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> Your Scariest Dream!
post Dec 26 2012, 04:41 PM
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What is the scariest dream you have ever seen ?? (Apart from Ben appearing with a screw in his hand biggrin.gif )
I usually see very scary dreams with a lot of suspense. Usually it is me being haunted by demons or creatures. Very rarely I am the one who is haunting them but that is also scary unsure.gif

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post Dec 26 2012, 05:35 PM
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I had this dream once and I was married , I lived in this duplex and had seven kids with another on the way;
wait is this a dreammmmmmmmm===helllllllllppppppppppp meeeee


wake me please wacko.gif
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post Dec 27 2012, 12:58 AM
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lol - jstcrsn!

My scarest dream occurred when I was like 11 or 12, there was a few stages leading up to it...
* I was staying up late past midnight, sneaking to watch zombie horror movies (I loved horrors when a kiddo)
* I also grabbed some leftover cold pizza from the fridge (Eating after midnight always helps the nightmares)

I dreamt I was underground in those war bunkers, only one entrance all bordered up, a long tunnel slanting upwards to the surface. Sections of this tunnel where separated into small rooms, each assigned a person to guard. You could see/hear through the small gaps in the wooden boards / doors.

We where the last few remaining survivors and the surface was completely over run by zombies!

Each night they would attempt to breakdown the barricades down the tunnel. Killing and feasting on the trapped soul inbetween each, getting closer and closer (the people inbetween slowed them down so the rest might survive). Day light finally arrives and they clean up the mess, go out a little to scavenge food and return to border it up for the next night moving everyone in the tunnel forward.

I dreamt it was my 13th Birthday (even though really that was still a while away). However, when your 13 and a male, your finally a man and get to defend the tunnel, it was my turn at the back of the line (each night moving forward). I could hear the zombies breaking down the doors and devouring the ones in front of me. We each had a weapon and small supply of ammo (up ahead a guy had a flamethrower, the next a machine gun, then a rifle... all I got was a rusty handgun). On the fourth night, I had moved up quite a bit and could see the zombies through the gaps attacking the person in front of me splatting his brains and guts across the room. Then they started breaking down my wall, reaching through the gaps. A few at first, shooting away my cap gun, but then I realised there where thousands out there coming in an endless horde.

Ran out of ammo, the zombies broke through, grabbed my arm - ripping it off... I woke up and fell out of bed!

Gasping and still shaken up, my arm was hanging off the edge of the bed, something grabbed it, rotten and attempted to drag me under. I woke up again, hate double dreams!

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Cosmin Lupu
post Dec 27 2012, 07:52 AM
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Oh brother! This sounds really nasty! My worse dreams are about having the impression that I see something moving in the bedroom. I sleep in a rather large bedroom having little furniture (I like my quarters spartan) and the worst thing is I NEVER EVER figure out IF it was JUST A DREAM or...

Pretty weird right?

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post Dec 27 2012, 08:54 AM
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After having my scariest "dream", i couldn't sleep in my room for 3 days. I still believe it was a case of sleep paralysis , but don't know. So i was having this dream about a huge world made of water and in the middle of the water there was white bed, the bed was covered in blood and a child was crying, i went next to her and told her; - it's not your fault.

As soon i as said that, i have like this feeling that something was wrong (like a warning of your pc's anti-virus), next thing i know my eyes can see my room (as i left it b4 going to bed, the guitar was on the sofa, all the clothes etc.etc) i was aware, yet still asleep, and then... Bang! This shadow thing starts to form infront of me and i can't move, every nerve of my body is dancing, it felt like lightning just struck me! my ears were ringing like there was this massive earthquake inside of them, i scream like hell, really like hell, yet i couldn't produce any kind of sound.

this lasted around 10-20 seconds, i regained control and was covered in sweat. ph34r.gif next night i waited till dawn to sleep.

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