Andrew's Theory Chat: music theory etc. 2007-06-10
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Jun 14 2007, 04:10 PM
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11:03:11 Andrew Cockburn: Hello
11:05:21 Iluha: if someone gets in makes a soung like *meow*
11:05:38 Iluha: make* sound*
11:15:06 Andrew Cockburn: hi
11:15:16 Andrew Cockburn: i was in my own theory chat room
11:15:24 Iluha: yo
11:15:44 Andrew Cockburn: hows it hangin
11:15:57 Iluha: someone ever told you that you look a bit like the guitarists from Tenacious D?
11:16:04 Andrew Cockburn: never
11:16:07 Iluha: guitarist*
11:16:36 Iluha: in that picture in your avatar you do, atleast in my opinion .. im all fine, a bit sick, how bout you?
11:16:52 Andrew Cockburn: cool, just hangin out
11:17:18 Iluha: what the?
11:17:29 Iluha: steve vai's new album coming out in two weeks, yay
11:17:49 Iluha: and it's a double album
11:18:12 Andrew Cockburn: cool - i just got alien
11:18:18 Andrew Cockburn: my first vai album
11:19:29 Andrew Cockburn: I was just watching a vid on youtube
11:19:30 Iluha: i never actually bought an album, any album because iv'e been preety much economicly reliant on my parent till now
11:19:38 Andrew Cockburn: about his bulgarian influenced piece
11:19:47 Andrew Cockburn: I have thousands
11:19:53 Andrew Cockburn: been buying them for 25 years
11:20:04 Iluha: freak show excess i was the one who mentioned it on the thread
11:20:08 Andrew Cockburn: yes
11:20:13 Andrew Cockburn: thatwas it - awesome
11:20:35 Iluha: well, once ill get out of the army(in about 2 years) and start making money im planning on getting atleast 1 album a month
11:20:44 Andrew Cockburn: Good start
11:20:57 Andrew Cockburn: You'll build up a collection pretty quickly
11:21:06 Iluha: i might pre order he's new album now though
11:21:08 Andrew Cockburn: Go for quality not quantity
11:21:19 Andrew Cockburn: I want a Jem like his
11:21:27 Andrew Cockburn: Pavel has convinced me
11:21:33 Iluha: heheh..
11:21:50 Iluha: this guy that workes in a guitar shop in my town has a jem
11:21:58 Iluha: it's all beat up i feel sorry for it
11:22:13 Andrew Cockburn: how could you mistreat a guitar like that ??
11:22:58 Iluha: I'm the wrong person to ask I also mistreat my guitar.
11:23:06 Iluha: I got an RG prestige
11:23:16 Iluha: and I kinda negated the floyd rose heheh...
11:23:23 Andrew Cockburn: oops!
11:23:33 Andrew Cockburn: I want a guitar with a decent floating tremelo
11:23:41 Iluha: and I got it for 4 years now
11:23:45 Andrew Cockburn: COUld get an RG prestige, but would prefer a Jem
11:23:49 Iluha: I changed strings maybe 4 times
11:23:59 Andrew Cockburn: once a year?
11:24:05 Iluha: yeah something like that
11:24:47 Iluha: Well yeah I think a jem is better but not any jem
11:25:19 Andrew Cockburn: Jem 7v
11:25:24 Andrew Cockburn: in white
11:25:29 Iluha: I saw some jems that come with exactly the same pickups as my guitar, but my guitar costed about 250$ less
11:25:30 Andrew Cockburn: not the 555
11:25:53 Andrew Cockburn: The cheaper Jem is a waste - I'd rather have an RG prestige
11:25:59 Andrew Cockburn: the 7v is the real thing though
11:26:05 Iluha: yeah the jem 7v is awesome I think
11:26:29 Iluha: My dream guitar is a Paul Gilbert sig guitar
11:26:39 Iluha: but that's only because I dont get along with floyd rose
11:26:51 Andrew Cockburn: lol - I really want an FR
11:27:03 Iluha: what's an FR?
11:27:07 Andrew Cockburn: Floyd ROse
11:27:11 Iluha: oh
11:27:27 Iluha: most people seems to figure out how to get along with it
11:27:31 Iluha: I'm not one of them
11:28:00 Andrew Cockburn: I've restrung many guitars hundereds of times - with tremelos, without - never an FR but how hard can it be?
11:28:20 Andrew Cockburn: I think it is daunting to smeone that hasn't restrung a guitar before
11:28:24 Iluha: it involves alot of twiting and turning
11:28:32 Andrew Cockburn: yeah
11:28:34 Iluha: twisting*
11:28:44 Iluha: because you need to play with those springs
11:28:51 Andrew Cockburn: I'm up for it - they haven;t made a guitar I can;t restring yet - I satrted when I was 10
11:29:07 Iluha: I never restrung a guitar myself
11:29:24 Iluha: because I tried once restringing my Classical guitar
11:29:34 Iluha: and now I can't turn the tunning pegs :x
11:29:36 Andrew Cockburn: Electics are easy - nylon string is the hardest
11:30:01 Iluha: You have any idea what could be the problem with it?
11:30:21 Andrew Cockburn: if you can;t turn the tuning pegs - are they jammed somehow?
11:30:34 Iluha: I can turn them to loosen the strings
11:30:38 Andrew Cockburn: never had that problem
11:30:40 Iluha: but i can't turn them to tighten them
11:30:45 Andrew Cockburn: hmm
11:30:55 Andrew Cockburn: sounds like the tuners are worn
11:31:15 Andrew Cockburn: or do you have the strings waaaay too tight?
11:31:22 Iluha: I dont think so
11:31:36 Iluha: because the strings are still about 2 or maybe more steps below standard tuning
11:31:39 Andrew Cockburn: try a little light oil on the worm gears
11:31:52 Andrew Cockburn: sometimes they get driesd our
11:31:55 Andrew Cockburn: dried
11:32:37 Iluha: oh ok will try that ... I actually thought of that when it happend but I just forgot about the guitar heheh... thanks.
11:33:03 Andrew Cockburn: let me know how it works out!
11:33:57 Iluha: that frensesco ferari guy is of those reasons that shredding gets a bad name
11:34:13 Andrew Cockburn: Yes indeed - mindless speed with no musical content
11:34:48 Andrew Cockburn: I'd be happy to play at a 10th of that speed if I can get some good musical ideas across
11:35:10 Iluha: yeah..
11:35:35 Iluha: jessus sometimes I feel ignored on the forums, my topic got 30 views and not even one reply
11:35:50 Andrew Cockburn: Which topic was that?
11:35:59 Iluha: on Muse
11:36:00 Andrew Cockburn: Remember, those 30 could all be guests who can;t reply
11:36:42 Iluha: this one
11:36:56 Iluha: I really got into this band lately..
11:37:31 Andrew Cockburn: You only posted it a few hours ago - most people haven;t had a chance to login or even get up
11:37:44 Andrew Cockburn: I'm checking out the vid now ...
11:37:53 Suib: Hey
11:37:57 Iluha: hi
11:38:17 Andrew Cockburn: Hi Suib
11:39:27 Iluha: muse's guitarist\vocalist is a great example that you don't need amazing guitar skills to make good solo's here and there
11:39:35 Andrew Cockburn: very true
11:39:53 Andrew Cockburn: 5 well selected notes beat 100 played really fast with no thought
11:40:05 Iluha: yeah
11:40:16 Iluha: I send Pavel a PM, we'll see if he comes
11:40:28 Iluha: sent* jessus i make alot of typo's today
11:40:51 Andrew Cockburn: Some days I just can;t type
11:40:54 Suib: wht are u talking about?
11:40:56 Andrew Cockburn: see ^^
11:41:08 Andrew Cockburn: SHredders and Muse
11:41:16 Andrew Cockburn: ANy theory questions?
11:41:22 Suib: uh
11:41:33 Suib: not right now
11:41:37 Andrew Cockburn:
11:41:54 Suib: is this one of your scheduled chats?
11:42:10 Iluha: Im really tempted on clicking the Pre - Order Now button on steve vai's new double album
11:42:23 Andrew Cockburn: Do it !
11:42:25 Andrew Cockburn: Yes SUIB
11:43:01 Iluha: I'm scared man I'm only earing about 80$ a month in this army :[
11:43:02 Suib: he has a new one?
11:43:12 Iluha: yeah, coming out in two weeks
11:43:16 Suib: sweet
11:43:21 Suib: how much is it to preorder
11:43:27 Iluha: and it's a double so it's double sweet :}
11:43:31 Iluha: 25$
11:43:48 Andrew Cockburn: that's 1/3 of your monthly income ...
11:44:06 Iluha: yeah
11:44:38 Iluha: If I buy it then i'll have to miss out on 1 party or night at a pub next month
11:44:46 Iluha: but i think it's worth it! *click*
11:44:52 Suib: haha
11:45:01 Andrew Cockburn: lol
11:45:34 Iluha: oh wait what
11:45:41 Iluha: it's mostly hes previous songs
11:45:48 Iluha: but just recorded with orchestra
11:45:54 Suib: o
11:45:58 Suib: no new stuff?
11:45:58 Andrew Cockburn: hmm
11:46:11 Iluha: there's a bit of new stuff
11:46:27 Iluha: 6 new ones I think
11:46:32 Suib: nothing you cant get off itunes
11:46:40 Andrew Cockburn: that's almost an albums worth
11:47:06 Iluha: Yeah and I think that For The Love Of God sounds awesome with an orchestra
11:47:20 Andrew Cockburn: BTW, I enjoyed that Muse track
11:48:10 Iluha: it has a somewhat Innovating sound to it's solo, atleast in my opinion
11:48:46 Andrew Cockburn: Yes, I think it was some sort of synth effect
11:49:31 Iluha: no
11:49:58 Iluha: it's basicly slides and pull off hammer on
11:50:15 Iluha: someone released a perfect tab of it
11:50:44 Andrew Cockburn: cool
11:51:40 Andrew Cockburn: Ive been listeniong to Eric Johnson a lot lately - love his musical and melodic style, bordering on Jazz
11:52:07 Suib: alright i have a question
11:52:15 Iluha: yeah he's one of my favourites
11:52:20 Iluha: he's sound is perfect
11:52:27 Andrew Cockburn: amazing clean sound
11:52:32 Suib: me and a couple of guys are starting a rock/jazz band... do you have any recomended keys for jazz?
11:52:37 Andrew Cockburn: trying to get a patch like it on my Pod but it is hard
11:52:45 Suib: like scales
11:53:01 Andrew Cockburn: Jazz isn;t about scales - they use the same scales as anyone lese
11:53:09 Iluha: oh noo....... the cd will cost me 50$ because of shipping!
11:53:15 Andrew Cockburn: It about phrasing, melodic progressons and chord sequences
11:53:20 Iluha: *cancel*
11:53:23 Andrew Cockburn: $50 !!!!!
11:53:25 Andrew Cockburn: ouch
11:53:25 Suib: lol
11:53:29 Suib: tht sux
11:54:00 Iluha: the shipping costs more then the cd lol
11:54:04 Suib: yeah
11:54:15 Suib: where are you located that it would cost that much
11:54:44 Iluha: in israel
11:54:50 Suib: o
11:54:58 Suib: yeah tht would do it
11:55:02 Iluha: but it doesnt matter any international shipment from that site will cost that much
11:55:21 Suib: o
11:55:50 Iluha: o well I'll just buy it when it gets on other sites like amazon or something
11:56:14 Suib: yeah
11:56:19 Suib: ok im going go
11:56:24 Suib: *going to go
11:56:25 Andrew Cockburn: seeya
11:56:28 Iluha: bye
11:56:39 Andrew Cockburn: and then there were 2
11:57:57 Iluha: I got some suggestion for me maybe on what songs to learn? I need something intermidiate
11:58:08 Iluha: why did I type I
11:58:11 Iluha: i meant you
11:58:38 Andrew Cockburn: lol
11:58:42 Andrew Cockburn: um
11:59:04 Andrew Cockburn: Depends what you like
11:59:17 Iluha: I like preety much everything
11:59:18 Andrew Cockburn: I sy=tarted out on 1 bar blues and then played a lot of Pink Floyd
11:59:24 Andrew Cockburn: 12 bar blues
11:59:27 Iluha: I even like christina Auguilera *hides*
11:59:31 Andrew Cockburn: LOL
11:59:38 Andrew Cockburn: She has a great voice
11:59:45 Iluha: yeah that why I like her
12:00:07 Andrew Cockburn: I just picked up anything I liked the sound of - if I couldn;t play it I came back to it later
12:00:11 Iluha: recently Iv'e started to think that vocal virtousity is actually harder to achive than any instrumental virtuosity
12:00:39 Andrew Cockburn: Vocal virtuosity depends more on what you have to start with, but after that it is practice and technique
12:00:58 Andrew Cockburn: I tried to learn to sing - I could get some of the technique down but I just don;t have aa pleasant sounding voice
12:01:32 Iluha: I'm thinking of taking lessons once I get out of the army
12:01:41 Iluha: But that is along side my plans to learn:
12:01:47 Andrew Cockburn: Definately - you don;t know until you try
12:01:52 Iluha: to play on drums
12:01:56 Andrew Cockburn: lol
12:01:58 Iluha: slap and pop on bass
12:02:03 Iluha: the violin
12:02:04 Iluha: the sax
12:02:08 Iluha: I want alot :[
12:02:11 Andrew Cockburn: Ambitious!
12:02:25 Andrew Cockburn: but you have a long time ahead of you
12:02:29 Iluha: yeah..
12:02:34 Andrew Cockburn: Pace yourself, try something new every couple of years
12:02:36 Iluha: if Nuno could do it I can do it too!
12:02:58 Andrew Cockburn: Drop the things you aren't feeling and keep up with the ones you like
12:03:15 Andrew Cockburn: Violins the hardest
12:03:30 Iluha: realy? I was actually expecting it to be the easiest
12:03:38 Andrew Cockburn: You sound like crapfor 5 years, then one day you are a virtuoso -nothing in between
12:04:15 Iluha: I just seen so many 6 years olds beeing able to play it virtuosly
12:04:19 Andrew Cockburn: Because there are no frets, your pitching has to be absolute;ly exact
12:04:29 Andrew Cockburn: or you sound like an amateur
12:04:36 Andrew Cockburn: and that takes years to get right
12:05:01 Iluha: so maybe I'll leave it till last heheh..
12:05:17 Iluha: oh he got my message!
12:05:43 Andrew Cockburn: Hi Pavel!
12:05:55 Pavel: oh ok now it's ok
12:05:56 Pavel: hey guys!
12:06:08 Iluha: hi pavlo
12:06:16 Pavel: lol "Pavlo"
12:06:57 Andrew Cockburn: What are you up to today Pavel? Another 15 hour practice session ?
12:07:19 Iluha: Pavel, you got a song suggestion for me? I need like an intermidiate shred song
12:07:28 Pavel: already practiced today - jsut finished the new lesson and it's up - waiting for Kris to put it live
12:08:07 Pavel: Intermediate Shred?!?! it's shred or it's not you least how i look at it
12:08:29 Pavel: i don't know what's itermediate - everybody has his own "intermediate" level
12:08:42 Iluha: yeah but I mean song's like Tony Mcalpine's Tears Of Sahara
12:09:07 Pavel: really i don't know because i didn't play somebody's songs for 2 years now...
12:09:10 Andrew Cockburn: He - Pavel always calls himself intermediate - I wish I could be that intermediate!
12:09:48 Pavel: can't you jsut get another Tony's song?
12:10:16 Iluha: he's other songs are really packed with shred this one only has a couple of bits which aren't too complicated
12:11:25 Pavel: well i really don't know
12:11:46 Pavel: Satch is an intermediate shredder so i guess you can try some of his stuff
12:12:31 Iluha: I wouldn't call those crazy legato licks intermidiate
12:12:39 Iluha: well thanks anyways
12:12:45 Pavel: they are not difficult at all if you practice legato
12:12:51 Andrew Cockburn: lol
12:13:06 Pavel: that's why i said - everybody has his own "intermediate" ...
12:13:41 Andrew Cockburn: I think yo are right - everyone wants to be better, so our current level is what we think of as intermediate
12:14:10 Andrew Cockburn: Even Rusty Cooley
12:14:19 Iluha: well, up until a few months ago I would rate myself as a beginer actually
12:14:20 Pavel: Rusty also sais he has tons of thigns to learn....
12:14:34 Iluha: I think there will allways be more to learn
12:14:53 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah, that's how it works. We are beginners for a while, then we get to intermediate and stay there forever
12:15:01 Pavel: hehe
12:15:06 Iluha: steve vai said somewhere " it will take more then a liftime to master the guitar, or any other intrument"
12:15:06 Andrew Cockburn: but our intermediate gets better every week
12:15:29 Pavel: you know you can know how good somebody is comparing to somebody else
12:15:34 Andrew Cockburn: Rught - so if people like SV or RC are saying they can imporove, it has to be all relative
12:15:52 Andrew Cockburn: I guess so - relative
12:16:25 Pavel: Comparing to my city where i live i am a shred god but comparing to Luca Turili or Rusty i am an ULTRA SUCKY BEGINNER
12:16:33 Andrew Cockburn: LOL
12:16:37 Iluha: hehe
12:16:54 Pavel: that's true... sucks doesn't it?
12:17:15 Andrew Cockburn: yep - and its hard to be objective about yourself
12:17:20 Iluha: it took them 10+ years to get to their level
12:17:30 Pavel: Rusty plays for 24 years already
12:17:47 Iluha: it's just a matter of loving it and dedication
12:17:48 Andrew Cockburn: So, you ave another 15 - 20 to get that good
12:17:55 Pavel: yeah hahaha
12:18:02 Andrew Cockburn: my gues is you'll be way better by the time you are his age Pavel
12:18:07 Pavel: i hope i can make it faster hahahaha
12:18:20 Pavel: i guess so because i am learning from him NOW
12:18:25 Andrew Cockburn: Excatly!
12:18:26 Iluha: pavel how long are you playing?
12:18:31 Andrew Cockburn: Every generation gets better
12:18:34 Pavel: yes
12:18:49 Andrew Cockburn: In 20 years, kids just being born will be learning from you
12:19:13 Pavel: i am sure that kid that is 12 years old that joined GMC today (speaking figuratively) will kick my ass in 10 years...
12:19:16 Pavel: that's how it works...
12:19:20 Iluha: pavel how long are you playing?
12:19:28 Andrew Cockburn: "damn, I'm only 12 but I can play better than Rusty Cooley ever did. Gove me 5 years and I'll be able to beat Pavel"
12:19:43 Pavel: electric guitar for 4 and half years
12:19:59 Pavel: hahahahaha i wish i could read that somewhere hahaha
12:20:07 Iluha: wow, I allmost play as much as you.. and i really suck compared to you
12:20:34 Andrew Cockburn: Read Pavel' sig ...
12:20:42 Pavel: you know i have a signature on the forum of Prashant Aswani who said: "It's not how many years you play but how many hours!"
12:20:47 Andrew Cockburn: LOL
12:21:06 Andrew Cockburn: I guess we were thinking the same thing!
12:21:09 Iluha: yeah that is true
12:21:27 Pavel: if you bought a guitar and it is colelcting dust in the room corner - you're not playing it - but you walk around and say: "hey i play guitar for 2 years now!"
12:21:34 Pavel: but actually you maybe played it 2 hours...
12:21:36 Iluha: there has been this one year in which I havn't the guitar, at all
12:21:39 Andrew Cockburn: 4.5 years practicing for an hour a week is not the same as 4.5 years practiving 7 hours a day
12:21:40 Pavel: i think you got the idea...
12:22:01 Iluha: how old are you?
12:22:04 Pavel: 19
12:22:23 Iluha: your younger then me and im learning guitar from you cool
12:22:25 Pavel: And am still very sorry i didn't start playing earlier...
12:22:48 Pavel: but if i didn't move to Croatia i wouldn't start playing ever so i guess i am still ucky...
12:22:57 Iluha: I couldn't sweeps at all until I began practicing you'r lessons
12:23:06 Pavel: cool!
12:23:14 Pavel: Andrew - how are your sweeps doing?
12:23:20 Iluha: where are you originaly from?
12:23:24 Andrew Cockburn: Not good ...
12:23:25 Pavel: Ukraine
12:23:30 Iluha: oh privet!
12:23:33 Pavel: zdarov!
12:23:48 Pavel: ja tak i dumal chto ti nash potomushto imja ne evropejskoe
12:23:51 Iluha: I was born in kazahstan(back when it was the soviet union)
12:24:04 Iluha: moved to israel when i was 3 years old though
12:24:24 Iluha: ya toje znal shto ti ni nastayesh croatian
12:24:38 Iluha: nastayashi*
12:24:48 Pavel: hehe
12:25:12 Iluha: about 70% of my friends are "hahli"
12:25:26 Pavel: haha cool
12:25:39 Pavel: MY F**** GOD!! MY dog jsut started to bite my JEM!!!!!
12:25:43 Pavel: I'm gonna kill him!!!
12:25:45 Iluha: lol
12:25:54 Andrew Cockburn: runb!
12:25:56 Andrew Cockburn: run!
12:25:57 Pavel: He pretty much scarred the head
12:25:58 Andrew Cockburn: Save it!
12:26:04 Andrew Cockburn: shit
12:26:09 Iluha: he bit the head?
12:26:15 Pavel: yes!!!!
12:26:18 Iluha: how did he do that?
12:26:28 Pavel: you know what's the funny thing?? I'm laughing instead of crying right now
12:26:41 Andrew Cockburn: You'll be crying later ...
12:26:47 Andrew Cockburn: YOu are in denial
12:26:56 Pavel: i love my dog too much hahaha
12:27:11 Pavel: my guitar is on my bad right now, and i am turned towards PC so i can't see it
12:27:20 Pavel: and it's low enough for my dog to reach it
12:27:23 Iluha: that was my guess
12:28:09 Pavel: well i was not planning to sell it anyway - this guitar will always be in my colelction
12:28:23 Iluha: my dog would never bite my guitar hes afraid of it
12:28:40 Andrew Cockburn: It will make a great interview question when you are famous
12:28:48 Pavel: Maybe i sell my JEM to Andrew when i get famous ha?? 10,000$ lol lol lol
12:29:17 Pavel: yeah - interview with InstrumentalCase haha
12:29:24 Iluha: lol
12:29:45 Iluha: dave sometimes really scares me *hopes he doesnt see this*
12:29:45 Pavel: i think he can make an interview by just reading the chat logs - he has all answers here hahaha
12:29:55 Andrew Cockburn: lol
12:30:14 Andrew Cockburn: He'll make a joke video using footage from all your lessons and a voice over ...
12:30:25 Pavel: hahaha right hahaha great idea
12:30:39 Andrew Cockburn: My name is Pavel - I am your god!
12:30:43 Andrew Cockburn: lol
12:30:46 Pavel: "Check this shit!"
12:30:49 Iluha: hes dragonforce movie was sweet but hes yngwie movie sucked
12:30:50 Pavel: like Yngwie hahaha
12:30:52 Andrew Cockburn: lol
12:31:17 Pavel: i pissed my pants watchign Yngwie movies hahahaha
12:31:42 Iluha: I only really liked one of em
12:31:49 Iluha: then one with "im your new god"
12:32:07 Pavel: hahha yeah that's a good one
12:32:23 Andrew Cockburn: "Its complicated"
12:32:49 Pavel: Andrew - what's the problem with sweeps?
12:33:04 Pavel: btw a piece of advice - don't be afraid of moving your hands - both left and right!
12:33:55 Andrew Cockburn: The problem is ...
12:34:24 Andrew Cockburn: Its a problem with all my metronome training at the momemnt - I get to a certain speed and I run out of enduracnece
12:34:35 Andrew Cockburn: I can play for maybe 10 second and then my forearm aches
12:34:54 Andrew Cockburn: So maybe I just need to alow down and practice more
12:34:59 Andrew Cockburn: Its frustrating
12:35:15 Andrew Cockburn: I can play at speed but for like 3 seconds, so I can;t practice enough to get any faster
12:35:26 Pavel: that's strange
12:35:30 Pavel: maybe you are too tensed??
12:35:32 Andrew Cockburn: I am resting it for now as I also have a little numbness in my left hand
12:35:39 Pavel: never had problems with sweeping really...
12:36:00 Andrew Cockburn: I think I have a tendon problem or trapped nerve or somethging - gonna see the doc
12:36:20 Andrew Cockburn: Sweeping is the only technique I have ever come across that is like a brick wall to me.
12:36:35 Andrew Cockburn: Anything else I could get the hangh of to some degree pretty quickly
12:36:51 Andrew Cockburn: then practice for speed and accuracy - sweeps are my nemesis
12:37:05 Pavel: that's really strange...
12:37:42 Andrew Cockburn: yeah, I think they just need waaaay more practice than ahything else I have done
12:37:54 Iluha: back
12:38:45 Iluha: I got a problem with muting sweeps
12:38:52 Iluha: especially when doing the down stroke
12:39:17 Pavel: i jsut uploaded a Luca Turilli Style lesson - you'll be able to work on muting there
12:39:32 Pavel: it also has some small sweeps in it
12:39:49 Pavel: it's 99% alternate picking but it's killer stuff to work on muting
12:40:01 Iluha: ok i'll try that
12:40:24 Pavel: it will be online this week, Kris has to put it live
12:40:26 Iluha: my problem is that basiclly I mute the strings, but I mute them too fast I think
12:40:36 Pavel: cool - i guess the COP will be my avatar from now on haha
12:40:39 Andrew Cockburn: lol
12:40:41 Andrew Cockburn: I like it
12:40:51 Andrew Cockburn: ok guys, gotta run
12:40:58 Pavel: ok Andrew - see you around
12:40:59 Iluha: cya been nice chatting
12:41:02 Andrew Cockburn: see you!
12:41:32 Pavel: I'm tto hungry so i guess i am off to eat something
12:41:40 Pavel: too hungry
12:41:57 Iluha: ok come back later though ill probably still be here got nothing better to do today
12:42:05 Pavel: ok - i will
12:42:08 Pavel: see ya later than
13:34:34 Iluha: hey ezra
13:34:38 ezravdb: shit
13:34:41 ezravdb: im too late isnt it?
13:34:46 Iluha: for what?
13:34:50 ezravdb: theory chat
13:34:56 ezravdb: i just rad about it
13:34:57 Iluha: no it wasnt schedueld
13:35:04 ezravdb: oohhh
13:35:05 Iluha: the chat we had here
13:35:11 Iluha: i just pmed them both to come to the chat
13:35:18 ezravdb: allright then
13:35:50 ezravdb: man
13:35:55 ezravdb: I just wathced The Ring
13:36:01 Iluha: first time?
13:36:06 ezravdb: but I thought it would be scary like hell
13:36:07 ezravdb: yes
13:36:11 ezravdb: part 1 and 2
13:36:22 Iluha: yeah i also was dissapointed when i saw it..
13:36:36 ezravdb: yeah
13:36:37 Iluha: other then horrible faces, it wasn't scary
13:36:54 ezravdb: yeah hehe
13:37:04 ezravdb: those faces were priceless
13:37:32 ezravdb: The Grudge 2 is scarier
13:37:40 Iluha: I didnt watch it
13:37:44 ezravdb: ok
13:37:46 Iluha: because the grudge 1 sucked so bad
13:38:06 Iluha: and thats even though im in love with sarah michelle geller
13:38:21 ezravdb: lol
13:38:34 ezravdb: go play guitar for her
13:38:44 Iluha: nah i suck lol
13:39:31 ezravdb: ok
13:39:33 ezravdb: well
13:39:42 ezravdb: I havent seen The greudge 2
13:39:52 ezravdb: I mean 1
13:40:03 ezravdb: so I cant compare :
13:40:06 ezravdb:
13:40:07 Iluha: good then you didnt waste 90 minutes of your life
13:41:26 Iluha: what are you practicing these days?
13:41:32 ezravdb: uhmm
13:41:46 ezravdb: recording
13:41:51 ezravdb: and some songs
13:41:57 ezravdb: Technical Difficulties
13:42:09 ezravdb: I'm near playing it perfectly
13:42:13 Iluha: o thats one i allways wanted to learn
13:42:18 ezravdb: still need to work on stamina
13:42:24 ezravdb: yeah its cool song
13:42:31 Iluha: and scarificed also
13:42:36 ezravdb: good example of E minor soloing
13:42:48 Iluha: and king of monsters heheh.. i like paul gilbert
13:42:53 ezravdb: me too
13:43:02 ezravdb: I like Scraming blues lately
13:43:09 ezravdb: I heard it today
13:43:19 Iluha: i never heard it
13:43:22 ezravdb: pretty cool solo
13:43:49 Iluha: theres this one album
13:43:55 Iluha: which i really started loving recently
13:44:04 Iluha: joe satriani's Super Collosal
13:44:11 ezravdb:
13:44:17 ezravdb: yes!
13:44:21 Iluha: when it only came out for some reason I didn't like it but now I think its of his top 3 albums
13:44:27 ezravdb: I looked at the GP file of it today
13:44:53 Iluha: god damned pop up blocker
13:44:59 ezravdb: hehe
13:45:51 Iluha: who's tony lloret?
13:46:09 Iluha: oh heh now i get it..
13:46:56 Iluha: I could never do those pinch harmonics
13:47:25 Iluha: for some reason I can do a pinch quite easily when I up stroke but not when I down stroke
13:50:23 ezravdb: weird
13:50:23 ezravdb: huh lol
13:51:01 ezravdb: first I pluicked the string with my index finger and the plectrum at the same time
13:51:02 Iluha: I'm guessing that I'm just STOPPING the string with my thumb rather then to just gently mute it
13:51:10 ezravdb: that can be
13:51:15 ezravdb: a possiblity
13:51:18 Iluha:
13:51:30 Iluha: borat > me
13:52:57 ezravdb: he playbacks hehe
13:53:01 ezravdb: with guitar
13:53:53 Iluha: the funny thing about it is that he himself is a jew
13:54:03 Iluha: and that the entire starts to sing along lol
13:54:08 Iluha: entire bar*
13:54:51 ezravdb: yes
13:55:57 Iluha: You got some song suggestions for me maybe? I'm looking for something which isn't packed with shred
13:56:17 Iluha: something like in the beginner-intermidiate zone even
13:56:28 ezravdb: uhm
13:56:37 ezravdb: summer song maybe
13:56:41 ezravdb: or
13:56:41 ezravdb: by joe satriani
13:57:00 Iluha: or?
13:57:06 ezravdb: im thinking
13:57:10 ezravdb: my brains explode man
13:57:20 ezravdb: something from guns n roses
13:57:25 ezravdb: mr brownstone or something
13:57:30 ezravdb: mayb someting from freelicks
13:57:34 ezravdb: sweet child o mine
13:57:42 ezravdb: or that song from the scorpions
13:57:49 Iluha: which one?
13:58:00 ezravdb: youll see on freelicks
13:58:02 ezravdb: .NET
13:58:03 ezravdb: hehe
13:58:53 Iluha: ok thanks ill try that
13:59:13 ezravdb: tears in heaven
13:59:15 ezravdb: clapton
13:59:20 ezravdb: stairway to heaven
14:00:31 Iluha: tears in heaven is easy
14:00:40 Iluha: and stairway as well
14:00:58 Iluha: oh wind of change you mean
14:01:02 Iluha: allready know that one
14:01:07 ezravdb: ok
14:02:17 Iluha: oh that nice summer song isn't as complicated as I rememberd it being I think I'll try it
14:02:37 ezravdb: dont forget wahwah
14:04:19 Iluha: If only I had it heheh..
14:07:41 ezravdb:
14:09:37 lefty01: hi everyone
14:10:47 Iluha: hi
14:10:56 Iluha: oh he left hehh
14:11:35 ezravdb: huh weird lol
14:11:42 ezravdb: i left too
14:12:48 ezravdb: soo
14:12:54 ezravdb: what do you find a scary movie?
14:13:29 Iluha: hmm...
14:13:51 Iluha: wow hmm... I can't think of one that really scared me heheh
14:14:03 ezravdb: saw 3?
14:14:15 ezravdb: that more disgusting hehe
14:14:20 Iluha: no i thought that saw movies were just COOL! but not scary
14:14:46 ezravdb: yes you can call it that
14:14:49 Iluha: curse of the castle dragon is another gilberto masterpiece
14:15:01 ezravdb: yes
14:23:45 Iluha: I think i'm gonna start working on both Summer Song and Technical Difficulties, might take a while but I'll make it
14:33:06 ezravdb: good luck
14:42:07 ezravdb: im glad you liked my lesson btw
14:42:12 ezravdb: on paul gilbert
14:44:19 ezravdb: what happened ?
14:44:37 Iluha: I accidently logged out
14:45:52 Iluha: god i suck so bad at sweeping
14:48:08 ezravdb: that sucks
15:15:31 AIB234: It surprises me that there aren't people in here more often
15:16:53 ezravdb: yeah me too
15:17:17 AIB234: We should start a thread to encourage people to hangout here more often. I'm sure we could have kiler discussions quite a bit
15:17:22 AIB234: or even just chat about whatever, you know?
15:18:49 ezravdb: yeha i think so
15:19:21 ezravdb: theres already getting more scheduled chats
15:19:40 AIB234: yeah I saw. still surprising there's no one ever in here otherwise, though
15:20:04 ezravdb: yes in the beginning there was always someone out there
15:20:12 ezravdb: or in here *
15:20:41 ezravdb: have you ever tried making a song?
15:23:50 AIB234: no I haven't
15:24:46 ezravdb: sometimes it pisses me off lol
15:24:52 ezravdb: when I have a beginning
15:25:07 ezravdb: and then I dont know what the hell I should make from it
15:25:23 ezravdb: or I only hear crap in my head
15:26:00 ezravdb: im glad I got my first one done
15:28:12 ezravdb: would you like to have your own song?
15:28:40 ezravdb: a good start is with jamming
15:28:58 AIB234: yeah
15:29:09 AIB234: the thing is that I don't play enough. i just don't have time to sit around for hours and play
15:29:20 AIB234: ironically once I go back to college I should have that time
15:30:00 ezravdb: haha
15:30:41 AIB234: And besides that, I haven't been practicing seriously that long. I am OK at alt picking, but I don't have scales memorized, can't tap, can't sweep... yet
15:30:59 AIB234: Are you going to/have you posted your song on the forums?
15:37:19 ezravdb: ok
15:37:20 ezravdb: yes
15:37:29 ezravdb: Its called Pentacrazy
15:37:31 ezravdb: hehe
15:51:16 AIB234: which forum/thread?
15:51:31 AIB234: I see one by you called A Funky Jam, but I do not think that is it
15:57:00 Iluha: back
15:59:04 Iluha: im not sure guests can type
16:00:18 ezravdb: no
16:00:21 ezravdb: they cant
16:01:33 ezravdb: AIB234 - Itsa called Pentacrazy , here:
16:06:33 AIB234: I like it. Well done!
16:06:44 AIB234: Kind of makes me hate you a bit
16:10:07 AIB234: Out of interest sake.. what stuff did you start playing to get your left hand up to speed?
16:14:00 AIB234: I read Satriani and Legato on your comments... but there is no way I can play Satriano... I suppose I shall start with the Legato here at GMC
16:20:04 Pavel: good evening!
16:20:26 Slammer: sup dude
16:20:55 Pavel: anybody alive?? lol
16:21:01 Slammer: what's up dudes*
16:21:06 Slammer:
16:21:37 Slammer: anybody here?
16:21:45 Pavel: i guess only 2 of us
16:22:03 Slammer: most people leave when I come on
16:22:12 Slammer: :?
16:22:43 AIB234: ahohoy everyone
16:23:10 AIB234: I'm just busy looking at your first legato lesson, Pavel. I need to work up my left hand speed to match up my right.
16:23:28 Pavel: hey AIB
16:23:45 Pavel: have fun with those legato lessons
16:24:05 AIB234: Oh I will Is this what you would recommend to build my left hand speed to match my right?
16:24:38 Pavel: well if you want legato than right hand has nothing to do with it
16:24:44 Slammer: hey pavel there is something I've always wanted to ask you...
16:24:50 Pavel: go ahead
16:25:23 Slammer: do you know how to play Eugene's trick bag (or whatever it's called)
16:25:34 Slammer: from Crossroads
16:25:37 AIB234: Well... my right hand picks much faster than my left hand can fret so I would simply like to build the speed of my left hand. I was talking to ezravdb a bit and I think he would say legato is a good way to build simply my left hand speed. Would you agree with this?
16:25:41 Pavel: never played that
16:26:05 Slammer: I thought Every Steve Vai fan could lol
16:26:09 Pavel: i saw the movie but didn't play it
16:26:23 Pavel: i get borred playing someone's stuff
16:26:29 Pavel: AIB...
16:26:51 Slammer: that would make the coolest lesson ever IMO although it's Copyrighted
16:26:53 Pavel: you'll just have to sit with metronome and work on simply playing in synchronization with your right hand
16:27:11 Pavel: legato excercises will make your left hand stronger and more precise so it also can help with your problem
16:27:34 Pavel: there is no point inthat lesson as there are loads of tabs out there and you can learn it alone
16:27:47 AIB234: Alright thanks. I am quickly learning that speed is a very slow process
16:27:56 Pavel: Way toooo slow
16:29:50 Slammer: yeah you're right
16:30:22 Slammer: I think
16:30:31 Slammer:
16:30:40 Slammer: JK
16:31:13 Slammer: Welcome Brother Scott
16:31:14 Scott Gentzen: wow, that's a bunch of people. Hi all
16:31:23 Slammer: half of them aren't here
16:31:29 Slammer: It's true
16:31:36 Scott Gentzen: slackers
16:31:42 Slammer: only Pavel and AIB I think
16:31:58 Scott Gentzen: when I flip over to a different window, the chatroom app kicks me out
16:32:14 Slammer:
16:33:11 Scott Gentzen: I'm starting to get used to the dual-monitor setup at work. missing it when I'm home
16:33:13 Pavel: hey Scott
16:33:28 Scott Gentzen: there he is. hey pavel
16:34:23 Scott Gentzen: waiting on getting out to a family graduation party for a nephew of mine.
16:34:56 Iluha: hihi
16:35:14 Pavel: Here is my COP avatar!!
16:35:17 Scott Gentzen: part of me says I should be doing something with the guitar, but my right wrist is sore again. I don't think it's just the guitar that's hurting it, but it's not helping
16:35:21 Pavel: instructors should have that avatar hahahaha
16:35:42 Pavel: i hear too many people having pain in ther hands....
16:35:51 Scott Gentzen: Remember: No Stairway
16:36:14 Iluha: how do you get your wrist soar? it never happend to me
16:36:34 Scott Gentzen: I've really only been giving my left hand a workout on guitar. I'm not good enough to beat up my pick hand
16:36:36 Iluha: maybe you'r trying too much to pick out of you "comfort zone"?
16:37:51 Scott Gentzen: It doesn't really hurt more during after a practice session, so I'm still thinking it's either my driving or my job.
16:38:15 Iluha: how can driving make your wrist soar?
16:38:39 Scott Gentzen: I should get some in-person lessons this summer so I can have someone watch and tell me if I'm doing something wrong.
16:38:53 Scott Gentzen: too much traffic. I tend to grip the wheel and push
16:39:00 Scott Gentzen:
16:39:13 Iluha: how bout you post a video of yourself and some of the pro's here could tell you?
16:40:10 Scott Gentzen: plus, it's more of a carpal tunnel pain which shouldn't be a picking problem
16:40:24 Scott Gentzen: that's a good idea. No camera though. Good reason to get a new Macbook though.
16:40:58 Iluha: I used to have this wierd pain here and there, I still get it sometimes, on my left hand's pinky
16:41:03 Scott Gentzen: "Honey, I need to buy a new computer so some guy in Croatia can tell me what's wrong with my picking technique"
16:41:18 Iluha: I'm preety sure it's because of crazy streching i'm attempting
16:41:56 Scott Gentzen: My reach is still pretty narrow. Working on improving it. Been playing with those Petrucci exercises. Just slower
16:42:10 Iluha: exactly the method i used
16:42:16 Iluha: the petruci strecthing exercises
16:42:18 ezravdb: hehe psycho exercises
16:42:34 Iluha: with them I found out that I can actually strecth more then in his exercises
16:43:08 Scott Gentzen: Yah. doign the one where the gap's between the 2 and 3 finger kills me
16:43:29 Pavel: pain in the pinky is a common thing when starting stretches...
16:44:33 Iluha: i can strech from 12th fret to 24th with first finger and pinky, not sure that too uncommon though
16:44:49 Scott Gentzen: eesh
16:45:09 Pavel: the point is to be able to play clean and fast while playing big stretches
16:45:32 Pavel: i can also try to stretch my d*** but is there any point in it??
16:45:42 Pavel: lol lol lol
16:45:49 Iluha: i didnt say there was a point to it its just something i can do
16:46:17 Iluha: just like francesco ferari' songs, theres no point to em he can just play really fast hehe
16:46:36 Pavel: hehe
16:46:39 Scott Gentzen: I had to go check. I'm making it from 12 to 20. didn't expect that.
16:46:50 ezravdb: yeah he probably like playing fast A LOT
16:46:54 ezravdb: too much
16:46:57 ezravdb: yeha me too
16:47:02 ezravdb: 12-20
16:47:04 Pavel: can you play with middle and ring finger while stretching that far?
16:47:11 Iluha: i can
16:47:19 Pavel: ok - post a video
16:47:20 Iluha: 12-20 that is
16:47:20 Scott Gentzen: I can't play much of anything.
16:47:40 Pavel: make a decent lick with 4 notes per string - like 12-15-19-24-19-15-12
16:48:02 Pavel: it doesn't matter if it sounds like crap - just to see how clean can you play it
16:48:07 Iluha: with 12-24 i cant maybe with 3rd thinger but defintly without middle finger
16:48:16 Iluha: finger*
16:48:20 ezravdb: I can play 12-16-18-21
16:48:22 Iluha: i got alot of dumb typos today
16:48:36 Scott Gentzen: I spend a lot of time on pavel's 12-13-16 exercise though
16:49:09 Scott Gentzen: "small movements and pick like hell." still working on that
16:49:31 Slammer: hi guys!
16:49:36 Iluha: hi
16:49:43 Slammer: I'm back
16:49:56 Slammer: not that you care
16:50:01 Slammer:
16:50:15 Scott Gentzen: I didn't see you come back.
16:50:17 Scott Gentzen: oops
16:50:28 Slammer: well I never left... but I went out
16:50:39 Pavel: lol
16:50:46 Slammer: helped my aunt with gardening
16:50:50 Slammer: not to fun
16:50:54 Scott Gentzen: I gotta run though. time's up. need to take an alleve so I can function
16:50:54 Slammer: too*
16:51:02 Scott Gentzen: that wasn't much gardening
16:51:04 Scott Gentzen:
16:51:09 Slammer: I know
16:51:17 Slammer: that's why I'm back
16:51:17 Iluha: cya
16:51:40 Scott Gentzen: hah. well, have a good one everyone. will be back again sometime
16:51:56 Iluha: mm i never really tried that before hehe but icant make a 12-24 strech on strings other then high e
16:52:08 Slammer: 8)
16:52:24 Slammer: ouch...
16:52:43 Slammer:
16:53:06 Pavel: well - than you have a really huge hand
16:53:28 Pavel: i have a pretty small hand but i can comfortabely play 12-21
16:53:38 Pavel: benn practicing stretches a while now
16:53:41 Slammer: or a really small guitar :|
16:54:36 Iluha: yeah im a big guy overall..
16:54:55 Slammer: what kinda guitar do you have?
16:55:12 Iluha: rg random number prestige
16:55:30 Slammer: Sweet
16:55:41 Iluha: not if you saw in what shape it is ;x
16:56:17 Slammer: I was having fun Jammin on a RG once at a guitar shop, untill the jerk who worked there came and told me to stop
16:56:30 Iluha:
16:56:56 Slammer: :|
16:57:01 Iluha: oi now my pinky hurts a bit heheh.. havn't tried this strech for a long time... because there's no real point for it
16:57:29 Slammer: some would say d'uh
16:57:39 Slammer: lol
16:57:44 Slammer: jk
16:57:53 Iluha: d'uh
16:58:42 Slammer: I wonder where Pavel went....
16:58:51 Slammer: I think I scared him away
16:59:07 Pavel: i'm here
16:59:31 Slammer: practising more faces to make on his videos
16:59:42 Slammer:
16:59:46 Iluha:
16:59:53 Slammer: chin movement
17:00:03 Slammer: cool stuff
17:00:22 Pavel: haha lol
17:00:42 Slammer: so Ihula you from Europe?
17:00:47 Iluha: israel
17:00:58 Slammer: close enough
17:01:02 Slammer: lol
17:01:05 Slammer: JK JK
17:01:13 Iluha: i wish i was from europe
17:01:20 Iluha: sucks to live here ;/
17:01:30 Pavel: i have a friend in Israel
17:01:33 Slammer: no comment
17:01:46 Slammer:
17:01:47 Pavel: he's also Ukrainian but moved to Israel a while ago
17:02:09 Slammer: does he play guitar too?
17:02:09 Iluha: theres like 30% russians in israel i think
17:02:15 Pavel: no he doesn't
17:02:20 Slammer: oh NVM
17:02:22 Pavel: i think more lol
17:02:35 Iluha: anyways the major part in israel that blows, atleast for me
17:02:49 Iluha: is the fact you have to waste 3 years of your life in the army
17:02:52 Slammer: there is about 90% Jewish people in Miami Beach
17:03:14 Iluha: and more then likely, in those 3 years youll be doing absoultly nothing beneficial
17:04:00 Slammer: I know someone who went to Israel, He was telling me about the Pizzas
17:04:08 Slammer: interesting
17:04:35 Iluha: the..pizzas? the junk food here is the best I had and iv'e been to alot of europe country's
17:05:16 Iluha: but when the best thing about a country is it's junk food, something isn't right
17:05:27 Slammer: I mean he said something about Meatless pizzas or something
17:06:15 Iluha: im sensing this conversation going to hell
17:06:20 Pavel: lol
17:06:41 Slammer: lol
17:06:57 Slammer: so what's the music scene like there?
17:07:18 Slammer: are there any Bad Ass shredders we don't know about?
17:08:08 Iluha: well yeah, there's allways bad ass shredders you don't know about
17:08:24 Slammer: how good?
17:08:39 Iluha: in my opinion really good
17:08:45 Slammer: Paul Gilbert good?
17:09:04 Pavel: there are always people better than Paul Guilbert but they are not famous
17:09:06 Iluha: well i have yet to hear an israeli play in the style of gilberto
17:09:29 Slammer: Head Banging over Humus
17:09:30 Iluha: there was this one guy who made a perfect yngwie tribute show
17:09:43 Slammer: I think there's a lesson on that somewhere
17:10:05 Iluha: yeah that guy is also an israeli.. though he's lessons don't really include shred
17:11:52 Iluha: יקרקד
17:11:54 Slammer: yeah It's pretty true what Pavel said... Every single country Has Really good Guitar Players that nobody knows about, And Most people will never find them
17:12:00 Iluha: עעםי
17:12:03 Iluha: םי
17:12:20 Iluha: my chat went insane
17:12:41 Iluha: anyways heres one of the most famous bands here, and one of the oldest too
17:12:45 Iluha:
17:13:41 Iluha: it's actually in english but whatever
17:15:03 Slammer: Pinch Harmonic
17:15:32 Slammer: squeal
17:16:05 Slammer: Aib234 went awol
17:16:15 Pavel: hey guys i gotta run!
17:16:17 Pavel: see ya around
17:16:20 Iluha: cya
17:16:38 Slammer: wow he's gonna run at this time of day
17:16:52 Slammer:
17:16:55 Iluha: what time is it there?
17:17:02 Slammer: I have no idea
17:17:05 Slammer: LOL
17:17:14 Iluha: i meant at your place ;x
17:17:22 Iluha: whereva your from
17:17:33 Slammer: 5:17 pm
17:17:35 Slammer: EST
17:17:40 Slammer: US
17:17:43 Slammer: FL
17:17:52 Slammer: Go Dolphins!
17:17:56 Slammer: :
17:18:00 Slammer:
17:18:36 Iluha: שית ןאד 12 פצ יקרק
17:18:39 Iluha: מםא שעשןמ
17:18:42 Slammer: kljgl;fakjb
17:18:49 Slammer: LOL
17:19:14 Iluha: 'יקמ ן עם ןמ ש הןגקםץ
17:19:33 Slammer: And now I'm alone
17:19:37 Slammer: not...
17:19:41 Iluha: ךםךךםךשדשד
17:19:42 Slammer: maybe
17:19:46 Iluha: ךםםךךך
17:19:52 Slammer: WHY ME!!!
17:20:07 Slammer: alone again
17:20:09 Iluha: TEST
17:20:11 Iluha: ךםך
17:20:13 Iluha: OMG
17:20:15 Slammer: not anymore I see
17:20:22 Iluha: WTF
17:20:25 Iluha: ×£[
17:20:27 Slammer: KFC
17:20:44 Iluha: כםר דםצק רקשדמםמ צט ×§×œ×§×˜× ××©×¨×’ עםא דאובל םמ ×™×§× ×¨×§' ךםך
17:20:48 Slammer: gosh man I can read that
17:21:04 Iluha: For some reasonfor some reason my keyboard is stuck on hebrew
17:21:23 Iluha: Good thing theres anti caps here
17:21:30 Slammer: LOL
17:22:35 Slammer: you know... every time I come on everybody ends up leaving right away
17:22:49 Slammer: it's true man
17:22:49 Iluha: Because everyones from europe
17:23:06 Slammer: So...
17:23:07 Iluha: When you sleep they celebrate
17:23:16 Slammer: Punks
17:23:23 Slammer:
17:23:34 Iluha: I would normally be sleeping now but im sick
17:23:43 Iluha: So i got # days vecation woopie
17:23:47 Iluha: 3
17:24:07 Slammer: Guest-9608 has entered
17:24:33 Iluha: I wish guests could also talk
17:24:37 Iluha: It would be more intresting
17:24:42 Slammer: One word of advice, if you haven't already signed up do it!!
17:25:05 Iluha: You cant type dont bother
17:25:13 Slammer: then we could see what you're saying
17:25:18 Iluha: Use tha t finger stamina on the guitar instead
17:26:01 Slammer: testing out the Away Feature
17:26:11 Slammer: cool stuff
17:26:17 Iluha: Theres an away feature?
17:26:27 Slammer: LOL
17:26:40 Iluha: ךשדח
17:27:10 Iluha: How do i go away?
17:27:18 Slammer: I got it!!! every time I ask the guest a question he put it on away for "yes" and off for "no"
17:27:31 Slammer:
17:27:31 Iluha: LOL
17:27:46 Iluha: Is your name harry?
17:27:51 Slammer: do you want to Sign Up??
17:27:57 Slammer: LOL
17:28:05 Iluha: Was that a yes yes yes?
17:28:06 Slammer: Lol lol lol
17:28:19 Slammer: do you play guitar?
17:28:39 Slammer: Am I asking stupid questions
17:28:44 Slammer: Lol lol lol lol
17:28:52 Slammer:
17:28:59 Slammer: this is too much fun
17:29:05 Iluha: ישיש
17:29:08 Iluha: HHA
17:29:20 Slammer: Been playing 5 years?
17:29:26 Iluha: MORE?
17:29:33 Iluha: LESS?
17:29:37 Slammer: 4?
17:29:41 Slammer: 3?
17:29:48 Iluha: 3?
17:29:49 Slammer: YEAH!!!
17:29:53 Iluha: WEEE
17:29:57 Slammer: brb
17:30:08 Iluha: Your going to sign up today?
17:30:23 Iluha: TOOMAROW?
17:30:33 Iluha: Sorry for the caps my keyboard is fuked
17:30:49 Iluha: Ok toomarow it is
17:31:11 Iluha: Your from the usa?
17:31:23 Iluha: EUROPE?
17:31:31 Iluha: ENGLAND?
17:31:33 Slammer: back!
17:31:36 Iluha: HOLAND?
17:31:46 Iluha: GERMANY ?
17:31:50 Slammer: French
17:31:53 Iluha: FRANCE?
17:31:59 Slammer: italy
17:32:02 Iluha: SPAIN?
17:32:10 Iluha: CROATIA?
17:32:17 Iluha: ESTONIA?
17:32:27 Iluha: FINLAND
17:32:33 Slammer: Ireland
17:32:43 Iluha: ISRAEL?
17:32:49 Slammer: scotland?
17:33:04 Iluha: Brb trying to fix this problem
17:33:08 Slammer: wales?
17:33:20 Slammer: is it Eastern?
17:33:25 Slammer: Western?
17:33:26 Iluha: אקאקדא
17:33:30 Iluha: אקדא
17:33:45 Slammer: Damn I'm not good at Geography
17:33:50 Iluha: asasasas
17:33:55 Iluha: yay
17:34:04 Iluha: denmark?
17:34:14 Slammer: Chech
17:34:24 Slammer: Slovakia?
17:34:36 Iluha: i give up
17:34:51 Iluha: how old are you? 20?
17:35:00 Iluha: less?
17:35:02 Slammer: switz?
17:35:14 Iluha: sweden?
17:35:19 Iluha: YEAH!
17:35:20 Slammer: YEAH!!!
17:35:25 Slammer: LOL
17:35:29 Slammer: 18>
17:35:30 Iluha: i win!
17:35:40 Iluha: 15?
17:35:46 Iluha: more?
17:35:46 Slammer: 18 right?
17:35:58 Iluha: less?
17:36:01 Slammer: 17?
17:36:09 Slammer: 17???
17:36:17 Slammer: I win!!
17:36:20 Iluha: !
17:36:32 Iluha: now... your mother name! is it rebeca?!
17:36:38 Slammer: LOL NO!!!!
17:36:52 Slammer: I know guitar... Strat?
17:36:58 Iluha: ibanez?
17:37:04 Slammer: Les Paul?
17:37:09 Iluha: gibson?
17:37:16 Slammer: LP
17:37:17 Iluha: oi you allready win
17:37:24 Slammer: : )
17:37:33 Iluha: mmm favorite guitarist?
17:37:36 Iluha: steve vai?
17:37:45 Slammer: Hey proof
17:37:48 Iluha: yay i win!
17:38:05 Iluha: hes also a guest, for some unknown reason
17:38:09 Iluha: double the fun i say
17:38:43 Slammer: NO!!
17:38:47 Iluha: DAMN IT!
17:38:47 Slammer: oh well
17:38:50 Iluha: YES!
17:38:52 Iluha: Another one!
17:38:59 Iluha: are you the same one from before?
17:39:05 Iluha: oh lol
17:39:27 Slammer: sand timer for yes, no sand timer for No
17:39:35 Slammer: yes or no questions
17:39:45 Iluha: i know! lets do a quiz show
17:39:48 Slammer: let's go
17:40:03 Slammer: are you really the "Proof"?
17:40:14 Slammer: YEAH!
17:40:17 Iluha: the proof of aliens?
17:40:30 Slammer: are you a member?
17:40:40 Slammer: Hmm
17:40:46 Iluha: so hes a guest now because...
17:40:51 Slammer: butyou can't write
17:41:04 Iluha: oh
17:41:08 Iluha: your membership expired?
17:41:31 Slammer: Guest-6057 is from Sweden right?
17:41:40 Slammer: cool
17:41:54 Slammer: I guess it's not cool
17:41:59 Slammer: LOL
17:42:12 Iluha: why not?
17:42:33 Iluha: mmmmmmmmm
17:43:18 Iluha: buckethead was in gn'r True(sand clock) or False(no sand clock)?
17:43:30 Slammer: heh, this is so much fun, I figured out a way to communicate with the Guests
17:43:39 Iluha: guest 1 proof NADA!
17:44:23 Iluha: steve vai preformed with van halen true or false?!
17:44:34 Iluha: guest 2 proof NADA!
17:45:05 Iluha: slammer ask something
17:45:25 Slammer: Kris Dahl is good Player?
17:45:48 Iluha: theproof you gotta wake up!!
17:45:58 Iluha: your behind by 3!!
17:46:26 Slammer: is Brazil better than Japan (Soccer) ?
17:46:36 Slammer: hmm
17:46:48 Slammer: is japan better than Sweden?
17:46:52 Iluha: i dont know.. was it ever tested :x
17:47:18 Slammer: England better than German?
17:47:42 Slammer: Italy better than France?
17:48:05 Slammer: I'll take that as a yes
17:48:22 Slammer: ok dudes I gotta go
17:48:22 Iluha: a very enthusiastic yes
17:48:31 Slammer: CYA guys later
17:48:35 Iluha: cya
17:48:54 Slammer: hey guys sign up as soon as possible
17:50:06 Slammer: and Guest... When you get a screen name go to the forum and Private Message me and Ilhula and tell us who you are ok
17:50:22 Slammer: cool
17:50:26 Slammer: cya guys later
17:50:37 Iluha: ok back to the guitar quiz!
17:50:47 Iluha: if its ok by you guys?
17:51:08 Iluha: ok, mm lets see...
17:51:25 Iluha: satch was in deep purple true or false?
17:51:48 Iluha: 4 1!
17:52:26 Iluha: Yngwie Malmsteem was born in britain true or false?
17:52:48 Iluha: hehe that was an easy one 5 2!
17:53:48 Iluha: mm too bad i dont know much theory... yet... mmm
17:54:36 Iluha: who won more grammy's? Satriani(CLock) or Vai(No Clock)?
17:54:55 Iluha: 6 2!
17:55:13 Iluha: oh you says yes?
17:55:26 Iluha: 6 4!! then
17:56:23 Iluha: primus guitarist first name is: james(clock) or jason(no clock)?
17:56:54 Iluha: guest was that a clock or no clock?
17:57:19 Iluha: both wrong!
17:58:09 Iluha: OH WAIT!
17:58:17 Iluha: i was the one who was wrong haha..
17:58:22 Iluha: hes name is actually larry
17:58:50 Iluha: ok heres a tough one.
17:59:18 Iluha: who was Blue Saraceano's teacher? Paul Gilber(clock) or Satriani(no clock)
17:59:35 Iluha: both wrong it was satch
18:00:44 Iluha: mmm....
18:01:26 Iluha: according to wikipedia, why did Slash leave guns n' roses?
18:02:02 Iluha: was it a)Axel used a diffrent guitarist track instead of gilby clarke's in a concert?(clock) or was it
18:02:30 Iluha: b)Axel Used a Diffrent Guitarist track instead of Slash in a concert?(no clock)
18:03:10 Iluha: guest was that a clock or no clock?
18:03:27 Iluha: both wrong! again!
18:03:42 Iluha: if he would do that to slash, slash would have killed him
18:04:33 Iluha: ok heres a small GMC question
18:05:36 Iluha: which of the following 2 tutors here is from Sweden and which from Croatia, the tutors are Kris and Pavel. is it CLOCK) pavel croatia, kris sweden, or is it NO CLOCK)kris croatia, pavel sweden.
18:06:02 Iluha: both correct!
18:06:15 Iluha: 7 5 it is!
18:07:01 Iluha: mmmmmmmm
18:07:17 Iluha: ok heres an easy one
18:07:38 Iluha: does speed guaranty musical greatness? CLOCK)yes NO CLOCK)no
18:07:55 Iluha: good good 8 6
18:09:01 Iluha: does the guitarist from lostprophets can shred? clock)yes no clock)no
18:09:43 Iluha: HA! got you there he CAN shred.. when he wants to
18:10:25 Iluha: heres another easy one..
18:11:15 Iluha: what's the most stereotypcly musical virtosity packed country? Clock)USA No Clock)Japan ?
18:11:42 Iluha: what? both wrong?
18:11:56 Iluha: its japan :X how could you think otherwise.. oh well
18:12:34 Iluha: mmm ok lets make a decided and then i gotta go
18:13:23 Iluha: hmmmm
18:15:46 Iluha: which of the following auditioned for Red Hot Chilli Peppers and did NOT get in: a)Buckethead b)Bumblefoot
18:16:08 Iluha: a=clock b=no clock
18:16:21 Iluha: which of the following auditioned for Red Hot Chilli Peppers and did NOT get in: a)Buckethead b)Bumblefoot
18:16:31 Iluha: a=clock b=no clock
18:16:59 Iluha: so you both say clock?
18:17:27 Iluha: ok so i take it as a no clock
18:17:32 Iluha: and your both....
18:17:37 Iluha: wrong!
18:17:49 Iluha: bumblefoot didnt even audition :[
18:18:21 Iluha: ok well guest you win! .... i hope you enjoyd and that you become a member soon
18:18:33 Iluha: pm me once you do good night
20:59:24 Slammer: what's up?
20:59:34 The Uncreator: Wow someone is actually here
20:59:39 Slammer: YEAH!!!
20:59:43 Slammer: Rare
20:59:46 The Uncreator: First time in awhile
20:59:46 Slammer: huh?
21:00:06 Slammer: well, everytime I come on, people usally leave
21:00:10 Slammer: LOL
21:00:13 The Uncreator: lol
21:00:26 The Uncreator: Maybe there afraid of your name
21:00:52 Slammer: I mean, Kris will be here having a great conversation, and then I come on and he's like "ok guys I gotta go"
21:01:02 The Uncreator: lol
21:01:12 The Uncreator: did you scare him?
21:01:16 Slammer: it's true man
21:01:28 Slammer: No, I'm boring
21:01:51 Slammer: I ask stupid questions
21:01:52 The Uncreator: next time you come in and people start leavin just say "if you leave now i will find you!!"
21:02:02 The Uncreator: followed by a threat
21:02:47 The Uncreator: what lessons you been practicin lately?
21:02:58 Slammer: well, half the people here are from Europe, long swim from Miami
21:03:16 The Uncreator: im about 3 hours north of Miami
21:03:17 Slammer: I like Kris's earlier stuff
21:03:26 Slammer: the 101 lessons
21:03:41 The Uncreator: yeah, i cant wait for him to do new lessons
21:04:04 Slammer: that's right, tampa you say... those damn Devil Rays...
21:04:13 Slammer: :|
21:04:19 The Uncreator: Meh, i dont follow sports
21:04:28 The Uncreator: so dam the devil rays!
21:04:33 Slammer: YEAH!!!
21:04:35 Slammer: LOL
21:04:53 The Uncreator: there coach came into my resteraunt and tipped us $40
21:04:54 Slammer: well, I practise guitar when I'm waiting for the games
21:05:04 Slammer: yeah really?
21:05:14 The Uncreator: yeah, nice guy i guess
21:05:18 Slammer: Maddon is his name I think
21:05:22 Slammer: right?
21:05:27 Slammer: Joe
21:05:27 The Uncreator: Hell i dont know
21:05:30 Slammer: maybe
21:05:41 Slammer: do you own the resturant
21:05:41 The Uncreator: one of the waitresses told me lol
21:05:46 The Uncreator: no i work there
21:06:00 Slammer: oh, sorry
21:06:23 The Uncreator: alright
21:06:26 The Uncreator: no problem
21:06:39 Slammer: what kind of Food?
21:06:51 The Uncreator: Seafood is what its famous for
21:06:54 The Uncreator: smoked fish
21:06:58 Slammer: nice
21:07:21 Slammer: is it called, Red Lobster?
21:07:26 Slammer: lol
21:07:27 The Uncreator: lol
21:07:28 Slammer: JK
21:07:29 The Uncreator: no
21:07:42 The Uncreator: its "Ted Peters Famous Smoked Fish"
21:07:51 Slammer: makes sence
21:07:55 The Uncreator: yeah lol
21:08:37 The Uncreator: Have you tried the Winding roads lesson yet?
21:08:50 The Uncreator: Marcus first one
21:09:25 Slammer: hold on
21:09:33 Slammer: ok
21:09:39 The Uncreator: ok
21:09:52 Slammer: I'm back!!
21:09:55 Slammer: anyways
21:10:01 Slammer: which lessons is that
21:10:12 The Uncreator: Marcus' first one
21:10:55 Slammer: oh yeah
21:10:59 Slammer: badass man
21:11:09 The Uncreator: yeah its givin me a bit of a challenge
21:11:11 Slammer: sick ass guitar playing
21:11:57 Slammer: Marcus has this very Professinal Quality about him
21:12:12 The Uncreator: yeah he writes great stuff
21:12:43 Slammer: I would say, overall he might just be the Best Instructor we have here, (by far)
21:12:56 Slammer: with Kris a close Second
21:13:00 Slammer: then Pavel
21:13:09 Slammer: then Gabriel
21:13:12 The Uncreator: i dont have favorites
21:13:34 The Uncreator: my favorites are Kris, Pavel, Sean, Gabriel and Marcus
21:13:41 The Uncreator: if i had to choose
21:13:43 Slammer: well, I'm talking Playing abilitiy
21:14:00 The Uncreator: Oh, then i would say Pavel or Kris
21:14:10 Slammer: Wait, I'd put Sean in front of Gabe
21:14:51 Slammer: as far as who was a better Player IMO
21:15:18 The Uncreator: Sean is really good
21:15:33 The Uncreator: i love Pending Closure
21:16:23 Slammer: yeah it's good
21:16:56 The Uncreator: I spent a few days learning it, in the wrong tuning i think to lol
21:17:09 Slammer: what about you? how well would you say you play
21:17:16 Slammer: honestly
21:17:51 The Uncreator: Hmmm, i dont know... what if i just say the hardets lesson i can play?
21:17:54 The Uncreator: good enough?
21:17:58 Slammer: ok
21:18:01 The Uncreator: ok hold on
21:19:44 Slammer: I'm Holding!
21:20:05 Slammer: what's up GUEST-3210?
21:20:15 The Uncreator: sorry someone is calling me sorry
21:20:20 Slammer: no prob
21:20:52 Slammer: one word of advice for guest.... Sign up Dude!
21:21:18 Slammer: it makes the chats alot funner
21:22:45 The Uncreator: Ok im back
21:22:49 The Uncreator: anyway
21:23:52 Slammer: yeah
21:24:03 The Uncreator: the hardest lessons i know are, Yngwie Malmsteen Lesson 4, and Metalhead solo lesson, an probably Pavels 3 string sweep lessons. some of them are sketchy, but i spent about 2 weeks on each of them
21:24:26 The Uncreator: i got most of them down pretty good
21:24:31 Slammer: I wish I could practise them more
21:24:43 Slammer: but My PC is in the Living room
21:25:01 Slammer: I can't play my loud amp
21:25:08 Slammer: HEXEM!
21:25:10 hexem: there we go..
21:25:13 Slammer: welcome
21:25:19 The Uncreator: i get pretty good amon

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