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> Gutiar Chat 2007-07-02
Kristofer Dahl
post Jul 11 2007, 04:09 PM
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00:00:26 AIB234: haha it's an old picture
00:01:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I wish I had more freedom though. Im only 14
00:01:28 AIB234: hey enjoy the free cooked meals while you can
00:02:26 AIB234: But then again, I love living away from home
00:02:38 AIB234: and wouldn't trade it for cooked meals ever
00:03:37 Slammer: where did gen go?
00:03:45 AIB234: he ran away
00:03:59 Slammer: yep
00:04:03 Slammer: figures
00:04:10 AIB234: lol
00:05:14 Slammer: he's a Crazy little Swiss
00:06:57 Slammer: *slap* *whip*
00:07:16 AIB234: well
00:07:32 AIB234: I think I am going to bed it gents
00:07:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: night
00:11:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im gonna head out good night slammmmmmmmmer peace man
00:12:10 Slammer: ok take care
02:02:57 Averoex: hi?
02:03:27 Averoex: ne1 here?
08:59:15 icedern: Hi guest-1336, I don't think you can type unless logged in
10:08:26 Robin: Ahoyhoy
10:13:47 icedern: hey
10:13:57 icedern: sorry, i'm at little slow
10:14:10 icedern: and they did something with the firewalls so i keep getting disconnected
10:15:19 icedern: *meow*
10:18:48 Robin: *meow* hi
10:19:05 Robin: ok
10:21:44 icedern: hehe
10:21:49 icedern: whats up
10:23:50 Robin: practicing david wallimans mixolydian pentatonic lesson atm
10:23:54 Robin: whats up at work?
10:26:30 icedern: meh, nothing fun
10:34:21 icedern: how is that lesson going
10:41:43 Robin: going good
10:41:54 Robin: awesome lesson. never thought the pentatonic scale could sound that cool
10:42:15 Robin: and I dnot get why I havent learned any modes earlier! its so cool to get some variations
10:42:58 icedern: i'm not to that point yet in my lessons
10:43:03 icedern: I'm still a newb soloer
10:47:07 Robin: ah ok
10:47:31 Robin: what lessons are you on at the moment?
10:49:53 icedern: I was just going through kris's pentatonic lessons
10:50:11 icedern: Was on the horizontal one i think
10:50:11 icedern: last night
10:50:24 icedern: And i learned major scale
10:51:51 Robin: ah ok
10:52:08 Robin: I'm going to practice with my band now, talk to you later!
10:52:36 icedern: see ya!
12:53:54 icedern: ugh, this connection problem is pissing me off
12:54:23 Robin:
12:57:33 icedern: they moved our call center and did something with the firewall
12:58:01 Robin: sucks
13:00:06 icedern: how was practice
13:01:53 Robin: good
13:02:13 Robin: just me and my drummer today, jamming our asses off
13:04:12 icedern: cool
13:35:10 FmX: hey guy
13:35:14 FmX: s
13:35:45 icedern: hey there
13:35:55 icedern: sorry i'm a bit slow..still at work
13:36:13 icedern: and Robin is practicing with his badn
13:36:13 icedern: band
13:36:31 FmX: hehe nps
13:37:02 icedern: hows it going
13:38:10 FmX: guud guud, u? how's the guitarin
13:38:51 icedern: was going well yesterday...practiced like 7 hours hah
13:39:35 FmX: hehe yea practiced like 5 hours yesterday but I am stuck I am frustrated with my guitarin
13:40:58 icedern: how come?
13:41:04 icedern: whats up
13:41:50 FmX: nah I'm just stuck. I practice barres and some solos and stuff but I can't write anything on my own. I know some theory and trying to find out more but I am just stuck in this limited thinking
13:41:54 FmX: I can't write music
13:42:02 FmX: ...yet
13:43:06 icedern: well, to be honest, i've played guitar for 11 years and knew minimal theory and i've wrote several songs. Just play what feels right
13:43:57 FmX: problem is what feels right sounds bad
13:46:24 icedern: haha,'ll have that
13:46:42 icedern: but just keep with it. It will come.
13:47:00 icedern: I couldn't write anything after our first album..took me like 3 years
13:47:50 FmX: yea, it's frustrating though
13:49:17 icedern: oh heck ya it is
13:49:27 rokchik: Hello all
13:49:30 icedern: sometimes its best to just sit the guitar down for couple days
13:49:43 icedern: then come back and boom you have tons of ideas
13:49:48 icedern: Hey Rokchik
13:49:58 rokchik: hey what's we talkin bout
13:50:29 icedern: FmX has a bit of writers block so to say
13:50:35 rokchik: I C
13:50:42 icedern: I'm at work so i'm slow on the reply and robin is practicing with his band atm
13:51:13 rokchik: cool....I just got home figured I'd see what was on the go before practicing myself
13:51:39 rokchik: Hey Muris and Jammer91
13:51:58 jammer91: hi
13:52:07 muris: hello
13:53:13 icedern: hey there
13:53:28 muris: is G ok?
13:53:32 FmX: sorry, had to afk
13:53:35 jammer91: lol
13:53:42 FmX: hey rokchik, been a while
13:54:00 rokchik: yes it has's it going
13:54:29 icedern: yah, its good
13:54:35 icedern: stuck at work now though
13:54:59 rokchik: It's a holiday in Canada today...
13:55:00 jammer91: lol you go on GMC at work?
13:55:02 FmX: good good, am close to killing my guitar though. It doesn't play the way I want it to
13:55:09 FmX: how about you?
13:55:12 jammer91: i just sit down with my ipod
13:55:21 rokchik: I was having that problem earlier
13:55:32 jammer91: Its not Canada day
13:55:42 rokchik: I went for a tea at a local coffeee shop and now I'm back to practice
13:55:51 Robin: Wow, full house
13:56:06 Robin: Hey rokchik, how was the fishing trip?
13:56:15 rokchik: Jammer...yesturday was Canada Day...we get monday as the holiday cause the actual one was on the weekend
13:56:27 jammer91: oh
13:56:29 rokchik: Great..not a lot of fish though
13:56:30 icedern: yah, Jammer...well i have the window up
13:56:39 jammer91: i just moved from toronto few weeks back
13:56:50 jammer91: missing canada
13:56:52 rokchik: cool...where are you now
13:57:18 jammer91: a messed up dot on the map, its called UAE
13:57:24 jammer91: dad got a transfer
13:57:46 jammer91: Ill be back in a few years for university
13:58:08 rokchik: Jammer...I have a buddy there now working for Serco...predicting weather of all things
13:58:38 jammer91: Whats Serco?
13:58:38 FmX: damn I just realised how CRAPPY I am with chords.
13:58:46 FmX: icedern, what do you recomend
13:58:52 jammer91: sounds like something from taco bell
13:59:25 jammer91: Practice power chords in dropped C tuning and youll see how amazing you can sound
13:59:28 rokchik:'s a huge company that does indepentant contracting in all kinds of fields
13:59:50 rokchik: Hey I'm just starting in the Drop C stuff
14:00:12 jammer91: Its awesome for metal
14:00:20 icedern: I don't know how you can stay tune in drop C
14:00:25 icedern: lol
14:00:34 rokchik: Led Zeppelin does a few songs in C tuning too
14:00:38 icedern: way to sloppy for me for fast picking
14:00:40 jammer91: i just play a few power chords and it sound so awesome
14:00:56 rokchik: Friends and Brom Y'aur Stomp I think are done in C
14:01:04 jammer91: you people are like robotic lead buffs
14:01:47 muris: C is cool for power chords
14:01:54 muris: not that much for leads
14:01:59 jammer91: If you wanna know how to stay in tube in dropped C buy a floyd rose tremolo
14:02:05 rokchik: I suck at lead...but I do try. I'm more of a rhythm guitarist
14:02:13 jammer91: yeah
14:02:25 jammer91: me 2
14:02:26 FmX: Anyone knows any good songs with lots of chords?
14:02:50 jammer91: what type of chords
14:02:56 jammer91: most punk songs
14:02:57 FmX: open string, barre
14:03:07 jammer91: oh
14:03:19 jammer91: Wonderwall by Oasis
14:03:31 jammer91: Pieces by Sum 41
14:03:36 rokchik: Jammer you beat me to it
14:03:48 jammer91: ha ha
14:03:56 rokchik: Radiohead songs are good to for lots of chords
14:04:07 jammer91: time of your life by green day
14:04:12 FmX: wonderwall seems to have alot of odd chords though
14:04:15 rokchik: Karma Police, Creep, High and Dry
14:04:25 rokchik: It is actually pretty easy
14:04:25 jammer91: Its an easy song
14:04:34 rokchik: First song I learned
14:04:44 rokchik: and I suck
14:04:46 rokchik: LOL
14:05:29 muris: those are not odd chords that much
14:05:37 muris: but "guitar" chords
14:05:44 jammer91: K
14:05:45 muris: easy fingering
14:05:53 jammer91: i g2g
14:05:59 jammer91: C ya
14:06:05 rokchik: c ya
14:06:09 muris: bye
14:06:12 FmX: thanks for your advice ppl am looking into it now
14:06:22 FmX: see if I can find a song that looks interesting
14:06:24 FretDancer69: hey guys
14:06:28 FretDancer69: and girl
14:06:31 FretDancer69:
14:06:33 FretDancer69: whats up
14:06:42 muris: I'm not a girl tho
14:06:43 muris: lol
14:06:49 FretDancer69: yea i know,
14:06:52 FretDancer69: rokchik
14:06:54 rokchik: hey Fretdancer69
14:07:02 FretDancer69: , hey there
14:07:13 Robin: Hi
14:07:42 rokchik: FmX...UG has some good tabs for Wonderwall
14:08:05 rokchik: The hardest part for that song I think is the strumming
14:08:14 rokchik: and That's not that bad
14:08:27 Robin: hmm wonderwall, what band had that song?
14:08:33 rokchik: Oasis
14:08:43 Robin: Ah, thats what came in mind first.
14:08:45 rokchik: and some band back in the 80's
14:09:02 rokchik: Oasis is a cover...the original is horrible though
14:09:08 Robin: ah ok
14:09:26 muris: try Wish you were here
14:09:32 icedern: Hey fretdancer
14:09:35 rokchik: good song
14:09:36 muris: similair to Wonderwall
14:09:49 muris: speaking of chords
14:09:49 FretDancer69: hey
14:10:21 muris: and G in tonality too
14:11:48 muris: or Sultans of Swing?
14:11:53 FmX: wow, I am struggling with "Good Riddance" by Green day. I think it's time to practice more chords
14:12:03 rokchik: LOL
14:12:15 rokchik: I mess up alot in that song
14:12:20 FretDancer69: i never knew if that song was called like that or "time of your life"
14:12:21 muris:
14:12:43 FmX: I hate reading tabs to songs like this
14:12:53 FmX: I can see the first chord is a G but what the hell is the 2nd
14:12:57 muris: like Sultans?
14:13:41 rokchik: Sultans of swing is a fantastic song...I'm still having loads of problems with the lead part
14:14:03 FmX: DAMN IT. I hate chords
14:14:15 muris: tell me what chord confuses you
14:14:16 FretDancer69: lol same
14:14:22 muris: that 2nd one
14:14:27 FmX:
14:14:29 FmX: check that tab
14:15:20 muris: 2nd chord in 2nd bar?
14:15:31 FmX: ye
14:15:45 muris: C 9
14:15:57 FmX: aha. I don't even know that chord
14:16:15 muris: you do now
14:16:21 FmX: only know major and minor haha
14:16:38 muris: just add 9th degree and you have it
14:16:58 FmX: a 9th what now
14:17:14 muris: c to c is octave
14:17:26 muris: c to d is 9
14:17:46 muris: note on B string in that chord is d
14:18:04 rokchik: sorry had to answer phone...the second chord is Cadd9 isn't it
14:18:07 FmX: aha, see I am new to those things
14:18:17 muris: yeah
14:18:29 muris: you ca call it Cadd9 too
14:18:44 muris: easy stuff
14:18:49 muris: you'll get it
14:18:51 FmX: I was so stupid I started playing metal songs so I am good at powerchords and some soloing and stuff but I suck at the rest
14:18:52 Robin: Oh hi slammer
14:18:55 Robin: say something funny
14:19:05 Slammer: there's a party in here!!
14:19:14 Slammer: I'm not funny
14:19:18 Robin: HA HA '
14:19:29 Robin: you're sarcasm is killing me dude,
14:19:33 Robin: your*
14:19:47 Robin:
14:19:52 Slammer: I don't get it
14:20:00 rokchik: FmX....make the G chord then move your second and first fingers down a string same position
14:20:35 icedern: Hey slam
14:20:39 Slammer: I'm not even that funny... It's just gen laughs at everything I say
14:20:48 Robin:
14:20:51 FmX: thanks rokchik
14:20:53 Slammer: Hi ICEY!!
14:21:03 FmX: when did you learn all this damn it
14:21:09 rokchik: no problem FmX
14:22:18 Slammer: hey Rokchik
14:22:25 rokchik: I just picked this stuff up...LOL
14:22:28 rokchik: hey Slammer
14:22:42 Slammer: how was fishing?
14:22:59 rokchik: good...lots of rain, flies but not a lot of fish
14:23:09 rokchik: lots of fun though
14:23:12 Slammer: Cool
14:23:18 icedern: where did you go fishing and for what?
14:23:23 FmX: why is a G called G9 in this tab... this is confusing
14:23:35 rokchik: I think we bagged 10 in total...there was 8 of us
14:23:54 muris: not bad tho
14:24:01 Slammer: yes !
14:24:13 Slammer: better than me
14:24:36 rokchik: Icedern...I live in Labrador and went fishing about 85KM away from where I live. Lake trout is all we caught
14:24:46 Slammer: deep sea fishing off the coast of Miami beach, 3 1/2 hours nothing!!
14:24:53 Slammer: GEN!!
14:24:53 icedern: awesome
14:24:56 Robin: Hi ho gen
14:25:00 rokchik: I'd love to deep sea fish
14:25:01 Gen: omg
14:25:04 rokchik: Hey Gen
14:25:05 Gen: hi guys lol
14:25:13 Slammer: here you can go sooo cheap!
14:25:13 muris: hi mate
14:25:19 icedern: sup mi amigo
14:25:20 rokchik: FmX...I'm not sure
14:25:32 rokchik: Slammer...I bet
14:25:35 Slammer: $35 for like 3-4 hours
14:25:50 Slammer: deep sea that's not to bad
14:26:00 rokchik: sweet. We were in canoe most of the time...just paddlin around
14:26:32 muris: hope it'll be better nex time
14:26:37 muris: next
14:26:59 rokchik: hopefully...not going again until sometime in August
14:27:11 rokchik: Salmon trip then
14:27:20 Robin: cool
14:27:38 icedern: i'm doing some this weekend
14:27:43 rokchik: cool
14:27:43 icedern: not salmon
14:27:43 icedern: just fishing in general
14:27:53 icedern: bass
14:28:00 Slammer: I have a lake Behind my house
14:28:06 rokchik: nice
14:28:12 Slammer: Like RIGHT behinf
14:28:15 Slammer: LOL
14:28:21 Robin: I have a river behind my house
14:28:23 Slammer: house on a lake
14:28:39 rokchik: I have another house behind my house...LOL
14:28:39 Robin: even the king of Norway use to come fish in this river! though not right here
14:29:20 Slammer: it a new house only 3 years old, so It's a great Lake.... fish in it too, they swim right up to the shore which is in my back yard
14:29:30 Robin: awesome
14:29:36 Slammer: you can take a Net and catch them
14:29:38 Slammer: LOL
14:29:41 rokchik: LOL
14:29:50 Slammer: some big ones too!
14:29:51 Robin: I do it the old school way. With stocls
14:29:52 Slammer: Bass
14:29:54 Robin: sicks*
14:29:56 Robin: sticks*
14:30:06 Slammer: or with your hand like a bear?
14:30:08 FmX: I'm off, gotta practice. cya later guys and rokchik
14:30:10 Robin: that too
14:30:21 Robin: and I swim around like a shark aswell sometimes
14:30:22 rokchik: see ya FmX...good luck
14:30:26 Robin: see ya
14:30:54 Slammer: how's the Fishing in Bosnia Muris?
14:31:17 muris: I don't fish
14:31:23 muris: but it's good I guess
14:31:31 Slammer: cool
14:31:36 muris: many rivers
14:31:45 muris: strong and wild tho
14:31:52 muris: great for fishing
14:31:55 Slammer: yeah like Canada maybe?
14:31:56 muris: but not me
14:32:26 muris: hever been in Canadaso it's hard to say
14:32:27 rokchik: I just started fishing last summer
14:33:05 Robin: I fished the first time when I was 6. At sea. and we went every year to fish. though I'm not really that active anymore
14:33:16 Robin: I sometimes fish, like once or twice a year, at sea
14:33:25 Robin: its great
14:33:25 rokchik: cool
14:34:22 rokchik: so what does everyone think about the new singing lessons coming....I personally can't wait
14:34:30 Robin: I think its awesome
14:34:37 Slammer: I can't sing
14:34:48 Slammer: esp. by my PC
14:34:49 Robin: thats great, now you can use that lesson to improve!
14:35:01 Slammer: Pavel!!
14:35:02 Robin: I can sing alright, but I HATE hearing myself, UGHH!!
14:35:04 rokchik: I find with some songs I screw up the singing if the strumming is a bit tricky
14:35:04 Robin: hi pavel
14:35:04 Slammer: is here
14:35:13 rokchik: hey Pavel
14:35:17 Slammer: welcome to the Party!
14:35:18 Gen: hi pavel!
14:35:34 Robin:
14:35:36 Gen: bye...
14:35:39 rokchik: bye
14:35:45 rokchik: Hey Pavel
14:35:45 Pavel: Hey there!
14:35:48 Gen: welcome back!
14:35:50 Robin: Hi ho
14:36:02 Pavel: i sometimes get some strange bugs witch chat so i have to reload it!
14:36:18 Gen: a okay
14:36:32 rokchik: yeah I sometimes get that too
14:37:03 Robin: Hi ho
14:37:08 Gen: hi
14:37:24 rokchik: hello Ace
14:37:24 ace_frehely: who can play purple haze really good
14:37:32 ace_frehely: hey
14:37:42 rokchik: I'm out...
14:37:44 Gen: i can
14:37:48 ace_frehely: gen
14:37:49 Slammer: 8 people and counting
14:37:51 ace_frehely: u can
14:37:52 rokchik: I suck at most Hendrix
14:37:54 Gen: yes
14:38:03 Robin: great song, but I dont know it sorry
14:38:04 muris: vozdra Pavel,sta ima u Rijeci novo?
14:38:07 icedern: hello all thats just signed in recently
14:38:07 ace_frehely: can u give me the tab
14:38:08 Slammer: I can play Purple Haze!
14:38:24 Slammer:
14:38:25 Gen: oh lol i learned it by ear
14:38:26 Pavel: Bok Muris! A eto malo sam svratio da vidim sta ima novoga ovdje!
14:38:48 muris: evo prica se o ribarenju i tako to
14:39:03 Pavel: hahaha sta se peca?
14:39:08 ace_frehely: get what do u do when he stops playing the first part
14:39:13 ace_frehely: gen
14:39:24 muris: ja nista,al ovi ostali se odrase od pecanja
14:39:32 Gen: huh?
14:39:50 Pavel: yes yes i know guys - sorry
14:39:55 Pavel: jsut a bit of croatian talking haha
14:40:04 Gen: no lol, i was saying that to ace
14:40:04 Robin: you can talk in private chat aswell btw
14:40:16 ace_frehely: like is this right a7 d6 g7 b8
14:40:23 ace_frehely: befor he sings
14:40:30 muris: eto vidis,neobaracaju paznju na nas
14:40:56 Pavel: ma i bolje - jer kad pocnu njih 15 sa pitanjima - isto nije bas zdravo
14:41:08 Gen: haha, im not good to recognize that stuff, i just heard it and i learned to play it by ear
14:41:18 ace_frehely: dam
14:41:21 muris: cak pogubno
14:41:25 ace_frehely: im stuck on that part
14:41:53 Gen: did you try to find the guitar pro tabs?
14:41:57 Gen: tryed*
14:42:07 ace_frehely: what web is it
14:42:08 Slammer: try
14:42:14 muris: lol
14:42:14 Gen: oh lol
14:42:25 Pavel: muris koliko godina sviras?
14:42:27 ace_frehely: whats the webite
14:42:31 Gen: go on ultimate guitar
14:42:39 muris: otprilike 13-14
14:42:43 muris: neznam tacno
14:42:43 ace_frehely: yeah..their all the same
14:42:46 Robin: search on google. for instance: "purple haze guitar pro tab"
14:42:53 Pavel: punoooooo
14:42:55 ace_frehely: but it doesnt sound right
14:42:58 Gen: yea
14:43:05 Slammer: Purple haze all in my Brain!!
14:43:16 muris: prilicno dugo, da
14:43:16 Slammer: Damn... it's cool
14:43:17 Robin: Excuse me while I kiss the sky! dududu dudu du dududu
14:43:22 ace_frehely: slammer do u know it
14:43:25 Gen: try to find some tabs and just correct what do you think its doesnt sound right
14:43:28 Slammer: Yes
14:43:30 Slammer:
14:43:30 Robin: f**king great song
14:43:44 ace_frehely: can u write tabs
14:43:47 Slammer: Acting funny Don't know why?
14:44:02 Slammer: a little bit of tabs yes
14:44:24 Slammer: Goodbye
14:44:31 Gen: bye
14:44:39 Slammer: he always leaves
14:44:44 Gen: oh lol
14:44:53 Slammer: when he sees me
14:44:57 Robin:
14:45:04 Gen: :{
14:45:10 Gen: dont say that
14:45:12 Slammer: rokchik is eating fish
14:45:16 Gen: lol
14:45:26 Slammer: icey is working
14:45:30 Slammer: dude!!
14:45:37 Gen: folding his landry
14:45:38 Gen: lol
14:45:42 Gen: laundry*
14:45:43 Slammer: Yes!
14:45:50 Slammer: Lmao
14:45:53 Gen: lol
14:46:08 Slammer: robin is looking at himself in the Mirror!
14:46:14 Gen: hahahaha
14:46:28 Robin: Nah, I'm just browings trough some pictures of my cousin.
14:46:35 Slammer: LO
14:46:36 Slammer: LOL
14:46:39 Slammer: pwnd
14:47:05 Gen: lol
14:47:07 Slammer: Muris and Pavel are discussing how to alt. pick at 389 bpm
14:47:09 Robin: (I was just joking. I think slammer understood that btw)
14:47:16 Slammer: yes
14:47:17 Robin: Indeed
14:47:54 Slammer: how to alt. pick at 389 bpm and sweep and Tap and do a Dive bomb at the same time!!
14:48:06 Gen: hahaha
14:48:41 muris: need more muscles,little boys
14:48:48 muris: lol
14:48:49 Robin:
14:49:10 Robin: no need to practice guitar if you want to be a shredder, you just need to be a body builder
14:49:19 muris: correct
14:49:23 Robin:
14:49:24 muris: lol
14:49:37 muris: I'm soo fat
14:49:53 Robin: "I am your new GOd little boys"
14:49:59 muris: heheheh
14:50:12 Robin: (if you were talking about the yngqie parody)
14:50:12 Gen: haHAHAHA
14:50:19 muris: heheh
14:50:20 muris: sure
14:50:24 Gen: yea great vid
14:50:28 Robin: yngwie*
14:50:30 Robin: haha yeah its fun
14:50:38 Pavel: well i could use some more muscles - but not because of shredding laugh.gif
14:50:44 Pavel: lol
14:50:47 Robin: I love it when he says "actually I tought god how to lpay guitar" I almost fell of my chair
14:50:48 Slammer: to get Chick!
14:50:54 Slammer: chicks*
14:50:55 muris: hehehehe
14:50:57 muris: yeah
14:50:59 Robin: and to beat up old ladies
14:51:04 Slammer: DUDE
14:51:08 Gen: looool
14:51:08 Slammer: not cool
14:51:10 Slammer: LOL
14:51:13 Robin: hahaha
14:51:32 Slammer: pavel treats ladies like his Guitar
14:51:36 Robin: and steal candy from sleeping babies for that matter.
14:51:43 Slammer: He plays them intill he's bored
14:51:43 Pavel: i treat GIRLS like my guitar - not ladies lol
14:51:47 Pavel: there is a big difference
14:51:51 Slammer: untill*
14:51:53 Robin: haha
14:52:02 Pavel: hahahahahaha
14:52:07 Gen: lol
14:52:16 Pavel: if i pick up a beauty - i don't let it go!
14:52:22 Pavel: ROFL
14:52:24 Slammer: her name is JEM
14:52:30 Robin: haha
14:52:57 Slammer: her name is LOLA
14:53:02 Gen: lol
14:53:03 Gen: hahaha
14:53:05 Slammer: she was a Showgirl
14:53:17 Pavel: lol
14:53:27 muris: jel imas neki bend Pavel?
14:54:26 Slammer: *slap* *whip* *meow*
14:54:30 Slammer: rokchik!!
14:54:34 muris: sounds of silence........
14:54:37 Gen: lol
14:54:37 Slammer: is Gone!!
14:54:38 muris:
14:54:39 rokchik: sorry...practicing
14:54:40 Pavel: imao sam ali nije dugo trajalo
14:54:47 Slammer: DUDE!!
14:54:55 Pavel:
14:54:59 Slammer: what's with the Spanish??
14:55:01 Pavel: evo tu mozes poslusat sta smo radili
14:55:06 Gen: haha
14:55:11 muris: ok
14:55:30 Slammer: Muris has a Song in Spanish
14:55:38 Slammer: I saw it on his Myspace
14:55:50 Slammer: I forget what it's called
14:55:56 Slammer: Spanish name I mean
14:56:29 muris: noo
14:56:40 muris: it's in Greeks
14:56:43 muris:
14:56:48 Slammer: something about oro
14:57:08 Slammer: oro means Gold in Spanish I think
14:57:08 Robin: pavel is that your band?
14:57:16 muris: dobro pjeva ova cura pravo
14:57:17 Robin: I'm listening to that song called "dark" man its awesome dude
14:57:20 muris: i svirka dobra
14:57:25 muris: steta sto niste nastavili
14:57:37 Pavel: it WAS my band
14:57:44 Robin: ah ok, sounds cool
14:57:48 Slammer: he Disbanded!!
14:57:51 Robin: howcome you're not in the band anymore?
14:57:51 Pavel: the band doesn't exist any more because nobody in the band was practicing except for me
14:57:56 Robin: ah ok
14:57:58 Robin: I know how that is
14:57:59 Slammer: Lmao
14:58:04 Pavel: so the rehearsals were borring and we didn't do much stuff
14:58:15 Robin: my old band went snowboarding while I came to the practice room alone
14:58:18 Pavel: muris Hvala!
14:58:25 Slammer: hey Pavel have you ever met Muris?
14:58:34 Robin: they didnt even tell. and usually they just played pool instead of practicing
14:58:48 Pavel: no i didn't meet him!
14:58:55 Slammer: you live pretty close to him i think
14:59:09 rokchik: Some people just have no work ethic Robin
14:59:13 muris: yeah,neighbours
14:59:21 Slammer: you guys should Jam
14:59:30 Slammer: It would make GMC history!!
14:59:33 muris: he Jam, I Musicman
14:59:35 muris: lol
14:59:49 Pavel: even when we had our first live concert i was going to our garage for 4 days before the concert jsut practicing song solos for 6 hours each day because i wanted to make them perfect for live playing
14:59:58 Pavel: and the rest of the band was drinking beer at home!
15:00:01 Slammer: LOL
15:00:02 Robin: lol
15:00:10 Gen: oh
15:00:11 Gen: lol
15:00:12 Robin: thats stupid. hate it when it gets like that
15:00:12 muris: yeah
15:00:28 muris: horrible when guys have such a poor additude in music
15:00:41 Robin: pavel, too bad you're band didnt practice, I'm listening to your stuff now, its freakin awesome!!
15:00:52 rokchik:'s a hard thing to come by
15:00:53 Robin: wish you kept on! you would have gotten big
15:01:02 Slammer: hey pavel if you Jammed with Muris would you play Rythym or Lead??
15:01:20 Pavel: i guess we would have had dueling
15:01:21 muris: may I sing??
15:01:28 Robin: our bassist/vocalist is kinda like that he sleeps all the time and come 15 min late almost every time
15:01:32 Slammer: a guitar DUEL!!!
15:01:39 Gen: lol
15:01:43 muris: hehehe
15:01:44 Pavel: love those!
15:01:56 Slammer: that would be the best Guitar Duel ever!
15:01:57 muris: duel is for sodiers
15:02:02 Pavel: hahahahaha
15:02:05 muris: hehehe
15:02:09 Pavel: JAM is for musicians
15:02:16 muris: sure
15:02:22 Pavel: oh sorry - i mean - JEM is for musicians lol lol lol
15:02:30 rokchik: LOL
15:02:32 Slammer: Duet!!
15:02:33 Gen: lol good one
15:02:36 muris: hehehe
15:02:42 icedern: duel, duel , duel
15:02:46 Slammer: muris and pavel duet!!
15:02:59 Pavel: "I sweep - you tap! Ready? Go!"
15:03:04 Slammer: YES!!!
15:03:05 Robin: Just have to say this again, man pavel what a great style your band played. and what an awesome singer, downloading all your songs now
15:03:16 Pavel: Robin : enjoy it
15:03:17 muris: looks like we need to go to gym after all
15:03:18 muris: lol
15:03:23 Pavel: nothing new will ever come out of that band
15:03:29 Robin:
15:03:39 Robin: I love that kidn of style, never heard it before.
15:03:46 Slammer: hey Pavel do you think Steve Vai could play in a Black Metal Band?
15:03:54 Pavel: whe i told them i am leaving the band fell apart because no guitarist in my city wanted to even try playing with them
15:04:04 Pavel: Slammer No
15:04:07 Robin:
15:04:08 Slammer: NO?
15:04:11 Gen: lol
15:04:11 Pavel: no!
15:04:16 Slammer: he;s not good enugh
15:04:23 Slammer: or he's too good?
15:04:24 Robin: sure he could. He could do some eviiiil sweeps
15:04:24 Pavel: it's same as gettin a death metal guitarist playing Vai style
15:04:25 Slammer: LOL
15:04:45 Robin: sweeps can sound like a damn horror movie, tried it. could fit very well for black metal
15:04:55 Pavel: it's not about sweeping
15:04:58 muris: hehehe
15:05:04 Robin: I know I know
15:05:22 Robin: was kinda just a joke, I doubt vai could play in a black metal band indeed
15:05:33 Slammer: I think he could play in Any band
15:05:38 Slammer: he's that good
15:05:43 Slammer: any style
15:05:44 Pavel: he can play - but it would sound like crap
15:05:47 Pavel: Vai is Vai
15:05:50 Gen: lol
15:05:52 Gen: yes
15:05:55 Pavel: and there is no point in making something he isn't
15:05:55 Slammer: aka GOD!
15:05:57 Slammer: LOL
15:06:00 Slammer: jk jk
15:06:03 rokchik: I agree
15:06:24 icedern: Damn work...i wanna chat!
15:06:24 Pavel: it's like seeing Eric Johnson playing in Meshuggah
15:06:28 Robin: I doubt people like vai could play black metal. Black metal isnt a usually very complicated on guitar, but that has nothing to do with it
15:06:48 muris: he plays to have good time
15:06:50 Robin: I doubt Vai would agree to make a record that sounded like it was from the 40's
15:06:55 muris: and make some money too
15:06:57 Slammer: He's isn't messed up enough to Play Black Metal LOL
15:07:08 Slammer: yes Robin!
15:07:12 Slammer: I said it
15:07:13 Pavel: sorry - in my opinion - he is too good to play metal
15:07:36 Robin: messed up? people that play black metal is normal people not everyone though
15:07:45 Slammer: it's like Clapton playing in Metallica
15:07:48 Slammer: LOL
15:07:51 Gen: haha
15:08:05 Robin: I agree pavel. His style wouldnt fit in metal either, SPECIALLY NOT black metal
15:08:38 Robin: Hmmm, BB king in slayer... that would have been something!
15:08:44 Slammer: LMFAO
15:08:49 Slammer: dude
15:08:52 Pavel: hahahahaha
15:08:58 Pavel: "Raining Bloooooooood"
15:09:01 Slammer: LOL
15:09:15 Robin: "I woke up this morning, and it was RAINING BLOOD!"
15:09:25 Slammer: Johnny Cash in Megadeth
15:09:27 Pavel: and you see BB King in his chair on stage hahahaha
15:09:38 Robin: haha
15:09:41 Pavel: and red paint falling like rain all over him
15:09:47 Robin: while the rest is doing "chopper" headbaning
15:10:02 Slammer: I gtg bye
15:10:07 Gen: bye
15:10:11 Robin: bye slam
15:10:39 rokchik: Johnny Cash in Megadeath...interesting
15:10:43 Gen: lol
15:11:08 rokchik: LOL
15:11:17 icedern: "I fell into a symphony of destruction"
15:11:22 Pavel: Hey i gotta better idea - Slash in Dream Theater
15:11:25 Pavel: hahahahahaha
15:11:29 Gen: lol
15:11:48 Gen: yngwie in nirvana
15:11:49 Pavel: or let's say Rusty with ZZ Top
15:11:52 Robin: haha
15:11:57 Gen: lol
15:12:12 Pavel: the only common thing they would have had is DEAN guitars
15:12:36 rokchik: I mean Johnny did Soundgarden and NIN...but I just don't see Megadeth
15:12:39 Robin: yeah, just that ZZ top dress their guitars like fluffy dogs
15:12:47 Pavel: hahaha that looks soooo funny
15:13:33 Gen: i see satch headbanging in some death metal bands
15:13:34 Gen: lol
15:14:06 Gen: okay that wasnt funny...
15:14:08 Gen: lol
15:14:10 Pavel: hahaha
15:14:41 Pavel: this is all funny but i am still crazy waiting for the VWALL guitars confirmation on my deposit receival
15:14:53 rokchik: Pavel, I'm sure you've answered this a million times, but how long have you been playing?
15:14:56 Pavel: i sent 600$ to them today as a deposit for my RC-7
15:14:56 Gen:
15:15:04 Pavel: still waiting for confirmation mail from the owner
15:15:06 Robin: 8 years, 4 acoustic and 4 electric
15:15:15 Pavel: no
15:15:30 Robin: ok
15:15:35 Pavel: i HAD acoustic - but the playing was just banging the damn thing
15:15:42 Pavel: actual PRACTICING is 4 and half years
15:15:47 Robin: ah ok
15:16:06 rokchik: cool...did you train in classical guitar at all?
15:16:16 Pavel: some classical stuff, all fingerpicking
15:16:23 Pavel: like a basic musc school
15:16:42 Pavel: my mom is working in a music school as piano teacehr so i could attend it without paying anything
15:16:42 icedern: I want a 7 string
15:16:48 rokchik: I just find your speed's something to strive for
15:17:12 Pavel: look - when you are playing acoustic guitar you never go for speed but tone, and musical aspect of playing
15:17:28 Pavel: so i finished music school for acoustic guitar but it had nothing to do with my current technique
15:17:36 rokchik: I C
15:17:42 Pavel: all you see in my lessons is "home-taught"
15:17:51 rokchik: cool
15:18:12 Pavel: the only thing that MAYBE helped is the correct hand positioning
15:18:21 Pavel: i got that in music school
15:18:39 rokchik: I've dabbled a bit in the acoustic but no technique or anything just learning songs to play in the backyard
15:18:41 Pavel: when my teahcer found out i bought an electric he started to hate me and now we don't even talk even when i see him - he's a morron
15:18:56 Gen: why?
15:19:02 Robin: haha what a %#&¤&¤ idiot
15:19:03 Pavel: we were big friends before me buying electric
15:19:13 Gen: whats happened with him
15:19:14 Gen: a okay
15:19:15 rokchik: They electric is just really fascinating to me
15:19:18 Pavel: when i came to him and said: "Hey look what i bought!"
15:19:22 rokchik: the*
15:19:38 Pavel: i was happy as a little kid with the candy but he just looked at it and since than our relation changed for 180 degrees
15:19:48 Robin: haha what a complete moron
15:19:52 Gen: yes
15:19:55 rokchik: yep
15:20:09 Pavel: i had 5 on each exam until than
15:20:16 Pavel: (highest grade)
15:20:24 Pavel: last year when i got electric i got 3
15:20:35 rokchik: sounds like a bit of a snob
15:20:36 Robin: Omg thats sick! what an idiot
15:20:43 Robin: he should NOT work as a teacher
15:20:51 Pavel: i don't care really - i moved over it!
15:21:06 rokchik: too upperclass for electric or something
15:21:11 Pavel: he was such a nice guy - we even went fishing on his boat once...
15:21:23 Robin:
15:21:27 rokchik: It's good you moved on though
15:21:55 rokchik: I mean you have legions of fans here at GMC with your electric
15:21:59 Pavel: well, stuff like that only gives me strenght and inspiration to practice more and harder
15:22:07 Pavel: thanks!
15:22:29 rokchik: And I still say Ibanez should be giving you commisssions
15:22:34 rokchik: lol
15:22:38 Pavel: so i guess in a couple of years when GMC grows in a HUGE community with 10,000 people i can expect my first album to be sold at least 5,000 times hahahaha
15:22:46 Pavel: i will hit a billboard chart hahahahaha
15:22:51 Robin: haha yes indeed
15:22:52 Pavel: just kidding!
15:22:53 rokchik: lol...I'll take a copy
15:23:27 Robin: maaan you know what we _seriosuly_ should do. Have this "in real life" meeting with GMC. maybe a little consert and jamming and stuff would have been sweet
15:23:31 Pavel: rokchik you get a FREE copy as you are a girl!
15:23:35 Robin: all the world of warcraftr players does stuff like that
15:23:53 Gen: lol yea
15:24:13 Pavel: Robin i already said that to Kris
15:24:18 Robin: imagine how good commercial that would have been for GMC
15:24:21 rokchik: Thanks...but I'll pay...don't want to start a war. LOL Besides with all your teaching me it's the least I can do is give ya my money. LOL
15:24:25 Pavel: maybe one day we will be able to make like a "Opne Masterclass" Live in Sweden!
15:24:26 Robin: yeah I know pavel, it have been mentioned before
15:24:32 Sircraigery: Hello everyone
15:24:33 Robin: hahay eah
15:24:37 Robin: Hello
15:24:38 rokchik: hey
15:24:45 Gen: hi
15:24:47 Pavel: Sircraigery hey!!!
15:24:54 Sircraigery: what's the discussion about today?
15:25:11 Pavel: we're moving from topic to tpic
15:25:17 Sircraigery: sweet
15:25:36 Sircraigery: pavel, great playing bud. your lessons scare me haha jk i've learned lots
15:25:59 Pavel: Sircraigery thanks! ...ok 1 more fan to my list....
15:26:03 Pavel: hahahahahahahahaha
15:26:05 rokchik: lol
15:26:15 Sircraigery: more than i've got haha
15:26:26 Pavel:
15:26:26 rokchik: I told ya Legions.....your like the pied piper only with a guitar
15:26:52 rokchik: Just don't lead us over any cliffs please
15:27:16 Pavel: hahahaha i won't - i will only lead you over the fretboard
15:27:22 Gen: hey sorry guys, i gotta go, cya you later
15:27:26 Robin: Bye
15:27:26 Pavel: Gen bye!
15:27:30 rokchik: c ya Gen
15:27:45 Sircraigery: yesterday i learned "edie" by the cult, and I'll be damned it's easy to play and an awesome song
15:27:58 Sircraigery: later
15:28:11 Pavel: it's been ages since i learned someone's song....
15:28:12 rokchik: The Cult are awesome
15:28:28 Robin: hehe yeah same here pavel
15:28:42 Robin: or, actually I learned Take five not long ago... jazz song.
15:28:52 Pavel: eevry time i pick up the guitar i think of some long and shreddy excercise same happened yesterday
15:28:59 Robin: D
15:29:29 rokchik: I usually learn something if I feel like I'm not getting anywhere...just sort of as an ego boost I guess.
15:30:01 rokchik: have never tried to write my own...yet.
15:30:03 Sircraigery: i always learn songs i like, why not?
15:30:29 Pavel: hey guys - wanna hear a sample of my not so old song??
15:30:42 rokchik: sure
15:30:43 Pavel: i just can't seem to finish it so i think i would share a sampel for now
15:30:48 Robin: I got so much to learn atm, so mayn great GMC lessons and I got 2 SRV lesson DVD's. And a Blues VHS
15:30:54 Pavel: i'll put into my FTP server and give a link here now
15:30:56 Robin: so I kinda never get around to cover anything
15:31:28 rokchik: I usually learn something for my acoustic...jam around the fire or in the backyard
15:31:31 Pavel:
15:31:33 Pavel: there it is
15:31:56 Pavel: i see 2 downloads hehehe
15:32:07 Sircraigery: how old is everyone here/how long have you been playing?
15:32:28 Pavel: warning - there are REALLY LITTLE messups in 2 or 3 notes but it's just a test recording anyway...
15:32:35 Robin: I'm 18. Been "playing" for 4 years, and I have been playing for 6 months, since I discovered GMC
15:32:41 rokchik: oops
15:32:46 Robin: howbout you?
15:33:03 rokchik: 30 and it was 2yrs yesturday
15:33:15 Sircraigery: i'm 24 and 3 months since GMC, formally 10 years of nirvana haha
15:33:21 Robin:
15:33:43 Sircraigery: i don't know how, but i can actually play metallica really well without my pinky finger
15:33:58 Sircraigery: it's little things like that, i want to improve on.
15:34:13 Robin: Nice song pavel. not my style but its good
15:34:19 Pavel: thanks
15:34:29 Robin: hi again muris
15:34:35 muris: hi :0
15:34:35 Pavel: there is a cool story behind that song...
15:34:45 muris: reconnection
15:34:46 Pavel: one day i was feeling like writing something but i just couldn't think of anything
15:34:57 Pavel: than i saw Chris Impelliteri's ENGLE amdps demo
15:35:02 Robin: oh man just listened further into the song, its awesome man. I think its sweeps? slow sweeps, it was really cool
15:35:08 icedern: downloading your song now pavel
15:35:09 Sircraigery: this is my style, awesome man
15:35:11 Pavel: and he just strummed G Major chord
15:35:21 Pavel: and all of a sudden i had tha song in my head
15:35:26 Robin:
15:35:39 Sircraigery: kind of an 80's kick
15:35:58 rokchik: finally got it to work...downloading now
15:35:59 Pavel: i really enjoy playing it
15:36:04 Pavel: cool!
15:36:18 Pavel: sorry rokchik i think the server doesn't support too many simultanious connections
15:36:22 Pavel: it's still a home server
15:36:47 Pavel: i am thinking of making a lesson out of this song
15:36:50 rokchik: cool...49% there
15:37:12 Robin: cool
15:37:32 Sircraigery:
15:37:41 Pavel: ok i just finished listening to that sample for 10th time
15:37:48 Sircraigery: there my 2 cents lol, i was screwing around with my new guitar haha
15:37:48 Pavel: now i just can't shut it down hahahaha
15:38:07 Robin: Nice guitar!
15:38:24 Sircraigery: thanks
15:38:59 Pavel: a friend of mine has a guitar just like that
15:38:59 Sircraigery: it's by no maeans a personal best, but my band is jamming that song, so i want to make sure it sounds good
15:39:39 Sircraigery: i got it on ebay for $400 Cdn
15:39:52 Pavel: it's an Epiphone right?
15:40:05 rokchik: Pavel....very nice does have kind of an 80's feel to it. I like it.
15:40:13 icedern: Good stuff there Pavel...i like it a lot
15:40:24 Sircraigery: yep
15:40:52 Pavel: thanks
15:41:12 icedern: I play epi
15:41:21 Pavel: i was surprised by the sound
15:41:22 icedern: but saving up for a schecter
15:41:33 Pavel: it was recorded in my room using LINE IN of my sound card - my OLD souncard
15:41:48 Robin:
15:41:55 Sircraigery: i have replaced the neck pickup with a seymour duncan 59 since then, and had a pearly gates for the bridge, but it got stolen out my truck on friday night
15:42:28 muris: ahh
15:42:32 muris: sorry man
15:42:52 icedern: doh, that sucks
15:42:53 Sircraigery: that's ok, i shouldn't have left so much stuff in there
15:43:16 muris: my pedal case was stolen too
15:43:25 muris: trunk too
15:43:29 muris: never again
15:43:33 Sircraigery: what's with theifs, it burns me up haha
15:43:52 Sircraigery: new topic lol
15:43:58 muris: hehehe
15:44:00 muris: why not
15:44:03 Robin:
15:44:29 Robin: never had anything stolen from me, not much I can say about this
15:44:54 Sircraigery: anyone heard the new GNR album?
15:45:02 Sircraigery: i downloaded most of it on limewire
15:45:55 Robin: didnt even know they still played
15:45:59 Sircraigery: all the songs suck except "catcher in the rye"
15:45:59 icedern: i think i heard a bit on the radio the other day
15:46:05 Robin: dont raelly like GnR so, nope I havent heard it
15:46:14 Sircraigery: it's a shaky version too, but i still like it haha
15:46:27 icedern: I don't think I cared for what i heard
15:46:40 Sircraigery: haha
15:46:56 muris: GNR are cool
15:47:00 muris: but old stuff
15:47:03 muris:
15:47:07 Sircraigery: well, then how about what does everyone do for work?
15:47:22 Sircraigery: damn straight muris
15:47:38 Sircraigery: i'm an electronics tech for weatherford
15:47:44 icedern: troll the GMC forums and sit in this chat
15:47:48 Robin: I work at this Green house every summer. Like a huge "flower shop". family buisness.
15:47:51 rokchik: that the Chinese Democracy stuff?
15:47:52 muris: I'm a pro musician
15:47:53 Robin: haha icey
15:47:55 muris: sick ha
15:47:59 muris:
15:48:01 Robin: thats really cool muris
15:48:10 icedern: lol, kidding...I...basically..print junk mail
15:48:18 Robin: wish I could work as a musician
15:48:22 Sircraigery: now i envy muris lol, and yes chinese democracy
15:48:25 Robin: (some day I will!)
15:48:40 muris: hope so
15:48:49 muris: can't say it's fun always
15:48:51 rokchik: I haven't heard any of it...but to me GNR isn't GNR without Slash
15:48:56 muris: but at least I do what I love
15:49:18 rokchik: Muris...not a lot of people can say that
15:49:34 muris: of course
15:49:35 icedern: lol
15:49:35 icedern: I know i sure as hell can't
15:49:39 muris: hard times
15:49:44 Sircraigery: yeah i heard buckethead butcher a couple solo's....i think he was doing it on purpose, surely buckethead can play a solo from slash....he's buckethead!
15:50:27 Sircraigery: yeah i hate my job too lol heading to university in sept
15:50:43 rokchik: LOL....I don't know....he has to sound like Slash not just play his stuff. Not the same for me
15:50:54 Sircraigery: i'll try to find the youtube post of his solo
15:52:05 rokchik: I've seen it...I like Buckethead...but not with GNR
15:52:29 muris: who like Guthrie?
15:54:20 muris: anybody?
15:54:32 Robin: never heard of
15:54:39 muris: Govan
15:55:16 icedern: I don't think i've heard
15:55:35 muris: find his album Erotic Cakes
15:55:40 muris: you'll love it
15:55:41 rokchik: He was in the band Asia right?
15:55:45 muris: yeah
15:55:55 muris: way to go girl
15:55:57 muris:
15:56:03 rokchik: I've only heard that stuff...nothing solo
15:56:12 muris: Cakes are great
15:56:17 muris: a Jewel
15:56:19 rokchik: He's pretty cool
15:57:07 icedern: ah ok
15:57:14 Sircraigery: i can't find it...
15:57:25 icedern: I think i know who you are talking about now
15:57:38 icedern: although i never listened much
16:00:07 muris: he's great
16:00:12 muris: plays many styles
16:00:26 muris: and techniques
16:00:33 rokchik: I'm trying to post a youtube of him but not working for some reason
16:00:38 icedern: Am I the only american in here now
16:00:43 muris: hehe
16:00:49 muris: really?
16:00:51 rokchik: I think maybe
16:01:09 icedern: unless sircraiqery is
16:01:51 Sircraigery: what?
16:02:00 icedern: poor muris was the only european last night hehe
16:02:10 Sircraigery: i'm canadian
16:02:23 icedern: ah
16:02:24 rokchik: Whooo hooo Canada...what part
16:02:31 rokchik: I'm in Labrador
16:02:47 Sircraigery: edmonton
16:03:02 rokchik: I have all kinds of friends in Edmonton
16:03:07 Sircraigery: is labrador in nfl?
16:03:24 muris: hehe
16:03:25 rokchik: I personally love the mall....yep Newfoundland and Labrador
16:03:27 muris: yeah I was
16:03:27 icedern: I watched ice road truckers last night...does that count for anything
16:03:27 Sircraigery: it's been a while since social studies haha
16:03:32 rokchik: LOL
16:04:51 rokchik: well boys i gotta jet. great chatting with ya...TTYL
16:05:00 muris: see ya
16:05:11 icedern: see ya
16:05:17 icedern: doh
16:05:17 icedern: missed
16:05:54 Slammer: hey guys
16:05:56 Slammer: LOL
16:06:02 Robin: Ahoyhoy slammer. How are you diddelydoing today?
16:06:13 icedern: Hey slam
16:06:23 icedern: woohoo...20 mins left of work
16:06:25 Sircraigery: word homes
16:06:37 Slammer: I diddelydoing Great!
16:07:10 Robin: Excellent.
16:07:16 muris: have to go guys
16:07:20 Robin: bye
16:07:26 muris: must to slow vids for second lesson
16:07:31 Sircraigery: later
16:07:32 Slammer: ok Muris Cya
16:07:32 muris: good excuse I guess
16:07:39 muris: take care
16:08:02 Slammer: SirCraigery
16:08:07 Slammer: what's up?
16:08:10 Slammer:
16:08:42 Sircraigery: not too much
16:08:48 Sircraigery: check out this video
16:08:49 Sircraigery:
16:08:55 Sircraigery: it's a skullet haha
16:09:01 Sircraigery: the guys hair i mean
16:09:47 Slammer: GNR!!
16:10:06 Slammer: you guys like Nu metal?
16:10:16 Slammer: like POD?
16:10:28 Sircraigery: yep, not too bad
16:10:36 Slammer: Alive is a Great song
16:10:40 Slammer: IMO
16:10:45 Sircraigery: yeah it is, my fav from them
16:10:48 Robin: I hate nu metal
16:10:55 Slammer: Robin is Black
16:11:04 Slammer: LOL
16:11:08 icedern: Black metal
16:11:10 Slammer: Black metal I mean
16:11:11 Sircraigery: huh?
16:11:14 Robin: Indeed
16:11:28 Sircraigery: oh i c
16:11:40 Sircraigery: it's only ok to hate country haha jk, i like that too
16:11:47 Robin: I like metal when its old school. I do enjoy stuff like dødheimsgard, anaal anthrak and new pantera stuff(old aswell of course)
16:12:01 Robin: aswell as old school stuff
16:12:01 Slammer: Alcohol by Brad Paisley
16:13:11 Slammer: robin you know my High E string Snapped this mourning
16:13:17 Slammer: *slap*
16:13:22 Slammer: *whip*
16:13:24 Slammer: yep
16:13:25 Robin: *slap* indeed
16:13:31 Slammer: it sucks
16:13:34 Sircraigery: who are we slapping here?
16:13:39 Robin: My high E string also break all the time
16:13:53 Sircraigery: soft hands robin....soft hands
16:13:55 Robin: we arent slapping, the gutiar strings are!
16:14:06 Slammer: Mine hasn't broke in 5 months
16:14:11 Slammer:
16:14:14 Robin: hey I play black metal, my right hand have to go in lightspeed over all strings
16:14:17 Sircraigery: i haven't broke a string i s years and years
16:14:21 Slammer: except for today
16:14:25 Robin: and when I play blues it break when I bend too much
16:14:29 Slammer: yes
16:14:32 Slammer: me too
16:14:53 Robin: I break strings all the time
16:15:03 Slammer: I need to get it fixed
16:15:08 Slammer: soon
16:15:11 Slammer: maybe tommorow
16:15:24 Slammer: this sucks
16:16:36 icedern: see ya guys...finishing up at work
16:16:41 Robin: bye
16:17:16 Sircraigery: later robin
16:17:28 Robin: Hi slammy
16:18:25 Slammer: Welcome to the Party!
16:18:32 Slammer: it's dead in here
16:18:39 Slammer: I need to wake it up!!
16:18:51 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow* *meow* *slap* *whip*
16:18:58 Robin: Hejaa
16:19:12 Sircraigery: i'm watching videos, sorry haha easily distracted
16:19:38 Slammer: He probably doesn't remember what videos he is watching
16:20:08 Sircraigery: just some ones on the variax
16:20:27 Slammer: we need to wake
16:20:32 Slammer: up
16:20:40 Robin: Nooes
16:20:42 Slammer: *slap*
16:23:37 Sircraigery: i'm selling a fender strat, made in mexico, how much should i list it for?
16:23:47 Sircraigery: black body, maple neck
16:23:54 Slammer: on ebay??
16:24:01 Sircraigery: just local
16:24:06 Sircraigery: i could try ebay i guess
16:24:30 Slammer: well is it beaten up?
16:24:36 Slammer: with nicks
16:24:37 Slammer: ?
16:24:50 Slammer: it depends where you live.... in the US?
16:24:55 Sircraigery: not really, a couple small your have to look for
16:25:01 Sircraigery: canada
16:25:18 Slammer: ok
16:25:25 Slammer: well how much did you buy it for?
16:25:33 Slammer: and did you buy it new?
16:25:43 Slammer: *whip*
16:26:06 Sircraigery: i bought it about a year ago, for $350, but i think it's worth more. i got a good deal
16:26:35 Sircraigery: it plays awesome and always stays in tune
16:26:46 Robin: sounds pretty cheap
16:26:47 Slammer: Yes well, the Standard Stratocaster made in Mexico run for about $399 us dollars
16:27:04 Slammer: and since you only had it a Year
16:27:05 Robin: I had a friend that bought a mexican strat, I'll check how much he payed
16:27:20 Slammer: does it have a Maple Fretboard
16:27:24 Sircraigery: yep
16:27:33 Slammer: The White wood?
16:27:46 Sircraigery: not sure
16:27:57 Robin: a friend of mine bought a mexican strat for around 860$
16:28:00 Sircraigery: it looks like clapton's guitar
16:28:04 Robin: new of course
16:28:15 Slammer: I mean the Frets is it Brown or Whitest
16:28:16 Sircraigery: i think this one is a 2001 or so
16:28:33 Robin: I think he bought it in 2003 or 2004
16:28:42 Slammer: *slap*
16:28:48 Robin: *meow*
16:28:58 Sircraigery: i don't know what you mean slammer
16:29:07 Slammer: the FretBoard!
16:29:22 Slammer: fingerboard
16:29:31 Sircraigery: it's a light colour
16:29:33 Slammer: with the Dots
16:29:38 Slammer: not Brown right?
16:30:07 Sircraigery: yeah, it's light colour, not like my les paul
16:30:44 Slammer: ok
16:30:57 Sircraigery: not rosewood
16:31:45 Slammer:;prodid=2069
16:31:58 Slammer: like that kinda Fretboard I mean LOL
16:32:10 Slammer: White kinda
16:32:28 Slammer: I mean
16:32:48 Slammer: *slap*
16:32:50 Sircraigery: as in maple lol, like i said 10 times
16:32:54 Sircraigery: lol
16:32:55 Slammer: Yes
16:33:00 Slammer: ok Now I know!
16:33:02 Sircraigery: ..yep, it's got one
16:33:06 Slammer: ok good
16:33:12 Slammer: My advice
16:33:17 Sircraigery: anyways, think i can get more for it
16:33:28 Slammer: Don't sell it for any less than $300
16:33:39 Slammer: try $350 to start
16:33:55 Sircraigery: yeah, i've only got 1 offer so far, and he pussied out
16:34:03 Slammer: keep going
16:34:35 Slammer: I'd Say go for $350, and if people want to bargain down
16:34:42 Sircraigery: i still like the guitar, but haven't touched it since i got the epi
16:35:40 Slammer: don't take less than $320
16:35:58 Slammer: yeah!
16:36:01 Sircraigery: i wouldn't, unless i was in need of cash
16:36:07 Sircraigery: what do you play?
16:36:32 Slammer: Fender Showmaster QMT HH
16:36:52 Sircraigery: how do you like that?
16:37:06 Slammer: very Much
16:37:15 Slammer:
16:38:03 Sircraigery: looks awesome, you do have the red quilt top too?
16:40:11 Slammer: yes I have that exact one
16:40:37 Sircraigery: sweet, that's what more fenders need, double humbucking pickups haha
16:40:44 Slammer: Yes
16:40:51 Slammer: Seymour Duncan one too
16:40:57 Slammer: Pretty Sweet Sound
16:41:00 Sircraigery: i had a jackson with some, it was awesome
16:41:03 Slammer: awesome for Blues
16:41:22 Slammer: Pearly Gates Pickup
16:41:35 Slammer: robin is hanging out with Batman
16:41:40 Slammer: *meow*
16:41:45 Sircraigery: yeah, i had both my 59's in the jackson.....kind of a bad choice for the bridge, but it sounded cool
16:41:47 Robin: Yep I am
16:41:55 Robin: he's trying my guitar at the moment
16:41:58 Slammer: I have the 59 in my Neck
16:42:03 Robin: he retired with all this superhero stuff
16:42:05 Sircraigery: me too
16:42:14 Slammer: Good Stuff
16:42:16 Slammer:
16:42:25 Sircraigery: selling the 59 bridge though
16:42:32 Slammer: do you guys Like Pink Floyd?
16:42:38 Sircraigery: so i can buy ANOTHER pearly gates for the bridge
16:42:38 Robin: sure
16:42:45 Robin: I only got the darkside of the moon though
16:42:47 Sircraigery: yeah, i like the song mother
16:42:53 Robin: THe great gig in the sky is the best freakin snog ever
16:42:56 Robin: I also like money
16:43:19 Sircraigery: does anyone in here listen to howard stern?
16:43:49 Sircraigery: the reason i ask is because they had a huge thing on about how led zeppelin has copied most of their good songs from soneone else
16:43:53 Sircraigery: it was crazy
16:43:58 Slammer: come on in!
16:44:36 Robin: dont know about him no
16:44:37 Sircraigery: lol slammer is funny
16:44:42 Robin: heard about him onlu
16:44:44 Robin: haha yeha indeed
16:44:53 Robin: hoho
16:45:03 Slammer: Robin you suck!
16:45:05 Slammer: LOL
16:45:08 Robin: I know
16:45:34 Slammer: I have a Challenge!
16:45:41 Robin:
16:46:00 Slammer: All three of us find Youtube Links and we'll see who gets the Best one!!
16:46:04 Slammer: NOW!!!
16:46:08 Robin: MKAY!
16:46:12 Sircraigery: yeah some guy was in there with a bunch of sound clips from the 40's and 50's playing them, and they were exactly like led zeppeling songs
16:46:27 Sircraigery: links on what?
16:46:56 Slammer: youtube!! on whatever you want
16:47:05 Robin:
16:47:07 Slammer: to see who can find the Coolest one
16:47:14 Slammer: ]ok robin goes first
16:47:18 Slammer: lets watch
16:47:37 Robin: its cooler than cool man. Its kewl even
16:47:43 Slammer: SirC is next
16:48:06 Sircraigery:
16:48:09 Sircraigery: how's that?
16:48:32 Slammer: LMAO!!
16:48:42 Robin: haha
16:48:49 Sircraigery: johnny is coming to my music store in a couple months to push these new guitars
16:48:53 Slammer: I think I'm gonna win!!
16:49:09 Slammer:
16:49:25 Robin: REALLY? oommg I'm a huge johnny winter fan
16:49:31 Robin: too bad he's health is a bit crappy now.
16:49:34 Robin: his*
16:49:59 Slammer: Awesome Bass player!!
16:50:28 Slammer: Yep i win!!!
16:50:31 Robin: nooo
16:50:35 Slammer: YES!!
16:50:37 Robin: paul gilbert = booooring
16:50:48 Slammer: we'll let sirC decide
16:50:51 Robin: dont like shredders I think its boring
16:51:07 Slammer: dude that Bass player and Dummer!!
16:51:15 Slammer: are amazing!!
16:51:34 Sircraigery: i like shredding, but it is getting odl for me
16:51:38 Sircraigery: old*
16:51:51 Robin: Hi
16:51:54 Slammer: but you got to admit that video is cool
16:52:03 Robin: yeah slammer they are skilled, but I think its really boring to listen to
16:52:03 Slammer: what do you think Rokchik??
16:52:12 rokchik: about what
16:52:14 Slammer:
16:52:15 Sircraigery:
16:52:17 rokchik: and hello all
16:52:23 Slammer: Mine is better!!!
16:52:25 Slammer: LOL
16:53:00 Robin:
16:53:09 Robin: lets rokchik decide what youtube link is coolest!
16:53:15 Slammer: YES
16:53:36 rokchik: Be pacient I'm watching now....
16:53:41 Slammer:
16:53:42 Robin: hurray
16:53:42 Sircraigery: me too
16:54:05 Slammer: Death has a Stupid Singer
16:54:18 Slammer: He sounds like Caca!!
16:54:28 Sircraigery:
16:54:51 Sircraigery: you like shredding and don't like death? blasphemy
16:55:03 Slammer: I don't like shredding
16:55:08 Robin: O_o
16:55:13 Slammer: I like the Bass player and Drummer
16:55:15 Sircraigery: ...who does then?
16:55:20 Slammer: they're amazing
16:55:27 Slammer: Pavel
16:55:33 Robin: HI pavel
16:55:34 Pavel: hey i am sorry for leaving suddenly
16:55:38 Slammer: what do you think about this?
16:55:40 Slammer:
16:55:42 Pavel: my internet connection crashed
16:55:42 Robin: been listening to your old band alot
16:55:43 Sircraigery: pavel, you like chucks voice from death?
16:55:47 Pavel: and i couldn't connect for some time
16:55:52 Slammer: it's cool my vid
16:56:01 Slammer: See watch!!
16:57:00 Slammer: Amazing Bass and Drums!!
16:57:12 Pavel: yep i have seen it before
16:57:14 Pavel: cool vid
16:57:21 Slammer: See I told you guys!!
16:57:23 Slammer:
16:57:37 Slammer: we're having a contest
16:57:47 Slammer: to see who can find the best youtube vids
16:57:48 Pavel: ??
16:57:57 Pavel: impossible - there are millions of them
16:58:03 Robin: mines coolest!
16:58:10 Slammer: well out of the 3 that we find!!!
16:58:24 Slammer: understand? LOL
16:58:26 Sircraigery: best link on here from youtube
16:58:43 Sircraigery:
16:58:55 Sircraigery: that's my favorite vid on youtube
16:59:03 Slammer: Death Singer can't sing
16:59:08 Slammer: very good
16:59:13 Slammer: Pavel will agree
16:59:15 Slammer: LOL
16:59:38 rokchik: I've made my decicion.....Johnny winter wins boy's
16:59:44 Pavel: yep - hate those vocals
16:59:47 Slammer: Damn....
16:59:51 Sircraigery: damn lol
16:59:52 Slammer: I was second right
16:59:56 Slammer:
17:00:11 Sircraigery: i used to hate them, but i grew into them
17:00:16 rokchik: if yours wasn't Death than yes you were second
17:00:28 Slammer: I was paul gilbert
17:01:09 Slammer: Ok guys I have the Best Video on Youtube... hands down!!!
17:01:17 Robin: Hurray!
17:01:19 Robin: I win!
17:01:19 Slammer:
17:01:34 Robin: what do I win? slammer, gimme a price or something
17:01:56 Slammer: this one is cooler
17:01:57 rokchik: bragging rights I was a close decision
17:01:57 Robin: H

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17:01:17 Robin: Hurray!
17:01:19 Robin: I win!
17:01:19 Slammer:
17:01:34 Robin: what do I win? slammer, gimme a price or something
17:01:56 Slammer: this one is cooler
17:01:57 rokchik: bragging rights I was a close decision
17:01:57 Robin: Hi there
17:01:59 Slammer:
17:02:06 Slammer: that is the best
17:02:19 Slammer: Awesome!!
17:02:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hellllllo gmcers
17:02:21 Sircraigery: haha
17:02:25 Sircraigery: yo
17:02:30 Slammer: ESJ!!
17:02:34 Slammer: SirC
17:02:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: SLAMM!
17:02:46 Robin: this one is so awesome
17:02:47 Slammer: that's Slammer to you!
17:02:51 Slammer:
17:02:54 rokchik: hello
17:02:55 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Rawr
17:03:10 Slammer: only robin calls me Slamm
17:03:23 Slammer: LOL
17:03:32 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Mean-e poop sad.gif
17:03:43 Robin:
17:03:45 Slammer: ESJ
17:03:47 rokchik: lol..he's like
17:03:54 Slammer: is your nickname!!
17:04:08 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I hate me gmc name
17:04:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: it lakes creativity
17:04:13 Slammer: yes?
17:04:28 Slammer: yes
17:04:41 Slammer: ESJ is 14!
17:04:47 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yupp
17:04:53 Slammer: Pavel is 20!
17:04:59 Slammer: Robin is 18
17:05:02 Robin: I'm 80
17:05:03 Sircraigery: i have yo say "great gig in the sky" would sound better without the blonde singer haha
17:05:06 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Pavel is 20 ?
17:05:09 rokchik: Slammer I C where this is going
17:05:16 Slammer: LMFAO!!
17:05:33 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I dont ?
17:05:37 Slammer: rokchik is a 17 year old guitar playing chick!
17:05:45 Pavel: i am 19
17:05:48 Sircraigery: i'm 24, almost 25 haha
17:05:54 Slammer: I was close!
17:06:05 Sircraigery: i'm like grandpa in here haha
17:06:09 Slammer: LOL
17:06:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: 12 months isnt very close ?
17:06:25 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Sirc will you read me a story ?
17:06:27 rokchik: I'm actually 30....Slammer likes to make fun of my age.
17:06:35 Slammer: no I don't....
17:06:37 Slammer: ...........
17:06:38 Slammer: .............
17:06:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: are you a mom ?
17:06:44 Slammer: LOL
17:06:45 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
17:06:46 Slammer: LMAO
17:06:48 Slammer: oh no
17:06:49 rokchik: NO!!!!
17:06:50 Slammer: dude
17:06:52 Pavel: rokchik than you must be at least half way Rusty in your playing
17:06:52 Robin: ole' slammy likes to make fun of many things
17:07:01 Slammer: 3/4
17:07:06 rokchik: I only started playing at 28
17:07:14 Robin: Ahoyhoy andrwe
17:07:16 Pavel: Andrew is here!!!
17:07:18 rokchik: Andrew...the voice of reason
17:07:20 Andrew Cockburn: Hi guys!
17:07:20 Slammer: she's a Bad ass Shredder that Rokchik
17:07:27 Slammer: she's great!!
17:07:28 Sircraigery: hey
17:07:30 Andrew Cockburn: ANd a reasonable Voice
17:07:36 rokchik: lol
17:07:48 Andrew Cockburn: Just about finishing work before a 3 day vacation
17:07:52 Andrew Cockburn: Yay!
17:07:53 rokchik: I guess we'll see with the new singing lessons coming on
17:07:55 Slammer: all we need is Gen to get this party Started!
17:07:57 Robin: hruray
17:07:58 Andrew Cockburn: Lots of playing
17:08:02 Robin: agree slammy
17:08:04 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
17:08:06 Eat-Sleep-andJam: GEN
17:08:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: we miss youuuuuuuuu
17:08:13 Slammer: that's Slamm to you
17:08:14 Sircraigery: hey andrew, i was going to ask you. how does the variax work? are the pickups pressure sensors in the bridge?
17:08:25 Pavel: he sold his Variax
17:08:25 Slammer: here goes!!
17:08:28 Pavel: he's on JEM now
17:08:33 Slammer: YES!
17:08:35 Andrew Cockburn: PIezo electric pickups for each string in the bridge saddles
17:08:38 Pavel: it's like drug! You try it once and it never let's you go!
17:08:40 Andrew Cockburn: lol
17:08:43 Andrew Cockburn: Its true
17:08:49 Andrew Cockburn: Lets talk about Jems instead
17:08:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
17:08:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam: oh god
17:08:55 Pavel: i agree!
17:09:09 Sircraigery: i've nebver played a i guess i should play one until i can afford it?
17:09:17 Slammer: LOL
17:09:24 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Lets talk about how Eat-Sleep-and Jam can make money to afford a Jem
17:09:24 rokchik: That's an expensive habit...but one I'm thinking I'd like to have
17:09:33 Andrew Cockburn: Its amazing - I can totally shred now - Sweeps at 25 bpm up from 15!!
17:09:34 Slammer: he's only 14 btw
17:09:37 Slammer: GEN!!!
17:09:38 Robin: Gen is here
17:09:41 Robin: !!
17:09:46 Slammer: we were just talking about you
17:09:46 rokchik: hey Gen
17:09:46 Gen: hi lol
17:09:52 Sircraigery: yo
17:09:53 Andrew Cockburn: Hmm 14 yrs old, that's a lot of money wih no income
17:09:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Ha ha
17:10:01 Slammer: it's not a Party untill Gen comes!!
17:10:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: mowing lawns ?
17:10:07 Pavel: Chat is getting crowded!!!!!
17:10:07 Gen: haha
17:10:11 Sircraigery: everyone getting off work or what? i had a paid day off from canada day
17:10:13 Andrew Cockburn: Mowing a LOT of lawns
17:10:22 Andrew Cockburn: Oh Canada ....
17:10:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
17:10:32 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I have like 400 something right now
17:10:37 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: LOL
17:10:37 Eat-Sleep-andJam: i want a rg
17:10:38 Andrew Cockburn: $10 a lawn - 230 lawns
17:10:39 Gen -> Non Jem Talk: lol
17:10:41 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: dude!'
17:10:43 rokchik: Same here Sircraigery
17:10:47 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: now that was Funny!
17:10:51 Gen -> Non Jem Talk: so
17:10:54 Gen -> Non Jem Talk: whats uo
17:10:57 Gen -> Non Jem Talk: up*
17:10:57 Sircraigery -> Non Jem Talk: yeehaw
17:11:03 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: This was Funny!!
17:11:05 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: LOL
17:11:05 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well 40 $ for the lawn across the street 20 for the one next to that and 25 for my grandmas
17:11:11 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: LOL
17:11:16 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: that's too funy
17:11:21 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: DUDE!!
17:11:24 Robin -> Non Jem Talk: Hi.
17:11:26 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: DUDE!!!
17:11:27 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: LOL
17:11:29 rokchik -> Non Jem Talk: hi Guys
17:11:29 Sircraigery -> Non Jem Talk: yeah i'm not really into ibanez so much, but i do like them
17:11:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Non Jem Talk: ha ha
17:11:31 Robin -> Non Jem Talk: deeewd
17:11:31 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: LMAO
17:11:38 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Non Jem Talk: non jem ha ha ha ha
17:11:39 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: I didn't think this would happen
17:11:43 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Non Jem Talk: I did
17:11:48 rokchik -> Non Jem Talk: you think they'll notice?
17:11:51 Andrew Cockburn: They all left ...
17:11:53 Sircraigery -> Non Jem Talk: lol
17:11:54 Pavel: i got my JEM for 2,100$
17:11:55 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: I thought maybe Gen but....
17:11:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Non Jem Talk: i was getting jealous anyways :{
17:12:03 Pavel: i think it was the cheapest new JEM i've seen on the internet
17:12:04 Gen -> Non Jem Talk: lol
17:12:05 rokchik -> Non Jem Talk: LOL
17:12:07 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: what do you have?
17:12:12 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: Squier?
17:12:14 Pavel: i bought it in Italian music store
17:12:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Non Jem Talk: no
17:12:18 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Non Jem Talk: Jackson
17:12:22 Pavel: hahahaha
17:12:23 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: Jackson is cool
17:12:28 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Non Jem Talk: yeah
17:12:31 Andrew Cockburn: Nice, I paid $2200 for mine I think
17:12:33 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: Rokchik has a Les Paul!
17:12:34 Sircraigery -> Non Jem Talk: i learned on a crappy aria pro II, if you have a jackson, you'll be fine
17:12:37 rokchik -> Non Jem Talk: LP Standard
17:12:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Non Jem Talk: im thinkin Ibanez Rg for next guitar
17:12:41 rokchik -> Non Jem Talk: yep I do
17:12:43 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: Damn...
17:12:47 Pavel: ok let's get on main chat window than
17:12:52 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: I'm thinking a JEM!
17:12:53 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: NOO
17:12:57 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: nvm
17:13:06 Pavel: first i thought it's some kind of a fraud...
17:13:07 Andrew Cockburn: ok
17:13:14 Robin -> Non Jem Talk: dont think I'm gonna buy a new guitar
17:13:16 Sircraigery -> Non Jem Talk: i'm thinking a gibson les paul,
17:13:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Non Jem Talk: keep dreaming slamm
17:13:22 Pavel: than i saw VWALL GUITARS in an official DEAN GUITARS distributors..
17:13:22 rokchik -> Non Jem Talk: i love mine
17:13:24 Robin -> Non Jem Talk: I want a pedal steel guitar, like robert randolph got
17:13:26 Pavel: and that calmed me down
17:13:30 Andrew Cockburn: LOL
17:13:35 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Non Jem Talk: Iccccc
17:13:39 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: Oh I don't have to Dream!!
17:13:44 Andrew Cockburn: You will be the main man with that guitar
17:13:47 Pavel: you know it is my first internet order
17:13:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Non Jem Talk: yeah ok :?
17:13:54 Robin -> Non Jem Talk: I got a guitar, dont need another. not untill I get rich of course
17:13:55 Pavel: and 600$ dollars is a lot of money for me to earn...
17:13:58 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: I have have to decide.... college or JEM!
17:14:03 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: LOL
17:14:06 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Non Jem Talk: duh
17:14:06 Robin -> Non Jem Talk: JEM of course
17:14:08 rokchik -> Non Jem Talk: LOL
17:14:09 Andrew Cockburn: really? You picked a complex one to do it with
17:14:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Non Jem Talk: jem
17:14:13 Robin -> Non Jem Talk: picking college would have been retarted
17:14:14 Pavel: so i was pretty much afraid of paying liek that
17:14:15 Andrew Cockburn: It will be fine
17:14:17 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: Screw Education
17:14:17 Sircraigery -> Non Jem Talk: everyone trash talked the epiphone (ok, no they don't), but how much better can a real gibson be other than the pickups?
17:14:19 rokchik -> Non Jem Talk: LOL
17:14:24 Robin -> Non Jem Talk: do like me, screw school
17:14:24 Andrew Cockburn: Wiring is very safe
17:14:31 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: not your teacher
17:14:38 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Non Jem Talk: lol
17:14:39 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Non Jem Talk: depends
17:14:40 Pavel: no - i am not afraid of the bank transfer
17:14:40 Robin -> Non Jem Talk: I screw my teacher for good grades
17:14:43 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: LOL
17:14:50 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: ok this is getting out of hand
17:14:50 Sircraigery -> Non Jem Talk: i have 4 years so far, and am going for another 4 in sept
17:14:51 Pavel: i'm a bit afraid of the guitar store
17:14:52 rokchik -> Non Jem Talk: I gotta go guys....going out for supper. Talk to ya later
17:14:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Non Jem Talk: All mine are guys
17:14:57 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: ok
17:14:59 Robin -> Non Jem Talk: or actually I dont, but a friend of mine did
17:15:00 Robin -> Non Jem Talk: bye
17:15:04 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: we offended her
17:15:06 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Non Jem Talk: serious ?
17:15:07 Pavel: you know like - i pay - they don't answer and i loose my money...
17:15:11 Pavel: that kind of sense
17:15:24 Andrew Cockburn: Yeh,
17:15:25 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Non Jem Talk: omg that teacher must have been smokin
17:15:35 Andrew Cockburn: Hey Rokchick - got bored without us??
17:15:35 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: She went to Tell on us
17:15:38 Gen -> Non Jem Talk: i like pineapple!
17:15:39 Robin -> Non Jem Talk: nah I dont know, he was just crying like a child to a teacher we had so he could go home and such making crap excueses. But who knows, maybe he screwed HIM
17:15:42 rokchik: Hey boys just popped back to say bye...gotta go out for supper. hope to talk to ya later
17:15:49 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: NO
17:15:50 Gen -> Non Jem Talk: lol
17:15:53 Pavel: ok good bye! have a nice meal
17:15:53 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: SICK
17:15:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Non Jem Talk: ha ha
17:15:56 Andrew Cockburn: H, ok, very ok
17:15:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Non Jem Talk: Nasty Robin
17:16:03 Robin -> Non Jem Talk: well I doubt it
17:16:03 rokchik: I'm never bored...always great discussions on here
17:16:04 Andrew Cockburn: Very ppolite of you thanks!
17:16:07 Andrew Cockburn: Have a nice dinner
17:16:10 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: I don't think Rokchik is going to Dinner
17:16:12 Robin -> Non Jem Talk: but still, he was our teachers baby
17:16:13 Robin -> Non Jem Talk: haha
17:16:19 Andrew Cockburn: Hey Pavel, they are all weakening !
17:16:22 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: she probably got Grossed out
17:16:22 Robin -> Non Jem Talk: she got disgusted by all this
17:16:24 Pavel: i think JEM talking is more interesting - we are getting more members hahaha
17:16:25 Robin -> Non Jem Talk: haha
17:16:32 Eat-Sleep-andJam: no just I needed a change of atmosphere
17:16:35 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
17:16:37 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: nope she ain't going to Dinner
17:16:40 Andrew Cockburn: So how do you find the Jem's fine tuners?
17:16:42 rokchik: thanks guys.....besides I was getting a bit jealous of the Jem almost have me turned to the dark side...almost
17:16:47 Andrew Cockburn: lol
17:16:50 Pavel: lol
17:16:54 Pavel: i am the evil!!!
17:16:57 Sircraigery -> Non Jem Talk: think they are still talking about jems?
17:16:58 Andrew Cockburn: Its one for after the SStrat
17:16:59 rokchik: I talk to ya soon
17:17:00 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: hey Gen go ask her whats she having
17:17:00 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yes yes we know
17:17:04 Pavel: hahaha i turned Andrew to the darks side, it's your turn now
17:17:04 Andrew Cockburn: seeya
17:17:05 Gen -> Non Jem Talk: ok
17:17:16 rokchik: Pavel you are Evil LOL
17:17:16 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: I think she's lying!
17:17:18 Andrew Cockburn: IIf you only knew the power of the dark side ...
17:17:19 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: LOL
17:17:21 Pavel: hahahahahahaha
17:17:23 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Im thinkin Satriani Signature Ibanez
17:17:25 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: it's my fault
17:17:26 Pavel: We have cookiesssssss
17:17:37 rokchik: LOL...I really gotta go the boyfriend is getting pissed...bye
17:17:37 Andrew Cockburn: Satriani sig = cool
17:17:38 Gen: whats happening here ?
17:17:42 Andrew Cockburn: seey
17:17:46 Andrew Cockburn: seeya
17:17:48 Andrew Cockburn: even
17:17:49 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: LOL
17:17:57 Andrew Cockburn: We're taking Jems
17:18:01 Pavel: hey this is a JEM boys talk! What are you doing here???
17:18:02 Robin -> Non Jem Talk: Well, I'm going back to the other chat now!
17:18:05 Slammer -> Non Jem Talk: ok
17:18:06 Pavel: hahahahahaha
17:18:08 Sircraigery -> Non Jem Talk: yep me too
17:18:14 Gen: lol
17:18:15 Andrew Cockburn: We're cooler than they are Pavel
17:18:20 Pavel:
17:18:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: now its a jem talk with various nooblets sitting in to watch : p
17:18:34 Pavel: hahahahahaha
17:18:37 Andrew Cockburn: The new spectator sport
17:18:38 Robin: Indeed.
17:18:52 Andrew Cockburn: Ok, ok, we'll try and tone it down a little
17:19:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: my brain
17:19:02 Andrew Cockburn: glad to have you all back
17:19:11 Pavel: i think after my next lesson i'll have to re-string the baby
17:19:23 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol the baby , whos the dad father vai ?
17:19:25 Sircraigery: what kind of strings do you use?
17:19:29 Pavel: and that is a pain in the ass a bit...
17:19:41 Pavel: D'Addario 9-42
17:19:59 Sircraigery: i use elixer 10's
17:20:18 Pavel: Elixir is very expensive in Croatia
17:20:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Evh Replica guitar = far more expensive then Jem, but worth it ?
17:20:22 Pavel: i buy my strings in Ukraine
17:20:27 Andrew Cockburn: Looking forward to my first re-string - bets it isn;t as hard as everyone says - I am using Elixirs too, they put them on at the shop for me
17:20:30 Pavel: it's 4$/pack there
17:20:36 Sircraigery: are you from croatia?
17:20:40 Pavel: yes
17:20:45 Eat-Sleep-andJam: whats it like therE?
17:20:55 Eat-Sleep-andJam: us being U.S.A boys
17:20:57 Sircraigery: they are $14 here
17:21:02 Pavel: nice, warm. nice country but people are dumb...
17:21:07 Sircraigery: hahah
17:21:09 Gen -> cool guitarists only: haha
17:21:14 Slammer -> cool guitarists only: LOL lets see if they try to come
17:21:18 Pavel: i am not original croatian so i don't care...
17:21:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol, sounds like a summary of the world
17:21:31 Gen -> cool guitarists only: lol
17:21:34 Slammer -> cool guitarists only: robin is trying
17:21:38 Slammer -> cool guitarists only: LOL
17:21:41 Pavel: Eat-Sleep-andJam i guess it's like that eveywhere
17:21:43 Gen -> cool guitarists only: hahaha
17:21:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
17:22:01 Slammer -> cool guitarists only: I let Robin in!
17:22:11 Sircraigery: i was just going to say like canada? haha
17:22:19 Eat-Sleep-andJam: this is stupid it wont let me post links in here
17:22:46 Slammer -> cool guitarists only: well I tried *slap*
17:22:57 Gen -> cool guitarists only: ok
17:22:59 Pavel: why?
17:23:04 Pavel: i can paste them with no probs
17:23:09 Slammer -> cool guitarists only: LOL
17:23:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: like copy and paste the urls
17:23:16 Pavel: Andrew - how do you like the whammy bar on JEM?
17:23:16 Slammer -> cool guitarists only: he might come in
17:23:18 Eat-Sleep-andJam: but it wont let me for some reason
17:23:20 Slammer -> cool guitarists only: Maybe
17:23:30 Slammer -> cool guitarists only: lets make another one with no password
17:23:35 Gen -> cool guitarists only: ok lol
17:23:41 Andrew Cockburn: Its amazing
17:23:52 Andrew Cockburn: Best I've ever used - I have never had that degree of control
17:23:59 Pavel: yep
17:24:03 Pavel: i know what you mean
17:24:06 Andrew Cockburn: Never had a good enough one that I ever used it, learnign to use the Jems all the time
17:24:07 Eat-Sleep-andJam: On a Steve Vai Note.....there is a video on google of Steve Vais Biggest Fan and its mad creepy
17:24:08 Slammer: Robin is Back
17:24:14 Robin: yeees
17:24:36 Slammer -> Non JEM or Vai talk: LOL
17:24:39 Gen -> Non JEM or Vai talk: lol
17:24:47 Slammer -> Non JEM or Vai talk: lets tell jokes in here
17:25:01 Slammer -> Non JEM or Vai talk: *slap*
17:25:06 Eat-Sleep-andJam: what are you guys practicing ?
17:25:10 Gen -> Non JEM or Vai talk: *diahrea
17:25:13 Gen -> Non JEM or Vai talk: *
17:25:15 Robin -> Non JEM or Vai talk: Hi ho maddafakka yo's
17:25:17 Andrew Cockburn: Pavels Speedpicking #1
17:25:18 Pavel: alternate picking and sweeps
17:25:20 Gen -> Non JEM or Vai talk: lol
17:25:31 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol nothing new there pavel
17:25:32 Slammer -> Non JEM or Vai talk: what do you get when a bunch of Japanese go swimming? a cup of noodles
17:25:41 Sircraigery: i'm not practising anything haha
17:25:45 Gen -> Non JEM or Vai talk: idk
17:25:46 Gen -> Non JEM or Vai talk: lol
17:25:48 Pavel: Eat-Sleep-andJam really???
17:25:49 Pavel: oops
17:25:51 Andrew Cockburn: bad sircraigery
17:26:00 Sircraigery: yeah i know, i was all day today
17:26:06 Slammer -> Non JEM or Vai talk: Cup of noodles is a Soup in the US
17:26:07 Robin -> Non JEM or Vai talk: lol
17:26:15 Gen -> Non JEM or Vai talk: lol
17:26:17 Sircraigery: just having a break
17:26:19 Gen -> Non JEM or Vai talk: haha
17:26:23 Slammer -> Non JEM or Vai talk: wait I got a better room
17:26:36 Andrew Cockburn: that's ok then
17:26:38 Robin -> Non JEM or Vai talk: haha
17:26:43 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Pavels practice routine - 2 hours of sweep picking 1- hour od speedpicking- and 3 hours how to style your hair like rusty cooley
17:26:43 Robin -> Non JEM or Vai talk: "a better room" lokl
17:26:44 Slammer -> Non JEM or Vai talk: come out
17:26:50 Slammer -> Non JEM or Vai talk: exit
17:26:53 Slammer -> Non JEM or Vai talk: NOW!
17:27:14 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
17:27:14 Slammer -> Joke Room!: LOL
17:27:38 Pavel: Eat-Sleep-andJam it's actually - 2 hours of picking, 2 hours of sweeping and 2 hours of HOW TO combine both hahaha
17:28:06 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well sorry Mr .Perfect !
17:28:21 Pavel:
17:28:22 Andrew Cockburn: No, Pavel isn;t perfect he's just intermediate
17:28:22 Slammer -> Joke Room!: YAY!
17:28:30 Pavel: Andrew Cockburn correct! sad.gif
17:28:31 Slammer -> Joke Room!: ok your turn [email protected]
17:28:32 Gen -> Joke Room!: ÿeeepee yaayy
17:28:33 Slammer -> Joke Room!: LOL
17:28:38 Slammer -> Joke Room!: *whip*
17:28:38 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
17:28:43 Robin -> Joke Room!: ?
17:28:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: if you say so 8)
17:28:49 Andrew Cockburn: But funny, given how good your technique is
17:28:50 Slammer -> Joke Room!: tell a joke
17:28:53 Sircraigery: intermediate? lol
17:28:59 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Stereotype
17:29:02 Slammer -> Joke Room!: LOL
17:29:03 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
17:29:13 Pavel: i have soooooo many material for lessons but i just don't have enough time to practice it all
17:29:21 Pavel: i compose new stuff faster than i practice it
17:29:32 Eat-Sleep-andJam: strange , no ?
17:29:34 Gen -> Joke Room!: hahahaha its dead
17:29:44 Andrew Cockburn: The funny thing about guitar is that you can always get better at it - even Pavel thinks he has a kong way to go
17:29:50 Slammer -> Joke Room!: no
17:29:55 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
17:29:57 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Mexican girls
17:29:58 Pavel: in a year GMC will be swarming with shred lessons of all kinds
17:30:05 Slammer -> Joke Room!: and G34 in a band
17:30:11 Sircraigery: at my job we work crazy hours in the winter, so i have no time to practise then, but in summer i'd ratherbe outside than in the house all day, so that's another obsticle
17:30:11 Andrew Cockburn: Yeay!
17:30:17 Robin -> Joke Room!: hmm ok
17:30:21 Slammer -> Joke Room!: G34 and the Moustaches
17:30:24 Robin -> Joke Room!: gonna try to figure out a good joke
17:30:31 Andrew Cockburn: We have to suffer for our art ...
17:30:38 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
17:30:41 Andrew Cockburn: Get an acoustic and play it outside
17:30:47 Pavel: we have to suffer because of BUYING guitar
17:30:58 Sircraigery: i have one, but i have this crazy neighbour that stares at's creepy haha
17:31:06 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
17:31:08 Slammer -> Joke Room!: hey gen
17:31:08 Eat-Sleep-andJam: weird
17:31:18 Sircraigery: he's like 80
17:31:19 Gen -> Joke Room!: hey slam
17:31:20 Slammer -> Joke Room!: you wanna hear some stereotypes?
17:31:26 Gen -> Joke Room!: yea lol
17:31:26 Eat-Sleep-andJam: idk what my next guitar is going to be
17:31:31 Pavel: of all the guitars i ever wanted to buy - i couldn't find even one in my country
17:31:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: is that so ?
17:31:44 Slammer -> Joke Room!: everyone knows what Swiss are like, Swiss men like to wear tight shorts, white shirts, braces and William Tell caps, usually with feathers in. They spend most of their time up in the mountains, singing as they walk
17:31:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: how come ?
17:31:46 Pavel: yes
17:31:47 Sircraigery: how much did you shell out for it?
17:31:51 Robin -> Joke Room!: stereotype of a swedish girl: Hot, blond, big breasts. -- and they dont shave
17:31:56 Robin -> Joke Room!: it sucks I know
17:31:59 Robin -> Joke Room!: but its true
17:32:00 Robin -> Joke Room!:
17:32:04 Eat-Sleep-andJam: that Jem is like 21 hundered i think
17:32:08 Pavel: because there are no serious musicians here and whoever starts playing buys a squire or a CHEAP ibanez
17:32:08 Slammer -> Joke Room!: They survive on a diet of chocolate and holey-cheese. The women are mostly blonde, never grow old, like to help milking the cattle and are usually called Heidi
17:32:17 Slammer -> Joke Room!: LOL
17:32:18 Pavel: so if i want DEAN or an expensive IBANEZ - i am doomed
17:32:27 Slammer -> Joke Room!: They live in wooden huts on the mountainside, and each room has at least one cuckoo clock
17:32:37 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Dean guitars are on-sale at my local guitar center
17:32:47 Gen -> Joke Room!: Hahahahahahahahaa
17:32:48 Slammer -> Joke Room!: They also enjoy yodelling and playing their 12m long Alpine horns. They are ruddy cheeked, fairly rich, and pretty smug because they have so much fresh mountain air and because their trains always run on time.
17:32:51 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
17:33:01 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
17:33:02 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
17:33:06 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol lol lol
17:33:16 Slammer -> Joke Room!: you like?
17:33:23 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol lol lol
17:33:30 Gen -> Joke Room!: yea
17:33:33 Eat-Sleep-andJam: they look kind of over done Imho
17:33:45 Pavel: all i can find here is an ULTRA EXPENSIVE yamaha shop, some ultra cheap ibanez, and all the fender stuff
17:33:54 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Italians good lovers but bad drivers
17:34:00 Sircraigery: try ebay?
17:34:00 Slammer -> Joke Room!: LOL
17:34:06 icedern -> Joke Room!: boo
17:34:08 Slammer -> Joke Room!: hey Icey
17:34:11 Sircraigery: shipping is probably crazy though i guess
17:34:21 Pavel: don't like eBay because you never know what you can buy...
17:34:33 Pavel: and also - shipping to Europe is very often not available
17:34:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: try musicansfriend ?
17:34:48 Pavel: until this year i had problems with payment
17:34:58 Pavel: PayPal accounts still don't work in Cro
17:35:04 Sircraigery: oh shitty
17:35:07 Slammer -> Joke Room!: you still here?
17:35:08 Pavel: so i was pretty much CASH forced
17:35:10 Slammer -> Joke Room!: gen
17:35:30 Gen -> Joke Room!: yea, im just practicing
17:35:31 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im starving
17:35:33 Slammer -> Joke Room!: *whip*
17:35:34 icedern: hello btw
17:35:39 Pavel: hey!
17:35:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hey ice
17:35:44 icedern: just watching the conversation while i do some chores
17:35:49 Sircraigery: where are you from andrew?
17:36:03 Slammer -> Joke Room!: all norweigians are Vikings!
17:36:09 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
17:36:17 icedern: He is probably busy playing with Galadriel
17:36:28 Slammer -> Joke Room!: even Robin!
17:36:42 Robin -> Joke Room!: yes
17:36:48 Robin -> Joke Room!: we got long hair and dont shave
17:36:50 Slammer -> Joke Room!: are you ready for some Jokes
17:36:52 Robin -> Joke Room!: and we play black metal
17:36:53 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Gen
17:37:01 Robin -> Joke Room!: and we burn christian churches
17:37:02 Gen -> Joke Room!: yea i ve got long hair too
17:37:02 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Norwiegian Jokes
17:37:03 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
17:37:09 Robin -> Joke Room!:
17:37:17 Slammer -> Joke Room!: How do you know Jesus could not be found in Norway? - It’s impossible to find three wise men there.
17:37:24 Slammer -> Joke Room!: LOL
17:37:36 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
17:37:36 icedern: Anyone ever play Schecter?
17:37:39 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol lol lol
17:37:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
17:37:40 Slammer -> Joke Room!: What do they call smart people in Norway? - Tourists!
17:37:46 Slammer -> Joke Room!: LOL
17:37:47 Eat-Sleep-andJam: diamond series and stuff
17:37:50 Gen -> Joke Room!: hahahahaha
17:37:51 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
17:37:55 Gen -> Joke Room!: you re mad!
17:37:56 icedern: what do you think
17:37:57 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
17:37:59 Gen -> Joke Room!: hahaha
17:38:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: good stuff.
17:38:15 Robin -> Joke Room!: haha
17:38:15 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Id go ibanez though if you want better bang for your buck
17:38:31 icedern: does Ibanez make a 7 string?
17:38:40 Robin -> Joke Room!: What do they call smart people in USA? - Tourists! HAH! right back at'ya!
17:38:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
17:38:56 Slammer -> Joke Room!: not quite
17:38:57 Eat-Sleep-andJam: how much are you willing to spend
17:39:04 Robin -> Joke Room!: yes becuase its truuue
17:39:10 Robin -> Joke Room!: or maybe you're not from the US?
17:39:11 icedern: well, nothing atm...I'm waiting till i sell my house
17:39:13 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
17:39:16 icedern: but probably around a grand
17:39:18 Eat-Sleep-andJam: i see
17:39:27 Slammer -> Joke Room!: In Heaven: The cooks are French, The policemen are English, The mechanics are German, The lovers are Italian, The bankers are Swiss.
17:39:38 Slammer -> Joke Room!: The cooks are English, The policemen are German, The mechanics are French, The lovers are Swiss, The bankers are Italian.
17:39:42 Slammer -> Joke Room!: in hell
17:39:53 Slammer -> Joke Room!: LOL
17:39:56 Robin -> Joke Room!:
17:40:07 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
17:40:10 Gen -> Joke Room!: hey slam
17:40:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Im gonna go guys - dinner time bye bye
17:40:13 Slammer -> Joke Room!: DUDE that is wrong
17:40:15 Gen -> Joke Room!: i have a question
17:40:17 Slammer -> Joke Room!: what?
17:40:46 Gen -> Joke Room!: when you play 4 notes per beat, is that called : sixteenth notes?
17:40:55 Andrew Cockburn: sorry, got distracted ....
17:41:01 Slammer -> Joke Room!: I believe so
17:41:05 icedern: Galadriel?
17:41:07 Andrew Cockburn: I'm from the UK but I live in COnnecticut
17:41:11 Slammer -> Joke Room!: yes
17:41:13 Andrew Cockburn: Galadriel
17:41:20 icedern: haha
17:41:20 Gen -> Joke Room!: and so, what is quarter notes?
17:41:22 Andrew Cockburn: The Lady Galadriel to give her her fulltitle
17:41:27 icedern: awesome
17:41:27 Gen -> Joke Room!: its the same thing right?
17:41:30 Sircraigery: oh ok haha
17:41:35 Slammer -> Joke Room!: 1 note per beat
17:41:39 Gen -> Joke Room!: a lol
17:41:40 Gen -> Joke Room!: okay
17:41:41 Gen -> Joke Room!: thx
17:41:45 Slammer -> Joke Room!: is this a Joke??
17:41:46 Andrew Cockburn: Don;t you be disrespecting my guitar dude!
17:41:54 Robin -> Joke Room!: yesi t is
17:41:55 Pavel: JEMEX!!!
17:41:58 Andrew Cockburn: lol
17:42:05 Pavel: Jemex jemex jemex!!!!
17:42:08 Gen -> Joke Room!: and sixteeth notes triplets are 6 note per beat?
17:42:10 Gen -> Joke Room!: right?
17:42:14 icedern: Its the best name for a guitar i've ever seen actually
17:42:14 Robin -> Joke Room!: think so
17:42:21 Gen -> Joke Room!: okay
17:42:21 Slammer -> Joke Room!: A Swiss guy, looking for directions, pulls up at a bus stop where two Englishmen are waiting. "Entschuldigung, können Sie Deutsch sprechen?" He asks. The two Englishmen just stare at him. "Excusez-moi, parlez-vous français?" The two continue to stare. "Parlate italiano?" No response. "Hablan Ustedes espagnol?" Still nothing. The Swiss guy drives off, extremely disgusted. The first Englishman turns to the second and says: "Y'know, maybe we should learn a foreign language…" "Why?" says the other, "that bloke knew four languages, and it didn't do him any good."
17:42:22 Pavel: which one?
17:42:23 Andrew Cockburn: SOUnds like a Jem with Fender TexMex pickups!
17:42:24 Sircraigery: mine's name is gary haha, it's an inside joke thing we have at work...that's why it's not a girls name
17:42:31 icedern: I'm jealous i didn't think of it...but I've never had one worth of it
17:42:38 Pavel: icedern which name??
17:42:43 Andrew Cockburn: This is the first i named
17:42:51 icedern: Andrews...the lady Galadriel
17:42:55 Pavel: lol
17:43:08 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
17:43:13 icedern: cause it makes sounds of the elves
17:43:27 Gen -> Joke Room!: you wrote this just now or you pasted it from a website?
17:43:28 Andrew Cockburn: Yes, also ...
17:43:28 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
17:43:32 Sircraigery: my first was an acoustic (that i still have), named nessie, then my jackson named jackie...real original i know
17:43:51 Andrew Cockburn: Jem -> Precious -> My Precious -> Gollum -> Tolkien -> Elves -> The Lady Galadriel
17:43:56 Slammer -> Joke Room!: pasted it
17:44:00 Slammer -> Joke Room!: LOL
17:44:01 icedern: haha, brilliant
17:44:04 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Q: What were the 2 Mexican FireFighting Brother's names?
17:44:11 Andrew Cockburn: Took me a while to get to it
17:44:17 Slammer -> Joke Room!: A: Hose A and Hose B
17:44:28 Gen -> Joke Room!: whats a hose?
17:44:31 Robin -> Joke Room!: i dont geddit
17:44:40 Slammer -> Joke Room!: nvm
17:44:41 Slammer -> Joke Room!: LOL
17:44:50 Slammer -> Joke Room!: What kind of cans are there in Mexico?
17:44:55 Sircraigery: i'm heading out guys, my drummer invited me over for a beer (he's my neighbour, so it's rather convenient)
17:45:01 Robin -> Joke Room!: no idea
17:45:02 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Mexicans
17:45:06 Gen -> Joke Room!: hahaah
17:45:07 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
17:45:08 Pavel: ok see ya
17:45:08 Robin -> Joke Room!: hahaha
17:45:09 Slammer -> Joke Room!: LOL
17:45:16 Pavel: let your beer be with you!!!
17:45:20 icedern: catch you later
17:45:32 Slammer -> Joke Room!: This Mexican dude was taking a pee on the side of a building and this Texan sees him. After the Mexican is done the texan bloke asks him, "How come you Mexicans don't wash your hands after you pee?" The Mexican smiles, "Senior, we Mexicans don't piss in our hands..."
17:45:35 Sircraigery: i am, didn't you see my gut in the video lol
17:45:40 Sircraigery: later guys
17:45:46 Andrew Cockburn: bye
17:46:01 icedern: if i stop responding for a bit..its because the people are here to look at the house
17:46:01 Robin -> Joke Room!: hahaha
17:46:04 Robin -> Joke Room!: jeeesus
17:46:06 Robin -> Joke Room!: haha
17:46:07 Andrew Cockburn: ok
17:46:12 Gen -> Joke Room!: hahahahahahahahahahaha
17:46:13 Gen -> Joke Room!: omg
17:46:14 Gen -> Joke Room!: ahahahaha
17:46:15 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
17:46:16 Robin -> Joke Room!: loool
17:46:25 Robin -> Joke Room!: laughing to death, and it wasnt even THAT good hahahah
17:46:30 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Why does a Mexican eat Tomales for Christmas?
17:46:41 Robin -> Joke Room!: becuase
17:46:44 Slammer -> Joke Room!: So they have something to unwrap
17:46:44 Robin -> Joke Room!: _D
17:46:49 Slammer -> Joke Room!: LOL
17:46:52 Gen -> Joke Room!: idk
17:46:53 Andrew Cockburn: actually, I'll disappear now - my wife is home and I need to show my face ..
17:46:57 Robin -> Joke Room!: dont geddit
17:46:58 Pavel: lol
17:46:58 Gen -> Joke Room!: haha
17:46:59 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
17:46:59 Slammer -> Joke Room!: sorry this is too Mean
17:47:02 Pavel: show her your JEM
17:47:07 Gen -> Joke Room!: yea
17:47:11 Andrew Cockburn: I'll be back on the Jem later though - 3 full days to play
17:47:14 Robin -> Joke Room!: tomales?
17:47:21 Andrew Cockburn: I will - she admitted it was beautiful ..
17:47:27 Slammer -> Joke Room!: are you guys getting offended?
17:47:31 Pavel: Yeeeeeeeees we won!!!!!!!!
17:47:33 Robin -> Joke Room!: ahhaha no way
17:47:37 Robin -> Joke Room!: I dont get offended
17:47:38 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Well, Lets all agree
17:47:38 Andrew Cockburn:
17:47:38 Gen -> Joke Room!: no way
17:47:39 Robin -> Joke Room!: by anything
17:47:44 Slammer -> Joke Room!: that this is all ion fun
17:47:46 Andrew Cockburn: seeya pavel
17:47:48 Gen -> Joke Room!: yea
17:47:51 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Agreed??
17:47:52 Pavel: ok go shredder go! don't make your wife wait!
17:47:54 icedern: see ya
17:47:55 Gen -> Joke Room!: ofc
17:47:55 Pavel: bye!
17:47:57 Andrew Cockburn: bye
17:48:03 Andrew Cockburn: bye icedern
17:48:05 Slammer -> Joke Room!: ok, let continue
17:48:12 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Why did God give Mexicans noses?
17:48:17 Pavel: i guess i am off to bed also
17:48:25 Pavel: i see you later icedern!!
17:48:42 Robin -> Joke Room!: becuase
17:48:44 icedern -> Joke Room!: wtf
17:48:47 Slammer -> Joke Room!: So they'll have something to pick in the winter
17:48:50 Robin -> Joke Room!: Hi iceman
17:48:53 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Icey
17:48:56 Robin -> Joke Room!: hehaheha
17:48:56 icedern -> Joke Room!: hey hey
17:49:00 Gen -> Joke Room!: hahaha
17:49:03 Slammer -> Joke Room!: we are Telling jokes
17:49:03 Gen -> Joke Room!: hi icey
17:49:09 Slammer -> Joke Room!: but you can only be here
17:49:15 Slammer -> Joke Room!: if you promise
17:49:18 Slammer -> Joke Room!: not to get offended
17:49:22 Slammer -> Joke Room!:
17:49:43 icedern -> Joke Room!: shit i'm already offended
17:49:45 Slammer -> Joke Room!: some of them are Stereotypical
17:49:51 Slammer -> Joke Room!: all of them are
17:49:52 Slammer -> Joke Room!: LOL
17:49:53 icedern -> Joke Room!: kidding
17:49:59 Slammer -> Joke Room!: but it's all in good fun
17:50:10 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Why does a Mexican re-fry their beans?
17:50:15 icedern -> Joke Room!: hey, if i disapear its because people are here to look at the house
17:50:20 Slammer -> Joke Room!: ok
17:50:31 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Have you seen a Mexican do anything right the first time?
17:50:38 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
17:50:40 icedern -> Joke Room!: lol
17:50:44 Slammer -> Joke Room!: What are the first 3 words in the Mexican national anthem?
17:50:51 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Attention K-Mart shoppers."
17:50:52 Gen -> Joke Room!: idk lol
17:50:56 Gen -> Joke Room!: hahahahahahahaha
17:50:57 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
17:51:01 Robin -> Joke Room!: hahaa
17:51:02 Slammer -> Joke Room!: only Icey will get that
17:51:14 Robin -> Joke Room!: I think it was fun anyway
17:51:18 Slammer -> Joke Room!: What are the first three words in every Mexican cookbook?
17:51:20 Robin -> Joke Room!: I know what a K-mart is
17:51:22 icedern -> Joke Room!: haha good one
17:51:31 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Steal a chicken"
17:51:35 Gen -> Joke Room!: omg
17:51:37 Slammer -> Joke Room!: LOL
17:51:38 Gen -> Joke Room!: hahahahahah
17:51:42 Gen -> Joke Room!: that one was good
17:51:43 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
17:51:45 Gen -> Joke Room!: hahaha
17:51:49 Robin -> Joke Room!: hahaha
17:51:52 Robin -> Joke Room!: looool
17:52:12 Slammer -> Joke Room!: classic one
17:52:22 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Icey already knows this one
17:52:25 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Why doesnt mexico have a olympic team?
17:52:44 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Because every mexican that can run, jump, and swim is already across the border!
17:52:46 Gen -> Joke Room!: idk
17:52:52 Robin -> Joke Room!: hashahahhahah
17:52:52 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
17:52:53 Slammer -> Joke Room!: LOL
17:52:54 icedern -> Joke Room!: yes!!!
17:52:55 icedern -> Joke Room!: lol
17:52:56 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol lol lol
17:52:57 Robin -> Joke Room!: loool
17:53:01 Robin -> Joke Room!: I'm dying god damnit ahaha
17:53:35 Slammer -> Joke Room!: An Englishman, Frenchman, Mexican, and Texan were flying across country on a small plane when the pilot comes on the loud speaker and says " We're having mechanical problems and the only way we can make it to the next airport is for 3 of you to open the door and jump, at least one of you can survive" The four open the door and look out below. The Englishman takes a deep breath and hollers "God Save The Queen" and jumps. The Frenchman gets really inspired and hollers "Viva La France" and he also jumps. This really pumps up the Texan so he hollers "Remember the Alamo" and he grabs the Mexican and throws him out of the plane.
17:53:50 Slammer -> Joke Room!: only a american will get this one
17:54:09 icedern -> Joke Room!: hahahah
17:54:15 icedern -> Joke Room!: awesome
17:54:23 Slammer -> Joke Room!: LOL
17:54:42 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Two guys are bungee-jumping one day. The first guy says to the second. "You know, we could make a lot of money running our own bungee-jumping service in Mexico." The second guy thinks this is a great idea, so the two pool their money and buy everything they'll need - a tower, an elastic cord, insurance, etc. They travel to Mexico and begin to set up on the square. As they are constructing the tower, a crowd begins to assemble. Slowly, more and more people gather to watch them at work. The first guy jumps. He bounces at the end of the cord, but when he comes back up, the second guy notices that he has a few cuts and scratches. Unfortunately, the second guy isn't able catch him, he falls again, bounces and comes back up again. This time, he is bruised and bleeding. Again, the second guy misses him. The first guy falls again and bounces back up. This time, he comes back pretty messed up - he's got a couple of broken bones and is almost unconscious. Luckily, the second guy finally catches him this time and says,
17:55:10 icedern -> Joke Room!: oh i heard this one the other day
17:55:16 Slammer -> Joke Room!: LOL
17:56:33 Slammer -> Joke Room!: What do you call mexican basketball?
17:56:43 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Juan on Juan.
17:56:58 icedern -> Joke Room!: haha
17:56:58 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Gen!!
17:57:04 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Did you hear about the winner of the mexican beauty contest?
17:57:12 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Me neither.
17:57:17 Robin -> Joke Room!: :ØD
17:57:19 Robin -> Joke Room!:
17:57:26 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Why don't mexicans bbq?
17:57:34 Slammer -> Joke Room!: The beans fall through the little holes.
17:57:57 Slammer -> Joke Room!: *whip* *slap*
17:58:12 icedern -> Joke Room!: hahaha
17:58:16 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Gen is gone
17:58:22 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Did you hear about that one mexican that went to college?
17:58:29 Slammer -> Joke Room!: yeah.. me neither
17:58:36 Robin -> Joke Room!:
17:58:37 Gen -> Joke Room!: hahahahaha
17:58:39 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
17:58:41 Gen -> Joke Room!: hahahahaha
17:58:45 Gen -> Joke Room!: sorry guys
17:58:55 Slammer -> Joke Room!: What do you call a Mexican driving a BMW?
17:59:01 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Grand Theft Auto
17:59:03 Robin -> Joke Room!:
17:59:06 Slammer -> Joke Room!: LOL
17:59:11 Gen -> Joke Room!: i was just counting the months, and i realize its been now ten month a started guitar
17:59:20 Gen -> Joke Room!: since yesterday
17:59:22 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
17:59:22 Slammer -> Joke Room!: ok enough Mexicans.... pick another Race
17:59:26 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
17:59:35 Slammer -> Joke Room!: I'm not Racist by the Way...
17:59:43 Slammer -> Joke Room!: but this is Only for Fun
17:59:45 Robin -> Joke Room!: racism is crazy
17:59:48 Slammer -> Joke Room!: No Harm done
17:59:58 Gen -> Joke Room!: no
18:00:03 Gen -> Joke Room!: im offended
18:00:13 Robin -> Joke Room!: but go ahead, I think its fun anyway. I dont care. My uncle shot himself, I can laugh at suicide jokes
18:00:13 Gen -> Joke Room!: i thought you werent a rascist slam
18:00:14 Slammer -> Joke Room!: I only kidd because I can!
18:00:16 Gen -> Joke Room!: but you are
18:00:21 Gen -> Joke Room!: ...
18:00:26 Gen -> Joke Room!: hahahahahahaha
18:00:27 Gen -> Joke Room!: jk jk
18:00:29 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
18:00:39 Gen -> Joke Room!: i love those kind of jokes
18:01:13 Robin -> Joke Room!: do you know any religious jokes? I'm an atheist, so I'd probably laugh my ass off
18:02:00 Slammer -> Joke Room!: but I'm not
18:02:01 Robin -> Joke Room!: hey dudes, whats up with the silence?
18:02:07 Slammer -> Joke Room!: So I won't go there
18:02:07 Gen -> Joke Room!: i believe in the swiss chocolate god!
18:02:09 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
18:02:10 Robin -> Joke Room!: ohhh, did I offend anyone?
18:02:11 Slammer -> Joke Room!: sorry
18:02:21 Gen -> Joke Room!: no ofc, im an atheist too
18:02:25 Robin -> Joke Room!:
18:02:32 icedern -> Joke Room!: Yah i don't really care much for religious ones
18:02:39 Slammer -> Joke Room!: not cool
18:02:48 Slammer -> Joke Room!: but Swiss jokes ARE!
18:03:05 Robin -> Joke Room!: hehe, racist jokes are ok, but not religious? doesnt make sense to me
18:03:49 icedern -> Joke Room!: god can strike me down in one thought...
18:03:55 Slammer -> Joke Room!: because People aren't God or God like figures
18:04:05 Robin -> Joke Room!: Indeed. So can santa claus
18:04:09 Slammer -> Joke Room!: understand??
18:04:30 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Guest 2844
18:04:31 icedern -> Joke Room!: santa claus
18:04:31 Robin -> Joke Room!: uhm, do you mean that religious jokes arent fun, or you just think its wrong or something?
18:04:40 icedern -> Joke Room!: lol
18:05:09 Robin -> Joke Room!: (dont mean to argue, I'll stiop now)
18:05:16 Slammer -> Joke Room!: ok good
18:05:19 Slammer -> Joke Room!: LOL
18:05:23 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol lol
18:05:25 Slammer -> Joke Room!: back to jokes!
18:05:37 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Joke Room!: slammer causing trouble as usual ?
18:05:37 icedern -> Joke Room!:
18:05:49 Robin -> Joke Room!: yeees
18:06:08 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Sorry this room is for 18 and up!
18:06:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Joke Room!: screw you
18:06:36 Robin -> Joke Room!: hey what about some yo mama jokes
18:06:46 Robin -> Joke Room!: I dont know any, but slammy is a pro
18:06:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Joke Room!: i have some bad ones
18:06:49 Robin -> Joke Room!: I guess?
18:06:50 Robin -> Joke Room!:
18:06:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Joke Room!: but bare in mind kris reads this
18:07:01 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
18:07:13 Slammer -> Joke Room!: we'll blame it all on you!
18:07:17 Slammer -> Joke Room!:
18:07:31 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Joke Room!: Slammer
18:07:34 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Joke Room!: Damn you
18:07:39 icedern -> Joke Room!: Hi Kris...we love you
18:07:47 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
18:07:51 Gen -> Joke Room!: hjaha yea
18:07:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Joke Room!: lets all make are pledges of how we love kris
18:07:59 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Yo mama so fat she goes to a resturant, looks at the menu and says "okay!"
18:08:12 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Yo mama so fat she got to iron her pants on the driveway
18:08:23 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Yo mama so fat she put on her lipstick with a paint-roller
18:08:35 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Yo mama so fat when she bungee jumps, she brings down the bridge too
18:08:43 Robin -> Joke Room!:
18:08:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Joke Room!: Your mamas P#SSY has more friends then Tom on Myspace
18:09:05 Robin -> Joke Room!: haha
18:09:13 icedern -> Joke Room!: Your momma so fat i get jet lag giving her a hug
18:09:25 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Yo mama so fat she's on both sides of the family!
18:09:31 Robin -> Joke Room!: haha
18:10:08 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
18:10:09 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Yo mama so stupid when she saw the R rated movie sign (under 17 not admitted) sign, she went home and got 16 friends
18:10:20 Robin -> Joke Room!: oooold
18:10:28 Robin -> Joke Room!: just that its usually a blond joke
18:10:35 Slammer -> Joke Room!: LOL
18:10:38 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Yo mama so stupid that she tried to put M&M's in alphabetical order!
18:10:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Joke Room!: your mama is so fat she went to the movies and sat next to everyone
18:10:40 Robin -> Joke Room!: but I suck so I shouldnt be complaining!
18:10:43 Slammer -> Joke Room!: I know
18:10:52 Robin -> Joke Room!:
18:10:58 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Yo mama so stupid she stole free bread
18:11:05 Slammer -> Joke Room!: *slap* *whip*
18:11:07 Robin -> Joke Room!: heha
18:11:24 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Yo mama so stupid she got locked in a grocery store and starved!
18:11:38 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Joke Room!: lol
18:11:39 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Joke Room!: slammer
18:11:46 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Yo mama so stupid she sits on the TV, and watches the couch!
18:11:48 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Joke Room!: it looks like we were on the same website
18:11:53 Slammer -> Joke Room!: lol
18:11:55 Slammer -> Joke Room!: .lol
18:11:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Joke Room!: ha ha ha
18:12:45 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Joke Room!: im gonna practice guitar
18:12:48 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Joke Room!: peace
18:12:50 Slammer -> Joke Room!: *whip* *slap* *meow*
18:12:53 Robin -> Joke Room!: bye
18:12:56 Slammer -> Joke Room!: ok take care
18:13:04 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Ok guys I'm all Joked out
18:13:05 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Joke Room!: take care of your mom
18:13:14 Gen -> Joke Room!: bye
18:13:15 Robin -> Joke Room!: and I'm laughed out
18:13:20 Robin -> Joke Room!: I will!
18:13:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam -> Joke Room!: *whip* *slap* * Bark*
18:13:25 Slammer -> Joke Room!: I think I'm headed out of this room
18:13:32 Slammer -> Joke Room!: but first
18:14:02 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Let's all Agree Again that This was just a Silly Joke time, And We're Idiots!
18:14:10 Robin -> Joke Room!: yes
18:14:12 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Agree??
18:14:21 Robin -> Joke Room!: we dont even know what racism means
18:14:24 Slammer -> Joke Room!: NO harm done
18:14:30 Robin -> Joke Room!: and we didnt understand any of the jokes that were made
18:14:33 Robin -> Joke Room!: we are stupid
18:14:34 Robin -> Joke Room!: no harm done
18:14:34 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Gen???
18:14:39 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Icey?
18:14:48 Slammer -> Joke Room!: ICEY!!
18:14:53 Slammer -> Joke Room!: *meow*
18:14:54 Robin -> Joke Room!: We're doomed!
18:14:55 Gen -> Joke Room!: no i dont agrre, cuz im offended
18:14:58 Robin -> Joke Room!: haha
18:15:01 Slammer -> Joke Room!: LOL
18:15:07 Gen -> Joke Room!: i recognize my mom in all the jokes...
18:15:09 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol lol lol
18:15:11 Gen -> Joke Room!: jk jk
18:15:12 Robin -> Joke Room!: lol
18:15:18 Robin -> Joke Room!: I actually do
18:15:19 Gen -> Joke Room!: i agree
18:15:22 Robin -> Joke Room!:
18:15:29 Slammer -> Joke Room!: OK now We have Agreed it's cool
18:15:36 Robin -> Joke Room!: its kewl allright
18:15:37 Slammer -> Joke Room!: And let's exit
18:15:41 Robin -> Joke Room!: what's the fonze?
18:15:42 Slammer -> Joke Room!: no harm done
18:15:44 Robin -> Joke Room!: he's cool
18:15:45 Robin -> Joke Room!: we're cool
18:15:50 Slammer -> Joke Room!: Kris may even Laugh
18:15:50 Robin -> Joke Room!: alright
18:15:53 Slammer -> Joke Room!: LOL
18:15:58 Slammer -> Joke Room!: or NOT sad.gif
18:16:00 Gen -> Joke Room!: lol
18:16:01 Robin -> Joke Room!: specially when we're apologizing like this
18:16:14 Slammer -> Joke Room!: I'm a idiot
18:16:16 Slammer -> Joke Room!: let go
18:16:19 Robin -> Joke Room!: Indeed.
18:16:21 Robin -> Joke Room!:
18:16:36 Robin: gutiar chat eyy.
18:16:45 Robin: I have a guitar.
18:16:54 Robin: its name is mittens
18:17:02 Slammer: Yes!
18:17:39 Slammer: Iceyis still in
18:17:41 Slammer: LOL
18:17:42 Gen: hey guys
18:17:43 Robin: oh man there so many moskitos here god damnit
18:17:44 Gen: whats up
18:17:46 Gen: lol
18:17:48 Robin: not much
18:17:56 Slammer: What you guys been up to?
18:18:02 Robin: ah not much.
18:18:09 Robin: not laughaing at racist jokes atleast.
18:18:17 Slammer: I've been practising all day
18:18:19 Robin:
18:18:21 Robin: same here
18:18:24 Robin: practicing still
18:18:37 Slammer: Racist Jokes are Stupid and a Watse of time
18:18:49 Robin: I watched Kris' ol' Hot blues lesson today
18:18:52 Robin: AWESOME licks in it
18:18:57 Robin: long time since I watched it
18:18:58 Robin: idneed
18:19:56 Slammer: Icey!!
18:20:05 Slammer: whatcha been up to?
18:20:05 icedern: I'm [email protected]
18:20:12 icedern: showing my house to some people
18:20:33 Robin: hi iceman
18:21:00 icedern: damn its hot out
18:21:14 Robin: same here
18:21:36 Robin: been sweating on my guitar all day. my guitar gets better when it gets a bit sweaty
18:21:50 Robin: seriosuly
18:22:00 icedern: lol
18:24:03 icedern: can't wait till tomorrow...5 days off
18:24:08 Robin: sweet
18:24:13 Gen: cool
18:24:23 Robin: are you selling your house btw?
18:24:28 Robin: snice you got people looking at it
18:24:32 icedern: yeah
18:24:37 Robin: cool
18:24:40 icedern: hope to sell it
18:24:46 Robin: yeah hope so
18:25:10 icedern: heading down to a lake my parents have a place on this weekend
18:25:18 icedern: gonna do some wakeboarding and stuff
18:25:19 Robin: cool
18:25:23 Robin: awesome
18:25:33 icedern: and try not to break my finger again
18:25:40 Robin: >_<
18:25:43 Gen: lol yea be careful
18:26:02 Robin: is slammy out of juice? *meow*
18:26:06 Robin: Hi there
18:26:09 Slammer: yes
18:26:16 icedern: hey ace
18:26:25 Slammer: dude
18:26:26 Robin: sad.gif
18:26:39 ace_frehely: hi
18:26:44 Robin: hi
18:26:58 Gen: hi ace
18:26:58 icedern: hola
18:27:11 Gen: whats going on slam?
18:27:13 ace_frehely: hey
18:27:16 Gen: lol
18:27:29 Slammer: I'm Practising my Reading!
18:27:30 Gen: why dont you speak
18:27:32 ace_frehely: gene simmons is next to me
18:27:33 Gen: a lol
18:27:40 ace_frehely: just kidding
18:27:45 Robin: whats your bpm at slammy?
18:28:06 Slammer: 5
18:28:14 Robin: ok
18:28:18 Robin: thats great
18:28:22 Slammer: yeah!
18:28:49 Slammer: faster than................................................. BB kings wife!!
18:28:58 Robin: i dont geddit
18:29:02 Slammer: not really
18:29:12 Slammer: I'm so slow sad.gif
18:29:46 Gen: no you re not
18:29:53 Gen: i heard slammer s blue
18:29:55 Gen: s
18:30:01 Gen: and its not slow
18:30:35 Robin: he's slow at reading
18:30:37 Robin:
18:31:30 Slammer: dude Guest is still in the Joke Room!!
18:31:50 Robin: its probably Kris' in disguise
18:31:54 Robin: gone
18:32:09 Slammer: LOL
18:33:47 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow*
18:33:53 Robin: *meow*
18:34:19 Slammer: Icey is cold
18:35:20 Robin: oh really
18:35:26 Robin: thats kewl
18:38:22 Robin: whats up *meow*
18:38:26 Robin: someone say something funny
18:38:40 icedern: sorry had another call.
18:38:45 icedern: talking to that guy..i'll be afk a bit
18:38:48 Robin:
18:42:45 Robin: yo
18:43:04 Slammer: what does afk mean?
18:43:11 Robin: away from keyboard
18:43:16 Robin: geek language
18:43:17 Slammer: oh ok
18:43:38 Slammer: ok guys I'm gonna head out then
18:43:43 Robin: mkay laters
18:43:45 Slammer: this chat is dead
18:43:49 Robin: hmja
18:43:55 Slammer: if it wasn't I would stay
18:44:00 Robin:
18:44:01 Slammer: but I'm bored
18:44:17 Gen: lol
18:44:22 Robin: I'm playing guitar atm, giong to bed soon. just gonna read the forum
18:44:33 Slammer: ok Cya later
18:44:36 Robin: soooo I guess I'm off. Or atleast afk, untill I hear a cat sound
18:44:42 Robin:
18:44:45 Slammer: Cya Gen and Icey!!
18:44:50 Gen: noooo
18:44:53 Gen: dont go
18:44:54 Gen: slam
18:44:56 Gen: lol
18:45:08 Slammer: well say something fun and I will stay
18:45:08 Gen: i have something to say to you
18:45:13 Gen: but im shy...
18:45:21 Gen: okay here we go
18:45:24 Gen: i love
18:45:26 Gen: your mom!
18:45:29 Gen: lol
18:45:44 Slammer: Bahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha
18:45:44 Gen: okay that wasnt funny at all
18:45:46 Gen: lol
18:45:49 Slammer: I don't get it
18:45:51 Slammer: LOL
18:45:54 Gen: lol
18:46:09 Gen: chawingue!¨!
18:46:21 Slammer: Gen vs. Robin who would win in a Wrestle
18:46:27 Slammer: *meow*
18:46:36 Robin: w0t
18:46:41 Gen: lol
18:46:57 Gen: hey slam, do you know
18:47:00 Gen: wayn e s world
18:47:02 Gen: ?
18:47:10 Slammer: yes
18:47:41 Gen: have you seen the movie?
18:48:18 Slammer: NO!
18:48:20 Slammer: jk
18:48:29 Slammer: No I haven't actually
18:48:30 Gen: lol
18:49:47 Gen: you havent see wayne s world?
18:49:51 Gen: ??
18:49:54 Slammer: hey you want to see a funny youtube
18:50:01 Gen: ok
18:50:12 Gen: but you really should see this movie
18:50:18 Gen: it is really funnny
18:50:44 Slammer: ok
18:51:08 Slammer:
18:51:29 Slammer: LOL
18:51:35 Slammer: *slap*
18:51:41 Slammer: *meow*
18:51:44 Robin: hi
18:52:29 Slammer: GEN!!!
18:52:31 Gen: lol
18:52:35 Slammer: where did you go?
18:53:00 Gen: i saw
18:53:02 Gen: the vid
18:53:35 Gen: lol
18:53:40 Slammer: funny?
18:53:45 Gen: yea lol
18:54:16 Slammer:
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