Pavel Guitar Chat: how to sit when practicing, tapping, being on stage etc. 2007-06-09
Kristofer Dahl
Jun 14 2007, 10:56 AM
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03:49:31 aerohit: is there anybody out there
16:09:18 Kristofer Dahl: Hehehhey
16:09:25 Kristofer Dahl:
16:09:35 Kristofer Dahl: *slap*
16:10:20 Pavel: hey Kris!
16:10:30 Kristofer Dahl: Hey Pavel!
16:10:37 Kristofer Dahl: Is the time now?
16:10:42 Pavel: yes
16:10:44 Kristofer Dahl: for the chat that is
16:10:56 Kristofer Dahl: Ok - I'm here!
16:11:00 Pavel: hahaha cool
16:11:20 Pavel: So how about basics of pick holding?? :-D
16:11:36 Kristofer Dahl: Ok we got one moreQ welcome matt!
16:11:36 Pavel: Here is our sweep-master Matt
16:11:37 mattacuk: there is alot of slapping going on here !!!
16:11:43 mattacuk: hey dudes !
16:11:47 Kristofer Dahl: and meowing
16:11:49 Pavel: hey m8!
16:11:55 mattacuk: sweepmaster matt haha
16:11:57 Pavel: *slap*
16:11:57 mattacuk: soon
16:12:04 Kristofer Dahl: *slap*
16:12:13 Pavel: ouch
16:12:16 mattacuk: kris, how about some qoutes for sounds?
16:12:21 Kristofer Dahl: instructors are allowed to do that many time as they want *slap*
16:12:26 mattacuk: i was thinking of "I love the flesh"
16:12:32 mattacuk: lol lol
16:12:43 Kristofer Dahl: Ah yes - but we dont have a sound for that yet...
16:12:44 Pavel: *slap* *meow*
16:12:57 Pavel: slapping the cat hahaha
16:13:00 Kristofer Dahl: Yes that's a little flechy pave!
16:13:01 mattacuk: hahahaha
16:13:12 Kristofer Dahl: thats a cool name for a tune
16:13:12 Pavel: lol lol
16:13:19 Kristofer Dahl: "slapping the cat"
16:13:29 Pavel: "Slapping The Cat" became an MTV number 1 hit of all times!!
16:13:46 Kristofer Dahl: That might cause some animal acticivist to intervent
16:13:53 Pavel: yeah hahaha
16:14:13 Kristofer Dahl: Ok matt - we're in a 2-1 situation...
16:14:20 Pavel: i'll do a song with that name as soon as i get a 7-string so i can get slapping down lol
16:14:22 mattacuk: ok !
16:14:30 Kristofer Dahl: I hope you don't feel intimidated
16:14:35 Pavel: WARNING: That name is Copyrighted!!!
16:14:35 mattacuk: its ok kris!!
16:14:43 Pavel: lol lol lol
16:14:49 mattacuk: 8)
16:15:02 Kristofer Dahl: So matt what have you been practcing lately?
16:15:07 Pavel: sweeping
16:15:15 mattacuk: all sorts Kris, i have been working hard!
16:15:16 Kristofer Dahl: Hey I asked matt
16:15:18 Pavel: i know his practicing schedule - we talk on MSN a lot
16:15:24 Kristofer Dahl: aha ok!
16:15:45 mattacuk: Sweeping, from pavels lessons, gabis neoclassical picking etude, pavels alt picking lessons 1&2
16:15:48 Pavel: he practice 2 hours sweeps and 1 hour picking
16:16:02 Pavel: is that right Matt?
16:16:08 mattacuk: yes exatcly !
16:16:11 Pavel: i told ya i know his schedule
16:16:13 Kristofer Dahl: Sounds awesome - been noticing any progress?
16:16:25 Kristofer Dahl:
16:16:29 mattacuk: Kris ALOT, you know, im so pleased to took your advice from the start
16:16:39 Kristofer Dahl: Which of them?
16:16:58 mattacuk: which of your lessons?
16:17:05 Pavel: which of the adveces?
16:17:09 Pavel: advices*
16:17:12 mattacuk: ahh i see
16:17:39 mattacuk: well i started with all the 101 lessons when i joined, in particular i took your advice on the metronome and timeing, and alternate picking and control
16:18:00 Kristofer Dahl: Cool - that's awesome to hear!
16:18:02 mattacuk: i listened to everything you had to say, and i belive i took it on board
16:18:13 mattacuk: so i am a metronome addict now !!!
16:18:18 Kristofer Dahl: hehe
16:18:33 mattacuk: i notice alot of people just want to question instrictors advice,
16:18:46 mattacuk: why both, they play great, just take it all in !
16:18:50 mattacuk: bother*
16:18:51 Kristofer Dahl: You (and Pavel) are also very active on the forum help people out -that's great
16:19:03 mattacuk:
16:19:21 mattacuk: i am lucky i started my journey with you guys, i dread to think where i would be now
16:19:30 Kristofer Dahl:
16:19:48 Kristofer Dahl: By the way Pavel's got a new lesson coming up - did you know that?
16:19:53 mattacuk: and kris, you are a funny guy haha!! thats very important too gmc success
16:20:16 mattacuk: i did yes, he keeps me updated, i can never keep up!!
16:20:31 Pavel: btw. that second lesson i'll upload tomorrow is kind of Luca Turilli style solo
16:20:34 Kristofer Dahl: It's a cool one!
16:20:37 mattacuk: here comes trouble!
16:20:38 Andrew Cockburn: Hi guys
16:20:41 Kristofer Dahl: Welcome ANdrew!
16:20:46 mattacuk: welcome andrew!!
16:20:47 Pavel: Hey Andrew!!
16:20:51 Andrew Cockburn: Hi Kris, Pavel (I'm ignoring Matt)
16:20:56 Pavel: hahahaha
16:20:59 Pavel: why is that?
16:21:05 Kristofer Dahl: Speaking of the humour - yes I believe that's very important in order for the learning to be fun
16:21:08 Andrew Cockburn: He just said I was trouble
16:21:14 mattacuk: Kris, i was meaning to ask, is there any chance of GP tabs for some of your older lessons?
16:21:29 Pavel: oh ok - didn't connected you with the trouble...i guess i should also be careful from now on
16:21:32 Kristofer Dahl: We have got one from Andrew!!
16:21:42 Andrew Cockburn: Yep - I did one for Curious Coincidence
16:21:48 mattacuk: im a big collection of sins fans,
16:21:57 Kristofer Dahl: Well - I don't know if I will be tabbing those for a while---
16:21:57 Andrew Cockburn: We all are
16:22:08 Kristofer Dahl: aha I am glad you like that one
16:22:10 mattacuk: maybe if someone could jus do that song ?
16:22:12 Kristofer Dahl:
16:22:25 mattacuk: its really kick ass, i keep watching on freelicks
16:22:34 Andrew Cockburn: Why don;t you try Matt - seriously, tabbing a song is a great way of getting inside it
16:22:42 Pavel: So Andrew - did you try the bass warm-up?
16:22:49 Andrew Cockburn: I'd be happy to help you out with any hrard bits
16:22:52 mattacuk: but andrew, im too busy practcing haha!!
16:22:54 mattacuk:
16:22:56 Andrew Cockburn: Yes - it rocks
16:23:01 Pavel: i told ya!
16:23:13 Andrew Cockburn: I was playing really quicxk in a few minutes
16:23:16 Kristofer Dahl: Andrew is right - it's actually a great way of practicing
16:23:28 Kristofer Dahl: ...your sence of rhythm and everything
16:23:30 Pavel: i should get myself a bass for warm-ups hehe
16:23:35 Andrew Cockburn: And it would cement your new understanding of timing and music notation
16:23:42 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah, they are cool Pavel
16:23:52 Andrew Cockburn: I think its because you need to make big string movements
16:23:54 Kristofer Dahl: Yes
16:24:21 Kristofer Dahl: I just realised that saying only "yes" in this kind of chat isnt very smart!
16:24:26 mattacuk: i have no fingertrips left 8)
16:24:26 Andrew Cockburn: LOL
16:24:48 Andrew Cockburn: if you click on someones name it outs the text there for you so they know who you are talking to
16:24:55 Andrew Cockburn: Kristofer Dahl like this
16:24:59 Kristofer Dahl: Play with your toes...!
16:25:04 Andrew Cockburn: Actually that looks dump
16:25:11 mattacuk: "i love the flesh"
16:25:31 Kristofer Dahl: hehe
16:25:35 mattacuk: i am MAD
16:25:40 Pavel: ok chatting like this really gets confusing
16:25:54 Kristofer Dahl: why?
16:26:29 mattacuk: I am really keen to start tapping soon!
16:26:38 Andrew Cockburn: Is that why you re MAD?
16:26:42 mattacuk: i never seem to have enough time to do everything
16:26:48 Pavel: well i see 5 questions and then 10 answers and you jsut can't connect the Answer with the question
16:26:54 mattacuk: yes andrewhaha
16:27:03 Kristofer Dahl: hehe brain practice!
16:27:04 Andrew Cockburn: LOL
16:27:16 Pavel: i rather do finger practice
16:27:18 Kristofer Dahl: By the way I just added two new sub boards
16:27:25 Andrew Cockburn: Yes I saw - cool
16:27:36 Kristofer Dahl: Pavel: Why it's great to have a strong brain?
16:27:52 Andrew Cockburn: I think the Uncreator will have a lot of fun with the album review board
16:27:55 Kristofer Dahl: Andrew Cockburn itll be interesting to see if we can get some wuality stuff there
16:28:00 Kristofer Dahl: yes
16:28:16 mattacuk: i would love to do some paul gilbert and buckethead album reveiws
16:28:26 Kristofer Dahl: Also - it is possible that the description of the board might scare some posters away
16:28:27 Andrew Cockburn: and so you should
16:28:31 mattacuk:
16:28:37 mattacuk: i am such a buckethead fan
16:29:01 Pavel: Kristofer Dahl : yeah i have nothing against strong brain but each one of us here has his own story he's trying to tell and NOBODY is listening hahahaha
16:29:29 Kristofer Dahl: But I figured it is better to have fewer quality posts than lots of poor quality
16:29:35 Andrew Cockburn: I'm listening to everyone
16:29:38 Andrew Cockburn: Really!
16:29:42 Kristofer Dahl: Pavel yes I see - reminds me of now!
16:30:11 Andrew Cockburn: Kristofer Dahl - yes, high quality is the GMC way
16:30:56 Kristofer Dahl: And I believe gmc students have lots to give review-wise, so again - it will be great to see what happens
16:31:41 Andrew Cockburn: My prediction: Uncreator highets poster in ALbum reviews, MikeM highest poster in gear reviews
16:31:49 Kristofer Dahl:
16:31:59 Kristofer Dahl: I was thinking...
16:32:18 Kristofer Dahl: Perhaps we should set up some kind of standard - like there is in the aspiring board
16:32:33 Pavel: yeah that's a good idea
16:32:38 Andrew Cockburn: Agree
16:32:39 Kristofer Dahl: The only problem is that I am kind of poor at reviews
16:32:42 Pavel: so every review looks similar
16:32:56 mattacuk: i need to do some guitar revewis for my guitar auction site
16:33:02 Kristofer Dahl: so I guess we will wait until we get some good ones which we can use as examples..?
16:33:05 mattacuk: but i am rubbish and reveiwing also
16:33:15 Andrew Cockburn: And isn;t full of stuff like MG ... this album like sucks ... IDK ... you might like it
16:33:20 Kristofer Dahl: cool you have a guitar auction site?
16:33:36 Kristofer Dahl: Andrew Cockburn ahh yes I have a hard time with that kinf of language
16:33:40 mattacuk: kris, its just an ebay Affiliate store,but i have been working hard on it
16:33:52 Kristofer Dahl: cool which one is it?
16:33:58 Andrew Cockburn: I noticed that on the old forum at freelicks there was one board that forbade it
16:34:01 mattacuk: i will show you,
16:34:18 Kristofer Dahl: cool ill check it out one were done here
16:34:40 Kristofer Dahl: The internet is so full of OMG forums
16:34:41 mattacuk: im a bit of a photoshop nut !
16:34:46 Andrew Cockburn: I think a few guidleines at least like, 1. Include a picture 2. Good English. 3. GIve a list of similar products
16:34:51 Pavel: yeah that's a cool header there
16:34:57 Kristofer Dahl: Id go crazy if ours turned out into one of those
16:35:05 mattacuk: i cannot belive the attitude of youtubers,
16:35:10 Andrew Cockburn: Yep - would drive me MAD
16:35:16 Andrew Cockburn: (Just like Matt is)
16:35:23 mattacuk: slagging each other off, slagging artists off, its not good !
16:35:26 Kristofer Dahl: yes carzy in a bad way that is
16:35:38 mattacuk: im going slap andrew now
16:35:40 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah, theres this one guy, called GuitarTube - he is stupid
16:35:40 Kristofer Dahl: Yes youtube is harsh
16:35:55 Kristofer Dahl: But at least it's not a forum
16:36:01 mattacuk: true!
16:36:06 Kristofer Dahl: hehe yeah I know - HORRIBLE
16:36:09 Andrew Cockburn: LOL
16:36:27 Andrew Cockburn: I lauged myself silly when I saw those Kris - you are a funny guy
16:36:32 Kristofer Dahl: there are some forum which can't get rid of the flamers - so they have let them set the atmosphere
16:36:46 Kristofer Dahl: Yeah i would really like to do more Youtubers
16:36:56 Andrew Cockburn: I can never believe how flame free GMC is - its an absolut model of restraint
16:37:00 Kristofer Dahl: my last UG lesson was a little humorous
16:37:10 Andrew Cockburn: Which one was that? Did I miss one?
16:37:12 mattacuk: which one was that kris
16:37:24 Pavel: about YouTube: i had a video of Outworld's song RIDERS INTRO - some heavy sweeping - and it was pretty good - than some guy told me he can do it better and he psoted a video response - IT SUCKED! i mean - why the hell did you posted it if its rubbish??
16:37:29 Kristofer Dahl: Its on the main page now - hybrid picking
16:37:43 Pavel: that's why i removed all of my YouTube videos
16:37:49 mattacuk: pavel, your right, everyone seems to think they can do better , its sad
16:37:50 Kristofer Dahl: Pavel ye sthat is youtube in a nutshell
16:37:51 Pavel: except for one with my friend
16:37:59 mattacuk: and Kris, that lesson, that really made me bust a nut
16:38:11 Andrew Cockburn: I missed it downloading it now
16:38:12 mattacuk: i was in histerics!
16:38:19 Kristofer Dahl: fleshy, right?
16:38:38 mattacuk: Andrew, count how many times kris says "FLESH"
16:38:39 mattacuk: lol
16:38:53 Andrew Cockburn: olk
16:39:18 Kristofer Dahl: Ok so regarding these fixed chat sessions -
16:39:59 Kristofer Dahl: I definately think we have to present them in a more user-frindly format, with the timezones and everything
16:40:24 mattacuk: good plan
16:40:28 Kristofer Dahl: And maybe at a more visible spot -
16:40:49 Pavel: we can make it and than put it like ANNOUNCEMENT or something
16:41:03 Kristofer Dahl: yes exactly
16:41:48 Kristofer Dahl: Also I think they perhaps we'll just label them as general chat - not only for specific questions
16:42:06 Pavel: yes - good point
16:42:08 Kristofer Dahl: So that people dont feel they need to come up with a question
16:42:13 Andrew Cockburn: (sorry just had to recscue a chipmunk)
16:42:21 Andrew Cockburn: Yes I agree
16:43:14 Kristofer Dahl: Ok cool - so we can discuss this further. I am gonna go to bed ( no more chipmunks for me!)
16:43:27 Pavel: hehe ok man - have a nice sleep there
16:43:42 Andrew Cockburn: Cool , gnight ris
16:43:42 mattacuk: damned pc!
16:43:56 Kristofer Dahl: let hope someone drops by the remaining time - see you guys *slap*
16:44:05 Pavel: see ya!
16:44:11 mattacuk: cheers Kris!!
16:44:13 Andrew Cockburn: Bye
16:44:21 Pavel: Well as long as Andrew and Matt HTe SweepMaster are here it will be fun!!
16:44:22 Kristofer Dahl: Andrew: Enjoy the video
16:44:32 Andrew Cockburn: FLESH!!!
16:44:39 mattacuk: its a FLESHY kinda thing
16:44:41 Kristofer Dahl: Cheers guys!
16:44:44 mattacuk: cheers
16:45:04 mattacuk: i love krises face after he says i love the flesh, its sorta blank lol
16:45:09 Pavel: hahaha
16:45:12 Andrew Cockburn: lol
16:45:22 mattacuk: he just sits there looking at us
16:45:23 mattacuk: haha
16:45:53 Andrew Cockburn: Pavel, got any new lessons on the way?
16:45:57 Pavel: yes
16:46:06 Pavel: one is uploaded - will be live these days
16:46:12 Pavel: and another one will be uploaded tomorrow
16:46:19 mattacuk: Pavel is a lesson MACHINE
16:46:19 Andrew Cockburn: Cool
16:46:38 Pavel: btw. one of them has some serious tapping going on so i'm sure you're gonan like it
16:46:49 mattacuk: i can only put it down to the amount of fried chicken he eats....
16:46:53 Pavel: it's not very fast but it has 2 fingers tapping - i mean 2 fingers of your right hand
16:47:01 mattacuk: 8)
16:47:02 Andrew Cockburn: Excellent - I'm working on tapping at the moment, but not speed, CLEANNESS
16:47:11 Pavel: than you're gonna like it
16:47:16 Andrew Cockburn: Excellent!
16:47:29 mattacuk: sure, cleaness is best, speed comes soon after
16:47:36 Andrew Cockburn: I'm taking a lot of my playing back to basics and work on making it clean
16:47:50 Andrew Cockburn: SOme days I feel like I can't play anythign ...
16:48:20 Andrew Cockburn: But when you get it and it flows its an amazing feeling
16:48:42 mattacuk: andrew, i make a point of keeping alot of things slow on purpose, i can almost feel the speed trying to burst through!
16:49:00 Andrew Cockburn: LOL - I think you have the right approach
16:49:21 mattacuk: i know i could play it faster, but i think no, ill stay like this for a few more weeks!
16:50:17 Andrew Cockburn: I also think I'm getting old - I am having endurance probelms when I work the metronome speeds up - usually ok for regular playing, but too much fast intense mentronome and I end up with painful forearms
16:50:41 mattacuk: how do you sit when practicing?
16:50:54 Andrew Cockburn: Hah ! The way Pavel showed me
16:51:10 Andrew Cockburn: Modified by the size of my stomach ...
16:51:38 mattacuk: try that with a lespaul haha!! , i sit similair, but with my right leg crossed over the top of my left, and the guitar tilted up
16:51:57 mattacuk: i find it very comfortable
16:52:25 Andrew Cockburn: I sit in a chair with a strap on - but concentrate on keeping the guitar flat to my body
16:52:46 Andrew Cockburn: I had a habit of tilting it aoround until Pavel pointed it out
16:54:13 mattacuk: so andrew, im going to make it mission to learn all the notes onthe fretboard over the next month
16:54:34 mattacuk: any tips? it drives me nuts not to know where they all are
16:54:42 Andrew Cockburn: Good for you - let me know what they are when you have done it
16:54:52 mattacuk: haha, i guess alot of people dont know them
16:54:53 Andrew Cockburn: I DONT know where they are
16:55:08 Andrew Cockburn: I actually don;t believe in the need for it
16:55:20 Andrew Cockburn: But I wouldn;t stop anyone else doing it
16:55:31 Andrew Cockburn: I go by musical function, rather than note names
16:55:52 mattacuk: alot of people feel like that, but sometimes i want to know what notes im starting on or whatever
16:56:13 Pavel: you better learn the "relative" postiion of the notes
16:56:15 mattacuk: or maybe for making up my own chords
16:56:37 Pavel: like if you know the E note on the E string - than using octaves or 5ths you can easily find the position of the notes you want
16:56:56 Andrew Cockburn: Exactly
16:56:59 Pavel: or if you know E on the A string it's easy to fing E on B string and so on
16:57:01 mattacuk: ah yes, i can do that
16:57:13 Pavel: than you don't have any problem
16:57:32 mattacuk: cool !
16:57:56 mattacuk: hey pavel....
16:58:07 Andrew Cockburn: Knowing where every F# on the neck is isn;t helpful ... but knowing where the 5th or octave is relative tho the ky or scale you are using is usually what you need
16:58:09 Pavel: yes?
16:58:14 mattacuk: I am herman ree, and i use sound enchanment pedal !
16:58:21 mattacuk: 8) lol
16:58:25 Pavel: yeah hahahaha
16:59:04 mattacuk: hey andrew, what a good laugh?
16:59:14 mattacuk:
16:59:32 mattacuk: i love this video, i guess im just MAD as you know
16:59:53 Andrew Cockburn: ok, checking it out ...
17:00:13 mattacuk: you know, pavel cant actually play, he just uses a herman ree sound enchanment pedal
17:00:27 Pavel: i actually have 2 of them
17:00:43 GroovinMastiff: I knew it!
17:00:45 Andrew Cockburn: laughiung already !!
17:00:47 mattacuk: i only have 2 now myself !haha
17:01:09 mattacuk: "when i play something shit like this, hammer on pull off, now i use sound enchament pedal"lol
17:01:43 Andrew Cockburn: hilarious
17:01:50 mattacuk:
17:01:55 Andrew Cockburn: So that's pavels secret!
17:02:00 Pavel: yes
17:02:17 Pavel: and when i play clean alternate picking i use a special "Rusty Enhancer"
17:02:21 mattacuk: id love to do some voice overs
17:03:03 Andrew Cockburn: Wow, Rusty ENhancer - have to get one of those .... spekaing of Rusty ...
17:03:15 Andrew Cockburn: I just got "Rusty Cooley"
17:03:29 Pavel: and?
17:03:30 Andrew Cockburn: Had to order it as an import, it took about a month to arrive
17:03:39 Andrew Cockburn: Haven;t listened to it yet ...
17:03:42 Pavel: i listen to it every day - amazing stuff
17:03:55 Andrew Cockburn: I know he is your fave - that's why I bought it
17:04:07 Pavel: hehehe
17:04:31 GroovinMastiff: It's a great album...Got it of iTunes...Too impatient to wat for the physical cd
17:04:31 Andrew Cockburn: Just starting it now
17:04:51 Andrew Cockburn: Pavel - do you know why I had to import it - he's from Texas isn;lt he?
17:05:04 mattacuk: i have a very embaressing secret, i wont even tell you what ive been listening too recently!
17:05:11 Andrew Cockburn: No, don;t
17:05:18 Andrew Cockburn: Even though you secretly want to ....
17:05:24 Andrew Cockburn: U2 again?
17:05:37 mattacuk: lol, i have been listening tooo.....dragon force!
17:05:39 Pavel: yes he is
17:05:49 mattacuk: i love U2
17:06:03 Andrew Cockburn: Really? That's a surprise to me
17:06:12 Pavel: Hate U2 here!!!
17:06:21 GroovinMastiff: I hear a lot about dragonorce, but never heard their music...
17:06:26 mattacuk: you should see my U2 collection, it makes me look like a pshyco stalker!
17:06:34 mattacuk: :?
17:06:53 mattacuk: id love to meet mr the edge!
17:07:20 Andrew Cockburn: Heh, speaking of meeting people, I just went grocery shopping and saw Harry Conick Jr.
17:07:29 mattacuk: who is that ?
17:07:41 Andrew Cockburn: Famous US actor/singer
17:08:02 Andrew Cockburn: Not as famous as Richard Gere who I saw in the local Drug Store
17:08:10 mattacuk: now THAT is cool!!
17:08:15 mattacuk:
17:08:30 Andrew Cockburn: He's pretty sort ...
17:08:33 mattacuk: if you ever see Bono, let me know!!
17:08:33 Andrew Cockburn: short
17:08:45 mattacuk: all the "hollywood hunks" are short haha
17:08:46 Andrew Cockburn: I will, I think he hangs out on the West coast though
17:09:03 mattacuk: look at tom cruise!
17:09:13 Andrew Cockburn: Yep
17:09:19 Andrew Cockburn: Hey Pavel, this guy can play!
17:09:34 Andrew Cockburn: I'm still on track 1
17:09:44 Pavel: hahaha i know Andrew i know!
17:09:51 mattacuk: "yeah ive only been playing a couple years so all i know is a few power chords"
17:10:05 Andrew Cockburn: lol
17:10:21 mattacuk: "this is a major 7th, and this is b flat something, i dont really know any of the solos so i just pretend to be drunk all the time"
17:10:27 mattacuk: lol
17:10:31 GroovinMastiff: wow that's pretty good lol
17:10:36 Andrew Cockburn: He gets that down well ...
17:10:47 mattacuk: too damn funny
17:11:04 GroovinMastiff: who are you quoting?
17:11:22 mattacuk: the dragonforce voice over , did you not see the link?
17:11:43 GroovinMastiff: no, sounds funny
17:11:47 mattacuk:
17:11:54 mattacuk: there you go,
17:12:11 GroovinMastiff: thanks dude...watching it
17:12:17 mattacuk: np!
17:12:51 mattacuk: i really love dragonforce, i know there not super pros or anything but i like it anyway
17:13:03 Andrew Cockburn: They have a cool name at least ..
17:13:14 Andrew Cockburn: I never really listened to them
17:13:20 mattacuk: i listened to there latest album, and i thought it was really good
17:13:28 mattacuk: and im not easy impressed
17:13:57 GroovinMastiff: haha!!
17:14:07 Andrew Cockburn: SO far then, its U2, Paul Gilbert and Dragonforce??
17:14:16 mattacuk: and buckethead
17:14:22 Andrew Cockburn: Oops, of course!
17:14:22 GroovinMastiff: from what I gather, they're not well respected in the guitar world...
17:14:32 Andrew Cockburn: Now that's a guy I want to get some albums of
17:14:34 mattacuk: GroovinMastiff your right,
17:14:47 mattacuk: hey andrew, check this, its my all time faveiroute youtube video
17:14:55 Andrew Cockburn: ok
17:14:56 mattacuk: so i love it as much as me,
17:14:58 mattacuk:
17:15:10 Andrew Cockburn: But I;ll have to stop Rusty playing and Pavel might get mad ...
17:15:10 mattacuk: watch it through, notice how it progresses, i think its beautiful !
17:15:29 mattacuk: its worth it
17:15:47 Pavel: haha go ahead
17:15:49 mattacuk: after all you own the rusty album!
17:15:52 Andrew Cockburn: I saw this one already - loved it
17:15:54 Pavel: i am listening to Rhapsody right now...
17:16:17 Andrew Cockburn: Is that Rusty as well?
17:16:21 mattacuk: there is someting so beautiful in his playing
17:16:21 Pavel: no
17:16:34 Pavel: Andrew? who are you asking?
17:16:43 Andrew Cockburn: You - Rhapsody is by?
17:16:44 mattacuk: you!
17:16:51 Pavel: Luca Turilli
17:17:27 Andrew Cockburn: Cool - you like him I presume?
17:17:32 Pavel: yeah
17:17:43 Pavel: my other new lesson is in his style
17:17:54 Pavel: alternate picking with some little sweeps
17:18:00 GroovinMastiff: Population Override is my favorite Buckethead album...I think it's a good one to start with
17:18:11 mattacuk: GroovinMastiff good choice, i love them all
17:18:24 mattacuk: have you listened to Eletric Tears?
17:18:31 mattacuk: very haunting
17:18:36 Andrew Cockburn: Wow buckethead can shred a bit
17:18:43 GroovinMastiff: yes, beautiful album...
17:18:45 mattacuk: Andrew Cockburn how cool !
17:18:54 mattacuk: i want a white les paul just like it
17:19:06 Andrew Cockburn: He plays fast on that LP...
17:19:12 Andrew Cockburn: Is his studio work good?
17:19:17 mattacuk: Andrew Cockburn very Paul Gilbert
17:19:31 Andrew Cockburn: PG was is teacher, right?
17:19:39 mattacuk: yes, amaizing, i wish you could hear his eletric tears album, unbelivable
17:19:45 mattacuk: Andrew Cockburn yes , yes he was !
17:20:07 Andrew Cockburn: eletric tears ... adding to my wish list along with Population Override
17:20:09 Andrew Cockburn: thanks guys
17:20:14 GroovinMastiff: I'm sure Gibson custom shop can make you one for about 10 grand
17:20:17 mattacuk: anytime
17:20:25 mattacuk: GroovinMastiff i had better get saving !
17:20:39 GroovinMastiff:
17:20:41 mattacuk: there is something about the paul that is so, me.
17:21:01 Andrew Cockburn: You, Les Paul, U2, Paul Gilbert and Buckethead
17:21:05 Andrew Cockburn: All yo uneed
17:21:12 mattacuk: but it has to be black or white!
17:21:20 mattacuk: Andrew Cockburn
17:21:39 mattacuk: andrew, i have a Cort X-11 shred machine on its way
17:21:50 Andrew Cockburn: So I saw - when will you get it?
17:21:56 mattacuk: hopefully next week
17:22:11 Andrew Cockburn: Cool - post pictures!
17:22:12 mattacuk: i am saving for a Gibson though, so i will end up with three guitars
17:22:17 mattacuk: of course
17:22:21 Andrew Cockburn: What do you have now?\
17:22:44 mattacuk: i have a beautiful black les paul copy,
17:23:20 mattacuk: and i love it, i use 08 gauge super ultra light strings on it, beautiful tone and it feels a part of me
17:23:41 Andrew Cockburn: Cool - and you are going for a real LP? STandard? Studio?
17:23:57 mattacuk: a real les paul standard is the goal
17:24:08 Andrew Cockburn: Nice - 60s neck?
17:24:14 mattacuk: id LOVE a LP custom, but too expensive
17:24:22 mattacuk: yeah for sure!
17:24:46 mattacuk: dudes check this rocking bucketvid
17:25:07 Andrew Cockburn: had to stop rusty again, pavel wil be maaaaad
17:25:22 mattacuk: haha!
17:26:56 GroovinMastiff: that's a great song, I've seen that one a few times before, but it's sweet eeach time I hear it.
17:27:09 mattacuk: yeah nottignham lace rocks
17:29:23 GroovinMastiff: people say he's crazy and stuff...I think it's nonsense, I don't think you can be mentally unfit AND write such great songs AND play with such proficiency.
17:30:12 mattacuk: GroovinMastiff agreed, hes obviously very intelligent, its said he consults the theasurus of scales lol
17:30:15 Andrew Cockburn: he is really out there - will definately get those albums
17:30:29 GroovinMastiff:
17:30:42 Pavel: you know i've been thinking...
17:30:50 GroovinMastiff: what's that?
17:31:04 mattacuk: Pavel thinking is dangerous
17:31:08 Pavel: let's take Buckethead for example - as soon as i saw that guy - i didn't like him
17:31:10 Pavel: i still don't
17:31:18 mattacuk: i know you dont
17:31:25 GroovinMastiff: everyone is entitled to their opinion
17:31:47 Pavel: this is not even an opinion - i see him wearing that stupid mask and it makes me sick...
17:32:01 Pavel: i guess it's same like finding a girl you like
17:32:11 Pavel: you see her and you know do you like her or not
17:32:12 Andrew Cockburn: Do you dislike his music or his persona?
17:32:23 GroovinMastiff: I don't follow...8)
17:32:26 Andrew Cockburn: If you heard him playing, didnt know it was him, would you like it?
17:32:40 Pavel: Andrew - i first saw him - than heard his playing
17:32:46 Pavel: in this case there is no IF
17:32:49 Andrew Cockburn: LOL
17:32:53 mattacuk: i relate to the persona, i think i am very nutty myself
17:33:39 mattacuk: i think i am attracted to such players because there fun
17:34:08 GroovinMastiff: Pavel needs some sort of gimmick I think, maybe in the next lesson, he can wear a mullet wig and a clown nose or
17:34:22 mattacuk: lol
17:34:34 GroovinMastiff:
17:34:48 mattacuk: i would consider doing a buckethead cover, live, seriously !
17:34:53 Pavel: hahahaha
17:35:05 mattacuk: i am just mad enough to walk out on stage with a kfc bucket on my head
17:35:09 Pavel: yeah i will put a smashed pumpkin on my head hahaha
17:35:14 mattacuk: hahahaha
17:35:22 GroovinMastiff: haha
17:35:29 Andrew Cockburn: That's an interesting point though - what sort of stage persona will you adoopt when you get out there?
17:35:38 GroovinMastiff: do it man... lol
17:35:55 Pavel: Rusty's
17:35:59 Andrew Cockburn: Lol
17:36:03 Pavel: hehe
17:36:07 Pavel: did you doubt?? hahahahaha
17:36:13 Andrew Cockburn: Nope ... Dark Matter - what an amazing track ...
17:36:16 mattacuk: Andrew Cockburn very interesting question, i want woo the babes
17:36:26 mattacuk: lol
17:36:29 Pavel: all tracks are amazing
17:36:46 Andrew Cockburn: I see the Neo-Classical vibe
17:37:03 Pavel: i especially like HilBilly Militia
17:37:11 Pavel: i even have my own piece of song very similar to that track
17:37:17 Andrew Cockburn: I'll get there in 3 tracks time
17:37:34 Andrew Cockburn: Cool - can;t wait until you get all this stuff out there ....
17:37:52 GroovinMastiff: pure confidence and belief in your music seems like what draws audience members in to your music.
17:37:55 Andrew Cockburn: mattacuk - stay away from Women they are trouble
17:37:58 Pavel: it will take years for me but i am patient enough
17:38:17 mattacuk: Andrew Cockburn they are, they always cause trouble
17:38:24 Andrew Cockburn: Pavel - it just means your first album will be frickin awesome
17:38:38 Andrew Cockburn: WIth years of your best stuff to draw on
17:38:44 Pavel: I hope so - and i know it will have many different styles in it
17:39:14 GroovinMastiff: guys like Vai and Satch etc. are so at ease up on stage, and I think the audience can feel that...
17:39:23 Pavel: sure do
17:39:29 mattacuk: Vai has a great vibe
17:39:40 mattacuk: he makes womens nickers drop at 100 paces
17:39:45 mattacuk: lol
17:39:46 Pavel: yeah hahahahaha
17:39:48 Andrew Cockburn: lol
17:39:58 Andrew Cockburn: Wish I knew that trick ...
17:40:02 mattacuk: hahaha!
17:40:04 Andrew Cockburn: Need to practice more
17:40:29 Pavel: He is not afraid of making strange faces and walking like a woman on stage
17:40:35 Pavel: that's what makes him so relaxed
17:40:45 Andrew Cockburn: Cos he's secure within himself
17:40:51 GroovinMastiff: Eric Johnson takes quite the time between albums, and they always turn out amazing! Taking your time usually results in a great album
17:40:53 Andrew Cockburn: and confident and relaxed
17:41:18 mattacuk: being a great guitarist is half skill and half charisma in my opinion
17:42:12 GroovinMastiff: for sure, it's hard to get in to someone if they're stiff as a wall while shredding.
17:42:37 mattacuk: yeah totally, vai , gilbert etc just look like there haveing fun
17:42:45 Pavel: Yeah that's what i loev with Rusty and Turilli
17:42:49 Pavel: they are SOO RELAXED on stage
17:42:58 Andrew Cockburn: Gotta run guys - going to see a play tonight
17:43:02 mattacuk: Relazed is goood!
17:43:05 Pavel: ok - see ya later
17:43:08 mattacuk: cheers man
17:43:10 Andrew Cockburn: bye everyone
17:43:11 GroovinMastiff: latter dude!
17:44:27 mattacuk: ok guys im off too bed its late
17:44:32 mattacuk: awsome chat !!
17:44:43 GroovinMastiff: later man, good night...
17:44:56 mattacuk: good night !, night Pavel shredmaster too!
17:46:09 GroovinMastiff: how did your exam go?
17:47:30 Pavel: i passed!!!
17:47:32 Pavel: thank God
17:48:06 GroovinMastiff: great! I was about to leave...I thought everyone left
17:48:16 Pavel: ho i am here
17:48:20 Pavel: was checking out the forum
17:49:04 GroovinMastiff: ahhh...have to answer the students' questions...
17:51:32 GroovinMastiff: when is your seven string coming?
17:51:48 Pavel: i am hoping to order it in July
17:52:26 GroovinMastiff: cool...I think everyone would love to see a lesson on seven-string sweeps
17:53:03 Pavel: hahaha
17:53:12 Pavel: i wonder how many GMC-ers have 7-strings..
17:53:53 GroovinMastiff: They are picking in popularity for sure, and many of them are reasonably priced these days
17:54:36 GroovinMastiff: Now Ibanez has that 8-stringer out...
17:55:39 Pavel: yes i thought about that 8-stringer
17:55:46 Pavel: but it has Edge3 bridge
17:56:00 Pavel: and i really want a guitar with a big cutaway for better 24 fret access
17:56:03 GroovinMastiff: a high string would be nice instead of a low F# I think
17:56:19 GroovinMastiff: yeah, can't get enough cutawawy
17:56:30 GroovinMastiff: cutaway...
17:56:50 Pavel: that's why i want that Bo-El - big cutaway
17:57:44 GroovinMastiff: even on Ibanezes, it's a little tricky to get the last 4 or so frets
17:58:36 Pavel: yeah - i have that problem on JEM - especially if i want stretches on let's say G string 24 fret
18:00:37 GroovinMastiff: definitely...check this out man...
18:00:47 GroovinMastiff: 3 octave neck!
18:01:27 Pavel: yeah Conklins are crazy
18:01:59 Pavel: 3-octaves 8 string
18:02:02 Pavel: what the hell for???
18:02:04 GroovinMastiff: If I ever have tons of cash to blow, they're the first ones i'm calling
18:02:05 Pavel: lol lol
18:02:19 GroovinMastiff: for aliens!
18:02:28 Pavel: yeah lol
18:03:16 GroovinMastiff: People are always trying to push what a guitar actually is...
18:04:18 GroovinMastiff: and it's cool, maybe in the the year 2100, 8 string will be the norm
18:04:43 Pavel: yeah - and we'll have a guitar with 12 strings and 2 Floyd Rose Bridges hahaha
18:05:42 GroovinMastiff: haha...and the innovative virtuosos will play 48 fret, 16 string, guitar-bass-harp
18:06:08 Pavel: hehehehe
18:08:10 GroovinMastiff: are you going to go see Vai, or anyone like that this summer?
18:08:48 Pavel: no
18:08:53 Pavel: i saw Vai and Satch already
18:09:03 Pavel: and i saw Dream Theater the day before yesterday so i guess that's it
18:09:34 GroovinMastiff: sweet, I'm going to go see Vai for the first time live in September...
18:09:45 Pavel: cool
18:10:10 Pavel: The only 2 players i want to see live are Luca Turilli and Rusty
18:10:25 Pavel: and that is not gonna happen soon so i guess i'll hato watch then on DVDs
18:10:33 Pavel: have*
18:11:01 GroovinMastiff: maybe when they become bigger names, they'll cover more of the world...
18:11:44 Pavel: Rhapsody already toured Canada but they didn't tour the whole Europe
18:11:46 Pavel: that's strange
18:11:58 Pavel: they only play Germany and Italy
18:12:23 GroovinMastiff: I guess it's the concert promoters decision
18:12:47 Pavel: yes i think so
18:14:09 GroovinMastiff: doesn't Rusty give lessons? Or was that before he started coming up?
18:14:22 JOhn: hello
18:14:26 GroovinMastiff: hey man!
18:14:43 JOhn: awsome i thought you woudnt be here
18:14:47 JOhn: pavel
18:15:02 JOhn: i came late
18:15:31 JOhn: can i ask a question?
18:16:10 Pavel: hey John
18:16:22 Pavel: sorry guys i just switched to another window and floated away
18:16:35 Pavel: GroovinMastiff yeah Rusty teahces in texas
18:16:47 Pavel: JOhn go ahead m8
18:16:54 JOhn: with sweep picking how do i know im mute the right strings with my right hand?
18:17:14 Pavel: you mute strings you don't play
18:17:25 Pavel: so if you are playing B string you have to mute G, D, A and E
18:17:31 JOhn: yeh
18:17:46 JOhn: but i try but im not sure if im mute them right
18:18:43 Pavel: well if you follow the rules i described in my Sweeping Basics you should do everything fine
18:19:03 JOhn: so i just leave my hand on the bridge?
18:19:07 Pavel: yes
18:19:12 JOhn: really?
18:19:26 JOhn: so it dosnt move or anything?
18:19:35 Pavel: it moves up and down
18:19:57 JOhn: oh
18:19:58 Pavel: you have to move right hand in order to mute let's say B string
18:20:09 JOhn: ok
18:20:16 Pavel: and when you are on B string you'll haev to move it up to mute D string once you play it
18:20:43 JOhn: so if i play A string then play D i mute A after playing?
18:21:07 Pavel: yes
18:21:39 JOhn: my right hand comes down to mute the A right?
18:22:03 Pavel: yes - actually it's already on A string - right hand is usualy in position of A string and partially D string
18:22:19 Pavel: but you haev to control the palm not to mute it while playing
18:22:23 Pavel: and after you play it - mute it
18:22:39 JOhn: so when you play the the A your already muting it it bit
18:22:54 Pavel: no - that's why i said you have to control your palm
18:23:15 JOhn: i think i get it
18:23:35 JOhn: wait
18:24:32 JOhn: i breack fast
18:24:49 JOhn: ill be back fast
18:25:13 Pavel: ok
18:26:41 GroovinMastiff: Out of curiosity, how did you learn to play so well? Did you have formal instruction, or was it just hard work with trail and error?
18:27:26 Pavel: i learned to play electric guitar on my own i was only using Michael Angelo's Speed Kills instructional
18:27:35 Pavel: but than again - i only took 3 excercises out of it
18:27:50 Pavel: the rest was my own imagination - i am always creating my own excercises
18:29:27 GroovinMastiff: great! that's the answer I wanted to hear because I have had no formal guitar lessons either, now I know for sure that I can get better on my own with hard work
18:30:05 Pavel: i have always been watching other shred monsters playing and i was trying to do similar stuff
18:30:32 Pavel: i was copying their technique, pick holding, tapping, sweeping - eventually you come to the correct technique
18:30:44 Pavel: you jsut feel it's the right way
18:31:08 JOhn: im back
18:31:17 Pavel: ok
18:31:33 JOhn: i have a guitar teacher
18:31:40 GroovinMastiff: Oh my God! I was about to type the same thing! Like when learning sweep picking, you eventually feel the correct way
18:31:53 JOhn: what?
18:32:36 GroovinMastiff: sorry...go ahead...
18:32:42 Pavel: you know playing is not like learning mathematics...
18:32:47 Pavel: you have to feel the instrument
18:32:57 JOhn: just a quick question where does every one come from?
18:33:06 Pavel: Croatia
18:33:12 GroovinMastiff: Canada
18:33:19 GroovinMastiff: and you?
18:33:26 JOhn: australia
18:33:36 JOhn: 8:33 im the morning
18:33:48 Pavel: midnight : 33 here
18:34:02 GroovinMastiff: 19:33 over here...
18:34:29 JOhn: how do you hold your pick pavel when sweeping?
18:34:38 Pavel: just like i am picking
18:34:46 JOhn: whats that lol
18:35:07 Pavel: ??
18:35:19 Pavel: i don't change the way i hold the pick
18:35:23 JOhn: how do you normaly hold a pick?
18:35:48 Pavel: so i pick always the same - check the Alternate Picking 1 lesson - there i show how i hold the pick
18:36:01 JOhn: im gona ga check it now
18:36:14 Pavel: there is no way i can describe in text
18:36:53 JOhn: im just wondering how old are you
18:36:59 Pavel: 19
18:37:11 GroovinMastiff: Guitar is a very personnal instrument, what works for person a might not work for peron b... oh, I'm 22
18:37:40 JOhn: ha ha what was that?
18:38:06 Pavel: what do you mean John?
18:38:45 JOhn: you where like guitar is a ver personal instrument then you said oh im 22
18:39:08 Pavel: it was Mastiff...
18:39:25 JOhn: mastiff?
18:39:32 GroovinMastiff: sorry I was putting too many things in the same sentence. They were two seperate thoughts
18:39:54 JOhn: oh
18:40:01 JOhn: it was you
18:40:09 JOhn: lol
18:40:44 GroovinMastiff: I'll try to be less confusing from now on lol
18:40:50 Pavel: hehe
18:41:37 JOhn: im watching lesson 1
18:42:21 Pavel: my Alternate pickign lessons are in "Excercises" section
18:43:20 Pavel: yeah well i see oyu are in there...
18:43:37 JOhn: yeh
18:43:45 JOhn: does it say how to hold the pick?
18:44:01 Pavel: video number one
18:44:17 Pavel: at the end i show a coupšle of ways to pick so i hope that will be enough to see how i pick
18:44:52 JOhn: ok
18:45:18 JOhn: with the resting the hand on the bridge it just behind it so you dont mute right?
18:45:35 Pavel: yes
18:45:47 Pavel: it's not touching the strings - i mean NOT muting
18:46:09 JOhn: so it flouting
18:46:40 Pavel: no - it's is sitting on the bridge - just at the place where strings go into the tremolo
18:46:50 JOhn: ok
18:47:09 JOhn: becuse i rest my hand on the strings im not using but i think your way is better
18:47:44 Pavel: hey i just got an idea for a new song - have to tab it right away
18:48:29 GroovinMastiff: alright man...Can't wait to hear it...
18:48:45 JOhn: just then?
18:49:43 GroovinMastiff: I gotta run anyway, it's been nice chatting with you guys, I'll see you all later hopefully
18:50:13 JOhn: cya
18:50:41 JOhn: i cant find the place where you show where to hold the pick
18:52:46 Pavel: just watch video number 1 to the end - i use the same little excercise in the whole video and somewhere after the middle, it's closer to the end of the video i go through picking styles
18:54:33 Pavel: hey John i gotta go man i ma falling asleep
18:54:37 JOhn: ok
18:54:39 JOhn: cya
18:54:48 Pavel: good night !!!
18:54:50 JOhn: night

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