Guitar Chat on 12 Bar Blues, pocket amps, Mikro from Ibanez etc. 2007-05-17
Kristofer Dahl
May 18 2007, 09:32 AM
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06:37:10 Suib: General Chat: ...
08:43:51 Gaelan: General Chat: hallo
08:43:59 FmX: General Chat: hey Gaelan
08:44:04 Gaelan: General Chat: how goes?
08:44:16 FmX: General Chat: good good, I noticed improvement!
08:44:20 FmX: General Chat: u=
08:44:23 Gaelan: General Chat: good deal!
08:44:43 Gaelan: General Chat: ditto.. been workingon some excercises offline and woprking on my 12 bar blues
08:44:52 Gaelan: General Chat: gave up on greensleeves till the week end
08:45:49 FmX: General Chat: nice, how'd it go for your son, you were going to buy him a guitar or something last time we spoke?
08:46:07 Gaelan: General Chat: yea buddy wanted too much for his rig
08:46:45 Gaelan: General Chat: I think I am just going to get him an Inanez Mikro and a pocket amp
08:46:52 Gaelan: General Chat: Ibanez
08:47:05 Gaelan: General Chat: everything I look at used is going to cost me almost as much
08:47:16 Gaelan: General Chat: the stuff that won't is garbage
08:47:56 Gaelan: General Chat: lol would be nice if business would pick up lol
08:48:07 Gaelan: General Chat: then I wouldn't have to worry about being "cheap"
08:48:09 FmX: General Chat: yea everything is expensive lol
08:48:17 FmX: General Chat: what sorta business are you in
08:48:26 Pavel: General Chat: hello
08:48:34 Gaelan: General Chat: I started a telecoms business
08:48:35 FmX: General Chat: hey Pavel
08:48:41 Gaelan: General Chat: heya Pavel!
08:48:51 FmX: General Chat: aha cool, what services do you provide exactly?
08:49:04 Gaelan: General Chat: IF i can get it advertised and taking off there is a new JEM on my wishlist
08:49:17 Gaelan: General Chat: There are multiple, based on a VoIP system.
08:49:28 FmX: General Chat: heh Pavel made half of GMC want JEM's
08:49:36 FmX: General Chat: you should get provision from Ibanez
08:49:47 Gaelan: General Chat: the biggest one I am workingon right now is promoting the " screw your cell company" angle
08:49:57 FmX: General Chat:
08:50:35 Gaelan: General Chat: I show people how, if they have unlimited incoming calls on their cell plan, a way to harness that to get more anytime minutes a lot cheaper than paying the cell co for them
08:51:33 Gaelan: General Chat: an example, I can extend my "any minutes" by 250 for about 10.00 US
08:51:45 Gaelan: General Chat: I jsut can't afford mass adveertising
08:52:02 FmX: General Chat: well you gotta start small
08:52:08 Gaelan: General Chat: yep
08:52:26 Gaelan: General Chat: cept right now it's more like microscopic lol
08:52:55 Gaelan: General Chat: anyways... I was looking at that MIkro from Ibanez and it's nothing more than a 3/4 scale version of mine
08:53:22 Gaelan: General Chat: only two major differences are the MIkro has a pick guard and no SC pup
08:53:31 FmX: General Chat: how old is your kid
08:53:35 Gaelan: General Chat: he's 10
08:53:45 Pavel: General Chat: back - yeah i think i should contact Ibanez haha
08:54:07 Pavel: General Chat: k guy i gotta go - be back later!
08:54:09 Pavel: General Chat: greetz
08:54:12 Gaelan: General Chat: ta!
08:54:12 FmX: General Chat: ok, I got a full size guitar when I was 11 too bad i didn't stick with it, and now 11 years later I'm back like a sucker
08:54:23 Gaelan: General Chat: lol same here
08:55:25 Gaelan: General Chat: I've been avoiding the chat somewhat
08:55:40 FmX: General Chat: really, to get some work done?
08:55:51 Gaelan: General Chat: so excited about this business thng that I don't want to be a commercial
08:56:12 Gaelan: General Chat: even tho the money I saved in 3 months paid for my gear
08:56:37 FmX: General Chat: well that's cool but you know
08:56:53 FmX: General Chat: Even if you don't have the cash you gotta try to spread the word if you want your business to be successful
08:57:00 Gaelan: General Chat: yeppers
08:57:05 FmX: General Chat: I study economy btw ^^
08:57:15 Gaelan: General Chat: nice thing is my service works on any phones
08:57:21 FmX: General Chat: and advertisement is included in that
08:57:27 Gaelan: General Chat: well except those funky satelite phones
08:57:34 FmX: General Chat: cool.
08:57:40 Gaelan: General Chat: yep
08:57:48 Gaelan: General Chat: can have 5 phones on one acct
08:58:26 FmX: General Chat: didn't you say you wrote a book too? You're a multi-task guy huh
08:58:39 Gaelan: General Chat: yea I am workingon a resource book for guitarists
08:59:00 Gaelan: General Chat: I have over 1200 guitar related websites to go through... remove the garbage, keep the gold kinda thing
08:59:32 Gaelan: General Chat: probably be somewhere around 750 to 900 links in it when I am done
09:01:16 Gaelan: General Chat: probably sell that between 10 and 15 bucks US
09:03:06 FmX: General Chat: you're full of business ideas
09:03:14 Gaelan: General Chat: yep
09:03:23 Gaelan: General Chat: walkin talkin business think tank
09:05:07 Gaelan: General Chat: I am even considering partnering with a promo company to offer dirt cheap 3 day 2 night vacations
09:05:41 FmX: General Chat: hah, where to
09:05:45 Gaelan: General Chat: buy a plan get a voucher for accomodations in 1 of 20 different locations
09:06:04 Gaelan: General Chat: makes the cost of the accomoadtions about 12 bucks a night
09:06:13 Gaelan: General Chat: accomodations
09:06:35 Gaelan: General Chat: customer supplies airfare and spending money
09:07:03 FmX: General Chat: sounds like a big business
09:07:04 Gaelan: General Chat: works out to about 36 bucks US for the hotel
09:09:43 FmX: General Chat: so how's the guitarin going then, did u figure out the barre chords
09:11:00 Gaelan: General Chat: nope
09:11:04 Gaelan: General Chat: not yet
09:12:57 FmX: General Chat: ok, hope you'll make it soon. And me aswell anyway I gotta go, see you later Gaelan.
11:42:37 Fsgdjv: General Chat: hello
17:37:33 Iluha: General Chat: .

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