Guitar Chat on 12 Bar Blues, being a beginner etc. 2007-05-19
Kristofer Dahl
May 26 2007, 01:12 PM
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08:23:06 Gaelan: General Chat: allo
08:25:44 Boggi: General Chat: hello
08:28:27 Gaelan: General Chat: how goes?
08:28:38 Gaelan: General Chat: sorry about the delay, was preparing a cup of coffee
08:29:13 Boggi: General Chat: heh np. Im fine thanks.
08:29:19 Boggi: General Chat: and you ?
08:29:36 Gaelan: General Chat: good good, am waiting till people around here wake up.. then it's housework and practice
08:29:49 Gaelan: General Chat: trying to get my 12 bar blues down
08:30:29 Boggi: General Chat: oki. im listening to gustavo guerro, very good guitar player.
08:30:37 Gaelan: General Chat: nifty
08:30:42 Boggi: General Chat:
08:30:55 Boggi: General Chat: pure inspiration. smile.gif
08:31:29 Boggi: General Chat: hey anrei
08:31:33 Boggi: General Chat: andrei*
08:32:50 Gaelan: General Chat: allo andrei
08:45:57 Gaelan: General Chat: I need to go for now... take care!
09:03:59 Adel Alsayed: General Chat: ehrm hi all
09:04:15 a4rock: General Chat: hi
09:04:33 Adel Alsayed: General Chat: yeah how are you doin ;D
09:04:53 a4rock: General Chat: fine, thanks... how about you? smile.gif
09:05:18 Adel Alsayed: General Chat: jeah also fine but have to practice more
09:05:46 Adel Alsayed: General Chat: im very lazy
09:05:48 a4rock: General Chat: hehe, don't tell me... I've started playing the guitar two months ago, so I'm a total beginner tongue.gif
09:06:34 Adel Alsayed: General Chat: do need any tips i've started playing guitra 1,5 year ago ;D;D;D hmm but im not very good
09:07:27 a4rock: General Chat: it's all about how hard one practices... I reckon that it is boring, sometimes...
09:08:04 Adel Alsayed: General Chat: jeah but the importest thing is to not lose the motivation
09:08:38 Adel Alsayed: General Chat: i can remember when i was a beginner i know what u mean
09:10:00 a4rock: General Chat: yesterday I've tried a different guitar, with a ENGL amp... i was like O_O OMG
09:10:44 a4rock: General Chat: on my guitar I have some troubles, say, when doing bendings... with my friend's one, they are much easier to do
09:10:59 a4rock: General Chat: it's like playing a whole different instrument
09:14:47 Adel Alsayed: General Chat: yeah theres so much differene between guitars
09:16:34 Adel Alsayed: General Chat: therefore i buyed a ibanez
09:16:54 a4rock: General Chat: which model?
09:17:04 Adel Alsayed: General Chat: ehrm sec
09:18:59 Adel Alsayed: General Chat: grg 270 b, very nice for beginners and better player,
09:19:10 Adel Alsayed: General Chat: not too expensive
09:20:41 a4rock: General Chat: cool, that's a nice guitar smile.gif I do have an Ibanez too.. simple GSA 60 model, bought it from a friend
09:21:25 Adel Alsayed: General Chat: jeaaah , my friend have your model too i like it very much ;;D;D;;D
09:25:46 Boggi: General Chat: hello
09:25:51 Adel Alsayed: General Chat: yeah hi
09:26:01 Adel Alsayed: General Chat: how goes
09:26:19 Boggi: General Chat: Im good. smile.gif thanks.
09:26:25 Adel Alsayed: General Chat: ;D
10:13:15 Ibanex: Strictly Guitar: so empty
14:34:51 Gaelan: General Chat: wow
14:35:54 Gaelan: General Chat: well, I suppose I'll pop back later. going to go back to my 12 bar blues lol
23:21:20 Gaelan: General Chat: heya I am reading the forum in another window. IF anyone pops in jsut use the sounds thingy to make a noise and get my attention smile.gif

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