Guitar Chat: Luca Turilli Lesson, amps etc. 2007-06-25
Kristofer Dahl
Jun 26 2007, 03:06 PM
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14:15:24 Gen: lol
14:15:31 Gen: *meow*
14:15:57 Slammer: LOL
14:16:11 Slammer: you almost always come in
14:16:17 Slammer: *whip*
14:16:23 Slammer:
14:16:38 Gen: yea lol, my guitar is just next to my computer
14:16:59 Gen: i practice, and im always in this site lol
14:17:03 Slammer: yes
14:17:30 Gen: cuz i wanna master that luca turillir lesson!!!!!!!aaaaaa
14:17:33 Gen: lol
14:17:37 Slammer: cool
14:18:05 Slammer: what amp you got?
14:18:17 Gen: randall 25w lol
14:18:45 Slammer: and guitar?
14:19:02 Gen: esp ltd viper 500
14:19:08 Slammer: oh yeah you told me LOL
14:19:12 Slammer: I forget
14:19:15 Gen: lol
14:19:48 Gen: you have a fender showmaster right?
14:19:53 Slammer: yes LOL
14:20:01 Gen:
14:20:03 Slammer: I probably told everybody 5 times
14:20:13 Gen: lol
14:20:24 Slammer: so you every jam over backing tracks?
14:21:34 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow*
14:22:02 Gen: oh lol no, not always cuz i suck at jamming lol
14:22:14 Slammer: LOL
14:22:15 Gen: im learning the a minor pentatonic scale
14:22:19 Slammer: cool
14:22:30 Slammer: that's a good Scale to know
14:22:51 Gen: i mean, im learning how to improve on it, cuz i already know the five boxes
14:23:15 Slammer: yeah prob 60% of all Solos are the pentatonic Scales Box LOL
14:23:31 Gen:
14:24:00 Slammer: but it's cool
14:24:12 Slammer: you know how to Improvise?
14:24:29 Slammer: over chord Progressions and stuff
14:25:24 Slammer: *slap*
14:25:27 Slammer:
14:25:50 Gen: no, lol not a lot
14:26:04 Gen: i can improvise some thrash metal licks lol
14:26:05 Gen: hahaha
14:26:36 Slammer: nice!
14:26:48 Slammer: are you good at Tapping?
14:27:02 Gen: lol but i can play some very basics stuff
14:27:10 Gen: not very good
14:27:22 Gen: im pretty fast
14:27:26 Slammer: yeah.... Eruption by Van Halen?
14:27:28 Gen: at tapping
14:27:37 Gen: oh lol no
14:27:50 Slammer: it's easy.. the Tapping part at least
14:27:56 Slammer: you can do it
14:28:18 Gen: im gonna try tomorrow
14:29:32 Slammer: dude... I have a friend who is a Drummer... he doesn't play guitar, But I showed him how to do it. And he Learned it right on the Spot... and he could play it with Ease after only a few times. Now if he can do it, anyone Can!
14:29:46 Slammer: LOL
14:30:01 Gen: lol okay, so i think i can
14:30:17 Slammer: yes
14:30:25 Slammer:
14:30:30 Slammer: do you have any pedals?
14:31:12 Gen: yea, i have the boss mt 2 distortion pedal and an oneer wah wah pedal
14:31:21 Slammer: nice
14:31:28 Slammer: Thrash
14:31:32 Slammer: stuff
14:31:37 Gen: but i think im gonna buy the multiple effect pedal boss me 50
14:31:39 Gen: yea
14:31:45 Slammer: that's cool
14:31:50 Slammer: more tones
14:32:00 Gen: but you know, i also really love eric johnson s stuff
14:32:07 Gen: and blues stuff
14:32:09 Slammer: he's cool
14:32:12 Gen: im not only metal lol
14:32:14 Slammer: EJ is the Man
14:32:19 Gen: i love srv
14:32:22 Slammer: yesQQ
14:32:24 Gen: eric clapton
14:32:25 Slammer: Yes!!!
14:32:28 Slammer: Yes!!
14:32:32 Slammer: Jimmy Page?
14:32:36 Gen: yea ofc
14:32:48 Slammer: hendrix?
14:32:52 Gen: o yea
14:33:14 Gen: i really love paul gilbert s stuff too
14:33:27 Gen: i also love pat metheny
14:34:13 Gen: but im not really into ultimate shred stuff like rusty etc...
14:34:43 Slammer: LOL
14:34:51 Slammer: Vai?
14:34:55 Slammer: Satch?
14:34:56 Gen: yea
14:34:57 Gen: yea
14:35:02 Slammer: Petrucci
14:35:05 Gen: lol
14:35:06 Gen: ofc
14:35:14 Slammer: Van Halen?
14:35:18 Gen: yea
14:35:27 Gen: vinnie moore
14:35:28 Slammer: Buddy Guy?
14:35:30 Gen: jason becker
14:35:34 Gen: yea
14:35:40 Gen: marty friedman
14:35:48 Slammer: BB king
14:35:50 Slammer: LOL
14:35:52 Gen: ooo yea
14:36:02 Slammer: Chester
14:36:09 Gen: oo
14:36:10 Slammer: nvm
14:36:11 Gen: idk
14:36:15 Slammer: LOL
14:36:18 Gen: lol
14:36:41 Slammer: do you know Sweet home chicago?
14:36:59 Gen: i know sweet home alabama but not chicago lol
14:37:03 Slammer: classic Blues song
14:37:05 Slammer: LOL
14:37:18 Gen: i also love the song freebird
14:37:21 Gen: the solo
14:37:45 Slammer:
14:37:48 Slammer:
14:38:27 Slammer: buddy guy is really good
14:38:46 Slammer: polka dot guitar!!
14:38:59 Slammer:
14:39:32 Slammer: Welcome Back
14:39:57 Gen: lol
14:40:24 Gen: wow thats awsome
14:40:57 Slammer: all star Jam!!
14:41:11 Slammer: Robert Cray is so Good
14:41:42 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow* *slap* *whip* *meow* LOL
14:41:57 Gen: i really like this kind of music
14:42:05 Gen: great feeling
14:42:06 Slammer: yes!
14:42:31 Slammer: u seen the video of Clapton and Sanrana?
14:42:41 Slammer: santana*
14:42:43 Gen: you mean santana?
14:42:44 Gen: lol
14:42:50 Gen: no
14:43:00 Slammer: I love it
14:43:24 Slammer:
14:43:39 Slammer:
14:43:56 Slammer: *slap*
14:43:59 Slammer: LOL
14:44:40 Slammer: Clapton is My All Time Favorite
14:44:46 Gen: yea
14:45:18 Gen: i just have to wait a bit, my youtube is buggin
14:45:22 Gen: lol
14:45:25 Slammer: LOL
14:45:48 Slammer: ok man I gtg
14:46:02 Slammer: *whip* *whip* CYA!
14:46:10 Gen: cya
14:58:32 Slammer: I'm back!!
14:58:40 Slammer: hey where did everyone go??
15:08:53 Slammer: *slap*
17:06:55 AIB234: evening
17:07:10 AIB234: *whip*
17:07:17 Slammer: LOL
17:07:24 guitardudenr1: hello
17:07:25 Slammer: Welcome
17:07:25 AIB234: here's a quiestiopn for you
17:07:28 AIB234: hey guitardude
17:07:32 guitardudenr1: hey!;D
17:07:39 AIB234: I got that Anvil Studio and I've been dinkin with it for a few minutes
17:07:45 Slammer: yes
17:07:48 AIB234: How do I listen to a track I created?
17:07:58 AIB234: I just made a random drum thing using my keyboard for now
17:08:06 Slammer: you press play!! maybe
17:08:09 Slammer: LOL
17:08:14 AIB234: where is that at? I can't find it!
17:08:14 Slammer: well
17:08:39 Slammer: it's on there.... I can't really show ya over the chat but...
17:09:00 Slammer: It's not to hard to find
17:09:05 AIB234: ah I found it
17:09:09 Slammer: Cool
17:09:10 AIB234: it looks like the fast forward button
17:09:11 Slammer: LOL
17:09:26 AIB234: man it's gotta be a pain to mix a backing track on here, eh?
17:09:30 Slammer: what's up guitardude?
17:09:36 Slammer: yeah LOL
17:09:39 guitardudenr1: nothing
17:09:50 Slammer: I use a different program for mixing
17:09:50 guitardudenr1: just checking the chat
17:09:57 Slammer: cool
17:10:07 guitardudenr1: bye
17:10:16 Slammer: o k cya
21:48:05 AIB234: hey Andrew
21:48:20 Andrew Cockburn: hey there
21:48:22 AIB234: haha
21:48:24 Andrew Cockburn: just drooping by
21:48:28 AIB234: alrighty
21:48:37 AIB234: so I have to ask.... does your wife know yet
21:48:45 Andrew Cockburn: lol - yes she does ...
21:48:50 AIB234: what happened?
21:49:04 Andrew Cockburn: We discussed Coach Handbags ....
21:49:07 AIB234: hahaha
21:49:16 Andrew Cockburn: Apparently there is a new collection she is excited about
21:49:21 AIB234: How many of those = 1 JEM?
21:49:27 Andrew Cockburn: SO I got away with it
21:49:29 Andrew Cockburn: Hmm
21:49:29 AIB234: 50?
21:49:40 Andrew Cockburn: You wouldn;t believ it ....
21:49:52 Andrew Cockburn: its about 2 bags, a pair of shoes and some other stuff
21:49:58 Andrew Cockburn: Coach Stuff is expensive
21:49:58 AIB234: whoooa
21:50:10 AIB234: now that's love and dedication to hand bags.
21:50:22 Andrew Cockburn: So basically I dropped 2 grand for a JEm and it cost me another 2 grand
21:50:26 Andrew Cockburn: yep
21:50:28 AIB234: lol
21:50:34 AIB234: 4k for a guitar
21:50:41 Slammer: hey guys
21:50:45 AIB234: hey slammer
21:50:48 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah .... I could have had an LP as well
21:50:50 Andrew Cockburn: hey there
21:50:50 Slammer:
21:50:59 AIB234: not a big LP fan myself
21:51:12 Andrew Cockburn: I feel that I should have one ... but later
21:51:16 AIB234: haha
21:51:18 Slammer: LOL
21:51:22 Slammer: of course
21:51:23 AIB234: but if I ever did, Zakk style for sure.
21:51:35 Andrew Cockburn: lol - funky black and white circles?
21:51:39 AIB234: you bet
21:51:51 Andrew Cockburn: I'd go for a maple wood finish or something
21:52:01 Slammer: Is it just me or does 90% of GMC has Ibanez
21:52:16 Andrew Cockburn: its just you ....
21:52:17 AIB234: Mine arrives hopefully Wednesday
21:52:20 Slammer: LOL
21:52:31 Andrew Cockburn: 90% of GMC talk about Ibanez
21:52:35 Slammer: yes
21:52:51 Andrew Cockburn: Actually I thnk Ibanez id probably the most popular
21:53:12 Andrew Cockburn: followed by LP maybe
21:54:49 Slammer: Hey, Andrew I have a Quick Theory Question... The G Minor Pentatonic Scale Starts on the 3 fret etc. but when you play it with the Root on the 15th Fret is it called playing it an Octave higher??
21:55:08 Slammer: just wondering
21:55:09 Andrew Cockburn: Yep
21:55:18 Andrew Cockburn: You got it
21:55:28 Slammer: ok I was always wondering about that one
21:55:31 Slammer: thanks
21:55:46 Andrew Cockburn: Totaly correct - the patterns repeat every 12 frets
21:55:50 Andrew Cockburn: Hey AIB, you getting a Schecter?
21:55:58 AIB234: Ibanez RG350
21:56:01 Andrew Cockburn: I remember you posting bout it
21:56:13 Slammer: yeah what happen to that?
21:56:14 AIB234: I tried out the Schecter but I preferred the Ibanez feel
21:56:15 Andrew Cockburn: Ahh, cool - that would be my pick in that price range
21:56:26 AIB234: Didn't like the neck at all on the Schecter
21:56:45 Andrew Cockburn: Why not?
21:56:50 AIB234: Too big and round
21:57:03 Andrew Cockburn: mmm. Ibanez are built for speed
21:57:06 AIB234: Felt like a big broom handle in my hand
21:57:09 Andrew Cockburn: lol
21:57:14 Andrew Cockburn: sounds like an LP
21:57:17 AIB234: hehe yeah
21:57:23 Andrew Cockburn: they have big necks
21:57:49 AIB234: I probably could have got a prestige, but the RG350 should be more than fine for my needs
21:58:01 AIB234: well, let me rephrase. I could have but didn't.
21:58:21 AIB234: Not willing to drop $1100 CDN on a new axe at this point
21:58:34 AIB234: or something like that. maybe 900 or 1k
21:58:47 Andrew Cockburn: yeh, its a lot
21:58:57 AIB234: besides now I get to name my 350 ebony diva wink.gif
21:59:01 Andrew Cockburn: what is the 350 in Canadian?
21:59:12 AIB234: I bought mine for $449 and paying in cash so no tax
21:59:17 Andrew Cockburn: Nice
21:59:19 Slammer: have you guys heard of the GuitarMeggedon contest?
21:59:24 AIB234: negatory
21:59:26 Andrew Cockburn: No, enlighten us
21:59:35 Slammer: from Guitar Center
21:59:53 Slammer: the Annual Guitar Contest that anybody can go and Play
22:00:08 Slammer: and the Winner gets Amazing Prizes
22:00:13 Slammer: Like a Record Deal
22:00:22 AIB234: dang
22:00:32 Slammer: and thousands of Dollars in gibson Equit.
22:00:37 Slammer: Cars etc.
22:00:47 Slammer: pretty cool
22:00:55 Slammer: they find some Amazing guitars
22:00:58 Andrew Cockburn: You gonna enter???
22:01:06 Slammer: I did in 2006 lol
22:01:11 Slammer: it was fun
22:01:12 Andrew Cockburn: Cool, well done
22:01:29 Slammer: but lately they've been doing it for Blues only
22:01:36 Slammer: King of the Blues
22:01:49 Slammer: and It's funny... since Gibson
22:01:57 Slammer: sponcers it
22:02:03 Andrew Cockburn: Hmm. I was in Chicago last week, took in some blues
22:02:22 Slammer: you have to Play Gibson guitars if you don't bring your own
22:02:30 Slammer: which isn't bad but...
22:02:32 Andrew Cockburn: That totally sucks
22:02:33 AIB234: lol
22:03:00 Slammer: I had never Played a Les Paul before in my life only a Strat
22:03:07 Slammer: LOL
22:03:08 Andrew Cockburn: Must have been a shock
22:03:17 Slammer: had to adjust on the Spot
22:03:51 Slammer: and it was one of those Standard LP with the Acoustic style neck
22:03:55 Slammer: LOL
22:04:14 Slammer: I didn't realize how slow it was
22:04:27 Slammer: Jimmy Page made it look good
22:04:29 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah
22:04:41 Andrew Cockburn: I played one in a store once - I couldnt get anything to work
22:04:52 Andrew Cockburn: Tales a little getting used to
22:04:58 Slammer: Yes
22:05:06 Slammer: I think I'd get a SG if anything
22:05:17 Andrew Cockburn: Dang, have to go now - need to talk about handbags with my wife
22:05:26 Slammer: ok... Take Care
22:05:33 Andrew Cockburn: See you around guys
22:06:12 AIB234: hahaha
22:34:15 Slammer: hey
22:34:29 FmX: hello
22:34:52 Slammer: how's it going?
22:35:03 Slammer: you new to GMC??
22:35:58 FmX: good good, well been a member for 2 months
22:36:05 FmX: how bout u?
22:36:12 FmX: just haven't been in the chat lately
22:36:13 Slammer: cool, how long have you been playing?
22:36:36 Slammer: yeah, I've been on since April
22:36:48 FmX: well to tell you this is the 3rd year
22:37:07 FmX: but I didn't start practice seriously till a couple months ago so I usually just say I just started
22:37:14 Slammer: LOL
22:37:17 FmX: or else people think I am a good guitarist
22:37:20 Slammer: yes
22:37:25 FmX: how bout u?
22:37:41 Slammer: well, I've been playing 5 years since I was 13
22:38:12 Slammer: but only Electric for about 3 years
22:38:36 FmX: ah
22:39:19 Slammer: what kinda guitar do you have?
22:40:03 FmX: Ibanez IC400
22:40:21 FmX: Ace Frehley ya know
22:40:27 Slammer:
22:40:35 Slammer: cool,
22:40:46 FmX: gonna buy a new one though, was thinking 7 strings
22:40:50 FmX: how bout u?
22:41:02 Slammer: Fender Showmaster QMT HH
22:41:14 Slammer: and a Line6 Spider 3 75 amp
22:41:55 FmX: ya that's some good stuff man
22:42:19 Slammer: thanks
22:42:34 Slammer: what kinda Style do you play the most?
22:43:15 FmX: actually, I don't play much songs, some metal. I mostly sit and practice with excercises
22:43:30 Slammer: yeah that's good to start with
22:43:32 FmX: but the music I will play later on is metal
22:43:43 Slammer: LOL cool
22:44:10 Slammer: I mainly play Blues-Rock: Clapton, SRV, Hendrix
22:44:27 Slammer: although I do enjoy the Occasional Metal Jam
22:44:58 FmX: ya same here, I am not only into metal. Actually the reason for why I am not playing much metal songs (I probably CAN play them) is that I don't want to be a metal guitarist
22:45:12 FmX: I want to be a good guitarist, that can play alot of things not just metal
22:45:35 Slammer: YES!
22:45:39 Slammer: me too
22:45:45 Slammer: I enjoy all styles
22:46:06 FmX: hell yea
22:46:16 Slammer: But I mainly like Jamming
22:46:22 Slammer: with Bluesy Stuff
22:46:23 Slammer: it
22:46:30 Slammer: it's fun
22:46:40 FmX: yea, well someday I'll be good enough to jam bluesy stuff ^^
22:46:59 FmX: I've realised that it's true what they say..
22:47:05 FmX: damn, practicing is the number one key
22:47:20 Slammer: yes
22:47:26 FmX: if you don't practice you're not going to get anywhere. If you play 15 minutes a day you're never gonna be a good guitarist
22:47:45 FmX: so, that's why I lock myself up in my room 3-4+ hours a day nowadays hehe
22:47:57 Slammer: LOL
22:48:01 Slammer: yes
22:48:17 Slammer: yeah how old ae you?
22:48:22 Slammer: are*
22:49:17 FmX: I'm 22, how bout u
22:49:23 Slammer: 18
22:49:27 Slammer:
22:49:37 FmX:
22:49:43 Slammer: you got a good 4 years on me
22:49:52 FmX: hehe yea
22:53:12 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow*
22:53:34 FmX: hehe
22:55:07 Slammer: yeah
22:55:12 Slammer: ......
22:55:16 FmX: hmm slow download
22:55:25 FmX: really slow, 0 kb/sec lol
22:55:30 Slammer: LOL
23:02:46 FmX: sorry, computer crashed
23:03:33 Slammer: *whip*
23:04:27 Slammer: this chat has pretty much died LOL
23:04:38 FmX: so here we go again, take 2 at slammer's blues
23:04:46 FmX: really? used to be alot of ppl in here before
23:04:59 Slammer: yes, all 3 of us!!
23:06:19 FmX: good stuff the slammer blues
23:06:55 Slammer: LOL yeah right
23:07:36 Slammer: I kinda just threw it together in about 30 mintues
23:08:24 FmX: it was real good
23:09:18 Slammer: Well thanks man.
23:09:31 Slammer: Blues Jams are really fun to Jam with
23:09:36 Slammer: YEAH!!
23:09:42 Slammer:
23:10:41 FmX: nps. I gotta go practice. see ya later mate
23:10:51 Slammer: ok man, have fun
23:10:59 Slammer: Cya Later
23:11:02 FmX: thx, take care byebye
23:25:54 Ryan: Whats going on man??
23:26:07 Slammer: oh hey
23:26:26 Ryan: You ever try out a chorus/flanger pedal before??
23:26:34 Slammer: *slap* i didn't think anyone would come in here
23:26:36 Slammer: LOL
23:26:38 Ryan: lol
23:26:48 Slammer: well I haven't tried the Pedal
23:27:03 Ryan: Have you heard of the pedal being used??
23:27:50 Slammer: Yeah I've heard of the pedal...on my Line6 Spider 3 amp there is a Chorus/Flanger Combined effect
23:28:09 Slammer: that you turn with a Knob
23:28:27 Slammer: nice with Clean Sounds
23:28:55 Ryan: yea i use it with distortion, and i dont know whats with it but its awesome how it sounds maybe a spacey effect, but idk
23:29:16 Slammer: yeah
23:29:18 Ryan: I have mine set to a low speed
23:29:25 Ryan: so its more like a wah....................wah.........................wah
23:29:36 Slammer: yeah
23:29:42 Slammer: what make is it?
23:29:46 Slammer: Boss?
23:30:15 Ryan: its hard to explain, but ive tried playing with it on a lot of the lessons here on gmc, and i must say it works very well with slow soling such as the petrucci lesson. not pavels, and also great with lavendells lessons
23:30:18 Ryan: its ibanez
23:30:22 Ryan: CF7
23:30:29 Slammer: ahh
23:31:09 Slammer: Yep, Pedals are fun to Experiment with. esp. when you buy the actually Stomp Box
23:31:21 Ryan: thats what i did haha
23:31:22 Slammer: instead of the Multipedal
23:31:24 Ryan: and a distortion box
23:31:26 Ryan: i know
23:32:00 Ryan: i just got them today and i must say, i cant play without the chorus/flanger pedal, unless i am playing some blues. Unless i can fix the settings so it will fit blues, i will not use it for that genre
23:32:03 Ryan: it doesnt work well ahaha
23:32:28 Slammer: well, alot of Pink Floyd Music uses Chorus
23:32:34 Ryan: really
23:32:38 Slammer: Dave Gilmour
23:32:39 Ryan: im glad to hear that
23:32:44 Slammer: uses it alot
23:32:46 Ryan: im gonna check them out right now
23:32:50 Slammer: LOL
23:33:15 Ryan: What kind of genre is Dave?
23:33:30 Slammer: he's from pink floyd
23:33:36 Ryan: oh
23:33:42 Ryan: lol didnt know that
23:34:22 Slammer:
23:34:41 Ryan:
23:34:50 Ryan: is he using one in this video??? i think he is
23:36:04 Slammer: Dave Gilmour is Famous for using alot of Effects
23:36:16 Slammer: Chorus and Delay alot
23:36:39 Ryan: ohh
23:36:50 Ryan: it really gives a lot of flavor to someones playing
23:36:52 Slammer:
23:37:14 Slammer: you can hear it there
23:37:24 Slammer:
23:37:29 Ryan: Yea
23:37:52 Slammer: he's a really good player, Famous for playing with increadible Feeling
23:37:57 Ryan: Does metallica use it??
23:38:05 Ryan: O yea, i can feel it haha
23:38:21 Slammer: I think in some of their Clean Guitar Parts
23:38:28 Ryan: maybe
23:38:34 Slammer: Whom the Bells Tolls or Enter Sandman
23:38:34 Ryan: Nothing else matters?
23:38:38 Slammer: yeah
23:38:40 Slammer: brb
23:38:43 Ryan: ok
23:39:13 Slammer: back
23:39:15 Slammer: LOL
23:40:26 Slammer: yep
23:41:06 Slammer: what kinda amp do you have?
23:41:11 Slammer: *slap*
23:41:14 Ryan: RMS
23:41:21 Ryan: G80
23:41:48 Slammer: ok
23:41:55 Slammer: does it have effects on it
23:42:25 Ryan: umm
23:42:29 Ryan: reverb
23:42:31 Ryan: some gain
23:42:34 Ryan: but nothign big
23:42:42 Ryan: i guess
23:42:45 Ryan: gain is a big 1 haha
23:42:50 Ryan: but idk if thats an effect
23:42:56 Slammer: do you have anyother Pedals?
23:43:13 Ryan: i just got a chorus/flanger pedal, and a distortion pedal!!
23:43:17 Slammer: ok
23:43:53 Slammer: for clean sounds... the Best thing to do is Put some Delay and some Chorus... it sounds awesome
23:44:06 Ryan: o yea
23:44:30 Ryan: i dont have any delay, i guess reverb can be used for a substitue to a certain point
23:44:41 Slammer: does your Pedal have a way to Swith from Flange to Chorus or is it combined
23:45:09 Slammer: like, Chorus with a Flange sound
23:45:13 Ryan: it switchs, which i this is the best
23:45:21 Slammer: Sweet
23:45:32 Slammer: you having fun with the Flanger?
23:45:36 Ryan: it also has this swithc to make it normal, or a wacked otu sound
23:45:43 Ryan: hahaha that wacked sound is funnier than shit
23:45:43 Slammer: Jet Flanger
23:45:45 Slammer: LOL
23:45:51 Ryan: yea
23:46:49 Slammer: you know they say that... at the End of Jimi Hendrix's song Bold as Love, It features the Very First Flanger every Recorded in Music
23:47:05 Slammer: Flanger effect I mean
23:47:16 Ryan: really
23:47:17 Ryan: thats cool
23:47:31 Slammer: yep that was back in 1968 or 69
23:47:32 Ryan: I dont see much talk about flanger, and chorus
23:47:35 Ryan: awesome
23:47:39 Ryan: so i was kinda scared to get it
23:47:44 Ryan: but i had them try it out
23:47:56 Ryan: and i didnt think it was going ot be to bad
23:48:06 Ryan: but now i realize that its hard to play without it
23:48:08 Ryan: lol
23:48:14 Slammer: Cool
23:48:37 Ryan: If you set the speed to the lowest. I think it adds a really nice vibe to ANYTHING you play. Atleast i think so
23:48:50 Slammer: YeAH
23:50:11 Slammer: definetly
23:51:04 Slammer: I ran over your cat *meow*
23:51:17 Ryan: haha
23:51:20 Ryan: hey wait
23:51:22 Ryan: thats messed up
23:51:24 Ryan: my cat
23:51:25 Slammer: then I *whip* him
23:51:26 Ryan: come on
23:51:27 Ryan: my cat is cool
23:51:29 Ryan: WTF
23:51:31 Ryan: come on
23:51:33 Ryan: leave him alone
23:51:45 Slammer: I *slap* his $$%
23:51:59 Ryan: he might be mean to everybody but me, but come on. Just cus he scratchs you a little bit doesnt mean you shoudl hurt him
23:52:02 Ryan: Now thats just wrong
23:52:08 Ryan: lol
23:52:09 Slammer: LOL
23:52:12 Slammer:
23:52:24 Slammer: well, how long you been playing?
23:52:32 Slammer: 15 years?
23:52:53 Slammer: 10?
23:52:58 Slammer: 4?
23:53:00 Slammer: 7?
23:53:08 Slammer: i know 12!
23:53:26 Slammer: I *whip* you myself
23:53:36 Ryan: ahha
23:53:37 Ryan: umm
23:53:56 Slammer: umm
23:53:57 Slammer: ??
23:53:57 Ryan: only like 2 years, but tehcinally i think i really only been playing about 9 months, seriously
23:54:01 Slammer: LOL
23:54:03 Slammer: cool
23:54:11 Slammer: you from Europe?
23:54:21 Slammer: Africa?
23:54:27 Slammer: Texas!!
23:54:30 Ryan:
23:54:34 Ryan: haah crazy pedal
23:54:36 Ryan: name atelast
23:54:46 Ryan: im from butt F*&*& nowhere
23:54:52 Ryan: haha
23:54:52 Ryan: kansas
23:55:18 Slammer: thats right I chatted with you before
23:55:22 Ryan: yea
23:55:25 Ryan: once or twice
23:55:29 Slammer: once
23:55:36 Slammer: now Twice
23:55:40 Slammer:
23:55:47 Slammer: you're an hour behind
23:55:56 Ryan: yea
23:55:58 Slammer: man, I miss Central time
23:56:09 Slammer: the days are longer it seems
23:56:51 Slammer: well, in Georgia when you cross the Alabama state line you go into Central time zone
23:56:59 Ryan: cool
23:57:01 Slammer: pretty funny
23:57:02 Ryan: i didnt know htat
23:57:17 Slammer: it's true the Time line IS the State Border
23:57:55 Slammer: 5:00 in georgia... walk ten feet you're in Alabama it's 4:00
23:58:03 Ryan: hahaah
23:58:05 Ryan: thats awesome
23:58:10 Ryan: learn something new everyday huh!!
23:58:22 Slammer: Yes, Like how to use a Chorus Pedal
23:58:30 Slammer:
23:58:33 Ryan: Idk if i can teach you anything, except maybe vibrato pedals in my opiion suck
23:58:41 Slammer: LOL
23:58:53 Ryan: i think if you want vibrato that made, PRACTICE
23:58:54 Slammer: Yes, I do Vibrato by hand
23:58:59 Ryan: bad ahah not made
23:59:09 Ryan: damn i suck
23:59:11 Ryan: lol
23:59:14 Slammer: LOL
23:59:29 Slammer: Well, I mainly play blues so I use alot of Vibrato
23:59:34 Ryan: yea vibrato by hand is so much better, idk what you could use a vibrato pedal for since every note is vibrato
23:59:48 Ryan: i twould sound weird
23:59:57 Ryan: ok not weird
23:59:58 Ryan: sucky

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