Guitar Chat: Alternate Picking, Economy Picking, Tremolo Picking, Neoclassical Lesson etc. 2007-06-17
Kristofer Dahl
Jun 18 2007, 04:30 PM
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00:00:05 Slammer: hey man, Money come in Handy for a Musician
00:00:08 The Uncreator: but today is fathers day weekend, so we were REALLY Busy
00:00:12 Aaron: yes it duz
00:00:18 The Uncreator: moneys is goo though
00:00:21 The Uncreator: good*
00:00:38 Slammer: I wish I had a little more, (for buying Equitment)
00:00:39 Aaron: i need a summer job
00:01:00 Slammer: aaron u from US?
00:01:00 The Uncreator: Yeah i got a job so could buy things
00:01:29 Slammer: good start, couple of years you'll need a job to Survive
00:01:43 The Uncreator: hey Adam West
00:01:46 The Uncreator: whats up?
00:01:49 AdamWest: adam weeeeestttttt
00:01:55 Slammer: Batman!!
00:01:56 Aaron: yes i am from the US
00:01:56 AdamWest: nothing mooch
00:02:03 The Uncreator: " no one messes with adam weeee"
00:02:14 Aaron: i'll brb
00:02:17 Slammer: Mcdonald's (summer Job)
00:02:22 AdamWest: lol lets take our revenge on this merciless ocean
00:02:32 The Uncreator: Take that, youll never take anyone again!
00:02:59 AdamWest: where are the rest of my bright light peices, my name isnt adam we!...or IS it?
00:02:59 The Uncreator: I love when he says "please come to my desk, and tehn does a front flip rool to it" first time i saw that i sh*t myself
00:03:09 The Uncreator: front flip roll*
00:03:15 AdamWest: yeah
00:03:21 Slammer: 8)
00:03:25 AdamWest: sorry my malcontents are usually alot scinnier
00:03:30 Slammer: Little lost here
00:03:32 AdamWest: skinnier*
00:03:41 The Uncreator: comeback when my fat malcontent door is here
00:03:47 AdamWest: watch my thread "the best of adam west"
00:03:55 The Uncreator: Yeah i did, awesomevideo
00:03:57 AdamWest: hes a character from the show family guy
00:04:11 AdamWest: yeah for slammer, hes a bit lost
00:04:26 The Uncreator: Does Adam West actually do the voice for Adam West?
00:04:31 AdamWest: yeah
00:04:41 The Uncreator: awesome. atleast he can make fun of himself
00:04:54 AdamWest: yeah, hes in the simpsons one time as well
00:05:01 The Uncreator: yeah i know that one
00:05:13 AdamWest: he starts talking to himself and they back away while hes not paying attention
00:05:28 The Uncreator: Ive been watchin the simpsons since i was like 7
00:05:52 The Uncreator: Family guy since whener it started
00:06:20 AdamWest: yeah same
00:06:29 The Uncreator: Did you watch the funnies moments in comedy history?
00:06:35 The Uncreator: funniest*
00:06:38 Slammer: no
00:06:43 AdamWest: nah havent seen that
00:06:47 The Uncreator: Family Guy hit #2
00:06:52 The Uncreator: forgot which episode
00:07:41 The Uncreator: My girlfriend hates when i watch Family Guy
00:07:43 AdamWest: wow the real adam west is 78
00:07:48 AdamWest: didnt realise he was that old
00:07:50 The Uncreator: wow
00:07:53 The Uncreator: neither did i
00:08:04 The Uncreator: Batman aint so young anymore
00:08:05 Slammer: Hey Kris, this is what we do on saturday nights when we don't have plans.
00:08:14 Slammer:
00:08:14 The Uncreator: yep
00:08:36 Slammer: is your girlfriend Hot?
00:08:40 Slammer: nvm
00:08:42 Slammer: LOL
00:08:45 The Uncreator: Yeah
00:08:52 AdamWest: 8)
00:08:56 The Uncreator:
00:08:57 Slammer: lets see a picture
00:09:04 Slammer: come on come on!!!
00:09:16 The Uncreator: Ok let me pull out my invsible working Digital Camera
00:09:25 The Uncreator: because i have one....
00:09:29 The Uncreator: ....not really
00:09:32 The Uncreator:
00:09:33 Slammer: :|
00:09:41 Slammer: is she there?
00:09:46 The Uncreator: Hah, no
00:09:53 The Uncreator: she is out of town right now
00:09:59 Slammer: LOL
00:10:01 Slammer: nice
00:10:10 The Uncreator: if she was here, i wouldnt be here probably
00:10:15 Slammer: LOL
00:10:18 Slammer: true
00:10:24 The Uncreator: *Whip*
00:10:38 Slammer: she out of town remember
00:10:41 Slammer: save it
00:10:45 The Uncreator: oh i am
00:10:47 The Uncreator:
00:10:54 Slammer: Ok back to guitar
00:11:12 The Uncreator: She thinks i play too muchguitar to the point where its unhealthy
00:11:13 Slammer:
00:11:30 The Uncreator: because i have Arthritis
00:11:44 Slammer: hmm.... Girlfriend or Ibanez???? take your pick.
00:11:53 AdamWest: havent had much time to practice today...particularly because i went to bed at 5 in the morning, then woke up at one in the afternoon...its 2 now
00:11:55 The Uncreator: Ibanez actually
00:11:59 Slammer: LOL
00:12:07 The Uncreator: Its midnight here
00:12:36 AdamWest: wow wish it was midnight again here...i was having a ball (birthday party)
00:12:36 Slammer: Yep, I live only a few hundred Miles away from the Uncreator
00:12:46 Slammer: Florida
00:12:56 The Uncreator: You live not to far yep
00:12:56 AdamWest: anyway, im off to see what needs doin round the house (post birthday party bomb)
00:13:04 The Uncreator: alright cya
00:13:28 The Uncreator: So Slammer....Girlfriend Or Guitar?
00:13:51 Slammer: hmm
00:14:07 Slammer: Right now All I got is a guitar LOL
00:14:16 The Uncreator: Touche
00:14:42 Slammer: although If I were Stranded on a Island.....
00:14:56 The Uncreator: I'd still go with a guitar
00:14:59 Slammer: LOL
00:15:29 The Uncreator: I can play guitar for up to 20 hours if i got nothin to do
00:15:42 The Uncreator: and on an island....
00:15:44 Slammer: Maybe I'd pick the Girl but also I'd make sure I had extra Rasors
00:15:53 The Uncreator: lol
00:16:04 Slammer: you know what I mean...
00:16:07 Slammer: LOL
00:16:15 The Uncreator: I can get annoyed from a girlfriend, my guitar doesnt annoy me
00:16:35 Slammer: right... But
00:16:43 The Uncreator: But.....?
00:17:15 Slammer: well
00:17:18 The Uncreator: That burn
00:17:29 Slammer: Would it be a Acoustic or Elec?
00:17:41 Slammer: You wouldn
00:17:44 Slammer: have a amp
00:17:51 The Uncreator: Probaly acoustic, since there is im assuming to working electrical outlet on an island
00:18:03 The Uncreator: as 12 string
00:18:07 Slammer: nice
00:18:11 The Uncreator: Gibson Les aul Atkins
00:18:18 The Uncreator: Les Paul*
00:18:43 The Uncreator: i have a thing for 12 strings
00:18:49 Slammer: ok what if you had a choice.... Hot Chick or $3000 Martin Acoustic
00:18:57 Slammer: on a island
00:19:01 The Uncreator: Acoustic
00:19:15 Slammer: What if it was Angelina Jolie?
00:19:24 The Uncreator: Acousta-Jolie
00:20:47 Slammer: LOL
00:20:54 The Uncreator: *slap*
00:20:56 The Uncreator: oh yeah
00:21:19 The Uncreator: Kris knows this stuff goes on, he has slap, whip, and meow soudn effects
00:21:27 Slammer: who can you think of that is Hotter the Jolie?
00:21:38 The Uncreator: *slap* *whip* *meow*
00:21:52 The Uncreator: the meow is Angelina Jolie
00:22:03 Slammer: no one then?
00:22:10 The Uncreator: ?
00:22:14 The Uncreator: On the island
00:22:17 The Uncreator: ?
00:22:26 Slammer: in General
00:22:50 The Uncreator: I would choose my guitar over having a girlfriend.....does that sound bad?
00:22:59 The Uncreator: i think it does kinda
00:23:02 The Uncreator: oh well
00:23:19 Slammer: Well, It would be a helleva lot boring
00:23:28 Slammer: after a while
00:23:52 The Uncreator: Not so much really, when i was single, i played guitar for hours a day, hung out wiht my friends, went to shows, great times
00:24:04 The Uncreator: now i find myselft shopping for clothes at the mall.....
00:25:18 Slammer: Hammet or Mustaine?
00:25:22 The Uncreator: Mustaine
00:25:29 Slammer: Hendrix or SRV?
00:25:33 The Uncreator: SRV
00:25:40 Slammer: Vai or Satch?
00:25:43 The Uncreator: Vai
00:26:04 Slammer: Yngwie or MichaelAngelo?
00:26:08 The Uncreator: MAB
00:26:25 Slammer: Pavel or Marcus?
00:26:29 The Uncreator: Pavel
00:26:55 Slammer: Slammer or The Uncreator?
00:26:56 Slammer: NVM
00:27:01 The Uncreator: LOL
00:27:11 The Uncreator: Dave Murray
00:27:28 Slammer: Nirvana or Pearl jam?
00:27:35 Slammer: Cream or Zeppelin?
00:27:42 The Uncreator: Zeppelin
00:27:46 The Uncreator: Page is a god
00:28:07 Slammer: Bohnam or Peart/
00:28:17 The Uncreator: uhhhh.....
00:28:20 The Uncreator: i dont know....
00:28:25 The Uncreator: thats tough....
00:28:37 The Uncreator: Peartham?
00:28:46 Slammer: ok, Green day or Blink?
00:28:49 The Uncreator: Hell
00:29:02 Slammer: Ok....
00:29:07 The Uncreator:
00:29:20 Slammer: Ibanez or Gibson?
00:29:25 The Uncreator: IBANEZ
00:29:34 Slammer: Strat or Les Paul?
00:29:41 The Uncreator: Les Paul
00:30:02 Slammer: CD or MP3?
00:30:05 The Uncreator: CD
00:30:16 The Uncreator: Im a collector actuallyy
00:31:06 AdamWest: adam weeeeeesssssssttttttttt
00:31:06 Slammer: And nows the part when your so Bored.... that you say you gotta go, but you Actually hang aroung GMC for another Hour.
00:31:14 Slammer: LOL
00:31:19 The Uncreator: Adam west is back
00:31:23 The Uncreator: *slap*
00:31:43 The Uncreator: Ok now is my turn for the questions......
00:31:49 Slammer: go
00:32:10 AdamWest: i shall also answer
00:32:13 The Uncreator: @AdamWest: your stuck on an island, would you rather have a girl or guitar?
00:32:27 Slammer:
00:32:29 AdamWest: could go nuts without either
00:32:38 The Uncreator: good answer
00:32:41 Slammer: yes
00:33:05 Slammer: but it doesn't answer the Question...
00:33:09 The Uncreator: @Everyone: Fight a lion bare fisted, or fight a midget naked with a toothbrush
00:33:22 AdamWest: id go the midget
00:33:32 AdamWest:
00:33:40 Slammer: I'd feed the Midget to the Lion
00:33:45 The Uncreator: Nice answer!
00:33:47 AdamWest:
00:33:58 The Uncreator: @Everyone: Tapping or Sweeping?
00:34:03 Slammer: Tapping
00:34:08 AdamWest: tapping
00:34:15 The Uncreator: <---Sweeping
00:34:31 Slammer: the only I can sweep is the Floor
00:34:39 Slammer: :?
00:34:41 Slammer: sucks
00:34:44 AdamWest:
00:34:55 The Uncreator: @Everyone: Any car or Any Guitar?
00:35:01 The Uncreator: <---ANy guitar
00:35:04 AdamWest: any guitar
00:35:15 AdamWest:
00:35:18 Slammer: Jimmy Page Les Paul $5000
00:35:36 AdamWest: id like a parker, like the one kris has
00:35:40 AdamWest: i like the shape of parkers
00:35:42 The Uncreator: i chage my answer, id pick any car, get a $1.000,000 car and sell it
00:35:47 Slammer: nice
00:36:05 AdamWest: bbl.
00:36:15 Slammer: bbl??
00:36:21 The Uncreator: @Everyone: Jimmy Page as a teacher, or SRV As a teacher?
00:36:37 The Uncreator: <----SRV
00:37:07 Slammer: Skelaton or Raisin? Skelaton!!
00:37:22 The Uncreator: Zombies or vampires?
00:37:40 Slammer: JP was the Raisin etc.
00:37:43 Slammer: LOL
00:37:59 Slammer: Zombies
00:38:05 The Uncreator: Vampires
00:38:17 Slammer: Easier to kill?
00:38:36 The Uncreator: Zombies go down rather eaily individaully
00:38:40 The Uncreator: easily*
00:38:52 Slammer: Family Guy or the Simpsons?
00:39:00 Slammer:
00:39:03 The Uncreator: Dont ask that question its heresy!!
00:39:09 Slammer:
00:39:23 AdamWest: How dare you
00:39:27 The Uncreator: I could never answer that
00:39:33 AdamWest: :{
00:39:36 Slammer: hey what does bbl mean ?
00:39:51 The Uncreator: Back Bottom Laundary?
00:40:10 The Uncreator: Bruised Bretheren Leaping?
00:40:33 The Uncreator: Bruised Beatles Limmericking
00:40:37 The Uncreator: i dont know.....
00:41:02 Slammer: he said "bbl. "
00:41:10 AdamWest: be back later
00:41:12 AdamWest:
00:41:16 Slammer: oh
00:41:17 Slammer: LOL
00:41:36 The Uncreator: "Mother earth will be like sloooow doooown" and youll be like "F*ck You!!" and kick her in the face with your ENERGY LEGS!!!!
00:41:51 The Uncreator: ....
00:42:15 Slammer: Hey lets figure out a way to Write "L o L" without making it a Smiley
00:42:20 AdamWest: 8)
00:42:24 AdamWest: well im off
00:42:28 The Uncreator: l.o.l.
00:42:31 The Uncreator: i win
00:42:39 Slammer: We scared him away
00:42:40 AdamWest: kids, say to to drugs!..... (itchy and scratchy)
00:42:46 The Uncreator: Cya later
00:43:00 Slammer: CYA MAN
00:43:22 Slammer: you leaving too right?
00:43:28 The Uncreator: Soon
00:43:37 The Uncreator: its almost 1 am
00:43:42 Slammer: yeah I'm waiting for that to be over
00:44:01 The Uncreator: I think sleep is catchin up with me
00:44:21 Slammer: Yeah, I'll probably be on no later than ! am
00:44:24 Slammer: 1 am
00:44:33 The Uncreator: maybe ill dream of being on an island with a 12 string acoustic and have angelina jolie there
00:44:40 Slammer: 16 minutes or so
00:44:45 Slammer: Nice
00:44:50 Slammer: and her 13 kids
00:45:06 The Uncreator: wanna hear dead baby jokes?
00:45:08 The Uncreator: lol
00:49:38 Slammer: Not Really
00:50:42 Slammer: hey do you ever record?
00:50:45 Slammer: music?
00:50:58 The Uncreator: I cant get my equipment to work right now
00:51:08 The Uncreator: so all i have is GP5 At the moment
00:51:51 The Uncreator: Recording Software is SO MUCH MONEY
00:52:01 Slammer: all I have is a Crappy 1/8' x 1/2' cord
00:52:08 Slammer: 1/4 *
00:52:24 The Uncreator: I see
00:52:28 Slammer: have you tried Audacity?
00:52:48 The Uncreator: Yeah, i tried every music program you can get, nothing works with my gear
00:52:58 Slammer: hmm....
00:52:59 The Uncreator: My interface us gay
00:53:03 The Uncreator: is*
00:53:08 Slammer: which Kind?
00:53:17 Slammer: u got?
00:53:17 The Uncreator: M-audio Fast Track
00:53:32 Slammer: What about a Pod XT with USB?
00:53:42 The Uncreator: If i got a new one, that would be it
00:53:54 The Uncreator: i heard they work great
00:53:59 Slammer: Or M BOX
00:54:07 Slammer: it comes with Pro Tools LE
00:54:32 The Uncreator: Pro Tools is awesome
00:54:45 The Uncreator: Full software i slike $700
00:55:15 Slammer: yeah, Hey Norbit is Finally Over... I gotta Hit the Sack man Tired
00:55:21 The Uncreator: Ok cya later
00:57:12 The Uncreator: cya
00:57:14 Slammer: OK dude Bye
10:16:53 Gen: hey
10:18:50 Gen: *meow*
10:20:23 Gen: *whip*
10:20:53 Owen: hi
10:21:02 Owen: sorry, wasnt paying attention >__<
10:21:06 Gen: lol
10:21:15 Owen: wondering what the daft noises were
10:21:23 Gen: hehe
10:21:26 Owen:
10:21:41 Gen: so, what s up
10:21:59 Owen: not a lot, slightly hungover, playing guitar
10:22:14 Gen: cool
10:22:24 Owen: yourself?
10:22:34 Gen: playing guitar too
10:23:10 Gen: how long have you been playing?
10:23:19 Owen: 2 1/2 years
10:23:26 Gen: cool
10:23:34 Owen: self-taught up until this stage
10:23:50 Gen: ^^
10:24:18 Owen: so I'm here to repair some seriously bad techniques
10:24:23 Owen: what about you?
10:24:36 Gen: lol, onla nine month of playing
10:24:43 Gen: only*
10:25:26 Gen: how old are you?
10:25:33 Owen: 16
10:25:41 Owen: as of yesterday
10:25:54 Gen: happy birthday
10:26:06 Gen: little bit late
10:26:27 Owen: lol so was everyone else
10:26:37 Gen: lol
10:26:49 Owen: it was one of those, "please dont make me have to remind you" occassions
10:27:04 Gen: wow
10:27:33 Owen: so I was sat at 11 in the morning with some beer and quality streets
10:27:39 Owen: went uphill from that point though
10:27:47 Gen: lol
10:28:09 Gen: where are you come frm?
10:28:11 Gen: from?
10:28:18 Owen: Scotland
10:28:48 Owen: so I dance around in a kilt and play the bagpipes xD
10:28:58 Gen: hehehe the cliché
10:29:01 Gen: lol
10:29:03 Owen: asl?
10:29:12 Gen: asl?
10:29:16 Gen: what?
10:29:27 Owen: age/sex/location its meant to stand for
10:29:29 Owen: I never asked
10:29:42 Gen: oh lol
10:30:09 Gen: i m 18 , i m from geneva/switzerland
10:30:54 Owen: ah, the part of europe that has nothing to do with the rest of it
10:31:01 Gen: yea lol
10:31:22 Gen: in geneva we speak french, its nearby the france
10:32:12 Owen: I'm rubbish with languages, I only speak english, I was rubbish at German in school
10:32:22 Gen: lol
10:32:26 Owen: they tried to teach me for four years
10:32:30 Owen: at the end all I could say was
10:32:38 Owen: "Ein flasche cola bitte"
10:32:43 Gen: hahahaha
10:32:45 Owen: I dont even know if thats how they spell it
10:32:45 Gen: lol
10:33:14 Gen: i almost learned english by myself
10:33:16 Gen: so i
10:33:30 Gen: you can see, my english s not alright lol
10:34:09 Gen: my language is the french, but i also started to learn japanese 3 years ago
10:34:31 Owen: is that not meant to be really quite hard?
10:34:45 Gen: yea it is
10:35:09 Gen: the hardest thing is to write
10:35:22 Owen: yeah, its all symbols is it not?
10:35:26 Gen: yea
10:35:36 Gen: differents type of symbols
10:36:43 Gen: there are symbols to transcribe stranger words( like english or french words), those are called, "katakana"
10:37:05 Owen: ah, ok
10:37:10 Gen: there are the basics symbols in japanese called" hiragana"
10:37:41 Owen: all I know is that generally when they try to translate brand names it normally ends up as something really daft
10:37:52 Gen: and finally there are "kanji" s, the most hardest symbols, its almost like chinese symbols
10:38:01 Gen: yea
10:40:22 Gen: at the beginning , i started to learn japanese just to be able to play with original video games, in japanese, cuz i dont like the translation of the text and the voices
10:40:40 Owen: thats dedication
10:40:52 Gen: but now, i learn this language just cuz i love it
10:40:58 Gen: how it sounds, etc...è
10:41:39 Owen: so you learn it as a hobby?
10:41:45 Gen: yea
10:42:52 Owen: see, I could never do that, the idea of learning something like that in my own time is just alien to me
10:43:01 Gen: lol
10:43:06 Owen: apart from maybe... guitar
10:43:13 Gen: yea
10:43:43 Owen: although Im probably not classed as that great at it either
10:43:55 Gen: hehe
10:44:07 Gen: how good are you with guitar?
10:44:25 Owen: I dunno, must be about intermediate by now
10:44:42 Owen: but I've met people playing for 8 month that are nearly as good as me
10:45:02 Owen: I suppose everyone has their own learning curve
10:45:12 Gen: hehe yea
10:45:27 Gen: what are the most difficult lessons you can play on this site
10:45:47 Owen: Dunno, only been on it a day
10:45:53 Gen: aa okay lol
10:46:14 Owen: having a good crack at the Speed Metal 3 ones
10:46:32 Owen: its taking me a while to learn, but I'm picking up the speed
10:46:40 Gen: great
10:46:45 Owen: what about you?
10:46:54 Gen: aaa hehe
10:47:26 Gen: i m practincing the luca turilli lesson, i can play it at 100 bpm
10:48:00 Gen: practicing*
10:48:44 Owen: having a look at that just now..
10:48:49 Owen: you probably miles better than me xD
10:48:51 Gen: okay
10:49:31 Owen: your*
10:49:36 Owen: you're* even
10:49:38 Gen: sure no lol
10:49:42 Owen: god, my spelling today >__<
10:49:50 Gen: hehe
10:50:25 Owen: I'm still trying to get the artificial harmonics dead on in the speed metal one
10:50:32 Owen: I'm a tad inconsistant
10:51:04 Gen: just it the string with a part of your thumb
10:51:31 Owen: yeah I know the technique
10:51:38 Gen: a oaky
10:51:40 Gen: okay*
10:51:42 Owen: I just cant get it dead on all the time
10:51:52 Gen: aaa ok
10:52:36 Gen: lol, i started to learn exactly the same lesson when i signed up on this site
10:52:42 Gen: lol
10:53:14 Owen: its a good lesson
10:53:18 Gen: yea
10:53:59 Owen: although the speed he's playing it at makes me cry
10:54:09 Gen: lol
10:55:23 Gen: what kind of guitar do ou play?
10:55:30 Owen: telecaster
10:55:42 Owen: a heavily battered
10:55:47 Owen: modified before I bought it
10:55:53 Owen: and not sure what make telecaster
10:56:01 Gen: hehe
10:56:32 Owen: it used to be one of the original ones with the single coils
10:56:39 Owen: but someone's modified it
10:56:43 Gen: a okay
10:56:44 Owen: gave it humbuckers
10:56:51 Owen: and slapped on a fender badge
10:56:51 Gen: hehe cool
10:57:02 Owen: whats your axe?
10:57:12 Gen: esp ltd viper 500
10:57:46 Owen: never played an esp before
10:57:51 Owen: am I missing out?
10:57:56 Gen: i love esp
10:58:29 Gen: there are great guitars, very good quality, but very expensive
10:58:40 Owen: how much did you pay for it?
10:58:49 Gen: all esp s have emg pick ups
10:58:54 Gen: 1200$
10:59:07 Gen: it was the cheapest
10:59:08 Gen: lol
10:59:16 Owen: £600 to me then xD
10:59:23 Owen: I paid $320 for mine
11:00:00 Gen: ^^
11:00:33 Owen: it was a horrible orange colour when I got it
11:00:37 Owen: but I've sanded it down
11:00:40 Owen: so it looks nicer
11:00:56 Gen: hehe
11:01:38 Owen: amp?
11:01:49 Gen: i have a randall
11:01:57 Gen: 25w i think lol
11:02:11 Gen: its a cheap one
11:02:20 Owen: I've got a Line 6 Flextone, 60 W, $400
11:02:27 Gen: wow
11:02:55 Gen: and you got it for 400$ only?
11:03:06 Owen: yup
11:03:14 Gen: cool
11:03:18 Owen: its rather nice
11:03:26 Owen: I believe the speaker does up to 80 w
11:03:35 Owen: but the rest doesnt, typical Line 6
11:04:18 Gen: i m gonna get a mesa boogie soon
11:04:35 Owen: more expensive kit
11:04:39 Gen: yea lol
11:04:55 Owen: how many watt?
11:05:05 Gen: i dont know yet
11:05:30 Owen: I'll rephrase that, how many watts do you want/need?
11:05:37 Owen:
11:06:04 Gen: lol i dont know yet how many
11:06:34 Gen: just know that its gonna be a mesa boogie lol
11:06:47 Owen: just has to be loud huh? lol
11:06:53 Gen: oo yea
11:06:54 Gen: lol
11:07:08 Gen: like 80w or something
11:08:00 Owen: I should have got a flextone plus actually, I could have added an extra cab and gone up to 100 w
11:08:10 Owen: killed my neighbors
11:08:15 Gen: lol
11:09:52 Gen: so, i gotta go pratice seriously, nice chat with you, bye
11:10:03 Owen: haha ttyl
15:27:52 Guitar34: hi
16:38:41 Gen: hi
16:47:16 Slammer: hello??
16:47:40 Slammer: *meow*
16:47:47 Slammer: ne1 here?
16:48:00 Slammer: guess not...
16:48:03 Gen: yes$
16:48:43 Gen: lol you scared me with the *meow*
16:48:47 Slammer: LOL
16:49:04 Slammer: lets get this Party Started!!
16:49:15 Slammer: maybe a bunch of people will come on
16:49:20 Slammer: for a big chat
16:49:22 Gen: yes
16:49:23 Slammer: or not...
16:49:28 Slammer: :?
16:49:29 Gen: lol
16:49:57 Slammer: u been on long?
16:50:12 Gen: on what?
16:50:16 Slammer: chat?
16:50:20 Slammer:
16:50:34 Gen: no , i just came in^^
16:50:48 Slammer: cool
16:50:59 Slammer: whats up?
16:51:13 Slammer: I guessing you like soccer?
16:51:14 Gen: not a lot, and you?
16:51:36 Gen: lol, i m not a fan of sports, exept baseball^^
16:51:43 Slammer: no way!
16:51:48 Slammer: Me too
16:51:55 Gen: ^^
16:52:02 Slammer: ?
16:52:17 Gen: what?
16:52:33 Slammer: nvm... where u from?
16:52:53 Gen: geneva , switzerland, and you?
16:52:57 Slammer: do they have a Baseball team there? or do you like MLB?
16:53:01 Slammer: Florida
16:53:22 Gen: btw, "^^" =
16:53:26 Gen: lol
16:53:29 Slammer: LOL
16:53:40 Gen: no we have not
16:53:54 Gen: lol
16:53:54 Gen: we dont have
16:54:07 Slammer: do kids play in your country?
16:54:22 Gen: they play tennis
16:54:25 Slammer: or you just watch american Teams?
16:54:59 Gen: my country is not a fan of base ball, they like more hockey or tennis, but i like baseball
16:55:06 Slammer: cool
16:55:53 Slammer: Well, do you know the Feeling when your favorite Team Loses a Game? Well, I have that feeling right now so I came on GMC
16:55:55 Slammer:
16:56:11 Gen: hahaha , yea i know
16:56:50 Slammer: I bet you probably don't like BLues
16:56:53 Slammer: lol
16:57:02 Gen: no i like
16:57:16 Slammer: Hey
16:57:17 Gen: hi fretdancer
16:57:20 Slammer: Fretdancer
16:57:22 FretDancer69: hey people
16:57:25 FretDancer69: whats up
16:57:30 Slammer: Were you born in 69?
16:57:34 FretDancer69: no lol
16:57:36 Gen: lol
16:57:37 FretDancer69: im just 16
16:57:41 Slammer: Oh wow!
16:57:48 Slammer: kinda had me there
16:57:50 Slammer: LOL
16:57:52 FretDancer69: lol
16:57:59 FretDancer69: what u guys practicing?
16:58:04 Slammer: Blues
16:58:14 Gen: the luca turilli lesson at the moment
16:58:16 FretDancer69: did u check out the adv neo?
16:58:22 Gen: oo yea lol
16:58:22 Slammer: Yep
16:58:27 Slammer: My ears hurt
16:58:32 FretDancer69: i got a problem
16:58:32 Gen: lol
16:58:37 Gen: its to fast
16:58:39 FretDancer69: i cant normal pick no longer]
16:58:55 Slammer: U from Europe Fret?
16:58:57 FretDancer69: when i play i alternate pick
16:58:59 FretDancer69: no
16:59:05 FretDancer69: im from honduras
16:59:06 FretDancer69: central america
16:59:13 Slammer: oh yeah.
17:00:09 Gen: so, what kind of guitar do you play guys?
17:00:32 Slammer: What Brand or What Style?
17:00:52 FretDancer69: i got a squier strat
17:01:09 Gen: brand
17:01:19 Gen: you ve got the hello kitty one?
17:01:22 Gen: lol
17:01:25 FretDancer69: no lol
17:01:26 Gen: hey pavel
17:01:30 FretDancer69: hey
17:01:34 Slammer: You speak really good English for someone from a spanish speaking Country Fret.
17:01:42 Slammer: dancer69*
17:01:44 Pavel: hey there!
17:01:46 FretDancer69: really?
17:01:49 FretDancer69: thanks
17:01:50 Slammer: hey Pav
17:01:52 FretDancer69:
17:02:02 FretDancer69: hey pavel hows it goin
17:02:15 Slammer: Me and Gen, were waiting for the Party to Start
17:02:16 Gen: lol its the first time i see you there
17:02:17 Slammer: LOL
17:02:20 Gen: yea
17:02:31 Slammer: 4 people WOW!!!
17:02:35 Slammer: LOL
17:02:44 FretDancer69: lol
17:02:46 FretDancer69: thats alot
17:02:56 Pavel: There is my avatar hahaha
17:03:01 Pavel: i'm good thanks! How are you guys?
17:03:02 Gen: hehehe
17:03:03 FretDancer69: lol halt!
17:03:06 FretDancer69: im good
17:03:12 Gen: good too
17:03:14 FretDancer69: but i got ap problem, idk if its normal
17:03:16 Slammer: hey where is My Avatar?
17:03:26 FretDancer69: when i play i cant normal pick anymore
17:03:28 Pavel: it's not
17:03:29 Slammer: oh NVM
17:03:35 FretDancer69: i alternate pick
17:03:36 Slammer:
17:03:39 FretDancer69: and its kinda weird
17:03:59 Slammer: I won't use one
17:04:01 Gen: but i think thats good
17:04:12 Gen: to always use it
17:04:24 FretDancer69: yea but some parts i feel comfortable using normal picking
17:04:31 Gen: hmmm
17:04:37 Pavel: what IS normal picking?
17:04:45 Gen: i think its economy
17:04:47 Pavel: Alternate picking IS normal picking!
17:04:51 Gen: yea lol
17:05:01 Pavel: Alternate picking is much more natural than economy picking
17:05:04 FretDancer69: yea economy picking, just downstrokes
17:05:16 FretDancer69: im not sure, ive always used economy
17:05:19 FretDancer69: until now
17:05:21 Pavel: economy picking is not onoly downstrokes
17:05:39 FretDancer69: well, idk whats is called but what i mean is that i cant play with dowsntrokes anymore
17:05:43 FretDancer69: like i used to
17:05:55 Pavel: economy picking means that when you are moving to the next string - you use the same motion as you played the last note of the previous string
17:05:58 Slammer: Hey Pavel what is the Difference between Alternate Picking and tremolo Picking?
17:06:21 FretDancer69: good question slammer
17:06:28 FretDancer69: always wanted to know that
17:06:35 Gen: yea
17:06:39 FretDancer69: brb
17:06:43 Gen: k
17:06:51 Pavel: tremolo picking is a repetition of picks on the same note (as long as i know it)
17:07:24 Slammer: Mainly Used in Blues I think?
17:07:50 Pavel: to be honest i never met that name in a literature or tabs so...
17:08:53 Gen: hey lol, my avatar reminds me ian andersen of jethro tuul
17:09:03 Gen: tull*
17:09:29 Slammer: Misirlou
17:09:39 Slammer: u ever heard it?
17:09:42 Gen: yea
17:09:59 Slammer: Tremolo Picking I think
17:10:11 Slammer: Pulp Fiction
17:10:16 Gen: yea i know
17:10:40 Gen: john petrucci uses this technique a lot
17:10:55 Gen: on the song: afterlife
17:11:02 Gen: by dt
17:11:16 Slammer: speaking of this Chat Died
17:11:20 FretDancer69: back
17:11:24 Gen: hehe
17:12:57 Gen: lol, i m practincing my sweeps, it sounds horrible! How long have you guys been playing,( exept pavel lol )
17:13:09 Gen: practicing*
17:13:10 FretDancer69: ive been playing for 8 months
17:13:18 FretDancer69: and i can sweep really well, exept for upstroke sweeps
17:13:23 FretDancer69: they're not that goodlol
17:13:28 Gen: yea, those are hard
17:13:56 FretDancer69: yea
17:13:58 Pavel: Yeah Petrucci uses a lot of that - jsut like i said - it's picking of the same note more than once in repetition
17:14:06 Gen: yea
17:14:51 Gen: so pavel, did you get a band, or not yet?
17:15:32 Slammer: 5 years for me
17:16:09 Slammer: BRB
17:17:11 Pavel: no i haven't...
17:18:03 Pavel: I don't want a band for fun - i want a band to make a serious record and get a label - fooling around is a waste of time and i already played in a band like that so i don't need another one like that...
17:18:23 Gen: yea i understand
17:18:31 Pavel: that's why i am jsut making my own material right now...
17:18:39 Gen: cool
17:18:56 Pavel: when i have enough of it - i have friend and people to make a band and record it...
17:19:20 Pavel: basically i have to deal with a university right now and get a 7-string....
17:19:24 Pavel: that's for start
17:19:30 FretDancer69: my band is in real bad state right now
17:19:36 Gen:
17:19:43 Gen: why'
17:19:45 Gen: ?
17:19:45 FretDancer69: everything's a mess
17:20:01 FretDancer69: my bass player got robbed (the bass)
17:20:08 Gen: you played guitar for 8 month you have already a band?
17:20:12 FretDancer69: my ryhtm guitarist wont practice as much as i do
17:20:15 FretDancer69: yea
17:20:20 FretDancer69: we are all close friends
17:20:24 FretDancer69: so i got them into music
17:20:29 FretDancer69: exept for my best friend, whos the drummer
17:20:37 FretDancer69: both basically do everything
17:20:44 Gen: cool
17:20:47 Slammer: I back
17:20:49 Slammer:
17:20:50 Gen: k
17:20:52 FretDancer69: no, i dont like it
17:21:00 FretDancer69: i feel like we are very limited
17:21:04 FretDancer69: cuz of the rythm guitarist
17:21:10 Gen: aaa...
17:21:17 Slammer: bbb...
17:21:23 Slammer: nvm
17:21:24 Slammer: LOL
17:21:24 Gen: ccc
17:21:31 Pavel: k guys i see you around! off to sleep!
17:21:32 FretDancer69: we are all great friends, so kicking some1 out would be fatal
17:21:35 Pavel: have a good chat there!
17:21:37 FretDancer69: cya pavel
17:21:39 Gen: k good night
17:21:41 Gen: cya
17:21:43 Slammer: ok cya dude
17:22:08 Slammer: fret do you like Blues?
17:22:38 FretDancer69: kinda, not very into it, but i like them
17:22:51 FretDancer69: like Hendrix and SRV u mean?
17:23:02 Slammer: well, blues in General
17:23:13 Slammer: I asked Gen but he never answered
17:23:16 Slammer: LOL
17:23:18 FretDancer69: lol,
17:23:26 Gen: yea lol, i answered, i said: yea i like
17:23:28 FretDancer69: hes prolly listening to My chemical romance
17:23:31 FretDancer69: lol just kiddin
17:23:38 Gen: hope so lol
17:23:44 FretDancer69: lol
17:24:00 Slammer: today I recorded a Blues Jam...
17:24:04 Slammer: just for fun
17:24:06 Gen: hey cool
17:24:16 Slammer: I'm thinking about posting it on the forum
17:24:20 FretDancer69: u could share it with is in the forum
17:24:21 Gen: do it
17:24:21 Slammer: just for fun
17:24:22 FretDancer69: yea
17:24:45 Slammer: ok I will prob have it on in a couple of Hours or sooner
17:24:53 Slammer: You guys can leave comments
17:24:54 Gen: okay great
17:24:55 Slammer: LOL
17:24:59 Gen: yea
17:25:08 Slammer: what shoukd I call it?
17:25:17 FretDancer69: hmm
17:25:22 Gen: the song?
17:25:27 Slammer: "Slammer's Blues Jam" ?
17:25:30 Slammer: LOL
17:25:31 Slammer: NVM
17:25:37 Slammer: LOL
17:25:37 FretDancer69: it sounds good
17:25:39 Slammer: Nah
17:25:40 Gen: lol
17:25:54 Gen: devil s on the road
17:25:58 Gen: sounds good lol
17:25:59 Slammer: FretDancer68
17:26:08 FretDancer69: ?
17:26:17 Slammer: then name of my song
17:26:21 Slammer: LOL
17:26:22 Slammer: NVM
17:26:30 Slammer: the*
17:26:42 Gen: hey just call your song "nevermind"
17:26:43 Gen: lol
17:27:00 FretDancer69: yea lol
17:27:02 FretDancer69: "NVM"
17:27:08 Gen: lol
17:27:21 Slammer: Slammer "Kurt Cobian's Skelaton is on the Phone, He wants money"
17:27:28 Gen: lol
17:27:39 FretDancer69: LOLOLOL
17:27:50 Slammer: I'm working on it while I'm chatting
17:27:53 Slammer: It's fuin
17:27:57 Slammer: fun*
17:28:07 Slammer: So what's your name Fret
17:28:09 Gen: how long have you been playing slammer?
17:28:12 Slammer: in real life?
17:28:16 Slammer: 5 years
17:28:20 Gen: o yea lol
17:28:25 Gen: hi scott
17:28:31 Scott Gentzen: hey all
17:28:33 FretDancer69: hey scoot
17:28:35 FretDancer69: scott
17:28:37 Slammer: bye
17:28:39 Gen: lool
17:28:39 Slammer: LOL
17:28:40 FretDancer69: lol
17:28:45 Gen: hahaha
17:28:58 FretDancer69: hi again
17:28:58 Gen: hi scott
17:28:59 Gen: lol
17:29:00 Slammer: Welcome back
17:29:11 Scott Gentzen: it's weird...I dump out of here when I switch windows
17:29:26 Slammer: so fretdancer69 is your Name Jose?
17:29:31 FretDancer69: no lol
17:29:32 Slammer: Juan?
17:29:35 FretDancer69: its Jaime
17:29:36 Gen: lol
17:29:39 Slammer: Pedro?
17:29:41 Slammer: oh NVM
17:29:42 FretDancer69: Jaime
17:29:43 Gen: hahahaha
17:29:48 FretDancer69: kinda fits in the list lol
17:29:51 Scott Gentzen: one more reason to miss the dual-monitor setup at worj
17:29:52 Gen: lol
17:29:53 Scott Gentzen: work
17:30:00 Slammer: sucks
17:30:15 Gen: and you slammer , what s your real name?
17:30:17 Slammer: lol
17:30:33 Scott Gentzen: nobody's going to ask my real name?
17:30:40 FretDancer69: lol
17:30:41 Slammer: ................................................................................
17:30:43 Gen: lol guess why
17:31:05 Gen: so slammer, your real name is: .......................................................?
17:31:17 Slammer: SAM!!!
17:31:33 Slammer: Well Robert
17:31:36 Slammer: actually
17:31:41 Gen: a okay lol
17:31:52 Slammer: but Everybody calls me sam, (Second Name)
17:31:58 Gen: and tomorow it will bejohn?
17:32:02 Scott Gentzen: I have a nephew like that
17:32:02 Gen: aa okay lol
17:32:21 Slammer: John?
17:32:25 Gen: nvm
17:32:28 Gen: lol
17:32:51 Slammer: So how long has Scott been Playing?
17:33:10 Scott Gentzen: every time I come in here I think that I really should be practicing. but my right hand's stiff and I need to mow the lawn
17:33:27 FretDancer69: im practicing while chatting
17:33:33 Gen: yea me too lol
17:33:51 Scott Gentzen: Since December. I wouldn't call it "playing" yet
17:33:56 Slammer: I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess your older than 16?
17:34:00 FretDancer69: ive been playing since december too
17:34:00 Slammer: right?
17:34:08 FretDancer69: but i palyed acoustic before
17:34:12 FretDancer69: i hope that counts lol
17:34:15 Scott Gentzen: oh yea. 33.
17:34:27 Slammer: 15 years my senior
17:34:32 Slammer: Were all kids here man
17:34:36 FretDancer69: yea lol
17:34:40 Gen: im 18 lol
17:34:48 Slammer: Pretty Boring probably
17:34:58 Scott Gentzen: I was working on learning keyboard/synth when I won a guitar, and figured I should learn how to play it
17:35:10 Slammer: Well, At least we have a Father Figure here
17:35:15 Slammer: LOL
17:35:21 FretDancer69:
17:35:22 Scott Gentzen: get off my lawn
17:35:31 Slammer: Right now he wants to kick my ASS
17:35:33 Scott Gentzen: whippersnappers
17:35:39 FretDancer69: hehehe
17:35:40 Gen: lol
17:36:09 Slammer: Fellow East Coaster Right Scott?
17:36:20 Scott Gentzen: yeah. DC suburbs.
17:36:38 Slammer: Nationals....
17:36:59 Slammer: hmm, I'm just thinking in Baseball terms
17:37:00 Scott Gentzen: I still think of them as the Expos. Not that enthused.
17:37:12 Slammer: ah they both Suck!
17:37:14 Slammer: LOL
17:37:25 Scott Gentzen: just glad they didn't put the new stadium in my backyard like they'd planned
17:37:32 Gen: lol
17:37:34 Slammer: well, you still have the Orioles
17:37:40 Slammer: buit they suck too
17:37:55 Slammer: I bet your probably not a Baseball fan
17:38:37 Slammer: the Marlins lost to the Freakin ROYALS today, It's a Sad day in South Florida
17:38:44 Slammer: anyways
17:38:49 Slammer: LOL
17:38:59 Slammer: Where did everyone go?
17:39:06 Slammer: They left me
17:39:11 Gen: no lol
17:39:11 Slammer: :?
17:39:26 FretDancer69: lol im here
17:39:33 FretDancer69: but i g2g soon
17:39:40 Scott Gentzen: not really a baseball fan, no
17:39:51 Slammer: I don't blame youj
17:40:09 Scott Gentzen: I'll catch a minor league game occasionally.
17:40:21 Scott Gentzen: the Canons alright
17:40:22 Slammer: Although We Fish Fans take more Smack than then Nats fans
17:40:45 Scott Gentzen: I dn't get that. How can you talk smack about a team that just moved here? Eesh.
17:41:10 Slammer: EXPOS same thing
17:41:12 Scott Gentzen: it was only a couple years ago that they were in Montreal playing to an empty stadium
17:41:18 Slammer: Known for Sucking
17:41:44 Slammer: I meant about our teams
17:41:56 Slammer: Smack about our Teams
17:42:04 Scott Gentzen: ah. gotcha
17:42:07 Slammer: Tu Sabes?
17:42:29 Scott Gentzen: Kinda like I talk about my guitar playing.
17:42:50 Slammer: yep
17:42:53 Slammer: yep
17:42:55 Slammer: yep
17:43:02 Slammer: This chat is DEAD
17:43:09 FretDancer69: alright alright
17:43:13 Gen: *whip*
17:43:18 Slammer: owww
17:43:21 Gen: lol
17:43:27 FretDancer69: i wonder the people at the forums wont come here
17:43:27 Slammer: I got Headphones on
17:43:29 Scott Gentzen: yah. it's hard. expecially when some people are practicing instead of chatting.
17:43:34 Scott Gentzen: the nerve of some people
17:44:05 Scott Gentzen: there's one
17:44:08 Gen: hey guest
17:44:13 Gen: whats up
17:44:19 Slammer: Well, they See Slammer,Gen,Scott Gentzen etc. No offence guys but We're no Kris or Pavel
17:44:34 Slammer: pretty Boring People I think
17:44:34 Gen: lol
17:44:35 Gen: yea
17:44:37 Scott Gentzen: I'm offended
17:44:37 Slammer: LOL
17:44:41 Gen: hehehe
17:44:55 FretDancer69: heyguest
17:45:01 Slammer: I get offended when I watch the Nats
17:45:08 Slammer: LOL
17:45:10 Scott Gentzen: I can dish out just as useful guitar playing information
17:45:38 Gen: hey guest, just say somethin, dont be shy
17:45:40 Gen: ll
17:45:41 Scott Gentzen: when you're playing, make sure the side with the strings is facing away from you
17:45:42 Gen: lol
17:45:50 Slammer: Guests can't Talk
17:45:58 Gen: oh
17:45:59 Slammer: or at least write
17:46:05 Slammer: anything we can read
17:46:10 Scott Gentzen: interesting
17:46:10 FretDancer69: but, can he read what we are typing?
17:46:35 Gen: hey guest, if you can read me, dont say anything
17:46:38 Scott Gentzen: If you don't have any fingers, you're going to have a hard time playing guitar
17:47:07 Slammer: although If you read the Chat transcrispts I figured out a way to Communicate with Guests
17:47:11 Slammer: last week
17:47:16 Gen: how?
17:47:22 Slammer: long story
17:47:25 Slammer: but here goes
17:47:28 Slammer: ....
17:47:29 Scott Gentzen: don't touch your tubes right after a long session
17:47:30 Gen: hehe
17:47:42 Slammer: see my name?
17:47:45 Gen: yes
17:47:51 Slammer: it has a Sand Clock right?
17:47:55 Gen: yea
17:47:59 Slammer: ok.
17:48:28 Slammer: I would ask the Guest yes or no questions and he would put, sand timer for Yes, No Sand clock for no
17:48:37 Scott Gentzen: funny
17:48:41 FretDancer69: LOL
17:48:42 Slammer: understand?
17:48:44 Gen: lol
17:48:46 Gen: great
17:48:46 FretDancer69: lmao!!!!
17:48:48 Gen: lol
17:48:49 FretDancer69: thats a great system
17:48:55 Scott Gentzen: it's like captain pike from the old star trek series
17:48:57 Slammer: it works too
17:48:57 FretDancer69: look at the guest!!!
17:49:00 Gen: lol
17:49:06 Slammer: watch
17:49:10 Gen: yea
17:49:12 Scott Gentzen: that cracks me up
17:49:19 Slammer: hey guest do you understand me?
17:49:31 Slammer: do you play guitar?
17:49:31 FretDancer69: !!!!
17:49:39 Gen: !!!
17:49:40 Slammer: see?
17:49:41 FretDancer69: does that mean yes
17:49:45 FretDancer69: lol!!!!
17:49:47 Gen: lol
17:49:49 Slammer: our you a Member?
17:49:57 Slammer: LOL
17:50:00 Gen: loooool
17:50:03 Gen: greaat
17:50:12 Slammer: Do you like Kris Dahl?
17:50:26 Slammer: ok come on guys, yes or no questions?
17:50:33 Scott Gentzen: that kinda sucks, but I understand the restriction since there were some problems at one point
17:50:39 Gen: do you want to sign up for gmc?
17:50:54 Gen: cool
17:50:55 Slammer: Yeah!
17:50:57 FretDancer69: lol he is answering
17:51:00 Gen: lol
17:51:00 Scott Gentzen: that's fantastic
17:51:03 Gen: yea
17:51:08 FretDancer69: hey guys, i g2g, ill be back like in 1 hour
17:51:13 Slammer: I was so proud of myself
17:51:15 FretDancer69: nice chat, cya guys later
17:51:16 Gen: okay cya fret
17:51:20 Slammer: cya
17:51:20 FretDancer69: bye
17:51:26 Scott Gentzen: now we just need to learn morse code
17:51:33 Gen: loool
17:51:34 Gen: yea
17:51:34 Slammer: When I thought of it
17:51:45 Slammer: Guest are you a girl?
17:51:53 Slammer: Boy?
17:51:57 Scott Gentzen: I'll bet "no" on that one
17:52:09 Scott Gentzen: (the girl part)
17:52:12 Slammer: Am I asking stupid questions?
17:52:17 Gen: lol
17:52:24 Slammer: Nice
17:52:29 Slammer: Asskisser
17:52:34 Gen: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeheehehe
17:52:36 Gen: loooooooooolo
17:52:46 Scott Gentzen: that's fantastic
17:52:49 Gen: yea
17:53:07 Slammer: Is Kris better than Gen?
17:53:21 Slammer: LOL
17:53:38 Slammer: are you Crazy?
17:53:50 Gen: lol
17:53:57 Slammer: a little bit
17:54:03 Scott Gentzen: we need more status icons. Guests coule be the new Magic 8 Ball
17:54:16 Scott Gentzen: "signs point to no"
17:54:19 Gen: lol
17:54:24 Slammer: Will Scott get a Hot Date tonight?
17:54:30 Slammer: LOL
17:54:31 Gen: hahahahaha
17:54:53 Scott Gentzen: as long as my wife doesn't mind
17:54:57 Slammer: do you want to Sign Up?
17:55:07 Gen: lol i already asked
17:55:12 Slammer: LOL
17:55:19 Gen: hey guest, do you live in europe?
17:55:30 Scott Gentzen: what is the average air speed of an unladen swallow?
17:55:41 Gen: hi boggi
17:55:48 Boggi: hello-
17:55:53 Slammer: If guest could say bitch he would
17:55:55 Gen: hey guest, do you live in uk?
17:55:56 Boggi: whats up ?
17:55:57 Slammer: LOL
17:55:59 Gen: lol
17:56:10 Slammer: Were talking to the Guest
17:56:10 Gen: in sweden?
17:56:17 Boggi: oki.
17:56:18 Gen: lol
17:56:24 Scott Gentzen: I bet he's from Croatia.
17:56:26 Slammer: using My patented System
17:56:27 Gen: he s swedish
17:56:29 Boggi: glad to see more activity here.
17:56:37 Scott Gentzen: damn
17:56:43 Gen: guest, are you swedish?
17:56:51 Slammer: I'll never get the Credit, Dammit LOL
17:56:54 Scott Gentzen: sweet
17:57:03 Scott Gentzen: hell, I never would have thought of that, slammer
17:57:06 Boggi: is there a new instructor coming ?
17:57:10 Slammer: I think
17:57:12 Slammer: so
17:57:12 Boggi: kosei kubota
17:57:13 Gen: guest, are you a beginner with guitar?
17:57:27 Boggi: check him out
17:57:28 Boggi:
17:57:37 Boggi: classical guitarist
17:57:56 Gen: hey cool , a japanese guy
17:57:59 Scott Gentzen: ooo. classical. that'll be interesting.
17:58:05 Gen: i can speak japanese
17:58:08 Gen: lol
17:58:12 Slammer: I saw him in Rush Hour, I swear
17:58:17 Gen: lool
17:58:32 Scott Gentzen: man, that's no right.
17:58:39 Slammer: NVM
17:58:41 Slammer: LOL
17:58:43 Gen: hey guest, do you like jacky chan?
17:58:50 Boggi: lol
17:58:53 Gen: lol
17:59:08 Slammer: Sand Clock for Yes no Sand Clock for No.
17:59:18 Slammer: justincase Boggi is wondering
17:59:33 Slammer: Boqqi*
17:59:40 Boggi: boggi
17:59:43 Slammer: or Boggi8
17:59:49 Slammer: what is it Dammit
17:59:58 Boggi: Boggi
18:00:08 Gen: hey guest, are you a metal fan( say yes if you are) or are you a blues fan(No if you are)
18:00:33 Scott Gentzen: what if he's neither?
18:00:43 Gen: lol idk
18:00:50 Scott Gentzen: could be a fan of hungarian wedding music
18:00:54 Slammer: hey Guest here is How it works, after you answer a Question. Put it on No Sand Clock. so we can start new
18:00:55 Gen: just had those 2 propositon
18:00:58 Boggi: anyone have a sequencer like a band in a box ?
18:01:00 Slammer: OK?
18:01:12 Scott Gentzen: not like band in a box
18:01:47 Scott Gentzen: I keep meaning to buy a copy of ableton live though
18:02:21 Boggi: Yamaha QY70 this is a sequencer if you don´t know what it is
18:02:42 Scott Gentzen: that's a bit different from band in a box though
18:03:14 Gen: hey guest, do you play an ibanez?
18:03:22 Gen: lol
18:03:22 Scott Gentzen: I tried getting a QY70 on ebay for a while but figured I'd probably end up sounding too much like Feezepop
18:03:49 Gen: hey guest , are you gay?
18:03:56 Scott Gentzen: oh jeez
18:03:59 Gen: lol
18:04:11 Gen: so it really works
18:04:49 Scott Gentzen: funny. I gotta run. the lawn isn't going to mow itself
18:04:52 Scott Gentzen: later all
18:04:57 Gen: cya
18:05:02 Boggi: cya
18:05:16 Gen: guest, have you a band?
18:05:26 Gen: a metal band?
18:05:42 Gen: a death metal band?
18:06:00 Gen: blues?
18:06:12 Slammer: Pop?
18:06:20 Gen: trash metal?
18:06:23 Slammer: Counrty?
18:06:28 Gen: lol
18:06:29 Boggi: disco ?
18:06:33 Gen: rap?
18:06:39 Boggi: cpunty
18:06:47 Boggi: country*
18:06:51 Slammer: are you still here?
18:06:58 Boggi: yes
18:06:59 Gen: lol
18:07:01 Boggi: hehe
18:07:05 Slammer: Punk
18:07:12 Gen: a heavy metal band?
18:07:24 Slammer: Rock
18:07:26 Gen: a classic?
18:07:45 Gen: so i repeat, do you have a band?
18:07:56 Slammer: No?
18:08:16 Gen: okay
18:08:27 Slammer: BlueGrass
18:08:49 Slammer: Culture Club?
18:08:56 Gen: lol
18:09:11 Slammer: karma karma karma karma karma chameleon
18:09:20 Gen: hey guest, do you like pokemon cartoons?
18:09:29 Gen: lol
18:09:39 Slammer: do you have a man crush on Gen?
18:09:49 Slammer: LOL
18:09:51 Gen: lol
18:09:52 Slammer: JK JK
18:09:59 Boggi: gtg cya
18:10:03 Slammer: ok dude
18:10:04 Gen: k
18:10:17 Slammer: r ya dead?
18:10:23 Gen: do you like porn movies?
18:10:26 Slammer: LOL
18:10:28 Gen: lol
18:11:01 Slammer: are you still here?
18:11:16 Slammer: Are you in a band?
18:11:20 Gen: lol
18:11:40 Gen: you said you play an ibanez right?
18:11:47 Gen: k
18:11:48 Slammer: Jem?
18:11:55 Slammer: RG?
18:12:03 Gen: k
18:12:05 Slammer: do you like Vai?
18:12:13 Slammer: Satch?
18:12:16 Gen: yeaa youre right
18:12:19 Slammer: Clapton
18:12:26 Slammer: Hendrix?
18:12:29 Slammer: Page
18:12:35 Gen: petrucci?
18:12:45 Slammer: John Mayer?
18:12:55 Gen: michael romeo?
18:13:11 Gen: a lol, you dont like symphony x?
18:13:18 Slammer: Backstreet Boys?
18:13:21 Slammer: LOL
18:13:22 Gen: looooooooooooooool
18:13:26 Slammer: that was Fast
18:13:31 Gen: yea lol
18:13:46 Gen: do you like buckethead?
18:13:54 Slammer: KFC?
18:13:57 Gen: lol
18:13:59 Slammer: Mcdonalds
18:14:09 Slammer: Pizza?
18:14:15 Gen: wendy s
18:14:17 Slammer: are you 15?
18:14:17 Gen: ?
18:14:23 Slammer: younger?
18:14:28 Slammer: older?
18:14:29 Gen: 16?
18:14:36 Slammer: 17?
18:14:44 Gen: k
18:14:45 Slammer: Yes i win!!!
18:14:47 Gen: lol
18:15:27 Gen: do you like to play guitar?
18:15:30 Gen: lol
18:15:43 Gen: that was a stupid question right?
18:15:55 Gen: hehe
18:16:28 Slammer: r u gonna sign Up?
18:16:38 Slammer: next week?
18:16:39 Gen: cool
18:16:51 Slammer: this Week>
18:17:01 Slammer: tommorow?
18:17:02 Gen: great
18:17:37 Gen: when you sign up, just dont forget our name s lol
18:17:41 Slammer: Hey, when you become a Member Private Message us
18:17:47 Slammer: tell us who you are
18:17:51 Gen: then we r gonna talk for real^^
18:17:53 Slammer: ok
18:17:55 Slammer: ?
18:18:00 Slammer: Cool
18:18:37 Gen: dont forget to send a private message okay?
18:18:45 Gen: cool
18:19:23 Gen: you re really gonna sign up tomorow?
18:19:30 Gen: hey link
18:19:31 Slammer: Welcome
18:19:31 Fsgdjv: hello
18:19:39 Slammer: hows going?
18:19:50 Fsgdjv: saw there was some action here
18:19:54 Gen: lol
18:20:20 Slammer: a little
18:20:23 Gen: we are talking with the guest
18:20:30 Fsgdjv: omg!
18:20:33 Gen: lol
18:20:55 Fsgdjv: hey gen
18:21:00 Gen: hey link
18:21:02 Fsgdjv: what are you workjing on atm?
18:21:08 Fsgdjv:
18:21:08 Fsgdjv: lesson or anywthing
18:21:26 Gen: the luca turilli lesson and the new pavel s lesson
18:21:29 Fsgdjv: ah
18:21:30 Gen: and you?
18:21:47 Fsgdjv: I checked out the neoclassical today
18:21:51 Gen: lol
18:21:53 Fsgdjv: got the beginners one down
18:21:57 Gen: to fast for me
18:22:00 Gen: yea
18:22:03 Fsgdjv: yeah
18:22:07 Gen: but the advanced...
18:22:15 Fsgdjv: that one is sick
18:22:21 Fsgdjv: I won't be able to do that for years
18:22:21 Gen: lol
18:22:35 Gen: i m sure u re gonna do it
18:22:53 Fsgdjv: the intermediate is playable, but still too fast for not playing sloppy for me
18:23:03 Gen: yes lol
18:23:11 Fsgdjv: same for you?
18:23:14 Gen: yea
18:23:17 Fsgdjv: good!
18:23:23 Fsgdjv: haha
18:23:27 Fsgdjv: you know what I( mean
18:23:33 Gen: i can play the luca one at 100 bpm lol
18:23:36 Gen: yea
18:23:38 Fsgdjv: nice
18:24:02 Fsgdjv: I need more metronome practice I think:/
18:24:17 Gen: yea its good to practice with it
18:24:24 Fsgdjv: I kind of got out of the daily 2 hours metronome practicing like a week ago
18:24:33 Fsgdjv: so now my speed has gone down a bit
18:24:55 Fsgdjv: struggling at 95 bpm with pavels first alternate picking exercise
18:25:08 Gen: cool
18:25:24 Gen: have you tryed the new one he did?
18:25:29 Fsgdjv: nope
18:25:35 Gen: its easy
18:25:41 Fsgdjv: I feel like I should get this down first
18:25:45 Fsgdjv: but well
18:25:47 Gen: yea
18:26:06 Fsgdjv: getting it down means doing it at 180, so I could check the other one out a bit
18:26:14 Gen: yes lol
18:26:28 Fsgdjv: the luca trilli or however it's spelled?
18:26:40 Gen: no, the pavel denisjuk lesson
18:26:43 Fsgdjv: ah
18:26:45 Fsgdjv: that one
18:26:48 Gen: the luca turilli is not easy lol
18:26:51 Fsgdjv:
18:27:15 Gen: of course, i think its a piece of cake for slammer
18:27:18 Gen: lol
18:27:33 Gen: *whip*
18:27:35 Fsgdjv: oh, I might try that one tomorrow
18:27:40 Fsgdjv: sounded great
18:27:44 Gen: lol
18:27:50 Fsgdjv: and yeah, defenetly playable
18:27:52 Slammer: I wish
18:28:06 Slammer: I can oly play the blues man
18:28:08 Slammer: LOL
18:28:21 Slammer: hey Fsqdjv
18:28:22 Fsgdjv: I need to practice more blues
18:28:31 Slammer: what is a good Blues Song Name
18:28:42 Fsgdjv: b
18:28:42 Gen: i got all the parts down, and i play them really good, but the only thing i must do know is to play all the parts together lol
18:28:42 Fsgdjv: I'm a total blues noo
18:28:56 Fsgdjv: yeah gen, I know exactly^^
18:28:57 Slammer: LOL
18:29:13 Gen: meaning about the pavel denisjuk lol
18:29:18 Fsgdjv: yeah
18:29:52 Gen: its too bad i cant find a band...
18:29:57 Gen: i m searching lol
18:30:11 Slammer: Slammer's blues I think I will put it up in a mintue
18:30:13 Gen: just to start, cuz its really good to play with a band
18:30:17 Gen: for practice
18:30:27 Fsgdjv: yeah
18:30:27 Gen: cool
18:30:30 Fsgdjv: indeed
18:30:38 Fsgdjv: I have a band, but we're depressingly bad
18:30:56 Fsgdjv: and we can't decide on what we should play either
18:31:04 Fsgdjv: but yeah, good practice
18:31:24 Fsgdjv: at least the other guitarist makes me feel talented
18:31:30 Gen: lool
18:31:37 Slammer: LOL nice
18:31:42 Slammer: I know how that is
18:31:42 Fsgdjv: he's been playing for like 4 years, but can't even bend or anything
18:31:46 Fsgdjv: only cords
18:32:08 Gen: how s youre improvisation?
18:32:30 Fsgdjv: eew, don't remind me
18:32:35 Gen: lool
18:32:39 Gen: mine sucks
18:32:41 Gen: lol
18:32:41 Fsgdjv: or, it's getting better
18:32:46 Fsgdjv: but it still sucks
18:33:13 Fsgdjv: I tend to overdo the bendings, especially the double stops wich bends
18:33:16 Fsgdjv: it's horrible
18:33:23 Gen: lol
18:33:35 Fsgdjv: ooh, btw
18:33:41 Gen: exactly the same here
18:33:45 Fsgdjv: are you good at fingerstyle playing?
18:33:48 Fsgdjv: or whatever it's calles
18:33:52 Fsgdjv: called*
18:33:52 Gen: hell no
18:33:55 Fsgdjv: ^^
18:33:56 Slammer: I'm pretty good
18:34:02 Gen: i dont like to play with fingers lol
18:34:11 Slammer: That was the First Style I learned
18:34:11 Fsgdjv: I feel bad for not learning to play that way
18:34:13 Gen: i like the sound of the pick
18:34:25 Fsgdjv: well, I like the stuff you can do with fingerstyle playing
18:34:39 Fsgdjv: but the pick is ofc a lot better imo
18:34:45 Gen: yea
18:34:46 Fsgdjv: but I need to be able to do that aswell:/
18:34:57 Fsgdjv: so much to do lol
18:35:04 Slammer: dust in the wind
18:35:20 Gen: the only thing i can paly with fingers is the intro of stairway to heaven lol
18:35:25 Gen: play*
18:35:28 Fsgdjv: ^^
18:35:35 Fsgdjv: I should learn that some day
18:35:45 Gen: the intro is really easy
18:36:07 Fsgdjv: I saw some tab a while ago, and it looked quite hard
18:36:14 Gen: but i stoped practicing that cuz i dont like to play with my fingers
18:36:23 Gen: no dont worry lol
18:36:26 Fsgdjv: but I guess if it doesn't say the cords it looks harder than it is
18:36:31 Gen: i mean, just the intro
18:36:47 Fsgdjv: hmm, I might have looked beyong the intro
18:36:51 Fsgdjv: beyond*
18:36:58 Gen: yea i think lol
18:37:02 Gen: there s a solo too
18:37:03 Gen: ^^
18:37:04 Fsgdjv: I hate my keyboard-_-
18:37:07 Fsgdjv: yeah
18:37:09 Fsgdjv:
18:38:12 Gen: there s one thing i can play really good, is the intro of metropolis by dream theater lol
18:38:22 Gen: one of the first thing i learned
18:38:31 Fsgdjv: I'll look it up on youtube
18:38:35 Gen: okay
18:38:36 Fsgdjv: I suck at most riffs
18:38:41 Gen: really good song
18:39:03 Fsgdjv: but one of the first things I learned was Masters Aprentices by opeth
18:39:13 Gen: just write "metropolis"
18:39:13 Fsgdjv: first end second riff, stopped after that
18:39:15 Gen: cool
18:39:16 Fsgdjv: yea
18:41:28 Fsgdjv: sounds great
18:41:38 Slammer: hey gen
18:41:40 Slammer: I'm
18:41:49 Slammer: Uploading my Jam
18:41:51 Slammer: LOL
18:41:53 Gen: cool
18:42:07 Slammer: it'll be up in a couple minutes
18:42:11 Gen: i just leanr the first part, and i stoped when the singer comes
18:42:15 Gen: okay slam
18:42:23 Gen: learned*
18:42:39 Slammer: hey, thats Slammer to you! :{
18:42:41 Slammer: LOL
18:42:48 Slammer: JK
18:42:54 Gen: lol okay robert
18:43:03 Slammer: SAM!!!
18:43:04 Fsgdjv: I hate fast e string playing
18:43:08 Slammer: :?
18:43:12 Fsgdjv: like in the drop d riff lesson
18:43:13 Slammer: he forgot me
18:43:14 Gen: lo
18:43:15 Gen: ll
18:43:43 Fsgdjv: I should do it with a metronome I guess, haven't done that yet :?
18:44:47 Slammer: It's up!
18:45:51 Slammer: It's nothing Special, but Heck I was bored today
18:45:57 Gen: lol i m already listening it
18:46:17 Fsgdjv: thats a lot better than what I could do at least
18:46:20 Fsgdjv: I like it
18:46:40 Slammer: thanks man
18:47:14 Fsgdjv: ey
18:47:14 Gen: hey thats really good
18:47:19 rokchik: Hi everybody
18:47:20 Gen: hi rokchik
18:47:30 rokchik: how's it going
18:47:40 Slammer: hey
18:47:40 Gen: good, and u?
18:47:54 Slammer: are you a Chik?
18:48:07 rokchik: not bad just taking a break from legato practice...and yes I'm a chick
18:48:13 Slammer: Cool
18:48:16 Slammer: LOL
18:48:16 rokchik: why?
18:48:22 Slammer: The Name
18:48:25 Gen: lol
18:48:32 Slammer: Duh
18:48:34 rokchik: I figured it was self explanitory
18:48:39 Fsgdjv: omg, a girl on the internet!
18:48:42 Fsgdjv: j/k
18:48:44 Gen: lol
18:48:46 rokchik: funny
18:48:50 Slammer: omg a girl Plays guitar
18:48:53 Slammer: funnier
18:48:54 Slammer: LOL
18:48:56 Gen: lol
18:48:56 Slammer: JK JK
18:49:04 Slammer: no it's cool
18:49:06 rokchik: That's bit more original...jk
18:49:20 Slammer: there are tons of Awesome Girl Guitarists
18:49:27 rokchik: there are indeed
18:49:44 rokchik: even though most of the influences for me are men
18:49:47 Slammer: I'l probably never be as good as half of them
18:49:51 rokchik: LOL
18:49:55 Fsgdjv: indeed
18:50:06 Fsgdjv: as in, same goes for me
18:50:09 rokchik: Joan jett would be up there for me as far as the women go
18:50:17 Slammer: u from Europe?
18:50:28 rokchik: nope I am a proud Canadian
18:50:41 Gen: and you can also speak a bit french lol
18:50:53 Slammer: plenty of Your kind down here in Florida LOL
18:51:11 rokchik: It is our winter play ground
18:51:30 rokchik: ah oui
18:51:36 Slammer: how long you been playing?
18:51:37 Gen: lol
18:51:44 rokchik: 2 yrs in July
18:51:52 rokchik: you?
18:52:03 Slammer: 5 years
18:52:08 rokchik: cool
18:52:09 Slammer: June 2002
18:52:24 Slammer: How old were you when you started?
18:52:30 rokchik: 28
18:52:42 Slammer: cool
18:52:53 Slammer: it's never too late to start
18:52:56 Slammer: learning
18:53:14 rokchik: I always wanted to play though just never did for some reason or another.
18:53:35 Slammer: well at least you had 28 years to do other Things
18:53:42 rokchik: but I decided I'd at least learn a bit before I turned 30
18:54:10 rokchik: yeah I suppose but now I just think of all the wasted time I could have been playing
18:54:24 Fsgdjv: yeah, tell me about it
18:54:41 rokchik: how old are you Fsgdjv
18:54:44 Fsgdjv: I was gonna start playin when I was 8, but I decided that I didn't want to
18:54:57 Fsgdjv: 18, but I still feel bad for not starting untill last year
18:55:01 rokchik: and you slammer
18:55:09 Slammer: 18
18:55:14 rokchik: regrets...we'll have a few
18:55:20 Fsgdjv: ^^
18:55:31 rokchik: youngsters
18:55:37 Gen: lol
18:55:45 Fsgdjv: at the end of the day, it's good that I started, no matter how late
18:55:52 rokchik: this is true
18:55:55 Fsgdjv: that's what matters
18:56:03 Gen: yea
18:56:10 rokchik: so what r u guys practicing?
18:56:24 Gen: some pavels lesson
18:56:31 Fsgdjv: I did the neoclassical beginner solo today
18:56:46 rokchik: yeah I doing the legato as previously stated

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