Guitar Chat: alternate picking, Pavel's sweep lessons etc. 2007-06-16
Kristofer Dahl
Jun 18 2007, 04:10 PM
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03:37:09 Gen: *meow*
06:30:09 Iluha: hi
06:30:12 Iluha:
06:30:16 JOhn: hello
06:30:30 Iluha: How are you?
06:30:38 JOhn: good
06:30:39 JOhn: lol
06:32:29 Iluha: what are you practicing these days?
06:32:40 JOhn: alternate picking
06:32:47 JOhn: thast what im doing right noe
06:32:49 JOhn: now
06:33:24 Iluha: ah, which patters are you practicing?
06:33:41 JOhn: the third lesson on this site
06:33:43 JOhn: you?
06:34:51 Iluha: I'm going to watch kris's three picking lessons, and then decide what I'm going to do ... I mostly been practicing Pavel's sweep lessons in the past month
06:35:05 JOhn: how long you been playing?
06:35:26 Iluha: 4 years on and off, but only a few months of serious practicing tongue.gif
06:35:29 Iluha: and you?
06:35:38 JOhn: started last year
06:36:01 Iluha: Cool, and how have you been learning, with this site only?
06:36:05 JOhn: no
06:36:17 JOhn: i only recently joined this site
06:36:28 JOhn: i learn also by guitar teacher
06:36:47 Iluha: ah ok I also started out with a teacher
06:36:56 JOhn: still have one?
06:37:17 Iluha: nope, I'm from Israel, and here when you turn 18 you have to go to the army for 3 years..
06:37:28 Iluha: thats the point of my life I'm at right now
06:37:40 JOhn: so your 18?
06:37:44 Iluha: 20
06:37:55 JOhn: so your in the army?
06:38:09 Iluha: yup... got another year and a half remaining
06:38:20 JOhn: how do you make time for guitar?
06:38:29 Iluha: but I'm not a "combat soldier" so I come home everyday
06:38:50 Iluha: So I manage to get about half an hour every day for guitar
06:38:59 JOhn: what kind os "soldier" are you?
06:39:05 Iluha: plus on weekends I get alot of hours in tongue.gif
06:39:35 Iluha: Well, right now I'm just a personal driver for the commander of all missile ships in Israel
06:40:05 Iluha: but in two months time I'm moving to another job, a job that actually MEANS something hehe
06:40:21 JOhn: what will you do there?
06:40:38 Iluha: basiclly I'll be dealing with the status of all the ships
06:40:46 Iluha: and the scheduals of all the commanders
06:40:55 JOhn: sounds boring
06:41:09 Iluha: It's actually quite intense
06:41:18 Iluha: But that's not the reason I want to do it
06:41:35 Iluha: the reason I want to be there is because it will allow me to come home every alot earlier
06:42:02 Iluha: Right now, on somedays I come home even in 2 am! but in that job Ill come home every day in 3 pm
06:42:14 JOhn: but is it fun
06:42:57 Iluha: I don't know tongue.gif all I know is that I like the people there, and in the army the people are really the only thing that matters
06:43:37 JOhn: lucky i dont have to worry about any of that tongue.gif
06:43:44 Iluha: yeah
06:44:11 JOhn: i live in australia
06:45:36 Iluha: and how old are you?
06:45:46 JOhn: 13
06:47:27 Iluha: ah that good allways better to start early
06:47:46 JOhn: yeh i wish i started eailer
06:48:16 JOhn: theres a lucky guy at school who started in year 2 or somthing
06:48:58 Iluha: wow
06:49:17 Iluha: I don't really think it matters that much
06:49:29 Iluha: I mean, look at pavel he started playing when he was 15
06:49:48 JOhn: but he has been playing for lots of years
06:50:05 JOhn: and he is an adult i think so he can play any time he likes
06:50:22 JOhn: kids cant becuase we have to study
06:51:42 Iluha: thats SO untrue
06:51:51 JOhn: its SO true
06:51:53 Iluha: adults need to work!
06:52:04 JOhn: but..
06:52:16 JOhn: parents tell us what to do
06:52:57 Iluha: I'm preety sure that at the age of 13 there's no reason you won't have enough time to practice
06:53:12 JOhn: my parents make me study so hard
06:53:49 JOhn: i try to pratice about an hour and a half a day
06:53:59 JOhn: but i cant do anything else
06:54:32 Iluha: Mmm I never had that problem.. I never let my parents force me to do something
06:54:43 JOhn: i have that problem
06:55:10 JOhn: i also have school out of school for three hours which gives me every more work
06:55:31 Iluha: Wow, ok so you have a few options
06:55:41 Iluha: A)You confront you'r parents
06:56:12 Iluha: or B)you stick with their plan tongue.gif
06:56:20 Iluha: Ill be right back, going to eat
06:56:27 JOhn: cya
06:56:56 JOhn: but A) wouldnt work becuase they woudnt listen to what every i say
07:00:09 JOhn: h
07:01:23 JOhn: i g2g
07:01:26 JOhn: cya
11:53:37 Gen: hey
11:54:06 Gen: hi aib*meow*
11:54:57 Gen: *slap*
11:55:07 AIB234: haha hey
11:55:14 AIB234: sorry was making some phone calls
11:55:16 Gen: hehe
11:55:21 Gen: oups srry
11:55:28 AIB234: I found a place near here that sells Ibanez and Schecter as well can order anything I want, woot
11:55:38 Gen: cool!
11:55:43 AIB234: Which is incredible in that I live in a really tiny town, hah
11:56:25 Gen: he
11:56:44 AIB234: so I am excited to go there today before I train it to London for the weekend
11:57:00 AIB234: I do like my Warlock, but it's not 100% what I want. I wish I had held out for the guitar I really wanted tongue.gif
11:57:02 AIB234: brb
11:57:22 Gen: ^^
12:17:24 AIB234: and back
12:18:21 Gen: k
14:37:09 Gen: Anyone?
15:12:38 Leviathan: wooohooo
15:12:41 Leviathan: no one is here
15:38:40 Gen: *whip*
15:53:40 Leviathan: i'm back
15:53:42 Leviathan: lol
16:02:17 Leviathan: lol i'm gonna leave and you're gonna be on...
17:19:15 Smikey2006: This place is always emptyz :@
17:19:29 Smikey2006: :{ :{ :{
17:31:29 Gen: not its not, i m here lol
18:12:11 Smikey2006: hey
18:32:06 Gen: hey john
18:32:41 Gen: *meow*
18:32:50 JOhn: hello
18:33:02 JOhn: lol i was scared when you did that
18:33:08 Gen: lol sry
18:33:25 JOhn: why isnt any one else on chat?
18:33:46 Gen: idk
18:34:37 JOhn: so what are you paractising?
18:35:36 Gen: the luca turilli one lol
18:35:44 Gen: and you?
18:36:43 JOhn: g
18:36:43 JOhn: alternate picking a sweeping
18:36:43 JOhn: alternate picking and sweeping
18:37:09 Gen: ?
23:26:26 Leviathan: lol
23:26:30 Leviathan: hahah
23:39:29 The Uncreator: Hey hey
23:39:38 Slammer: hey
23:39:45 Slammer: did you just get on?
23:39:45 The Uncreator: Still slammin?
23:39:48 The Uncreator: yeah
23:39:51 Slammer: me too
23:40:02 Slammer: Duh
23:40:04 Slammer: LOL
23:40:09 The Uncreator: i figured
23:53:09 The Uncreator: hey hey
23:53:17 Aaron: wuts up
23:53:26 The Uncreator: nothin much
23:53:28 Slammer: Whats up dude?
23:53:31 The Uncreator: talkin to Slammer
23:53:36 Aaron: i see
23:53:44 Slammer:
23:54:00 The Uncreator: We discussed how Kris could probably be listening in on is
23:54:05 The Uncreator: secretly....
23:54:08 Aaron: i bet he is
23:54:11 Slammer: Big Brother
23:54:21 Aaron: ??
23:54:30 Slammer: Hey I wouldn't mind Having Kris as a Brother
23:54:35 Slammer: wink.gif
23:54:42 The Uncreator: I can imagine him sittin in his chair eating potat chips going 'If They Only Knew!!!"
23:54:45 Aaron: neither would i
23:55:00 Aaron: but we do know
23:55:02 The Uncreator: Kris as a relative would kick ass
23:55:10 The Uncreator: or any instructor
23:55:24 Aaron: dats wut i want him to be
23:55:32 Aaron: an instructor
23:55:37 Aaron: .... to me only
23:55:47 Slammer: he seems like the Kind of guy, that even though I've never MMet him Before, We could be really Good Buddies
23:55:54 The Uncreator: We all want to use him for his superb ability to teach great guitar
23:56:01 The Uncreator:
23:56:04 The Uncreator: *slap*
23:56:10 Aaron: Ow!!!!!!!!!!!!
23:56:22 The Uncreator: You know you like it
23:56:41 The Uncreator: if this conversation gets put up in the forum, everyone wont talk to us lol
23:56:45 Aaron: that was unnecesary
23:56:58 Slammer: I've been Silent for a reason
23:57:01 Aaron: *slap*
23:57:03 Slammer:
23:57:11 Aaron: well i will get you to talk
23:57:13 The Uncreator: *Whip*
23:57:21 Aaron: Ow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23:57:22 Slammer: how long ya been playing Aaron?
23:57:28 Aaron: 1 year
23:57:52 Aaron: how about u
23:57:54 The Uncreator: "Pssst....there the Uncreator, Slammer, and aaron, they slapped each other and whipped each other and said they liked it..." Akward eh?
23:58:05 Slammer: 5 years
23:58:12 Aaron: . . . . . . .
23:58:13 The Uncreator: 5 years here to
23:58:19 Aaron: .................................
23:58:21 Slammer: too*
23:58:23 Slammer:
23:58:24 The Uncreator: meh
23:58:27 Slammer: I'm a bitch
23:58:29 The Uncreator: im outta schoo'
23:58:35 Aaron: me 2
23:58:41 Aaron: i got out june 1
23:58:44 Slammer: you Grad already?
23:58:50 The Uncreator: next year
23:58:57 Aaron: not me
23:59:01 The Uncreator: Im Senior when i go back
23:59:13 Slammer: summer job nice.
23:59:15 Aaron: sophmore wen i get bak
23:59:27 The Uncreator: Actually ive had this job since january
23:59:31 The Uncreator: even during school
23:59:39 Aaron: so its not a summer job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23:59:43 Slammer: After School Job, Nice
23:59:45 Slammer: !
23:59:48 The Uncreator: yep

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