Guitar Chat: Neoclassical Lesson, Daft Punk, Luca Turilli Lesson, Petrucci etc. 2007-06-15
Kristofer Dahl
Jun 16 2007, 09:50 AM
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04:30:50 JOhn: bye lol
09:45:12 Gen: anyone?
10:17:06 AdamWest: John 3:16
10:17:21 AdamWest: o.o
10:18:25 Gen: hey
10:18:31 Gen: hi adam
10:19:15 AdamWest: what is up?
10:19:53 Gen: nothing
10:19:57 Gen: and you?
10:20:24 AdamWest: noofin
10:20:46 AdamWest: wow its been a while since anyone else has been on...when are heaps of people on?
10:20:57 Gen: lol idk
10:21:19 Gen: andrew was here yesterday
10:21:28 Gen: and many other peoples
10:21:48 AdamWest: ok
10:23:38 AdamWest: does kristopher drop by on here often?
10:24:18 Gen: i think, but i still never saw him
10:25:10 AdamWest: ok
10:25:23 Gen: so, how long have you been playing?
10:25:55 AdamWest: im a complete beginner, just signed up to gmc yesterday
10:26:12 Gen: ^^
10:26:19 Gen: how old are you?
10:26:59 AdamWest: 16
10:28:30 Gen: i m 18 lol
10:28:36 Gen: i m a beginner too
10:28:43 Gen: i started nine month ago
10:28:50 AdamWest: cool
10:35:16 Gen: i must go bye
10:36:09 AdamWest: bye
10:36:12 AdamWest:
10:45:19 CrashOops: Empty as always
14:32:36 Leviathan: Woo
14:32:41 Leviathan: I"m all alone again
14:32:43 Leviathan: lol
14:32:53 Leviathan: I think I broke my nose
14:34:56 Gen: yooohooo
15:02:51 Leviathan: What's up
15:03:23 Leviathan: Que pa sol
15:03:45 Leviathan: ??
15:06:31 Gen: hey
15:06:48 Gen: nothing and you?
15:07:57 Gen: *whip*
15:08:11 Leviathan: Oh i'm here
15:08:18 Leviathan: i'm just eating noodles
15:08:21 Leviathan: i'm hungry as hell
15:08:22 Gen: lol
15:08:32 Leviathan: some good ass noodles
15:08:36 Gen: ^^
15:08:47 Leviathan: You're on here alot
15:08:50 Leviathan: are you a moderator
15:09:23 Gen: no lol, but i practice guitar alll day, so i like to stay here
15:09:38 Gen: my guitar is just next to my computer
15:11:09 Gen: hey ryan
15:11:18 Gen: what s up
15:11:27 Ryan: Yoi
15:11:46 Ryan: haha whoops
15:11:50 Gen: hehe
15:12:02 Gen: hey leviathan , give me some noodles lol
15:12:14 Gen: *whip*
15:12:24 Ryan: lol
15:12:39 Ryan: *meow*
15:12:41 Ryan: awesome
15:12:42 Gen: hope andrew s gonna coming
15:12:44 Gen: lol
15:12:50 Gen: *slap*
15:14:24 Gen: hey this avatar is cool
15:14:26 Gen: lol
15:14:27 Leviathan: YEah me to
15:14:41 Ryan: lol
15:14:46 Leviathan: dude Scatman john is awesome
15:14:53 Gen: lol
15:16:06 Gen: hey guys
15:16:12 Gen: there s somthing weird
15:16:23 Gen: it says that andrew is in the chat room
15:16:57 Ryan: no it doesnt lol
15:17:29 Gen: yea now lol
15:18:16 Gen: so leviathan, do you make any progress with guitar?
15:19:15 Gen: *meow*
15:19:23 Leviathan: yeah
15:19:27 Leviathan: i'm trying
15:19:35 Leviathan: lol the meow got my attention
15:19:40 Gen: haha
15:19:48 Leviathan: and why does my name always come up red
15:19:50 Leviathan: Behemoth
15:19:55 Leviathan: Gen
15:19:59 Leviathan: Ryan
15:19:59 Gen: lol
15:20:02 Leviathan: but leviathan
15:20:05 Leviathan: aaaaaahhh
15:20:06 Leviathan: lol
15:20:09 Gen: my name is red lol
15:20:19 Leviathan: I'm trying to get that neo classical thing down
15:20:19 Gen: but yours is not in my screen
15:20:26 Gen: wich one?
15:20:33 Leviathan: the three stage one
15:21:22 Gen: the intermediate one?
15:22:13 Leviathan: oh i'm on easy right now
15:22:24 Leviathan: i'm tryin to get it perfect
15:22:30 Gen: yea me too
15:22:46 Gen: how long have you been playing? i forgot lol
15:22:54 Leviathan: like 2 1/2 years
15:23:01 Leviathan: but serious about 1 year
15:23:09 Gen: cool
15:23:19 Leviathan: I just barely played when i started
15:23:38 Leviathan: I wish I can get as good as Kristopher
15:23:47 Gen: yea
15:23:53 Gen: that would be cool
15:24:40 Leviathan: And then i'd possibly get famous lol
15:24:52 Gen: i wish i could too
15:24:54 Gen: lol
15:25:47 Gen: do you have a band?
15:25:56 Leviathan: Kinda
15:26:11 Leviathan: Were tryin to start a band up...
15:26:18 Leviathan: haven't gone to practice yet
15:26:26 Leviathan: how bout you?
15:26:32 Gen: a okay
15:26:56 Gen: we also tryin to start a band, its called zero x
15:27:18 Gen: lol
15:28:22 Gen: how old are you?
15:29:32 Leviathan: Im 17
15:29:38 Leviathan: My bands name is LEviathan
15:29:39 Leviathan: lol
15:29:42 Gen: lol
15:29:44 Leviathan: Lev
15:29:58 Leviathan:
15:30:01 Leviathan: that's my myspace
15:30:12 Gen: okay, i ll take a look
15:30:39 Gen: lol the scatman john music intro
15:30:44 Leviathan: Yeah
15:30:48 Leviathan: I just put that on
15:30:50 Leviathan: mine
15:30:55 Leviathan: do you have a myspace?
15:31:05 Leviathan: I had party like a rockstar on it
15:31:25 Gen: not yet
15:31:43 Leviathan: My guitar is in my pics
15:32:26 Leviathan: How you doin ryan *slap*
15:32:53 Gen: hey lol you dont like daft lunk?
15:33:04 Leviathan: daft lunk
15:33:07 Leviathan: lol
15:33:11 Gen: daft punk lol
15:33:13 Gen: sry
15:33:26 Leviathan: Daft punk is alright
15:33:35 Gen: i dont really like them
15:33:45 Leviathan: I mean i like one of there songs
15:33:50 Gen: a oaky
15:33:51 Leviathan: I don't listen to them like that
15:34:05 Leviathan: I haven't heard one of there songs for about a year
15:34:09 Gen: lol
15:34:14 Leviathan: Scatman
15:35:04 Leviathan: Alright dude i'll be on later
15:35:07 Leviathan: LATER BRO
15:35:10 Gen: okay
15:35:11 Gen: bye
15:35:24 Gen: hey ryan
16:42:20 rokchik: I'm all alone......
17:06:33 Gen: no you re not^^
17:06:51 Gen: *meow*
17:07:05 rokchik: Hey Gen
17:07:20 Gen: hi rokchik
17:07:41 rokchik: how's it going?
17:08:12 Gen: good and you
17:08:37 rokchik: good but very warm today
17:08:43 Gen: o yea
17:08:50 rokchik: It's 33.5 celcius right now
17:09:02 Gen: wow
17:09:03 rokchik: and very humid
17:09:33 rokchik: Yeah and I live in Northern Canada...It's not suppose to get this hot
17:09:42 Gen: yea lol
17:10:04 Gen: is it the french part of canada?lol
17:10:19 rokchik: No next door...Labrador
17:10:33 Gen: ^^
17:10:39 rokchik: So what you practicing?
17:11:09 Gen: i m trying to do the luca turilli lesson at 100 bpm good
17:11:21 Gen: and you
17:11:35 rokchik: I C....I'm not quite there yet.
17:12:41 rokchik: Actually I haven't been playing the last couple of weeks. I've been working a lot and I've formed a mild facebook addiction so I've been neglecting my guitar....I know Bad me
17:12:59 Gen: lol
17:13:17 Gen: how long you been playing guitar
17:13:20 rokchik: But I did manage to finally get barre chords down which was giving me a lot of greif
17:13:28 Gen: ^^
17:13:57 rokchik: it will be 2 yrs July 1 but only seriously the last 6 months or so...minus the last two weeks
17:14:02 rokchik: you?
17:14:12 Gen: nine month lol
17:14:50 rokchik: cool...yeah when I found this site I started to boggle down and really play. before that I was just learning songs to impress my friends
17:15:13 Gen: ^^
17:15:15 rokchik: although I'd never play fro them because i suck
17:15:22 rokchik: lol
17:15:26 Gen: lol
17:15:32 Gen: how old are you?
17:15:46 rokchik: just turned 30 in
17:16:05 Gen: 18
17:16:25 rokchik: ahhhhh to be 18 again. Enjoy man!
17:16:34 AIB234: afternoon
17:16:38 rokchik: afternoon
17:16:49 Gen: lol
17:16:54 Gen: hey
17:17:02 Gen: hi aib
17:17:07 rokchik: Your from ontario aren't ya AIB234?
17:17:14 AIB234: Yes I am. I live near Sarnia
17:17:22 rokchik: Cool...Labrador
17:17:28 AIB234: ooh far away
17:17:34 rokchik: I have a lot of friends in sarnia
17:17:45 AIB234: Gen lives in Ontario too if this already hasn't been discussed
17:17:46 rokchik: Where you from Gen?
17:17:53 rokchik: cool
17:18:22 Gen: hey lol i m from geneva in switzerland
17:18:36 AIB234: whoops, I was thinking of someone else
17:18:38 AIB234: my bad :x
17:18:38 rokchik: I guess your not in Canada..LOL
17:18:42 Gen: lol
17:18:59 rokchik: So that's why you asked if it was the French part?
17:19:00 AIB234: I was talking to someone else in here who lives in London, ON
17:19:06 Gen: yea
17:19:16 AIB234: boo-urns @ Quebec
17:19:27 rokchik: Je ne parle pas le francais!
17:19:31 Gen: lol
17:19:33 Gen: moi oui
17:19:43 AIB234: the politics are simply silly.
17:20:16 rokchik: So what kind of stuff does everyone listen too?
17:20:21 AIB234: I suppose you could say what politics are not... but especially those
17:20:36 Gen: all kind of rock things^^
17:20:37 AIB234: I'll listen to almost anything except rap and country
17:20:42 Gen: i like dream theater
17:20:53 Gen: john petrucci lol, and his magical knob
17:20:54 Gen: loool
17:20:56 rokchik: I'm a classic rock, 80's, RATM girl with some Muse thrown in for good measure
17:20:56 AIB234: Me toooo. I'm listening to Liquid Tension Exp right now
17:21:13 Gen: AWSOME CD
17:21:27 Gen: those two albums are really great
17:21:32 AIB234: I like all the stuff you listen to rok. Though, never listened to Muse
17:21:36 rokchik: Ya kow I've never checked out Dream Theater...that will probably get me kicked off this site....LOL
17:21:43 Gen: i wish i could grow up in the 80s
17:21:58 AIB234: That will send you straight to hell nevermind this site
17:22:12 rokchik: Muse is pretty good...but then again most stuff coming out of the UK now is pretty good.
17:22:41 rokchik: I'm going there anyway LOL
17:22:49 AIB234: hehe
17:23:08 Gen: lol
17:23:16 AIB234: I want to play my guitar but work was so awful today I just feel drained to the max
17:24:12 rokchik: The 80's were a great decade...Metallica, Megadeath, GNR...awesome stuff....we'll forget about the Rick Ashley's of that time...LOL and MC Hammer although he was closer to the 90's I think.
17:24:24 Gen: lol
17:24:28 AIB234: MC Hammer was sweet. Don't hate
17:24:41 AIB234: That was back in the days when rap wasn't verbal vomit, haha
17:24:42 rokchik: You can't touch him apparently
17:24:55 AIB234: rofl
17:24:58 rokchik: MC Hammer is verbal vomit!!!!
17:25:09 AIB234: Not in comparison to today's rap.
17:25:09 Gen: loool
17:25:20 Gen: good point
17:25:52 rokchik: I'll agree with ya there...except for maybe Common, Mos Def and Eminem...Love that white boy.
17:26:00 Gen: lol
17:26:26 AIB234: I think Eminem has amazing talent but it's still verbal vomit as far as I am concerned.
17:26:42 AIB234: I can at least respect his music
17:26:46 Gen: yea its true he has talent but...
17:26:50 rokchik: the 80's had some great rap though...Public Enemy, Run DMC, Digital Underground...I mean ya gotta love the Humpty Dance
17:26:51 Gen: yea
17:27:03 AIB234: Exactly. 80s rap > all other rap
17:27:10 Gen: yea
17:27:12 rokchik: True dat
17:27:21 AIB234: fo shizzle my nizzle?
17:27:54 rokchik: holla
17:27:58 AIB234: haha
17:28:27 rokchik: I think it's cool that rock music never really had a bad time
17:28:35 Gen: yea lol
17:29:02 Gen: but the rock in the 80 was the best!
17:29:18 Gen: there are also some good stuff now but...
17:29:20 rokchik: I don't listen to much 50's stuff but pretty much every decade has great Rock music
17:29:27 Gen: 90 s are the best too
17:29:41 rokchik: 90's are good but can get very depressing
17:29:49 Gen: lol
17:29:52 rokchik: very angry your generation LOL
17:30:10 rokchik: but that is the era of RATM so ya gotta love it
17:30:20 Gen: ya lol
17:30:25 Gen: audioslaves too
17:30:46 rokchik: I love anything Morello does
17:30:52 Gen: yea
17:31:15 rokchik: Who's your fave guitarist?
17:31:26 Gen: John petrucci!
17:31:28 rokchik: Mine...Morello and Page
17:31:28 Gen: lol
17:31:50 Gen: i wish i could have his guitar
17:32:00 rokchik: Who's?
17:32:00 Gen: not the musicman but the other lol
17:32:05 Gen: john petrucci s
17:32:16 rokchik: Ahhh yes...very nice
17:32:17 AIB234: Petrucci and Li here for me
17:32:33 Gen: the other with the magical knob lol
17:32:40 AIB234: haha
17:33:08 rokchik: What kind guitar you guys have?
17:33:35 AIB234: BC Rich Warlock Body Art Collection. Looking at Schecter's and an Ibanez this weekend, though.
17:33:45 rokchik: Shredders
17:34:32 Gen: i have an esp ltd viper 500 and a fake strat lol
17:34:37 AIB234:
17:35:13 Gen: great shape!
17:35:28 AIB234: It hurts when I practice too long. I've had to change the way I play when I practice, haha
17:35:45 rokchik: very nice
17:35:46 Gen: haha
17:35:57 Gen: hey i have a very stupid question
17:36:08 rokchik: I'm looking to get a strat actually
17:36:17 AIB234: I really, really want a Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR, but they're like $1100 -.-
17:36:29 rokchik: no stupid questions...just stupid answers LOL
17:36:46 Gen: when you re playing arrpegios chords, do you have to use the alternate picking or just dowstrokes
17:36:56 AIB234: either or, depends
17:37:02 AIB234: arpeggios are usually used for sweeping
17:37:08 Gen: i mean playing each note of a chord
17:37:26 Gen: like the intro of freebird by lynyrd skynyrd
17:37:27 AIB234: If you're not sweeping, play alt
17:37:39 rokchik: I always thought you had to alt. pick but I'm not sure
17:38:06 Gen: cuz i see many people just playing chords with down strokes
17:38:23 AIB234: then they need to develop their strum patterns
17:38:29 Gen: lol
17:38:30 rokchik: Oh...I would just downstroke...but then again I'm just learning
17:38:47 Gen: wait i m gonna give you a link
17:38:47 rokchik: for freebird I mean
17:39:05 Gen: and just tell me what the guy does
17:40:22 Gen:
17:40:26 Gen: oups lol
17:40:28 AIB234: haha
17:40:31 Gen: just hold on
17:40:34 AIB234: np
17:42:00 Gen:
17:42:18 Gen: here s it
17:43:34 rokchik: oops accidently clicked the link
17:43:59 Gen: ^^
17:44:28 AIB234: this guy is hilarious
17:44:45 Gen: lol
17:45:08 AIB234: it looks like he's doing slow sweeps
17:45:14 rokchik: I can't get it to work...strange things going on on my computer
17:45:34 Gen: oh
17:45:55 Gen: so i must use alt picking for chords too
17:46:20 AIB234: I dunno, you can do it either way
17:46:28 AIB234: imo I'd alt pick it unless you want to practise sweeps
17:46:47 Gen: okay thanks for the answer
17:47:21 AIB234: anytime
17:47:33 AIB234: i may be incorrect, but logically that sounds alright
17:47:50 Gen: k
17:48:26 rokchik: Now I gotta listen to Freebird
17:48:34 Gen: lol
17:48:37 Gen: great song
17:48:42 rokchik: power of suggestion
17:48:48 rokchik: it sure is
17:48:51 AIB234: lol
17:49:25 rokchik: I was listening to Tweeter and the Monkey man by the Traveling Wilbury's
17:50:04 Gen: dont know that
17:50:20 rokchik: It's a good song. I love the Wilbury's
17:50:51 Gen: i ll check it out
17:51:10 Gen: but not right now lol cuz i m practicing
17:52:00 rokchik: Cool
17:52:47 rokchik:
17:52:59 rokchik: here's a link to it
17:53:18 Gen: thx
17:53:25 rokchik: Ya gotta love Tom Petty
17:53:58 Gen: hey lol, its the same link as mine
17:54:04 Gen: the freebird one
17:54:32 rokchik: I thought something went wrong...I couldn't open yours
17:54:51 rokchik: I'll try again...I'm computer illiterate by the way
17:55:04 Gen: okay lol
17:55:55 AIB234: and im back
17:55:59 AIB234: i always forget im in here
17:56:01 Gen: k
17:56:04 Gen: lol
17:56:18 AIB234: I start chatting on MSN and stuff and then it slips my mind
17:56:28 Gen: yea me too lol
17:57:08 Gen: especially on msn
17:57:10 Gen: lol
17:57:46 Gen: i start to chat, and then i start to practice guitar so it slips my mind
17:58:17 rokchik: I don't know it won't let me I said i'm a dummy when comes to computers
17:58:37 AIB234: should just be able to double click the link
17:58:53 Gen: i know me too, i coulnt past the link so i wrote it lol
17:58:59 AIB234: lol
17:59:00 rokchik: LOL
17:59:18 rokchik: I'll try that...gotta go find it again
17:59:29 Gen: okay^^
17:59:45 AIB234: sometimes I wish I wasn't a computer geek
17:59:57 Gen: lol
18:03:25 rokchik:
18:03:30 rokchik: try this
18:04:09 Gen: it works, well done^^
18:04:18 rokchik: Whoooohooo
18:04:22 rokchik: LOL
18:05:17 Gen: hey thats good!
18:05:40 rokchik: Ya gotta love th Wilbury's
18:08:12 Gen: the music s really good
18:08:33 rokchik: Yeah I find most of their stuff that way
18:09:36 rokchik: Then again it is Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Roy Orbinson and Jeff Lynne
18:10:00 Gen: wow
18:10:21 Gen: lol i think aib forgot he was here
18:10:35 AIB234:
18:10:38 Gen: lol
18:10:43 AIB234: do either of you play legato very much?
18:10:57 Gen: sometimes
18:11:14 AIB234: I know you're not supposed to be pulling and hammering, it;s more tapping
18:11:16 rokchik: I'm trying too
18:11:21 AIB234: but I find my legato is quieter than my regular playing
18:11:39 Gen: yea me too
18:11:45 rokchik: I've noticed mine is too
18:13:51 AIB234: I am going to try and devote myself to Petrucci's Rock Discipline DVD
18:14:10 Gen: ^^
18:15:56 rokchik: has either of you looked at Andrews theory lessons?
18:16:08 rokchik: I find they have helped me sooooo much
18:16:12 AIB234: yes I have
18:16:23 AIB234: I've taken quite a bit of the theory he has posted, but it is very good
18:16:34 AIB234: I sometimes find it hard to understand because it's only text, but he does a wonderful job
18:17:07 rokchik: yeah but Andrew is great when it comes to asking a question...he's very helpful
18:17:17 rokchik: Then again all the instructors are
18:17:28 AIB234: Yeah they all are
18:17:30 rokchik: That's why this site is so awesome
18:18:26 rokchik: Well I gotta jet...Got to change over the laundry and then practice. Great talking to ya boys. We'll chat soon
18:18:48 Gen: great chatting too, cya
18:18:51 rokchik: C YA
18:21:27 AIB234: and then there were two.
18:21:51 Gen: yea^^
18:26:26 Gen: lol, i stop practicing a bit tonight cuz i m tired
18:28:55 AIB234: haha I just started
18:29:02 AIB234: watching some petrucci again
18:29:51 Gen: lol yea, be careful
18:29:57 Gen: or you will die
18:30:08 AIB234: the stretches kill me
18:30:14 AIB234: esp between fingers 2-3
18:30:22 Gen: lol
18:30:32 Gen: sold your guitar on ebay
18:30:34 Gen: hahaha
18:30:57 Gen: the guy who maded those vids s great
18:31:52 AIB234: hehehe yea
18:32:32 Gen: lol its 00:27 here
18:41:28 AIB234: 6:32pm here
18:58:58 rokchik: *meow*
18:59:03 rokchik: I'm back
18:59:08 AIB234: wb
18:59:26 Gen: this video wont just kill you, it will kill you in your after, and the next life, and probably rape your soul
18:59:30 AIB234: I gotta figure out how to turn off those darn sounds
18:59:30 Gen: loooooooool
18:59:41 Gen: just watching john petrucci psycho ex
18:59:43 Gen: lol
18:59:46 AIB234: scared me when you said meow
18:59:47 rokchik: do you find your hand cramps up when playing Legato?
18:59:54 rokchik: Sorry..
18:59:56 AIB234: I haven't yet, no
18:59:58 AIB234: haha it's okay
19:00:05 AIB234: *slap*
19:00:11 Gen: lol
19:00:13 rokchik: I think it's because I've just started to play it
19:00:14 AIB234:
19:00:24 AIB234: I've been playing for about 6 years, just not practicing seriously
19:00:47 AIB234: after a while it does get tired thoguh
19:01:13 rokchik: it will be 2 yrs in july for me but seriously only like 6 months
19:01:51 AIB234: have you seen John Petrucci's Rock Discipline videos on YouTube rokchik?
19:01:53 rokchik: My pinky and I don't get's an ongoing problem
19:01:57 AIB234: if not I suggest you go watch them.
19:02:04 rokchik: No
19:02:19 rokchik: Thanks I'll check them out fo sho
19:02:39 AIB234: and once you watch all 12
19:02:51 AIB234: watch the spoof videos called Psycho Exercises, they are HILARIOUS
19:02:59 Gen: yea lol
19:03:25 rokchik: Sounds like fun
19:03:46 AIB234: The first spoof isn't very good, but the others are a hoot
19:04:01 AIB234: You'll recognize all Gen's quotes that you're not getting at the moment from the spoofs
19:04:02 Gen: where did you found all the 12 vids?
19:04:13 AIB234: YouTube
19:04:18 AIB234: There are 12 parts
19:04:22 AIB234: about 10 min each
19:04:47 Gen: can you give me the name of the guy who posted those vids?
19:05:01 AIB234: do a search for rock discipline and you will find them
19:05:14 Gen: okay thx
19:05:14 AIB234: or if you can't find a specific one, just search rock discipline 4 or whatever
19:05:52 Gen: thx
19:08:15 rokchik: I'm gonna go check them out right now. I'll talk to you guys later.
19:08:20 AIB234: cheers
19:08:36 rokchik: cya
19:10:32 Gen: hahaha, i m watching the first one but i cant watch it seriously
19:11:02 AIB234: hahaha
19:11:10 Gen: cuz when he says, oo my arm just cracked, it reminds me of the other vid, i m gonna kill you
19:11:12 Gen: loooool
19:11:13 AIB234: unfortunately I have a funeral visitation to attend so I must also leave
19:11:16 AIB234: lol yeah
19:11:25 Gen: okay
19:11:25 AIB234: I'll be back later if you're still around. if not, enjoy your weekend
19:11:38 Gen: enjoy your s too
19:11:41 Gen: cya
19:11:45 AIB234: cheers
21:34:57 Smackdonkey: ne1 here like acdc?
21:56:26 Aaron: ........
22:52:35 AdamWest: ello all
22:55:49 rokchik: Hello Mr Mayor
22:55:54 rokchik: lol
22:56:18 rokchik: *slap*
23:00:54 rokchik: *meow*
23:01:18 AdamWest: hehe
23:01:26 rokchik: I love family guy
23:01:37 AdamWest: yeah me 2
23:01:41 rokchik: More of a Simpsons fan though
23:01:50 AdamWest: i like both
23:02:06 rokchik: So what you been practicing
23:02:33 AdamWest: well im new so ive been doing the power chords lesson and the beginner guitar excersises
23:03:07 rokchik: I just got out of the beginner stuff actually. I started Pavels Legato lesson today
23:03:50 rokchik: I kinda poked around at a few things first to see what to do after the beginner stuff... But I really wanted to do the legato
23:04:26 rokchik: Barre Chords took me forever...pinky issues. Now with Legato...Pinky issues. LOL
23:04:52 AdamWest: yeah i read that barre chords were hard
23:06:19 rokchik: some people can pick them up real quick but I had trouble. I could never get all the strings to sound clean. But I've finally got it to were I comfortable saying I can move on...still have a bit of tweaking but They are coming along nicely...finally
23:06:45 rokchik: How Long you been playing?
23:07:00 AdamWest: just a few days
23:07:23 rokchik: Oh so you are new LOL
23:07:49 rokchik: I've only been at it 2 yrs in July. Seriously only about 6 months
23:08:15 AdamWest: how long have you been a member of gmc?
23:08:48 rokchik: since the middle of March
23:09:19 rokchik: I still concider my self a newb
23:09:42 rokchik: I couldn't play for like a month in April...hurt my shoulder playing Hockey
23:10:09 rokchik: I suck really....LOL
23:10:19 AdamWest: how did you do that?
23:12:01 AIB234: ahoyhoy everyone
23:12:18 rokchik: I play defence and I went for a body check and got there a bit late and hit mostly the boards. Tore some ligaments and did a bit of damage to the rotater cuff but all good now. Still gets a bit stiff and still doing rehab but OK to play
23:12:48 rokchik: Play guitar I mean...hey AIB234
23:14:20 AIB234: Ooh torn ligaments, that's me
23:14:31 AIB234: I'm awaiting surgery on my knee for a torn ACL and cartilage
23:14:48 rokchik: I wouldn't wish knee problems on anyone
23:14:57 AIB234: Yeah, it's not cool in wait for it.
23:15:11 AIB234: I just hope it can heal well enough that I don't get the problems for the rest of my life.
23:15:19 rokchik: I tore my ACL in high school...I can tell ya when it's gonna rain now baby.
23:15:31 AIB234: heh
23:15:38 rokchik: not fun at all
23:15:53 AIB234: But such is life.
23:16:12 rokchik: I play to ruff...always manage to get hurt...But they say play tough or go home. LOL
23:16:31 rokchik: How'd ya hurt the Knee?
23:16:49 AdamWest: sorry, was away printing some tabs
23:16:57 rokchik: cool
23:16:58 AIB234: volleyball, hahaha
23:17:23 AIB234: came down from a spike and twisted 'er the wrong way, heard a loud pop and went into excruciating pain for way too long.
23:17:34 rokchik: I could never play volleyball...did everything else though but really I sucked at Volleyball
23:17:42 rokchik: ouch!!!!
23:17:43 AIB234: I suck at Basketball
23:17:51 AIB234: I hate it
23:17:52 AIB234: haha
23:17:57 rokchik: Basketball is how I hurt mine
23:18:30 rokchik: jump ball, came down on someones foot...wasn't pleasant.
23:18:48 AIB234: I got invited by three really good looking girls to be on their golf team for the staff tourney next week, but I can't D:
23:18:58 rokchik: LOL
23:19:00 AIB234: It's a cringing sound even when I think about it now. What about you?
23:19:11 rokchik: Nightmares!!!
23:19:13 AIB234: So now I'm the caddy, so it will still be good... but not as good to show off years of golf experience
23:19:31 rokchik: and an urge to vomit
23:19:53 rokchik: LOL...I don't golf.
23:19:56 AIB234: I'm watching the Dream Theater documentary for Systematic Chaos, their new album. I highly recommend buying the album (which comes with the DVD for freee).
23:20:05 AIB234: Haha I've been golfing since I was like 4
23:20:17 rokchik: I think golf is an excuse to wear bad clothes...LOL
23:20:22 AIB234: haha
23:20:34 rokchik: Actually golf is a very skillful game
23:20:36 AIB234: Not all of us dress up in the... attire, if you can call it that.
23:20:42 AdamWest: the long socks
23:20:43 AIB234: Yeah it is... frustratingly so.
23:20:45 AdamWest: >_<
23:20:50 rokchik: I know I'm just bustin your balls
23:21:08 rokchik: Payne Stewart Baby!
23:21:11 AIB234: lol
23:21:34 AIB234: How did you like those Petrucci vids rokchik?
23:22:42 rokchik: Yeah I downloaded some Dream Theature stuff from iTunes earlier. Kinda like them which surprised me as not really my type of music. As for the Petrucci vids only got part way through vid and the power went just got it back about a half hour ago
23:22:54 AIB234: oh suck
23:23:42 AIB234: THe thing I really like about DT is that they often tell of a jounrey throughout their albums. Make sure you listen to The Glass Prison, my favourite song along with Learning to Live and Spirit Carries On
23:24:00 rokchik: I'm after having about 8 Keith's and sorta dropping but I'm downloading some stuff so must stay awake for a bit longer
23:24:10 AIB234: hahahah
23:24:34 AdamWest: o.o
23:24:35 rokchik: Yeah I noticed they sorta had a Zeppelin like writing
23:24:36 AIB234: Petrucci makes me want to kill myself when I see him play and then try
23:24:52 AIB234: Even his warmup exercises with stretching, ugh!
23:24:55 rokchik: I'm like that with most guitarists
23:25:40 rokchik: I'm really trying to nail some of Morello's stuff with the wah and whammy. It's very tricky to get just right
23:25:50 AIB234: for sure
23:25:52 rokchik: But very fun
23:26:06 AdamWest: wish i had a wah pedal
23:26:09 AdamWest:
23:26:20 rokchik: I just got mine about a month ago I think it was
23:26:21 AIB234: I have a built in wah pedal in my amp, but that is it
23:26:34 rokchik: it's a Zakk Wylde Wah....soooooo Love it
23:26:41 AIB234: along with the other effects of course
23:26:44 AdamWest: love zakk wylde
23:26:48 rokchik: which amp?
23:26:55 rokchik: yeah Zakk rocks
23:27:02 AIB234: Behringer V-Ampire LX120-1
23:27:31 rokchik: cool I have a Vox AD30VT
23:27:39 AdamWest: to get an awesome amp thats like 30W with built in computer could pay the ssame amount of money for a used beginner guitar
23:27:41 AIB234: sounds more expensive than mine
23:28:28 rokchik: I think it was around like 450 cdn. i got it for christmas from the boyfriend
23:28:36 AIB234: Ooh nice
23:28:41 AIB234: I win. Mine was $500.
23:29:01 rokchik: I love it. I had a Peavey rage 15W. Just wasn't cutting it for my Gibson
23:29:08 AIB234: haha
23:29:15 AIB234: I had a 15W Kustom for like 5 years
23:29:32 rokchik: Adam what are you using?
23:29:44 AdamWest: guitar or amp
23:29:45 AdamWest: ?
23:29:47 AIB234: Are you using a Gibson SG, rok?
23:29:52 rokchik: Both why not
23:30:11 rokchik: No... LP standard
23:30:20 rokchik: My precious!!!!!!!
23:30:34 AdamWest: nature by jixing guitar with JX-6520 30W crap, i hope to upgrade both in the next couple of months
23:31:14 rokchik: cool. I also have a Peavey raptor that I got second hand for like 100 bucks or something
23:31:37 rokchik: It sounds pretty good though
23:31:57 AdamWest: lol i hate my amp...crank it above 4 and it sounds like an army of wasps is out to get you with the distortion on
23:32:26 rokchik: My rage was the same way
23:32:29 rokchik: LOL
23:32:55 rokchik: So adam what kind of stuff do you listen too?
23:33:37 AdamWest: mainly alt rock and alt/nu metal
23:35:15 rokchik: cool... I listen to everything but mostly Zeppelin, RATM, Muse that kind of stuff
23:35:34 AdamWest: cool
23:38:08 AdamWest: im listening to soundgarden atm...damn chris kornell lol
23:38:26 rokchik: Spoonman...classic
23:39:47 AdamWest: im listening to black hole sun
23:39:49 AdamWest:
23:40:07 AdamWest: havent listened to spoon man in a while
23:40:10 AIB234: im fighting to stay awake watching my DT documentary
23:40:24 AdamWest: quick cofee ftw
23:40:30 rokchik: good song too. I also like Rusty Cage...but Johnny cash so owns that song now
23:40:35 AIB234: nah I want to go to bed right when it's done
23:41:03 rokchik: Go get yer Tim's a canuck you understand LOL
23:41:12 AIB234: haha
23:41:53 AdamWest: im going to get something to eat
23:41:59 AIB234: enjoy
23:42:46 rokchik: mmmmmmmmmmm. food
23:44:52 rokchik: Well bye's I gotta get to bed. I'm dropping pretty good here now so enjoy the rest of your day and we'll talk to ya soon. Have a rockin weekend with lots of practice.
23:44:59 AIB234: night
23:45:09 AIB234: hoping to have a new axe this weekend ;D
23:45:12 rokchik: nighty night
23:45:22 rokchik: cool you'll have to post some pics
23:45:28 AIB234: yeah for sure if I do
23:45:30 AIB234: cheers
23:45:37 rokchik: cool...we'll c ya

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