Guitar Chat: Clapton, Eric Johnson etc. 2007-06-21, With advice from Muris
Kristofer Dahl
Jun 26 2007, 09:07 AM
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10:42:46 Guitar34: hi
10:42:53 Guitar34: smikey
10:45:15 Guitar34: r u there?
10:45:26 Guitar34: *whip*
10:45:35 Smikey2006: oh hey haha
10:45:40 Guitar34: lol
10:45:45 Smikey2006: the noise brought me back to the chat
10:45:52 Guitar34: ya
10:45:55 Smikey2006: sup
10:46:02 Guitar34: nothin
10:46:15 Guitar34: r u a boy
10:47:08 Guitar34: ?
10:47:18 Smikey2006: yea
10:47:34 Smikey2006: Mike with an S and Y
10:49:58 Guitar34: cool
10:50:06 Guitar34: how old r u?
10:53:10 Smikey2006: 18
10:53:29 Smikey2006: u?
10:56:47 Guitar34: 11
10:56:59 Guitar34: brb
11:47:15 JVM: hey
11:52:00 JVM: *whip*
12:06:34 Slammer: dude every time I come in here it's JVM and Guitar34
12:06:48 Slammer: *whip*
12:06:54 JVM: *jump*
12:06:55 Slammer: wierd
12:07:09 JVM: i just got here a few minutes ago
12:07:20 Slammer: dude that's what hapens every time
12:07:23 JVM: lol
12:07:31 Slammer: *twilight zone music playing*
12:07:40 JVM: The twilight zone!
12:07:43 Slammer: LOL
12:07:45 JVM: but that way before out rime
12:07:46 JVM: time*
12:07:58 Slammer: dude remember last night?
12:08:02 Slammer: LOL
12:08:10 JVM: yeah thats what I mean man
12:08:27 Slammer: deja vu
12:09:12 Slammer: I'm testing the Mic on my H4
12:09:13 JVM: im reading that steve vai article someone posted
12:09:22 JVM: do you sing?
12:09:26 Slammer: NO!!!!
12:09:28 Slammer: LOL
12:09:39 Slammer: I wasn't so blessed in the Singing department
12:10:04 JVM: hah me too
12:10:10 Slammer: but.... Right now I'm testing out a Cover of all along the Watchtower
12:10:19 Slammer: so I'm singing just for fun
12:10:44 Slammer: ok dude talk to you later, (someone's got to use the PC)
12:10:49 JVM: later
12:10:51 Slammer: :|
12:43:18 guitargod: hi guys
13:28:11 Guitar34: *twilight zone music playing* lol
14:24:23 Gen: hey
14:27:30 Guitar34: hey
14:27:35 Guitar34: was up
14:27:48 Guitar34: *whip*
14:28:04 Gen: not a lot, and you?
14:28:20 Guitar34: just playin
14:28:45 Guitar34: have u seen the ringer
14:28:47 Guitar34: ?
14:37:24 Gen: the ringer?
14:44:17 Gen: *whip*
15:08:01 Slammer: *meow*
15:08:16 Slammer: u still here G34?
15:08:39 Slammer: You've been on all day!
15:10:04 Slammer: Guess not...
15:10:14 Slammer: *slap* *whip*
15:10:16 Slammer: LOL
15:21:23 Slammer: yep
15:22:22 Slammer: nobody here
16:49:45 leedbreak: sup
16:50:18 leedbreak: sout
17:36:33 Gen: hey
17:36:37 JVM: *MEOW*
17:36:40 JVM: sup
17:36:45 Gen: *slap*
17:36:50 Gen: lol
17:36:54 Gen: whats up
17:36:55 JVM: watch
17:37:01 JVM: slammer is going to come in in like 5 minutes
17:37:15 Gen: lol how do you know that?
17:37:25 JVM: cause he always follows me
17:37:28 Gen: lol
17:38:50 Gen: what are you practicing?
17:38:56 JVM: nothing at the moment
17:39:03 Gen: k
17:39:08 Gen: lool
17:39:11 Gen: hey
17:39:12 Gen: slam
17:39:17 JVM: I TOLD YOU
17:39:20 Gen: lol
17:39:20 Slammer: sup dudes
17:39:22 Gen: yea
17:39:24 JVM: dude total guess
17:39:51 Slammer: yeah it shows the last Few Words you said... I saw what you wrote LOL
17:40:06 JVM: haha
17:40:21 Slammer: But dude I'm not following you.... It only says that G34 is in the Chat
17:40:28 Slammer: in the forum
17:40:32 Gen: lol
17:40:43 JVM: I didnt even know we had that
17:41:03 Slammer: had what??
17:41:13 JVM: a thing that says whose in the chat
17:41:24 Slammer: well, you're not in it
17:41:25 JVM: yeah i see it now
17:41:28 JVM: none of us are
17:41:31 Slammer: only G34
17:41:33 Gen: hehe
17:41:39 JVM: well, you are now slammer
17:41:43 Slammer: so I didn't follow you hmp.
17:41:44 JVM: but gen and I are rebels
17:41:50 Gen: o yea
17:42:00 Gen: haha
17:42:08 Gen: hey g34 are you here?
17:42:11 Slammer: It never says Gen idk why
17:42:14 Gen: *slap*
17:42:17 Gen: lol
17:42:24 Slammer: G34 name has been on all day
17:42:34 Slammer: I don't think he's here
17:42:36 Gen: like i said yesterday, im a ghost
17:42:41 Gen: hehe
17:42:55 Slammer: I think JVM thinks I'm Stalking him
17:43:20 JVM: lol
17:44:04 Slammer: well, This is the 5th time in the past two days that we've talked
17:44:09 JVM: yeah
17:44:12 Gen: yea haha
17:44:15 Slammer: Gen too
17:44:17 JVM: and you always come in like 5 minutes after me
17:44:19 JVM: lol
17:44:24 Slammer: not my fault dudre
17:44:28 Slammer: Dude*
17:44:37 JVM: i just think its funny
17:45:33 Slammer: Coincidence..... or Deja Vu.... or Karma..... I'm Scared:?
17:45:51 Slammer: :?
17:45:55 Gen: strange deja vu!
17:45:56 Slammer:
17:46:02 Gen: lol
17:46:10 Gen: song from dream theater haha
17:46:23 Gen: strange deja vu
17:46:43 Slammer: curious Coincidence by kristofer Dahl
17:46:49 Gen: yea lool
17:47:20 Slammer: karma Chameleon by Culture CLub
17:47:30 Gen: haha
17:47:50 Slammer: Haha by Gen
17:47:55 Gen: haha
17:47:57 Gen: HAHA
17:47:59 Gen: hoho
17:48:01 Gen: hehe
17:48:14 Slammer: Ho ho sounds like a hip hop song
17:48:19 Gen: lol
17:48:39 Slammer: or a santa Song
17:48:47 Gen: yea
17:48:49 Slammer: hey do you have Santa in your Country?
17:48:58 Gen: yea of course
17:49:00 Slammer: I know every Country has there own Version
17:49:06 Slammer: or something
17:49:13 Slammer: Saint Nicolas
17:49:26 Slammer: maybe
17:49:34 Gen: yea
17:49:34 Slammer: I scared JVM awat
17:49:39 Slammer: Away*
17:49:46 Gen: lol
17:49:47 Slammer: yep
17:49:53 Slammer: I creeped him out
17:50:06 Gen: hey jvm! *whip*
17:50:12 JVM: sorry
17:50:17 JVM: I just made a facebook and i'm finding people i know
17:50:25 JVM: we should start a GMC facebook group
17:50:26 Slammer: maybe I'll take a Week off from Chat.....
17:51:43 Slammer: Awkward moment of Silence
17:51:56 Gen: *whip* *slap* *meow*
17:52:04 JVM: hah
17:52:53 Slammer: yep it's Dead
17:53:04 Gen: dont know what to say
17:53:11 Slammer: Maybe I'll try my Resurection Ritual
17:53:17 Gen: and im tired
17:53:19 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow*
17:53:23 Gen: hehe
17:53:33 Gen: its 23:48
17:53:37 Gen: here
17:53:45 Slammer: 11:48 Pm
17:53:54 Slammer: yeah
17:54:05 Slammer: for you I mean
17:54:17 Gen: yea
17:54:43 Slammer: I'm boring i knew it..... ....... WAAAAAAHHHHHH.......
17:54:52 Gen: lol no
17:54:55 Slammer: yes
17:55:00 Slammer: no yes no yes
17:55:07 Gen: no
17:55:11 Gen: nono
17:55:13 Gen: nonono
17:55:48 Slammer: ZZZZZ......
17:55:56 Slammer: I think I put them to Sleep
17:56:06 Slammer: Rockabye Genny on the Treetop
17:56:26 Slammer: when the wind Blows the Cradle will rock
17:56:38 Slammer: Yes It workED!!!!
17:56:56 Slammer: and now I'm alone.......:?
17:57:22 Gen: nooooooo
17:57:32 Gen: snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake
17:57:58 Gen: *whip* *slap* *meow* *whip* *slap* *meow*
17:58:06 JVM: *slap* *slap*
17:58:09 JVM: *slap*
17:58:29 Slammer: the Reason why nobody is coming in the Chat is Because it only says Slammer and G34..... not Exactly Pavel and Kris
17:59:04 Gen: lol, we must change our names
17:59:04 Slammer: no offence G34
17:59:08 Gen: loool
17:59:16 Gen: he s not here
17:59:24 Gen: he s watching a porn
17:59:24 Slammer: brb
17:59:27 Slammer: LOL
18:00:09 Gen: its like a walkthrough for him
18:00:17 Gen: lol , just kiding
18:00:59 Slammer: back
18:01:07 Slammer: hey gen have you seen...
18:01:36 Slammer: the Video of Scarified??
18:02:03 Gen: yea of course, its one of my 59 favorites on my youtube account
18:02:04 Gen: lol
18:02:07 Slammer: pretty cool huh?
18:02:15 Gen: i made an account just to save faves
18:02:17 Gen: yea
18:02:30 Slammer: that bass player is SICK
18:02:49 Gen: what do you mean?
18:03:13 Slammer: American Slang for Insanely Awesome
18:03:20 Gen: a lol
18:03:31 Slammer: kinda like BAD ASS
18:03:41 Slammer: doesn't mean
18:03:51 Gen: yea i know for bad ass
18:03:54 Gen: or shit
18:03:54 Slammer: Somebody's Bottom
18:03:56 Slammer: LOL
18:03:57 Gen: lol
18:04:39 Gen: john myung, billy sheehan and tony levin rules!
18:04:46 Slammer: I think Gen is short for Genital
18:04:51 Slammer: LOL nvm
18:04:58 Gen: no its not lol
18:04:59 Slammer: *whip*
18:05:19 Gen: you re exiting me with that noise
18:05:33 Slammer: WOW that's a turn off!!
18:05:40 Gen: lol
18:05:44 Slammer: *meow*
18:06:01 Slammer: Hey Gen do you sing?
18:06:06 Gen: lol no
18:06:13 Slammer: in the Shower?
18:06:37 Gen: no
18:06:41 Slammer: sometimes but you don't wan to tell us
18:06:50 Slammer: LOL
18:07:02 Gen: i think i cant hide myself anymore
18:07:30 Gen: im a big fan of clay aiken
18:07:35 Gen: and the backstreet boys
18:07:42 Gen: lol
18:07:56 Slammer: Sorry Gen... I think I scared JVM away.... If you were having a conversation with him.... I apoligize
18:08:05 Gen: no lol
18:08:21 Gen: *slap*
18:08:27 Slammer: yep
18:08:31 Gen: hey jvm
18:08:52 Gen: what are you doing?
18:09:02 Slammer: Ignoring us
18:09:05 Gen: lol
18:09:19 Gen: watching a masochist movie?
18:09:24 Gen: common dont be shy
18:09:24 Slammer: he hates us
18:09:30 Gen: lol jk
18:10:12 Slammer: yep, he's waiting for me to go.....
18:10:17 Gen: hahaha
18:10:18 Gen: lol
18:10:57 Slammer: okay then guys catch you later
18:10:59 Slammer: cya
18:11:01 Gen: cya
18:11:31 Gen: hey guest
18:11:45 Gen: sandclock=hellol
18:11:49 Gen: hello
18:12:08 Gen: do you like apples?
18:12:25 Gen: bananas?
18:12:38 Gen: lol, hey jvm, look, we have a guest
18:12:45 Gen: *meow*
18:13:20 Gen: jvm...dont let me alone!!!!
18:13:22 Gen: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
18:13:28 Gen: zzzzzz....
18:13:33 JVM: hey
18:13:36 Gen: lol
18:13:37 JVM: soryr
18:13:39 JVM: sorry**
18:13:51 Gen: what are you doing?
18:14:06 JVM: just made a facebook so im trying to get that under control
18:14:15 Gen: cool
18:14:33 Gen: hey lol, i think its the sandlocker guest
18:15:08 Gen: what are you trying to say guest?
18:15:33 Gen: hehe, dont try to write, its useless
18:15:57 JVM: lol
18:16:13 Gen: hey boggi
18:16:21 Boggi: hey.
18:16:34 Boggi: whats up ?
18:16:40 Gen: not a lot, and you?
18:16:49 JVM: hey boggi
18:16:58 Gen: welcome back slammer
18:17:04 Slammer: hey I'm back
18:17:10 Gen: we had a guest a few seconds ago
18:17:13 Boggi: trying to learn the rhapsody solo fast.
18:17:27 Boggi: I can do it with 130bpm
18:17:39 Boggi: so I try to increase it to 140bpm.
18:17:49 Gen: how long have you been playing?
18:18:14 Slammer: cya JVM
18:18:18 Gen: bye...
18:18:23 Boggi: about, 1.5 years. But I train every day and very hard and effective.
18:18:33 Gen:
18:18:43 Slammer: dude it seems like We're the only people who use Chat....
18:18:46 Boggi: I really felt in love with my guitar.
18:18:51 Slammer: Boggi youi and me and G34
18:18:56 Gen: lol
18:18:57 Slammer: and JVM
18:19:02 Gen: g34 is an accro
18:19:04 Gen: lol
18:19:10 Boggi: and I found some very good tips to get the best out of the training
18:19:28 Slammer: which ones?
18:19:47 Boggi: You know tom hess ?
18:19:53 Slammer: no
18:20:09 Boggi: try to find his web site and look at his lessons
18:20:15 Boggi: search in google
18:20:16 Slammer: ok
18:21:31 Slammer: baldy
18:21:44 Boggi: disciplin do I think is the reason I improve fast,
18:22:07 Boggi: and the goals
18:23:31 Slammer: gen has died.....
18:24:09 Boggi: If we exaple take one day. I would set some goals, for exaple. Alternate picking 1hour, sweep 1 hour etc. and theres the disciplin come in
18:24:15 Slammer: poor little booger
18:24:18 Gen: aaaa.....noooo.....good bye world
18:24:35 Slammer: good advice
18:24:38 Slammer: Boggi
18:24:44 Slammer: I wish I could Sweep
18:25:12 Boggi: then you have to be disciplin enough to to stick with the alternate picking for 1 hour.
18:25:16 Gen: hahahaha bye g34
18:25:28 Slammer: he finally left
18:25:31 Gen: lol
18:25:37 Boggi: lol
18:25:39 Slammer: he's been here since this mourning
18:25:51 Slammer: no talkinh
18:25:54 Slammer: talking
18:25:54 Gen: lol
18:26:09 Slammer: now it's just gen slammer and boggi
18:26:19 Gen: i thjink he s been waitin for pavel or kris lol
18:26:22 Gen: think*
18:26:24 Boggi: hehe
18:26:38 Slammer: As long as I'm in here they ain't never coming in
18:26:47 Gen: i saw pavel on time
18:27:06 Gen: he talked about tremolo picking
18:27:18 Slammer: I asked him about it
18:27:20 Gen: i dont remember well
18:27:20 Slammer: LOL
18:27:23 Gen: lol
18:27:26 Gen: haha
18:27:32 Slammer: I chatted with Kris one time
18:27:41 Gen: i never saw him
18:28:04 Slammer: But not very long, after 5 minutes he was like "Ok guys I gotta go"
18:28:24 Slammer: It was cause of Me .... :?
18:28:36 Slammer: LOL
18:28:42 Gen: lol no
18:29:00 Slammer: But I did ask him about when is he going to make lessons
18:29:05 Boggi: I gtg cya
18:29:13 Gen: lol cya
18:29:20 Slammer: my fault....
18:29:27 Gen: i g2g too, cya
18:29:31 Gen: lol jk
18:29:33 Slammer: NO not u 2
18:29:35 Slammer: LOL
18:30:00 Slammer: LMAO!!
18:30:02 Slammer: LOL
18:30:08 Slammer: dude that was good
18:30:12 Gen: lol
18:30:30 Slammer: still laughing... give me a second
18:30:35 Gen: hehe
18:30:54 Slammer: Ahhh,, done
18:30:58 Slammer: Anyways
18:30:58 Gen: ^^
18:31:13 Gen: aaa cant wait for wednesday
18:31:21 Slammer: why?
18:31:27 Gen: DT S GIG
18:31:37 Slammer: ???
18:31:53 Gen: dream theater, im gonna see them wednesday
18:31:58 Slammer: Sweet
18:32:06 Slammer: gonna get any boots?
18:32:23 Slammer: you got a video Camera?
18:32:43 Gen: i think its not authorized
18:34:00 Slammer: anyways I also asked Kris about Freelicks
18:34:28 Slammer: he said maybe one day
18:34:51 Slammer: I think when he retires.... maybe when he's 65 he will update it
18:35:02 Slammer:
18:35:02 Gen: lol
18:35:22 Slammer: this is a "D" chord kiddies
18:35:36 Gen: heeh
18:35:37 Gen: hehe
18:35:59 Slammer: dude now it only says Slammer is on
18:36:07 Gen: lol
18:36:20 Slammer: THis is definetly it
18:36:31 Slammer: no ones gonna come on
18:36:44 Slammer: Maybe if I had a different Name
18:37:16 Slammer: PavelKrisWallimanGabrielDavidoAndrewCockburn
18:37:18 Gen: haha
18:37:31 Gen: lol you forgot sean
18:37:44 Slammer: SEANBenhowell
18:37:49 Gen: yea lol
18:38:03 Slammer: maybe : no1krisfan
18:38:05 Gen: you also forgot gen
18:38:12 Gen: lol
18:38:13 Gen: jk
18:38:16 Slammer: SlammerGen
18:38:30 Slammer: GenSlammer
18:38:36 Slammer: NO NVM
18:38:43 Slammer: came out wrong
18:38:44 Slammer: LOL
18:39:09 Slammer: you know Here it's dinner time
18:39:16 Slammer: Turkey Legs
18:39:21 Slammer:
18:39:26 Gen:
18:39:32 Slammer: Mashed Potatoes
18:39:55 Slammer: Gotta Go Eat Man.....
18:40:08 Slammer: Talk to ya later
18:40:11 Slammer: Well....
18:40:13 Gen: okay, i think i gonna go to bed
18:40:28 Slammer: Usally every single day I end up talking to ya
18:40:33 Gen: lol
18:40:41 Slammer: OK dude cya
18:40:45 Gen: cya man
19:19:22 Guitar34: hey slam
19:19:28 Slammer: sup?
19:19:38 Slammer: you were signed in all day
19:19:41 Slammer: almost LOL
19:19:41 Guitar34: n2m
19:19:55 Slammer: but you weren't talking
19:19:59 Guitar34: just hagin out with my friend
19:20:05 Slammer: right now?
19:20:07 Guitar34: i know
19:20:10 Guitar34: ya
19:20:20 Slammer: on Guitar Chat
19:20:26 Slammer: ?
19:20:31 Guitar34: iya
19:20:36 Guitar34: ya***
19:20:45 Slammer: he must be pretty Bored
19:20:50 Guitar34: no
19:20:57 Slammer:
19:21:12 Guitar34: we r going to go over and swin in the neighbors huge pool
19:21:21 Guitar34: swim***
19:21:27 Slammer: than why r ya chatting ? LOL
19:21:36 Slammer: Go swim man!!!
19:21:48 Guitar34: i will
19:21:51 Guitar34: in a sec
19:22:09 Guitar34: do u live in floriday
19:22:16 Slammer: Floriday!!
19:22:16 Guitar34: florida***
19:22:19 Slammer: LOL
19:22:20 Slammer: yep
19:22:26 Slammer: Go swimming all the time
19:22:31 Slammer: too much sometimes
19:22:46 Slammer: 100's of beaches to chose from
19:22:51 Guitar34: do u see the ocean ever?
19:23:09 Slammer: Usaully that what you see at the Beach
19:23:16 Slammer: LOL
19:23:32 Guitar34: well i typed that and i didnt see that u typed that
19:23:36 Guitar34: lol
19:23:39 Slammer: no prob
19:23:52 Guitar34: im gonna go swim talk to u l8tr
19:23:56 Slammer: ok have fun
19:24:01 Guitar34: see ya slam
19:24:07 Slammer:
19:28:26 JVM: *whip*
19:28:28 Slammer: AAHH
19:28:33 JVM: bahaha
19:28:33 Slammer: it's you
19:28:39 Slammer: NOOOO
19:28:41 Slammer: LOL
19:28:49 Slammer: you deserted us before
19:29:04 JVM: yeah
19:29:11 Slammer: you left without saying goodbye
19:29:20 Slammer: *sniff*
19:29:21 JVM: i think i left after everyone else left didnt I
19:29:44 Slammer: Well only if you don't consider men and Gen people
19:29:52 Slammer: ME*
19:29:55 JVM: lol
19:30:04 JVM: and i'd do it again!
19:30:22 Slammer: men and Gen kinda catchy!
19:30:31 JVM: a bit
19:30:36 Slammer: not really
19:30:38 JVM: i'm lookin for an amp
19:30:56 Slammer: lot to chose from
19:31:06 JVM: have you heard of orange?
19:31:47 Slammer: the color? yes.
19:31:57 JVM: lol
19:31:58 JVM: the company
19:32:09 Slammer: yeah... No I haven't
19:32:25 JVM: i need something i can gig with
19:32:25 Slammer: well, now I have.
19:32:38 Slammer: you do gigs?
19:32:42 JVM: i will soon
19:33:00 edguy: hi guys
19:33:01 JVM: hi there
19:33:02 Slammer: edguy
19:33:05 Slammer: sup?
19:33:12 edguy: mh not much
19:33:17 Slammer: is your name Ed?
19:33:22 edguy: no
19:33:27 JVM: its guy
19:33:29 Slammer: Damn...
19:33:38 edguy: edguy is a heavy metal band from germany
19:33:44 JVM: aw
19:33:50 Slammer: and your name is Chester
19:34:07 edguy: no Roman
19:34:20 edguy: why you asking for?
19:34:23 Slammer: are you Italian?
19:34:31 Slammer: no reason I'm just bored
19:34:32 Slammer: LOL
19:34:35 edguy: no
19:34:40 edguy: i am a german guy
19:34:46 Slammer: oh, cool
19:34:59 Slammer: Me and JVM are East Coasters
19:35:02 Slammer: from US
19:35:08 edguy: ah ok
19:35:32 edguy: and your name is 50 Cent
19:35:44 Slammer: No!!!! Jay-z
19:35:48 Slammer: DUH!
19:35:57 Slammer: and JVM is Nelly
19:35:57 JVM: jay-z ftw
19:36:07 edguy: oh the gangster brothers
19:36:14 Slammer: yes!!
19:36:25 Slammer: Bitches and my Ho's
19:36:30 Slammer: LOL
19:36:41 edguy: i see you are a funny guy
19:37:03 Slammer: sometimes Sarcasm can be lost in Translation
19:37:39 Slammer: anyways how long you've been playing Guitar?
19:38:06 edguy: ah since 2 years
19:38:23 edguy: and you?
19:38:25 Slammer: 2 years old!!
19:38:32 JVM: lol
19:38:40 Slammer: I've been playing 5 years
19:38:41 edguy: ah no sorry my english
19:38:46 Slammer: no prob
19:38:59 Slammer: I suck at German, if it makes you feel any better
19:39:00 edguy: i started playing 2 years ago
19:39:12 Slammer: oh ok
19:39:15 Slammer: Cool
19:39:26 Slammer: Are you Practising New lessons
19:39:29 Slammer: on GMC?
19:39:52 edguy: ah at the moment i had finished my a level
19:40:10 edguy: so i had not enough time to practice new things
19:40:35 Slammer: danke schön is all I know.
19:40:49 edguy: bitte schön
19:41:08 Slammer: does that mean "bite you" ?
19:41:25 edguy: noe bitte = please
19:41:33 Slammer: ahh
19:41:34 Slammer: cool
19:41:45 Slammer: my sister's husband is German
19:41:57 edguy: 3 weeks ago i saw machine head and stone sour
19:42:02 edguy: it was great
19:42:09 edguy: and slayer
19:42:17 edguy: and many more
19:42:20 Slammer: you like the Heavy Stuff
19:42:28 edguy: yeah some times
19:42:36 Slammer: do you play that style
19:42:53 edguy: i play everthing taht sound nice to me
19:43:27 Slammer: any Country?
19:43:39 Slammer: Country Music?
19:43:47 Slammer: Johnny Cash
19:43:56 edguy: ok i have no experience palying country music
19:43:56 Slammer: Keith Urban?
19:44:04 Slammer: ok
19:44:07 Slammer: BLues?
19:44:15 edguy: but i know the names you mentioned
19:44:22 Slammer: I like to play Eric Clapton songs sometimes
19:44:37 edguy: layla is a great song
19:44:43 Slammer: he's my favorite
19:44:46 Slammer: Yes it is
19:45:04 Slammer: *meow*
19:45:09 JVM: *slap*
19:45:15 edguy: i played some blues lesson from gabriel
19:45:16 Slammer: *whip*
19:45:20 Slammer: yeah cool
19:45:30 Slammer: He's pretty good at blues
19:45:43 edguy: i like them so you see i play mostly everything
19:45:48 JVM: yeah gabe is good at blues
19:45:52 JVM: go gabe!
19:45:57 Slammer: that's good
19:46:24 Slammer: JVM seems to be off and on the Chat
19:46:31 Slammer: *whip*
19:46:32 JVM: yeah im amp shopping
19:46:41 Slammer: whatcha gonna get
19:46:46 Slammer: a Marshall?
19:46:48 JVM: not sure
19:46:49 Slammer: Fender?
19:46:53 Slammer: Vox?
19:46:55 JVM: the good marshalls are expensive
19:46:55 edguy: vox ac 30
19:47:00 JVM: i'd love an ac30
19:47:03 Slammer: Ibanez
19:47:04 JVM: no feders
19:47:04 edguy:
19:47:07 JVM: fender*
19:47:19 JVM: I think im aiming for about the 5-700 range though
19:47:20 Slammer: Fenders are cool man!
19:47:23 edguy: do you know sunrise avenue?
19:47:28 JVM: the ac30 goes around 1k i think
19:47:31 Slammer: the Street?
19:47:33 JVM: no i dont
19:47:39 edguy: no the band
19:47:46 Slammer: oh no I don't
19:47:50 edguy: ah o
19:47:53 edguy: ok
19:48:03 edguy: then its only popular in europe
19:48:12 JVM: yeah never heard of them over here
19:48:23 edguy: i was on the german festival rock am ring
19:48:28 Slammer: you know, Death Cab for Cutie?
19:48:37 edguy: there i saw all those bands
19:48:40 JVM: i know dcc
19:49:02 edguy: no i dont know them
19:49:13 Slammer: ok
19:49:22 Slammer: No to big in Europe I guess
19:49:26 Slammer: too*
19:49:42 edguy: but you konow papa roach i guess?
19:49:46 JVM: yeah
19:49:57 edguy: i saw them too at rock am ring
19:50:02 edguy: it was a great show
19:50:42 Slammer: JVM
19:50:48 Slammer:
19:51:00 JVM: yeah I know
19:51:04 JVM: im considering it
19:51:18 edguy: and also i saw bloodsimple. lamb of god linkin park my chemical romance the with stripes
19:52:09 Slammer: Cool
19:52:15 Slammer: you like Randall amps
19:52:35 Slammer: ?
19:52:40 edguy: no
19:52:42 JVM: i dont know
19:53:19 Slammer: never played one?
19:53:24 edguy: no
19:53:29 JVM: no but i know of them
19:53:34 JVM: you like em?
19:53:46 Slammer: well, There Great for Metal
19:53:46 edguy: i have a line 6 spider 2
19:53:53 edguy: like walliman
19:54:00 Slammer: I have a Line 6 Spider 3
19:54:02 Slammer:
19:54:13 edguy: and are you satisfied
19:54:22 Slammer: yes, very much
19:54:32 Slammer: why?
19:54:51 edguy: i dont like the distortion of my spider 2
19:55:18 Slammer: the spider 3 is So much Better I think
19:55:23 edguy: it gets better when you raise the volume
19:55:28 Slammer: for Different sounds
19:55:39 Slammer: It has 400 presets
19:55:43 edguy: yeah i know
19:55:52 Slammer: Metallica Settings for Distortion
19:55:58 Slammer: pretty Cool
19:56:12 Slammer: JVM what kinda music do you play in your gigs?
19:56:25 JVM: classic rock, punk, metal
19:56:26 edguy: yeah i played this amp in our music store
19:56:40 Slammer:
19:56:57 Slammer: for Metal LOL
19:57:36 edguy: then it is the right thing for him
19:57:41 JVM: ive been looking at that actually
19:57:48 JVM: metal is what i play the least of though
19:57:52 Slammer: well it depends on what he wants
19:58:32 Slammer: He could Get Just a Regular Big Amp.... and get a POD xt for Tone
19:58:37 edguy: marty friedman and michael de batio played in our local music store
19:58:49 edguy: but i wasnt there
19:59:07 JVM: that sucks D:
19:59:20 Slammer: what?
19:59:22 edguy: yeah
19:59:27 JVM: that he missed that
19:59:30 Slammer: yep
20:00:10 Slammer: hey edguy you have a Ibanez?
20:00:23 edguy: absolute correct
20:00:40 edguy: this one
20:00:42 edguy:;wagrID=6000
20:00:43 Slammer: I'd say 90% of GMC has Ibanez guitars
20:01:06 Slammer: Jvm does????
20:01:20 Slammer: or not
20:01:30 Slammer: I think he has a Tele
20:01:37 JVM: yeah I do
20:01:43 edguy: but i also have a les paul copy
20:01:44 Slammer: a Ibanez?
20:01:48 JVM: tele
20:01:50 Slammer: oh
20:02:04 Slammer: a Tele for Metal???
20:02:17 JVM: well it has a p-90 in the neck
20:02:26 JVM: so its a bit different than your normal tele
20:02:42 Slammer: dude don't you know the Classic Stereotype that Tele's are for Country?
20:02:53 Slammer: LOL
20:02:57 JVM: thats the dumbest stereotype ever though
20:02:58 JVM: i mean
20:03:00 JVM: keith richards
20:03:05 JVM: !!
20:03:15 Slammer: plays country Music??
20:03:20 JVM: uses a tele
20:03:21 edguy: slammer do you have an ibanez?
20:03:21 Slammer: oh sorry
20:03:33 Slammer: I thought you said keith Urban LOL
20:03:41 JVM: lol
20:04:07 JVM: im going to be building my own guitar soon though
20:04:11 JVM: it wont be a tele
20:04:16 Slammer:
20:04:21 Slammer: Is what I have
20:04:26 Slammer: A fender
20:04:54 Slammer: no ibanez
20:04:54 edguy: looks nice
20:05:00 Slammer: Plays nice too
20:05:13 edguy: a little agressive
20:05:18 Slammer: what?
20:05:50 edguy: looks a little agressive for a fender guitar
20:06:05 Slammer: yeah LOL but it's plenty Versatile
20:06:08 edguy: like a power strat
20:06:24 Slammer: Metal BLues Jazz Rock
20:06:42 edguy: like my ibanez
20:07:12 Slammer: it has a Coil Splitter so... when you put it in the Second Pickup Position it sounds like a Single Coil Pickup
20:07:26 Slammer: for SRV
20:07:28 Slammer: songs
20:07:30 Slammer:
20:07:38 Slammer: Scuttle Buttin
20:08:16 edguy: near the same as my guitar i can pull the volume knob and the i have full single coil tone
20:08:27 Slammer: cool
20:08:34 Slammer: stuff
20:08:40 Slammer: Telecaster
20:08:51 Slammer: with P-90 pups
20:09:13 Slammer: is What JVM has? with a Boss DS-1
20:09:18 Slammer: I'm guessing
20:09:25 JVM: no
20:09:30 JVM: I dont have a pedal except my vox wah
20:09:47 Slammer: Vox Wah
20:09:50 Slammer: cool
20:10:11 Slammer: you have a Band?
20:10:27 JVM: not really
20:10:28 Slammer: than you gig as a solo artist?
20:10:32 JVM: no
20:10:34 Slammer: JVM
20:10:37 JVM: i mean i play with people
20:10:39 JVM: but not really a band
20:10:40 Slammer: kinda like SRV
20:10:46 Slammer: Jam Band cool
20:10:55 Slammer: I use to have a Jam Band
20:11:18 Slammer: only problem was.... I like to play Blues-Rock and the Drummer liked to play Heavy Metal
20:11:25 JVM: lol
20:11:42 JVM: okay blues... at 200bpm!
20:12:01 Slammer: we could never satisfy each other...(I mean that in the SRAIGHTEST WAY POSSIBLE)
20:12:28 JVM: lol
20:13:56 Slammer: edguy has fallin asleep...
20:14:01 Slammer: see
20:14:55 JVM: lol
20:15:10 Slammer: oh well,
20:15:22 Slammer: Now I'm all alone again
20:18:11 Slammer: yep
20:18:17 Slammer: *slap*
20:18:19 JVM: sorry im not paying much attention
20:18:24 Slammer: No prob
20:18:32 Slammer: I'm not that interesting
20:18:44 Slammer: well, not as Interesting as a New Amp
20:19:05 JVM: maybe if we were gigging together
20:19:17 Slammer: LOL
20:19:35 Slammer: you play Lead or Rythm?
20:20:53 Slammer: or nothing?
20:21:25 Slammer: *meow*
20:21:34 JVM: both
20:21:44 JVM: im no good at improvising though
20:22:19 Slammer: both, ok I'm guessing you better at lead than me.... so I'll play Rhythm
20:22:27 JVM: cool
20:22:47 JVM: rhythm is harder for me
20:22:53 JVM: tough thing to do right
20:23:13 Slammer: Dude, that would be a Awesome Jam band
20:23:36 JVM: we could call ourselves the nostalgics
20:23:42 Slammer: LOL
20:23:55 Slammer: playing Alternative music from the 90's
20:23:58 JVM: lol
20:24:32 Slammer: I could be hold the Rhthym while you bust open with a Crazy Lead Solo
20:24:51 Slammer: cool stuff
20:25:01 JVM:
20:25:06 Slammer: anyways
20:26:19 Slammer: dude I gotta go do the Dishes LOL, but I'm gonna come back on the chat in 20-30 minutes... so you'll probably be gone..... So Cya
20:26:26 JVM: ill probably be here
20:26:28 JVM: peace
20:26:36 Slammer: ok brb soon LOL
20:41:17 Slammer: dude it never shows you on??
20:41:28 Slammer: *slap*
20:41:50 Slammer: *whip*
20:41:55 JVM:
20:41:58 JVM: idk why
20:42:12 Slammer: Just to Embarass me
20:42:27 JVM: yeah
20:42:32 Slammer: makes it look like I'm on here for hours by myself
20:42:38 JVM: yep
20:42:39 JVM: hah
20:42:44 JVM: talking to yourself
20:42:52 Slammer: I knew it
20:43:00 Slammer: People think I'm crazy
20:43:10 Slammer: you do too
20:43:38 Slammer: because every time You come on... I come on a few minutes later
20:44:14 Slammer: although you're always On chat.... but Idk why?
20:44:20 Slammer: you never talk
20:44:23 Slammer: LOL
20:45:08 Slammer: yep
20:45:31 JVM: cause i just sit here
20:45:44 Slammer: you sure have a lot of Free time
20:45:58 Slammer: to spend online
20:46:02 Slammer:
20:46:17 Slammer: you ever use Soundclick?
20:46:32 Slammer: *whip*
20:47:04 JVM: what is it?
20:47:10 JVM: a metronome?
20:47:12 Slammer: a Website
20:47:23 Slammer: for upload music for
20:47:31 Slammer: unsigned bands and stuff
20:47:39 Slammer: or whoever wnats to
20:47:39 JVM: no
20:47:41 JVM: but ill look into it
20:47:52 Slammer: I made one a long tmie ago
20:51:03 Slammer: I don't use that site anymore
20:51:11 Slammer: at least I haven't in a while
20:54:59 Slammer: I think I've lost him *meow* LOL
20:55:06 JVM: im here
20:55:42 Slammer: not really
20:55:48 Slammer:
20:56:53 JVM: true lol
20:57:25 Slammer: just not very Talkative
20:57:31 Slammer: lol
20:58:00 JVM: im multitasking
20:58:52 Slammer: I guess Chatting isn't one of your Tasks
20:59:03 JVM: not in the gmc chatroom
20:59:32 Slammer: ouch.... fair enough
20:59:47 JVM:
21:00:12 Slammer: don't worry about me. I'll just sit here and Wait
21:00:25 JVM: we should do that to gen sometime
21:00:52 Slammer: do what?
21:01:17 JVM: make a new chat room and abandon him
21:01:35 Slammer: he would come in before he knew what was going on
21:01:53 JVM: do it after he comes in
21:01:57 Slammer: LOL
21:01:58 JVM: just make a password
21:03:07 Slammer: LOL
21:03:10 JVM: lol
21:03:24 Slammer: did you listen to that Crap?
21:03:48 JVM: ICP?
21:04:03 Slammer: ?
21:04:07 JVM: or is that crap a band
21:04:09 JVM: lol
21:04:22 Slammer: ya lost me
21:04:28 JVM: listen to what crap
21:04:36 Slammer: on soundclick
21:04:48 JVM: yeah
21:04:52 Slammer: no
21:04:55 Slammer: it's crap
21:05:00 Slammer: It Sucks
21:05:03 JVM: its pretty good
21:05:12 Slammer: nah , that junk is so old
21:05:15 JVM: the backing tracks on white room and stairway were bad
21:05:26 Slammer: I was still playing my Squier
21:05:41 Slammer: Like I said Crap
21:06:17 Slammer: Although it was just me playing.... but those were the first things I ever recorded.. back in early 2006
21:06:50 edguy: hi guys i am back
21:06:52 Slammer: edguy is back!!1
21:07:01 Slammer: where did you go?
21:07:03 edguy: my internet connection broke down
21:07:06 Slammer: oh
21:07:17 Slammer: I thought we were so boring
21:07:23 Slammer: at least me
21:07:33 edguy: no
21:07:42 Slammer: LOL
21:07:58 edguy: i tried everything to come back very fast
21:08:13 JVM: ahh i hate it when that happens
21:08:27 edguy: yeah it is not nice
21:08:35 Slammer: like 2 hours ago
21:08:43 Slammer: you have Dial up?
21:08:59 edguy: what is dial up?
21:09:14 Slammer: internet through the phnoe line
21:09:18 edguy: mh
21:09:19 Slammer: Phone*
21:09:25 edguy: no i dont think so
21:09:33 edguy: i have a dsl modem
21:09:36 Slammer: I have DSL
21:09:41 Slammer: yeah
21:09:55 Slammer: I use to have Cable internet
21:10:06 Slammer: cya
21:10:13 edguy: ?
21:10:17 Slammer: he got bored
21:10:20 edguy: ah ok
21:10:24 Slammer: or not....
21:10:34 JVM: man i keep hitting like backspace and stuff and it sends me to places I dont want to go
21:10:52 Slammer: no comment
21:10:56 edguy: do you guys have any videos where you playing guitar?
21:11:07 Slammer: not online
21:11:11 JVM: I have a really old one on my baby taylor acoustic
21:11:16 edguy: ah ok
21:11:18 JVM: but its terrible
21:11:20 Slammer: on youtube?
21:11:22 JVM: no
21:11:29 Slammer: is it online?
21:11:35 JVM: yeah
21:11:40 Slammer: link
21:11:42 edguy: where we can find it
21:11:45 JVM: it would misrepresent me
21:11:54 Slammer: who cares
21:11:59 edguy: yeah
21:12:03 JVM: lemme find it
21:12:21 JVM: i have it saved on photobucket somewhere
21:12:26 Slammer: I showed you my crap
21:12:30 Slammer: your turn
21:12:32 Slammer: LOL
21:12:41 JVM: but my crap is way crappier than your crap
21:12:53 Slammer: smellier too.
21:13:03 Slammer: JK LOL
21:13:33 edguy: please dont laugh when you watch
21:13:39 Slammer: potty humour can be fun when used correctly
21:13:44 edguy:
21:13:47 edguy: this is my
21:13:48 Slammer: ok
21:13:58 edguy: and the tuning of the guitar si wrong
21:14:39 JVM: yeah it does sound out of tune
21:14:51 edguy: yeah
21:15:20 edguy: i crashed int my table with the headstock before i record this video and then it was out of tune
21:15:27 Slammer: not bad for 2 years playing
21:15:40 JVM: i think its not there anymore
21:15:45 JVM: cant find it anywhere
21:15:49 Slammer: Lies lies lies lies!!!
21:15:55 Slammer:
21:16:00 JVM: really i looked through my stuff
21:16:07 Slammer: sure you did
21:16:12 JVM: it wouldnt be on my computer cause I had a wipe a couple months ago
21:16:15 edguy: i show you my crappie stuff now its you turn
21:16:21 JVM: I could make one
21:16:21 Slammer: Don't worry man
21:16:30 Slammer: We all suck
21:16:36 Slammer: well at least I do
21:16:40 Slammer:
21:16:50 edguy: lies lies lies???
21:16:54 Slammer: nope
21:17:01 Slammer: JVM is alot better than me
21:17:07 Slammer: edguy is too
21:17:31 edguy: 5 years of playing and you say i am better tahn you no way
21:17:46 Slammer: I'd probably put. 1. JVM 2. edguy 879. slammer
21:17:59 Slammer: yeah!
21:18:02 edguy: i wish i could believ that
21:18:02 JVM: you sound better than me
21:18:14 Slammer: you can and you will
21:18:14 JVM: ill get a recording sometime tomorrow
21:18:27 JVM: you cant force someone to believe something
21:18:29 Slammer: after I give you a link
21:18:33 Slammer: to prove it
21:19:04 Slammer: wait and see!
21:19:13 Slammer: hey where'd ya go
21:19:16 Slammer: nvm
21:19:17 Slammer: LOL
21:19:20 edguy: ups
21:19:32 edguy: need the link a second time
21:19:53 Slammer: how old were you when you started playing??
21:19:59 Slammer: both of you
21:20:12 edguy: 17
21:20:16 JVM: 9
21:20:18 edguy: and a half
21:20:27 JVM: but not seriously practicing til 16
21:20:42 edguy: he i like this songs
21:20:53 edguy: they are great
21:21:03 Slammer: I learned my first chords when I was 8
21:21:14 Slammer: but Really started when I was 13
21:22:02 edguy: and i love your stairway to heaven solo
21:22:18 Slammer: it sucks just let JVM tell you
21:22:30 Slammer: he told me it sucks
21:22:30 JVM: the backing track on it sucks
21:22:32 JVM: but the solo is pretty good
21:22:44 Slammer: AIB234!!!
21:22:47 AIB234: evening
21:22:48 JVM: hey aib
21:22:48 edguy: hi
21:22:51 Slammer: comes in every time!
21:22:53 AIB234: RG350GX on my way mid next week
21:22:59 JVM: nice
21:23:00 Slammer: Nice
21:23:03 edguy: nice
21:23:06 Slammer: Jinx
21:23:16 Slammer: LOL
21:23:16 AIB234: played the schecter and the ibanex tonight and the ibanex was infintely better to play than the schecter
21:23:32 JVM: cool
21:23:43 edguy: is schecter a german guitar
21:23:47 AIB234: korean
21:23:57 edguy: ah not even close
21:24:08 AIB234: they are actually really really close to inbanez
21:24:14 AIB234: ibanez, rather
21:24:15 Slammer: well, they both have big armies....
21:24:18 JVM: schecter is american
21:24:32 JVM: the name sounds german
21:24:35 AIB234: I saw an Ib and a Sch on the wall and the shape and everything was the same except the name brand and pickups
21:25:15 edguy: i have to go to the german army in two weeks for 9 months
21:25:21 AIB234: suck...
21:25:28 edguy: so i have not enough time to practice
21:25:51 Slammer: well, Hendrix was in the Army
21:25:55 Slammer: so was Elvis
21:25:58 Slammer:
21:26:10 JVM: elvis joined after his career started though didnt he
21:26:30 Slammer: idk
21:26:34 edguy: hehe maybe i can play like hendrix after the army
21:26:39 Slammer: eah
21:26:54 Slammer: yeah*
21:26:57 JVM: aib, what do you know about amps/
21:27:00 JVM: im in the market
21:27:27 edguy: i can say try all marshall amps
21:27:32 Slammer: YEAH
21:27:36 Slammer: sound Advice
21:27:47 Slammer:
21:28:11 Slammer: I say buy a POD xt Live
21:28:19 edguy: or try some peavy amps
21:28:44 AIB234: I don't know much about amps
21:28:46 edguy: do you want a combo or a top
21:28:50 AIB234: I personally have a Behringer and I love it
21:29:02 JVM: i've heard good stuff about behringer
21:29:09 JVM: but they're a little cheaper than others, hows the quality
21:29:27 edguy: do you guys know orange?
21:29:32 JVM: yeah
21:29:36 JVM: i was thinking about an orange
21:29:36 edguy: very nice looking amps
21:29:40 JVM: they're cool
21:29:41 AIB234: I think it is great
21:29:43 JVM: I really want one of these
21:29:43 edguy: but very expensive
21:29:46 JVM:
21:29:51 AIB234: But I've not jammed out on any really expensive amps
21:29:55 edguy:;wagrID=6002
21:29:58 Slammer: How about a Carvin?
21:30:03 AIB234: And it's got a lot of built in effects and presets which is something I was looking for.
21:30:16 JVM: carvin?
21:30:20 AIB234: I'm not a pedal man yet except to switch between any 5 presets on my Behringer
21:30:32 JVM: I need at LEAST a 2x12
21:30:46 JVM: im kind of considering a halfstack though
21:31:16 Slammer: Carvin amp
21:31:19 edguy: can you explain me what a half stack is?
21:31:29 Slammer: Steve Vai uses one
21:31:45 edguy: mh ?
21:31:49 JVM: well a full stack is 8 12 inch speakers
21:31:52 JVM: with a head
21:32:03 edguy: ah ok
21:32:04 JVM: so a half stack is a 4x12 cab
21:32:06 JVM: with a head usually
21:32:12 edguy: ah ok
21:32:26 Slammer:
21:32:29 edguy: look for mesa boogie
21:32:33 edguy: heads
21:32:44 Slammer: half stack
21:33:01 edguy: ?
21:33:05 Slammer: dude buy one of THOSE
21:33:16 JVM: mesa boogie would be cool
21:33:19 JVM: expensive though arent they?
21:33:34 edguy: yeah in my opinion they are expensive
21:33:39 JVM: I heard that that specific amp wasnt thta great, slammer
21:33:42 edguy: but i only see the german prices
21:34:08 Slammer: Slammer
21:34:11 JVM: but i do intent to try it out
21:34:18 JVM: intend*
21:34:25 Slammer: Paris Hilton got thrown in the Slammer
21:34:28 JVM: lol
21:34:46 Slammer: I don't know what I was thinking When I signed up
21:34:57 Slammer: I guess my name is Sam so...
21:35:10 Slammer: Sammy.... Sammer.... Slammer!!!
21:35:23 Slammer: yeah!
21:35:47 edguy:
21:35:56 JVM: im looking at one of these two
21:35:57 JVM:
21:36:06 JVM: or
21:36:20 Slammer: hey jvm... who would you chose.... Paris in the Slammer or a Bald Britney?
21:36:35 edguy: i woul chose paris
21:36:36 JVM: i dont want aids man
21:37:02 JVM: but can britney get a wig
21:37:07 Slammer: LOL
21:37:27 edguy: what is wig?
21:37:35 JVM: fake hair
21:37:43 edguy: ah ok
21:37:50 Slammer: Angelina Jolie or Adriana Lima (the hot chick from Victoria Secret)
21:37:58 Slammer: ??
21:38:10 edguy: mh i dont konow lima but i hate angelina
21:38:15 edguy: so i choose lima
21:38:17 JVM: lima
21:38:27 JVM: yeah i dont think jolie is that hot really
21:38:50 edguy: iabnez or gibson
21:38:57 edguy: ibanez*
21:38:57 JVM: gibson
21:39:12 Slammer: Gibson...
21:39:27 Slammer:
21:39:33 edguy: esp or jackson
21:39:43 Slammer:
21:39:43 JVM: thats not her best picture
21:39:47 Slammer: yeah
21:39:47 JVM: but yea shes pretty hot
21:39:56 JVM: definitely jackson
21:39:57 edguy: i read an articel wre the author says she is a virgin
21:40:02 JVM: lies
21:40:10 Slammer: ok Lindsay Lohan or Hillary Duff?
21:40:32 JVM: duff
21:40:34 JVM: i cant stand lohan
21:40:39 edguy: lindsay
21:40:51 edguy: gina wild or carmen electra
21:40:54 Slammer: I would take pre-Coke Lindsay
21:40:57 JVM: lol
21:41:09 Slammer: Carmen is old
21:41:15 JVM: gina
21:41:22 Slammer: other chick
21:41:25 Slammer: yeah
21:41:26 edguy: you guys know gina?
21:41:29 Slammer: no
21:41:31 Slammer: LOL
21:41:33 JVM: I do
21:41:35 edguy: ah ok
21:41:41 edguy: it is a german porn star
21:41:48 edguy: or i have to say it was
21:41:57 JVM: but carmen is ugly imo
21:42:03 JVM: some say im crazy
21:42:11 edguy:
21:42:49 Slammer: jenna Jameson or Pam anderson?
21:42:56 edguy: mh
21:43:02 edguy: pam is nice but old
21:43:12 edguy: i think i choose pam
21:43:15 JVM: jenna
21:43:20 Slammer: LOL
21:43:38 JVM: i dont like pam though
21:43:38 Slammer: too bad they both probably have stds
21:43:52 Slammer: pam has Hep C
21:43:56 edguy: stds?
21:44:04 Slammer: tell him JVM
21:44:15 JVM: we should do it at the same time
21:44:20 JVM: count of 3
21:44:21 Slammer: my fingers hurt
21:44:23 edguy: ?lol
21:44:31 JVM: like an educational video
21:44:36 JVM: 1
21:44:38 JVM: 2
21:44:41 JVM: 3
21:44:45 Slammer: no
21:44:46 JVM: sexually transmitted diseases
21:44:47 Slammer: not ready
21:44:50 JVM: man
21:44:51 JVM: you suck
21:44:52 edguy: ah ok
21:44:54 Slammer: YEAH
21:45:16 Slammer: ok
21:45:19 edguy: thats not good
21:45:22 Slammer: Britney or Christina
21:45:26 Slammer: ?
21:45:30 edguy: christina
21:45:35 JVM: bald britney?
21:45:47 Slammer: 17 year old Britney
21:45:58 JVM: britney.
21:46:06 Slammer: LOL
21:46:10 Slammer: ok ok
21:46:15 edguy: ha i found a video of angelina having sex :9
21:46:21 JVM: haha
21:46:22 Slammer: WOAH
21:46:32 Slammer: let keep it clean around heree
21:46:43 edguy: ?
21:46:50 edguy: i dont post the link
21:46:55 Slammer: ok
21:47:08 edguy: but if you want...
21:47:32 Slammer: I've probably seen it
21:47:34 Slammer: LOL
21:47:40 Slammer: JVM has too
21:47:44 Slammer: I'll bet
21:47:48 edguy: the video is called sex int the sin
21:48:07 AIB234: sorry I am back
21:48:16 AIB234: I couldn't watch my Dream Theater DVD and chat at the same time
21:48:17 Slammer: justin time
21:48:25 AIB234: so I hooked up my second monitor in DVI and looks incredible
21:48:29 JVM: mmm dream theater dvd
21:48:55 edguy: do you guys like machine head?
21:49:29 AIB234: I know motorhead, but not machine head
21:50:01 edguy: mh thats bad
21:50:08 edguy: your not into metal?
21:50:38 AIB234: yes I am
21:50:43 AIB234: just never into machine head
21:50:54 Slammer: muris!! welcome
21:50:58 edguy: stone sour?
21:51:04 muris: hello
21:51:07 edguy: hi
21:51:10 Slammer: what up man?
21:51:15 muris: all cool
21:51:17 muris: you?
21:51:22 AIB234: not a big stone sour fan either, haha
21:51:27 Slammer: all good
21:51:28 AIB234: or slip knot
21:51:42 Slammer: just hanging out on a summer Night
21:51:46 Slammer: GMC chat
21:51:49 Slammer: fun stuff
21:51:52 AIB234: I appreciate it but I just don't enjoy listening to it
21:51:52 Slammer:
21:51:54 muris: where're you from?
21:52:00 AIB234: Ontario Canada
21:52:00 Slammer: Us
21:52:06 edguy: in germany it is 3 o clock in the morning
21:52:17 AIB234: I like stuff like Dream Theater, Synphony X, Liquid Tension Experiment
21:52:18 Slammer: Florida
21:52:22 muris: im at 4 am
21:52:23 AIB234: Dragonforce
21:52:35 edguy: ah dragon force there cool
21:52:41 edguy: do you know edguy?
21:52:44 edguy: the band
21:52:47 AIB234: no
21:52:57 edguy: hammerfall?
21:53:01 AIB234: nope
21:53:07 AIB234: hahaa
21:53:10 edguy: ?
21:53:19 muris: ed,you're from germany?
21:53:22 AIB234: I feel like a musical newbie
21:53:24 edguy: yeah
21:53:28 muris: cool
21:53:31 edguy: i am from germany
21:53:33 edguy: and you
21:53:39 muris: at least gut from same continent
21:53:44 muris: Sarajevo
21:53:52 edguy: ah ok europe
21:54:11 muris: yep
21:54:19 muris: but still not in EU tho
21:54:36 edguy: it is bosnia herz... right?
21:54:47 muris: yeah
21:56:06 edguy:
21:56:11 edguy: nice song from edguy
21:56:22 Slammer: AIB234 feels like a Newbie.... don't worry man, I can honestly say you know more about music than Billions of people out there.
21:56:39 Slammer:
21:56:42 JVM: hey
21:56:58 JVM: yeah hi
21:57:21 muris: so you guys are often here?
21:57:28 edguy: in teh chat?
21:57:32 edguy: the*
21:57:33 Slammer: yes
21:57:35 Slammer: I am
21:57:38 Slammer: LOL
21:57:47 Slammer: JVM can vouch for me
21:57:48 edguy: no it is my first time where i meet people
21:58:12 Slammer: JVM thinks I follow him everywhere he goes
21:58:17 muris:
21:58:28 AIB234: I just meant with all these bands I've never heard of, Slammer
21:58:28 edguy: and i think i have to go to bed now
21:58:32 AIB234: night edguy
21:58:37 Slammer: I scared him away
21:58:45 edguy: because i have a long day
21:58:55 AIB234: spoeaking of which... I haven't listened to the black label society in so long until right now, I missed it and did not realize how much!
21:58:57 edguy: with a party in the end
21:59:13 edguy: so guys good night
21:59:18 muris: good night
21:59:18 AIB234: cheers ed
21:59:20 edguy: and cu soon
21:59:27 Slammer: well, you still know alot about Bands than Billions of people out there
21:59:33 Slammer:
21:59:39 Slammer: cya dude
21:59:53 AIB234: hahaha
22:00:16 AIB234: man I want something to test my DVI connection with but I don't know what to use
22:00:28 AIB234: but even my desktop image looks 100x times better
22:00:51 Slammer: If I knew what a DVI connection was I could help...
22:01:04 Slammer: LOL
22:01:07 Slammer: nvm
22:01:15 muris: may I ask a question?
22:01:25 Slammer: to who?
22:01:30 muris: to all
22:01:44 AIB234: haha. DVI is a digital video connection to a monitor instead of your regular VGA video cable
22:01:55 Slammer: ok go!!
22:02:12 muris: are you only members here,or is somebody instructor too?
22:02:24 Slammer: where on the Chat?
22:02:31 muris: yep
22:02:31 AIB234: just members in chat
22:02:35 muris: ok
22:02:37 Slammer: yeah
22:02:38 muris: just asking
22:02:51 Slammer: everyonce in awhile a Instuctor will come on
22:03:14 muris: I'll post some stuff
22:03:31 muris: spoke with Kristofer not so long
22:03:41 muris: and wanted to see who is on chat too
22:04:12 JVM: i'm an instructor
22:04:17 Slammer: he is
22:04:24 muris: there you go
22:04:29 Slammer: he teaches how to lie
22:04:36 JVM: and how to be cool
22:04:39 JVM: unlike slammer
22:04:43 AIB234: lol
22:04:49 Slammer: oww.....
22:04:58 Slammer: deep nerve
22:05:08 muris: low kick I guess
22:05:09 Slammer: deep down in my...
22:05:31 Slammer: heart
22:05:40 Slammer: *sniff* *sniff*
22:05:43 muris:
22:06:10 muris: how old are you guys?
22:06:34 Slammer: I'm only 12
22:06:54 JVM: aka 18
22:07:02 Slammer: touche
22:07:02 JVM: im 17
22:07:12 muris: cool
22:07:23 muris: 27
22:08:23 muris:
22:08:35 muris: might you wanna check it out
22:08:43 muris: ahh
22:08:51 JVM: sure
22:08:51 muris: looks like it ain't working here
22:08:56 JVM: sounds cool so far
22:09:24 JVM: cant understand a word
22:09:28 JVM: but the music is good
22:09:42 muris: what are you listening?
22:09:59 JVM: na putu do vjecnosti
22:10:07 muris: guess the only tune with vocal
22:10:11 muris: still demo
22:10:23 muris: i'll do few tunes on english for next album
22:10:30 JVM: professional sounding, though
22:10:41 muris: ahh no
22:10:49 muris: fast mix
22:10:53 muris: no master
22:11:08 JVM: better than most demos
22:11:18 muris: well thanks a lot
22:11:30 JVM: whats the song about?
22:11:49 muris: title on english shall be..
22:11:57 muris: on the road to eternity
22:12:08 muris: but it's hard to transate I guess
22:12:12 JVM: hyper cowboy is pretty awesome
22:12:17 muris: ahh yeah
22:12:19 muris: new tune
22:12:22 muris: demo too
22:12:29 JVM: which arent demos?
22:12:44 muris: all the rest
22:12:48 JVM: k
22:12:50 muris: 3 I think
22:13:13 JVM: how do you like that musicman
22:13:21 muris: well
22:13:26 muris: since I got it
22:13:46 muris: I hardy take something else
22:14:03 muris: but new custom shall be cool too
22:14:15 muris: might5 swtch those two
22:14:32 JVM: im building one
22:14:37 JVM: but I really like the musicman
22:14:52 muris: yeah
22:14:58 muris: great guitars for sure
22:15:16 muris: I putted push pull switch
22:15:19 Slammer:
22:15:21 muris: so I have singles too
22:15:36 muris: sounds great
22:15:39 JVM: nice
22:15:50 JVM: really love that fusion sound you have though
22:16:07 muris: thanks
22:16:21 muris: yeah,I guess I'm into fusion the most
22:16:32 muris: can't play just one thing
22:16:58 AIB234: gnight guys
22:17:02 AIB234: im off
22:17:07 muris: night
22:17:07 JVM: night
22:17:22 Slammer: ok cya dude
22:18:30 Slammer: and now the chat dies
22:18:55 muris: no
22:19:00 muris: still here
22:19:08 Slammer: yes
22:19:10 JVM:
22:19:30 muris: so,what guitarist do you like the most?
22:20:02 JVM: ahh so many
22:20:08 Slammer: LOL
22:20:08 JVM: I could go on for days
22:20:15 muris: few from top
22:20:33 Slammer: Satch
22:20:38 JVM: ehh, knopfler, van halen, keith richards, satch, vai, hendrix, clapton, page
22:20:46 muris: ahh
22:20:49 muris: you got me
22:20:51 Slammer: My all time Favorite is Clapton
22:20:59 muris: Mark is one of my favs
22:21:08 JVM: yeah he's wonderful
22:21:13 Slammer: I also like srv hendrix and page
22:21:20 Slammer: Eric Johnson is the Best
22:21:20 JVM: beck
22:21:21 muris: too great
22:21:23 Slammer: IMO
22:21:29 JVM: johnson is good
22:21:35 muris: sure
22:21:38 JVM: if you check my myspace i have a ton of pictures of people I like
22:21:44 muris: list goes on
22:21:47 Slammer: link
22:21:48 JVM: I added your page, muris
22:21:56 Slammer: let's see your page
22:22:01 JVM:
22:22:06 JVM: the guy on the top there
22:22:08 JVM: j mascis
22:22:10 JVM: oh man.
22:22:12 JVM: amazing
22:22:21 JVM: hes like hendrix
22:22:23 JVM: but shredding
22:22:27 JVM: but not shredding if you know what i mean
22:22:43 JVM: ill put a song on there
22:23:04 muris: ahh
22:23:07 JVM: refresh and take a listen
22:23:11 muris: Joe right?
22:23:14 JVM: yeah
22:23:21 muris: nice to meet you
22:23:30 JVM: you too
22:24:31 Slammer: Dave Gilmour Look really Cool when he was young.
22:24:33 muris: have some of your music made?
22:24:45 JVM: I'm going to record some probably by the end of the summer
22:24:48 JVM: I'll let you know
22:24:52 muris: ok
22:25:16 JVM: zakk wylde reminds me of the young gilmour
22:25:20 muris: Gilmour is the man too
22:25:40 Slammer: the White Sripes??????
22:25:44 JVM: im missing a few people
22:25:46 JVM: jack white is amazing
22:25:53 Slammer: No comment
22:25:56 Slammer: LOL
22:26:02 JVM: whats wrong with him
22:26:19 Slammer: Seven Nation Army couldn't be more annoying
22:26:24 JVM: not his best song
22:26:25 Slammer: LOL
22:26:31 JVM: by a long shot
22:26:38 muris: i'll have to excuse myself guys
22:26:40 muris: must go
22:26:43 JVM: take it easy
22:26:43 Slammer: He's overrated for sure
22:26:47 muris: have to get up in 5 hours
22:26:48 Slammer: Ok dude cya
22:26:49 JVM: I dont think he is
22:26:56 JVM: he can play pretty well
22:27:03 Slammer: dude come on.... ROlling stones List
22:27:04 muris: have a great evening
22:27:08 Slammer: u2
22:27:20 Slammer: Rolling Stone*
22:27:21 JVM: he was like 17 or something
22:27:23 JVM: on it right
22:27:33 JVM: he's done some really great stuff
22:27:36 JVM: check some of his live stuff
22:27:47 JVM: much better live than in the studio
22:28:13 Slammer: dude he ws ahead of eddie van halen, Joe Perry, Buddy Guys, and 83 other guitarists who belong in front of gim
22:28:21 Slammer: him*
22:28:42 JVM: no doubt the list is crap
22:28:49 Slammer: come on man.... Jack White #17 EVH # 70
22:28:49 JVM: i mean theres a ton of people that should be on there that arent
22:28:58 JVM: I think making a list in the first place is stupid
22:29:00 Slammer: that is Overrated
22:29:17 Slammer: I would say maybe top 500
22:29:29 Slammer: But dude top 20 of ALL TIME
22:29:38 JVM: thats one list
22:29:39 Slammer: Overrated
22:29:43 JVM: he's great
22:29:44 Slammer: Understand
22:29:46 Slammer: LOL
22:29:48 JVM: you're right now that great
22:30:01 JVM: but great nontheless and deserves to be in the company of the rest of those 100 and more
22:30:11 JVM: not*
22:30:31 Slammer: I think Muris is better than him
22:30:50 JVM: hes definitely a better player
22:30:54 JVM: muris is pretty awesome actually
22:30:55 Slammer: I think if Jack White is in the top 20 Kris should be in the Top 10
22:31:02 Slammer:
22:31:11 JVM: kris's curious coincidence is pretty awesome
22:31:24 Slammer: I think you're better than Jack
22:31:27 JVM: lol
22:31:29 JVM: no
22:31:37 Slammer: not to dar
22:31:39 Slammer: far*
22:32:12 Slammer: I think Pavel, Kris, Gabriel,Sean, are better
22:32:28 Slammer: I think Marcus should be in the top 5
22:32:36 Slammer: definetly
22:32:48 Slammer: Marucs kicks Ass
22:32:53 Slammer: Marcus
22:33:04 Slammer: and Now It's dead again
22:33:37 JVM: marcus is really godo
22:33:39 JVM: good*
22:34:02 Slammer: hey we should have a guitar Duel
22:34:10 JVM: definitely
22:34:10 Slammer: you'd win
22:34:14 JVM: hah
22:34:18 Slammer: but it's be fun
22:34:41 JVM: how would we do it though
22:34:54 Slammer: do you have a way to record?
22:35:00 JVM: video camera
22:35:09 Slammer: ok, I got my H$
22:35:11 Slammer: H4
22:35:20 Slammer: we could find a Backing track
22:35:40 JVM: i guess
22:35:41 Slammer: and see who could come up with the best solo
22:35:44 JVM: but if we add a backing track
22:35:50 JVM: we have to do it live
22:35:55 JVM: cause i cant edit stuff in afterwards
22:36:01 Slammer: LOL
22:36:04 JVM: lol
22:36:12 JVM: well i might be able to
22:36:21 JVM: but it wouldnt be as god
22:36:23 JVM: good*
22:36:26 Slammer: you can extract audio from your Camera
22:36:29 Slammer: right?
22:36:33 JVM: probably but im not sure how
22:36:44 JVM: and it wouldnt be very good quality
22:36:49 Slammer: yeah
22:37:09 Slammer: Well, If I recorded over a backing tack it would be just me playing
22:37:17 Slammer: one guitar track
22:37:35 Slammer: maybe.....
22:37:37 Slammer: or not
22:38:05 Slammer: dude you spend alot of time on the Pc
22:38:16 Slammer:
22:38:19 Slammer:
22:38:31 JVM: no more than you
22:38:39 Slammer: well, not really
22:38:43 Slammer: only nights
22:38:53 Slammer: and sometimes mourning
22:39:19 JVM: im usually on every night
22:39:29 JVM: right now its summer and i have nothing better to do yet
22:39:32 JVM: but im going out tomorrow
22:39:43 Slammer: yeah me too
22:39:52 Slammer: I prob won't be back on till sat
22:40:55 Slammer: dude I'm gonna send you some stuff I record.... If you want, so you can give me your Critisiam. it will probably be just Ideas and Rough Demos etc. but only if you want....if you don't thats fine
22:41:06 JVM: thats cool
22:41:11 Slammer: I can PM you
22:41:23 JVM: can you improvise and all that?
22:41:31 Slammer: over what?
22:41:37 JVM: whatever yo uwant
22:41:38 Slammer: a track
22:41:47 Slammer: Well, sure I guess
22:42:01 JVM: i mean are you good with scales and all that
22:42:19 JVM: the only scale i know is a harmonic minor from marcus's lesson
22:42:29 Slammer: Well, Like you heard I mainly Play bluesy stuff....
22:42:36 Slammer: But I'm open to all styles
22:42:49 Slammer: I know enough scales to get around
22:42:57 JVM: cool
22:43:16 Slammer: that Blues I recorded was all improvised on the spot
22:43:35 JVM: nice
22:43:36 Slammer: and the Gt backing track
22:43:41 JVM: I couldnt do that probably
22:43:43 JVM: on the spot
22:43:56 JVM: thats mostly why im

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