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> A Long Bad Guitar Trip !
post Dec 7 2012, 08:03 PM
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rolleyes.gif Hay Guy's

I am sorry ,i am here again !! laugh.gif ..but after this story ,you dont here me for a time !!..prommest! rolleyes.gif
But after i see an uploud from ENLO 22,( RESPECT FOR THIS GUY )....i sit with sommething !!!..and the best way to lose it ,is written it down !! yes ?!
So ,here we go ! if you are intrested ,read it !
There whas a time i wanne learn badly guitar ! most young guy's !
So i start to borow a banjo from a familie member...yust hit the strings ,and whas blow away by the sound !
Then,after a while , i bay a cheap guitar,i simple learning book ,and me records from ,DEEP PURPLE ,BLACK SABBATH,LED ZEPPELIN !
No PC,wasn't there !!
So ,no one say HOW you have to hold your hand's ,the plectrum,to set your fingers ,i DIT IT LIKE IT COMES !!!
Then ,with a couple friends ,we got to look for a teacher,and we found one !!! laugh.gif
The day from us first lesson,we wait and wait,!damn ,where is he ?
Then the bell whas sounding ,we open the door and there whas a POLICE officer!!..noooooo tongue.gif it whas the teacher!!ha ha
We where young ,so he try to imprest us by his uniform i ghues !!
After a lot of bla bla,we get our lesson !..the intro from SMOKE ON THE WATER !!
Wen we practise that with NO direction ,he whas sitting by our wives!..THAT whas HIS intrest mad.gif
After a couple times we fired him !! the punk !!..and we seperated our ways ,me mates gived up,and i messed on for YEARS!!
Played in a couple band's who where al beginners like me ,and try just to impress!Whaa ha ha ! stupid now ,but yeah !
There whas no way i get sommething nice out me guitar,so it HAS to be the equipment,whas i saying to meself! laugh.gif
So,makes things chorter!..i bay COMPRESSERS,DISTORTION pedals,and EVERYTHING that whas helped me to get i little smooth sound!
But ,NOTHING whas helped ,!! mad.gif even verry expensive giutars,MALMSTEEN fender,Gilberd ibanez,Nuno,no4
I spent every mond a lot on guitar magazines!!whit lesson's in !!..every week new instructie books ,al the instructie vid's i find !!
TRY everything i saw ,hear or read ,yust a verry chort time !!...yust try i lick !DAMN,it whas'nt going ,so the next one ,and so on and on mad.gif ..AND FRUSRTATION whas building up!!..WHY it sounds NEVER fluit ,or smooth..always verry chunky!...always to slow !!YUST BAD!!
When i whas going on vacation ,me guitar HAVES to go with me ,i MUSTpractise ! before tv ,ALWAYS with guitar! work whas truckdriver,so the whole way i whas tokle me fingers on the wheel !!
Then i get the idee to go to an HYPNOTIZIZER!! WITH ME GUITAR tongue.gif biggrin.gif laugh.gif really !
So ,under HYPNOSE ,i learn me VERRY BAD way of playing!!..the good thing on it whas the scales ,i had to play them 4a5 times slow with me eyes closed and i got them !he he
After working ,ruched home to play ,when i had me lunch on me work ,i used the time to written scales on paper!!
I whas really freaked out !!! ohmy.gif
But NOTHING whas helped me in me progress,i STAND still for YEARS,yust BECOUSE ? I HAD NO BASIC!!!!
That is what i LEARNED HERE so far !!!...THE BASICS !!..o so IMPORTED if you wich to play for years!!
I had familie ,and the boys wanne learn to play to ,i say DONT make ME MISTAKE ?BUT WHO WHAS I biggrin.gif
So ,the dit the same like me ,ans quit playing FRUSTRATED!!
When i started playing again ,i say be meself ,now i do it the richt way !....!FIRST the BASICS!!.....then i chould build me home !
I whas VERRY LUCKY i found this site !becouse HERE are ALL the tools you need to learn it RICHT!
If we take the efford to do FIRST the BASICS !!..and THAT'S what i gonne DO !
When i see the uploud from ENLO 22,i ghet a verry hard hit ,from the messing around for years!..tha't cost me a lot of money ,friend ,even a relationchip !!!! mad.gif And it wake's me up again !.DONT SPENT TIME ON YUST NOUDLE AROUND!..then you GO NO WHERE !!
So,i release me anger about this ,and realise, i have another chance to do it !..and wanne GRAP it with ME BOTH HAND'S!
Here are somme really ,GOOD ,and KIND guy's ,that take the effort ,to LEARN US PLAYING !!!..WITHOUT asking money for it !!
So ,in ME eyes ,THIS are the REAL players ! the guy's who LOVED to PLAY !!..the richt atitude !! cool.gif ....

Thank you to read this ,and sorry ,i must clear this thing to start whit a emty frech mindsetting !
Wich you all a verry good and strong progress!
wink.gif ..see you !
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Ben Higgins
post Dec 8 2012, 11:00 AM
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Hi Guy, I can totally understand the way you feel. I can't believe that guitar instructor, dressing like a policeman and then spending more time chatting to your wives... ohmy.gif

Often, when we feel that we're not getting good at something we look outside at other factors: It must be the amp, it must be the guitar, it must be the exercises... but the most important part is the one thing that we are always avoiding. Just do it. Sit down and play. And play and play.

It is a shame that nobody was there to teach you some basic chords. After learning a few basic chords, you would be free to just develop rhythm and listen to songs and try to figure them out with those chords shapes you knew.

However, everything happens for a reason and sometimes we have to just be at the right place at the right time to learn certain lessons and you're obviously in the right place now. In fact, we could even look upon learning at a later age as being more beneficial because now you are more determined and have more focus. This means you are less likely to waste time and you will put more effort in because it means more to you. smile.gif

You've already shown me how much improvement you've made with vibrato.. some people go a lifetime without ever developing this.

I'm glad you found GMC and even happier that we are able to help you. Let us know what you're working on next if you need any guidance ok ? smile.gif

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post Dec 8 2012, 11:42 AM
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smile.gif Hay Ben ,
Thank you to take the time and effort to read this !(I am sorry for this mellow writting ,but i sit in a dip,becouse playing whas me live)
You are a HELL of a guy'!
And yes ,when you get older,the mistake's comes visible !..but you can't turn back the time!!..i now ,that's for everyone the same !
rolleyes.gif Its, i am really so IMPREST by the guy's here on this site!...that the lost time hurt's sad.gif
You set me all back on the richt track!!..i gone try to chow you me respect for you,by doing the exerc richt and stick to it !
Wich you a fine day wink.gif
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post Dec 8 2012, 12:46 PM
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Thats a GOOD thread !

hey Azureus its a bit like looking into a mirror when i read your post -- except the one with the policeman biggrin.gif

good to have you here now!

He Ben your thoughts are as always WISE smile.gif !

@ azureus its not worth to think about time always use the moment thats what you are

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post Dec 8 2012, 12:55 PM
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wink.gif thank you Dieter,
I gone try it !
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