Guitar Chat: backing tracks, tabs and notation etc. 2007-06-22, With advice from Muris
Kristofer Dahl
Jun 26 2007, 02:54 PM
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06:01:17 Gen: hey anyone?
09:33:30 Gen: *meow*
11:47:40 JVM: hey
11:48:07 JVM: *whip*
11:48:17 AdamWest: why hello
11:48:27 AdamWest:
11:48:41 JVM: whats up
11:48:51 AdamWest: nothing at the moment
11:48:55 AdamWest: hows about you
11:49:42 JVM: same thing my man
11:51:16 JVM: looking for an amp ;
11:51:48 AdamWest: cool
11:52:09 AdamWest: i havent practiced in two days...if i could swallow my own head i would definety do it
11:52:19 JVM: eh?
11:52:22 AdamWest: :?
11:52:30 AdamWest: guitar
11:52:43 JVM: what do you mean if you could swallow your own head? lol
11:53:02 AdamWest: i dunno...i was thinking of team america
11:53:14 JVM: i dont remember that line.. but okay
11:53:28 AdamWest: its where he says now ive seen everything!
11:53:40 AdamWest: have you ever seen a man eat his own head?
11:53:48 AdamWest: no 8)
11:54:03 AdamWest: then you HAVENT seen everything :|
11:54:07 JVM: I wish I owned that movie.
11:54:09 JVM: i have the soundtrack
11:54:18 AdamWest: the soundtrack is awesome
11:54:24 JVM: yep
11:55:26 JVM: montage is my favorite
11:56:20 AdamWest: i like the team america theme sad version
11:56:50 JVM: yeah he's like trying to be all patriotic and stuff and hes like ameeeeriicaaa.... fuck...
11:57:04 AdamWest: yeah lol
11:58:29 AdamWest: well i am off
11:58:48 AdamWest: *whip*
11:59:36 JVM: later
12:40:01 Slammer: u can't write anything
12:40:04 Slammer: guest
13:11:28 JVM: *whip*
13:11:43 Slammer: well look who it is
13:11:50 JVM: *meow*
13:12:12 Slammer: hey dude I downloaded Anvil Studio
13:12:16 JVM: nice
13:12:22 Slammer: how do YOU use it?
13:12:30 JVM: i just use it for the drums mostly
13:12:37 JVM: but i havent fully figured it out, just enough to make use of it
13:12:37 Slammer: ok...
13:12:38 Slammer: I
13:12:48 Slammer: i'm still figuring it out
13:12:51 JVM: okay
13:12:54 JVM: make a new track
13:13:07 Slammer: do you use your keyboard? to play notes?
13:14:51 Slammer: *meow*
13:14:57 Slammer:
13:15:33 Slammer: I guess not...
13:16:46 Slammer: *whip*
13:18:27 Slammer: *slap*
13:18:47 Slammer: well.... That was rude of him.
13:18:52 Slammer:
13:41:40 Slammer: *whip*
13:46:55 Guitar34: hey slam
13:47:53 Guitar34: *whip*
13:48:19 Guitar34: *meow*
13:53:40 Slammer: hey
13:53:42 Slammer: sup?
13:53:52 Guitar34: nothin
13:54:04 Slammer: have fun swimming?
13:54:54 Guitar34: ya!
13:55:11 Slammer: cool
13:55:18 Guitar34: we shot with water guns
13:55:35 Slammer: LOL
13:56:09 Guitar34: have u done speed metal riffs/
13:56:15 Guitar34: ?***
13:56:24 Slammer: a little bit of it
13:56:31 Guitar34: its fun
13:56:43 Slammer: although I don't Practise that much
13:56:55 Slammer: because my Guitar is to Loud
13:56:56 Slammer: LOL
13:57:03 Slammer: too*
13:57:22 Guitar34: lol
13:57:37 Slammer: you have an Ibanez?
13:58:35 Slammer: oh never mind
13:58:44 Slammer: I remember you told me already
13:58:50 Slammer:
13:59:13 Slammer: *meow*
13:59:18 Slammer:
14:01:03 Slammer: I think I've lost him....
14:01:11 Slammer: *slap*
14:01:48 Slammer: *whip*
14:02:22 Slammer: yep....
14:13:58 JVM: *slap*
14:14:05 JVM: i just got my internet connection back
14:14:20 Slammer: LOL
14:14:44 Slammer: I thought you were just being a Prick and running off after I asked you a Question
14:14:50 Slammer:
14:14:51 JVM: lol
14:15:01 Slammer: that's what it seemed like
14:15:04 Slammer: LOL
14:15:08 Slammer: anyways
14:15:23 Slammer: hoave u recorded anything in Anvil?
14:15:39 JVM: you mean guitar?
14:15:56 Slammer: or a Drum Track...when you save it does it save on computer
14:16:01 Slammer: to edit?
14:16:06 JVM: saves on your computer i think
14:16:10 Slammer: ok cool
14:16:16 JVM: did you figure out how to make one?
14:16:21 Slammer: Yeah
14:16:37 Slammer: it's just kinda annoying with one note at a time
14:16:58 Slammer: Lol
14:17:09 Slammer: have you made any backing tracks?
14:17:41 JVM: man this is annoying
14:17:49 Slammer: do you have dial up?
14:17:53 JVM: no modem
14:17:58 JVM: pretty nice one too
14:18:03 Slammer: then why does it go down?
14:18:11 Slammer: you have bellsouth
14:18:16 JVM: no idea
14:18:17 Slammer: comcast?
14:18:22 JVM: roadrunner
14:18:26 Slammer: ah,
14:18:32 Slammer: I used to have roadrunner
14:18:38 Slammer: before they left Miami
14:18:43 Slammer: only north Florida
14:18:48 JVM: its never failed me before
14:19:01 Slammer: yeah, right now I have Crappy DSL
14:19:06 Slammer: bellsouth sucks
14:19:17 Slammer: Comcast is Awesome
14:19:23 JVM: so anyway, did you notice I said you can make a loop?
14:19:31 JVM: cause once you figure that out it makes it easier
14:19:35 Slammer: I tried to do that
14:19:44 Slammer: but couldn't fig out
14:19:52 JVM: wel when you have a pattern
14:19:56 JVM: one sec
14:20:10 JVM: make it a whole measure or whatever
14:20:14 JVM: 2 of the dark black bars
14:20:25 JVM: and then right click on the left and say make it a loop
14:20:45 JVM: itll take all the notes and remove them and move them down to the loop, then you just have to click one time and it does the whole thing
14:20:47 JVM: if that makes sense
14:20:51 Slammer: ok
14:21:42 Slammer: i'll try
14:21:52 Slammer: do you play drums
14:21:54 Slammer: ?
14:22:00 JVM: I dont have any but yeah
14:22:02 JVM: i want to get some
14:22:26 JVM: thats on my list after i build my guitar and get whatever amp
14:22:34 Slammer: LOL
14:22:37 Slammer: so you play?
14:22:50 JVM: im not great but I can
14:23:32 Slammer: well, at least Understanding how a basic beat works is something I think every Musician should know... even if they only play Guitar
14:23:43 JVM: definitely
14:23:54 JVM: it made it easier to make one in anvil too
14:24:22 JVM: I just put the pedal high hat for each note and then start with the bass, then alternate between bass and snare every other beat
14:24:33 JVM: like bass and snare and bass and snare etc
14:26:06 Slammer: Yeah, Bass on the First beat, Snare on the Third, and Hi hats on every beat, is the Standard 4/4 beat.
14:26:26 Slammer: every should know that I think
14:27:00 Slammer: yeah!
14:27:07 Slammer: *whip*
14:27:35 Slammer: that would be a Cool Drum Sound *whip*
14:27:40 Slammer: not really...
14:27:47 Slammer:
14:28:32 JVM: lol
14:28:41 JVM: im trying to incorporate the toms
14:28:56 JVM: but i cant figure out how to get them in there outside of the normal bead
14:29:01 JVM: im not sure how to say it
14:29:05 Slammer: yes a Fill
14:29:16 JVM: yeah cant figure out how to in anvil
14:29:32 Slammer: Maybe Sean should make an Tutorial
14:29:38 Slammer: LOL
14:29:50 JVM: ill figure it out
14:29:58 JVM: i figured out photoshop by myself
14:30:19 Slammer: Doesn't every one do that?
14:30:22 Slammer: LOL
14:30:26 JVM: but i mean i'm good at it
14:30:43 Slammer: yeah, I have a friend who is into that stuff
14:30:43 JVM: professional quality stuff
14:30:53 Slammer: he's not too bad
14:32:10 Slammer: DUDE I was just thinking.... Remember when windows 95 came out? or probably not. cuz you were only 5
14:32:28 JVM: well i remember 95 but yeah not when it came out
14:32:39 Slammer: I remember when it was da bomb
14:32:50 JVM: i remember 98 coming out
14:32:54 Slammer: Cuz I used to use windows 3.11
14:32:57 Slammer: LOL
14:33:43 JVM: wait
14:33:49 JVM: i think i have an idea on how to do a fill
14:33:57 JVM: *attempting*
14:34:43 Slammer: I used to hangout with a drummer alot
14:34:50 Slammer: But he moved up north
14:34:52 JVM: nope it failed
14:35:00 JVM: i have a bunch of drummer friends
14:35:03 Slammer: never see him anymore
14:35:11 Slammer: once every 6 months or so
14:35:17 Slammer: Now he has a Mohawk
14:35:21 JVM: tried to make a loop out of it and then just shorten the length of the loop, but apparently you cant
14:35:23 Slammer: LOL
14:35:31 Slammer: yeah...
14:35:44 JVM: this dude carlton has an awesome checker pattern in his hair
14:35:54 Slammer: lol
14:36:43 Slammer: you live near Charlotte?
14:37:06 Slammer: GEN!!!
14:37:08 JVM: gen!
14:37:10 Gen: lol
14:37:16 Gen: hey guys
14:37:59 Slammer: sup?
14:38:04 Gen: nothin
14:38:11 Gen: and you?
14:38:15 Gen: haha bye jvm

14:38:24 JVM -> cool people only: bahaha
14:38:26 Slammer -> cool people only: lol
14:38:29 Slammer -> cool people only: poor guy
14:38:41 Slammer -> cool people only: thats mean
14:38:48 JVM -> cool people only: okay back to the other one

14:39:07 Slammer: hey where did he go?
14:39:10 JVM: d'awww he's gone
14:39:22 JVM: lol
14:39:28 Slammer:
14:39:30 Gen: hey what was that?
14:39:37 Slammer: practical Joke
14:39:54 Gen: are you guys saying that im not a cool person?????
14:39:56 Gen: lol
14:39:59 JVM: lol
14:40:06 Slammer: we were just messing with you man.... you
14:40:14 Slammer: are cooler than me
14:40:18 Gen: lol no
14:40:20 JVM: definitely cooler than me
14:40:34 Slammer: cooler than both of us put together
14:40:47 Slammer: *ask kissing 101*
14:40:47 Gen: cooler than yngwie and rusty!!
14:40:51 Gen: lol jk
14:41:08 JVM: so whats up gen
14:41:27 Slammer: it's only 8 30 pm for you?
14:41:37 Gen: im trying to compose some trash metal riffs
14:41:43 Gen: just for fun lol
14:41:48 Gen: yea it is
14:41:50 JVM: trash or thrash?
14:41:55 Slammer: LOL
14:41:59 Slammer: LMAO
14:42:03 Gen: lol
14:42:21 Slammer: Trash Metal , Oscar the Grouch is King!!
14:42:30 JVM: yeah
14:42:36 Gen: idk how to write it, but im talking about some lamb of god riffs etc...
14:42:45 JVM: cool
14:42:58 Gen: im not a big fan but i like to play it cuz its easy lol
14:43:22 Slammer: that's gotta be the most sacrilegious name ever!
14:43:31 Gen: lol huh?
14:43:35 Slammer: LOL
14:43:38 Slammer: nvm
14:43:50 Slammer:
14:43:50 Gen: nvm by slammer
14:43:54 Gen: lol
14:44:00 Slammer: my catchphrase
14:44:05 Gen: hehe
14:44:28 Slammer: my Suedonym!
14:45:00 Gen: hey guys, i was asking myself
14:45:09 Gen: how do you think my name is pronounced?
14:45:15 Slammer: saul hudson has Slash, Gordon Sumner has Sting, I have NVM!!
14:45:18 JVM: gen as in general?
14:45:25 Slammer: Jin?
14:45:38 Slammer: as in Ginseng?
14:45:45 Gen: no, the "g" must be pronounced like the "g" in guys
14:45:48 JVM: ah
14:46:01 Slammer: Gen!!
14:46:06 Slammer: Ghen!!
14:46:06 Gen: yea lol
14:46:09 JVM: gen-gen-gen!!
14:46:22 JVM: im listening to muris. he's awesome
14:46:26 Slammer: pronounced like Ghen
14:46:31 Gen: yea
14:46:33 Slammer:
14:46:35 JVM: like ghengis
14:46:50 Gen: like gary
14:46:55 JVM: gen, have you heard muris's stuff?
14:47:01 Slammer: like Ben with a G
14:47:05 Gen: no, i dont know
14:47:10 Gen: you have a link?
14:47:11 JVM:
14:47:17 JVM: check out hyper cowboy
14:47:18 Gen: cool
14:47:20 Gen: okay
14:47:22 Slammer: I think JVM is Better
14:47:24 JVM: awesome
14:47:27 Slammer: Gen too
14:47:35 Slammer: vya
14:47:37 Slammer: cvya
14:47:39 Slammer: cya
14:47:40 Slammer: HI!!
14:47:41 JVM:
14:47:44 Gen: lol
14:47:50 Slammer: ur back!!
14:47:55 Slammer: from outer Space
14:48:27 Slammer: .... nvm......
14:48:28 Gen: from outer heaven!
14:48:30 Gen: lol
14:48:34 Slammer: little Disco humour
14:48:39 Slammer: can be fun!
14:48:40 Gen: hey jvm, thats cool
14:48:48 JVM: yeah hes a member here
14:49:02 Gen: really?
14:49:09 Gen: what s his name?
14:49:12 JVM: muris
14:49:16 JVM: talked to him yesterday
14:49:18 Gen: ha lol
14:50:34 Slammer: HAHA
14:50:47 Gen: he s pretty good
14:50:59 Gen: he must be an instructor here
14:51:01 Slammer: he's good but not Pretty
14:51:12 Gen: lool
14:51:23 Slammer: he should be an instructor
14:51:30 Slammer: YES!
14:51:54 JVM: he'd make a good instructor
14:51:58 Gen: yea
14:52:39 Slammer: Patrick is such a Idiot
14:52:48 Gen: patrick?
14:52:53 Slammer: from Spongebob
14:52:56 Slammer: LOL
14:52:57 Gen: hahahhaa
14:52:58 JVM: yeah
14:53:01 Gen: yea he s great
14:53:02 Gen: lol
14:53:26 Slammer: "Hey SpongeBob" .... "oh hey Patrick"
14:53:38 Slammer: LOL
14:53:43 Gen: lol
14:53:48 Gen: hey carlo
14:53:51 Gen: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
14:54:35 Gen: okay nvm
14:54:36 Gen: lol
14:55:23 Slammer: LOl
14:55:55 Slammer: Slammer Slammer.... sing it like Master of Puppets
14:56:04 Slammer: LOL
14:56:33 JVM: Slammer! Slammer! Wheres SOmething something
14:56:43 Slammer: LOL
14:56:51 Slammer: where did Gen go
14:56:52 Slammer: ?
14:57:08 JVM: lol
14:57:12 Slammer: Jenny!
14:57:39 Gen:
14:58:05 Slammer: ???
14:58:09 Slammer: LOL
14:58:11 Gen: lol
14:59:32 Slammer: yes.... this has died... time for my Revival!! *whip* *slap* *meow* *meow* *slap* *whip*
14:59:40 JVM: jeebus
15:00:02 Gen: hehe
15:00:04 Slammer: LOL
15:00:15 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow* *meow* *slap* *whip*
15:00:26 Slammer: didn't workl
15:00:27 Gen: *slap* *slap*
15:00:36 Slammer: woah
15:00:57 Gen: *slap* *whip* *slap* *whip*
15:01:14 Slammer: *kick*
15:01:17 Slammer: damn
15:01:21 Slammer: didn't work
15:01:25 Gen: *vomit*
15:01:33 Slammer: *fart*
15:01:37 Slammer: aww man
15:01:43 Gen: *orgasm*
15:01:45 Gen: lol
15:01:51 Slammer: good Bye
15:01:55 Gen: hahaha
15:02:00 Slammer: LOL
15:02:08 JVM: lol
15:02:44 Boggi: Hey
15:02:49 Gen: hey boggi
15:02:55 Slammer: Boggi
15:02:56 Gen: lol always the same here
15:02:58 Gen: haha
15:02:59 Boggi: allways the same people.
15:02:59 JVM: boggs whats up
15:03:06 Slammer: Pronounced like Doggi
15:03:21 Boggi: nothing right now. :
15:03:37 Slammer: Yes, We're the Chat Crew
15:03:41 Gen: lol
15:03:45 Boggi: heh
15:03:54 Slammer: althow G34 an't never hear
15:03:59 Slammer: when his name is in
15:04:01 Gen: yea lol
15:04:17 Slammer: we're why Kris never comes in
15:04:47 Boggi: there are so many people on GMC
15:05:01 Slammer: why are we the only ones who chat?
15:05:14 Slammer: it's my fault
15:05:15 Boggi: maybe we are the chosen one ??
15:05:18 Boggi: lol
15:05:21 Slammer: :?
15:05:24 Gen: yea loool
15:05:39 Slammer: see nows he's gone
15:05:41 Slammer: or not
15:05:44 JVM: bahaha
15:05:46 JVM: so you think
15:05:57 Slammer: you can tell.... heaven from hell?
15:06:20 JVM: i am not the chosen one
15:06:51 Gen: hey guys, you know what?
15:06:55 Slammer: cheesy Pink Floyd reference didn't work
15:06:57 Slammer: LOL
15:07:10 JVM: i recognized it but i couldnt place it
15:07:23 Slammer: cya dude
15:07:27 JVM: he'll be back
15:07:28 JVM:
15:07:36 Slammer: he didn't even say good bye *sniff*
15:07:38 Gen: we are all the chosen to make a band!
15:07:42 Slammer: Yeah
15:07:50 Gen: and we r gonna call it :chat guys
15:07:52 JVM: a 5 guitarist band!
15:07:52 Gen: lol
15:07:56 Slammer: I'll be your Manager cuz I suck
15:07:59 JVM: no drums
15:08:00 JVM: no bass
15:08:02 JVM: just 5 guitars
15:08:06 Slammer: LOL
15:08:06 Gen: lol i suck for the moment
15:08:21 JVM: that might be able to work out
15:08:28 Slammer: well, I think either Boggi or JVM could play Lead
15:08:30 Gen: lol
15:08:51 Slammer: Me and Gen could play Rhthym
15:09:01 Slammer: and G34 ca play the Triangle
15:09:06 JVM: thats so mean
15:09:08 Gen: HAHAHAHA
15:09:10 Gen: HAHAHAHA
15:09:14 Gen: OMG
15:09:15 Gen: HAHAHAHA
15:09:18 JVM: haha
15:09:19 Slammer: fine he can play the CowBell
15:09:27 Gen: cant stop laughing
15:09:28 Slammer: COWBELL!!!
15:09:29 Gen: loooooooool
15:09:37 JVM: gen you're like must... stop.. laughing
15:09:43 Gen: lol
15:09:49 Slammer: he did that to me yesterday
15:09:54 Gen: yea lol
15:10:14 JVM: brb
15:10:18 Gen: hey guys, i ve gotta fever, and the only prescription, more cowbell!!
15:10:25 Slammer: LOL
15:11:30 Slammer: yeah
15:12:07 Slammer: you guys like Daughtry?
15:12:16 JVM: i dont know em too well
15:12:37 Slammer: they're good
15:13:28 Slammer:
15:14:41 JVM: oh I know this song
15:15:01 Slammer: I like the song "Home"
15:15:07 Slammer: from american Idol I guess
15:15:14 Slammer: well they played it
15:15:50 Slammer: don't watch the Video just listen to the Music.
15:15:59 Slammer:
15:17:36 Slammer: cool song I think
15:17:51 JVM: kind of like matchbox 20
15:17:53 JVM: but i like them more
15:18:47 Slammer: you know I used to Hate John Mayer, But then I heard Waiting on the World to Change.
15:18:51 Slammer: good song
15:19:04 JVM: you should listen to the rest of continuum
15:19:07 JVM: its a great album
15:19:13 Slammer: I think Bold As Love is Really Good
15:19:17 JVM: yeah
15:19:23 Slammer: not hendrix but pretty damn good
15:19:39 JVM: the solo in in repair is great i think
15:19:45 JVM: i really like belief too
15:19:50 Slammer: actually that is My style of Music... Bold As Love style
15:19:55 Slammer: Blues - rocks
15:20:05 JVM: bold as love is one of my favorite songs. axis is a great album
15:20:15 Slammer: Blues-Rock*
15:20:40 JVM: kind of what I'd like to do too
15:20:54 Slammer:
15:21:07 Slammer: me too. Dude That's what I want to play
15:21:17 Slammer: But most people only like Metal
15:21:20 JVM: is there something special about that recording? cause i have the album
15:21:29 JVM: im listening to it now actually
15:21:43 Slammer: nope but justin case Gen wants to see
15:21:46 JVM: ah
15:21:51 JVM: how big is your music library?
15:22:15 Slammer: Small..... I just listen online whenevery I want to hear something
15:22:17 Slammer: LOL
15:22:21 JVM: lol cool
15:22:27 Slammer: actually I don't own one CD
15:22:32 JVM: wow
15:22:43 Slammer: never bought one in my Life
15:22:46 Slammer: that was for me
15:22:51 Slammer:
15:23:30 JVM: i have 39 days worth in my library
15:24:03 Gen: back
15:24:06 Slammer: ok
15:24:16 Gen: i have more than 200 cds lol
15:24:24 JVM: i have more than 900
15:24:45 Gen: i really like to own the box etc...the little book and of course , the real cd¨!
15:24:59 JVM: yeah i dont like to have just a single song or whatever
15:25:09 Gen: yea
15:26:07 Slammer:
15:26:09 Slammer: LOL
15:26:41 JVM: SNL is soo much better than mad
15:27:10 JVM: lmao
15:27:50 Slammer:
15:27:58 Slammer: stupid
15:27:59 Slammer: LOL
15:28:07 Slammer: pretty dumb
15:28:52 Gen: hahahaha
15:28:54 Gen: lol
15:30:01 Slammer: Robin Williams is So Funny
15:30:22 Gen: one of my favorites actor
15:30:39 Gen: have you guys seen wayne s world?
15:30:58 JVM: of course
15:31:51 Gen: love those 2 movies
15:31:54 Gen: lol
15:32:56 Slammer: LOL
15:34:02 Gen: "she would be mine, oo yes, she would be"
15:34:33 Slammer: LOL
15:35:28 Slammer:
15:35:30 Slammer: LOL
15:37:18 JVM: some of his stuff is funny but its not jay being funny like conan would
15:37:21 JVM: i dont like jay
15:37:34 JVM: it just happens that he has good stuff
15:37:38 Gen: i love conan
15:37:40 Slammer: He's good
15:37:44 JVM: conans the best
15:37:49 Gen: conan o brien right?
15:38:06 JVM: yeah
15:38:08 Slammer: conan the destroyer
15:38:14 Gen: lol
15:38:17 JVM: idk, jay has never said anything that i've heard that made me laugh
15:38:30 JVM: thats actually him being jay leno and not presenting something or whatever
15:41:29 Slammer: chat died
15:41:31 Slammer: LOL
15:41:41 JVM: im trying really hard to laugh at him
15:42:17 Gen: lol
15:42:37 Slammer:
15:42:39 Slammer: LOL
15:43:46 JVM:
15:45:39 Slammer: LOL
15:47:04 Slammer: LOL
15:47:19 Slammer: LOL
15:48:36 Slammer: I love prank calls
15:48:48 Slammer: *whip*
15:50:15 Slammer: *meow* *slap* *whip* *whip* *slap* *meow*
15:50:43 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow* *meow* *slap* *whip*
15:50:48 JVM: lol
15:50:52 Slammer: yep dead again
15:51:19 Slammer: Gen, Jvm, g34???
15:51:20 JVM: lol that was a good one
15:51:25 Slammer: which one?
15:51:41 JVM: lol
15:51:41 JVM: hes just like thanks
15:51:44 Slammer: LOL
15:52:06 Slammer: LMFAO
15:52:07 JVM: lmao
15:52:55 JVM: the comment below it says do people do this every time
15:53:02 JVM: if so im gonna get up and watch it lol
15:53:26 Slammer: watch the first one LOL
15:53:36 JVM: brb
15:55:30 Slammer: gen??
15:55:40 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow* *slap* *whip* *meow*
15:59:31 Slammer: no one?
16:02:05 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow* *meow* *slap* *whip*
16:02:15 Gen: lo
16:02:16 Gen: ll
16:02:21 Gen: brb
16:02:51 Slammer: you been gone this whole time
16:02:54 Slammer: LOL
16:03:01 Slammer: how can you brb
16:13:37 JVM: lap:
16:13:54 JVM: *slap*
16:13:55 JVM: lol
16:14:22 Slammer: I think you ran out to the store to get Chips
16:14:28 Slammer: and Dip
16:14:53 JVM: thats a nice idea
16:15:28 Slammer: man my amp has some pretty sweet distortion
16:15:45 Slammer: whom the Bells toll preset
16:15:53 Slammer: is whta i'm playing right now
16:16:23 JVM: nice
16:16:51 Slammer: as in right this second on my pc
16:17:02 Slammer: LOL
16:17:10 JVM: im out to a movie pretty soon here
16:17:19 Slammer: Which one?
16:17:24 JVM: pirates
16:17:27 JVM: still havent seen it
16:17:29 Slammer: nice
16:19:40 Slammer: died again
16:22:25 JVM: bah
16:22:29 Slammer: u r back
16:23:02 Slammer: by the time u get back u will have something in your PM box
16:23:26 JVM: oh cool
16:23:27 Slammer: Me Singing!!
16:23:30 JVM: nice
16:23:30 Slammer: No
16:23:33 Slammer: Maybe
16:23:33 JVM: aw
16:23:41 Slammer: I'll have to think
16:23:49 Slammer: but be shure to check
16:23:51 Slammer: tonigh
16:23:53 Slammer: t*
16:24:08 JVM: i will
16:24:11 Slammer: LOL
16:24:30 Slammer: anyways dude I gonna record it right now.
16:24:35 Slammer: So cya later
16:24:39 JVM: later
16:48:59 Owen: hi guys
16:49:21 Owen: *whip* wake up?
16:50:18 Owen: *slap* *whip* *whip* *meow* *whip* *slap* *meow*
18:14:26 Gen: hey
18:14:31 Gen: *whip*
18:14:34 Gen: hi
18:14:44 muris: hi there
18:15:03 Gen: jvm showed me your myspace
18:15:13 Gen: its exellent
18:15:20 muris: tnx
18:15:20 Gen: i really love your music
18:15:28 Gen: what are you doing here? lol
18:15:39 muris: not much i guess
18:15:41 Gen: have you some albums?
18:15:51 muris: one
18:15:57 muris: next is on its way
18:16:02 Gen: great
18:17:16 muris: you play guitar too?
18:17:55 Gen: yea
18:18:02 muris: how long
18:18:14 Gen: lol i started nine month ago
18:18:31 muris: fair
18:18:45 Gen: i just turned 18
18:18:54 Gen: i started when i was 17
18:19:24 muris: it's never late
18:19:38 Gen: yea lol, but i think it is
18:19:42 muris: depends of how hard you're working
18:19:43 Gen: a little bit hehe
18:19:46 Gen: yea
18:19:52 muris: no it's not
18:20:10 Gen: im pratcicing 5 / 10 hours a day
18:20:25 muris: that's more than enough
18:20:26 Gen: cuz i really love to play
18:20:38 muris: but be careful of what is it that you're practicing
18:20:45 Gen: yea
18:20:50 muris: many things might be wrong
18:21:02 Gen: have you some examples?
18:21:09 muris: well
18:21:24 muris: i saw this a lot of times
18:21:42 muris: many players are puting ear in second place
18:21:55 muris: and they play just mechanicly
18:22:12 muris: ear is the most important
18:22:30 muris: got my point?
18:22:38 Gen: yea i know , i play mostly by ear, but when i wanna learn a difficult solo i try to find he tabs
18:23:01 muris: use tabs only when its really needed
18:23:05 muris: not before
18:23:08 Gen: yea
18:23:29 muris: also try to read notation
18:23:40 muris: not tabs but real notation
18:23:44 muris: might be useful
18:23:49 Gen: yea music notation
18:23:52 muris: yep
18:24:05 Gen: im not the best lol but i try sometimes
18:24:05 muris: reading on sight
18:24:20 Gen: i just cant play guitar with music notation
18:24:30 Gen: i mean, put the notes on the guitar
18:24:50 muris: it needs practicing too
18:24:56 Gen: yea
18:25:06 muris: ear too
18:25:12 Gen:
18:25:33 muris: and then you'll achieve knowledge
18:25:43 muris: you hear it-you play it
18:25:57 Gen: yea, cant wait to do that
18:26:24 muris: just avoide tabs as much as you can and you will
18:26:31 Gen: okay
18:26:57 Gen: have you other advices?
18:27:14 muris: like what?
18:27:23 Gen: to practice good
18:27:34 muris: ahh
18:27:40 muris: not much to say about it
18:27:59 muris: must find best spot for right hand
18:28:14 muris: best height of strap
18:28:17 muris: angle
18:28:20 muris: and go for it
18:28:21 Gen: mmm
18:28:37 Gen: actually, i hold the pick like paul gilbert does
18:28:50 muris: that's good tho
18:28:55 muris: closed hand
18:29:01 Gen: cuz its the best way for me, i mean i can play more easily
18:29:14 Gen: a bit like pavel
18:29:37 muris: yeah
18:29:40 muris: that's cool
18:30:01 Gen: how old was you when you started to play guitar?
18:30:18 muris: hmm
18:30:23 muris: about 13-14
18:30:31 muris: maybe even 12
18:30:36 Gen: wow hehe
18:30:37 muris: can't remeber for sure
18:30:47 muris: it was during war
18:30:52 Gen: a okay
18:30:58 muris: those years are like in a fog
18:31:05 Gen: mmm
18:31:28 Gen: and, how long have you been playing?
18:31:38 muris: i'm 27 now
18:31:46 muris: so about 13-14
18:31:55 Gen: great
18:32:33 Gen: im trying to find a band
18:32:42 Gen: cuz its good for practice i think
18:32:52 muris: sure it is
18:32:55 Gen: to play with other people
18:33:09 muris: experience
18:33:32 Gen: but its hard to find a band here
18:33:45 muris: and where is that?
18:33:55 Gen: geneva , switzerland
18:34:08 muris: cool
18:34:19 muris: I played there few years ago
18:34:30 Gen: great
18:34:36 Gen: where?
18:34:41 Gen: i mean, wich area
18:34:45 muris: some hall
18:34:56 muris: cant recall the name
18:35:00 muris: we were on tour
18:35:08 Gen: maybe arena?
18:35:14 muris: each day it's a different city
18:35:28 muris: hard to catch up all
18:35:34 Gen: yea
18:35:36 Gen: sure
18:35:37 muris: not arena
18:35:41 muris: more like hall
18:35:47 muris: about 5.000
18:35:55 Gen: mmm okay
18:36:22 Gen: when did you make your first album?
18:36:35 muris: last year
18:36:45 muris: released it in march this year
18:37:06 Gen: okay, i think im gonna get it
18:37:33 muris: get what?
18:37:43 Gen: i mean, buy your cd
18:37:47 muris: ahh
18:37:50 muris: thanks
18:38:09 Gen: thanks to you to do some good music
18:38:28 muris: my pleasure
18:38:28 Gen: for doing some good music* lol
18:38:39 muris: no compromises I guess
18:39:41 muris: what about guitar34?
18:39:49 Gen: well, i think im gonna go practice, nice chat man, it helped me
18:40:02 muris: go ahead
18:40:03 Gen: lol , he was in the chat box all day long
18:40:10 muris:
18:40:12 Gen: but i didnt talked
18:40:23 muris: browser open
18:40:29 Gen: yea i think
18:40:36 Gen: same for yesterday lol
18:40:42 Gen: i was in there too
18:40:43 muris: have a great time with your practicing
18:40:48 Gen: thx
18:40:55 muris: and watch not to hurt yourself
18:40:57 Gen: cya latter!
18:41:01 muris: bye
18:41:01 Gen: of course
18:41:03 Gen: bye
22:26:08 Slammer: *slap* *whip* *meow*
22:27:08 FretDancer69: hello guys
22:27:26 FretDancer69: anyone there
22:27:50 FretDancer69: ?
22:28:00 FretDancer69: [b]?
22:33:26 Slammer: yes!
22:33:53 Slammer: sorry I'm recording something right now LOL
22:34:12 Slammer: *meow* *slap* *whip*
22:34:42 Slammer: *whip*
22:35:32 Slammer: you left too?
22:37:55 Slammer: *meow*
22:47:18 JVM: *slap*
22:47:26 Slammer: you again
22:47:28 Slammer: LOL
22:47:30 JVM: lol
22:47:59 Slammer: did you like it? the Movie
22:48:31 JVM: okay
22:48:35 Slammer: LOL
22:48:41 Slammer: I haven't seen it yet
22:48:48 Slammer: better than the first 2?
22:48:53 JVM: nah
22:48:56 JVM: but not bad
22:49:31 Slammer: better than waterworld?
22:49:35 Slammer: jk LOL
22:49:45 JVM: lol
22:50:14 Slammer: finishing Up my song....
22:50:20 Slammer: experimenting
22:50:27 Slammer: learning as I go along
22:50:33 Slammer: it's pretty fun
22:50:36 Slammer:
22:50:39 JVM: cool
22:51:03 Slammer: you know what is is>
22:51:04 Slammer: ??
22:51:32 JVM: ?
22:51:48 Slammer: a cover... but I'm just experimenting
22:51:53 Slammer: All along the Watchtower
22:51:58 JVM: oh right you told me
22:52:00 JVM: thats cool
22:52:03 JVM: you gonna sing?
22:52:22 Slammer: Like I told you I can't sing to Save my Life... But it's fun anyways LOL
22:52:48 Slammer: I really can't.... but who cares I'm a Guitarist
22:52:50 Slammer:
22:53:00 JVM: just like guitar
22:53:05 JVM: if you practice it youll get better
22:53:21 Slammer: do you sing?
22:53:26 JVM: no lol
22:53:37 Slammer: I bet you don't sad too bad
22:53:46 Slammer: probably better than me LOL
22:53:56 JVM: theres some people who just shouldnt sing
22:53:59 JVM: ill find you a video
22:54:06 JVM: of this guy singing a stereophonics song
22:54:13 JVM: terribly
22:54:14 Slammer: william hung!
22:54:52 JVM: if its still there
22:55:05 JVM: i wouldnt be suprised if he took it down
22:55:24 Slammer:
22:56:14 JVM: the problem with most singers
22:56:38 JVM: well its kind of like guitar
22:56:48 JVM: as a guitarist you have to be good at phrasing
22:56:59 JVM: and most people who cant sing are just terrible at phrasing
22:57:05 Slammer: yeah
22:57:24 JVM: do you know stereophonics?
22:57:35 Slammer: not really?
22:57:37 JVM: ooh
22:57:39 JVM: great band
22:58:34 Slammer: youtube link??
22:59:31 JVM:
22:59:34 JVM: theres a good one
22:59:38 JVM: from a great live album
22:59:43 JVM: (called live from dakota)
22:59:58 JVM: if I could sing like anyone
23:00:00 JVM: I would sing like him
23:00:29 Slammer: ya I'll check it out
23:00:30 JVM: its just a solo song, the actual song has a lot more parts to it
23:00:36 JVM: but its a great solo version
23:01:58 Slammer: he's good
23:02:10 Slammer: sratchy voice
23:02:14 JVM: yeah
23:02:18 Slammer: like Kurt Cobain
23:02:22 JVM: yep
23:02:22 Slammer: a little
23:02:29 JVM: hes a pretty good guitarist too
23:02:33 JVM: not that you can tell from this
23:02:49 Slammer: is he better than you?
23:03:00 JVM: probably
23:03:07 Slammer: not
23:03:10 Slammer:
23:03:13 JVM: on the album version of this song
23:03:16 JVM: he has an awesome wah part
23:03:22 Slammer: I love Wah
23:03:27 Slammer: I wish I had one
23:03:27 JVM: ill get the video for that, its very different from this one
23:03:32 JVM: get one theyre so fun
23:03:39 JVM:
23:03:51 JVM: thats the album version
23:04:07 Slammer: I mean I have one on my Little Multi Fx box... but it's not the Same as a CryBaby or Vox
23:05:02 JVM: these guys are one of my favorite bands, id suggest checking them out
23:05:22 Slammer: as if you haven't already
23:05:24 Slammer:
23:05:28 Slammer: LOL
23:05:33 JVM: lol
23:06:13 Slammer: nice wah
23:06:17 Slammer:
23:06:31 JVM: you havent heard the part i mean yet
23:06:33 JVM: at least i dont think so
23:06:46 JVM: its near the end
23:06:56 Slammer: I think I have
23:06:57 JVM: he just gets in a groove and jams out
23:07:12 Slammer: like Slash in Sweet child o' mine
23:07:17 Slammer:
23:07:38 JVM: i think november rain is his best
23:07:46 JVM: man that solo at the end is haunting
23:08:04 Slammer: better than knock on Heaven door?
23:08:13 JVM: yeah
23:08:22 JVM: which isnt their song anyway
23:08:31 JVM: but its his solo
23:08:33 JVM: pretty good one
23:08:37 Slammer: Tell that to Clappton
23:08:40 Slammer: LOL
23:08:44 Slammer: Clapton*
23:08:48 JVM: what do you mean? lol
23:08:52 Slammer: nvm
23:08:57 Slammer: he covered it too
23:09:05 JVM: i havent heard his
23:09:10 Slammer: you havent?
23:09:15 JVM: nope dont think so
23:09:27 Slammer: it's pretty good, a lot slower than Gnr
23:09:33 JVM: yeah
23:09:38 Slammer: not Rock
23:09:55 Slammer: Kinda Regae feel to it
23:10:08 Slammer: or not
23:10:14 Slammer: I don't remember
23:10:29 Slammer: do you have the CD cream of Clapton
23:11:13 JVM: i have cream but not that one
23:11:15 JVM: i've heard of it
23:11:29 Slammer: dude it's a classic... every Collector should have it
23:11:36 JVM: i have a lot of his stuff from the dominos and all that
23:11:52 Slammer: all the Cream of the Crop of his songs
23:11:59 Slammer:
23:12:24 Slammer: bell bottom blues is Awesome ... I don't care what any body says
23:14:11 Slammer: *meow*
23:14:15 JVM: lol
23:14:19 Slammer: *slap*
23:14:26 JVM: *whip*
23:14:32 Slammer: bad little buy
23:14:45 Slammer: boy*
23:14:50 JVM: lol
23:15:55 Slammer: LOL
23:16:09 Slammer: yep
23:16:19 Slammer: Multi Tasking
23:16:45 JVM: yeah
23:16:57 JVM: i just cant find anything I like though
23:17:04 Slammer: of what>
23:17:05 Slammer: ?
23:17:15 JVM: nvm
23:17:21 Slammer: I son
23:17:29 Slammer: don't want to know
23:17:32 Slammer: LOL
23:18:04 JVM: hurry up!
23:18:15 Slammer: What
23:18:21 JVM: recording
23:18:58 Slammer: you waiting for for me...?
23:19:01 Slammer: go to bed
23:19:13 Slammer: I'm thinking about changing my Mind
23:19:24 JVM: nah im going to be up quite a while
23:20:52 Slammer: ok give me a sec
23:20:55 JVM: cool
23:21:04 Slammer: post Production
23:21:08 Slammer:
23:21:35 JVM: lol
23:22:03 Slammer: if I knew what I was doing it would be quicker
23:22:16 JVM: it usually works that way..
23:22:19 Slammer: yes
23:22:24 Slammer: LOL
23:22:33 JVM: FINALLY!
23:22:37 JVM: man how long has he been in here
23:23:04 Slammer: since 2:30 pm
23:23:08 Slammer: LOL
23:23:14 JVM: i was thinking more like
23:23:16 JVM: 2 days
23:23:23 Slammer: well on and off
23:23:39 Slammer: hes spent over 90 hours at least
23:23:43 Slammer: this week
23:24:53 Slammer:
23:28:09 JVM: so
23:28:14 JVM: whats your biggest weak spot
23:28:26 Slammer: my left leg
23:28:31 Slammer: LOL
23:28:32 Slammer: JK
23:28:34 JVM: lol
23:28:48 Slammer: in guitar?
23:28:54 JVM: yeah
23:29:33 Slammer: probably Neoclassical stuff.... Like Sweeping is pretty hard for me to learn
23:29:44 Slammer: mainly because I don't practise it much
23:29:47 Slammer: Duh
23:29:59 JVM: yeah
23:32:24 Slammer: AHH, I was trying to Press Minimize.... Wrong Button
23:32:56 JVM: suuure
23:33:05 Slammer: ok
23:33:17 Slammer: And your internet went down right??
23:33:25 JVM: no that was a lie
23:33:27 JVM: i just dont like you
23:33:33 Slammer: I knew it!!
23:33:40 JVM: lol
23:34:51 Slammer: *Bitch*
23:35:09 Slammer: LOL
23:36:17 Slammer: you know anything about dynmaic Processing?
23:36:23 Slammer: *slap*
23:36:55 JVM: no
23:37:01 Slammer: ok nvm
23:38:23 Slammer: you know... when I cover a song I try not to make it an exact clone... I try to add my own Touch
23:38:32 Slammer: *whip*
23:38:44 JVM: mmhm
23:38:54 Slammer: that's what I did with the song
23:39:06 Slammer: Pretty much improvised
23:39:17 Slammer: instead of copy Hendrix note for note
23:40:01 JVM: or dylan
23:40:24 Slammer: well, the Backing track is from the hendrix version so....
23:40:35 JVM: ah
23:40:49 Slammer: that is what I mean man.....
23:41:01 Slammer: sheesh everyone know that... Duh
23:41:07 Slammer:
23:42:05 Slammer: *meow*
23:42:12 Slammer: I wrote that
23:42:33 JVM: wrote what? lol
23:42:43 Slammer: *meow*
23:42:48 JVM: yes
23:42:48 Slammer:
23:42:49 JVM: yes you did
23:42:59 Slammer: I proud of me self
23:43:07 JVM: congratulations
23:43:33 Slammer: thanks man!!! hey you wanna come over? my dad built a new treehouse!
23:43:47 JVM: does it have a slide?
23:43:52 Slammer: Yeah!!
23:43:54 JVM: IM THERE!
23:43:57 Slammer: and a rope ladder
23:44:01 Slammer: !!
23:44:04 JVM: no way
23:44:09 JVM: your dad is cool
23:44:15 Slammer: LOL
23:44:31 Slammer: well, I don't have a tree in mackyard
23:44:35 Slammer: only a Lake
23:44:44 Slammer: backyard*
23:45:27 JVM: a lake isnt bad
23:45:53 Slammer: yes... a nice lake too
23:46:01 Slammer: house is only 3 years old
23:46:09 Slammer: so a new lake
23:47:24 Slammer: *meow* my dog ate your cat
23:47:32 JVM: I dont have a cat
23:49:02 Slammer: cuz my dog ate it!!
23:49:07 JVM: oh yeah
23:49:08 JVM: lol
23:49:22 Slammer: all I have is Goldfish
23:49:27 Slammer: u like Baseball?
23:49:34 JVM: sure
23:49:43 Slammer: which teams???
23:49:47 Slammer: or team?
23:49:53 Slammer: in MLB?
23:49:57 JVM: either the braves
23:50:01 JVM: or the red sox
23:50:05 Slammer: BOO!!
23:50:08 JVM:
23:50:15 JVM: well I grew up without a state team
23:50:31 Slammer: Braves suck.... I use to live in Atlanta
23:50:32 JVM: the sox were the closest til I moved, now the braves are
23:50:44 JVM: well I live in durham, the braves have gotten a lot of players from the bulls here
23:50:46 Slammer: I hated it there
23:50:47 JVM: which are a cool team
23:51:16 Slammer: but the Bulls are from Tampa Bay Devils Rays right?
23:51:35 Slammer: yeah
23:51:58 JVM: atlanta as far as I know
23:52:03 JVM: you sure?
23:52:05 JVM: i dont really know
23:52:08 Slammer: yep....
23:52:26 Slammer: Durham Bulls AAA team for Tampa
23:52:36 Slammer: quote me on that
23:53:09 Slammer: Although my team the Marlins... have a AA team in North Carolina too
23:53:18 JVM: the bulls are a great tem
23:53:19 JVM: team*
23:53:20 JVM: lot of fun
23:53:22 JVM: good stadium
23:53:34 Slammer: Zebulon do you know where that is?
23:53:40 JVM: no but I know the team
23:53:43 JVM: lol
23:53:47 Slammer: Well of course... Bull Durham!!!
23:53:52 JVM:
23:53:53 JVM: yep
23:54:44 Slammer: yes
23:55:56 Slammer: So dude u from NC originally?
23:56:02 Slammer: *meow* *slap*
23:56:07 JVM: no
23:56:15 JVM: born in virginia but grew up in iowa
23:56:38 Slammer: born in UK grew up in Missouri
23:56:48 Slammer: now I live in Florida
23:56:51 Slammer: LOL
23:56:53 JVM: hows it down there?
23:57:00 Slammer: nice....
23:57:02 JVM: ive been to most states but not florida
23:57:08 Slammer: Hot Chicks!
23:57:14 Slammer: Everywhere
23:57:16 JVM:
23:57:17 JVM: nice
23:57:25 Slammer: every mall has at least 10
23:57:32 Slammer: every the junky malls
23:57:45 Slammer: but only in South Florida
23:57:55 Slammer: north florida the Chicks are Ugly
23:58:02 Slammer: sorry but It's true
23:58:15 Slammer:
23:58:51 Slammer: *whip*
23:59:01 JVM: lol

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