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> Demon Booger! Or Demon Bugger?
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post Sep 13 2012, 03:04 AM
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wow, wow, and , O my
Azza's post did not offend me , but this, and from A GMC senior
if there is a discussion about music that wants to kill and rape a certain kind of people-, does not that people group have the right to inform others what is being said( many times people get involved in the music they don't listen to the words) or do we justify it because it's musical style resembles our own
there have been a few discussions in regards to shootings in the States, and several were willing to point the blame towards gangs and hip- hop, but we need to seriously look within our own styles and be honest

You're a little all over the place with this, so let me clarify. The point of the discussion was not lyrical content, and the post that was made was purely antagonistic and way off topic. This was not a religious discussion, and the post was an attempt to make it one. This is not about someones right to inform someone else of something they may or may not be offended by, nice try but you aren't going to make that one pass. This is a forum, with guidelines and rules, plain and simple, freedom of speech does not include goading a religious argument where none is deserved. As a father of seven, would you want your kids warned of Dimmu's lyrics by being shown the most graphic of them? No, of course not, so I removed them. And the post did not make an attempt to warn of lyrics, its was not friendly mockery and fun like the rest of the board was having.

does this band talk about raping , killing and murdering another precious person ( coming from the father of seven) my oldest being a girl
this is disgusting if these lyrics are true and I cannot and will not condone another person justifying this kind of perverse lryics

If you're offended then don't listen, If you dont want to condone it then don't. That's still NOT why this topic was started and not even close to a point of discussion. So the lyrical content which is offensive to many should not have been posted, if you feel the need to start warning people of the dangers of Dimmu Borgir lyrics feel free to start a topic elsewhere on another forum. This thread is almost entirely aimed at Dimmu fans or people who know them, and should a topic ever steer into territories such as lyrical content and their implications most GMC members should know to post warnings, and if its too graphic then don't post it at all.

it does not matter anyone's faith is when it comes to talking about killing or rape
I don't know the word's but am guessing since you had to edit it , Azza was right
if he was wrong , please prove it

He is right about the lyrical contents, he is wrong to post the most vivid and horrific ones he could find and goad the rest of the forum. This once again was NOT the topic of discussion, no one in hear is going to argue that these things are acts of good humanity. A post simply stating to others what the lyrical contents are without the vivid details would be fine, no one would think about it twice, and its much easier to do nicely as well, ( The music is not my thing, and the lyrics are much to violent, dark, and graphic for my tastes, so warning to those who don't know ) Not so hard to do, and it doesn't coerce anyone in the forum to make a debate out of it.

and to top it off, in your anger would refer to a student here as unintelligent( refering that his post is unintelligent) because he is offended by these words (as I am) and that you would ( being in your position ) use it to heavy Azza into a apologize , which I don't think he needed to do
Probably fearing loosing his posting privileges

Anger? Mere frustration as this is not a single isolated incident. Several drastic attempts and posts have been made and this time is was so out of nowhere something had to be said, especially coupled with inappropriate posting of those violent lyrics. I have ignored 99% of these incidents and given second, third, and fourth chances to many people over the years as have all of the staff at GMC, so don't pretend I am using my position to "heavy azza into an apology", No moderator has ever demanded an apology from anyone on this forum, public or otherwise in any way shape or form. I did not ask or request one, I simply stated that he needed to start showing respect, whether or not he did it is irrelevant and was of his own accord.

by the way, most everybody who posted, was mocking them as well
I think that about covers it

Yes we were, yet none of us brought religion or violent lyrics to the table did we? We were making fun of the names pronunciation, I don't think anyone even mentioned the music once.

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