Guitar Chat: sweeps, Muse etc. 2007-06-11
Kristofer Dahl
Jun 15 2007, 09:56 AM
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00:20:12 JOhn: hello
05:35:27 edguy:
07:20:31 Iluha: hey
10:17:03 Gen: Hey anyone here?
13:40:56 MattE: Seems like somebody finally enters the chat room
13:43:51 Iluha: if someone gets in make a noise! like typing *meow*
15:06:21 Gen: hey!
15:06:39 Gen: anyone?
15:06:43 Gen: here?
15:11:39 Gen: speaaak to meeee! lol
16:02:09 Iluha: hexem?
16:02:13 Iluha: *meow*
16:26:11 Gen: iluha?
16:29:02 Gen: *meow*
16:30:28 Iluha: hey gen
16:30:41 Iluha: *meow*
16:30:54 Gen: hey
16:30:58 Iluha: whats up?
16:31:09 Gen: nothing, and u?
16:31:45 Iluha: same just watched a cool video on youtube..
16:31:50 Iluha:
16:31:52 Iluha: gonna try it out
16:31:58 Gen: what vid?^^
16:32:04 Iluha: watch it
16:32:09 Gen: okay
16:34:44 Gen: hey cool
16:35:46 Gen: i think i m gonna try it too
16:36:22 Iluha: still trying.. wonder how long it will take me
16:36:40 Gen: lol
16:37:55 Gen: what kind of guitar do you play?
16:38:27 Iluha: a really messed up ibanez rg prestige
16:38:30 Iluha: and you?
16:38:52 Gen: a esp ltd, viper-500
16:39:14 Iluha: sounds expansive
16:39:30 Gen: yea lol...1200$
16:40:28 Iluha: ah very expansive
16:40:46 Gen: lol, i wanted a good guitar
16:40:51 Iluha: mine's worth or atleast was worth 750$ but i bought it in half price
16:41:00 Gen: cool
16:41:15 Iluha: because there were only two of its kind left in the store and they needed to get rid of them
16:41:26 Gen: aa okay lol
16:42:04 Gen: and how many years of experience do you have
16:42:35 Iluha: 4 on and off
16:42:40 Iluha: and you?
16:42:51 Gen: wow lol
16:43:02 Gen: i started only 9 month agolol
16:43:21 Iluha: cool
16:43:26 Iluha: how old are you?
16:43:54 Gen: lol, now i m finally 18 ^^
16:44:06 Gen: and u?
16:44:13 Iluha: I'm 20
16:44:32 Iluha: and where are you from?
16:44:47 Gen: from Geneva in switzerland, and you?
16:45:08 Iluha: Israel
16:45:30 Gen: can you play well?
16:45:40 Iluha: mmm... in my opinion no
16:45:47 Gen: i mean, what is the most complicated thing you can play?
16:45:55 Iluha: hardest i can play perfectly is Love Thing
16:46:35 Gen: are u fine with sweeps?
16:47:20 Iluha: and that's witout the wah wah effects cause i just got poor equipment
16:47:36 Gen: okay
16:47:43 Iluha: Actually I only started practicing sweeps a few months ago... when I signed up to this site
16:48:07 Gen: a okay^^
16:48:09 Iluha: I'm improving slowley.. most of my trouble is muting
16:48:47 Iluha: did that google tv work for you yet?
16:48:52 Gen: yea, i think that s the hardest thing with sweeps
16:48:57 Gen: no
16:49:34 Gen: and u? did it work?
16:49:38 Iluha: nope...
16:50:13 Iluha: im gonna try it 5 more times and then ill give up
16:50:22 Gen: okay lol
16:50:31 Gen: can you play pavel s lessons?
16:51:58 Iluha: ok i give up
16:52:03 Gen: lol
16:52:18 Iluha: mm hes new one I can play allmost at the same speed
16:52:25 Iluha: but the rest of em... not really
16:52:40 Gen: you can play the luca turilli?
16:52:47 Gen: lesson
16:52:48 Iluha: yeah
16:52:51 Gen: wowo
16:52:55 Gen: wow*
16:53:14 Iluha: it's basicly because I reallly practiced alot of speed picking and neo classical things in the past few weeks
16:53:22 Gen: a okay
16:53:33 Gen: and u always use alternate picking?
16:54:13 Iluha: mmm... I think so I never really pay attention to how I pick.. I just do what feels comfortable
16:54:32 Iluha: AKA economy picking
16:54:52 Gen: aa okay, u use only economy picknig?
16:55:04 Iluha: basicly yeah
16:55:13 Gen: okay
16:55:37 Iluha: o I forgot, in this lesson only thing I cant really play up to speed
16:55:42 Iluha: is avecourse, the sweep
16:56:02 Gen: a okay lol
16:56:31 Iluha: My problem is that I mute TOO fast
16:57:01 Gen: k
16:57:24 Iluha: I mean, that I often palm mute before I pick the note
16:58:14 Gen: with economy picking, when u go to another string, u go always with a down stroke right?
16:59:02 Iluha: mmm yeah but I guess I don't allways use economy, because it really depends on the pattern I'm going to play on the next string
16:59:20 Gen: okay i see
16:59:47 Iluha: lets say you you play a lick that is just
16:59:51 Iluha: mm
16:59:57 Iluha: 7th fret on b string
17:00:03 Gen: yes
17:00:22 Iluha: no wait never mind
17:00:29 Iluha: I cant realy think of a good example right now hehe..
17:01:16 Gen: lol okay no prob
17:02:52 Gen: and how is your improvisation?
17:02:55 Iluha: I guess picking patterns mostly depend on personal preference
17:03:02 Iluha: mm... sucks I guess
17:03:06 Gen: yea u re right
17:03:11 Iluha: I know only some basic scales
17:03:24 Gen: wich scales?
17:03:24 Iluha: I really don't spend time practicing as much as I would like to
17:03:44 Iluha: 1 minor 1 major 1 pentatonic *hides*
17:04:27 Gen: but, what is the difference with a minor and a major scale?
17:04:59 Iluha: oh wow I suck with theory heheh... but minor has one diffrent note then major
17:05:10 Gen: okay lol
17:06:00 Gen: but how did you learn it?
17:06:20 Iluha: When I only started playing I had a teacher
17:06:38 Gen: aaa okay
17:06:38 Iluha: but you can easily learn scales from Andew's theory boards
17:07:08 Gen: i must find a teacher lol, cuz i really dont understand the scales
17:07:36 Gen: i know the five boxes of the a minor pentatonic scale, and thats all
17:07:38 Iluha: you try reading some of Andrew's thory things?
17:08:20 Gen: yea, but i still dont understand, in switzerland we speak french lol, so i dont understand all the complicated terms
17:09:08 Iluha: ah.. mmm you can try buyin some kind of theory book
17:09:28 Gen: mm yea, but i think it would be better with a teacher
17:10:00 Iluha: Yeah but if you going to get a teacher then don't get one JUST for theory get one for everything
17:10:25 Gen: cuz i dont want to lose time, i think i started a little bit late, so i want to learn fast, thats why i practice 5 hours a day lol
17:10:41 Iluha: nah there's no such thing as starting "late"
17:10:57 Iluha: music is first of all FUN, age aint got nothing to do with fun
17:11:15 Gen: yea i know but still...
17:11:36 Iluha: I started at 16 and it's also reletivly late
17:11:37 Gen: its more difficult to be a pro when u started late
17:11:38 Iluha: BUT
17:11:50 Iluha: so did Pavel, and look at him now, hes only 19
17:12:07 Gen: when have he started?
17:12:11 Iluha: 15
17:12:18 Gen: lol
17:12:20 Gen: wow
17:12:32 Iluha: ill quote his signature:
17:12:46 Iluha: It isn't how much years you play, it's how many hours
17:12:59 Gen: yea, i saw this one
17:13:07 Gen: its true
17:13:52 Iluha: yeah you probably wont be that new young guitar extravaganza sensation heheh... but you still can make it big
17:14:03 Iluha: some bands only made it big at their 30+
17:14:07 Gen: lol
17:14:51 Gen: and u, have you a band?
17:15:32 Iluha: nope.. here's my problem and why I can't practice as much as I would like to
17:15:44 Iluha: in Israel you have to server in the army for 3 years
17:15:49 Iluha: serve*
17:15:55 Gen: really??
17:16:00 Gen: wow
17:16:07 Iluha: yeah and that's the stage i'm currently at
17:16:14 Gen: aa okay...
17:16:32 Iluha: and the job I do in the army is one of the worst one... (I didn't know it was like that when I chose it)
17:16:45 Iluha: basicly I come back home every day
17:16:47 Iluha: BUT
17:16:51 Gen: what kind of job is that?
17:17:00 Iluha: the time I come home can be even 2 am..
17:17:10 Gen: a okay...
17:17:23 Iluha: Well, I'm a personal driver to some fat old bastard
17:17:36 Iluha: who is the commander of all the missile ships in Israel
17:17:53 Gen:
17:17:56 Iluha: A really crappy job
17:18:17 Iluha: but luckily in two months time, he's retiring
17:18:26 Gen: cool
17:18:34 Iluha: and I will move to a much, MUCH better job, which will allow me much more time at home
17:18:46 Iluha: and enough time to practice as much as I want ^^
17:18:54 Gen: thats cool!
17:19:30 Iluha: yeah, also I'm a sweeming coach, atleast I was before the army .. and this will allow me to coach on the side hehe
17:19:43 Gen: hehe
17:20:24 Gen: hey, there s some cool avatars one there lol
17:21:00 Iluha: lol
17:21:32 Gen: what kind of music do you listen?
17:22:18 Iluha: mm mostly instrumental stuff
17:22:28 Gen: yea, the best
17:22:39 Iluha: I really began liking Muse lately though
17:23:11 Gen: i really like one of their song, i think its called bliss
17:23:21 Gen: something like that
17:23:51 Iluha: yeah it's one of my favourites
17:24:05 Gen: do you like some shred stuff?
17:24:16 Iluha: as long as it's with taste
17:24:39 Iluha: like Petrucci Vai and Gilbert for example
17:26:34 Iluha: ow
17:26:38 Iluha: that googletv thing
17:26:40 Iluha: is a hoax ;x
17:28:43 Gen: a hoax?
17:31:00 Iluha: yeah a joke
17:31:11 Iluha: there's no such thing it seems
17:32:51 Gen: a okay
17:33:35 Gen: i love petrucci too, one of my fav guitarist, of course gilbert too^^ i m gonna see dream theater the 27 june!!!!lol
17:34:16 Iluha: cool wish they'd come to Israel some time..
17:34:45 Gen: their doing a world tour for their new album
17:35:07 Gen: check out the website, maybe they re comming in israel too
17:36:00 Iluha: their not
17:36:12 Iluha: but Muse MIGHT come here heh..
17:36:23 Gen: cool^^
17:40:20 Iluha: I'm so bored.. it's allmost 1 am and I don't wanna sleep
17:41:37 Gen: lol, its 23:36 here
17:42:47 Iluha: you play any mmorpg's? heheh..
17:47:33 Gen: i played World of Warcraft for about 2 years
17:48:03 Gen: but know, i only play guitar lol, i was a nerd, i have many many consoles
17:48:27 Iluha: oh hehe cool
17:50:10 Gen: do u play some consoles games?
17:51:49 Iluha: not anymore :[
17:51:57 Iluha: I got a playstation 2 still connected
17:52:09 Iluha: and also I got a psp which I only recently got actually
17:52:25 Iluha: But I want to find someone with an old version of GTA
17:56:30 Gen: lol cool, i like gta^^
17:58:00 Iluha: well i need it because it's necessery in order to hack the psp heheh..
17:58:15 Iluha: basicly It enables it to run downloaded games
17:59:48 Gen: lool
18:01:17 Iluha: Well, Im gonna go to bed or atleast try to, been nice chatting with you, cya
18:01:54 Iluha: *whip*
18:03:29 Gen: see ya

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