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> The Saga Continues/ Earth Is Destroyed And Mankind Is Being Hunted!
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Finally got around to finishing this, probably my personal favorite out of everything I have done. There is a lot going on, a bunch of different riffs, but with a smooth fluidic structure. Theres proggy stuff, deathy stuff, a small bit of tech in there, big harmonized riffs, and aggressive vocals. This is of course, the continuation of the same storyline as seen in Evolved: Transcendental Cyber-Eroticisms. I hope you enjoy, let me know what you think!

Lyrics, as usual


The Swarm:
Rudimentary creatures of blood and flesh, you touch my mind
Fumbling in ignorance, incapable of understanding
We are eternal. The pinnacle of evolution and existence
Before us you are nothing, your extinction is inevitable
We are the end of everything

My kind transcends your very understanding
We are each a nation: Independent, free of all weakness
You cannot even grasp the nature of our existence
We impose order on the chaos of organic evolution
You exist because we allow it
And you will end...

Because we demand it.

01: A Gaze Shifted

The Universe Watchers:
It all began as he drifted away
Passing by Saturn he saw them all
A massive armada dwarfing our worlds
Treading voids through to Earth

And then a voice, drew his focus
Distant and vague, an alien tongue

The words somehow, he understood

You will soon be the last, the only

The Pariah
Alien voices seeped inside
Whispering of impending doom
The universe inhales anxiously
To bate it's breath for the coming storm

The Swarm

You only exist because we allow it
And you will end because we demand it

Follow the stars into dark space
Expand to survive, or conquer and die

The Universe Watchers
Hands against the glass he watches on
As Mars is razed by the drifting swarm
Unseen watchers make their presence known
As the third child is soon consumed

Your mind will be shaped to formlessness
To understand the concepts of eternity
You are the spatial architect
The ambassador of baryonic forms

The Swarm
We will end you...

The Universe Watchers
Alien voices blast their chords
Shouting of the impending doom
The universe exhaled a mighty wind
It's breath to become infinite storms

The Swarm

You only exist because we allow it
And you will end because we demand it
A feeble attempt from the fleshy machines
Expand to survive, or fight and die

The Universe Watchers
A gaze distant
It's focus

02: Harbinger Of Destruction

The Swarm
Pulling against their laws and forces
Gravity, Light, Newton and Einstein
Admirable are your feeble attempts
But the Sovereign's eye, cannot allow this

We are infinite, undying
Mere flesh
Pure bacteria

The insects on the anthill of Earth
Know not the forms, that they attract
Manipulate the laws in place
Shall bring a harbinger of pure destruction

03: Arrival

The mind of man is trawled
The knowledge to rebuild
The cosmic law

The Pariah

What do you want with me?
Why have I been brought here?
Tell me now who you are
Tell me what has happened

All your worlds are cast to ash
Everything you know gone...

The Pariah
This cannot be happening
What about everything I left?

There is nothing that can be done
All that remains is space and them

The Pariah + Atlas

Why all this? Why me?
You are the one who must rebuild

04: Swarming The Sun

The Universe Watchers
Sovereigns unknown swarm the sun
Their vast numbers have darkened our sky
Massive machines dwarf our worlds
And wrap their arms around the shell of Earth

The sky goes black and a shadow is cast
The human race is pushed into dark

Sovereign's arms slowly crush the Earth
Cracks cross continents like erupting veins

The Pariah
Alien voices blast their chords
To sanctify our impending doom
Cosmic prophet of galactic law
Declaration of sentient death

The Swarm
You only exist because we allow it
And you will die because we demand it
A feeble attempt from the fleshy machines
leaves a tiny mark on the cosmic time line

The Universe Watchers
Their gaze, distant
It's focus

The Swarm:
There is a realm of existence so far beyond your own you cannot even imagine it
I am beyond your comprehension, I am Sovereign.
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