Guitar Chat on Jeff Healy, Sweeping Lesson, Metal and head banging, Marty Friedman etc. 2007-05-24
Kristofer Dahl
May 26 2007, 01:26 PM
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11:46:02 Bitey:Guitar Chat: aww no one is here
14:03:41 The Uncreator:Guitar Chat: Why is no one ever here
18:12:42 Smikey2006:Guitar Chat: hello ppl
19:42:14 Ryan:Guitar Chat: hey
20:00:54 Iluha:Guitar Chat: hi
20:08:09 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Hello
20:11:19 rokchik:Guitar Chat: no ones home
20:12:30 Iluha:Guitar Chat: hello hello
20:12:51 Iluha:Guitar Chat: sorry was writing in the forums
20:14:02 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Yeah I'm checking them out as well
20:21:10 rokchik:Guitar Chat: So how's it going?
20:23:46 Iluha:Guitar Chat: fine.. and yourself?
20:24:04 rokchik:Guitar Chat: not bad...just taking a break from practicing
20:24:54 Iluha:Guitar Chat: ah.. you practicing alot?
20:25:54 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I try too. Work usually gets in the way or my two dogs but I try for at least an housr or two a night
20:26:13 rokchik:Guitar Chat: How about you?
20:26:26 Iluha:Guitar Chat: not as much as i want too
20:26:52 Iluha:Guitar Chat: Because I'm from Israel, and well you have to go to the army here, and I'm at that point of my life
20:27:25 Iluha:Guitar Chat: I was home this entire week though so I was able to practice quite a bit this week
20:27:47 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Israel....I hope your keeping safe
20:28:21 Iluha:Guitar Chat: It's not that dangerous here
20:28:48 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I'm watching CNN right now...they make everything seem dangerous
20:28:57 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: heya all
20:29:04 rokchik:Guitar Chat: hey Gaelan
20:29:11 Iluha:Guitar Chat: hey
20:29:18 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: hoya! howz the arm doin ?
20:29:42 Iluha:Guitar Chat: Woah Jeff Healy is amazing
20:29:50 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Arm is doing great
20:29:56 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: good good
20:30:11 rokchik:Guitar Chat: He's from Canada what do you expect
20:30:14 rokchik:Guitar Chat: lol
20:30:17 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: lol
20:30:27 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Healy is pretty amazing
20:30:37 Iluha:Guitar Chat: he looks a bit like Eric Johnson but only a bit
20:30:52 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I had never noticed that before
20:31:22 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: well if I don't stop smackin my fingers at work It'll take me a lot longer to get 1/10th as good as Jeff Healy lol
20:31:23 Iluha:Guitar Chat: mostly hes hair
20:32:18 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: <-- preps to start 2nd "job"
20:32:23 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: **sighs**
20:32:24 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Hows the biz going Gaelan
20:32:29 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: slow
20:32:49 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: hard to promo effectively on zero budget
20:32:52 Gaelan:Guitar Chat:
20:32:57 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Iluha what stuff you practicing
20:33:15 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: word of mouth just ain't doin the trick
20:33:47 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Keep plugging at it
20:34:07 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: I will, too much potential to help people
20:34:13 Iluha:Guitar Chat: Well recently I practice mostly Pavel's Sweeping lessons
20:34:46 Iluha:Guitar Chat: and trying to nail the speedy stuff on Tony Mcalpine's Tears Of Sahara
20:35:03 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I haven't started any of Pavels stuff yet... I'm guessing your a metal fan
20:35:14 Iluha:Guitar Chat: not really
20:35:53 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: <-- workingon Greensleeves at present
20:35:53 Iluha:Guitar Chat: I don't really listen to metal... well, at all actually
20:36:00 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I like but I'm more of a Led Zeppelin, Tom Morello, GNR type
20:36:38 Iluha:Guitar Chat: I just like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Andy Timmons, players bassicly, I don't listen to bands much
20:36:51 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Listening to a lot of early 90's stuff right now. Soundgarden, RATM that type of thing
20:37:32 rokchik:Guitar Chat: All great guitarists I love Vai and Santriani
20:37:52 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: Ry Cooder
20:37:59 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: and BIlly Gibbons
20:38:09 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: ** grins **
20:38:14 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Billy Gibbons rocks
20:38:19 Iluha:Guitar Chat: bands I DO like listening to now and then are Alter Bridge, Nickelback, Dream Theater
20:38:23 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: 35 years with ZZtop
20:38:39 rokchik:Guitar Chat: La Grange is one of my faves
20:38:58 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: yep I like Tubesnake Boogie
20:38:58 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I like Nickleback but am starting to get sick of them
20:39:19 Iluha:Guitar Chat: I never really listend to much ZZtop music
20:39:21 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Great song too....not to many bad ones with ZZ though
20:39:25 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: I'm about 5 hours from Hannah
20:39:37 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: Hannah is where Nuckleback is from
20:39:45 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: erk nickleback
20:39:51 rokchik:Guitar Chat: lol nuckleback
20:39:53 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: better turn on a light so I can see to type lol
20:40:12 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: my little hobbit hole is kinda dark
20:40:26 Iluha:Guitar Chat: A player I started really liking recently is Buckethead
20:40:45 Iluha:Guitar Chat: He's stuff is just innovating
20:40:54 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Buckethead is pretty bad ass
20:41:04 Iluha:Guitar Chat: tom morrelo's also *winks at rokchik*
20:41:13 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Morello is a god
20:41:20 rokchik:Guitar Chat: sorry got carried away
20:41:33 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I could talk for hours about Morello
20:41:36 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: carried away with what?
20:41:41 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: ohhhhh
20:42:22 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: well if ya talked hours about Morello to me it's be hours I spent learnin cuz I have no clue who he is
20:42:36 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: heard the name, can't place a face or sound
20:42:41 Iluha:Guitar Chat: he's the guitarist of Rage against the machine
20:42:44 rokchik:Guitar Chat: gasping for breath.....
20:42:58 Iluha:Guitar Chat: the dude in rokchik's avatar
20:43:13 rokchik:Guitar Chat: And Audioslave. Now is going by The Nightwatchman
20:43:25 rokchik:Guitar Chat: yeah the dude in my avatar
20:43:25 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: well that explains it.... never heard anything by them either... at least not that I am aware of
20:43:48 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: I am nasty for not paying attention to who plays what unless it moves me
20:43:56 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Oh you gotta go find him on Youtube
20:44:19 Iluha:Guitar Chat: Today I saw a video of rage against the machine no VH1
20:44:30 Iluha:Guitar Chat: i think it's called You gotta do what they told ya
20:44:39 Iluha:Guitar Chat: or something like that..
20:45:02 Iluha:Guitar Chat: anyways, that song made me decide he's preety cool and innovative
20:45:11 rokchik:Guitar Chat: That actually sounds like the choras for Killing in the Name
20:45:33 Iluha:Guitar Chat: maybe
20:45:42 rokchik:Guitar Chat: That's my fave
20:45:56 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: right now I got Maiden cued up
20:46:14 Iluha:Guitar Chat: yeah its that
20:46:32 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: and am sort researchin a multi effect rig
20:46:50 Iluha:Guitar Chat: ok i got a really wierd combo for you guys..
20:46:56 Iluha:Guitar Chat: its a techno group
20:47:05 Iluha:Guitar Chat: with a talented guitarist
20:47:28 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: <-- listening to Ghost of the Navigator
20:47:44 Iluha:Guitar Chat: http/
20:47:58 Iluha:Guitar Chat: theres no actual video for it but that's intresting enough
20:48:40 rokchik:Guitar Chat: The link won't work for me. What's the song called
20:49:15 Iluha:Guitar Chat: search for Infected Mushroom Heavyweight
20:50:26 Iluha:Guitar Chat: their actualy putting some kind of Dream Theatre mix on their next album
20:50:29 Iluha:Guitar Chat: should be intresting
20:50:53 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I searched...which one
20:51:07 Iluha:Guitar Chat: either the first or the speed drawing thing
20:51:22 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: not bad
20:51:41 FmX:Guitar Chat: hello guys
20:51:51 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: heya FmX
20:51:58 Iluha:Guitar Chat: hi
20:52:09 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Hey FmX...Iluha it sounds pretty cool
20:52:27 Iluha:Guitar Chat: it gets really intresting at 4:40
20:53:09 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I kinda like it
20:53:38 Iluha:Guitar Chat: their from Israel by the way
20:54:55 rokchik:Guitar Chat: You had mentioned
20:55:09 rokchik:Guitar Chat: So FmX long time no chat
20:55:12 Iluha:Guitar Chat: No I mentioned I'm from Israel
20:55:27 FmX:Guitar Chat: Yea rokchik, I just had my final exam (and passed!) 9 hours ago
20:55:36 rokchik:Guitar Chat: sorry blonde moment Ilhua
20:56:00 Iluha:Guitar Chat: Cool. exam in what?
20:56:02 FmX:Guitar Chat: so not been on alot, and I haven't played so much guitar but now it's back to normal
20:56:07 FmX:Guitar Chat: Mathematics :<
20:56:09 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Congrats!!!!!!!
20:56:16 FmX:Guitar Chat: e^x etc
20:56:20 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I hate math...was never good at it
20:56:27 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: WOOT!
20:56:35 Iluha:Guitar Chat: congrats! ... my mom is a math teacher
20:56:40 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: good job
20:56:56 Iluha:Guitar Chat: and i got 100 in the highest level of math here thanks to her heheh..
20:57:26 FmX:Guitar Chat: Iluha: ya my dad had some really good degree in advanced math without him I'd be screwe d so I know what you're talking about
20:57:37 rokchik:Guitar Chat: R U still maning the front on the Barre Chords....I had to retreat
20:57:54 FmX:Guitar Chat: one question took sooooo long itme for me to solve... I think I sat with it for 3 hours and did the rest of the exam in 1 hour
20:58:02 FmX:Guitar Chat: rokchik: It's getting better
20:58:17 rokchik:Guitar Chat: There is always one question like that on a test
20:58:20 FmX:Guitar Chat: not quite there yet but better, I can swap faster now and get tone, alot of the times not always tho
20:59:27 FmX:Guitar Chat: I can do most barres except for minors involving all 6 strings (F minor especially slaughters me)
21:00:02 Iluha:Guitar Chat: f minor? the 1st fret barred chord?
21:00:12 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I was actuallydoing pretty good with but then I think I got kocky and they kicked me in thebutt. I Decided to take a brake from them for a while. The Minors were what got me too
21:00:56 FmX:Guitar Chat: Iluha: ya
21:01:32 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: dayum that puppy is expensive
21:01:56 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: just looked at a GNX4 from Digitech
21:01:56 Iluha:Guitar Chat: I got good at barre chords by just sitting watching TV and just strumming diffrent chords
21:02:15 FmX:Guitar Chat: Iluha that's EXACTLY what I do when I practice barres and chords overall actually
21:02:23 FmX:Guitar Chat: I just sit with an acoustic, watching TV and trying
21:02:26 Iluha:Guitar Chat: and eventually it became natural to me
21:02:40 Iluha:Guitar Chat: So it will also become for you soon enough
21:02:49 FmX:Guitar Chat: rokchik: what are you practicing now?
21:03:01 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: I can't do barre chords - my fingers are all wrong for em
21:03:09 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I usually practiced barre chords watching hockey....but my guitar almost went throught the window Saturday so I stopped that
21:03:20 Iluha:Guitar Chat: nah their just not used to making that stretch
21:03:25 FmX:Guitar Chat: oh yea grats, you got to the finals
21:03:30 FmX:Guitar Chat: Affie rocks!
21:03:44 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Right now I'm on the alternate picking and still trying to increase me speeds on the metro.
21:03:45 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: no... physically my fingers aren't built for them
21:04:08 Iluha:Guitar Chat: you heard of that guy... what was hes name
21:04:11 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Alffie is my hero right now
21:04:19 Iluha:Guitar Chat: that had those twisted arms
21:04:28 FmX:Guitar Chat: Iluha: Freddy Kruger?
21:04:32 rokchik:Guitar Chat: lol
21:04:37 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: they never healed properly and now they don't sit right
21:04:39 Iluha:Guitar Chat: haha
21:04:54 rokchik:Guitar Chat: what did you break them or something
21:04:59 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: yes
21:05:10 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: had my left hand smashed my a shell casing
21:05:17 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: well sorta
21:05:26 Iluha:Guitar Chat: in that cash it IS a problem
21:05:31 Iluha:Guitar Chat: case*
21:05:35 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: I was in an accident and I think it was the empty shell casing that smacked em
21:05:49 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I broke my pinky playing basketball...not so painful as yours sounds...
21:05:51 FmX:Guitar Chat: Ouch
21:06:08 FmX:Guitar Chat: heh, speaking of breaking stuff, you should see my toes xD
21:06:26 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: well lets jsut say that after healing my fingers are fatter int he middle now lol
21:07:02 FmX:Guitar Chat: Well Gaelan I think it was you that came up with the tape idea, so use it
21:07:13 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: tried that actually
21:07:15 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I agree
21:07:34 Iluha:Guitar Chat: by the way heres something intresting:
21:07:35 Iluha:Guitar Chat: http/
21:07:38 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: works sorta but then I have to put so much tape on that I can't use that finger for chords
21:08:07 FmX:Guitar Chat: don't click the links rokchik, copy+paste ^^
21:08:30 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: if ya use Firefox and set it to open in a new tab that won't happen
21:08:31 rokchik:Guitar Chat: interesting...I just got booted off...another blond moment
21:08:50 rokchik:Guitar Chat: thanks FmX than works alot better
21:08:54 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: I refuse to use IE for anything unless I absolutely have to
21:09:17 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: I like my privacy and a clean PC... IE will turn your PC inbto the typhoid mary of the internet
21:09:29 FmX:Guitar Chat: Gaelan
21:09:41 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: pick up every digital STD there is if ya use IE
21:09:43 FmX:Guitar Chat: wtf is this Iluha he's just talking
21:09:53 FmX:Guitar Chat:
21:09:53 FmX:Guitar Chat: he's talking about how good he is
21:09:57 Iluha:Guitar Chat: wait a bit
21:10:17 Iluha:Guitar Chat: he just picks REALLY fast
21:10:20 FmX:Guitar Chat: who wants to pick like that anyway
21:10:34 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: <-- listening to " Doin the newfie Stomp"
21:10:41 Iluha:Guitar Chat: mmm maybe paulgilbert wants to
21:10:49 Iluha:Guitar Chat: because he gets the same effect with hes drill
21:11:23 FmX:Guitar Chat: Gilbert is cool
21:11:52 FmX:Guitar Chat: If you could have any guitarists skill, which one would you take!
21:11:57 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Ah the Newfie Stomp
21:12:13 Iluha:Guitar Chat: sweeping
21:12:26 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Tom Morello and Jimmy Page....a kind of hybrid
21:12:33 Iluha:Guitar Chat: oh lol
21:12:38 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: Ry COoder
21:12:40 Iluha:Guitar Chat: didnt get the question
21:12:43 Iluha:Guitar Chat: steve vai
21:12:49 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: or BIlly Gibbons
21:12:53 FmX:Guitar Chat: Give me Marty Friedmans skill and I'm ok
21:13:13 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Gaelen r u an east coast music fan?
21:13:26 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: I listen to a little of everything
21:13:37 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: Mostly I like Indie artists
21:13:59 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: Love George Canyon
21:14:18 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: he's got a few tunes that move me
21:14:35 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: he's not really east coast tho
21:14:44 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Check out Shanneyganock if ya get the chance....they play irish/newfie stuff
21:14:55 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: cool
21:15:17 rokchik:Guitar Chat: hey Stratman33
21:15:20 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: The scene out east is all's a nice refresher from the stuff we get here
21:15:20 FmX:Guitar Chat: anyone know any good new band
21:15:22 stratman33:Guitar Chat: sup
21:15:37 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: I find that East coast music is more "rootsy"
21:15:38 stratman33:Guitar Chat: hey how you get the yin-yang symbol rokchik?
21:15:49 FmX:Guitar Chat: She had to sell her soul for it
21:16:11 stratman33:Guitar Chat: lol
21:16:13 FmX:Guitar Chat: to me, as you can see I'm the devil
21:16:19 FmX:Guitar Chat: You wanna make deal? xD
21:16:24 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: yea in 10 years she has to go for dinner with FmX when the contract is up lol
21:16:39 FmX:Guitar Chat: yep, don't forget it rokchik
21:16:44 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: ** ducks**
21:16:57 FmX:Guitar Chat:
21:17:00 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: seriously though
21:17:03 rokchik:Guitar Chat: lol
21:17:34 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: it's the button next to the music notes
21:17:39 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Stratman it's the icon by the music note on the tool bar
21:17:43 stratman33:Guitar Chat: seriously how do you get those symbols?
21:17:57 Iluha:Guitar Chat: *slap*
21:18:02 stratman33:Guitar Chat: owwwwwwwwwwwwww
21:18:02 Iluha:Guitar Chat: it works?
21:18:02 rokchik:Guitar Chat: right above where you type
21:18:08 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: funny
21:18:26 FmX:Guitar Chat: oh no, Gandalf is here
21:18:27 rokchik:Guitar Chat: FmX I forget do I have to pay for dinner or just be there
21:18:37 stratman33:Guitar Chat: haha i got one!
21:18:38 FmX:Guitar Chat: rokchik: we'll figure it out
21:18:38 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Gandolf the grey
21:18:43 rokchik:Guitar Chat: lol
21:18:47 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: alrighty
21:18:55 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: you shall not pass. 8)
21:18:57 Iluha:Guitar Chat: *meow*
21:18:58 stratman33:Guitar Chat: lets see who the devil is now Fmx....
21:19:01 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Hey Scott
21:19:10 Iluha:Guitar Chat: I am god
21:19:12 FmX:Guitar Chat: hey, I'm the devil, you can't do that to me stratman33
21:19:17 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: hey rokchik and the rest of y'all
21:19:18 FmX:Guitar Chat: there's only room for one devil
21:19:19 stratman33:Guitar Chat: now im gonna be a thug
21:19:27 stratman33:Guitar Chat: haha
21:19:33 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: salt chsker?
21:19:36 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: shaker.
21:19:37 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: er
21:19:40 stratman33:Guitar Chat: LOL
21:19:43 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I'm good....and evil
21:19:59 Iluha:Guitar Chat: peace love hapiness and stuff
21:20:22 FmX:Guitar Chat: Well we're all going to hell, god doesn't like metal! so we can all just be evil who cares! lol
21:20:28 rokchik:Guitar Chat: You gotta shake your salt shaker Scott
21:20:29 stratman33:Guitar Chat: shut the hell up you angel!!I'm the devil lol
21:20:30 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: jeez. so I'm going from gandalf to salt. great way to stop feeling so old. eesh
21:20:51 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: that wasn't much of a salt sound.
21:20:58 rokchik:Guitar Chat: lol
21:21:10 stratman33:Guitar Chat: *whip*
21:21:15 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: I usually don't use an avatar
21:21:16 FmX:Guitar Chat: There's a question I have to ask everytime I get on this chat
21:21:20 Iluha:Guitar Chat: *meow*
21:21:22 rokchik:Guitar Chat: not the sounds again
21:21:28 stratman33:Guitar Chat: to bad lol
21:21:33 FmX:Guitar Chat: I think rokchik and Gaelan already chose so, anyway here it comes!
21:21:37 stratman33:Guitar Chat: *slap*
21:21:40 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: that's why I mute the sounds
21:21:42 Iluha:Guitar Chat: *meow*
21:21:51 stratman33:Guitar Chat: dang...
21:21:55 Iluha:Guitar Chat: stop hitting the kitten
21:22:04 FmX:Guitar Chat: If you could have a Lightsaber what colour would it be?!?
21:22:18 Iluha:Guitar Chat: pink, bright shiney pink
21:22:24 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: tye dye
21:22:27 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: I like colors
21:22:28 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I never chose but I'd be blue
21:22:28 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: so I'm sitting here not practicing on my guitar because my hands better way to get my hands to relax than to type away in a chat toom
21:22:31 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: room
21:22:41 rokchik:Guitar Chat: lol
21:22:43 stratman33:Guitar Chat: that reminds me of this quote from spaceballs:Your schwartz is almost as big as mine
21:22:55 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: now now
21:23:01 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Spaceballs....classic
21:23:03 stratman33:Guitar Chat: and they hold lightsabers up to their dicks its really funny
21:23:17 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: I like the purple one from the new trilogy. it's the light saber that says Bad MF'er on it
21:23:18 Iluha:Guitar Chat: indeed
21:23:27 stratman33:Guitar Chat: oh ya lol
21:23:46 rokchik:Guitar Chat: very pimpish Scott
21:23:54 stratman33:Guitar Chat: hahahahahaha
21:24:08 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: absolutely. I have the hat to go with it around here somewhere
21:24:19 stratman33:Guitar Chat: the biggest pimp ever:the kool aid man ohhhh yaaaa
21:24:32 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: holy!!! I jsut found out who sings one of the songs that I been listening to
21:24:41 stratman33:Guitar Chat: wow.
21:24:43 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: I don't know wether to be sick or go shoot myself
21:24:51 stratman33:Guitar Chat: why?who is it?
21:24:54 Iluha:Guitar Chat: tell me ill decide
21:25:02 stratman33:Guitar Chat: Liza Minelli LOL
21:25:21 Iluha:Guitar Chat: is it?
21:25:28 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: the tune is called The Last song.... it's really short.... only about 1:25
21:25:31 stratman33:Guitar Chat: idk i just made that up
21:25:40 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: and it's freakin Hillary Duff!
21:25:46 Iluha:Guitar Chat: wow
21:25:48 rokchik:Guitar Chat: LOL
21:25:48 Iluha:Guitar Chat: just
21:25:50 Iluha:Guitar Chat: wow
21:25:54 stratman33:Guitar Chat: oh shit i gotta go study for my 100 point history test tomorrow!!
21:25:57 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: d'oh
21:26:10 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: I dunno if she's playin but if she is she's pretty friggin good
21:26:12 Iluha:Guitar Chat: well she is kinda hot
21:26:14 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: I'm glad I'm out of school.
21:26:17 stratman33:Guitar Chat: c ya i gotta go finish my study guide
21:26:22 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: ta
21:26:32 Iluha:Guitar Chat: theres aguitar solo in a hilary duff song?
21:26:35 stratman33:Guitar Chat: and hilary duff used to be hot until she went anorexic
21:26:37 Iluha:Guitar Chat: i gots to hear that
21:26:43 rokchik:Guitar Chat: c ya Stratman
21:26:45 FmX:Guitar Chat: damn it, stupid Vista
21:26:51 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: this one is a minute 25, and it's all acoustic
21:26:51 stratman33:Guitar Chat: c ya gotta go
21:26:56 Iluha:Guitar Chat: vte strat
21:27:08 FmX:Guitar Chat: Don't get Vista, just some advice to you guys
21:27:23 FmX:Guitar Chat: Vista quality = the guitars you buy at Walmart
21:27:32 rokchik:Guitar Chat: lol
21:27:59 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: as in WIndows Vista?
21:28:05 Iluha:Guitar Chat: shes not the one playing so you can relax
21:28:15 FmX:Guitar Chat: yea, Windows Shitvista, that's right
21:28:25 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: I coulda told ya that
21:28:31 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: it's a Microsoft product
21:28:35 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: what more can I say?
21:28:39 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: or need to?
21:28:48 FmX:Guitar Chat: You could have said: Made in the US
21:28:58 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: I have a mac. shrg
21:29:05 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: sadly 98% of Vista isn't coded in the US
21:29:09 FmX:Guitar Chat: I'm too chicken to get a mac
21:29:19 Iluha:Guitar Chat: im too cheap
21:29:28 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I'm getting a Mac
21:29:30 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: FmX.. if ya got a mac you'd have a LOT less problems
21:29:45 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: being a pro tech, I have TRIED to kill a mac
21:29:47 Iluha:Guitar Chat: Gaelan i bet its coded by poor beaten korean kids
21:29:49 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: let me rephrase. I have a 4 year old mac
21:29:51 FmX:Guitar Chat: Yea but mac is alot easier to use nowadays isn't it.. I mean alot of problems work on mac or what
21:29:57 FmX:Guitar Chat: problems.. programs i mean
21:30:04 FmX:Guitar Chat: I'm still not 100% awake here ^^
21:30:07 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: had a G series mac in my hands for 3 days and I couldn't kill it
21:30:25 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: ssytem 7 and 8 kinda suck
21:30:29 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: sucked
21:30:39 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: almsot any decent windows program comes from roots in a Mac Environment
21:30:53 Iluha:Guitar Chat: only good thing bout a regular pc is the games... and even those tend to suck often
21:30:56 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I'm getting the Macbook pro 15 inch. from what I see it has everything I'll need and you can run windows stuff on it if you need it
21:30:58 FmX:Guitar Chat: I'm not that much into computers to be honest.
21:31:07 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: argh
21:31:18 FmX:Guitar Chat: I use computers for 3 things
21:31:28 Iluha:Guitar Chat: if you say the p word im leaving
21:31:31 FmX:Guitar Chat: Communication, Guitar, Games
21:31:33 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: yeah. it's easier with the intel macs. Mine's a 12" G4 powerbook
21:31:39 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: I make my living with them mostly so I have to be
21:31:41 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: I miss gamesw
21:31:42 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I'm quite computer illiterate except for this site and downloading music from itunes
21:31:48 FmX:Guitar Chat: no not the p word, that's a standard I don't have to meantion that do I Iluha? lol
21:32:10 Iluha:Guitar Chat: for your sake i hope not or i will banish you from your realm
21:32:13 rokchik:Guitar Chat: lol Fmx
21:32:29 Iluha:Guitar Chat: god>satan
21:32:36 FmX:Guitar Chat:
21:32:43 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: I'm one of those pro computer guys. I know more than I probably should at this point
21:33:12 FmX:Guitar Chat: oh, Scott Gentzen I have a friend like you. Or had
21:33:23 Iluha:Guitar Chat: my computer is about 4 years old
21:33:27 Iluha:Guitar Chat: and its really beaten up
21:33:32 FmX:Guitar Chat: He ignores me now, everyday I go to him with a computer problem, I think he realised it wasn't worth being friends with me
21:33:40 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I use the bf's computer
21:34:05 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: I quite getting asked computer questions by friends when I started charging 45 bucks an hour
21:34:06 Iluha:Guitar Chat: i used to hit it alot, does it hurt you scott?
21:34:16 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: I try to avoid helping people with their computer problems too.
21:34:32 FmX:Guitar Chat: yea that's so annoying, so nowadays Google is my only friend
21:34:35 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: well... if they are paying... I"m helping
21:34:37 FmX:Guitar Chat: if I have a problem I google it up
21:34:45 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: I don't do desktop support at work and with my Mac, I don't do it at home, so I don't do it for anyone else either.
21:34:46 FmX:Guitar Chat: most of the times I find threads on forums dealing with the issue
21:34:59 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: hit what, iluha? My powerbook?
21:35:08 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Google is a wonderful thing...and it's fun to say...goggle....HA HA
21:35:15 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: brb need to go scrounge up some food
21:35:16 Iluha:Guitar Chat: never mind wasnt a funny joke
21:35:28 rokchik:Guitar Chat: that should be google not goggle..but goggle is gun too
21:35:39 FmX:Guitar Chat: yea google is the shit
21:35:46 Iluha:Guitar Chat: i like google earth
21:35:55 FmX:Guitar Chat: I don't, it's so slow
21:36:07 Iluha:Guitar Chat: your slow! take that back
21:36:12 FmX:Guitar Chat: never!
21:36:14 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: sorry. runnign around a bit so i'm losing the continuity. My hands hurt from something else. I'm starting to think it's carpal tunnel. not guitar related.
21:36:21 FmX:Guitar Chat: What are you gonna do, throw me out of heaven?
21:36:26 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Why does god need google earth
21:36:28 Iluha:Guitar Chat: no
21:36:33 Iluha:Guitar Chat: throw you out of hell
21:36:36 rokchik:Guitar Chat: don't you see everything anyway
21:36:45 FmX:Guitar Chat: who needs google earth
21:36:57 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: Google earth's slow. it still shows the tree in my yard that was blown down in hurricane isabel a few years ago
21:36:58 Iluha:Guitar Chat: and make you watch Sanjayah preforming various covers
21:37:05 Iluha:Guitar Chat: and in every song hell preform
21:37:07 Iluha:Guitar Chat: oh yes
21:37:13 Iluha:Guitar Chat: hell have a diffrent hairstyle
21:37:15 FmX:Guitar Chat: oh no
21:37:25 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: sanjaya does cannibal corpse?
21:37:26 rokchik:Guitar Chat: lol
21:37:39 FmX:Guitar Chat: that sounds terrible actually, I'll be good
21:37:42 Iluha:Guitar Chat: he will do anything i want him to do!
21:37:57 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Maybe he can do a duet with Liza
21:38:01 rokchik:Guitar Chat: lol
21:38:18 Iluha:Guitar Chat: i wanna see Simo Quael do a teletubie song
21:38:19 FmX:Guitar Chat: I saw an old episode of Friends last night, what's she called the blonde one
21:38:30 rokchik:Guitar Chat: phoebe
21:38:31 Iluha:Guitar Chat: simon*
21:38:32 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: Phoebe
21:38:35 FmX:Guitar Chat: ya
21:38:35 FmX:Guitar Chat: phoebe or smth?
21:38:42 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: feeble
21:38:45 Gaelan:Guitar Chat:
21:38:47 FmX:Guitar Chat: she was playing guitar and talking about chords and stuff
21:38:50 Iluha:Guitar Chat: phobia
21:38:52 rokchik:Guitar Chat: hey I liked phoebe
21:39:01 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: smelly cat
21:39:02 rokchik:Guitar Chat: old lady....
21:39:10 FmX:Guitar Chat: ya Gaelan haha
21:39:11 rokchik:Guitar Chat: the claw...
21:39:16 FmX:Guitar Chat: It was smelly cat episode
21:39:23 Iluha:Guitar Chat: what are they feeding you, smelly cat, smely cat, it's not your fault
21:39:33 rokchik:Guitar Chat: great tune
21:39:36 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: I watch them online
21:39:58 FmX:Guitar Chat: she was like "how many chords do you know?" that was so funny
21:40:09 Iluha:Guitar Chat: oh i know that episode
21:40:16 Iluha:Guitar Chat: its the one when her friend drops by
21:40:17 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Friends was great
21:40:33 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: right now I am watchin Hackers
21:40:41 FmX:Guitar Chat: I need a new TV-show to watch
21:40:48 FmX:Guitar Chat: I've seen 18 seasons of Simpsons
21:40:52 rokchik:Guitar Chat: show on TV
21:40:54 FmX:Guitar Chat: All Heroes, what's next
21:41:06 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: Hellsing if you like Anime
21:41:08 FmX:Guitar Chat: My name is Earl is pretty good
21:41:15 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Simpsons movie out soon can't wait
21:41:19 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: I'm a big fan of House. and Deadliest Catch for some reason
21:41:19 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: and the ending credits tune is done by Mr. Big
21:41:32 FmX:Guitar Chat: I don't, you're too late Gaelan, all my anime loving friends have already tried to convert me to Hellsing
21:41:39 Iluha:Guitar Chat: now i wanna watch Hellsing
21:41:42 rokchik:Guitar Chat: My whole week is planned around tuesday at 9 pm
21:41:45 Iluha:Guitar Chat: mr. big kix ass
21:41:56 FmX:Guitar Chat: yea simpsons is like.. yea
21:41:58 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: wasn't tuesday a couple days ago?
21:42:01 FmX:Guitar Chat: Homer Simpson is a prophet
21:42:02 FmX:Guitar Chat:
21:42:09 rokchik:Guitar Chat: re runs
21:42:28 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Homer is great
21:42:29 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: homer simpson was an architect prior to his career as a prophet?
21:42:31 Iluha:Guitar Chat: my favourite alltime show is OZ
21:42:35 Iluha:Guitar Chat: it was brilliant
21:42:44 rokchik:Guitar Chat: OZ was good
21:42:50 FmX:Guitar Chat: OZ is ok
21:43:02 Iluha:Guitar Chat: except for one part
21:43:15 Iluha:Guitar Chat: when they showed some dude spitting out "man juice"
21:43:18 FmX:Guitar Chat: OZ is so violent though
21:43:19 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: I don't have cable sooooo I have to take what I find online lol
21:43:23 FmX:Guitar Chat: eeew, Iluha
21:43:23 Iluha:Guitar Chat: after going down on the nazi guy
21:43:25 FmX:Guitar Chat: damn it
21:43:32 FmX:Guitar Chat: don't do that
21:43:42 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: I watched a couple episodes of OZ. The constant ass rape was a bit much
21:43:51 FmX:Guitar Chat: yea I agree Scott Gentzen
21:43:54 FmX:Guitar Chat: too much of that...
21:44:01 Iluha:Guitar Chat: that was the only thing that pissed me off in the entire lifetime of it
21:44:13 Iluha:Guitar Chat: sometimes
21:44:17 Iluha:Guitar Chat: i wish he would just swallow
21:44:26 FmX:Guitar Chat: like in American History X, when that parts comes I just shut my eyes I don't wanna see that damn it
21:44:27 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I like the old british comedies like Are you being served and monty python
21:44:41 rokchik:Guitar Chat: They are in Prison...that stuff happens
21:45:07 FmX:Guitar Chat: rokchik you ever seen Red Dwarf?
21:45:13 rokchik:Guitar Chat: yep
21:45:20 FmX:Guitar Chat: It's like.. really bad, but so funny typical british humor
21:45:21 Iluha:Guitar Chat: You know what movie made me cry? like really cry with tears?
21:45:24 Iluha:Guitar Chat: king kong
21:45:34 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: which version?
21:45:38 Iluha:Guitar Chat: the newer one
21:45:39 rokchik:Guitar Chat: love british humor.
21:45:54 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: hm. never saw that one, actually
21:45:58 rokchik:Guitar Chat: really Iluha?
21:46:03 Iluha:Guitar Chat: yeah
21:46:13 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I fell asleep
21:46:17 FmX:Guitar Chat: I saw the last King Kong on a date, I fell asleep...
21:46:17 Iluha:Guitar Chat: my girlfriend (who i broke up with last week)
21:46:21 Iluha:Guitar Chat: was a witness to it
21:46:33 FmX:Guitar Chat: me2 rokchik.. most boring movie ever
21:46:45 rokchik:Guitar Chat: it ranks up there
21:46:47 Iluha:Guitar Chat: thats it, it's sanjayah for you!
21:46:50 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: I get like that with Akira for some reason
21:46:56 FmX:Guitar Chat: no, I'll be good I swear
21:46:57 rokchik:Guitar Chat: lol...bring him on
21:47:00 Iluha:Guitar Chat: I actually really liked the movie
21:47:21 FmX:Guitar Chat: How much Simpsons have you seen rokchik?
21:47:28 FmX:Guitar Chat: There's one episode that is so fucking sad
21:47:42 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I like Jack Black but not when he's trying to be serious....I've seen all the Simpsons FmX
21:47:57 Iluha:Guitar Chat: jack black sucked
21:47:57 FmX:Guitar Chat: It's the one when Maggie says her first word in the end "Da...ddy"
21:48:00 Iluha:Guitar Chat: but the monkey....
21:48:04 FmX:Guitar Chat: That episode is so good
21:48:13 Iluha:Guitar Chat: ooo that poor monkey
21:48:21 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Ah yes and Liz Taylor is the voice of Maggie
21:48:21 Iluha:Guitar Chat: being torn away from home
21:48:30 Iluha:Guitar Chat: and then being killed for misunderstanding :[
21:49:05 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I never made it to the end....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
21:49:09 FmX:Guitar Chat: Iluha: It's a monkey for the love of god
21:49:15 Iluha:Guitar Chat: i love monkeys!
21:49:23 FmX:Guitar Chat: Fucking kill it and feed it to the starving people in Africa
21:49:26 FmX:Guitar Chat: problem solved
21:49:29 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: iluha, agreed. My problem with the new one is more that I'm tired of the constant remakes.
21:49:51 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I agree Scott....can anyone have an original thought in Hollywood
21:49:57 Iluha:Guitar Chat: the remake to war of the worlds sucked
21:49:59 Iluha:Guitar Chat: so bad
21:50:13 FmX:Guitar Chat: Most movies nowadays sucks
21:50:14 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: that movie's been done enough. did we need another Oceans 11? Much less two more on top of that?
21:50:17 FmX:Guitar Chat: Did you guys see 300?
21:50:28 Iluha:Guitar Chat: yes i liked it
21:50:30 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Loved 300
21:50:36 Iluha:Guitar Chat: and i also loved Blood Diamond
21:50:36 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: I keep not getting around to seeing 300 for some reason
21:50:45 Iluha:Guitar Chat: and NIght at the museum! dont laugh plz
21:50:47 FmX:Guitar Chat: I think it was a good movie, but when you think about it it was so bad
21:50:58 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: <-- doesn't see squat till it hits DVD
21:51:06 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Blood Diamond was great...I enjoyed night at the museum
21:51:15 FmX:Guitar Chat: I didn't like Blood Diamond
21:51:48 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: I have enough good theaters around here. but I still think about all the bad times I had froom obnoxious asses in theaters when I think about going
21:51:52 Iluha:Guitar Chat: i hate Titanic and dont get people why people like it so much, sorry.
21:52:00 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I'm more of a early 30's -60's movie fan
21:52:01 FmX:Guitar Chat: I agree with you Iluha
21:52:12 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: Didn't see titanic. I knew how that one was going to end.
21:52:14 FmX:Guitar Chat: I think Titanic is so shit
21:52:25 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Titanic was tooooo long
21:52:29 Iluha:Guitar Chat: i fell asleep watching it
21:52:33 Iluha:Guitar Chat: three times.
21:52:36 stratman33:Guitar Chat: im back
21:52:37 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: wow
21:52:38 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I had a couple of naps
21:52:38 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: for me I jsut can't stand getting fleeced to see a flick
21:52:52 FmX:Guitar Chat: wtf, a chick that slept during titanic?
21:53:01 Iluha:Guitar Chat: ooo in 5 minutes theres gonna be light outside
21:53:01 FmX:Guitar Chat: everyone else I know just cried through the whole thing
21:53:01 stratman33:Guitar Chat: lol
21:53:02 rokchik:Guitar Chat: hey stratman33 how goes the studying
21:53:09 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: for me to go see a movie here it's a $30 night
21:53:10 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: There's a really good $3 theater anot far from where I live
21:53:11 stratman33:Guitar Chat: oh it sucks balls
21:53:18 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Not all of us like sappy leo movies
21:53:28 stratman33:Guitar Chat: took me 10 min to find 1 answer on google..
21:53:30 FmX:Guitar Chat: I like movies from India, they're sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good
21:53:36 Iluha:Guitar Chat: Leo's girlfriend
21:53:44 FmX:Guitar Chat: Bollywood > Hollywood
21:53:46 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Bollywood
21:53:52 Iluha:Guitar Chat: Bar Refaeli(from israel but who cares), is the hottest iv'e ever seen
21:54:00 stratman33:Guitar Chat: what are we talking about?
21:54:08 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: I feel like I should be high when I'm watching indian movies
21:54:08 rokchik:Guitar Chat: movies
21:54:19 rokchik:Guitar Chat: they are so happy
21:54:21 stratman33:Guitar Chat: what movie
21:54:23 Iluha:Guitar Chat: I just don't watch indian movies
21:54:25 rokchik:Guitar Chat: any and all
21:54:37 FmX:Guitar Chat: indian movies are... soo good
21:54:51 stratman33:Guitar Chat: probably havnt seen any you guys probably 20 years younger than you guys
21:54:53 Iluha:Guitar Chat: I like dumb movies
21:54:57 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Then again I am a sucker for a musical
21:54:59 Iluha:Guitar Chat: like Dude! where's my car?
21:55:04 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: there was one I was watching one day where this kid opened his mouth and the universe was in there. trippy stuff
21:55:08 FmX:Guitar Chat: me too rokchik
21:55:08 stratman33:Guitar Chat: oh thats hilarious
21:55:10 Iluha:Guitar Chat: i could watch that movie dozen times and not get tired of it
21:55:22 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Dude was kinda funny
21:55:35 stratman33:Guitar Chat: the gayest movie ever:epic movie
21:55:42 FmX:Guitar Chat: Dude was stupid
21:55:46 FmX:Guitar Chat: that's what made it funny
21:55:50 Iluha:Guitar Chat: yup
21:55:57 FmX:Guitar Chat: when he goes to order chinese food or whatever it was
21:56:00 Iluha:Guitar Chat: and also i love the entire american pie series
21:56:10 FmX:Guitar Chat: american pie = nono, I can't stand them
21:56:12 stratman33:Guitar Chat: oh ya american pie unrated
21:56:14 Iluha:Guitar Chat: the ENTIRE series
21:56:26 rokchik:Guitar Chat: one of my fave movies is the Pirate movie. I think I'm like the only one to ever see it. It's so cheesy but I love it. It's a musical based on the Pirates of Penzance but takesplace in the 80's.
21:56:29 FmX:Guitar Chat: too low level on the humor
21:56:37 Iluha:Guitar Chat: it got so shallow after the third movie but it's still fun to watch
21:57:02 stratman33:Guitar Chat: i like the scary movie series
21:57:09 stratman33:Guitar Chat: its so funny
21:57:14 Iluha:Guitar Chat: i only like the first two scary movies
21:57:16 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Scary movie was funny
21:57:16 FmX:Guitar Chat: rokchik: never seen that one
21:57:16 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: that's odd. penzance in the 80's? oof
21:57:22 Iluha:Guitar Chat: the others didnt even make me giggle :[
21:57:35 stratman33:Guitar Chat: i like the second one best
21:57:45 stratman33:Guitar Chat: i saw it at like age 10
21:58:08 FmX:Guitar Chat: Have you guys seen Braindead? I have to say... First time I saw it I thought it was AWESOME. Saw it a few weeks ago, damn... It's the worst movie I have EVER seen in my life
21:58:19 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: why do I suddenly feel really old.... lol
21:58:22 Iluha:Guitar Chat: what's it about again?
21:58:25 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: never heard of it. recenly?
21:58:26 FmX:Guitar Chat: but then again I was just a little kid when i saw it the first time
21:58:27 Iluha:Guitar Chat: i think isaw it...
21:58:30 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: movies from the 80's that I remember....
21:58:31 stratman33:Guitar Chat: never heard of it
21:58:33 rokchik:Guitar Chat: The Pirate Movie is hilarious...the dumbest movie ever but it's awesome. the dude from that brooksheilds movie where they get stranded on the island as kids is in it
21:58:47 FmX:Guitar Chat: You've never heard of Braindead?
21:58:54 Iluha:Guitar Chat: whats it about?
21:58:54 stratman33:Guitar Chat: no im only 13
21:59:06 FmX:Guitar Chat: basicly.. nothing lol
21:59:07 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Never seen Braindead
21:59:13 FmX:Guitar Chat: it's a piece of shit movie
21:59:18 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: never heard of it
21:59:18 FmX:Guitar Chat: good, don't ever watch it
21:59:20 stratman33:Guitar Chat: like epic movie then
21:59:26 Iluha:Guitar Chat: oh
21:59:27 Iluha:Guitar Chat: ok
21:59:29 Iluha:Guitar Chat:
21:59:30 stratman33:Guitar Chat: dumbest movie ever
21:59:35 FmX:Guitar Chat: Peter Jackson directed it
21:59:35 rokchik:Guitar Chat: lol
21:59:43 FmX:Guitar Chat: stratman33: believe me it's worse
21:59:44 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: blue lagoon's the one with Shields in it
21:59:46 FmX:Guitar Chat: alot worse
21:59:55 stratman33:Guitar Chat: I like austin powers alot
22:00:02 stratman33:Guitar Chat: thats so funny
22:00:07 Iluha:Guitar Chat: I love the films made by that director that plays Silent Bob
22:00:11 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: I liked the austin powers movies
22:00:15 FmX:Guitar Chat: It's about some australian guy, he sees a latino girl and falls in love with her blabla, then th ey go to the zoo and the monkey bites his mom. And she becomes a zombie.
22:00:15 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: kevin smith
22:00:16 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Yes Blue Lagoon
22:00:22 Iluha:Guitar Chat: clercs, clercs 2, dogma, jay and silent bob hit back, all rock
22:00:26 FmX:Guitar Chat: And in the end everyone is a zombie etc, really shit movie
22:00:32 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Kevin Smith is amazing
22:00:38 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: fmx. funny. sounds like my kind of movie
22:00:55 stratman33:Guitar Chat: i like M. Night Shymalans movies like signs, sixth sense
22:01:13 Iluha:Guitar Chat: oh yeah i love his movies
22:01:16 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I'm not a fan of M.Night
22:01:25 Iluha:Guitar Chat: and also about every Bruce Willies movie there is
22:01:36 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I hated The Sixth Sense
22:01:39 Iluha:Guitar Chat: except for his most recent ones
22:01:46 FmX:Guitar Chat: what, the sixth sense rocked
22:01:46 stratman33:Guitar Chat: it had a surprise ending
22:01:51 stratman33:Guitar Chat: it did rock
22:01:57 rokchik:Guitar Chat: It was not a surprise
22:01:59 stratman33:Guitar Chat: the guy ends up being dead
22:02:11 stratman33:Guitar Chat: for me!i saw when i was 8
22:02:13 Iluha:Guitar Chat: but it was obvious half way in,, atleast to me
22:02:25 rokchik:Guitar Chat: yeah figured that out mid way through
22:02:34 Iluha:Guitar Chat: I like unbreakable more then the 6th sense
22:02:34 FmX:Guitar Chat: I like exorcist movies
22:02:40 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: i liked the sixth sense. I hate that it launched a thousand copycat movies. ooh...another inforseen twist! how suspenseful! eesh
22:02:41 FmX:Guitar Chat: they're freaky in a funny way
22:02:46 Iluha:Guitar Chat: took mea few times watching to figure out what the hell it's all about though
22:02:50 stratman33:Guitar Chat: i hated unbreakable!it was so boring
22:03:01 stratman33:Guitar Chat: except the weight lifting part
22:03:06 stratman33:Guitar Chat: that was sweet
22:03:08 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I find all of M.Nights stuff boring
22:03:14 stratman33:Guitar Chat: not signs
22:03:17 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: unbreakable was amazing to me. pisses me off that they necer got around to the sequels
22:03:28 Iluha:Guitar Chat: only thing i find that sux about M.NIght
22:03:28 stratman33:Guitar Chat: you cant find signs boring
22:03:34 Iluha:Guitar Chat: is that fake documantry he made about himself
22:03:39 Iluha:Guitar Chat: wow that was lame
22:03:45 FmX:Guitar Chat: What's that movie called, The Exorcism of Emily Rose or something? I can't remember the name but I think it was emily rose
22:03:47 rokchik:Guitar Chat: The only good thing about Signs was Mel Gibson
22:03:50 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: he does have an ego issue
22:04:14 stratman33:Guitar Chat: crap gotta go to bed, 10 oclock here in michigan
22:04:21 Iluha:Guitar Chat: its 5 am here
22:04:27 FmX:Guitar Chat: 4 am here
22:04:30 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: fmx, you got it rut right
22:04:39 stratman33:Guitar Chat: c ya ill be on tomorrow.why are you on at 4 am...?
22:04:42 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: er. typos
22:04:49 Iluha:Guitar Chat: i dont like sleeping
22:04:49 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Silence of the that's a movie
22:04:54 Iluha:Guitar Chat: atleastn ot today
22:04:55 rokchik:Guitar Chat: c ya Stratman
22:04:55 FmX:Guitar Chat: because I just woke up, went to sleep after my exam
22:04:59 FmX:Guitar Chat: Yea silence of the lambs
22:05:05 stratman33:Guitar Chat: no:28 days later is sweet!
22:05:05 FmX:Guitar Chat: all hannibal movies are cool really
22:05:12 rokchik:Guitar Chat: love Anthony Hopkins
22:05:18 stratman33:Guitar Chat: dads getting mad gotta go!
22:05:22 Iluha:Guitar Chat: bye
22:05:24 rokchik:Guitar Chat: 28 Days Later was pretty good
22:05:25 Iluha:Guitar Chat: good night
22:05:25 FmX:Guitar Chat: cya stratman33
22:05:35 FmX:Guitar Chat: What was 28 days later about?
22:05:42 FmX:Guitar Chat: I don't remember, I think I've seen it though
22:05:51 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: there's a benefit of paying the mortgage. no dad telling me to go to bed.
22:05:54 rokchik:Guitar Chat: The one with the Zombies taking over britian
22:05:59 FmX:Guitar Chat: oh yea
22:06:09 FmX:Guitar Chat: and they drive to a big fort or whatever
22:06:13 FmX:Guitar Chat: and they want the women?
22:06:15 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I wish my morgage was paid
22:06:15 Iluha:Guitar Chat: i like zombie movies in general
22:06:25 rokchik:Guitar Chat: yep that's the one
22:06:47 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I like the cheesy Freddy and Jason type horror movies
22:06:55 rokchik:Guitar Chat: And Halloween
22:06:57 FmX:Guitar Chat: boring
22:06:58 FmX:Guitar Chat:
22:07:04 Iluha:Guitar Chat: i like horror movies
22:07:09 rokchik:Guitar Chat: I find them kinda funny
22:07:10 Iluha:Guitar Chat: where everyone dies
22:07:10 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: it's a zen thing...the predictable cycle of paying out a huge chunk of money every month
22:07:25 FmX:Guitar Chat: I prefer playing scary videogames over watching horror movies, Gears of War on Xbox 360 anyone tried it? Like awesome game
22:07:29 FmX:Guitar Chat: Resident Evil etc
22:07:36 Iluha:Guitar Chat: because ussually actors in horror movies makes me wanna see them all die
22:07:37 rokchik:Guitar Chat: Scott that's right but at least your money is working for ya
22:07:45 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: yup
22:08:04 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: well, not while the real estate market's in the toilet. but eventually.
22:08:12 rokchik:Guitar Chat: true
22:08:16 Iluha:Guitar Chat: scarriest game i playd is Dino Crisis
22:08:25 Iluha:Guitar Chat: theres one point quite early in the game
22:08:25 FmX:Guitar Chat: never played that one
22:08:31 Iluha:Guitar Chat: that you walk in like a office
22:08:36 Iluha:Guitar Chat: with a big ass window
22:08:42 Iluha:Guitar Chat: and BAM t-rex in your face
22:08:47 rokchik:Guitar Chat: not much into video games.....unless your talking super mario brothers
22:08:48 FmX:Guitar Chat: haha
22:08:51 Iluha:Guitar Chat: a big one, a really big one
22:08:57 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: I ihaven't played much but Guitar Hero for a year or so now
22:09:00 FmX:Guitar Chat: shit
22:09:07 Iluha:Guitar Chat: i it made me throw my controller away :[
22:09:13 FmX:Guitar Chat: I love scary videogames
22:09:13 Iluha:Guitar Chat: and i coughed a yell
22:09:22 FmX:Guitar Chat: I remember when I played Silent Hill, damn...
22:09:32 rokchik:Guitar Chat: baaaaaad movie
22:09:35 FmX:Guitar Chat: I was gonna die, was quite young back then too. Was home alone, dark outside, dark in the house
22:09:48 Iluha:Guitar Chat: when i was a little kid my mom liked playing the Alone in the dark games
22:09:57 Iluha:Guitar Chat: so one time i tried playing it myself
22:10:00 Iluha:Guitar Chat: i was like 6
22:10:03 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: alrighty all... I gotta bail and call it a night. I start on 6 days a week soon so I wannacatch up on some sleep
22:10:18 FmX:Guitar Chat: nighty nighty Gaelan
22:10:22 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: take care and be safe!
22:10:23 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: I couldn't imagine my mother playing video games.
22:10:23 rokchik:Guitar Chat: well boys I gotta jet 11 pm here and I gotaa work in am. see ya later
22:10:26 Iluha:Guitar Chat: and i had alot of nightmares that the alone in the dark monsters are taking over my town
22:10:33 FmX:Guitar Chat: byebye rokchik
22:10:41 rokchik:Guitar Chat: bye
22:10:43 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: isn't it closer to 12 ?
22:10:45 Iluha:Guitar Chat: bye gaelan
22:10:47 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: bye rokchil
22:10:50 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: er
22:10:52 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: I suck
22:10:53 rokchik:Guitar Chat: 1110 to be exact
22:10:59 Iluha:Guitar Chat: bye chick
22:11:04 rokchik:Guitar Chat: see ya guys
22:11:04 FmX:Guitar Chat: Iluha you played Resident Evil games?
22:11:16 Iluha:Guitar Chat: mmm... the 2nd one a bit
22:11:18 Gaelan:Guitar Chat: **poof** gone
22:11:23 FmX:Guitar Chat: they're scary
22:11:26 Iluha:Guitar Chat: and the survivor one with the light gun
22:11:47 Iluha:Guitar Chat: yeah the 2nd one scared the shit out of me. i could go on much in it :[
22:11:55 Iluha:Guitar Chat: coudlnt*
22:12:02 FmX:Guitar Chat:
22:12:10 Iluha:Guitar Chat: but survivor was dumb
22:13:03 Iluha:Guitar Chat: the saw movies... fun fun fun
22:13:11 FmX:Guitar Chat: not seen em
22:13:24 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: never saw those.
22:13:31 Iluha:Guitar Chat: you should... especially the 1st one
22:13:58 Iluha:Guitar Chat: if you watch the 1st one and can predict the end i will shower you with boobies
22:14:17 FmX:Guitar Chat:
22:14:49 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: uh
22:15:12 FmX:Guitar Chat: Scott Gentzen are you from Denmark or something?
22:15:32 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: nope. US of A. Not far from DC, actually
22:15:48 FmX:Guitar Chat: cool
22:16:14 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: used to work there actually
22:16:26 FmX:Guitar Chat:
22:16:45 Iluha:Guitar Chat: where are you from FmX?
22:16:51 FmX:Guitar Chat: Sweden
22:16:53 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: oddly enough, I've worked more for the government in the suburbs than I did when I worked in DC
22:17:11 Iluha:Guitar Chat: oh so you don't need a shower of boobies theres plenty there!
22:17:21 FmX:Guitar Chat: exactly
22:17:32 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: no kidding. eesh
22:18:03 Iluha:Guitar Chat: I live in Israel... can't wait to get out of here
22:18:12 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: wow.
22:18:53 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: I couldn't imagine.
22:19:10 FmX:Guitar Chat: Israel, it's just a big mess down there. Feel sorry for both sides
22:19:29 Iluha:Guitar Chat: well... yeah its a mess
22:19:59 Iluha:Guitar Chat: but you don't really feel it. unless you live in certain cities
22:20:07 Iluha:Guitar Chat: 1 or 2 cities
22:20:44 Iluha:Guitar Chat: it's just that other then the mess we got on the war thingies side
22:20:54 Iluha:Guitar Chat: we go a mess in about every other aspect of the country
22:21:13 Iluha:Guitar Chat: I can't think of one aspect of the country which isn't in a mess actually
22:21:20 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: I could drive some places and probably get shot at, but israel's totally a different planet
22:21:21 FmX:Guitar Chat: Iluha I'm 50% Jordanian. So we're neighbours
22:21:27 FmX:Guitar Chat: I just think it's all sad..
22:21:36 FmX:Guitar Chat: why can't people just not get along, that goes to both sides
22:22:05 Iluha:Guitar Chat: the things im talking about
22:22:19 Iluha:Guitar Chat: is that not only do we have those problem with the arab countrys that wanna destory us
22:22:32 Iluha:Guitar Chat: we also got alot of interior problems
22:22:37 FmX:Guitar Chat: yea I know
22:22:54 Iluha:Guitar Chat: for example, we have to serve in the army, that's what i'm doing right now
22:23:04 FmX:Guitar Chat: yea everyone has to do it right?
22:23:09 FmX:Guitar Chat: even females
22:23:15 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: I just got around to seeing Bones from this week. Billy Gibbons is on this episode. He just said "always play in G demolished" eh?
22:23:20 Iluha:Guitar Chat: but the country treats us, the soldiers that are in the 3 years obligation period
22:23:27 Iluha:Guitar Chat: as if were just tools
22:23:44 Iluha:Guitar Chat: showing no care for terms of service and all that
22:24:00 FmX:Guitar Chat: All armies are shit
22:24:21 Iluha:Guitar Chat: yeah but atleast in proffesional armies like in the US you get paid
22:24:39 FmX:Guitar Chat: Yea but I don't see that as a good thing
22:24:44 Iluha:Guitar Chat: here you get about 75$ a month for the first 3 years
22:24:48 FmX:Guitar Chat: that you can use people in need of money etc..
22:25:14 FmX:Guitar Chat: You think it's right for some poor kid to go to Iraq just to get his economy sorted out? I think it's terrible
22:25:26 Iluha:Guitar Chat: no avecourse it's horrible
22:25:36 FmX:Guitar Chat: But I get your point, actually.. We humans are idiots
22:25:43 FmX:Guitar Chat: We always wanna kill eachother
22:26:00 Iluha:Guitar Chat: humans are just power maniacs
22:26:05 FmX:Guitar Chat: yep
22:26:05 Iluha:Guitar Chat: atleast most of us
22:26:09 FmX:Guitar Chat: Greedy bastards we are
22:26:18 Iluha:Guitar Chat: heres another example of a really dumb situation here
22:26:23 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: my brother's a marine, actually. didnt join for the money, that's for sure
22:26:26 FmX:Guitar Chat: What a great world we'd live in if all the money went to research and medical care
22:26:29 Iluha:Guitar Chat: the teachers here are getting paid really poorly
22:26:40 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: that's the same in the US pretty much.
22:26:44 FmX:Guitar Chat: Scott Gentzen: yea but there are alot of people that do join for money
22:26:47 Iluha:Guitar Chat: so now their trying to fight it by going on strikes
22:27:06 Iluha:Guitar Chat: in the end
22:27:15 Iluha:Guitar Chat: the goverment offerd them the dumbest solution
22:27:17 Iluha:Guitar Chat: ever
22:27:21 FmX:Guitar Chat: what was it?
22:27:30 Iluha:Guitar Chat: what they said is basicly: "you'll work more, you'll get more"
22:27:38 FmX:Guitar Chat:
22:27:46 FmX:Guitar Chat: Apart from the war and shits in the Middle East
22:27:57 FmX:Guitar Chat: I don't like that all countries there are so capitalistic
22:28:10 FmX:Guitar Chat: I think Sweden is good, like semi-socialist. Good balance
22:28:18 Iluha:Guitar Chat: Israel by the way, is probably the most hypocrite country in the world
22:28:23 Iluha:Guitar Chat: other then the USA maybe
22:29:01 Iluha:Guitar Chat: i mean, we survived the holocaust and all those decriminations(however you say it)
22:29:08 FmX:Guitar Chat: yea
22:29:14 Iluha:Guitar Chat: andd we ended up as racists
22:29:34 FmX:Guitar Chat: Yea but all people are like that... The human race is so corrupt
22:29:49 Iluha:Guitar Chat: power makes people stupid
22:29:59 Iluha:Guitar Chat: they forget why they wanted that power for
22:30:00 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: I keep getting kicked. out. I'll take that as a hint. see y'all. I'm out
22:30:03 Scott Gentzen:Guitar Chat: g'nite
22:30:36 FmX:Guitar Chat: Iluha you want me to be honest
22:31:01 FmX:Guitar Chat: Both our peoples are idiots, we're always gonna be idiots I am not going back to Jordan because they're even worse than what you're talking about
22:31:02 FmX:Guitar Chat: Greedy....
22:31:06 FmX:Guitar Chat: materialistic
22:31:10 FmX:Guitar Chat: It's just not for me
22:31:16 Iluha:Guitar Chat: i know
22:31:30 Iluha:Guitar Chat: in two years when im done with the army
22:31:40 Iluha:Guitar Chat: i plan to go study somewhere in europe
22:31:46 FmX:Guitar Chat: Come to Sweden man
22:31:50 Iluha:Guitar Chat: becuase even the universities here got alot of issues
22:31:56 Iluha:Guitar Chat: only now they had a 41 day strike!
22:32:02 FmX:Guitar Chat: heh
22:32:04 FmX:Guitar Chat: shit
22:32:27 Iluha:Guitar Chat: right now the plan is to go to austria
22:32:37 FmX:Guitar Chat: Austria's good
22:32:44 Iluha:Guitar Chat: there's this one university i can go allmost for free
22:32:58 Iluha:Guitar Chat: because theres a fund supporting jewish attendis
22:33:10 FmX:Guitar Chat: I don't get that system, like in Sweden... all universities are free
22:33:20 FmX:Guitar Chat: I think it's shit that people have to pay for school
22:33:24 FmX:Guitar Chat: I actually thing it's insane
22:33:32 FmX:Guitar Chat: That education can only be attained by the rich
22:33:45 Iluha:Guitar Chat: yeah i heard actually that all universities in allmost entire europe are practicly free!
22:33:46 FmX:Guitar Chat: thing = think
22:33:55 Iluha:Guitar Chat: i was thinking about going to berlin university
22:34:08 Iluha:Guitar Chat: but hten i read i have to learn german to attend there, i gave up that idea
22:34:09 FmX:Guitar Chat: What do you want to study
22:34:22 Iluha:Guitar Chat: well i'm not that sure yet..
22:34:32 Iluha:Guitar Chat: right now im thinking of two general ways
22:34:40 FmX:Guitar Chat: Guitar Hero and Rockstar?
22:34:42 Iluha:Guitar Chat: one is buisness management
22:34:49 Iluha:Guitar Chat: the other is sound engeeniring
22:34:52 FmX:Guitar Chat: k, that's the on I study atm
22:34:57 FmX:Guitar Chat: business and management
22:35:22 Iluha:Guitar Chat: also, there's a really cute girl I know studying in that school in Austria
22:35:49 FmX:Guitar Chat: oh, she's gonna ruin your studies
22:36:25 FmX:Guitar Chat: by the way, JESUS, did you say you finish your army in 2 years?
22:36:30 FmX:Guitar Chat: how long do you go to the army anyway
22:36:33 Iluha:Guitar Chat: if i do something i want nothing can ruin it for me //
22:36:39 Iluha:Guitar Chat: you go for 3 years
22:36:45 FmX:Guitar Chat: oh my god...
22:36:54 Iluha:Guitar Chat: im allready in for a year and 3 months...
22:37:05 FmX:Guitar Chat: that's actually sad
22:37:08 Iluha:Guitar Chat: its not THAT bad..
22:37:20 FmX:Guitar Chat: they wanted me to go to the army
22:37:21 Iluha:Guitar Chat: i mean theres alot of jobs that you go home every day..
22:37:25 FmX:Guitar Chat: 10 months, and I thought it was bad lol
22:37:32 FmX:Guitar Chat: you're talking 3 years, jesh
22:37:35 Iluha:Guitar Chat: the thing that sucks about the army
22:37:45 Iluha:Guitar Chat: is that it basicly putting your life on pause
22:37:50 Iluha:Guitar Chat: for 3 freaking years
22:37:57 FmX:Guitar Chat: yea that's exactly what I thought too
22:38:07 FmX:Guitar Chat: How old are you when you go, 18?
22:38:13 Iluha:Guitar Chat: Israeli soccer players that were making it in europe
22:38:24 Iluha:Guitar Chat: had to stop playing because of the army
22:38:28 Iluha:Guitar Chat: yeah 18
22:39:00 Iluha:Guitar Chat: sometimes i just think at what i could have accomplished in these 3 years
22:39:06 Iluha:Guitar Chat: and i fall in deep depression
22:39:14 FmX:Guitar Chat:
22:39:55 Iluha:Guitar Chat: i mean, I don't study, and I don't make any money, nor do I do something usefull in the army
22:40:22 FmX:Guitar Chat: It

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