea I was just wondering what you use the metronome for, so you just play the Am penta+
20:08:06 FmX: General Chat: with metronome
20:11:23 rokchik: General Chat: I haven't incorped it into any songs yet if that's what you mean...right now I'm just tring to get my hand speed up and learn to count out the notes. I find the Am scal the easiest to use as I'm more familiar with it. Basically what Kris is doing in the video but I'm usuing the whole scale pattern
20:12:07 rokchik: General Chat: my timing is pretty crap...the metronome helps
20:13:14 rokchik: General Chat: hey Andrew
20:13:38 FmX: General Chat: okay same here, I don't really use the metronome other than that
20:13:42 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: Hey! Just thought I'd drop by and see what was happenin
20:13:42 FmX: General Chat: hlo Andrew
20:13:48 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: hi FmX
20:14:06 rokchik: General Chat: just some guitar chatting
20:14:20 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: Guitar .... wait, do you guys play guitar? I do too !!
20:14:48 rokchik: General Chat: sweet. we have so much in common
20:14:56 rokchik: General Chat: hey ryan
20:14:57 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: Amazing, who would have thunk it wink.gif
20:15:04 rokchik: General Chat: really though
20:15:23 Ryan: General Chat: hey guys
20:15:29 FmX: General Chat: hello Ryan
20:15:34 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: hey
20:15:46 FmX: General Chat: excuse me I gotta make oatmeal :/ afk
20:15:48 rokchik: General Chat: Fmx: eventually I hope to better utilize the metro. in all my practicing but baby steos for now
20:16:07 FmX: General Chat: baby steps for me too ^^ brb
20:16:12 rokchik: General Chat: I like my oatmeal with brown sugar if your making some
20:16:23 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: lol - the blessed metronome
20:16:38 rokchik: General Chat: or cursed depending on the outlook
20:16:44 rokchik: General Chat: lol
20:17:10 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: YEah - I kind of plateaued with that - I play up to a certain speed, my fingers are wiulling but my muscles have no endurance
20:17:36 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: It wasn;t a big deal when I was playing slower stuff, but now it is limiting me
20:17:54 rokchik: General Chat: I'm getting shredding yet...
20:18:21 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: lol - same here - some rough cutting perhaps, but no shredding
20:18:37 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: Actually, I'm doing well with my legato at the moment
20:18:40 rokchik: General Chat: I've noticed some progress with my triplets...not much but about 5-6 bpm more than when I started
20:18:56 rokchik: General Chat: congrats
20:19:00 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: Cool - ecery little helpsm and once you have it you keep it
20:20:00 rokchik: General Chat: I'm still in the beginners stage right now. Scales, excercises, metronome and the evil evil barre chords
20:20:13 rokchik: General Chat: barre chords are the devil
20:20:35 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: Evil sounding stuff when all you want to do is play like JP ...
20:20:57 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: Bar chords - I was about 12 when I came up against them, and yes, dammit they were the devil
20:21:03 rokchik: General Chat: yep...I argue with my pinky every day
20:21:08 Ryan: General Chat: barre chords arent all the hard to figure out..the hard getting yoru index finger strong enough to barre to get every note
20:21:22 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: I remember my wrist aching like the blazes for months
20:21:26 rokchik: General Chat: my thumb and I have come to an understanding but I'm about to wage war onmy pinky
20:21:26 Ryan: General Chat: which takes..very very little time
20:21:49 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: Ahh, yes ... I have a truce with mine but we are still only allies not friends
20:22:14 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: And when I try to make him toe the line it hurts like hell
20:22:16 rokchik: General Chat: I have the barre figured out but when I in corp the ring finger and pinky I mess up
20:22:42 Ryan: General Chat: thats the easiest part..
20:22:46 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: You'll get it
20:22:50 rokchik: General Chat: yeah my hands a bit sore from this evenings practice
20:22:53 Ryan: General Chat: the hard gettin gevery string to ring..which isnt all that hard
20:23:15 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: Yes, I also remember months of dead sounding notes
20:23:24 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: TRhen the triumpg of my first clear bar chord
20:23:27 rokchik: General Chat: I have very small hands...basically I just have to build up strength
20:23:53 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: ANd we all know how you do that ...
20:24:00 rokchik: General Chat: I think I may get the rack for my hand...stretch the hell out of it
20:24:09 rokchik: General Chat: lol
20:24:12 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: lol - that wasn;t wjat I had in mind
20:24:17 Ryan: General Chat: building up the strength is easy 2...just practice barre chords..for a week straight...about 2 hours everyday..and then..boooooooooooooomm youll have it
20:24:24 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: WOuld teach it a lesson though
20:24:46 FmX: General Chat: and I'm back
20:24:56 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: How's the oatmeal?
20:25:11 FmX: General Chat: terrible
20:25:12 rokchik: General Chat: did you have brown sugar
20:25:19 rokchik: General Chat: mmmmmmm brown sugar
20:25:24 FmX: General Chat: no sugar at all, nothing on it :7
20:25:24 rokchik: General Chat: love homer
20:25:39 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: ugh
20:25:51 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: In scotland they put salt on it
20:25:59 FmX: General Chat: in scotland? I do too
20:26:00 FmX: General Chat:
20:26:04 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: lol
20:26:19 FmX: General Chat: it's normal, not for the salty taste but for the cooking process
20:26:49 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: You sound wise in the ways of oatmeal ...
20:26:49 rokchik: General Chat: I'm getting hungry
20:27:02 TheProof: General Chat: hello
20:27:11 rokchik: General Chat: FmX...the oatmeal guru
20:27:21 rokchik: General Chat: hey TheProof
20:27:21 FmX: General Chat: I am! and if you follow my ways, you will become wise like me my young apprentice!
20:27:39 TheProof: General Chat: call me odumbone my nickname
20:27:46 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: Tell me oh master, is the sweet side ... more powerful?
20:28:23 FmX: General Chat: You can not imagine the power of the sweet side
20:28:38 rokchik: General Chat: I'm all about the ssweet side baby
20:28:51 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: your sugar makes you powerful
20:29:07 rokchik: General Chat: very...just can't do barre chords
20:29:36 FmX: General Chat: haha we can do this all day Andrew
20:29:42 FmX: General Chat: this is almost as fun as playing guitar
20:29:42 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: Ok, promise yourself brown sugar whenever you play one right L)
20:29:46 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: lol
20:30:01 TheProof: General Chat: hey andrew how did that job go this morning?
20:30:20 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: Ok - my wife loves to give me jobs to do
20:30:31 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: usually just when I pick the guitar up
20:30:36 FmX: General Chat: if it's a job, she should pay you!
20:30:50 TheProof: General Chat: ive been forfilling my duties as a rastafarian a few times today so i wasnt totally sure if you told me that or i imagined it for some reason
20:31:11 rokchik: General Chat: well boys I gotta go...the Sopranos group has just arrived and I must go play hostess. And Andrew I will now have a bag of brown sugar with me at all times....just in case.
20:31:27 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: Nope, I had to provide moral support during shopping
20:31:34 FmX: General Chat: hehe, cya rokchil
20:31:39 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: Good plan rokcjik - see you around!
20:31:42 TheProof: General Chat: yea bye rockhick
20:31:44 FmX: General Chat: oh my god
20:31:52 FmX: General Chat: Don't tell me you went shopping with a female
20:31:55 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat:
20:31:59 FmX: General Chat: oh shit, rokchik is still here, sry
20:32:02 TheProof: General Chat: thats brutal
20:32:03 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: lol
20:32:04 rokchik: General Chat: moral support for shopping is important....especially if you have the credit card...he he. See ya guys
20:32:11 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: seeya
20:32:23 TheProof: General Chat: andrew my heart bleeds for you ! i feel your pain
20:32:30 rokchik: General Chat: O.K Fmx....I just can't leave ya...but going now bye
20:32:34 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: My wife likes to shop ... but it fits into my master plan
20:33:07 FmX: General Chat: I went with a friend, she wanted to do some shopping
20:33:15 FmX: General Chat: some "quick" shopping I believe she said even
20:33:26 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: Theres no such thing!!!
20:33:28 FmX: General Chat: I'll be honest with you, if I had a gun I would have shot myself
20:33:47 TheProof: General Chat: yea its not fun lol
20:33:53 FmX: General Chat: 2.5 hour in a store the size of my room
20:34:00 FmX: General Chat: how she managed, I don't know.
20:34:06 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: I know, I know ... but every female interst item my wife buys counts towards a new guitar
20:34:18 FmX: General Chat: aah, what a sweet deal
20:34:21 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat:
20:34:30 FmX: General Chat: if your wife is an average female you'll have 5 new guitars by the end of the year
20:34:36 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: No honey, get the more expensive Loius Vuiton bag ...
20:34:43 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: Exactly!
20:34:49 TheProof: General Chat: ahahaha
20:34:51 TheProof: General Chat: brilliant!
20:34:53 FmX: General Chat: haha that's classic
20:35:02 TheProof: General Chat: if only i had a wife i could fool
20:35:05 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: I bought 4 in the last 6 months ...
20:35:09 TheProof: General Chat: when im forced to shop with girls
20:35:12 TheProof: General Chat: im paying too :|
20:35:24 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: Ahwell you see, you donl;t fool them
20:35:36 TheProof: General Chat: ahah you just incourage them for your own benefit!
20:35:41 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: you just give them an excuse to let you do what they were planning to anyway but get points for it
20:36:03 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: its coimplex, and in fact by the time you start to get a handle on the female mind its way too late
20:36:28 TheProof: General Chat: i currently have no handle once so ever on the female mind...
20:36:37 TheProof: General Chat: its just annoying to even try and understand
20:37:01 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: Occasionally you get a glimpse, and it is awe inspiring
20:37:35 TheProof: General Chat: ahah im still waiting for my first glimpse!
20:37:58 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: The best you can hope to do is by dint of huge effort construct a toolkit of techniques that works in a limited number of cases with a single female
20:38:25 FmX: General Chat: sorry had to afk a quicky
20:38:26 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: And if they cotton on they change everything - but sometimes its kinda fun
20:38:57 TheProof: General Chat: haha
20:39:24 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: The only consolation is that they feel the same about us
20:39:32 TheProof: General Chat: i understand why you have the metaphysical maybe planet or some sort of thing as your icon
20:39:40 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: lol
20:39:50 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: caught me in a philosophical mood
20:40:45 FmX: General Chat: Andrew, you have proven yourself worthy to follow in my footsteps, and learn about the ways of the oatmeal
20:40:54 TheProof: General Chat: good i think we could have a great discussion sometime i find myself in the same thought pattern sometimes (philosophical that is)
20:41:07 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: Gosh - oatmeal, am I worthy?
20:41:10 Ryan: General Chat: lol
20:41:10 TheProof: General Chat: ahahah what an honour, ill sit and watch from a distance, brb
20:41:28 FmX: General Chat: You are worthy too TheProof, you too Ryan xD
20:41:36 FmX: General Chat: actually anyone is, I'm just bored :<
20:41:37 Ryan: General Chat:
20:41:40 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: lol
20:42:23 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: Oh well, better go - my wife dropped a coke can on her foot earlier and is unhappy about life, btter go and cheer her up
20:42:41 FmX: General Chat: yea you tell her if she's good Santa will get her a new VISA
20:42:42 Ryan: General Chat: lol
20:42:51 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: that should do it!
20:42:55 Andrew Cockburn: General Chat: l8r guys
20:43:00 FmX: General Chat: bb
20:43:21 Ryan: General Chat: when is that jazz instructor coming..anybody know?
20:43:36 TheProof: General Chat: back
20:43:37 FmX: General Chat: no idea, but awesome that he is
20:44:00 Ryan: General Chat: yea
20:44:39 Ryan: General Chat: i need more of a variety to mix into my style..cus right now.its only blues..rock.and metal....the best 3.but wouldnt it be some jazz into your metal or something.....JAZZY METAL WOOOOOOOO
20:45:06 FmX: General Chat: yea it would, my problem however is that I suck at everything when it comes to guitar lol
20:45:40 TheProof: General Chat: yooo if your saying you didnt play some type of classical before you started metal
20:45:50 TheProof: General Chat: your not playing a very good metal (in theory)
20:46:04 TheProof: General Chat: classical gu itar is the absolute roote to ALL of my music
20:46:20 Ryan: General Chat: ok
20:46:24 Ryan: General Chat: where did taht come from?
20:46:29 FmX: General Chat: lol
20:46:31 Ryan: General Chat: cus what i said...had nothign to do with that
20:46:36 FmX: General Chat: HAHA
20:46:38 Ryan: General Chat: i was talking about mixing jazz with my other styles
20:46:40 Ryan: General Chat: wtf
20:46:58 TheProof: General Chat: lol you said you need more variety
20:47:11 Ryan: General Chat: yea
20:47:15 TheProof: General Chat: i was providing a suggestion sorry try not to take that in any negative terms
20:47:17 Ryan: General Chat: but i never said anythign about classical
20:47:26 TheProof: General Chat: yea which is what makes it a suggestion
20:47:29 TheProof: General Chat: lol
20:47:32 FmX: General Chat: haha sorry guys but that sounded funny
20:47:47 TheProof: General Chat: i think hes angry
20:47:52 FmX: General Chat: rofl
20:48:07 Ryan: General Chat: quote unqute the proof "yooo if yoru syaing you didnt play some type of classical befor eyou started metal" "yoru not playigna very good metal (in theory)"
20:48:18 TheProof: General Chat: yea in theory
20:48:19 Ryan: General Chat: i never siad anythign like that..about me not playing classical
20:48:30 TheProof: General Chat: which is why i said in theory lol
20:48:31 Ryan: General Chat: how do you know i havent or have..played classical?
20:48:37 Ryan: General Chat: i could have
20:48:37 TheProof: General Chat: try not to shit yourself
20:48:45 TheProof: General Chat: it was a suggestion regardless
20:48:48 TheProof: General Chat: trying to help
20:48:49 Ryan: General Chat: hmmmmmmmmmm
20:48:50 Ryan: General Chat: sure
20:48:52 Ryan: General Chat: right
20:48:53 Ryan: General Chat: dude
20:48:56 FmX: General Chat: oh my god Ryan, chill mate, he was just trying to be helpful
20:49:01 TheProof: General Chat: yea
20:49:03 Ryan: General Chat: try to stick to the subject
20:49:04 TheProof: General Chat: hes angry or somethin
20:49:08 TheProof: General Chat: lol no
20:49:14 Ryan: General Chat: have you not seen my post?
20:49:20 Ryan: General Chat: cus that coudl explain everythign
20:49:25 FmX: General Chat: let's all cool down here mates
20:49:33 Ryan: General Chat: im not mad..or nothing..IM VERY CALM
20:49:36 Ryan: General Chat: im just debating
20:49:37 Ryan: General Chat:
20:49:42 TheProof: General Chat: yea sorry once again you clearly took it the wrong way
20:49:46 TheProof: General Chat: it was a suggestion to help you
20:49:47 Ryan: General Chat: no i didnt
20:49:56 TheProof: General Chat: ok sorry
20:49:57 FmX: General Chat: it sounded like you were pissed off though
20:50:05 Ryan: General Chat: im never pissed
20:50:08 Ryan: General Chat: im always calm
20:50:10 Ryan: General Chat: at all times
20:50:13 TheProof: General Chat: ok lol im leaving
20:50:15 Ryan: General Chat: and i dont aruge
20:50:18 TheProof: General Chat: youre crazy
20:50:19 Ryan: General Chat: im debating
20:50:20 TheProof: General Chat: omg lmao
20:50:22 TheProof: General Chat: GOODBYE
20:50:22 Ryan: General Chat: crazy
20:50:23 Ryan: General Chat: lol
20:50:24 Ryan: General Chat: yea right
20:50:29 FmX: General Chat: hmm
20:50:30 Ryan: General Chat: later
20:50:32 FmX: General Chat: lol
20:50:34 FmX: General Chat: wtf
20:50:34 Ryan: General Chat: FmX
20:50:51 Ryan: General Chat: latest post..and you can probably undstand y im like this at this very moment in tiem
20:51:15 Ryan: General Chat: and for the record.i was tlaking about..jazzy music..mixing it into..metal and everything.......nothign about classical..cus thats not very fun to me
20:51:21 FmX: General Chat: haha yea I thought it sounded very strange I thought he was talking to me because it was totally taken out of the blue. But he didn't mean anything bad man
20:51:31 Ryan: General Chat: i know
20:51:46 Ryan: General Chat: i wasnt tryign to i was yelling or cussing or anytihg
20:51:54 FmX: General Chat: I'll read your post give me a sec
20:52:22 Ryan: General Chat: its in the off discussinos..and it says....somethign about like...seroius things....happened.....i need hlep or somethign
20:56:26 FmX: General Chat: damn
20:56:37 Ryan: General Chat: whoops what did you just put lol..sorry i just cleared everythign
20:57:23 leedbreak: General Chat: sup all?
20:57:29 Ryan: General Chat: hows it goin with that bakcing track leed?
20:57:51 leedbreak: General Chat: Soory no track yet ryan I have one to send just have not mixed just right
20:58:05 Ryan: General Chat: ok
20:58:05 Ryan: General Chat: oo
20:58:31 leedbreak: General Chat: would you prefer acu or metal mosty
21:00:49 leedbreak: General Chat: I Know you said ballad but those can be a lettle metel too
21:00:54 FmX: General Chat: hey leedbreak
21:00:58 leedbreak: General Chat: little
21:01:10 leedbreak: General Chat: hello
21:02:02 Ryan: General Chat: umm
21:02:04 Ryan: General Chat: sorry
21:02:05 Ryan: General Chat: metal
21:02:10 leedbreak: General Chat: cool
21:02:17 Ryan: General Chat: and her parents..welll.........there not that religious..........
21:02:52 leedbreak: General Chat: Well Guy Have a good chat I just popeed in to say high be fore 4 hour practice
21:03:04 Ryan: General Chat: there just really the ways of logical thinking.and punishing there kids...and how to teach them from right and wrong..they dont let her fix or make any mistakes..HOW IS HSE GONNA LEARN..if she cant make her own mistakes...and her have to fix them
21:03:33 Ryan: General Chat: thats how ppl learn...make mistakes..fix them...and then go on..and not to do it again
21:03:46 FmX: General Chat: that is true
21:04:45 Ryan: General Chat: hold on..i gotta go and hook my guitar up...its hard to sit here..iwthout 1 in my hands
21:05:00 FmX: General Chat: I got my acoustic here
21:05:54 Ryan: General Chat:
21:05:54 Ryan: General Chat: k got it all hooked up..
21:06:31 FmX: General Chat: what do you play
21:06:51 Ryan: General Chat: everything
21:07:00 Ryan: General Chat: my style is no style
21:07:03 Ryan: General Chat: because my style
21:07:05 Ryan: General Chat: is every style
21:07:09 Ryan: General Chat: understand/
21:07:19 FmX: General Chat: same here, I hate to label music
21:07:25 Ryan: General Chat: yes
21:07:26 Ryan: General Chat: me 2
21:07:31 FmX: General Chat: the only thing I don't listen to or try to play is hiphop and rap xD
21:07:40 Ryan: General Chat: me 2
21:08:53 Ryan: General Chat: but ill use a blues scale for some hardcore metal..but then stop...and go into an 80's soft rock ballad.....using htat same scale..then flip it..and go into some sweeps..and..some well...really bluesy stuff...llike some of gab's..and some well w/e that dudes name is...idk..i only know how to play a few yea
21:09:18 Ryan: General Chat: thats y im wanting that jazz stuff to come
21:09:57 Ryan: General Chat: i to play rock, metal, blues, fusion(not 2 much of that though), and .........soem rageae or however you spell that
21:10:08 Ryan: General Chat: and i think a few other styles
21:10:24 FmX: General Chat: cool
21:10:25 Ryan: General Chat: but not 2 many for right now though..but I ATTEMPT TO PLYA ALL
21:10:29 FmX: General Chat: I'm a guitar noob basicly :<
21:10:33 Ryan: General Chat: o yea
21:10:35 FmX: General Chat: how long you been playing?
21:10:43 Ryan: General Chat: 2 years..about 6 month serioulsy
21:10:47 Ryan: General Chat: you?
21:10:58 FmX: General Chat: 1.5 year, 10 days seriously.
21:11:06 FmX: General Chat: so I just say I just started...
21:11:08 Ryan: General Chat: ....are you doing...8 hour a day practices?
21:11:20 Ryan: General Chat: yea i usuall.only..say...about 6 months seiroulsy
21:11:30 FmX: General Chat: last 10 days
21:11:33 FmX: General Chat: on an average
21:11:41 FmX: General Chat: I've practiced maybe 4 hours / day
21:11:45 Ryan: General Chat: hmm
21:11:49 FmX: General Chat: I want to get up to 5 hours and hold on to it
21:11:51 Ryan: General Chat: i play every moment of free tiem
21:12:13 Ryan: General Chat: like pavel says..if you want to get amazlingly ahve to play 8 hours a thats wha ti do..cus my g/f
21:12:15 Ryan: General Chat: brb
21:13:11 FmX: General Chat: yea I got a big exam comming up then I got nothing for 3 months I'm gonna do 8 hours / day sessions xD I have to improve..
21:13:17 FmX: General Chat: I'm still on the noob territory
21:13:39 Ryan: General Chat: lol
21:13:45 Ryan: General Chat: im still a noob on theory
21:14:30 Ryan: General Chat: but playing..i think im not..past beginnger.and really startign to soudn liek a serious serious player i can plya...iron maidens gab..perfect..and pavels..hand control lesson..SEMI-PERFECT...about 95% of the way there
21:16:16 FmX: General Chat: nice 1
21:16:40 Ryan: General Chat:
21:16:43 FmX: General Chat: yea I should practice more, I really have nothing else to do. Well study but I only spend like 30 minutes a day on that...
21:16:48 FmX: General Chat: so got all the time in the world really
21:17:09 Ryan: General Chat: do it..youll be gald you did
21:18:38 FmX: General Chat: ya
21:18:51 FmX: General Chat: I'm not as young as you but I'm not that old so there's still time to become good ^^
21:19:03 Ryan: General Chat: how old are you?
21:20:04 FmX: General Chat: 22
21:20:14 Ryan: General Chat: im 17..18 next month..
21:21:25 FmX: General Chat: kk, still young
21:22:24 Ryan: General Chat: yea
21:26:42 FmX: General Chat: US resident, yea?
21:26:57 Ryan: General Chat: yea
21:27:54 FmX: General Chat: damn it it's 3:30 am
21:27:55 FmX: General Chat: here
21:28:15 Ryan: General Chat: 8:30 pm here
21:29:21 TheProof: General Chat:
21:29:34 Ryan: General Chat: lol
21:29:37 Ryan: General Chat: funny
21:31:24 FmX: General Chat: hehe what the hell why did he do that
21:31:55 Ryan: General Chat: obvisouly hes scared...about debating with me lol
21:32:05 Ryan: General Chat: but that was a thing in the past...look forward.and move on
21:32:15 FmX: General Chat: ya
21:40:29 FmX: General Chat: so Ryan
21:40:37 FmX: General Chat: what should I do after barre chords
21:40:45 FmX: General Chat: was thinking tapping and legato next
21:41:03 Ryan: General Chat: hmm you just learned abou tbarre chords
21:41:04 Ryan: General Chat: well
21:41:08 Ryan: General Chat: tapping is more advanced
21:41:17 Ryan: General Chat: you shoudl start working more on legato..because its very important
21:41:26 Ryan: General Chat: you can make it as a guitarist..without tapping 1 time...
21:41:31 Ryan: General Chat: butlegato....
21:41:32 Ryan: General Chat: idk
21:41:40 Ryan: General Chat: i dont htink you can just pick your way to the top lol
21:41:46 Ryan: General Chat: so definilty legato
21:42:46 FmX: General Chat: legato, ok
21:42:49 FmX: General Chat: got it
21:43:39 FmX: General Chat: so Legato helps build speed?
21:43:43 FmX: General Chat: because that's what I want atm
21:43:50 Ryan: General Chat: speed
21:43:52 Ryan: General Chat: comes with time
21:43:56 Ryan: General Chat: and hours of practice
21:43:56 FmX: General Chat: I'm slower than a turtle
21:44:05 FmX: General Chat: yea I know that
21:44:09 Ryan: General Chat: theres no quick way to get speed
21:44:15 FmX: General Chat: but you can't just practice anything
21:44:17 Ryan: General Chat: and just practice...and slowing start getting fast
21:44:20 FmX: General Chat: you gotta practice right
21:44:37 Ryan: General Chat: i just practice very lesson..from gmc..and improv. some..and practice scales..all mixed....
21:44:49 Ryan: General Chat: every&*
21:45:10 FmX: General Chat: kk, I ask because I feel I wastyed so much times playing tabs and sit
21:45:12 FmX: General Chat: shit*
21:45:46 Ryan: General Chat: well thats good i guess..but ive leraned so much more..from gmc...adn got so much better.f.rom playing there lessons..than playign other ppls tabs
21:46:28 FmX: General Chat: yea GMC is cool, learned alot already
21:46:34 FmX: General Chat: specially the metronome lesson was good
21:46:53 Ryan: General Chat: i still havent got down the metronome yet lol
21:47:25 FmX: General Chat: I don't use it so much I'm not so good at it but I learned the notes there, how to count atleast I didn't know that before
21:48:55 Ryan: General Chat: o yea thats good
21:50:18 Ryan: General Chat: my metreonme that will the backing tracks to the songs
21:50:24 Ryan: General Chat: ill play with pavel..or gab.
21:50:39 FmX: General Chat: :]
21:50:54 FmX: General Chat: I'm waiting for Andrew to fill in the theory lessons. I wanna read through it all.
21:51:01 Ryan: General Chat: me 2
21:51:07 Ryan: General Chat: hes taking a really long time on all of it...
21:51:11 Ryan: General Chat: i know its hard
21:51:14 Ryan: General Chat: but still
21:51:58 Ryan: General Chat: yes im still here
21:52:00 Ryan: General Chat: dont leave htough
21:52:02 Ryan: General Chat: jez
21:52:06 TheProof: General Chat: are we cool now?
21:52:08 Ryan: General Chat: it was debate..adn nothign more
21:52:09 FmX: General Chat: hehe hey TheProof
21:52:15 FmX: General Chat: he wasn't mad at u man
21:52:16 FmX: General Chat:
21:52:18 Ryan: General Chat: thing in the past
21:52:20 TheProof: General Chat: ok
21:52:22 TheProof: General Chat: splended
21:52:23 Ryan: General Chat: look forward to the new
21:52:53 FmX: General Chat: cool. now we're the dynamic trio again xD
21:52:55 Ryan: General Chat: it was funny last time just popped in..and then left haha
21:53:12 Ryan: General Chat: so PROOF...your good at theory right?
21:53:25 TheProof: General Chat: :|
21:53:27 TheProof: General Chat: i donno
21:53:29 TheProof: General Chat: lol
21:53:35 TheProof: General Chat: im good at masterbating
21:53:35 Ryan: General Chat: ok
21:53:44 FmX: General Chat: Dude I'm PRO at that
21:53:45 Ryan: General Chat: i dont want to know htat
21:53:56 TheProof: General Chat: fmx does, it was aimed towards him lol
21:54:01 TheProof: General Chat: i figured he would want to know
21:54:03 Ryan: General Chat: lol
21:54:22 FmX: General Chat: seriously though guys, do you know the notes on the fretboard by heart
21:54:39 Ryan: General Chat: no
21:54:39 FmX: General Chat: I can "think" them out but I only know up to C on the low E string like that
21:54:57 Ryan: General Chat: its the same..for every string..just starting on a diffferent not
21:54:58 Ryan: General Chat: note
21:55:13 FmX: General Chat: yea I know I just don't know them fluently so to speak
21:55:15 FmX: General Chat: on the fretboard
21:55:20 TheProof: General Chat: i dont
21:55:20 FmX: General Chat: but I know them in general
21:55:42 FmX: General Chat: A, a#/bb, b, c, c#/db etc..
21:55:52 FmX: General Chat: I know those, but not on the fretboard! :<
21:55:57 TheProof: General Chat: i dont know any by heart actually i havea very weird way of writing music i start with improv till i find something i like then i sit down with my thingy of all the notes and work it out so its proporly composed in key
21:56:04 Ryan: General Chat: A a#/bb b c c#/db d d#/eb e f f#/gb g g#/ab
21:56:17 FmX: General Chat: ya ^^
21:56:20 Ryan: General Chat: and the strigns go from
21:56:21 TheProof: General Chat: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
21:56:30 TheProof: General Chat: ?
21:56:36 Ryan: General Chat: top to bottom...E a d g b E..I think
21:56:39 Ryan: General Chat: not sure on that lol
21:57:02 TheProof: General Chat: lol
21:57:02 TheProof: General Chat: yea i know that
21:57:27 Ryan: General Chat: then to figure out on the fretboartd..just start fromn the not all that hard
21:57:41 Ryan: General Chat: just put a lil thought into it..and after a wont have to
21:57:43 FmX: General Chat: You missunderstand me
21:57:53 Ryan: General Chat: o
21:57:55 FmX: General Chat: not to sound like a big ego but I know all that but
21:58:01 Ryan: General Chat: np
21:58:17 FmX: General Chat: I am not fast enough in the head to know what I'm playing when I am playing it if you know what I mean
21:58:26 Ryan: General Chat: yea
21:58:27 FmX: General Chat: like when running through the Am Penta
21:58:30 Ryan: General Chat: thats what sclaes are for
21:58:35 TheProof: General Chat: ive honostly never tried because i really like my style of writing improv then sit down and systematically work it out in key proporly composing it
21:58:41 Ryan: General Chat: or should i correctly say...patterens
21:58:52 FmX: General Chat: I don't think like "A, C, D, E" etc
21:58:59 Ryan: General Chat: same here
21:59:03 Ryan: General Chat: i play..what sounds right
21:59:04 Ryan: General Chat: lol
21:59:15 FmX: General Chat: but I should, and the only reason for why I know that is because I have the guitar here and I figured it out because I know the name of the open strings
21:59:18 FmX: General Chat: and I know the intervals
21:59:20 Ryan: General Chat: i really dont use scales..sometimes..when im playing..ill stop.and be like..this pattern is what i can use
21:59:26 Ryan: General Chat: but idk about what keys there in lol
21:59:45 TheProof: General Chat: keys are pretty detremental
21:59:56 TheProof: General Chat: in a sence, if you can recognize them you dont need to be able to name them
22:00:03 TheProof: General Chat: but the recognition is whats important
22:00:16 Ryan: General Chat: i cant even recognize them..but im trying lol
22:00:26 Ryan: General Chat: tthoery is the only hard thing for me on guitar..playing is the easy part lol
22:00:51 FmX: General Chat: I'm trying to find a balance between the two, but I am better at theory than playing at the moment in my own opinion
22:01:10 FmX: General Chat: I find music theory FUN unless it's too overwhelming hten it's just too much
22:01:11 TheProof: General Chat: i dont really know i dont want to be all gay and say im good at this and blah blah
22:01:23 TheProof: General Chat: but my one natural talent is lightning fast picking
22:01:27 Ryan: General Chat: im good at memorizing the patterns..piece of cake..but hte my problem..and how modes fit into everything..and arppegios...and y this works and htis doesnt
22:01:29 TheProof: General Chat: always have been able to XD
22:01:38 FmX: General Chat: TheProof: that's a very good talent isn't it
22:01:45 TheProof: General Chat: dude i love it
22:01:49 FmX: General Chat: you both have stuff I want
22:01:53 FmX: General Chat: my memory is shit
22:01:53 TheProof: General Chat: im pissed, shred a bit and i forget
22:01:56 FmX: General Chat: my picking is shittieer
22:02:05 FmX: General Chat: and my fingers are pussies tell you the truth
22:02:06 TheProof: General Chat: ahaha yea those are my two assets!
22:02:07 FmX: General Chat:
22:02:17 FmX: General Chat: I get so frustrated with this sometimes
22:02:19 TheProof: General Chat: i have no memory at all in anything other then guitar
22:02:26 Ryan: General Chat: SAME HERE
22:02:27 TheProof: General Chat: i look at a tab and its stuck in me till i die lol
22:02:41 TheProof: General Chat: someone tells me something, goes in one ear and is burned on the way out the other
22:02:59 Ryan: General Chat: 1 day i wil admit not tryign to be cocky or nothign..but 1 day..ill be guitar god..i can just feel it

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