Guitar Chat: Rocktron Prophesy, pickings, Thin Lizzy etc. 2007-06-29
Kristofer Dahl
Jul 3 2007, 05:56 PM
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18:30:55 AIB234: ahoyhoy
18:35:39 Robin: Oh hello mr. burns
18:35:49 Robin: whats up?
18:36:01 Robin: *whip*
18:36:11 AIB234: not much
18:36:17 AIB234: just looking at Muris's first lesson
18:36:19 AIB234: how are you?
18:36:41 Robin: great thank you. watching simpsons after a long practice session
18:36:42 AIB234: I'm angry that my new guitar did not come today. Now I have to wait until at least Tuesday and it was supposed to be here Wednesday. Not a happy camper.
18:36:49 Robin: ah
18:36:53 Robin: what guitar is it?
18:37:17 AIB234: rg350dx
18:37:27 Robin: aha, ibanez I guess?
18:37:33 AIB234: yes
18:38:32 Robin: Just orded pickups btw humbuckers
18:38:47 Robin: stewart macdonald golden age humbuckers
18:39:09 Robin: everyone say they are great, and REALLY cheap. less than 50 dollar for each pickup
18:39:39 AIB234: very nice
18:41:07 Robin: I'm gonna watch some more simpsons now thanks for the chat, laters.
18:41:14 AIB234: ttyl
18:43:22 JVM: hey
18:44:27 AIB234: hey jvm
18:44:58 JVM: hows it going
18:45:25 AIB234: ok. my new guitar still has not come that was supposed to be here wednesday
18:45:30 AIB234: so I don't have it for the long weekend which sucks
18:45:52 JVM: bah
18:45:54 JVM: that does suck
18:46:08 AIB234: yeeag
18:46:10 AIB234: how are you?
18:46:53 JVM: good
18:46:58 JVM: trying to decide what to do for an amp
18:47:02 AIB234: hehe
18:50:05 JVM: I just got my friend to sign up for GMC
18:50:12 AIB234: very nice
18:50:21 AIB234: I wish I had a friend who was serious about guitar like I am
18:50:47 Robin: Indeed.
18:51:04 Robin: Hi again btw
18:52:25 AIB234: hey robin
18:53:12 JVM: man
18:53:29 JVM: good 2x12 cabs are more expensive than most 4x12s
18:53:42 AIB234: lol
18:54:40 JVM: which only sucks because you'd need a good head too
19:20:06 Robin: Hello there
19:20:24 Andrew Cockburn: hello
19:20:31 Andrew Cockburn: sorry, was playing a good bit ..
19:20:39 Robin:
19:20:40 JVM: hey andrew
19:20:52 Andrew Cockburn: hey!
19:21:27 Robin: whats up everyone?
19:21:38 JVM: I'm going to go snag some cheese
19:21:47 Andrew Cockburn: CHees!
19:21:49 Andrew Cockburn: Nice
19:22:47 Andrew Cockburn: Whats going down?
19:23:04 Andrew Cockburn: Hey icedern
19:23:15 icedern: Hello there
19:23:34 icedern: how's everyone?
19:23:38 Robin: hello
19:23:43 Robin: welcome btw
19:23:48 JVM: mmm, bread n cheese
19:23:54 icedern: Thanks
19:24:50 Andrew Cockburn: So how long have you guys known each other?
19:24:54 JVM: andrew just bought a new vai signature jem, see, so he's not going to be talking much
19:25:01 Robin: Haha
19:25:13 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah, I can;t believe the clean sound I am getting
19:25:16 icedern: oh, what..probably year and half or so?
19:25:27 icedern: oh nice!
19:25:27 JVM: i'd say about that
19:25:54 JVM: there's a fair amount of gamers here too
19:26:29 icedern: I figured so hehe
19:27:01 JVM: andrew what kind of amp do you have?
19:27:11 Andrew Cockburn: None!
19:27:18 JVM: bahahaha
19:27:21 JVM: i get it
19:27:26 Andrew Cockburn: PodXT straight into my recording moitoring system
19:27:27 Robin: yeah, he's playing unplugged electric
19:27:38 Andrew Cockburn: hah! Jem is so sweet even unpugged
19:27:54 Robin: heha
19:28:07 Robin: so.. Hows the handle on that JEM? is it kewl?
19:28:09 icedern: I wondered how those PodXT sounded
19:28:41 Andrew Cockburn: Like Angels crying on your guitar
19:28:45 AIB234: hey everyone
19:28:49 Robin: Hi
19:28:51 JVM: hey aib
19:28:52 AIB234: I am here but practicing, so in and out ;D
19:28:54 Andrew Cockburn: hry
19:29:12 icedern: Hey
19:29:18 icedern: haha, good one Andrew
19:29:27 icedern: now i want one too
19:29:45 Andrew Cockburn: Seriuosly they are pretty good
19:29:54 Andrew Cockburn: Ok, have to go now, my wife is calling me ...
19:30:38 icedern: Take it easy..nice meeting you
19:30:44 AIB234: i thought you named it Galadriel, Andrew?
19:30:53 Andrew Cockburn: LOL
19:31:07 Andrew Cockburn: take care guys - nice chatting icedern
19:31:11 JVM: later
19:31:14 Andrew Cockburn: Her - not it btw!
19:31:18 Robin: bye
19:31:19 Andrew Cockburn: seeya
19:31:24 AIB234: lol ttyl
19:31:48 icedern: I need to get the grill going...
19:32:08 JVM: man i'm hungry now
19:32:32 icedern: yah you just warmed up on that cheese
19:32:41 JVM: thats right i have some fish coming
19:33:45 icedern: mmm, that sounds good
19:39:34 Gen: wow lol hi guys
19:39:49 Gen: *whip* *slap* *meow*
19:39:55 AIB234: hi gen
19:39:55 JVM: gen!
19:39:58 JVM: hey buddy
19:39:58 Gen: lol
19:40:15 Robin: Hi
19:40:18 Gen: whats up
19:40:31 icedern: Hey Gen
19:40:35 Robin: not much. reading forums and listening to music.
19:40:44 Gen: cool
19:41:25 JVM: figured out which amp to get.
19:41:43 Robin: really? what are you gettin?
19:41:45 Gen: wich one did you choose?
19:41:48 JVM:
19:41:59 JVM: with the pedal ben suggested in the distortion thread
19:42:02 Robin: sweet!
19:42:22 JVM: I decided I can't really afford a really great tube amp, or a great solid state half stack
19:42:23 icedern: so you are going to get the vox...sweet
19:42:35 JVM: ideally I'd get the ac30, but this is good enough
19:42:36 Gen: its a cool amp
19:42:41 Gen: i like vox
19:42:41 icedern: I love mine
19:43:12 JVM: now to get a job
19:43:13 JVM: haha
19:43:13 icedern: Plus they look cool
19:43:29 Gen: hey guys, i already said that to robin but
19:43:42 Gen: I saw dream theater and megadeth wednesday!
19:43:47 JVM: nice!
19:43:47 Gen: exellent show
19:44:00 Gen: dave mustaine gave me his pick!!
19:44:04 Gen:
19:44:05 JVM: haha awesome
19:44:23 Robin:
19:44:25 Gen: *meow*
19:44:27 Gen: lol
19:44:28 icedern: wow, thats awesome
19:44:32 Gen: yea
19:44:40 JVM: in sweden?
19:44:41 Robin: This 14 year old boy I know got a pick from ozzy a couple a weeks ago
19:44:54 Gen: no, in switzerland
19:44:58 JVM: oh, right sorru
19:45:00 JVM: sorry*
19:45:05 Robin: he was standing infront of everyone else, with the security guards. Ozzy threw a pick, and it landed in his mouth!
19:45:07 icedern: coolest thing i ever got from a concert was I caught dave murrays wristband at a maiden concert
19:45:08 Gen:
19:45:14 Robin: WHAT?
19:45:21 Robin: Dave murrays wrist band?
19:45:27 Robin: JEALOUS!!!
19:45:27 icedern: yeah
19:45:34 JVM: still have it?
19:45:46 Robin: thats AWESOME dude!!
19:45:47 icedern: i couldn't believe it..yah i'll never loose that thing
19:45:52 JVM: it has the sweat of the gods in it
19:46:01 icedern: lol
19:46:17 icedern: sometimes I wear it playing...but it doesn't make me better unfortunately
19:46:22 JVM: bah
19:46:38 JVM: does it have anything on it?
19:46:57 icedern: its blue and has a white stripe and it just says his name on it
19:47:03 JVM: cool
19:47:24 JVM: fish time.
19:47:32 Gen: lol
19:47:34 icedern: mm
19:48:37 icedern: I need to get my burgers going
19:55:29 Gen: hehe
20:00:59 Gen: lol this chat is dead
20:01:17 Gen: *whip* *slap* *meow*
20:01:20 AIB234: no you are dead!
20:01:24 Gen: wake up dudes
20:01:25 Gen: lol
20:01:34 icedern: haha
20:01:36 Gen: hey aib, you re here
20:01:40 icedern: i was where is that cat
20:01:43 AIB234: haha
20:01:46 Gen: lol
20:01:47 AIB234: I'm praaacticing!
20:01:54 Gen: cool
20:01:59 Robin: my fingers hurt so I cant practice untill tomorrow >_<
20:02:05 Gen: why?
20:02:21 Gen: whats happened to your fingers
20:02:28 Robin: been practicing alot its only the skin that hurts though, nothing serious or anything
20:02:37 AIB234: the only pain I ever get from guitar anymore is in my forearm muscle which needs more endurance
20:02:37 Gen: a okay
20:02:48 Gen: yea me too
20:03:14 icedern: I'm still healing from a broken finger
20:03:17 icedern: it sucks
20:03:20 AIB234: aww rough
20:03:20 Gen: wow
20:03:23 Robin: ph that must suck
20:03:26 Robin: oh*
20:03:45 icedern: its on my picking hand and almost healed so i've been practicing anyway
20:04:02 Gen: lol be carfeful
20:04:09 Gen: careful*
20:04:20 AIB234: at least it was your picking hand!
20:04:41 Robin: how did you manage to break it?
20:05:08 icedern: big wreak while i was wakeboarding couple weeks ago
20:05:16 icedern: and i'm going again next week haha
20:05:21 Gen: haha
20:05:50 Gen: bye guest
20:06:00 Robin: aha
20:06:17 Robin: I want to start skateboarding again, but I'm too scared to hurt my fingers
20:06:25 Gen: hehe
20:06:31 icedern: yah, its not worth it
20:06:42 Gen: i have no more time
20:06:48 icedern: chicks dig guitar players anymore
20:06:48 Gen: because of the guitar
20:06:49 Gen: lol
20:06:51 icedern:
20:06:52 Robin: Hehe indeed, I have no time either
20:08:25 icedern: yah, i know that feeling
20:08:42 icedern: well i have time for things...just not motivation for them
20:09:12 Robin: I have time for things, but then I wont have as much time for guitarplaying
20:09:22 JVM: exactly
20:09:23 Robin: and I only care about guitarplaying anyway so, no problem for me really
20:09:36 icedern: bingo
20:11:00 Gen: when im doing other thing, i say to myself that i must play guitar! its the most important
20:11:22 Robin: Indeed
20:11:53 Gen: i mean, when im watching the tv, i think its a waste of practice time
20:12:00 icedern: i've slacked for 6 years now...and finally this week i started saying that
20:12:12 Gen: that way i cant do other things anymore lol
20:12:22 icedern: haha
20:12:38 Gen: exept drinking
20:12:38 AIB234: lol
20:12:40 Gen: lol
20:12:42 Gen: beer!
20:12:46 Gen: and cola
20:12:48 Gen: lol
20:13:05 Robin: play guitar while you watch TV
20:13:08 Robin: thats what I do.
20:13:13 icedern: well yah, those are givens Gen
20:13:32 Gen: hehe
20:13:41 AIB234: I recommend Legato to anyone who needs some more forearm endurance... It's killing me!
20:13:52 Gen:
20:14:11 icedern: I watched that the other it made me hurt just watching
20:14:17 AIB234: my forearm is on fire, but must keep going and rip that muscle some more!
20:14:30 Gen: hey be careful
20:14:41 AIB234: lol
20:14:50 Gen: dont hurt yoursefl
20:14:55 Gen: yourself*
20:15:05 AIB234: i won't
20:15:21 Gen: cool, keep practicing!
20:15:22 Gen: lol
20:15:29 AIB234: but that's how muscles are built! gotta rip em and have em build up more
20:15:41 Gen: yea its true
20:15:47 Gen: hey muris!
20:15:56 muris: hi
20:16:00 Gen: whats up
20:16:04 muris: ahh
20:16:04 AIB234: hi Muris
20:16:07 muris: not that much
20:16:26 muris: just got 3 emails on my website
20:16:29 JVM: hey there muris
20:16:32 muris: questions about lesson
20:16:33 muris:
20:16:34 Gen: cool
20:16:39 JVM: its an awesome lesson
20:16:43 Gen: o yea
20:16:47 muris: not that much cool
20:16:47 Gen: really great
20:16:54 muris: too many stuff in inbox
20:17:07 muris: i though they'll ask here at GMC
20:17:10 muris:
20:17:16 Gen:
20:17:35 JVM: muris, i've been asking everyone but what kind of amplification do you use?
20:17:50 muris: you mean for video or?
20:18:04 icedern: Hey Muris
20:18:06 JVM: well yeah but for studio and live too
20:18:37 muris: in studio i mostly use Rocktron Prophesy into audio card
20:18:39 muris: straight
20:19:00 muris: for live,mesa 2 : 90 plus rocktron
20:19:17 muris: but for videos like in lesson
20:19:29 muris: only korg pandora into audio card
20:20:07 JVM: ah cool
20:20:57 Gen: hey muris, how much did you payed your guitar?
20:21:15 muris: about 900 euros
20:21:22 muris: it was used tho
20:21:32 Gen: great axe
20:21:35 Gen:
20:21:38 muris: but still low price
20:21:49 muris: yeah
20:21:53 muris: it's awesome
20:22:10 muris: i'll put some Stan's stuff inside very soon
20:22:36 icedern: very nice
20:22:52 JVM: hinsley?
20:23:07 JVM: hinesley*
20:25:36 muris: yeah
20:25:40 muris: Hinesley
20:26:02 muris: those pickups are waaay too goood
20:26:11 muris: and not that expensive tho
20:26:20 JVM: what makes em good?
20:26:35 muris: tried all from emg,duncan,dimarzio etc
20:26:53 muris: this is something different
20:26:56 muris: well
20:27:03 muris: first of all
20:27:15 muris: it's a custom shop acctualy
20:27:21 muris: you can get anything you need
20:27:33 muris: and all done by hand
20:27:38 muris:
20:27:50 Gen: cool!
20:27:55 JVM: nice
20:28:13 JVM: I'm building my guitar soon, I may have to look at these
20:28:17 icedern: prices pretty decent?
20:28:27 muris: sure
20:28:28 JVM: i have some SD's picked out for the bridge position otherwise
20:28:31 muris: check out site
20:29:54 Gen: okay guys, i g2g go cuz its 2:24 am here
20:30:06 Gen: good night all
20:30:11 muris: night
20:30:14 Gen: *meow*
20:30:17 Gen: lol
20:30:24 JVM: nigt gen
20:31:17 muris: i have question
20:31:35 muris: is it routine to ask instructor to send you vids of lesson?
20:31:37 muris:
20:32:38 JVM: what do you mean exactly?
20:32:49 JVM: like someone asking you to make another video personally for them?
20:33:22 muris: hmm
20:33:25 muris: not really
20:33:38 muris: guy wants videos from lesson
20:33:46 JVM: ah
20:33:57 JVM: i haven't heard of anyone asking for them before
20:34:14 muris: till now
20:34:18 Robin: you cant send people the vidoes. then they can for instance: put it on youtube.
20:34:24 Robin: (if that was what you meant)
20:34:28 muris: maybe he was just surfing around
20:34:34 icedern: i'm new so i haven't
20:34:36 muris: not sure if he is member here
20:34:45 JVM: yeah I wouldn't personally
20:34:47 JVM: maybe ask kris?
20:35:04 icedern: i agree..i wouldn't
20:35:06 Robin: He have said before that its not allowed.
20:35:16 muris: of course
20:35:24 muris: these vids are only for GMC
20:35:34 muris: i can use notes for my stuff
20:35:44 muris: but not video material
20:35:54 Robin: yep
20:36:06 muris: and that's fair tho
20:37:01 JVM: so
20:37:05 JVM: anyone like thin lizzy?
20:37:33 muris: I do
20:37:41 icedern: Thin lizzy..hah..haven't listened to them in ages
20:37:42 muris: but I'll pass discusion
20:37:49 muris: must go to bed
20:37:57 JVM: okay, take it easy muris
20:37:58 muris: talk soon guys
20:38:02 muris: have a nice time
20:38:05 icedern: Good night muris
20:38:22 muris: night
20:38:39 icedern: How was the fish J?
20:38:43 JVM: decent
20:38:47 JVM: should have grilled it though
20:38:56 icedern: What kind was it?
20:38:58 JVM: cod
20:39:02 icedern: yah , grilled fish is great
20:39:14 icedern: put in some tin foil with some butter and garlic
20:39:19 JVM: yeah
20:39:33 JVM: mm
20:39:56 icedern: I had some walleye like that last week
20:40:51 JVM: man, you're almost making me hungry again
20:40:52 JVM: lol
20:41:02 icedern: haha
20:41:17 icedern: i'm in process of eating so i'm good
20:41:22 JVM: haha
20:43:03 JVM: but yeah
20:43:10 JVM: i've been on a thin lizzy streak for like 2 days now
20:45:14 icedern: i probably haven't listened to one of their songs on purpose for like at least 8 years
20:45:24 icedern: I don't mind them when i do though
20:46:08 JVM: on purpose?
20:46:14 JVM: ah
20:46:18 JVM: i see what you mean
20:47:26 icedern: i've been listening to a lot of nevermore this week
20:48:50 JVM: I don't know too much about them
20:49:54 icedern: i'm really digging the song the river dragon has come
20:50:39 JVM: what album should I check out?
20:51:20 icedern: that song is on a dead heart in a dead world
20:51:37 icedern: I don't know to much about them so i don't know what album it is
20:51:40 icedern: or when i mean
20:52:18 icedern: they also have one called the godless endeavor that i like too
20:52:21 icedern: album
20:52:48 JVM: cool
21:05:29 JVM: oh man
21:05:36 JVM: the demo for the vox is amazing
21:05:52 icedern: hehe, i saved those
21:09:48 JVM: hehe
21:09:48 JVM: i'm excited
21:10:11 icedern: When do you think you'll get it
21:10:24 JVM: it'll probably be a couple weeks
21:10:35 JVM: i'm spending the current cash on building the new guitar
21:11:01 JVM: til then I'll make do with my little fender
21:11:34 icedern: yah
21:11:44 icedern: it practices just as good
21:11:55 JVM: yeah
21:12:28 icedern: my next purchase is going to be a 7 stringer
21:14:18 JVM: nice
21:15:32 icedern: it will be a bit down the road though
21:15:35 icedern: i'm not in any hurry
21:16:07 icedern: hey Andrew
21:16:10 icedern: welcome back
21:16:14 Andrew Cockburn: All still here I see
21:16:33 icedern: yah, just practicing and talking tech
21:16:47 Andrew Cockburn: nice - I just picked up my Jem again
21:16:50 Andrew Cockburn: love this guitar
21:17:36 JVM: hey andrew
21:17:40 icedern: I bet you do
21:17:43 icedern: i would
21:17:44 icedern:
21:18:24 Andrew Cockburn: I'm turning into Steve Vai (without the talent)
21:18:51 icedern: one small step at a time haha
21:19:29 Andrew Cockburn:
21:21:09 icedern: im enjoying reading your theory posts. You did a great job with them
21:21:29 Andrew Cockburn: Be carefuk - you might go blind looking at that stuff
21:21:52 icedern: as long as i can play guitar afterwards
21:22:05 Andrew Cockburn: good point! - hope they are helpful!
21:23:40 icedern: they really are...I never studied anything but blues scales because i was just a rhythm player. So i feel so far behind for being playing guitar for 11 years
21:24:11 Andrew Cockburn: well theres some stuff to get your teeth into there
21:28:28 icedern: Yeah i went through a lot of stuff yesterday at work. couldn't wait to get home and mess around
21:29:54 JVM: andrew, gimmie some money man
21:30:00 JVM: its for a good cause
21:30:15 Andrew Cockburn: and the cause is??
21:30:27 JVM: furthering my artistic endeavors of course!
21:30:42 JVM: can't you convince your wife to let go of just a little bit more
21:30:45 Andrew Cockburn: ok, I'll just run out and sell my Jem on eBay
21:30:49 JVM: lol
21:31:18 icedern: haha
21:33:23 Andrew Cockburn: STupid metronome clicking away ....
21:33:25 Andrew Cockburn: I hate it
21:33:39 JVM: aye
21:33:53 JVM: can't you just use the force to keep yourself in time?
21:33:54 icedern: tic...tic..tic..tic..tic
21:34:21 Andrew Cockburn: wait, didn;t think of that
21:34:39 Andrew Cockburn: damn, all out of mediclorians ...
21:34:45 JVM: lol
21:35:34 icedern: haha
21:43:53 JVM: i have to think of some fourth of july antics to do
21:44:28 JVM: i want to get a flag cape and run down the street through the mall and jump in the fountain
21:44:42 Andrew Cockburn: don;t let us stop you ...
21:44:57 JVM: hmm i think the cops would catch on though
21:46:33 icedern: i'm going to be down at this lake my parents have a place on and i have these usa speedos i'm going to wear and dance up on top of the poontoon boat in party cove
21:46:45 JVM: very nice!
21:47:08 icedern: of course i need some alcohol persuasion first
21:47:12 JVM: lol
21:47:24 Andrew Cockburn: As a Brit living in the USA I keep a low profile on 4th July ...
21:47:44 JVM: ahh mate just a good day to have fun
21:48:07 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah its a great holiday actually - we get rockig fireworks in our town
21:48:18 JVM: fireworks are the best part
21:48:54 Andrew Cockburn: Where'd he go?
21:49:07 icedern: sometimes he has connection issues
21:49:13 JVM: oops
21:49:17 icedern: doh
21:53:28 icedern: can't wait till i move so i can get high speed again
21:53:48 icedern: watching some of these lessons makes me cry
21:53:54 icedern: it takes so long
21:54:04 JVM: lol
21:54:07 JVM: that sucks
21:54:33 icedern: yah, but i suppose its good in a way..i'm practicing a lot in between loading
21:54:42 JVM: that is good
21:58:59 Andrew Cockburn: ok bedtime, l8r guys
21:59:18 icedern: night Andrew
21:59:48 Andrew Cockburn: night
22:00:26 JVM: i'll need to be getting to bed soon as well
22:00:28 JVM: going to DC tomorrow
22:00:37 icedern: ah fun
22:00:50 icedern: i'm not doing anything but going to a beer tasting at 1
22:00:54 JVM: nice
22:01:01 JVM: probably not right now, I can be up a bit
22:01:04 JVM: but i need to do some laundry now
22:01:48 icedern: ah yah..i guessi need to do that tomorrow too
22:03:16 JVM: do you know dinosaur jr?
22:03:30 icedern: no
22:04:28 JVM: ah
22:04:37 JVM: good kind of grungy band
22:04:49 JVM: from the 80s/90s
22:05:19 JVM: 3 piece, their guitarist is pretty amazing. not a shredder, but a lot of feeling
22:05:31 JVM: though I think he could manage some shred
22:09:26 icedern: ah cool i'll have to check em out
22:09:36 JVM: you won't find many videos of them though
22:58:34 Slammer: hey
22:58:58 SDMF75: what's up?
22:59:22 Slammer: nothing much
22:59:26 Slammer: just chilling
22:59:46 Slammer: how bout you?
22:59:53 SDMF75: Jammin' a little
22:59:56 Slammer: LOL
22:59:58 Slammer: sweet
23:00:03 Slammer: what ya jamming?
23:00:03 SDMF75: getting ready to pack up for the night
23:00:11 Slammer: Shred?
23:00:23 SDMF75: practice - a little shred - some riffs
23:00:45 Slammer: ice
23:00:49 Slammer: nice*
23:01:04 SDMF75: fingers are little bit sore
23:01:11 Slammer: how long you;'ve been playing?
23:01:19 Slammer: in your Life I mean
23:01:22 SDMF75: 19 years
23:01:29 Slammer: Wow!
23:01:30 SDMF75: not consecutive
23:01:50 SDMF75: total of 12 probably
23:01:52 Slammer: I'm guessing you were born in 75?
23:01:56 SDMF75: yep
23:02:34 Slammer: back when ZEP was still a band
23:02:49 SDMF75: yeah, hear Plant debunked the rumor
23:03:26 Slammer: YEAH
23:03:28 SDMF75: I grew up listening to Kiss, Maiden and Glam Metal
23:03:28 Slammer: sucks
23:03:56 SDMF75: how long you been playing?
23:04:23 Slammer: 5 yeats
23:04:29 Slammer: Years?
23:04:44 SDMF75: what kind of AXE?
23:05:03 Slammer: one sec
23:05:35 Slammer: Fender Showmaster
23:05:44 Slammer: QMT HH
23:06:02 SDMF75: is it more of a strat or tele?
23:06:36 Slammer: It's like a Strat with two Humbuckers
23:06:43 Slammer: but Different
23:06:52 Slammer: not really a Strat
23:07:14 SDMF75: cool, that's what I was looking for recently but couldn't find one with a Floyd in my price range
23:07:16 Slammer:
23:07:25 Slammer: thats it
23:07:52 SDMF75: I saw that a few days ago....nice
23:08:06 Slammer: yeah
23:08:10 Slammer: what you got?
23:08:40 SDMF75: Schecter Hellraiser with the Floyd
23:09:07 Slammer: Nice... I was gonna buy the Shecter C1 Classic
23:09:22 Slammer: but I bought the other one instead
23:09:29 SDMF75: it's a screamer
23:09:30 Slammer: got it for a Great price
23:09:36 SDMF75: oh yeah
23:10:17 Slammer: Well, my guitar It normaly goes for $629 but the Store only had one left so I only paid $499
23:10:29 SDMF75: nothing wrong with that
23:10:34 Slammer: Nope
23:10:47 Slammer: what kinda Amp u use?
23:11:02 SDMF75: it's an ART Attack Module
23:11:18 Slammer: I take it your a Metal Head?
23:11:23 SDMF75: I'm running an M-Audio Black Box amp modeler through it
23:11:26 SDMF75: yep
23:11:29 Slammer: LOL
23:11:30 Slammer: cool
23:11:39 SDMF75: metal is good for the soul
23:11:49 Slammer: Not as Much as BLues!
23:11:54 Slammer: which I play
23:11:55 Slammer: LOL
23:11:57 SDMF75: love Blues too
23:12:04 Slammer: well I play all styles
23:12:10 Slammer: but Blues mainly
23:12:31 Slammer: Although... Thrash Can be Fun once in a While
23:12:37 SDMF75: I just started learning some Brian Setzer stuff this week. Very different from what I'm usedto
23:12:43 Slammer: yes
23:12:55 Slammer: alot different I'd say
23:13:10 SDMF75: Those Jazz Chords are Bizarre
23:13:20 Slammer: I think Brian could be a Bad Ass Shredder!
23:13:26 Slammer: if he wanted too
23:13:46 SDMF75: He a search of him on You Tube...he's pretty fat
23:13:49 SDMF75: fast
23:13:53 Slammer: and Fat!
23:14:24 SDMF75: The instruction book says he uses Royal Crown pomade lol
23:14:34 Slammer: yes!
23:14:35 Slammer: LOL
23:14:52 Slammer: so.... you like it on GMC?
23:14:58 SDMF75: Have you tried the Mixolydian Pentatonic lesson yet?
23:15:03 Slammer: yeah
23:15:04 SDMF75: oh yeah, love it
23:15:10 Slammer: pretty cool stuff
23:15:20 SDMF75: I started on it last night, really like it
23:15:33 Slammer: Yeah!
23:15:38 Slammer: you ever Record?
23:16:08 SDMF75: some, just started playing again but I have the MAGIX Studio on my computer
23:16:19 SDMF75: intend to start recording
23:16:35 Slammer: yeah it's fun
23:16:48 Slammer: I've started not too long ago
23:16:59 Slammer: just doing Backing Tracks etc
23:17:03 Slammer: for right now
23:17:12 SDMF75: It's fun stuff
23:17:53 Slammer: DO you have a Fav instructor?
23:18:15 SDMF75: not yet - Kris cracks me up plus he's very thorough
23:18:41 Slammer: yes, He is my Fav
23:18:46 Slammer: he's cool
23:18:59 Slammer: I wish he would make more lessons though
23:19:10 Slammer: then It would be fun!
23:19:10 SDMF75: yeah, what I was thinking
23:19:32 Slammer: you know when I signed up I thought we'd have new lessons from him every Week
23:19:38 SDMF75: dude, I gotta hit it. Yard work waiting on me in the morning - later - good chatting
23:19:44 Slammer: but not ONE since I've been here
23:19:53 Slammer: ok man. take it easy
23:20:12 SDMF75: we need to get on him - I bet he'll knock one out then - see ya
23:20:19 Slammer: cya

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Don't miss today's free blues, jazz & country licks. Plus all our lessons are packed with free content!

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