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> Guitar Chat 2007-07-01
Kristofer Dahl
post Jul 11 2007, 04:03 PM
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00:00:18 Slammer: Come on in!: what were you saying?
00:00:39 Gen: Come on in!: m trying to get the new ap lesson [Gen] but not up to speed [Gen] not at all [Gen] Â
00:00:45 Gen: Come on in!: woups lol
00:00:51 Slammer: Come on in!: Gen!
00:00:55 Slammer: Come on in!: Robin!
00:00:57 Slammer: Come on in!: Slammer
00:01:00 Gen: Come on in!: robert!
00:01:02 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:01:07 Slammer: Come on in!: hey how come my name is Red?
00:01:32 Slammer: Come on in!: Slammer
00:01:36 Slammer: Come on in!: Gen
00:01:39 Slammer: Come on in!: Robin
00:01:43 Slammer: Come on in!: Slammer
00:01:46 Slammer: Come on in!: dude!
00:01:55 Slammer: Come on in!: *slap* *meow* *whip*
00:02:01 Gen: Come on in!: lol my name is red in my screen
00:02:03 Gen: Come on in!: and yours not
00:02:04 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:02:06 Slammer: Come on in!: Yes
00:02:11 Slammer: Come on in!: I knew it
00:02:12 Robin: Come on in!: My name gets red too and when I write Gen now, he will display his anme in red aswsell
00:02:14 Robin: Come on in!: name*
00:02:24 Slammer: Come on in!: ok
00:02:46 Slammer: Come on in!: so what's your band called Robin?
00:03:07 Slammer: Come on in!: *slap*
00:03:11 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:03:23 Robin: Come on in!: Creep Colony
00:03:24 Gen: Come on in!: the noise just make me laugh
00:03:25 Gen: Come on in!: haha
00:03:28 Robin: Come on in!:
00:03:41 Robin: Come on in!: *meow*
00:03:47 Slammer: Come on in!: SO... tells us more about your Cousin.
00:03:52 Robin: Come on in!: lol
00:03:53 Gen: Come on in!: *whip*
00:03:55 Gen: Come on in!: haha
00:03:56 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:03:59 Slammer: Come on in!: is she Cute?
00:04:01 Robin: Come on in!: oh that band, thats named Paralyzed
00:04:07 Robin: Come on in!: well shes my cousin
00:04:26 Slammer: Come on in!: well, if she wasn't your Cousin would you think shes cute?
00:04:31 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:04:32 Robin: Come on in!: shes to the left. not really a good picture though
00:04:34 Robin: Come on in!: haha
00:04:37 Robin: Come on in!: I dont know
00:05:06 Slammer: Come on in!: All i see is hair!
00:05:21 Slammer: Come on in!: you have a better Pic?
00:05:24 Slammer: Come on in!: LOL
00:05:49 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:06:03 Robin: Come on in!: nope
00:06:31 Slammer: Come on in!: damn
00:06:41 Slammer: Come on in!: European chick are hot
00:06:41 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:06:45 Gen: Come on in!: yea
00:06:48 Gen: Come on in!: hehe
00:06:49 Slammer: Come on in!: some of them at least
00:06:57 Slammer: Come on in!: just not the Farmers wife
00:07:02 Slammer: Come on in!: who doesn't shave
00:07:08 Gen: Come on in!: loool
00:07:17 Robin: Come on in!: haha
00:07:23 Slammer: Come on in!: Eww
00:07:27 Gen: Come on in!: you must being careful about asian womans
00:07:30 Gen: Come on in!: chiks
00:07:34 Slammer: Come on in!: LOL
00:07:37 Gen: Come on in!: they ould be mans
00:07:39 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:07:44 Gen: Come on in!: could*
00:08:00 Slammer: Come on in!: Or they could chop you up and put you in Chicken Teriaki!
00:08:06 Gen: Come on in!: looool
00:08:09 Gen: Come on in!: yea
00:08:31 Slammer: Come on in!: Hey Gen don't you wanna See another Pic of his cousin?
00:08:46 Gen: Come on in!: okay lets go on the cliché woman
00:08:48 Slammer: Come on in!: Show us Show us Show us!!!!
00:08:58 Robin: Come on in!: dnot have any sorry
00:09:03 Slammer: Come on in!: Robin is lying
00:09:18 Slammer: Come on in!: He's keeping his Secert Stash for the Weekends
00:09:24 Gen: Come on in!: slam, i know you like germans womans, especially those swimming professors with big muscles
00:09:25 Slammer: Come on in!: Damn...
00:09:26 Gen: Come on in!: haha
00:09:27 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:09:36 Robin: Come on in!: lol
00:09:44 Slammer: Come on in!: nope
00:09:47 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:09:48 Gen: Come on in!: jk
00:10:01 Slammer: Come on in!: but I like the Mexican Women with Moustasches
00:10:08 Gen: Come on in!: oh man
00:10:11 Gen: Come on in!: im dying
00:10:13 Gen: Come on in!: stop
00:10:14 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:10:16 Gen: Come on in!: hahahahaha
00:10:24 Gen: Come on in!: why did you say that
00:10:25 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:10:32 Slammer: Come on in!: Cliche!
00:10:34 Gen: Come on in!: i cant stop laughing now
00:10:35 Slammer: Come on in!: LOL
00:10:36 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:11:00 Robin: Come on in!: haha
00:11:17 Slammer: Come on in!: I prefer Norwiegian girls who don't shave their Underarms!
00:11:20 Slammer: Come on in!: LOL
00:11:22 Slammer: Come on in!: jk jk
00:11:25 Gen: Come on in!: loooooooooooooooooooooool
00:11:26 Gen: Come on in!: omg
00:11:27 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:11:29 Gen: Come on in!: hahahaha
00:11:35 Slammer: Come on in!: or thier Legs
00:11:41 Robin: Come on in!: ahh we should start having parties on this chat. We just drink at home alone infront of our computers and party in here, haha
00:11:41 Gen: Come on in!: i heave a heard attack!
00:11:43 Gen: Come on in!: loooool
00:11:48 Slammer: Come on in!: YES
00:11:52 Robin: Come on in!: hah
00:11:56 Gen: Come on in!: oyea
00:12:46 Slammer: Come on in!: I love these American Girls who Eat at Mcdonalds every day... they're so fat, I can stick my Hand in thier Belly Button
00:12:55 Robin: Come on in!: jesus haha
00:13:08 Slammer: Come on in!: and Pull out a CheeseBurger!!
00:13:14 Robin: Come on in!: hhaah
00:13:23 Gen: Come on in!: hahaha
00:13:34 Robin: Come on in!: you're crazy
00:13:42 Gen: Come on in!: yea lol, he is
00:13:44 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:13:45 Slammer: Come on in!: Gen Prefers Cows
00:13:49 Gen: Come on in!: o yea
00:13:49 Slammer: Come on in!: LOL
00:13:51 Slammer: Come on in!: jkjk
00:13:52 Gen: Come on in!: i love milk
00:13:58 Gen: Come on in!: original milk
00:14:00 Slammer: Come on in!: lots of them in Sweden
00:14:00 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:14:02 Gen: Come on in!: mmmmmm
00:14:10 Robin: Come on in!:
00:14:39 Robin: Come on in!: My cats name is Mittens.
00:14:48 Slammer: Come on in!: Or Switzerland
00:14:56 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:14:59 Slammer: Come on in!: whereever Gen is from
00:15:08 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:15:11 Slammer: Come on in!: Ryan is here
00:15:13 Robin: Come on in!: he's a french hip hop rapper
00:15:20 Robin: Come on in!: Gen is
00:15:21 Robin: Come on in!: right?
00:15:23 Robin: Come on in!:
00:15:45 Slammer: Come on in!: Welcome to the Party
00:15:45 Ryan: Come on in!: Ok got in now Gen
00:15:49 Robin: Come on in!: Hi
00:15:51 Ryan: Come on in!: hi
00:15:51 Slammer: Come on in!: Ryan
00:16:00 Gen: Come on in!: welcome ryan
00:16:07 Slammer: Come on in!: we're all crazy
00:16:13 Gen: Come on in!: o rob, yea im a crazy rapper
00:16:13 Ryan: Come on in!: ok
00:16:17 Robin: Come on in!: no slammer
00:16:21 Robin: Come on in!: you're crazy
00:16:24 Slammer: Come on in!: Yes
00:16:25 Gen: Come on in!: i leave this kind of crapy music
00:16:33 Gen: Come on in!: love*
00:16:38 Slammer: Come on in!: I'm Tired my Team Lost I'm bummed out
00:16:44 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:16:51 Slammer: Come on in!: but this will Cheer me uo
00:16:55 Slammer: Come on in!: up*
00:16:56 Gen: Come on in!: just find another cliché girl
00:16:56 Robin: Come on in!:
00:17:02 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:17:08 Slammer: Come on in!: Well Ryan is from Kansas
00:17:23 Slammer: Come on in!: what's a Kansas Girl CLiche?
00:17:28 Ryan: Come on in!: i dont know
00:17:31 Ryan: Come on in!: what a cliche?
00:17:39 Slammer: Come on in!: NO teeth maybe
00:17:43 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:17:43 Ryan: Come on in!: wtf
00:17:50 Slammer: Come on in!: they all live in Trailers!!
00:17:56 Ryan: Come on in!: NOO
00:18:00 Ryan: Come on in!: Its nothign like that here
00:18:00 Slammer: Come on in!: I know
00:18:13 Slammer: Come on in!: You know what Stereotypes are right>
00:18:15 Slammer: Come on in!: ??
00:18:17 Ryan: Come on in!: yes
00:18:42 Slammer: Come on in!: well, when we Say Cliche we mean like Stereotypes of different girls
00:18:49 Ryan: Come on in!: ohh
00:18:49 Slammer: Come on in!: from different places
00:18:51 Slammer: Come on in!: LOL
00:18:51 Ryan: Come on in!: ok
00:19:08 Robin: Come on in!: whats the stereotype of a russian woman?
00:19:17 Slammer: Come on in!: she doesn't Shave!!
00:19:23 Ryan: Come on in!: BIG fat, and scary and pull ther eman around by his hair
00:19:25 Robin: Come on in!: that one is getting old
00:19:30 Robin: Come on in!: haha
00:19:42 Robin: Come on in!: (talking to slammer)
00:19:47 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:19:51 Robin: Come on in!: and the "haha" was meant to ryan
00:19:56 Ryan: Come on in!: lol
00:19:58 Slammer: Come on in!: NOOO!!
00:19:59 Ryan: Come on in!: ok
00:20:15 Robin: Come on in!: in slammers eyes, no girls shave
00:20:20 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:20:23 Gen: Come on in!: loool
00:20:29 Slammer: Come on in!: no only Girls in Europe!
00:20:34 Slammer: Come on in!: and kansas!
00:20:36 Robin: Come on in!: ah thats right
00:20:37 Slammer: Come on in!: LOL
00:20:40 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:20:44 Slammer: Come on in!: jk ryan
00:20:46 Ryan: Come on in!: wtf lol
00:21:08 Ryan: Come on in!: my g/f better shave or else *whip*
00:21:10 Gen: Come on in!: i really love the mexican girl
00:21:14 Gen: Come on in!: my god lol
00:21:15 Ryan: Come on in!: NOOO
00:21:20 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:21:25 Slammer: Come on in!: with the Moustash
00:21:29 Gen: Come on in!: yea lol
00:21:44 Gen: Come on in!: thats reminds me a joke of conan o brien
00:21:56 Gen: Come on in!: when he calls himsefl, con senior o brien
00:21:57 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:22:13 Gen: Come on in!: and he have a fine moustache
00:22:16 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:22:24 Slammer: Come on in!: hey Gen lets see a Pic of your Girlfriend
00:22:27 Robin: Come on in!:
00:22:29 Slammer: Come on in!: come on come on!!
00:22:42 Gen: Come on in!: my girlfriend is called: viper 500
00:22:44 Ryan: Come on in!: Can we send pics on here?
00:22:46 Ryan: Come on in!: lol
00:22:47 Gen: Come on in!: lol its my guita
00:22:50 Slammer: Come on in!: Links!!
00:22:53 Gen: Come on in!: i dont have any gf
00:22:54 Ryan: Come on in!: ohh
00:22:59 Gen: Come on in!: guitar*
00:23:14 Slammer: Come on in!: Robin??
00:23:33 Gen: Come on in!: *slap*
00:23:33 Slammer: Come on in!: Ryan??
00:23:37 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:23:39 Slammer: Come on in!: come on come on!!
00:23:50 Slammer: Come on in!: show us show us show us show us!!!
00:23:51 Gen: Come on in!: *meow* *slap* *whip*
00:23:58 Gen: Come on in!: wake up guys lol
00:24:01 Robin: Come on in!: me? girlfriend? Not gnona happen. I'm pretty sure I'm gnona end up as a 40 year old rapist
00:24:03 Ryan: Come on in!: links of my gilrl firends
00:24:03 Robin: Come on in!:
00:24:14 Ryan: Come on in!: how do i do a link of it..
00:24:22 Ryan: Come on in!: i have pictures saved of her on my computer
00:24:25 Slammer: Come on in!: Copy and Paste
00:24:25 Ryan: Come on in!: how do i link it?
00:24:29 Ryan: Come on in!: ohh
00:24:30 Ryan: Come on in!: is that all
00:24:51 Slammer: Come on in!: well you might have to press Cntr V
00:24:52 Robin: Come on in!: think you need to upload pictures to the internet before you can post it on forums
00:25:03 Slammer: Come on in!: to past it
00:25:11 Gen: Come on in!: i wanna see robin s cousin!
00:25:12 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:25:15 Slammer: Come on in!: but he's gonna show US!!
00:25:17 Robin: Come on in!:
00:25:38 Slammer: Come on in!: not GMC
00:25:40 Slammer: Come on in!: us!!
00:25:43 Slammer: Come on in!: maybe...
00:25:50 Ryan: Come on in!: hmm
00:25:58 Ryan: Come on in!: I dont have pictures of her WAIT
00:26:00 Ryan: Come on in!: hold on
00:26:04 Slammer: Come on in!: do you have a Pic or a Website
00:26:05 Ryan: Come on in!: give me a couple secs
00:26:31 Slammer: Come on in!: ok
00:28:16 Ryan: Come on in!:
00:28:35 Ryan: Come on in!: Im in her pics also
00:28:35 Slammer: Come on in!: didn't work
00:28:41 Ryan: Come on in!: those are mostly all old ones
00:28:42 Ryan: Come on in!: hodl on
00:28:45 Ryan: Come on in!: let me get you another one
00:29:00 Slammer: Come on in!: it only broght me to the main Myspace page
00:29:07 Gen: Come on in!: woups
00:29:11 Ryan: Come on in!:
00:29:14 Ryan: Come on in!: Try that one
00:29:23 Slammer: Come on in!: ok
00:29:29 Ryan: Come on in!: Then click on her pics
00:29:41 Ryan: Come on in!: Im in there, and those are mostly all odl pics though of last year
00:29:49 Slammer: Come on in!: Is she a Rocker Chick?
00:29:51 Slammer: Come on in!: LOL
00:29:56 Ryan: Come on in!: OHHH YEA
00:29:57 Ryan: Come on in!:
00:30:02 Slammer: Come on in!: I see ac/ds
00:30:03 Ryan: Come on in!: plays guitar and everything
00:30:04 Slammer: Come on in!: dc*
00:30:15 Slammer: Come on in!: Dude you are a lucky bitch
00:30:20 Gen: Come on in!: looool
00:30:31 Slammer: Come on in!: Dude i suck
00:30:40 Slammer: Come on in!: LOL
00:30:45 Gen: Come on in!: do you have a gf slam?
00:31:13 Gen: Come on in!: lol he s frustrated now
00:31:15 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:31:29 Slammer: Come on in!: Oh yeah...Shes a Beauty her name is Fender
00:31:36 Slammer: Come on in!: Showmaster QMT HH
00:31:50 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:31:51 Slammer: Come on in!: she's Red and Black!!!
00:31:52 Gen: Come on in!: like me
00:31:55 Gen: Come on in!: welcome lol
00:32:22 Ryan: Come on in!: lol
00:32:39 Ryan: Come on in!: sorry i kinda went off and went to my own little world looking at my g/fs pics damn i love her
00:32:49 Slammer: Come on in!: LOL
00:32:56 Slammer: Come on in!: we don't blame you
00:33:01 Slammer: Come on in!: We hate you!!
00:33:04 Ryan: Come on in!: HAHAH
00:33:10 Ryan: Come on in!: i love being hated
00:33:27 Slammer: Come on in!: Don't worry Gen
00:33:43 Slammer: Come on in!: we'll find a guitar Playing chick someday
00:33:52 Slammer: Come on in!: maybe....
00:33:57 Slammer: Come on in!: not
00:34:04 Gen: Come on in!: loool
00:34:04 Slammer: Come on in!: *whip*
00:34:05 Ryan: Come on in!: you will
00:34:07 Gen: Come on in!: yea maybe
00:34:07 Ryan: Come on in!: if you look
00:34:10 Ryan: Come on in!: look hard
00:34:12 Ryan: Come on in!: lol
00:34:14 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:34:17 Ryan: Come on in!: on myspace
00:34:18 Slammer: Come on in!: go down to guitar Center
00:34:18 Ryan: Come on in!:
00:34:23 Robin: Come on in!: I got 2 guitar chicks in my band guys
00:34:30 Robin: Come on in!: they 17 and 18, hoho
00:34:30 Slammer: Come on in!: DUDE
00:34:33 Slammer: Come on in!: let's see
00:34:34 Ryan: Come on in!: are you dating either 1??
00:34:36 Robin: Come on in!: they are*
00:34:37 Gen: Come on in!: yea, there is your cousin right?
00:34:40 Slammer: Come on in!: LOL
00:34:41 Gen: Come on in!: do you have a pic?
00:34:42 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:34:44 Robin: Come on in!: one is my cousni, and the other one isnt interested
00:34:51 Ryan: Come on in!: then its no good
00:34:51 Robin: Come on in!: cousin*
00:34:55 Robin: Come on in!: indeed.
00:35:11 Slammer: Come on in!: in Kansas Dating your Cousin is Normal (Cliche #2)
00:35:15 Gen: Come on in!: now, i already now the color of the hairs
00:35:17 Robin: Come on in!: haha
00:35:23 Gen: Come on in!: loool
00:35:25 Slammer: Come on in!: LOL
00:35:27 Gen: Come on in!: hahaha
00:35:29 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:35:30 Slammer: Come on in!: jk
00:35:31 Slammer: Come on in!: man
00:35:35 Ryan: Come on in!: lol
00:35:38 Ryan: Come on in!: thats messed up
00:35:42 Robin: Come on in!: those rednecks in the simpsons, arent they brother and sister? xD
00:35:43 Slammer: Come on in!: I know you only date your sisters
00:35:44 Ryan: Come on in!: only in alabama
00:35:46 Ryan: Come on in!: that is aloud
00:35:47 Slammer: Come on in!: LOL
00:35:54 Slammer: Come on in!: JK
00:35:55 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:36:00 Ryan: Come on in!: true story there only in alabama
00:36:09 Slammer: Come on in!: We're crazy don't mind ME
00:36:14 Ryan: Come on in!: lol
00:36:19 Ryan: Come on in!: Do you guys have a myspace?
00:36:23 Slammer: Come on in!: NO
00:36:39 Robin: Come on in!:
00:36:44 Gen: Come on in!: no i havent yet
00:36:51 Robin: Come on in!: nothing in there though ;
00:37:05 Robin: Come on in!: theres my bands myspace though.
00:37:24 Slammer: Come on in!: I don't have many Friends so I don't need a Myspace
00:37:30 Slammer: Come on in!: I have gmc!!
00:37:46 Robin: Come on in!: GMC indeed. GMC is my best friend, and the guitar is my girlfriend
00:37:46 Gen: Come on in!: yea
00:37:49 Gen: Come on in!: gmc rule
00:37:52 Slammer: Come on in!: Gen one of my only Friends... and I don;'t even know him
00:37:53 Ryan: Come on in!: o yea
00:38:00 Gen: Come on in!: looool
00:38:10 Ryan: Come on in!: Robin
00:38:13 Gen: Come on in!: i think you re gonna kill your only friend
00:38:14 Ryan: Come on in!: i cant understand you music
00:38:14 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:38:17 Gen: Come on in!: ahhahahaha
00:38:22 Ryan: Come on in!: i cant understand what you trying to say
00:38:23 Robin: Come on in!: w0t?
00:38:25 Slammer: Come on in!: DAMN
00:38:27 Ryan: Come on in!: the lyrics lol
00:38:29 Robin: Come on in!: its not me singing
00:38:30 Ryan: Come on in!: is that english?
00:38:32 Slammer: Come on in!: one less friend
00:38:37 Slammer: Come on in!: only 2 left
00:38:42 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:38:42 Slammer: Come on in!: if Gen dies
00:38:46 Robin: Come on in!: well its black metal Some of it is english, othersnorwegian
00:38:46 Slammer: Come on in!: Damn...
00:38:52 Ryan: Come on in!: Thats why lol
00:38:58 Ryan: Come on in!: i cant understand it lol
00:39:02 Gen: Come on in!: I am alive!!!!
00:39:08 Ryan: Come on in!: some cool riffs though
00:39:09 Gen: Come on in!: AGAIN
00:39:13 Robin: Come on in!: thank you
00:39:16 Slammer: Come on in!: YAY!!! back to 3 friends!
00:39:20 Robin: Come on in!: haha
00:39:20 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:39:54 Slammer: Come on in!: My Guitar Is my Girlfriend she lets me Play her anytime I want
00:40:00 Gen: Come on in!: hey, be careful of what you said about the mexican girls slam
00:40:07 Slammer: Come on in!: except she doesn't have boobs
00:40:08 Gen: Come on in!: that still make me laugh lol
00:40:22 Gen: Come on in!: but kris may upload this sessiosn
00:40:24 Gen: Come on in!: session
00:40:29 Robin: Come on in!: just make some wooden boobs and glue them on slam
00:40:29 Slammer: Come on in!: DUDE
00:40:34 Ryan: Come on in!: ahhaha
00:40:35 Gen: Come on in!: and im sure there s some mexican girls on gmc
00:40:36 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:40:37 Gen: Come on in!: hahaha
00:40:37 Robin: Come on in!: no problem.
00:40:44 Robin: Come on in!: haha gen
00:40:50 Slammer: Come on in!: I only kid because.... I can
00:40:58 Robin: Come on in!: oh jesus if it is, we're so banned when kris read this log
00:41:05 Gen: Come on in!: loooooooooooool
00:41:06 Gen: Come on in!: omg
00:41:09 Gen: Come on in!: hhahahaha
00:41:10 Slammer: Come on in!: OH NO!
00:41:11 Robin: Come on in!:
00:41:15 Slammer: Come on in!: Sorry Kris
00:41:15 Gen: Come on in!: i think he s gonna laugh too
00:41:16 Gen: Come on in!: épé
00:41:18 Gen: Come on in!: looool
00:41:19 Robin: Come on in!: hahaha
00:41:20 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:41:41 Slammer: Come on in!: well were in a Different Room
00:41:47 Robin: Come on in!: haha
00:41:50 Gen: Come on in!: lol whatever
00:41:51 Slammer: Come on in!: maybe he only puts from the Main Room
00:41:58 Gen: Come on in!: he can upload what he wants
00:41:59 Robin: Come on in!: lool I'm laughing for nothing atm
00:42:01 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:42:05 Gen: Come on in!: lol me too
00:42:05 Slammer: Come on in!: OH NO
00:42:12 Gen: Come on in!: for all tha slam said
00:42:14 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:42:16 Robin: Come on in!: haha
00:42:23 Slammer: Come on in!: I may be Banned from GMC forever!!
00:42:30 Gen: Come on in!: looooool
00:42:34 Slammer: Come on in!: oh well no one would miss me
00:42:34 Robin: Come on in!: hahahaa
00:42:42 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:42:46 Robin: Come on in!: serves you well, crazy person!
00:42:49 Slammer: Come on in!: only the Empty Chat room I'm always in!
00:42:55 Robin: Come on in!: haha
00:43:01 Gen: Come on in!: but i think you would miss gmc
00:43:02 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:43:07 Robin: Come on in!: Indeed
00:43:09 Slammer: Come on in!: Maybe
00:43:11 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:43:24 Slammer: Come on in!: Well I'm mainly here for the Forum
00:43:27 Slammer: Come on in!: and the Chat
00:43:31 Slammer: Come on in!: LOL
00:43:55 Slammer: Come on in!: but you know... my Subsripstion runs out on JUly 17th
00:43:56 Robin: Come on in!: actually me too. I havent been doing any lessons for a long time. Well, I still have alot of blues lessons to go trough. just got to get done with this song I'm practicing atm
00:44:06 Gen: Come on in!: hope i doesnt upload this log lool
00:44:17 Ryan: Come on in!: he will
00:44:18 Ryan: Come on in!: lol
00:44:20 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:44:23 Ryan: Come on in!: i go through every lesson
00:44:26 Ryan: Come on in!: and practice them
00:44:29 Ryan: Come on in!: but im in the forums a lot also
00:44:31 Slammer: Come on in!: Don't worry we'll blame it all on G34
00:44:33 Robin: Come on in!: I used to do that
00:44:43 Gen: Come on in!: hahahahaha
00:45:00 Gen: Come on in!: he s not here
00:45:07 Slammer: Come on in!: Duh
00:45:12 Gen: Come on in!: the crew is not complete
00:45:15 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:45:17 Slammer: Come on in!: JVM
00:45:21 Slammer: Come on in!: and 3
00:45:22 Gen: Come on in!: the chat crew
00:45:23 Slammer: Come on in!: G#$
00:45:25 Gen: Come on in!: yea lol
00:45:25 Slammer: Come on in!: G34
00:45:31 Slammer: Come on in!: and AIB234
00:45:34 Slammer: Come on in!: and BOggi
00:45:37 Robin: Come on in!: smickey and that icedude is missing
00:45:40 Robin: Come on in!: and the ones you mentioned
00:45:41 Gen: Come on in!: the chat comunity
00:45:45 Robin: Come on in!: indeeed
00:45:52 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:46:03 Slammer: Come on in!: well, We have the Chat Crew which is our 5 man band...
00:46:04 Gen: Come on in!: icedude lol
00:46:06 Gen: Come on in!: haha
00:46:14 Gen: Come on in!: yea haha
00:46:14 Robin: Come on in!:
00:46:26 Slammer: Come on in!: SLammer,Gen,Boggi,G34,JVM
00:46:31 Robin: Come on in!: HEY!
00:46:41 Slammer: Come on in!: we were in the Chat room ALL of Last Week
00:46:47 Gen: Come on in!: yea lol
00:46:52 Slammer: Come on in!: for 50 hours or so
00:46:59 Robin: Come on in!: heha
00:47:00 Slammer: Come on in!: you guys didn
00:47:03 Slammer: Come on in!: come in
00:47:14 Robin: Come on in!: stupid me, I didnt start using the chat untill this thursday
00:47:20 Slammer: Come on in!: YEP!!
00:47:26 Gen: Come on in!:
00:47:45 Robin: Come on in!: now I'm addicted
00:47:54 Slammer: Come on in!: Me and Gen play Rhythm, Boggi and Jvm play Lead and Guitar34 plays the Triangle
00:47:55 Robin: Come on in!: I'm still waiting for that GMC rehab forum
00:47:55 Gen: Come on in!: hehe
00:48:00 Robin: Come on in!: hahahha
00:48:02 Gen: Come on in!: looooooooooooooooool
00:48:04 Gen: Come on in!: hahahah
00:48:06 Robin: Come on in!: poor dude, what a lame instrument hahah
00:48:09 Gen: Come on in!: i nfrogot that one
00:48:13 Gen: Come on in!: forgot*
00:48:14 Slammer: Come on in!: I'm sorry
00:48:18 Slammer: Come on in!: In house Joke
00:48:24 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:48:26 Slammer: Come on in!: G34 never knew
00:48:32 Slammer: Come on in!: Poor little guy
00:48:37 Slammer: Come on in!: he's only 11
00:48:39 Robin: Come on in!: haha
00:48:40 Slammer: Come on in!: LOL
00:48:43 Gen: Come on in!: but if kris uploads it, he s gonna read it
00:48:44 Gen: Come on in!: hahaha
00:48:46 Gen: Come on in!: hahahaha
00:48:50 Robin: Come on in!: bahaha
00:48:50 Slammer: Come on in!: Damn
00:48:54 Gen: Come on in!: hahaha
00:48:55 Gen: Come on in!: dam
00:48:58 Gen: Come on in!: damn lol
00:49:00 Robin: Come on in!: loolol
00:49:22 Slammer: Come on in!: But... you know This doesn't really have anything to do with Guitar
00:49:25 Gen: Come on in!: kris, make the good choice!
00:49:26 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:49:28 Robin: Come on in!: I dont know whats so funny, but lool
00:49:40 Slammer: Come on in!: It's just a few guys being Idiots
00:49:47 Slammer: Come on in!: well, I
00:49:48 Robin: Come on in!: ah, right
00:49:52 Gen: Come on in!: okay, so letes talk about guitars lol
00:49:52 Robin: Come on in!:
00:49:54 Gen: Come on in!: hahaha
00:49:59 Slammer: Come on in!: NOO!
00:50:02 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:50:04 Ryan: Come on in!: WOOO
00:50:06 Ryan: Come on in!: lets do it
00:50:07 Slammer: Come on in!: I'm having too much fun
00:50:08 Ryan: Come on in!: im ready
00:50:09 Robin: Come on in!: My guitars name is Mittens.
00:50:10 Gen: Come on in!: hahhaa
00:50:31 Gen: Come on in!: mine is gray fox
00:50:32 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:50:44 Slammer: Come on in!: Mittens is such a Gay Name
00:50:48 Robin: Come on in!: and this is how I'm gonna paint it
00:50:50 Gen: Come on in!: i have emg pick ups
00:50:53 Gen: Come on in!: loool
00:51:02 Slammer: Come on in!: YES!
00:51:07 Robin: Come on in!: Hey, dont say stuff like that. Its Ralph's cats name!
00:51:13 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:51:28 Robin: Come on in!: And you know what? He's cats breath smells like cat food
00:51:34 Slammer: Come on in!: My Guitar is named Guitar
00:51:39 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:51:45 Gen: Come on in!: what an original naem!
00:51:47 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:51:48 Gen: Come on in!: name*
00:51:49 Robin: Come on in!: indeed
00:51:51 Slammer: Come on in!: YES!
00:52:11 Gen: Come on in!: what kind of pick ups do you have slam?
00:52:19 Robin: Come on in!: I'm starting to fall asleep. Say something funny.
00:52:24 Slammer: Come on in!: Ryan's Guitar is Named Chester
00:52:38 Gen: Come on in!: why chester lol?
00:52:46 Slammer: Come on in!: I have Seymour Duncan Pickups
00:52:57 Slammer: Come on in!: what time is it for you guys?
00:53:00 Gen: Come on in!: wow great
00:53:05 Robin: Come on in!: 7 in 5min
00:53:09 Gen: Come on in!: lol its 6:47 am
00:53:12 Slammer: Come on in!: 12:52 am here
00:53:17 Robin: Come on in!: I havent been up this long since I played wow >_<
00:53:26 Slammer: Come on in!: you up all night?
00:53:31 Gen: Come on in!: ye ame too lol!
00:53:32 Robin: Come on in!: yeah its morning now
00:53:36 Gen: Come on in!: yea
00:53:36 Slammer: Come on in!: LOL
00:53:52 Robin: Come on in!: damn GMC!! this is starting to get an addiction!
00:53:55 Slammer: Come on in!: Ryan is Drooling over the Hello Kitty guitar
00:53:59 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:54:01 Gen: Come on in!: hahhahaha
00:54:03 Slammer: Come on in!: He loves it
00:54:14 Slammer: Come on in!: more than his Girlfriend
00:54:20 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:54:27 Robin: Come on in!: I love it more than my family
00:54:28 Gen: Come on in!: he s just watching a pron
00:54:32 Slammer: Come on in!: Damn that Hello Kitty is Sexy I tell ya
00:54:32 Gen: Come on in!: porn
00:54:33 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:54:37 Robin: Come on in!: I'd sell my parents for that picture.
00:54:39 Gen: Come on in!: lool
00:54:46 Slammer: Come on in!: DUDE
00:54:58 Slammer: Come on in!: that's worst than anythingI said
00:55:06 Robin: Come on in!: nooo
00:55:06 Gen: Come on in!: looooooooool
00:55:08 Gen: Come on in!: hahaha
00:55:11 Slammer: Come on in!: I'd buy your parents
00:55:17 Robin: Come on in!: LOOLØ
00:55:18 Slammer: Come on in!: $2
00:55:19 Gen: Come on in!: oh kris lol, make the good chat
00:55:19 Robin: Come on in!: hahaha
00:55:22 Gen: Come on in!: choice*
00:55:23 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:55:32 Slammer: Come on in!: make the Good Chat!
00:55:39 Robin: Come on in!: 2 dollars you say?
00:55:41 Robin: Come on in!: hmm nooo
00:55:44 Robin: Come on in!: threefitty
00:55:51 Slammer: Come on in!: well it
00:56:01 Slammer: Come on in!: 's a hard bargain but I'll take it
00:56:09 Slammer: Come on in!: Paypal
00:56:11 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:56:14 Robin: Come on in!: ok
00:56:22 Slammer: Come on in!: ship them in a Box
00:56:25 Robin: Come on in!: whats your adress?
00:56:26 Slammer: Come on in!: ALIVE!
00:56:29 Robin: Come on in!: yes
00:56:31 Robin: Come on in!: alive of course
00:56:42 Slammer: Come on in!: 12345 Upyours street
00:56:42 Robin: Come on in!: you're not getting my cousin though...
00:56:44 Robin: Come on in!: just my parents
00:56:51 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:56:52 Slammer: Come on in!: DAMN
00:57:00 Slammer: Come on in!: I'd rather have your cousic
00:57:07 Slammer: Come on in!: cousin*
00:57:23 Gen: Come on in!: hehe
00:57:32 Gen: Come on in!: bye
00:57:34 Slammer: Come on in!: DUDE he left
00:57:35 Robin: Come on in!: bye
00:57:36 Gen: Come on in!: he got bored lol
00:57:41 Robin: Come on in!: without saying good bye
00:57:46 Slammer: Come on in!: he went to tell on us
00:57:51 Robin: Come on in!: ohh crap
00:57:54 Robin: Come on in!: RUN!!
00:57:55 Gen: Come on in!: lol
00:57:57 Gen: Come on in!: hahaha
00:58:13 Slammer: Come on in!: Hey what do you think Kris is gonna think when He reads this?
00:58:22 Gen: Come on in!: hahahahaa
00:58:30 Robin: Come on in!: He will think it is funny
00:58:35 Robin: Come on in!: and that you are crazy
00:58:37 Gen: Come on in!: yea lol
00:58:38 Gen: Come on in!: hope so
00:58:39 Gen: Come on in!: haha
00:58:48 Slammer: Come on in!: lets go back to the Main room
00:58:52 Robin: Come on in!: and he will call the FBI becuase we are doing slave buisness
00:59:05 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
00:59:06 Robin: Guitar Chat: Hi
00:59:10 Gen: Guitar Chat: hi guys
00:59:13 Gen: Guitar Chat: how s goin
00:59:14 Slammer: Guitar Chat: ok guys It's 1 am
00:59:19 Gen: Guitar Chat: we re mad
00:59:20 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
00:59:26 Slammer: Guitar Chat: I'm going to bed
00:59:31 Robin: Guitar Chat: nooo
00:59:32 Robin: Guitar Chat: god damnit
00:59:36 Robin: Guitar Chat:
00:59:37 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol its 7 am here
00:59:41 Slammer: Guitar Chat: Yep... sorry guys
00:59:43 Robin: Guitar Chat:
00:59:43 Robin: Guitar Chat: 1 AM, its 7 AM here
00:59:47 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
00:59:47 Robin: Guitar Chat: Ah well
00:59:50 Slammer: Guitar Chat: but you can still chat
00:59:51 Robin: Guitar Chat: it was fun as long as it lasted
00:59:54 Slammer: Guitar Chat: with each other
00:59:56 Gen: Guitar Chat: staaaaaaaay
01:00:00 Robin: Guitar Chat: for like... I dont know how many hours
01:00:08 Slammer: Guitar Chat: Probably back tommorow maybe
01:00:13 Slammer: Guitar Chat: Cya guys
01:00:14 Robin: Guitar Chat: "probably"?
01:00:21 Slammer: Guitar Chat: yeah
01:00:21 Robin: Guitar Chat: wth is that supposed to mean? BE HERE OR DIE!
01:00:27 Slammer: Guitar Chat: LOL
01:00:27 Robin: Guitar Chat: mkay see yaa laterrss
01:00:30 Slammer: Guitar Chat: ok Guys
01:00:31 Gen: Guitar Chat: i know where you live, you can run, but you cant hide!
01:00:32 Slammer: Guitar Chat: cya
01:00:35 Robin: Guitar Chat: indeed
01:00:36 Gen: Guitar Chat: i ll find you slammer!!
01:00:38 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
01:00:38 Robin: Guitar Chat: I know your parents
01:00:39 Gen: Guitar Chat: cya
01:00:43 Robin: Guitar Chat: good bye!
01:00:46 Slammer: Guitar Chat: bye bye
01:00:49 Gen: Guitar Chat: bye
10:15:42 Gen: Guitar Chat: hey
11:09:55 Gen: Guitar Chat: *meow*
11:27:12 icedern: Guitar Chat: *whip*
11:27:22 icedern: Guitar Chat: howdy
11:27:38 Gen: Guitar Chat: hehe hi
11:27:50 Gen: Guitar Chat: whats up
11:28:03 icedern: Guitar Chat: Trying to wake up...had a rough night hehe
11:28:15 Gen: Guitar Chat: haha
11:28:18 Gen: Guitar Chat: me too
11:28:20 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
11:28:33 icedern: Guitar Chat: lol
11:28:35 Gen: Guitar Chat: we talked one the chat until 7:am
11:28:42 Gen: Guitar Chat: i didnt sleep
11:28:44 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
11:28:46 icedern: Guitar Chat: dang
11:28:54 Gen: Guitar Chat: i woke up 2 hours ago
11:29:09 icedern: Guitar Chat: you're going to crash hard later haha
11:29:21 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
11:30:09 icedern: Guitar Chat: I just drank way to much last night
11:30:14 Gen: Guitar Chat: haha
11:30:50 Gen: Guitar Chat: aaah its raining a lot here
11:31:13 Gen: Guitar Chat: its 17:25 pm
11:31:28 icedern: Guitar Chat: where abouts you at
11:31:37 Gen: Guitar Chat: huh?
11:31:39 icedern: Guitar Chat: Sweden?
11:31:43 Gen: Guitar Chat: oh lol no
11:31:50 Gen: Guitar Chat: geneva switzerland
11:31:57 icedern: Guitar Chat: ah neat
11:32:04 icedern: Guitar Chat: i'm in illinois
11:32:10 Gen: Guitar Chat: last week was really hot
11:32:13 Gen: Guitar Chat: oh cool
11:32:23 Gen: Guitar Chat: and now, its raining...
11:32:34 icedern: Guitar Chat: dang
11:32:43 icedern: Guitar Chat: its probably 35 or something here now
11:32:54 Gen: Guitar Chat: wow
11:32:59 icedern: Guitar Chat: Cel
11:33:00 Gen: Guitar Chat: what time?
11:33:06 icedern: Guitar Chat: 10:30a
11:33:18 Gen: Guitar Chat: okay
11:35:01 icedern: Guitar Chat: i need breakfast
11:36:13 Gen: Guitar Chat: hehe
11:39:39 icedern: Guitar Chat: What kind of guitar you play?
11:40:11 Gen: Guitar Chat: i have an esp ltd viper 500
11:40:18 Gen: Guitar Chat: and a fake cheap strat lol
11:41:04 icedern: Guitar Chat: esp *drool*
11:41:22 icedern: Guitar Chat: Wish i could afford one sometime
11:41:35 Gen: Guitar Chat:
11:42:01 Gen: Guitar Chat: i want to buy a dean
11:42:07 Gen: Guitar Chat: one day...
11:42:08 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
11:42:32 icedern: Guitar Chat: I just play an epiphone les paul
11:43:16 Gen: Guitar Chat: cool!
11:44:04 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
11:44:05 Gen: Guitar Chat: slam
11:44:07 Slammer: Guitar Chat: Icey!
11:44:07 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
11:44:10 Slammer: Guitar Chat: Genny!
11:44:28 Slammer: Guitar Chat: what up?
11:44:42 Gen: Guitar Chat: im watching a picture of robin s cousin
11:44:47 Slammer: Guitar Chat: DUDE!!!
11:44:49 Gen: Guitar Chat: haha jk jk
11:44:51 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
11:44:53 icedern: Guitar Chat: Hey dude
11:44:55 Slammer: Guitar Chat: Damn....
11:45:06 Slammer: Guitar Chat: oh well
11:45:15 Slammer: Guitar Chat: Gen were you on chat all day?
11:45:23 icedern: Guitar Chat: Gen is hardcore
11:45:27 Slammer: Guitar Chat: Yes
11:45:28 Gen: Guitar Chat: no lol i woke up 2 hours ago
11:45:29 Gen: Guitar Chat: haha
11:45:34 Slammer: Guitar Chat: me too
11:45:41 Slammer: Guitar Chat: well 1 hour ago
11:45:45 Gen: Guitar Chat: cuz i was on the chat all night long, you remember?
11:45:47 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
11:45:53 Slammer: Guitar Chat: yes
11:45:57 Gen: Guitar Chat: talkin about mexican girls
11:45:57 Slammer: Guitar Chat: but now it
11:45:58 Gen: Guitar Chat: haha
11:46:04 Slammer: Guitar Chat: 's night for you again
11:46:09 Slammer: Guitar Chat: LOL
11:46:15 Gen: Guitar Chat: now its 17:40 pm
11:46:52 Gen: Guitar Chat: im addicted to the chat!
11:46:56 Gen: Guitar Chat:
11:46:58 Slammer: Guitar Chat: yes
11:48:00 icedern: Guitar Chat: I feel like I get something accomplished here...instead of chatting in some video game and getting nothing least i'm practicing guitar now lol
11:48:11 Gen: Guitar Chat: haha
11:48:37 Slammer: Guitar Chat: LOL
11:48:45 Slammer: Guitar Chat: yes
11:48:52 Gen: Guitar Chat: yes
11:49:01 Gen: Guitar Chat: yes..
11:49:03 Gen: Guitar Chat: yes...
11:49:07 Gen: Guitar Chat: yes...
11:49:15 Gen: Guitar Chat: its dead
11:49:16 Slammer: Guitar Chat: WOW
11:49:17 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
11:49:18 Slammer: Guitar Chat: No it
11:49:20 Slammer: Guitar Chat: not
11:49:24 Slammer: Guitar Chat: ok
11:49:42 Slammer: Guitar Chat: hey did you know Icey's girlfriend is named Robin LOL
11:49:50 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol really?
11:49:52 icedern: Guitar Chat: lol, yep
11:49:55 Gen: Guitar Chat: hehe
11:50:04 Slammer: Guitar Chat: dude we got on Robin yesterday
11:50:09 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
11:50:09 Slammer: Guitar Chat:
11:50:11 Slammer: Guitar Chat:
11:50:13 icedern: Guitar Chat: poor robin haha
11:50:25 Slammer: Guitar Chat: yes
11:50:31 Slammer: Guitar Chat: It's a girls name
11:50:39 Slammer: Guitar Chat: *not in norway
11:50:43 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
11:51:07 Slammer: Guitar Chat: Gen is a Swiss
11:51:49 Slammer: Guitar Chat: Miss
11:52:02 Slammer: Guitar Chat: swiss Miss
11:52:08 Slammer: Guitar Chat: is Hot Chocolate
11:52:11 icedern: Guitar Chat: Ernest is all male
11:52:12 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
11:52:29 Slammer: Guitar Chat: who's Ernest?
11:52:33 icedern: Guitar Chat: <--
11:52:37 Gen: Guitar Chat: yea lol who is it?
11:52:39 Gen: Guitar Chat: a okay
11:52:47 icedern: Guitar Chat: iced Ern
11:52:49 Gen: Guitar Chat: haah
11:52:51 Gen: Guitar Chat: haha
11:53:13 icedern: Guitar Chat: my friend called me that cause i am big into the band Iced Earth
11:53:42 Gen: Guitar Chat: ha lol
11:54:18 Slammer: Guitar Chat: ok Icey
11:54:54 Slammer: Guitar Chat: Icey's real name is Chester
11:55:11 Slammer: Guitar Chat: *slap*
11:55:14 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
11:55:14 icedern: Guitar Chat: chester copperpot
11:55:36 Slammer: Guitar Chat: yes
11:55:53 Slammer: Guitar Chat: Gen name is pronounced Ghen
11:56:00 Gen: Guitar Chat: yea
11:56:03 Slammer: Guitar Chat: like Ben with a G
11:56:10 Gen: Guitar Chat: loll
11:56:18 Slammer: Guitar Chat: Icey is Happy!
11:56:23 Gen: Guitar Chat: haha
11:56:35 Slammer: Guitar Chat: Icey is dead!!!
11:56:41 Gen: Guitar Chat: nooooooooooooooooooooooo
11:56:46 icedern: Guitar Chat: ouch
11:56:49 icedern: Guitar Chat: haha
11:56:54 icedern: Guitar Chat: nah, just reading the forums
11:56:59 icedern: Guitar Chat: trolling
11:57:00 Slammer: Guitar Chat: Sellout*
11:57:04 Slammer: Guitar Chat: LOL
11:57:29 Slammer: Guitar Chat: gen were you here for Kris chat?
11:57:38 icedern: Guitar Chat: kris chat last night?
11:57:45 Slammer: Guitar Chat: no on Thursday
11:57:46 Gen: Guitar Chat: i was here like 5 minutes
11:57:58 Slammer: Guitar Chat: wasn't it fun?
11:58:00 Slammer: Guitar Chat: LOL
11:58:05 Gen: Guitar Chat: yea it was cool
11:58:09 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
11:58:25 Gen: Guitar Chat: but yesterday was the coolest chat ever
11:58:26 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
11:58:31 Slammer: Guitar Chat: too bad icey wasn't here
11:58:35 Slammer: Guitar Chat: last night
11:58:36 Gen: Guitar Chat: yea
11:58:48 Gen: Guitar Chat: hope kris is uploading it
11:58:49 Gen: Guitar Chat: haha
11:58:52 Slammer: Guitar Chat: NO
11:58:55 Gen: Guitar Chat: loool
11:58:56 icedern: Guitar Chat: dang, i missed a good one
11:58:58 Slammer: Guitar Chat: it's stupid
11:59:12 Gen: Guitar Chat: dont worry, kris s gonna upload it
11:59:14 Gen: Guitar Chat:
11:59:22 Slammer: Guitar Chat: He's too mature for us three 18 year olds being stupid
11:59:33 Slammer: Guitar Chat: Icey I mean
11:59:34 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
11:59:40 Slammer: Guitar Chat: and Kris too
12:00:19 Slammer: Guitar Chat: *meow* *slap* *whip*
12:00:24 Gen: Guitar Chat: oh man
12:00:30 Gen: Guitar Chat: you scared me
12:00:32 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
12:00:37 icedern: Guitar Chat: you youngins
12:00:41 Slammer: Guitar Chat: yes
12:00:44 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
12:00:46 Slammer: Guitar Chat: we just lil kids
12:00:56 Slammer: Guitar Chat: don mind uz
12:01:09 Slammer: Guitar Chat: only Gen
12:01:12 Slammer: Guitar Chat: and Robin
12:01:18 Slammer: Guitar Chat: it's there fault
12:01:30 icedern: Guitar Chat: haha
12:02:04 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
12:03:53 Slammer: Cool Guitarist only: LOL
12:03:55 Gen: Cool Guitarist only: lol
12:03:59 Slammer: Cool Guitarist only: dude poor guy
12:04:03 Gen: Cool Guitarist only: yea lol
12:04:04 Slammer: Cool Guitarist only: I feel so bad
12:04:07 Gen: Cool Guitarist only: haha
12:04:15 Slammer: Cool Guitarist only: he probably doesn't evem notice
12:04:20 Slammer: Cool Guitarist only: LOL
12:04:26 Slammer: Cool Guitarist only: he's not even on
12:04:26 Gen: Cool Guitarist only: yea, i was thinking about that lol
12:04:39 Slammer: Cool Guitarist only: See
12:04:41 Slammer: Cool Guitarist only: LOL
12:04:42 Gen: Cool Guitarist only: lol
12:04:44 Gen: Cool Guitarist only: hahahaha
12:04:46 Gen: Cool Guitarist only: omg
12:04:47 Slammer: Cool Guitarist only: dude
12:04:48 Gen: Cool Guitarist only: poor guy
12:04:51 Gen: Cool Guitarist only: lol
12:04:52 Slammer: Cool Guitarist only: ok lets go
12:04:56 Gen: Cool Guitarist only: yes
12:05:03 icedern: Guitar Chat: wtf
12:05:05 Slammer: Guitar Chat: LOL
12:05:06 Gen: Guitar Chat: loool
12:05:09 Slammer: Guitar Chat: joke
12:05:13 Slammer: Guitar Chat: no worries
12:05:15 Gen: Guitar Chat: omg
12:05:16 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
12:05:23 Slammer: Guitar Chat: you weren't here
12:05:31 Slammer: Guitar Chat: Icey we wanna chat with ya
12:05:35 Slammer: Guitar Chat: !
12:05:57 icedern: Guitar Chat: i saw the other room open and i tried to get in..but i was like..password...password?
12:06:05 Gen: Guitar Chat: haha yes
12:06:16 Slammer: Guitar Chat: it's a practical joke we play on people
12:06:18 Slammer: Guitar Chat: LOL
12:06:27 Slammer: Guitar Chat: sorry were stupid 18 year old
12:06:28 Slammer: Guitar Chat: s
12:06:33 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol yea
12:06:38 icedern: Guitar Chat: lol
12:06:43 Slammer: Guitar Chat: We'll mature one day
12:06:45 icedern: Guitar Chat: i was 18 once
12:06:47 Slammer: Guitar Chat: maybe...
12:06:53 icedern: Guitar Chat: 9 years ago
12:07:05 Slammer: Guitar Chat: ok dudes I gtg
12:07:10 icedern: Guitar Chat: i remember turning 18
12:07:11 Slammer: Guitar Chat: I maybe back
12:07:12 Gen: Guitar Chat: noooooooooooo slaaaaaaaaam
12:07:14 Slammer: Guitar Chat: or not
12:07:15 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
12:07:16 Gen: Guitar Chat: okay
12:07:19 Gen: Guitar Chat: haha
12:07:22 Slammer: Guitar Chat: cya later
12:07:24 Slammer: Guitar Chat: maybe
12:07:25 Gen: Guitar Chat: cya
12:07:27 icedern: Guitar Chat: l8r
12:07:44 icedern: Guitar Chat: he is a ball of fire haha
12:07:50 Gen: Guitar Chat: yea lol
12:08:09 Gen: Guitar Chat: just imagine how the chat was great yesterday
12:08:17 icedern: Guitar Chat: oh i'm sure
12:08:20 icedern: Guitar Chat: lol
12:08:30 Gen: Guitar Chat: he was really exited lol
12:08:35 Gen: Guitar Chat: and scared
12:08:39 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
12:08:43 icedern: Guitar Chat: haha
12:08:46 Gen: Guitar Chat: cuz of kris
12:08:48 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
12:09:20 Gen: Guitar Chat: he said awsome funny things, but he was scared kris upload the log
12:09:29 icedern: Guitar Chat: hahaha
12:09:37 Gen: Guitar Chat: i hope he does upload it!
12:09:41 Gen: Guitar Chat: it was really funny
12:09:44 icedern: Guitar Chat: that would be funny
12:10:05 Gen: Guitar Chat: when i said that he said:
12:10:08 Gen: Guitar Chat: NO
12:10:09 Gen: Guitar Chat: DUDE
12:10:11 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
12:10:25 icedern: Guitar Chat: haha
12:10:39 icedern: Guitar Chat: i wanna read the i hope he did up load it
12:10:45 Gen: Guitar Chat: yea lol
12:11:18 Gen: Guitar Chat: okay man, i g2g practice a bit, cya later maybe lol
12:11:21 Gen: Guitar Chat: bye
12:11:31 Gen: Guitar Chat: *slap*
12:11:37 icedern: Guitar Chat: see ya
12:30:51 Slammer: Guitar Chat: *whip* *slap* *meow*
12:31:00 Slammer: Guitar Chat: where did everyone go??
12:31:31 Slammer: Guitar Chat: *meow* *slap* *whip*
12:31:41 Slammer: Guitar Chat: dude I leave and the CHat dies
12:31:45 Slammer: Guitar Chat: Damn...
12:31:57 icedern: Guitar Chat: hah
12:32:01 icedern: Guitar Chat: practicing
12:32:12 Slammer: Guitar Chat: whatcha doing?
12:32:19 Slammer: Guitar Chat: Gabes lessons?
12:32:27 Slammer: Guitar Chat: Pavel?
12:32:41 icedern: Guitar Chat: nah, not yet
12:32:44 icedern: Guitar Chat: just warming up
12:32:50 Slammer: Guitar Chat: Hey Guest you can't type
12:32:54 Slammer: Guitar Chat: anything
12:32:58 Slammer: Guitar Chat: u need to sign up
12:33:21 Slammer: Guitar Chat: yes
12:33:36 icedern: Guitar Chat: i need breakfast
12:33:48 Slammer: Guitar Chat: were you on here before Guest?
12:33:58 Slammer: Guitar Chat: DUDE
12:34:12 Slammer: Guitar Chat: do you know how this works guest>
12:34:14 Slammer: Guitar Chat: ?
12:34:27 Slammer: Guitar Chat: do you play guitar?
12:35:01 Slammer: Guitar Chat: r u a member?
12:35:16 icedern: Guitar Chat: think you need to be logged into the forums first
12:35:20 Slammer: Guitar Chat: are you Gen?
12:36:06 Slammer: Guitar Chat: Oh well
12:36:19 Slammer: Guitar Chat: Dude
12:36:22 Gen: Guitar Chat: hahaha
12:36:30 Slammer: Guitar Chat: you little @#$^%$&
12:36:33 Gen: Guitar Chat: hey i could write
12:36:36 Slammer: Guitar Chat: yes
12:36:39 Slammer: Guitar Chat: you Could
12:36:40 Gen: Guitar Chat: just two words lol
12:36:44 Slammer: Guitar Chat: Idk how
12:36:54 Slammer: Guitar Chat: Icey is eating Breakfast
12:37:12 Gen: Guitar Chat: hehe, i just took my guitar next to my computer
12:37:22 Gen: Guitar Chat: cuz it was in the bedroom
12:37:30 Slammer: Guitar Chat: now you can Jam!
12:37:34 Gen: Guitar Chat: o yea lol
12:37:36 Slammer: Guitar Chat: with Robins cousin
12:37:40 Gen: Guitar Chat: haha
12:37:43 Slammer: Guitar Chat: *slap*
12:38:45 Slammer: Guitar Chat: so you be playing all day?
12:38:57 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol, only since i woke up
12:39:01 Gen: Guitar Chat: some hours ago
12:39:06 Slammer: Guitar Chat: wanna watch some youtube Videos?
12:39:14 Gen: Guitar Chat: link!
12:39:20 Slammer: Guitar Chat: ok one sec
12:40:22 Slammer: Guitar Chat:
12:40:52 icedern: Guitar Chat: i'm afk making some eggs and bacon
12:41:05 Slammer: Guitar Chat: DUde I'm hungry
12:41:15 Slammer: Guitar Chat: eggs and Bacon sound good
12:41:20 Slammer: Guitar Chat:
12:41:35 Gen: Guitar Chat: yea this vid is great, i already saw it
12:41:58 Slammer: Guitar Chat: yeah Most ppl have seen it 400 times
12:42:19 Gen: Guitar Chat: hey, icey is using the sandclock method!
12:42:21 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
12:42:37 Slammer: Guitar Chat:
12:43:06 Gen: Guitar Chat: hehe i also know this one
12:43:14 Slammer: Guitar Chat: LOL
12:43:16 Slammer: Guitar Chat: I know
12:43:34 Slammer: Guitar Chat: it's so cool
12:44:14 Slammer: Guitar Chat: I wanna double neck
12:44:24 Gen: Guitar Chat: yea me too
12:44:24 Slammer: Guitar Chat: then I *whip* ass
12:44:34 Gen: Guitar Chat: even if i couldnt play on it
12:44:35 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
12:46:14 Slammer: Guitar Chat: do you like blues?
12:46:23 Slammer: Guitar Chat: *meow*
12:46:34 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol of course
12:46:38 Slammer: Guitar Chat: watch this
12:46:41 Gen: Guitar Chat: who are you asking?
12:46:43 Gen: Guitar Chat: okay
12:46:45 Slammer: Guitar Chat:
12:47:30 Gen: Guitar Chat: yea thats great
12:47:51 Gen: Guitar Chat: stuff i like
12:47:58 Slammer: Guitar Chat: have you ever heard the song change the world
12:48:02 Slammer: Guitar Chat: ?
12:48:05 Slammer: Guitar Chat: by CLapton?
12:48:10 Gen: Guitar Chat: no
12:48:28 Slammer: Guitar Chat: you prob have
12:48:36 Slammer: Guitar Chat: it's not a really fast song
12:48:42 Slammer: Guitar Chat: but I love the Chorus
12:49:06 Slammer: Guitar Chat:
12:49:11 Slammer: Guitar Chat: just Listen
12:49:15 Slammer: Guitar Chat: it's cool
12:49:17 Slammer: Guitar Chat: LOL
12:49:18 Gen: Guitar Chat: okay
12:49:43 icedern: Guitar Chat: ouch, i stubbed my toe on the door and about ripped the nail off..its bleeding everywhere
12:49:54 Slammer: Guitar Chat: damn....
12:50:01 Slammer: Guitar Chat: that sucks
12:50:05 Gen: Guitar Chat: oh i know the song!
12:50:10 Gen: Guitar Chat: wow icey
12:50:12 Gen: Guitar Chat: damn
12:50:25 icedern: Guitar Chat: but i have breakfast so i'm good
12:50:34 Slammer: Guitar Chat:
12:50:39 Gen: Guitar Chat: haha
12:50:54 Slammer: Guitar Chat: dude you wanna see one the Best Clapton Solos ever?
12:51:06 Gen: Guitar Chat: here we gooo!
12:51:08 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
12:51:44 Slammer: Guitar Chat:
12:51:54 Slammer: Guitar Chat: at about 2:00
12:53:22 Slammer: Guitar Chat: pretty cool
12:53:25 Slammer: Guitar Chat: huh?
12:53:31 Slammer: Guitar Chat: *meow*
12:53:34 Slammer: Guitar Chat: LOL
12:53:38 Gen: Guitar Chat: yea the song s great
12:53:50 Gen: Guitar Chat: wow
12:53:52 Gen: Guitar Chat: the solo!
12:53:56 Slammer: Guitar Chat: Yes
12:54:09 Slammer: Guitar Chat: some people say Clapton Sucks
12:54:18 Slammer: Guitar Chat: they're stupid
12:54:21 Slammer: Guitar Chat: LOL
12:54:30 Slammer: Guitar Chat: I *slap* them
12:54:42 Gen: Guitar Chat: ha lol
12:54:51 Gen: Guitar Chat: they are just jealous
12:55:03 Slammer: Guitar Chat:
12:56:06 Slammer: Guitar Chat:
12:56:20 Slammer: Guitar Chat: LOL
12:56:23 Slammer: Guitar Chat: *whip*
12:57:05 Gen: Guitar Chat: yea i also know this one
12:57:34 Gen: Guitar Chat: brb
13:01:19 Slammer: Guitar Chat: *slap*
13:04:17 Slammer: Guitar Chat: ok Gen
13:04:20 Slammer: Guitar Chat: I gtg
13:04:24 Slammer: Guitar Chat: cya
13:04:33 Slammer: Guitar Chat: cya icey
13:04:37 Gen: Guitar Chat: back
13:04:39 Gen: Guitar Chat: nooo
13:04:41 Gen: Guitar Chat: lol
13:04:42 Gen: Guitar Chat: cya
13:04:45 Slammer: Guitar Chat: *whip*
13:04:47 Slammer: Guitar Chat: later
13:04:51 Gen: Guitar Chat: later
13:10:05 icedern: Guitar Chat: i'm just doing some practicing
13:17:52 Gen: Guitar Chat: yea me too
13:28:39 Gen: Guitar Chat: g2g see ya
17:50:12 icedern: Guitar Chat: Hey Muris, how you doing?
18:00:32 muris: Guitar Chat: now it works here
18:00:38 icedern: Guitar Chat: ah good
18:00:41 muris: Guitar Chat: funny
18:00:47 icedern: Guitar Chat: just log out and back in?
18:00:56 muris: Guitar Chat: yes
18:01:09 muris: Guitar Chat: but maybe that's not the reason
18:01:14 muris: Guitar Chat: could be
18:01:23 icedern: Guitar Chat: it was being wierd today
18:01:35 muris: Guitar Chat: never mind tho
18:01:40 muris: Guitar Chat: it's ok now
18:01:59 icedern: Guitar Chat: i'm semi afk...just finishing up cooking dinner
18:02:13 icedern: Guitar Chat: so i'll probably be slow on responses
18:02:21 muris: Guitar Chat: i just had dinner
18:02:24 muris: Guitar Chat: late one
18:02:43 muris: Guitar Chat: came from rehearsal not so long ago
18:03:15 icedern: Guitar Chat: ah, what time is it
18:03:24 muris: Guitar Chat: midnight
18:03:35 icedern: Guitar Chat: yah, id say that is a late dinner heh
18:03:53 muris: Guitar Chat:
18:04:04 muris: Guitar Chat: i saw you post
18:04:13 muris: Guitar Chat: yo wanted to talk about sometjing?
18:04:17 muris: Guitar Chat: or just to chat
18:05:19 muris: Guitar Chat: shot if you have some questions
18:05:28 muris: Guitar Chat: I'll be glad if I could help
18:05:36 icedern: Guitar Chat: i have a newb question for you. when i'm playing high frets on my neck, i find it hard to use the proper fingers for certain it ok to cheat and just use like 3 fingers or should i just learn to use the proper fingers?
18:05:57 muris: Guitar Chat: well
18:06:24 muris: Guitar Chat: high frets are often hard to use many fingers
18:06:37 muris: Guitar Chat: not too much space
18:06:49 muris: Guitar Chat: it depends of lick
18:07:00 muris: Guitar Chat: some must be played with 4
18:07:09 muris: Guitar Chat: and some you can do with 3
18:07:17 muris: Guitar Chat: if it's not something too complicated
18:07:44 icedern: Guitar Chat: thats kind of what i was thinking. I just didn't want to screw up my technique if I did that.
18:07:54 icedern: Guitar Chat: or make it difficult to break the habit in the long run
18:07:57 muris: Guitar Chat: no
18:08:04 muris: Guitar Chat: don't worry about that a lot
18:08:11 muris: Guitar Chat: find your own fingering
18:08:15 muris: Guitar Chat: look at someone
18:08:22 muris: Guitar Chat: and choose best for you
18:09:02 icedern: Guitar Chat: that makes sense. Thanks
18:09:07 muris: Guitar Chat: but it's good to have pinky ready for action as well
18:10:14 icedern: Guitar Chat: yah, I've been trying to work on that a lot this weekend. I've neglected my pink a lot just to the fact i've not been a lead player.
18:10:24 icedern: Guitar Chat: *pinky
18:10:36 muris: Guitar Chat: I see
18:10:49 muris: Guitar Chat: you're like back guitar in your band?
18:11:49 icedern: Guitar Chat: Yeah, I just never really learned to solo. We do some melody stuff but thats not near as complicated as solo
18:12:01 muris: Guitar Chat: got ya
18:12:11 muris: Guitar Chat: how long have you played?
18:12:21 icedern: Guitar Chat: off and on for about 11 years
18:12:32 muris: Guitar Chat: that's fine
18:12:36 muris: Guitar Chat: look
18:12:47 icedern: Guitar Chat: I just felt way behind where i could have been
18:12:48 muris: Guitar Chat: ther's a cool lesson on my website
18:12:52 muris: Guitar Chat: legato lesson
18:13:07 muris: Guitar Chat: good for pinky tho
18:13:18 muris: Guitar Chat: no vidoe but has mp3 and tab
18:13:28 icedern: Guitar Chat: oh, i'll check that out
18:13:50 muris: Guitar Chat: good exercise for pinky
18:13:58 muris: Guitar Chat: i do it quite often
18:14:15 muris: Guitar Chat: to regain condition here and there
18:15:17 muris: Guitar Chat: do you need link for it?
18:15:25 icedern: Guitar Chat: if you have it hand
18:15:27 icedern: Guitar Chat: handy
18:15:35 muris: Guitar Chat: sec
18:16:11 muris: Guitar Chat:
18:18:31 icedern: Guitar Chat: cool thanks for the link
18:18:38 icedern: Guitar Chat: checking it out now
18:18:45 muris: Guitar Chat: ok
18:19:45 icedern: Guitar Chat: nice webpage btw
18:20:07 muris: Guitar Chat: thanks
18:23:05 icedern: Guitar Chat: Hey Gen
18:23:14 Gen: Guitar Chat: hey guys
18:23:14 icedern: Guitar Chat: Get some sleep?
18:23:20 Gen: Guitar Chat: no lol
18:23:26 muris: Guitar Chat: hi
18:26:23 icedern: Guitar Chat: Man, muris that sweep exercise you have up there is insane
18:27:35 muris: Guitar Chat: ahh
18:27:36 muris: Guitar Chat: lol
18:28:00 muris: Guitar Chat: friend of mine who is doing all work for my site had a joke about it
18:28:04 muris: Guitar Chat: i gave him that one
18:28:07 muris: Guitar Chat: he asked
18:28:19 muris: Guitar Chat: wtf,a video game???
18:28:21 muris: Guitar Chat:
18:28:23 icedern: Guitar Chat: LOL
18:28:52 icedern: Guitar Chat: seriously, that is freaking fast
18:29:05 muris: Guitar Chat: thanks
18:29:10 muris: Guitar Chat: it all can be done
18:29:15 muris: Guitar Chat: with hard work
18:29:33 icedern: Guitar Chat: looks like you definitely paid your dues and practiced
18:29:45 muris: Guitar Chat: ahh
18:29:49 muris: Guitar Chat: wish a had more
18:29:59 muris: Guitar Chat: during last 4-5 years
18:30:28 muris: Guitar Chat: bussines took me away form practicing a lot
18:30:35 muris: Guitar Chat: from
18:31:50 icedern: Guitar Chat: have you been able to get back into it more now?
18:32:31 muris: Guitar Chat: yeah
18:32:44 muris: Guitar Chat: got my shape back again
18:32:58 icedern: Guitar Chat: Thats great
18:33:10 muris: Guitar Chat: yep
18:33:22 muris: Guitar Chat: but still regret for those years
18:33:25 muris: Guitar Chat:
18:34:27 icedern: Guitar Chat: I know what you mean. I'm not settling for subpar guitar playing anymore
18:35:02 muris: Guitar Chat: that's good
18:35:12 muris: Guitar Chat: tellme,how old a

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18:35:12 muris: tellme,how old are you?
18:35:47 icedern: 27
18:36:00 muris: great
18:36:03 muris: me too
18:36:36 icedern: haha, but i'm about 15 years behind you in guitar skill lol
18:36:53 muris: no big deal
18:36:56 muris: trust me
18:37:14 muris: someone needs more time but someone lees
18:37:18 muris: less
18:37:29 muris: it's all about hours
18:37:35 muris: not years
18:37:39 muris:
18:38:29 icedern: I usually have free times in the evening after work that i waste. I'm not wasting it anymore hah. If you get bored, we have some music up on our myspace page.
18:40:04 muris: added you
18:40:11 muris: will listen to stuff for sure
18:41:18 icedern: my friend does the site. I think we have a song or two from our first from 2000. They aren't very good, but it was fun to record
18:41:41 icedern: but couple of them are some new stuff of ours
18:41:50 muris: it's good to racord all stuff
18:41:56 muris: might be of help in future
18:43:10 icedern: yah, the bass player just bought some new recording equipment. I love it. we can lay down midi to help with timing and add cool orchestral stuff
18:43:30 icedern: plus we have been looking for a drummer so we were able to do simple drums with it in the mean time hehe
18:43:46 muris: yeah
18:43:53 muris: God bless VST
18:44:15 icedern: oh yes
18:46:25 muris: I made my dubut by myself
18:46:40 muris: not this new I'll have some guest musicians
18:47:05 icedern: I am just listening now to sounds great.
18:47:35 icedern: the one on your main page
18:47:49 muris: thanks
18:48:25 icedern: I'm going to have to get it
18:49:11 muris: appreciate it!
18:50:27 icedern: Heck yah, gotta support the fellow musicians
18:50:45 muris: Big Thanks
18:50:50 Smikey2006: hey guys
18:50:57 muris: Hi there
18:51:02 icedern: Hey smikey
18:51:25 Smikey2006: hows life treaten ye
18:51:38 icedern: Pretty good, can't complain. Yourself/
18:51:44 muris: fair by now
18:52:41 Smikey2006: lol im great... tryin to sort out dinner and order my new mini stack
18:52:43 Smikey2006: Krank jr
18:53:20 icedern: great! I've not heard Krank's before. Nice sound to it I take it?
18:54:04 Smikey2006: great sound
18:54:18 Smikey2006: if you search the fourms you will read nothing but praise from me haha
18:54:30 icedern: haha
18:54:47 Smikey2006: ive got a regular krank and cab but i was reading about this mini stack in guitarworld
18:54:53 muris: must get one Krank for sure
18:55:12 Smikey2006: its like a full stack (2 cabs and head) but the whole thing stacked is only as tall as a guitar
18:55:25 icedern: I had a mesa half stack i had to sell last fall. Just wasn't playing out anymore so I got rid of it
18:55:35 icedern: whoa. thats neat
18:55:50 muris: what kind of Mesa did you have?
18:56:19 muris: which amp?
18:56:19 Smikey2006: aww
18:56:26 icedern: had a dual rectifier head
18:56:31 Smikey2006: oh i was told to do a review of the mesa amp haha
18:56:32 muris: cool
18:56:36 Smikey2006: who told me to do this haha?
18:56:36 muris: good one
18:56:55 icedern: Yah, it was sweet sounding guitar. Love the sound of it
18:57:02 icedern: err..amp
18:57:09 icedern: not guitar
18:57:15 Smikey2006: lol
18:57:26 Smikey2006: yea i need to go eat a guitar for dinner... i mean burger
18:57:33 Smikey2006: ... guitar just replaces all words
18:58:02 icedern: lol
19:00:05 Robin: Hi dudes
19:00:23 Robin: I checked your website muris. great stuff!
19:00:26 icedern: Hey man, whats happening
19:00:32 Robin: not much, going to bed in 5min
19:00:35 icedern: isn't it amazing
19:00:40 Robin: just here to say hi
19:00:43 Robin: indeed
19:00:49 icedern: i'm listening to his stuff now
19:01:12 icedern: cool, talk to you later.
19:01:57 muris: hey
19:01:58 muris: sorry
19:02:04 muris: was out a bit
19:02:16 muris: thanks tho
19:03:24 Smikey2006: sry guys i just ran away lol
19:03:31 icedern: hehe
19:03:40 muris: no worries
19:03:55 Robin: Hi dudes
19:04:06 icedern: What scales do you like to write in mostly Muris?
19:04:09 Robin: aaaand bye going to bed see you later
19:04:16 icedern: Cya Robin
19:04:21 muris: am I again only guy from Europe here?
19:04:26 muris: by Robin
19:04:36 muris: bye
19:04:54 Smikey2006: lol maybe
19:04:56 Smikey2006: im from canada
19:05:16 muris: icedern,you're form states right?
19:05:31 muris: from
19:05:47 icedern: yah i'm from illinois
19:05:58 muris: 2 vs 1
19:06:01 muris:
19:06:07 icedern: Robin is from europe
19:06:17 muris: yeah
19:06:28 muris: but he just left me
19:06:28 muris: lol
19:08:02 icedern: afk phoen
19:08:04 icedern: phone
19:09:38 Slammer: Man, Alive by POD is such a Good Song
19:09:46 Slammer: I'm listening to it right Now
19:10:02 Slammer: *slap*
19:10:30 icedern: hey slam
19:10:34 Slammer: Sup?
19:10:43 Slammer: you've been in here all day!
19:10:45 icedern: i'm on the phone
19:10:46 Slammer: on and off
19:10:49 icedern: on and off
19:10:53 Slammer: LOL
19:11:26 Slammer: yes
19:11:41 Slammer: I *whip* this chat back to Life
19:12:02 muris: hey slammer
19:12:08 Slammer: Hello
19:12:08 muris: what's new?
19:12:31 Slammer: Well, I practiced the Aeolian Mode!
19:12:49 Slammer: it's fun!
19:12:58 muris: knew it 8)
19:13:08 Slammer: Yes
19:13:19 Slammer: do you ever Play Thrash Muris?
19:13:55 Slammer: just wondering!
19:13:59 muris: used to do
19:14:08 muris: years ago
19:14:27 Slammer: Yes, Most people these days start off with Metal like that
19:14:30 icedern: brb
19:14:35 Slammer: It's pretty Easy to play
19:14:41 Slammer: ok icey
19:15:11 muris: probably easier than blues
19:15:23 Slammer: All you have to do Drop D tune and Hold down strings on one Fret
19:15:44 muris: sounds like fun
19:15:55 muris: must try it
19:15:57 Slammer: do you play blues?
19:16:08 muris: i use only standard tuning
19:16:25 muris: not so modern I guess
19:16:46 Slammer: of course
19:16:58 Slammer: Drop D is mainly for Metal and Nu metal
19:17:06 Slammer: like Korn and POD
19:17:12 Smikey2006: mmhmm
19:17:14 Slammer: bands like that
19:17:15 Smikey2006: screw drop d
19:17:20 Smikey2006: play driopped c
19:17:22 Smikey2006: its more metal haha
19:17:24 muris: heheh
19:17:25 Slammer: YES!
19:17:45 icedern: strings are to sloppy!
19:18:05 Slammer: hey muris can you give me some advice?
19:19:14 muris: only if you're serious
19:19:18 Slammer:
19:19:42 Slammer: Contructive Critisiam
19:20:26 muris: think i listened to it last night
19:20:31 muris: was that it?
19:20:43 Slammer: no
19:20:53 Slammer: that was something else
19:21:15 Slammer: but this Is my Attepmt to Play Blues
19:21:44 muris: downloading it
19:21:49 Slammer: ok
19:21:57 Slammer: this was Recently
19:22:05 Slammer: like 3 weeks ago I recorded this
19:22:35 muris: ok
19:24:49 Slammer: as you can tell it's minor Pentatonics
19:24:59 Slammer: like Most people Use
19:25:06 Slammer: no Modes
19:25:30 Slammer:
19:25:35 muris: ahh
19:25:52 muris: you did play B note once
19:26:11 Slammer: I did??
19:26:17 Slammer: is that bad?
19:26:19 icedern: bleh, that was a long phone call
19:26:53 muris: 1:41
19:26:54 Slammer: very long indeed
19:26:58 muris: of course not
19:27:16 muris: it gaved him nice mood
19:27:42 muris: and you grabbed a piece of mixolydian
19:28:01 Slammer: LOL
19:28:04 Slammer: ok
19:28:21 muris: you play it all the times
19:28:25 muris: as I said
19:28:30 muris:
19:28:34 Slammer: you hear that Icey? I grabbed a piece of Mixolydian
19:28:41 icedern: lol
19:28:46 icedern: i'm downloading it now
19:28:58 Slammer: so your telling me.. that Without even knowing It I'm playing Modes?
19:29:11 muris: yep
19:29:14 Slammer: Sweet!!
19:29:16 muris: something like that
19:29:24 muris: but whole but piece of it
19:29:37 muris: not whole
19:29:47 Slammer: Well, I kinda Knew a little bit of the Mixolydian
19:29:54 Slammer: becuase Jimmy Page
19:29:58 Slammer: used it alot
19:30:10 Slammer: and I play like him sometimes
19:30:21 Slammer: when it comes to blue
19:30:23 Slammer: s
19:30:36 icedern: i just like the name mixolydian
19:30:41 Slammer: yes!
19:31:24 Slammer: so how would you rate my Blues playing Muris?? 1. Needs work, 2. I completey Suck
19:32:15 muris: Fair
19:32:26 muris: and need more work
19:32:32 muris: like we all do
19:32:33 icedern: everyone always needs work...we wouldn't be called musicians if we were ever satisfied with our work
19:32:38 Slammer: ok fair enough
19:32:43 Slammer: and Yes Icey
19:34:31 Slammer: and now the Chat has Died *whip*
19:34:37 Slammer: LOL
19:34:54 icedern: practicing
19:35:10 Slammer: LOl
19:35:14 muris: way to go Ice
19:35:20 Slammer: yeah I gotta go to dinner soon
19:35:27 Slammer: Like Right now!
19:35:46 icedern: don't know if i asked you this or not Muris, but what scale do you find yourself writing in mostly Muris?
19:35:53 icedern: ok, see ya slammy
19:36:03 Slammer: Slammy??
19:36:07 icedern:
19:36:10 Slammer: Damn...
19:36:19 Slammer: Ok guys take care
19:36:25 muris: bye
19:36:26 icedern: l8r
19:36:35 muris: about scales
19:36:53 muris: can't tell for sure
19:36:56 muris: I use many
19:37:16 muris: but major/minor are most common
19:37:19 muris: I guess
19:38:34 icedern: I think, from the little I do know, that I like major the far as sound
19:38:51 icedern: But there is a lot I don't know yet about modes and such
19:39:51 muris: yeah
19:39:55 muris: major is dad
19:40:07 muris:
19:40:19 icedern: hehe
19:41:25 muris: modes are cool
19:41:38 muris: Andrew has good lessons about it here
19:41:41 muris: check it out
19:44:33 muris: tho if you have any questions about it feel free to ask
19:48:09 icedern: In the major scale section, Kris says something about 4 note per string way and 3 note per string he just talking about how he is making the boxes?
19:48:23 icedern: like the 4th note overlaps the next box?
19:50:30 muris: yeah
19:50:43 muris: probably like ways to go through scale
19:50:54 muris: using 3 or 4 notes per string
19:51:28 icedern: does it matter which way you learn it?
19:51:43 muris: mean 3 or 4?
19:51:51 icedern: yah
19:51:57 muris: well
19:52:05 muris: try to count
19:52:21 muris: you'll get more notes if you play 4 per string
19:52:38 muris: right?
19:52:47 icedern: exactly
19:52:56 muris: so it's up to you
19:53:10 muris: if you want you play scale in just one octave
19:53:25 muris: you can use 2 and 3 notes per string
19:53:46 Slammer: don't mind me...
19:53:50 muris: but for more octaves
19:53:52 Slammer: I'll just watch
19:54:03 muris: more notes per string are needed
19:54:24 icedern: Ok, i see what youre saying. makes sense
19:54:31 Slammer: I'll just Watch Muris the Guitar God!
19:54:45 Slammer: My face melts in your Presence!
19:54:58 icedern: lol
19:54:58 Slammer: LOL
19:55:57 Slammer: dude I heard Muris is so Good that People pay him for Lessons!!
19:56:45 Slammer: he's on this Fancy Guitar Site called:
19:56:56 Slammer: because He's the Master!!
19:57:03 muris: you ARE a funny guy
19:57:10 Slammer: I kid not
19:57:29 Slammer: Muris is the God of guitar... I heard Yngwie is Jealous!
19:58:05 Slammer: And Satch and Vai are saving up Money for Private Lessons!!
19:58:09 Slammer: LOL
19:58:09 muris: you're doiung this all the time or?
19:58:20 icedern: have you ever seen those yngwie films where he is all like..."I am your new god, little boys"
19:58:27 Slammer: Yes LOL
19:58:33 Slammer: I'm just Board
19:58:36 Slammer: that's all
19:58:39 Slammer:
19:58:58 muris: saw that vid Ice
19:59:06 muris: great one
19:59:39 icedern: those things make me laugh so ahrd
19:59:41 icedern: hard
19:59:51 muris: me too
20:00:07 Slammer: we should make one for Muris!!
20:00:07 muris: same guy did many of that kind
20:00:14 muris: few with Petrucci too
20:00:30 muris: but Yngwie is the best
20:00:46 icedern: yeah
20:00:47 Slammer: Is Yngwie better than You?
20:00:57 icedern: there is the herman li ones now too
20:01:05 icedern: but not as good as yngwie
20:01:07 muris: yeah?
20:01:10 muris: cool
20:01:53 muris: did he say"I'm soo fat"?
20:02:13 icedern: haha
20:02:31 muris: think soo
20:02:38 icedern: I thought so
20:02:49 muris: great vid
20:03:05 icedern: cause in the petrucci ones he talks about yngwie doing that cookbook
20:03:15 muris: ohh yeah
20:03:30 muris: his technician is like Yngwie
20:03:34 muris:
20:04:11 icedern: yah! so funny. "When i go like this, i go into world domination mode" "Peoples heads explode"
20:04:20 muris: lol
20:04:24 muris: yeah
20:05:25 muris: still on aeolian?
20:05:51 muris:
20:06:09 icedern: yah
20:06:19 Slammer: Hey Muris where are you From?
20:06:34 muris: Sweden
20:06:39 muris: like Yngwie
20:06:42 muris:
20:07:00 Slammer: I thought Kris Said you were from Bosnia??
20:07:05 Slammer: or something
20:07:15 muris: ohh yeah
20:07:28 muris: i got too much into his mind
20:07:28 muris: lol
20:07:40 Slammer: Heh..
20:08:04 Slammer: so is English the official Language in Bosnia?
20:08:14 muris: nope
20:08:20 Slammer: well, you speak pretty good
20:08:37 muris: ahh
20:08:37 Slammer: do they teach it in School?
20:08:52 muris: you're too polite
20:08:54 Slammer: probably not.
20:09:07 Slammer: in Public School
20:09:35 muris: probably
20:10:07 Slammer: they Teach English in the Public Schools there?
20:10:29 muris: why should they?
20:10:50 Slammer: well it was only a Question
20:11:08 muris: of course
20:11:17 Slammer:
20:11:26 Slammer: Icey fell asleep
20:11:40 Slammer: yep...
20:11:48 icedern: haha, just running through G major
20:11:49 muris: no way
20:11:54 muris: hehehe
20:12:03 Slammer: I like G major
20:12:07 Slammer: it's fun
20:12:27 muris: you know where Bosnia is?
20:12:49 Slammer: yes
20:12:50 muris: slammer?
20:13:05 Slammer: I'm not as Dumb as you think
20:13:15 muris: noo
20:13:18 muris: i don't thin that
20:13:21 muris: just asking
20:13:52 Slammer: Sarajevo is the Capital!
20:14:05 muris: yes it is
20:14:11 muris: but where it is?
20:14:21 Slammer: what Bosnia?
20:14:30 muris: yes
20:14:43 Slammer: Croatia to the North
20:14:47 Slammer: right??
20:15:00 muris: near
20:15:04 muris: yes
20:15:12 muris: thanks
20:15:13 Slammer: close to Serbia I think
20:15:27 muris: in between
20:15:54 Slammer: yes
20:16:23 Slammer: so whats the Difference between Bosnia and Herzegovina?
20:16:53 muris: not that much
20:16:56 Slammer:
20:17:04 muris: weather
20:17:09 Slammer: same country right?
20:17:14 muris: yes
20:17:31 Slammer: are you Fluent in Bosnian?
20:17:33 muris: Hercegovina is more to the south
20:18:04 Slammer: or Croatian?
20:18:23 muris: do I speak it fluently?
20:18:28 Slammer: yes
20:18:48 muris: ahh pa zar bi trebalo biti drugacije?
20:19:03 muris:
20:19:04 Slammer: no habla espanol
20:19:13 muris: there you go
20:19:20 Slammer: Yes!
20:19:50 Slammer: So.. Muris we'd like to know how many years you have beem playing the Guitar?
20:20:00 Slammer: right Icey?
20:20:06 Slammer: *whip*
20:20:21 muris: since 93-94
20:20:33 Slammer: Wow!! quite a while
20:21:01 Slammer: and you were 20 when you started?
20:21:45 muris: ahh
20:22:01 muris: don't know what to say
20:22:04 muris: give me a hint
20:22:28 Slammer: how about how old you were when you started playing?? I was asking
20:22:47 Slammer:
20:23:00 icedern: 13-14
20:23:07 Slammer: ahh ok
20:23:12 muris: that's not a way to talk mate
20:23:17 Slammer: I didn't know
20:23:23 Slammer: sorry
20:23:30 Slammer: what's not a way to talk?
20:24:01 Slammer: sorry for asking so many questions
20:24:08 Slammer:
20:24:09 muris: if you don't know already,I'm sorry
20:24:35 Slammer: Ok...
20:24:39 Slammer: um
20:25:02 Slammer: I guess were not on the Same Page here?
20:25:11 muris: [Slammer] muris is the God of guitar... I heard Yngwie is Jealous! [Slammer] And Satch and Vai are saving up Money for Private Lessons!!
20:25:19 muris: is this cool for you?
20:25:30 Slammer: dude That was just me being a Idiot
20:25:39 muris: if it is,then we're surely on different pages mate
20:25:40 Slammer: I wasn't serious
20:25:52 muris: so
20:25:53 Slammer: I Joke around alot
20:26:03 Slammer: Please don
20:26:06 Slammer: think
20:26:12 muris: don't be an idiot
20:26:14 Slammer: I was insulting you
20:26:15 muris: ok?
20:26:30 Slammer: Ok sorry Man.
20:26:56 muris: I'm cool with that
20:26:58 Slammer: If you ask anybody here they will tell you that I alway Kid Around
20:27:09 Slammer: But I'm never Serious
20:27:13 Slammer:
20:27:15 muris: but that's nota way of talking to someone you know for few hours
20:27:16 muris: or days
20:27:31 muris: right?
20:27:38 Slammer: that's right.
20:28:01 muris: ok then
20:28:12 Slammer: I am very Glad that we have you On GMC muris!
20:28:27 Slammer: and I hope to Learn alot from your lessons!
20:28:38 muris: me too
20:29:02 Slammer:
20:29:05 muris: so please
20:29:07 icedern: Yah slammer is full of it
20:29:30 muris: don't give me another reason to ignore you
20:29:39 muris: we can talk as much as you wish
20:29:53 Slammer: ok
20:30:07 Slammer: Agreed
20:30:12 muris: but some culture of talk must be done
20:30:16 Slammer:
20:30:34 Slammer: I love it when things work out!
20:30:41 muris: me too
20:31:07 muris: chat is cool
20:31:20 Slammer: yes, and I wouldn't want you to think that I disrespect you in any way
20:31:22 muris: you can hide your name etc
20:31:44 muris: but you're still talking to real people
20:31:55 icedern: its awesome having someone with your knowledge and skill around for help, muris
20:32:31 Slammer: yes
20:32:36 muris: I'm glad if I can be of any help tho
20:33:02 Slammer: thanks!
20:33:22 muris: anytime
20:35:01 muris: how is G going Ice?
20:35:31 icedern: Think I have all the boxes memorized now. i'm just running though them speeding up my picking
20:35:46 muris: great
20:35:54 muris: 3 or 4 nps?
20:36:32 icedern: 4
20:36:45 muris: ok
20:37:30 muris: pardon me if I interupt too much
20:37:41 muris: you start with downstoke or upstroke
20:37:54 icedern: no you're fine
20:38:35 icedern: I'm not sure what you mean? I'm alternating picking going down the box then up then the sliding to the next box. Is that what you mean?
20:39:04 muris: you play 4 nps right?
20:39:16 muris: and probably start on 6th string
20:39:19 icedern: yah
20:39:59 muris: so if you play 4 notes on 6th too
20:40:25 muris: good is to startwith upstroke
20:40:42 icedern: oh, i see what youre saying
20:41:17 muris: right hand will be in better position while moving to another string
20:41:22 muris: that's all
20:41:39 icedern: I play lefty, but you mean my picking hand right?
20:41:40 muris:
20:41:51 muris: yeah
20:41:57 muris: picking hand
20:43:01 muris: usualy we start our runs with downstroke
20:43:13 muris: so cool is to play 3 notes on 6th
20:43:32 muris: and 4 on others
20:44:43 icedern: helps with the speed
20:45:08 muris: sure
20:45:09 Slammer: Hey Muris...When I played the A Aeolian Mode.... It starts on the 5 fret right?
20:45:39 muris: it starts with note A
20:45:49 Slammer: But the Notes It seems like the Notes I'm playing are like the F# pentatonic Scale
20:45:49 muris: you pick the spot
20:46:01 Slammer: kinda
20:47:04 Slammer: so what I was wondering is.... would the A Aeolian scale work over a Progression starting with F#m chord
20:47:14 Slammer: ?
20:47:39 Slammer: just something I was wondering about
20:47:44 muris: why don't you try it first?
20:47:57 muris: you have guitar nearby?
20:48:13 Slammer: not really... but I'll try it later
20:48:29 Slammer: I was just Wondering since it near the same Notes
20:49:16 muris: chances are small,but try
20:49:36 Slammer: ok will do
20:52:21 Slammer: Maybe Icey will record a song with his band
20:52:52 icedern: hehe, yah working on our new album now. 7 songs in progress atm
20:52:58 Slammer: cool
20:54:46 Slammer: yep
20:54:50 Slammer: very cool
20:56:38 icedern: haha
20:56:44 icedern: did you go to our myspace page yet?
20:57:05 Slammer: not yet?
20:57:20 icedern: think he has a couple of our new song ideas up
20:57:33 Slammer: link?
20:57:46 icedern:
20:58:16 icedern: man, i have crammed and crammed today
20:58:28 icedern: like 7 hours of practice lol
21:00:01 Slammer: learned anything new?
21:00:13 icedern: major scale hehe
21:00:32 muris: hard stuff on space Ice
21:00:40 muris: and big guy on vocal too
21:00:51 icedern: yah he is
21:01:01 icedern: he is a bit smaller now though..he hurt his arm and can't lift anymore
21:01:10 muris: ahh
21:01:16 muris: sorry to hear that
21:01:37 icedern: he isn't really a vocalist either..but i'm not a good singer so he was stuck with it haha
21:01:54 muris: got ya
21:01:58 Slammer: LOL
21:02:41 muris: is this Gibson on photo or?
21:02:54 icedern: mine? no its an epi
21:03:00 muris: ok
21:03:14 icedern: poor mans gibson
21:03:20 icedern: hehe
21:03:35 Slammer: are you the Bald guy?
21:03:41 icedern: yah
21:03:58 Slammer: I thought you were Heman
21:04:04 icedern: haha
21:04:26 icedern: nope thats the other guitar/bass/singer guy
21:04:38 icedern: incredible hulk
21:04:45 Slammer: is Mad Matt really good?
21:04:48 muris: someone sent me a message from your page ice
21:04:57 icedern: yah, thats paul. the he man
21:05:01 muris: is that him runing it or somebody else?
21:05:05 icedern: yah
21:05:09 muris: cool
21:05:13 icedern: yah, matt is good
21:05:19 icedern: he is my brother in law
21:05:25 icedern: he is like 40 something i think
21:05:34 icedern: but if he practiced a lot..he would be great
21:05:40 muris: so his name is Paul or Matt?
21:05:42 icedern: I don't think i have anything with him on it on our myspace
21:05:48 icedern: Paul is the big guy
21:05:53 muris: ok
21:05:55 icedern: who runs myspace
21:06:01 muris: got it
21:07:09 icedern: were pretty amature, but we like to write stuff
21:07:20 Slammer: ok dudes I gotta run... I'm gonna come back on chat maybe in a Few... but in Case you guys are gone CYA!
21:07:32 icedern: ok, see ya later bud
21:07:35 muris: see ya
21:07:40 Slammer: Bye
21:08:00 muris: uhh
21:08:12 muris: he always did stuff like this?
21:09:03 icedern: Yah, he is younger. I don't really pay much attention to what he says.
21:09:23 icedern: you mean slammer right?
21:09:27 muris: yeah
21:09:34 muris: I should do the same
21:09:39 muris: problem is
21:09:44 muris: he asks something
21:09:52 muris: you want to help
21:10:03 muris: and that you realize he's making a joke
21:10:06 muris: soo
21:10:15 icedern: yah, its hard to know whats serious and whats not
21:10:19 muris: ignore I guess
21:10:25 icedern: with someone who jokes constantly
21:10:51 muris: it is
21:11:40 icedern: I really don't think he means anything bad by stuff he says, but I don't think he thinks about the consequences either of what he says
21:12:04 muris: yeah ,you're right about that
21:12:38 muris: but he needs some basic education after all I think
21:12:50 icedern: yah, youre right
21:13:09 muris: those generations are wild
21:13:14 muris: same thing here
21:13:43 muris: parents are missing to talk with them
21:13:46 icedern: I really think a lot of it has to do with how they were raised...
21:13:50 icedern: exactly
21:13:56 icedern: or they spoil them rotten
21:14:04 muris: yes
21:14:54 icedern: I thank my parents for raising me with some manners.
21:15:11 muris: hell yeah
21:15:14 muris: me too
21:15:33 muris: i guess we took last train
21:15:55 icedern: hah, yah.
21:16:03 icedern: I just hope to do the same for mine
21:16:18 muris: absolutely
21:16:23 muris: it is hard today
21:16:28 muris: but must be done
21:16:53 icedern: yep
21:17:14 icedern: and when i do have a kid..i want a guitar in his hands when he is old enough to walk lol
21:18:21 muris: way to go mate
21:20:25 icedern: I'm getting really sloppy..guess its time to sit the guitar down
21:22:17 muris: yeah
21:22:23 muris: take a break
21:23:33 Slammer: you've been playing 7 hours icey?
21:23:46 icedern: haha
21:23:47 icedern: yah
21:23:53 icedern: well, probably total today
21:24:58 Slammer: yeah it's fun
21:25:14 icedern: its all ive done today besides eat and shower
21:25:33 Slammer: and use the PC
21:25:42 icedern: true that
21:26:01 icedern: What did you think of the song on myspace
21:26:13 Slammer: Smashing!!
21:26:24 icedern: hulk, smash
21:26:29 Slammer: yes!
21:26:37 icedern:
21:26:51 Slammer: do you guys play alot of gigs?
21:26:58 icedern: in our old band we did
21:27:11 icedern: this new thing is just really to have fun and write stuff
21:27:19 Slammer: like a Jam band
21:27:33 icedern: yah, pretty much..just like to write and record stuff
21:27:44 Slammer: Yep, that's cool
21:27:57 Slammer: I used to have one
21:27:58 icedern: I don't miss playing in bars much...i'd rather just go and have a drink and watch soemone else
21:28:12 Slammer:
21:28:18 icedern: a band>
21:28:19 Slammer: yeah that's true
21:29:22 Slammer: how far r u from Chicago?
21:30:05 icedern: oh just under 2 hours
21:31:14 icedern: i'm just about halfway between chi-town and st. louis
21:31:28 Slammer: did you ever do gigs in Chi?
21:31:53 icedern: sometimes. I haven't for a while
21:32:22 Slammer: Fall out boy is from Chicago
21:32:40 Slammer: I think
21:32:57 Slammer: although I'm sure you don't listen to them
21:33:01 Slammer: LOL
21:33:34 icedern: I don't know if i've heard of them
21:33:40 icedern: maybe i have...sounds familiar
21:34:00 Slammer: well, one of those EmoPunk bands I think
21:34:13 Slammer: Lots of little girls Scream
21:34:14 icedern: ah, probably not then
21:34:26 Slammer: I thought si
21:34:28 Slammer: so*
21:34:32 icedern: hehe
21:34:39 Slammer: so who wereyour fav bands growing up?
21:35:40 icedern: growing up...probably metallica, AC/DC, led zeppelin
21:36:07 icedern: But i've really expanded my tastes last 8 years or so
21:36:17 Slammer: Yeah, I used to Really Like Zep
21:36:21 Slammer: and Cream
21:36:28 Slammer: were my Favorites
21:36:44 Slammer: Clapton is My all time Favorite Guitarist
21:37:14 Slammer: I'm British just like him!
21:37:32 icedern: yah, he was definitely a great player
21:37:39 Slammer: WAS???
21:37:41 Slammer: LOL
21:37:58 icedern: lol
21:38:00 Slammer: he's still alive!
21:38:05 Slammer: believe it or not
21:38:16 Slammer: just Like Page
21:38:21 icedern: yah, he is i should have said
21:38:24 Slammer: and BB king
21:38:24 icedern: lol
21:38:41 icedern: do you guys listen to Dream theater at all?
21:38:47 Slammer: I wonder how the World would be if SRV was still alive
21:39:00 muris: must jump in
21:39:04 muris: used to do
21:39:04 Slammer: John Petrucci is cool
21:39:12 muris: till scenec from memories
21:39:28 Slammer: cool
21:39:54 icedern: I'm not really familar with a lot of their stuff as i never followed it till late..but I'm listening to this song now called a change of
21:40:04 Slammer: I like Portnoy
21:40:05 muris: ahh
21:40:09 muris: long one
21:40:12 Slammer: he's a great drummer
21:40:16 icedern: Yes
21:40:20 muris: from same titled album
21:40:33 muris: there's a great live medley on that album
21:40:57 icedern: there is a part about 12 mins in...where the bass and guitar playing melodies over each other..omg
21:41:07 icedern: oh yah..the big melody
21:41:10 icedern: i have that one too
21:41:33 muris: they played In The flash right?
21:41:59 muris: at the begining of that medley
21:42:04 icedern: yeah
21:42:17 muris: Gilmour rules
21:42:27 Slammer: hey guys if you could make a Supergroup with members of any bands who would they be?
21:42:43 icedern: hmm, good questions
21:43:17 Slammer: wb
21:43:24 icedern: hehe thanks
21:43:47 icedern: i'd have to think about that
21:44:05 Slammer: I'd put Hendrix on Lead and Eddie Van Halen on rythm
21:44:32 muris: lol
21:44:40 Slammer: and John Bonham on Drums
21:44:49 Slammer: and Icey on Bass
21:44:56 icedern: lol
21:45:03 icedern: Bonzo mmm
21:45:12 muris: yeah
21:45:13 icedern: he would be my drummer
21:45:19 muris: but why eddie?
21:45:30 Slammer: He is very Good Rythm Guitar right?
21:45:38 Slammer: at least i've heard
21:45:41 muris: might be
21:46:05 Slammer: well, I don't know many Rythm guitarist
21:46:08 muris: but it's a different world to rest of them
21:46:16 Slammer: maybe Kieth Richards
21:46:21 muris: better
21:46:24 Slammer: Yes Kieth!
21:46:29 icedern: haha
21:46:32 Slammer: and Hendrix
21:46:33 muris: lol
21:46:36 Slammer: Bonham
21:46:46 Slammer: and John Paul Jones
21:47:01 icedern: i'd have bruce dickinson singing
21:47:07 icedern: thats a given for me
21:47:10 Slammer: what about Plant?
21:47:31 muris: paul rogers?
21:47:48 Slammer: did you ever see the SNL sketch on Rock n Roll heaven?
21:48:01 Slammer: Hendris on Lead
21:48:07 Slammer: Hendirx*
21:48:10 icedern: paul rogers..who was he with again?
21:48:13 icedern: bad company?
21:48:17 muris: yeah
21:48:29 icedern: no, i don't think i saw that one slam
21:48:30 Slammer: Kieth Moon on Drums
21:48:40 Slammer: LOL
21:48:47 icedern: hehe
21:49:20 icedern: id have geezer butler on bass i think
21:49:29 icedern: although john paul jones was amazing
21:49:35 icedern: but id put him on keyboards
21:49:36 icedern:
21:49:40 Slammer: Buddy Holly on Rythm too
21:49:45 Slammer: in the Sketch
21:50:17 icedern: Buddy holly haha
21:50:20 Slammer: they Put Jimmy Fallon in Glasses and Curly hair, He was Perfect
21:50:53 Slammer: have you ever seen the Video of Scarified?
21:51:01 Slammer: by Paul Gilbert?
21:51:20 icedern: no
21:51:37 Slammer: Amazing Bass player
21:51:46 Slammer:
21:52:22 Slammer: and Awesome Drummer
21:53:28 Slammer: Thats Insane!
21:54:04 icedern: takes me forever to watch youtube stuff...i'm in the boonies and don't have high speed
21:54:15 Slammer: oh
21:54:17 Slammer: Sry
21:54:41 icedern: normally it isn't to bad..but watching a lesson too hehe
21:55:04 Slammer: have you seen it Muris?
21:55:34 muris: maybe
21:55:47 muris: listening to some stuff for rehearsal tomorrow
21:55:53 Slammer: ok
21:55:58 Slammer: you have a band?
21:56:04 muris: few
21:56:18 Slammer: I thought you were a solo artist
21:56:24 muris: as well
21:57:15 icedern: you working on new material for the new album?
21:57:29 muris: yeah
21:57:45 muris: as much as I can regarding to other jobs
21:58:04 icedern: thats great. Is it going pretty well?
21:58:13 muris: I guess
21:58:23 muris: have about 8 tunes by now
21:58:32 muris: plus 3 old with vocals
21:58:57 Slammer: dp you sell your music in Stores?
21:59:01 Slammer: do*
21:59:10 muris: kind a
21:59:14 muris: on CD baby
21:59:16 muris: iTunes
21:59:18 icedern: very nice
21:59:22 Slammer: Cool
21:59:38 muris: yeah
21:59:41 Slammer: if you don
22:00:01 Slammer: if you don't mind me asking what is your band called?
22:00:04 muris: indipendent stuff is on the air a lot
22:00:11 icedern: hows that work on they purchase so many albums or something and pay up front?
22:00:31 muris: well
22:00:45 muris: they sell album for about 10$
22:00:56 muris: i get 8,70 or som
22:01:24 muris: talking of download of course
22:01:48 icedern: ah, so its kinda like a consignment thing..they mark up x dollars
22:02:11 muris: they have a cut
22:02:35 icedern: so they cut you a check after cd sells not before
22:03:11 muris: they pay to CD baby each month
22:03:32 icedern: ah, gotcha. I always wondered how that worked
22:03:39 muris: and then CDbaby pays me amount I checked before
22:04:03 muris: they work with many download sites
22:04:17 muris: iTunes is biggest I guess
22:04:29 icedern: yah, they have biggest market i think
22:04:39 muris: yeah
22:04:57 icedern: I think apple wants to control the market in everything
22:05:01 icedern: lol
22:05:05 muris: hehehe
22:05:16 muris: my brother is huge fan of Mac
22:05:28 muris: we have a fight all the time
22:05:33 muris: XP vs OSX
22:05:35 muris: lol
22:05:38 icedern: haha
22:05:56 icedern: they each have their pluses i guess..but for what i do i couldn't use osx
22:06:10 Slammer: like those old arcade games.... Round 1 Fight!!
22:06:32 Slammer: LOL
22:06:43 muris: now apple uses intel's too
22:06:53 muris: lost first round
22:06:57 icedern: lol
22:07:03 Slammer: who apple?
22:07:05 icedern: brb guys..gotta go feed and water the dog
22:07:10 muris: ok
22:07:11 Slammer: ok
22:07:26 Slammer: I'll talk to Muris
22:07:41 Slammer: So whats up Muris?
22:07:57 muris: listening some tunes
22:08:06 muris: have big gig at friday
22:08:07 Slammer: Cool Stuff
22:08:11 Slammer: Oh yeah
22:08:15 muris: wtih one major star here
22:08:23 Slammer: In a Concert hall?
22:08:28 muris: yeah
22:08:36 Slammer: nice
22:08:54 Slammer: Is your band pretty Famous around where you live?
22:09:17 muris: not sure of which band you are talking about?
22:09:52 Slammer: Oh... I guess I'm a little Confuesed
22:10:09 muris: i play with 3 solo artist here
22:10:13 muris: 2 bands
22:10:13 Slammer: Ahh ok
22:10:21 Slammer: Now I understand
22:10:22 muris: plus one for my solo stuff
22:10:29 Slammer: Gotcha!
22:10:53 Slammer: So have you been working on any new lessons?
22:11:00 Slammer: just wondering?
22:11:02 muris: yeah
22:11:18 muris: will do slow vids today after rehearsal
22:11:29 Slammer: your Latest Vid was cool
22:11:36 muris: thanks
22:11:42 Slammer: the Pentatonic Subsitutions
22:11:43 muris: this one is a bit faster
22:11:50 muris: about picking
22:11:57 Slammer: Cool
22:12:06 Slammer: What do you think of the other lessons on GMC?
22:12:15 muris: all great
22:12:21 Slammer: like Marcus Lessons are cool
22:12:31 muris: each has it own way
22:12:35 Slammer: yes
22:12:36 muris: like it a lot
22:12:52 Slammer: I wish Kris would make more lessons
22:13:00 Slammer: but he's really busy
22:13:15 muris: ask him
22:13:24 Slammer: We've tried LOL
22:13:30 Slammer: for the past 2 months
22:13:46 Slammer: but... he has alot to do running this Site
22:13:56 muris: for sure
22:14:14 icedern: I've only been through a couple so far since i signed up..but all of them i've done i've enjoyed
22:14:23 Slammer: I like Kris's Alternate Picking
22:14:28 Slammer: He;s a Beast
22:14:41 Slammer: when it comes to Alt picking
22:14:45 Slammer: and Tapping too
22:14:56 icedern: haven't watched it yet
22:15:08 Slammer: dude the Main Video on the Site
22:15:13 Slammer: it's awesome
22:15:21 Slammer: when you go tot the Homepage
22:15:28 icedern: oh yah..that is good
22:15:36 icedern: real good
22:15:45 Slammer: yes
22:16:38 muris: great one
22:16:49 muris: was watching it this morning
22:17:54 Slammer: Marcus latest Vibrato one is really good
22:18:07 muris: yeah
22:18:17 muris: same as first but with bar
22:18:25 muris: cool aproach
22:19:17 Slammer: yes
22:21:23 muris: i'll go to bed guys
22:21:27 muris: late here
22:21:42 icedern: take it easy man
22:21:44 Slammer: already
22:21:44 muris: have great time and talk soon
22:21:46 icedern: thanks for all your help
22:21:49 Slammer: Ok will do
22:21:53 muris: no problem
22:21:58 muris: see ya
22:22:01 Slammer: ok cya
22:22:06 Slammer: take care
22:22:16 icedern: night
22:23:14 icedern: i'm freaking thirsty
22:23:30 Slammer: YES
22:23:34 Slammer: you going to bed?
22:23:47 icedern: oh, probably in a bit
22:23:52 icedern: trying to finish laundry
22:24:00 Slammer: it's only 9:23 for you
22:24:04 Slammer: hour behind
22:24:24 icedern: yah, I get up at 530-545 for work
22:25:12 Slammer: you spent the whole Weekend on Chat>
22:25:28 icedern: hehe well except for when i left last night
22:25:55 Slammer: beer tasting
22:26:01 icedern: yah
22:26:07 Slammer: otherwise known as getting Drunk1
22:26:30 icedern: hehe, we did go to a beer tasting first
22:26:43 icedern: then yah, turned into that
22:26:46 icedern:
22:27:14 Slammer: YES!
22:27:16 Slammer: LOL
22:27:39 Slammer: GEN!!
22:27:40 icedern: Gen
22:27:46 Slammer: your here
22:27:48 Gen: haha
22:27:50 Gen: hi huys
22:28:03 icedern: morning
22:29:06 Slammer -> Slammer's hangout: Gen why weren
22:29:11 Slammer -> Slammer's hangout: you here
22:29:13 Gen -> Slammer's hangout: huh?
22:29:15 Slammer -> Slammer's hangout: 1 hour ago
22:29:21 Slammer -> Slammer's hangout: to back me up
22:29:42 Gen -> Slammer's hangout: lol
22:29:50 Gen -> Slammer's hangout: i ve been practicing
22:29:51 Slammer -> Slammer's hangout: Oh nvm
22:30:17 Slammer -> Slammer's hangout: lets go back to chat
22:30:34 Slammer: welcome guys
22:30:40 Gen: welcome slam
22:30:42 Gen: lol
22:30:47 Slammer: we'll let Icey do his Laundry
22:30:53 icedern: lol
22:30:54 Gen: hahaha
22:31:11 icedern: i'm just sitting here watching ice road truckers on history channel ;p
22:31:31 Slammer: LOL
22:32:33 icedern: these guys are nuts
22:33:00 Slammer: LOL
22:34:11 Slammer: .......dead chat....
22:34:47 icedern: these guys drive trucks across frozen lakes in northern canada
22:34:58 icedern: to deliver materials to mines in north canada
22:35:02 icedern: nuts
22:37:06 Slammer:
22:40:49 icedern: *whip*
22:41:02 Slammer: AHH
22:41:06 Slammer: Scared me
22:41:11 icedern: I don't wanna work tomorrow
22:41:13 Gen: yea me too
22:41:15 Gen: lol
22:41:27 Slammer: what do you do Gen?
22:41:38 icedern: but...i only work tomorrow and tuesday then i'm going on vacation till sunday
22:41:40 Gen: im talking with a friend on msn
22:41:58 Gen: bu with mics, cuz im talking with you guys
22:42:08 Gen: i mean, i write with you
22:42:41 Slammer: I mean where do you work Gen?
22:42:44 Slammer: LOL
22:42:49 Gen: hahaha
22:43:04 Gen: im the security guy on a bank, the evening
22:43:18 icedern: cool
22:43:30 Slammer: Wait... don
22:43:36 Slammer: don't move or I
22:43:40 Gen: ?
22:43:43 Slammer: play bad guitar lick
22:43:48 Gen: hahahaha
22:43:51 Gen: lol
22:47:10 Slammer: *whip* wake up
22:47:16 icedern: ouch
22:47:18 Gen: aaaaaa
22:47:20 Gen: ouch lol
22:47:53 Slammer: brb
22:49:44 icedern: same, folding laundry
22:50:43 Slammer: back
22:50:49 Gen: k
22:51:04 Slammer: so what time is it>
22:51:07 Slammer: Gen>
22:51:12 Slammer: ??
22:51:13 Gen: 4:45 am...
22:51:14 Gen: haha
22:51:22 Slammer: Damn you stay up late
22:51:26 Gen: yea
22:51:38 Gen: but i stay asleep late too
22:51:39 Gen: lol
22:51:51 Slammer: LOL
22:51:55 Gen: i woke up at 15 pm today
22:52:06 Slammer: or 3 pm for americans!
22:52:15 Gen: yea lol
22:52:17 Gen: sry
22:52:22 Slammer: no prob LOL
22:52:29 Gen: so, icey, how was the chat when i was not here?
22:52:43 Gen: *slap*
22:52:45 Slammer: he is foldong laundry
22:52:49 Gen: lol
22:52:53 Slammer: Folding
22:53:04 icedern: Nobody really was on except muris and Slam
22:53:20 Gen: oh cool
22:53:27 Gen: that was cool?
22:53:35 icedern: gave me time to practice!
22:53:37 icedern: hehe
22:53:39 Gen: lol
22:53:49 Gen: why
22:54:15 icedern: cause i wasn't destracted by chat
22:54:22 Gen: a okay
22:54:27 icedern: nah, i didn't mind
22:54:43 icedern: I like chatting..thats why i keep the window open all the time
22:54:49 Gen: hehe
22:55:28 icedern: I always have some sort of chat going..i keep my trillian going all the time
22:57:10 Slammer: cool
22:58:04 Slammer: ok then...
22:58:11 icedern: i hate folding clothes
22:58:22 Slammer: why doesn't Robin do it?
22:58:36 icedern: lol cause she is in iraq
22:58:57 Slammer: Oh sry
22:59:15 Slammer: does dhe play guitar too??
22:59:18 icedern: she is in national gaurd
22:59:19 icedern: no
22:59:29 icedern: guard
22:59:45 Slammer: My Brothers in the Army
22:59:59 icedern: he in iraq too?
23:00:02 Slammer: not in Iraq though
23:00:10 Slammer: he's a Drill Seargent
23:00:10 icedern: ah
23:00:27 icedern: thats good
23:00:42 Slammer: yeah
23:01:21 Slammer: 11:00 pm for me 10:00 pm for Icey, 5:00 am for Gen
23:01:38 icedern: hehe when do you have to get up
23:01:50 Slammer: Whenever I want!!
23:01:54 Slammer: LOL
23:01:57 Gen: yea me too
23:01:57 Gen: lol
23:02:07 Slammer: we still kids remember?
23:02:12 Gen: lool
23:02:18 icedern: you guys suck
23:02:21 icedern:
23:02:22 Slammer:
23:02:30 Slammer: LOL
23:02:33 Gen: haha
23:02:58 Slammer: although before Gen and I know it... were gonna be adults too
23:03:01 Slammer: Damn...
23:03:08 Gen: hahaha
23:03:11 Slammer: no more playing Guitar all day
23:03:16 Slammer: and Night
23:03:25 icedern: except on weekends
23:03:35 Slammer: dude Life sucks
23:03:50 Slammer: UNless... you work at a guitar shop!!!
23:04:16 icedern: haha, i could think of a couple other nice jobs
23:04:46 Slammer: Lighting at the Playboy Mansion??
23:04:54 icedern: that would be one
23:05:16 Slammer: Photographer at the Playboy Mansion!!
23:05:27 icedern: and another
23:05:27 Slammer: LOL
23:05:28 icedern: haha
23:05:46 Slammer: AIB123
23:05:50 Slammer: 234*
23:05:51 AIB234: hey!
23:05:55 AIB234: lol you do that every time
23:06:01 Slammer: damn... It's a bad habbit
23:06:14 icedern: Hey AIB
23:06:19 AIB234: evening
23:06:55 icedern: ok, laundry folded looks like bed is calling my name
23:07:12 Slammer: His bed can talk!!!
23:07:16 Slammer: Damn....
23:07:20 AIB234: lol
23:07:24 icedern: catch you riffmeisters on the morrow.
23:07:29 icedern: lol slam
23:07:35 Slammer: I gotta get my self one of those
23:07:46 icedern: it can be bad when you are trying to sleep in though
23:07:49 Slammer: I'm always cracking Jokes Right Guys?
23:08:12 icedern: yeah haha
23:08:13 AIB234: night ice
23:08:15 icedern: night guys
23:08:15 Slammer: just remember that!
23:08:21 Slammer: all of you
23:08:30 Gen: oh sorry
23:08:31 Slammer: wouldn't want to offend anyone!
23:08:33 Gen: i had a bug
23:08:43 Slammer: I hate Ants!
23:08:49 Slammer: and Roaches!
23:09:03 Slammer: and Miquitoes!
23:09:14 Slammer: BLAH Dman
23:09:18 Slammer: Damn*
23:09:26 Slammer: can't even spell that right
23:09:33 Gen: lol
23:09:42 Slammer: AIB234 you here?
23:09:52 AIB234: yep
23:10:07 Slammer: a couple hours ago I was trying to Ask you something on YM
23:10:08 AIB234: I saw a Michael Gungor concert tonight
23:10:17 AIB234: Yeah I got your message but you're offline now
23:10:19 AIB234: What's up?
23:10:22 Gen: haha, hi frank!
23:10:22 Slammer: no I not
23:10:35 AIB234: You're invisible to me for some reason then
23:12:45 Gen: hey, guys, look at the guest!
23:12:55 Gen: its a friend lol, im talkin with him on msn
23:13:03 Gen: he s also a guitar player
23:13:28 Gen: *whip*
23:13:37 AIB234: lol
23:13:51 AIB234: well he can't talk in here so he's not much good for convo!
23:13:59 Gen: lol
23:14:05 Slammer: the sand clock method
23:14:08 Gen: but he can use the sandclock method!
23:14:11 Gen: yea lol
23:14:21 AIB234: what is that?
23:14:24 Gen: lool
23:14:31 Gen: slam, i ll let you explain
23:14:36 Gen: lol
23:14:54 Gen: hey frank, do you liek guitar?
23:14:59 Gen: like
23:15:01 Gen: lol
23:15:19 Gen: do you have an ibanez?
23:15:25 Gen: lol
23:15:56 Gen: *whip* *meow*
23:16:05 AIB234: I do not have an Ibanez yet
23:16:08 AIB234: It should be here this week
23:16:12 AIB234: As well as my Jam Man
23:16:13 Gen: lol, i asked the guest
23:16:17 AIB234: and I'm not frank!
23:16:20 Gen: lol
23:16:25 Gen: the guest is frank
23:16:42 Gen: and i wanted to show you how the sandclock method works
23:16:52 AIB234: well it's not working!
23:16:58 Gen: just look
23:17:09 Gen: hey frank, do you like metal?
23:17:22 Gen: you see the sandclock aib?
23:17:30 AIB234: yes
23:17:36 Gen: he just showed a sandclock on his head
23:17:39 AIB234: so if he uses the sandclock it's a yes?
23:17:40 AIB234: lol
23:17:43 Gen: its to say yes
23:17:44 Gen: lol
23:18:04 Gen: try it
23:18:08 Gen: ask him something
23:18:09 Gen: lol
23:18:15 AIB234: Frank am I cooler than Gen?
23:18:25 Gen: lol
23:18:26 AIB234: I do not like Frank.
23:18:30 AIB234: hahaha
23:18:31 Gen: hahaha
23:18:37 AIB234: Sorry Frank
23:18:40 AIB234: the moment came and left
23:18:45 AIB234: you were too long and you can't suck up now.
23:19:01 AIB234:
23:19:03 Gen: hehe
23:19:12 AIB234: GMC need a new wink emoticon
23:19:21 Gen: lol yea
23:19:25 AIB234: That one looks skeptical, not winking
23:19:32 Gen: yes
23:20:10 Gen: slam?
23:20:48 AIB234: Gen
23:20:53 AIB234: if I start a petition will you sign it?
23:21:03 Gen: yes =
23:21:06 Gen:
23:21:07 Gen: lol
23:21:29 Gen: haha, i just created a new emticon, it looks like bugs bunny
23:21:30 Gen: lol
23:21:35 AIB234: hahaha
23:22:41 AIB234: hey ESJ
23:22:43 Gen: hi
23:22:45 Slammer: esaj welcome
23:22:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hey guys
23:22:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: thannnnnnnnnnnk you
23:23:07 Gen: why?
23:23:34 Eat-Sleep-andJam: how are you guys doing ?
23:25:11 AIB234: tiredf
23:25:14 AIB234: going to bed soon!
23:25:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: what time is it where you live ?
23:26:08 Gen: lol its 5:20 am here
23:26:16 Slammer: 11:26
23:26:17 AIB234: 11:30pm
23:26:18 Slammer: pm
23:26:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol holy shit 11:26
23:26:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam: 5:20 ? where do you live like the north pole
23:27:07 Gen: im in geneva switzerland
23:27:09 Gen: in europe
23:27:11 AIB234: It's not late, but since work I go to bed early to get up early
23:27:33 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Its hard to sleep with a energy drink in your system :|
23:27:49 Gen: yea lol i know taht
23:27:51 Gen: that*
23:28:19 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Hows the guitar coming guys ?
23:28:25 AIB234: Frustrating.
23:28:39 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Lol you and every other member on the site
23:28:42 AIB234: hehe
23:28:49 AIB234: I don't have the attention span to learn any songs
23:28:55 AIB234: so I just play exercises and stuff constantly
23:29:13 AIB234: and speed progress is really slow
23:29:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I learn " song wise " what I went to learn
23:29:17 AIB234: then I get to thinking
23:29:23 AIB234: Once I get these scale fragments up to speed
23:29:24 AIB234: Then what?
23:29:37 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Play with in them. Make solos , riffs, etc.
23:29:42 AIB234: Yeah
23:29:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Be creaaaaaaaaaative lol
23:29:55 AIB234: But I gotta get them up to speed first
23:30:07 AIB234: And I want to find pictures of the scale boxes to print off
23:30:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Yeah that would be really helpful if we just had a library of pictures of the scales that were
23:30:47 Eat-Sleep-andJam: printable
23:30:55 AIB234: mhmm
23:31:03 AIB234: I can't find accurate ones anywhere.
23:31:13 Gen: hey esaj, where do you live?
23:31:16 AIB234: And I don't know how to make my own. I mean I could make then in photoshop, but theoryetically!
23:31:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I live in Newyork
23:31:43 Gen: oh
23:31:44 Gen: cool
23:31:55 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah not the city, if you were wondering
23:32:06 Gen: ?
23:32:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Ever here of New york city >
23:32:29 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Times Square ?
23:32:29 Gen: a okay
23:32:33 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah not there
23:32:37 Gen: okay
23:32:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: So is Switz known for the cheese or what ?....
23:33:10 Gen: yea and chocolate...
23:33:13 Gen: lol
23:33:15 Gen: cliché
23:33:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam: mmmmmmmmhmmmmmmmm
23:33:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
23:34:33 Gen: your new york is know for what?
23:35:04 Gen: lets ask slammer, he nows all about those kind of things
23:35:17 Slammer: I do
23:35:18 AIB234: slammer's a weenie!
23:35:22 Gen: lol
23:35:29 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
23:35:33 Eat-Sleep-andJam: i second that
23:35:48 Gen: especially about girls in each country
23:35:49 Gen: hahaha
23:36:00 Eat-Sleep-andJam: new york is know for loud people , bad drivers ....and an occasionly strip joint
23:36:08 Gen: oh lol
23:36:11 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
23:36:35 Gen: we also have loud people and bad drivers here
23:36:44 Gen: and bad politicals
23:37:02 Gen: and bad frenchy s influences!
23:37:03 Gen: lol
23:37:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Im sure ever country has that ! Minus the frency influences
23:37:43 Gen: we speak french here, its near france
23:38:02 Gen: and all the crappy rap french stuff s coming here...
23:38:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: oh god......I could only imagine
23:38:45 Gen: yea, its sad
23:39:32 AIB234: I live in Canada
23:39:38 AIB234: Thumbs down Quebec
23:39:40 Gen: oh, btw sorry for my english guys, i had to learn english by myself...
23:39:46 Gen: a okay
23:39:48 AIB234: Not that I dislike French people, I just get tired of all the drama
23:39:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: your doing fine.
23:39:57 AIB234: I've never seen a problem with it Gen
23:40:03 Gen:
23:40:05 AIB234: You speak English better than a lot of people who I know... heh
23:40:11 Gen: lool
23:40:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Ha ha ha same here.
23:40:14 AIB234: seriously
23:40:15 Gen: sure not
23:40:30 AIB234: you wouldn't believe how people butcher it
23:40:33 Eat-Sleep-andJam: there are a lot of black people where i live that cant speak english for shit.
23:40:39 AIB234: lol
23:40:42 Gen: lol
23:40:45 AIB234: and besides Gen has an excuse to screw up
23:40:51 AIB234: all these other shmucks have no reason
23:40:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
23:41:03 Eat-Sleep-andJam: equal rights a reason >
23:41:04 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ?
23:41:07 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
23:41:53 Gen: aib, can you speak a little bit french?
23:42:08 Gen: this crappy language we speak here and in france lol
23:42:10 AIB234: A really little bit
23:42:13 AIB234: Hey Slammer
23:42:21 AIB234: MSN crapped out on me and it's not delivering my messages
23:42:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I can speak a bit of Italian
23:42:43 Gen:
23:42:45 AIB234: I know like
23:42:46 AIB234: bonjour
23:42:52 Gen: yea hehe
23:42:56 AIB234: comme ca va (probably wrong spelling)
23:43:01 Gen: lol
23:43:06 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
23:43:10 AIB234: french was brutal in highschool
23:43:11 AIB234: i hated it
23:43:14 Gen: haha
23:43:20 AIB234: all we ever learned was verbs and stuff
23:43:23 Gen: i dont like this language
23:43:28 AIB234: english or french?
23:43:36 Gen: even if its my language i dont like it
23:43:39 Gen: french
23:43:40 AIB234: english is a confusing language. probably the hardest to learn.
23:44:01 AIB234: cause we have words that have two meanings but are spelled the same
23:44:16 Gen: oh lol, dont tell me about hard languages lol , i started to learn japanese a few years ago
23:44:31 AIB234: haha
23:45:01 Gen: for exemple, they can have one pictogram to say 10 words lol
23:45:02 AIB234: I can imagine a whole new set of letters would be killer
23:45:12 AIB234: I've always wondered how that works
23:45:27 Gen: at the begininng, its pretty easy
23:45:53 Gen: but when you starts to learn kanjis, its a bit more difficult
23:46:04 AIB234: no idea what that is
23:46:14 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
23:46:16 Gen: kanjis are the chinese pictogram
23:46:20 AIB234: ah
23:46:22 Gen: but in japanese way
23:46:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: did it say I left chat a second ago ?
23:46:36 Gen: yes
23:46:42 AIB234: it does it every few minutes
23:46:50 Gen: yea
23:47:49 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well no dont get me wrong I left I just wondered if It did
23:48:18 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Im trying to figure out how to post like links in here
23:48:24 Gen: a okay
23:48:28 Gen: i cant
23:48:40 Gen: but some peoples can
23:48:50 Gen: i just dont know how
23:49:15 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah I did before
23:49:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: i just pasted the link
23:49:29 AIB234: yeah you just copy and paste
23:49:42 Gen: hey guys, i g2g sleep a little bit lol, im really tired, latter on
23:49:48 AIB234: night Gen
23:49:52 AIB234: don't forget to sign my petition!
23:49:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ok bye
23:50:00 Gen: dont worry ö
23:50:02 Gen:
23:50:05 Gen: bye
23:51:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I feel like watching a movie
23:51:51 AIB234: I feel like bed, yet here I sit wasting time
23:51:57 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
23:52:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I feel like sleeping is a waste of time, you cant feel it
23:52:18 AIB234: lol
23:52:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ill brb my sister just made chocolate mousse
23:52:47 AIB234: sweet
23:52:53 AIB234: I wish I had someone to make good food for me.
23:55:38 Eat-Sleep-andJam: who do you live with ?
23:56:39 AIB234: myself
23:56:40 AIB234: haha
23:57:41 Eat-Sleep-andJam: how old are you ?
23:58:17 AIB234: 18
23:59:04 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I see.
23:59:18 Eat-Sleep-andJam: you look younger in your "PLUNGER PIC"
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