Guitar Chat 2007-07-03
Kristofer Dahl
Jul 13 2007, 08:22 PM
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07:55:17 Robin: Hi
08:12:36 icedern: morning
08:12:56 icedern: at work again so i'll be semi afk
08:13:40 Robin: Hi ho
08:13:41 Robin: mkay
08:14:16 icedern: man, last night was stressful getting that house ready
08:14:26 icedern: that guy wanted to move in today
08:14:49 Robin: haha
08:14:55 Robin: so... are you already moved out?
08:15:07 icedern: well, he paid me 600 cash this morning
08:15:07 icedern: yah
08:15:17 Robin: ah ok
08:15:25 icedern: I was already mostly moved out
08:16:02 Robin: hmm I'm going a bit afk now btw. so I wnot be answernig for maybe 30min! see you a bit later
11:34:00 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hey robin
11:41:02 icedern: this stupid connection at work keeps dropping me outta here
11:41:43 icedern: I was just looking at that 7 string vai ibanez...omg.. i want
11:44:29 Robin: Hi there
11:46:17 icedern: Hey Robin
11:46:24 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hey guys
11:46:47 Eat-Sleep-andJam: sry Im trying to respond to different topics.
11:46:53 icedern: hey there
11:47:11 icedern: its cool. I'm at work anyways
11:49:45 Robin: gonna watch some battlestar galactica season 3 see ya
11:51:09 icedern: cool
11:51:48 Eat-Sleep-andJam: bye
14:18:44 muris: working ice?
14:19:27 icedern: hey Muris...yah
14:19:38 icedern: stuck at work
14:21:39 icedern: What are you up to?
14:23:30 muris: hey
14:23:37 muris: all goog
14:23:46 muris: editigd vides for new lesson
14:24:03 muris: Fxxx
14:24:09 muris: editing videos
14:24:32 icedern: oh nice. What is your next lesson
14:24:47 muris: some picking stuff
14:24:50 icedern: haha, ya speaking of editing
14:24:57 muris: alternate acctualy
14:25:44 icedern: i need to work a lot on that
14:25:44 icedern: cool
14:25:45 muris: all fine at work?
14:26:07 icedern: rather be playing
14:26:32 muris: can tell
14:27:19 icedern: haha, yah i'm going to be without my guitar for 5 days so i wish i could be playing now
14:27:54 muris: why for that long?
14:28:04 muris: going somewhere?
14:29:44 icedern: yeah, about 4 hours south of where i live to a lake
14:33:04 icedern: Whats up Gen
14:34:29 Gen: hey guys
14:34:32 Gen: not a lot
14:34:43 icedern: cool
14:44:25 muris: hey gen
14:44:34 muris: working something so didn't see you
14:44:42 muris: all ok?
14:49:35 Gen: yea
14:51:47 Gen: hey, i g2g, i ll come later, bye
16:37:50 Robin: Hi there
16:38:10 leedbreak: well, hello to u 2
16:38:39 leedbreak: never much in here is there?
16:38:45 Robin: oh sure there is
16:38:53 Robin: yesterday we were 9 people in here
16:39:02 Robin: we are a bunch of 4-5 people here everyday usually
16:39:07 leedbreak: wow, I had seen that many but not offten
16:39:30 Robin: seems like the last couple of weeks the chat activity have been growing
16:39:39 leedbreak: good
16:39:51 leedbreak: where you from?
16:39:58 Robin: North norway. you?
16:40:06 leedbreak: alabama USA
16:40:28 leedbreak: hows the weather there?
16:40:43 Robin: really really good actually
16:40:47 Robin: warm and sunny
16:41:01 leedbreak: cool same here with 99.9 % hum
16:41:03 Robin: been some thunder earlier though. not much. bu
16:41:21 Robin: but usualyl its just cold and cloudy here havent had much good weather this summer
16:41:41 leedbreak: well we are in worst drout in 25 years
16:43:22 leedbreak: How old r you and how long you been picking
16:45:05 leedbreak: whoops gota go lateres
16:45:24 Pavel: hey there
16:49:17 Robin: Hi
17:22:45 Gen: hahaha hi robin *meow* *slap*
17:22:53 Robin: HEHA
17:22:53 Gen: *whip*
17:22:55 Gen: lol
18:13:38 Gen: hey muris
18:15:39 Gen: haha , hi slam!!!
18:15:44 Slammer: LOL
18:15:47 Slammer: what up?
18:16:00 Gen: not a lot
18:19:46 Slammer: so how was your day?
18:19:56 Gen: cool
18:20:00 Gen: and yourse?
18:20:15 Slammer: I spent the Day Volenteering
18:20:22 Slammer: doing Charity Work!
18:20:34 Slammer: Helping poor people
18:20:41 Gen: lol
18:20:43 Gen: really?
18:20:47 Slammer: it's true!
18:20:50 Gen: great
18:20:54 Gen: its cool
18:20:59 Slammer: I helped bring food to Poor people!
18:21:08 Slammer: who can't afford it
18:21:18 Gen: actually, i always steal food to poor peoples
18:21:20 Gen: lol
18:21:21 Gen: jk
18:21:43 Slammer: but I didn't have any Swiss Cheese or Chocolate!
18:21:50 Gen: haha
18:21:59 Slammer: nobody likes it!!
18:22:08 Gen: i like
18:22:10 Gen: lol
18:22:14 Gen: chocolate
18:22:19 Gen: btu cheese...
18:22:28 Slammer: Swiss cheese has holes and Smells
18:22:28 Gen: lets say im not a big fan of swiss cheese^^
18:22:30 Gen: but*
18:22:43 Gen: yea, it has holes
18:22:46 Gen: many holes
18:22:48 Gen: lol
18:22:52 Slammer: it's like a Ripoff
18:23:10 Slammer: you buy cheese and it has HOLES!!!
18:23:16 Slammer: Damn....
18:23:19 Gen: lol
18:23:20 Gen: hahaha
18:23:49 Gen: are you against holes?
18:24:01 Gen: omg lol, i better stop there
18:24:02 Gen: haha
18:24:29 Gen: i dont want to launch the slam lol
18:41:14 Gen: muris, you re here?
18:41:20 Gen: *meow*
18:42:12 muris: whf???
18:42:19 muris: Slammer??
18:42:24 Gen: ?
18:42:27 muris: dude.I'm working here
18:42:31 muris: just saw this
18:42:53 muris: no need for this
18:43:03 Slammer: I know I;m a Idiot
18:43:05 muris: all ok
18:43:09 Slammer: but I'm leaving
18:43:15 Gen: hey
18:43:19 Gen: what s happened?
18:43:21 Slammer: today is my last Day
18:43:37 Slammer: I will not Renew my Sub.
18:43:54 Slammer: today is my last day on
18:44:03 muris: nothing gen
18:44:07 muris: we're cool
18:44:28 muris: quit with it,ok??
18:44:50 Slammer: ok GoodBye then!
18:45:04 Slammer:
18:45:06 muris: I mean oposite
18:45:08 Gen:
18:45:10 Slammer: Goodbye Gen
18:45:11 muris: but as you wish
18:45:11 Gen: ?
18:45:36 Slammer: My Subsribtion ends on the 17th of July
18:45:44 Slammer: I will not Renew it Gen
18:45:56 Slammer: I need the money for other things
18:46:02 muris: you should
18:46:03 Slammer: I just decided it
18:46:09 Gen: ...
18:46:09 muris: no need for ding this
18:46:18 Slammer: but today is my last day in the Chat
18:46:20 muris: specialy not because of me
18:46:31 muris: not mad at you or som
18:46:39 muris: just busy at the moment
18:46:49 Slammer: I know...
18:47:18 muris: so why are you doing this??
18:47:19 Slammer: it's just I decided a long time ago that even though I love GMC I don't think I will Renew
18:47:28 Gen: slammer you re not going anywhere! you stay here!!
18:47:32 Slammer: sorry Gen
18:47:38 Slammer: this is it for me
18:47:52 muris: i think he's making a joke again gen
18:48:01 Gen: i hope so
18:48:03 muris: but hard one
18:48:14 Slammer: I will be around the Forums for the Next Few Days untill my Sub runs out
18:48:46 muris: well then you wanted to go anyhow
18:48:58 muris: don't blame yourself or me
18:49:04 muris: yoiu decided it before
18:49:52 Slammer: but ok guys I'm leaving the chat for one last time
18:49:55 Slammer: bye guys
18:50:08 muris: hmm
18:50:16 muris: strange guy
18:50:23 muris: he'll be back I'm sure
18:50:25 Gen: i really hope this is a joke...
18:51:59 muris: me too
18:52:26 muris: I had some talk with him about behavior
18:52:33 muris: but that;s not a reason for doing this
18:59:06 muris: will continue here
19:10:02 Gen: sorry, i g2g sleep, hehe, i got to work tomorrow
19:10:03 Gen: bye
19:10:11 Gen: *meow*
20:24:10 Sircraigery: hey muris
20:24:35 Sircraigery: hey man
20:24:43 Andrew Cockburn: HEy guys
20:25:20 Andrew Cockburn: Hey rok
20:25:24 Sircraigery: hey man, i was gonna ask you, when you are doing a solo, do you usually use a scale to the key of the chord the rythm is playing?
20:25:28 Sircraigery: yo
20:25:35 Andrew Cockburn: Good question
20:25:47 rokchik: Hello All
20:25:48 Andrew Cockburn: The answer is yes or no
20:25:50 Andrew Cockburn:
20:26:09 Andrew Cockburn: What you would usually7 do is find a scale that fits over most of thechords you are playing
20:26:17 Andrew Cockburn: SOmetimes that is not possible
20:26:26 Andrew Cockburn: so you miught switch scales threough the song
20:26:39 muris: Hey folks
20:26:43 Andrew Cockburn: Or you might do it deliberatelky for effect
20:26:47 Andrew Cockburn: Hey Muris
20:26:55 rokchik: I may be slow as looking at Gabriel's rocker riff...the RATM caught my eye...LOL
20:26:57 muris: hi Andrew
20:27:02 muris: what's new?
20:27:11 Sircraigery: i'm so new to scales man, i'm not sure if i know what you mean by fits over all the chords, sorry if it's a real amature question haha
20:27:22 Andrew Cockburn: muris - just playing a little
20:27:30 Andrew Cockburn: No that;s ok =
20:27:30 muris: cool
20:27:42 muris: I saw you got your Jem after all
20:27:45 rokchik: Sircraigery....I'm still in the Am penatonic box so don't worry
20:27:46 muris: congrats!!
20:27:46 Sircraigery: what's everyone listening to?
20:27:47 Andrew Cockburn: I have a lesson on this stuff
20:27:53 Andrew Cockburn: muris thanks
20:28:09 Sircraigery: i know the major and first 2 pentatonic boxes lol
20:28:16 Andrew Cockburn: The basic idea is that you can build chords out of the sscales you are using and it all fits ogether
20:28:25 Gen: aaaaaaaaaaaa i cant sleep!!!
20:28:30 Andrew Cockburn: let me find you a link
20:28:33 Gen: lol btw hi all...
20:28:34 rokchik: I learned that from your theory lessons Andrew
20:28:36 Andrew Cockburn: Gen drink more beer
20:28:40 Gen: hehe
20:28:47 muris:
20:28:47 Andrew Cockburn: rokchik lol good girl!
20:28:49 Sircraigery: oh, so if the chords fir inside a scale? or over the template or whatever...(you know what i mean)
20:28:56 Sircraigery: hey gen
20:29:04 rokchik: thanks...I try
20:29:05 Andrew Cockburn:
20:29:06 Gen: but thats really annoying cuz i have to work tomorrow...
20:29:06 Sircraigery: fit*
20:29:15 Andrew Cockburn: Like your new Avatar BTW - very soothing
20:29:30 Gen: who?
20:29:35 Andrew Cockburn: rok
20:29:50 rokchik: Andrew...I never got any Theory practice in this weekend...I left my notebook at work and I was avoiding that place like the plague for fear of OT
20:29:53 Andrew Cockburn: Hey muris - you wringon a new lesson ?
20:29:58 Andrew Cockburn: lol
20:30:00 Sircraigery: oh wicked, that andrew. i'd be screwed on this site if it wasn't for you haha
20:30:03 muris: almost
20:30:05 rokchik: Thanks Andrew
20:30:10 muris: uploding slow vids at the moment
20:30:12 Sircraigery: i mean thanks, not "that" lol
20:30:16 rokchik: I'm all about the calm.....very Zen
20:30:23 rokchik: LOL
20:30:26 Andrew Cockburn: Find your centre .,..
20:30:55 muris:
20:31:00 Andrew Cockburn: Damn ! I finally learned to really relax my picking hand - really making a difference to my playing
20:31:02 rokchik: That's not hard to find...haven't been to the gym since the shoulder thing
20:31:07 rokchik: lol
20:31:09 Andrew Cockburn: lol
20:31:17 Andrew Cockburn: No more Ice Hockey ?
20:31:24 rokchik: not till the winter
20:31:40 Andrew Cockburn: Isn;t that next week where you are ??
20:31:42 rokchik: no baseball this summer either...still a bit of a problem
20:31:44 rokchik: LOL
20:32:00 Sircraigery: brb, reading this lesson
20:32:09 rokchik: Actually I think we've entered into Monsoon's pis*ing down rain here
20:32:10 Andrew Cockburn: Jolly good
20:32:15 Andrew Cockburn: Nice ...
20:32:27 Andrew Cockburn: So what's the new lesson about Muris?
20:32:47 muris: ahh,some picking stuff
20:32:51 rokchik: Muris...I haven't check out your lesson yet...sorry
20:33:02 muris: few arpeggion at 5 strings
20:33:06 muris: all alternate
20:33:10 muris: stuff like that
20:33:23 Gen: cool
20:33:24 Andrew Cockburn: Aha - we'll show those sweepers !!!
20:33:25 muris: no prob rok
20:33:28 Andrew Cockburn: Sounds great
20:33:29 muris: take your time
20:33:40 muris: it'll be here till the end of time
20:33:41 muris: lol
20:33:50 Andrew Cockburn: Hey guys - I'm writing a lesson tomorrow - any ideas what I should do next?
20:33:55 rokchik: I've been jumping around lately..can't seem to get focused
20:34:23 muris: don't know for sure Andrew
20:34:25 rokchik: but loving Gabriels rocker riff right now...very Tom Morello..I likey alot
20:34:44 muris: I still think that guys have wrong point of view for modes
20:34:45 Andrew Cockburn: Yes I like the way Gab breaks stuff down into stylistic basics
20:35:03 Andrew Cockburn: muris what do you mean?
20:35:13 Sircraigery: maybe something on combining scales? i saw kris's lesson on it, and it was a good base, but wouldn't a bit more info, or examples ya know?
20:35:17 Andrew Cockburn: Modes are always interesting to write about
20:35:36 rokchik: I agree Andrew...I have some stuff writen down that I'd like to learn but I have it all in my notebook at work
20:35:39 muris: well,many will say,dorian is on 2th degree of something,lydian on 4th degree etc
20:35:55 muris: longer way I think
20:36:06 Andrew Cockburn: YEs, I am trying to dispell that myth - it has a lot do do with the way modes are taught I think
20:36:18 Andrew Cockburn: I took a lightly different approach in my modes lesson
20:36:20 muris: for sure
20:36:27 muris: i was though that way at school
20:36:34 rokchik: I haven't got to modes yet...still at the circle of fifths
20:36:36 muris: no point of it I guess
20:36:37 Andrew Cockburn: Me too - never understood it until recently
20:36:58 muris: modes are quite simple
20:36:58 Andrew Cockburn: degrees of the scale is a way to generate modes but it is not what they are
20:37:10 muris: correct
20:37:17 Andrew Cockburn: They are shifteed intevals within a scale
20:37:27 Andrew Cockburn: but you choose them by cycling threough
20:37:39 muris: yeah
20:37:53 Andrew Cockburn: So people always compare C major with D dorian and don;t get it
20:37:57 rokchik: going over my head and under my feet now Andrew...LOL
20:38:00 Andrew Cockburn: when they shouild compare c maj and c dorian
20:38:03 muris: good thing shall be to make groups of major and minor modes
20:38:09 muris: maybe you did it before
20:38:12 Andrew Cockburn: Yes, that's a good pattern
20:38:17 muris: sorry if I missed topic
20:38:27 Andrew Cockburn: No, I did one lesson so far
20:38:36 Andrew Cockburn: on moded - plus a lesson on modal pemtatonics
20:38:44 muris: cool
20:38:49 Sircraigery: if anyone knows the binary counting, that's kinda how i think of the modes, like a bit-shift right or left lol
20:39:02 Andrew Cockburn: lol - thats a really good way to think of it actuakky
20:39:03 Sircraigery: is that right?
20:39:12 Andrew Cockburn: its a great image, I know whatr you mean
20:39:16 Andrew Cockburn: as a coimputer guy
20:39:18 muris: and just point at note difference
20:39:25 Sircraigery: electronics tech
20:39:30 muris: beetween major/minor and mode
20:39:42 muris: one note
20:39:48 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah, I like that approach
20:40:06 muris: accept locrian
20:40:09 Andrew Cockburn: Like Lydian = Major with #4, Dorian = Minor + #6
20:40:19 muris: but no help of it anyhow
20:40:20 Andrew Cockburn: Yes, Locrian is really difficult
20:40:34 Gen: hey fmx
20:40:39 FmX: hey people
20:40:41 Sircraigery: yeah i dn't know all of them, i just read it over a bit to get the terms good, before i get going on remembering everything
20:40:44 rokchik: Hey FmX
20:40:45 muris: can't ude it as home mode
20:40:48 muris: hey fmx
20:40:54 Andrew Cockburn: Muris - I thnk I even put that in a table in my lesson, but I don;t rememebr exactly
20:41:09 rokchik: Did you learn " Good Riddance " after...FmX
20:41:10 muris: yeah might be
20:41:16 muris: i was reading it
20:41:21 FmX: hehe yea I did actually
20:41:22 muris: long lesson as well
20:41:27 rokchik: cool
20:41:27 muris: maybe I missed it
20:41:37 Andrew Cockburn: YEah, wanted to get the facts across
20:41:50 muris: sure
20:42:10 muris: but just copy that table few times
20:42:17 rokchik: Andrew I love your theory lesson...I'm sure your sick of me saying that but they are so well written and easy to understand
20:42:20 muris: ctrl D
20:42:40 Andrew Cockburn: Rokchik, I will never tire of you telling me that
20:42:45 Andrew Cockburn: I am a monster of vanity!
20:42:46 rokchik: lol
20:42:48 Sircraigery: you know what i would like to make? a beginners guitar with the notes written on the top of the neck (where the "player's view" dots are)
20:42:55 Sircraigery: not on the face of the neck
20:42:59 muris: hehehe
20:43:14 Sircraigery: just for scale keys
20:44:43 Andrew Cockburn: You know Muris, I might write a modes part 2 as an alternative view and emphasize the major minor thing, thats a great way to understand their tonalities beter
20:44:45 muris: why not
20:44:47 Sircraigery: no one likes it?
20:45:04 muris: hell yeah Andrew
20:45:24 muris: must get this mistery solved at once
20:45:39 Andrew Cockburn: Yep - GMC will be the source of all Modal understanding!
20:45:52 muris: correct
20:46:09 Sircraigery: you know what i would love a lesson on? learning how to tune by ear. there has got to be a way that someone with perfect pitch visualizes the how they ring? or at least i do that when i'm listening
20:46:17 Andrew Cockburn: On the subject of modes, I am really enjoying Dave Wallimans modal study lessons
20:46:23 Sircraigery: maybe i'm just on crack haha
20:46:28 muris: Sir,that's hard to make a lesson for it
20:46:40 muris: ear needs practicing
20:46:41 rokchik: Sircraigery...I think that's something that will come with time
20:46:48 Andrew Cockburn: Once you get the first note it is easy to do but still hard to explain!
20:46:53 muris: to remember sound of open strings
20:47:00 Andrew Cockburn: Yes, experience is the best help
20:47:18 rokchik: I could never tune before without a tuner...but now I can Drop D and back to standard no problem
20:47:18 Sircraigery: yeah, i can do it after the first string, but sometimes i'm way off on the first string and think it's bang on haha
20:47:34 muris: ahh
20:47:43 Sircraigery: like if i'm re-stringing or something
20:47:52 muris: you're talking about absolut pitch?
20:47:55 rokchik: And I can tune the other strings pretty close...still need to play with it a bit but I'm getting there
20:48:50 rokchik: again I think it's just something that will come with time and practice
20:49:04 Sircraigery: oh here's a good one, when tuning with harmonics, which fret do you go on for strings 2,3?
20:49:22 Sircraigery: i get lost there haha, nothing sounds right between the two of them
20:49:22 muris: no frets for that
20:49:40 muris: they are in major 3th interval
20:49:49 muris: not 4th like rest ot them
20:50:09 Andrew Cockburn: Guitar would be veyry logical if they hadn;t thrown that in
20:50:17 rokchik: lol
20:50:30 muris: lol
20:50:33 Sircraigery: so instead of 5 & 7, i'd go 4 & 7?
20:50:33 muris: yeah
20:50:49 Andrew Cockburn: exceo there are no harmonics there
20:50:51 muris: not really
20:50:57 Sircraigery: dammit haha
20:50:59 Andrew Cockburn: and if they were they would be wrong
20:51:08 muris: but you shall use 4 fret on G and open B
20:51:11 muris: good tho
20:51:44 Andrew Cockburn: You can do 12th on the 2nd and 7th on the 6th
20:51:51 muris: but hey
20:51:54 Andrew Cockburn: an 12th on 1st and 6th
20:52:03 muris: 5th on B and 4th on G
20:52:08 muris: same note
20:52:26 muris: higher that on rest of the strings
20:52:30 Sircraigery: yeah, the difference when learing it in harmonic form is alot easier hear
20:52:38 Andrew Cockburn: Good one Muris
20:52:50 muris:
20:53:22 muris: it's hard to get that harmonics on accoustic guitar tho
20:53:34 muris: those
20:53:47 muris: but on electric it's just fine
20:54:05 Sircraigery: soft left hand, and hard right hand lol
20:54:18 muris: lol
20:54:19 muris: way to go
20:54:32 Sircraigery: i learned on acoustic, so i'm good to go there
20:54:42 rokchik: I can't do artificial harmonics worth poop...sorry at second part of Gabriels lesson
20:54:44 Sircraigery: wel...started learning
20:54:45 muris: great!!
20:55:16 Andrew Cockburn: I ws useless at them for years, then sometyhing clicked and I can do them up the wazoo now
20:55:37 Andrew Cockburn: breakthrough for me was chinging to a heavier pick and differebt grip
20:55:40 Sircraigery: same with pinched harmonics, i can let those rip good
20:56:01 rokchik: I C...
20:56:02 Sircraigery: i find where you do it on the guitar changes the pitch alot
20:56:10 muris: must pick the right place on string
20:56:25 rokchik: That's my problem
20:56:26 Andrew Cockburn: yes - I pick different places for a 5th or octave depending on what I am playing
20:56:30 muris: small miss and no scream
20:56:36 Andrew Cockburn:
20:56:42 Sircraigery: i pick right at the right side of the neck humbucker, works best for me there
20:56:46 rokchik: That's what Im scream
20:57:06 muris: hmm
20:57:26 rokchik: oh just did it...hurray
20:57:27 Sircraigery: my problem was trying too hard at it for a while, and once i didn't think about it they come naturally
20:57:37 muris: each note played with left hand needs different spots for it
20:57:38 Sircraigery: aka...holding my thumb there too long
20:57:42 rokchik: back to close yet so far
20:58:05 muris: great rok!!
20:58:13 Andrew Cockburn: yay!
20:58:26 Andrew Cockburn: (for one at least!)
20:58:30 muris: you're some distortion there or?
20:58:32 rokchik: lol
20:58:41 Sircraigery: you'll love distortion 1000x more once you get them totally down lol
20:59:00 rokchik: I have the distortion on
20:59:06 Andrew Cockburn: treble up?
20:59:06 muris: yeah
20:59:15 Andrew Cockburn: Try either pickup
20:59:19 muris: easier with it and best for it tho
20:59:20 rokchik: not alot
20:59:32 rokchik: turned up now though
20:59:41 Andrew Cockburn: Well AH's are hogh pitched do treble helps them a lot
20:59:53 Sircraigery: so just a recap on scales, the degree is the # of step? ex, 5th degreee of the "alphabet scale" if there was such a thing haha, would be E?
21:00:08 Sircraigery: staring on a
21:00:09 Andrew Cockburn: Almost
21:00:20 Andrew Cockburn: Actually yes
21:00:26 Sircraigery: sweet
21:00:31 Andrew Cockburn: but I meant to say you have to take sharps and flats into account
21:00:47 rokchik: cool...i'll keep plugging away...I have the firts part of the lesson down cold and most of the second just that harmonic giving my grief
21:01:04 muris: go for it rok!
21:01:13 Sircraigery: yeah, i was just making the alphabet scale as a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,
21:01:32 Sircraigery: cool, lots of theory sinking in
21:01:33 muris: you got it right
21:01:37 Andrew Cockburn: Wow, you just invented some new note
21:01:52 muris: lol
21:01:57 muris: didnt see i
21:01:58 Sircraigery: yeah...h is kinda my trademark haha
21:02:06 muris: and h
21:02:21 muris: Sir,where are you from?
21:02:25 Andrew Cockburn: Wonder what they sound like
21:02:33 rokchik: I think i just played it...didn't sound good...LOL
21:02:49 Andrew Cockburn: LOL - you are trying for harmonics and geting h's and i's
21:03:01 Sircraigery: i'm from alberta, canada
21:03:10 muris: cool
21:03:12 rokchik: Yeah...long day at work
21:03:13 Sircraigery: you?
21:03:14 muris: check this out guys
21:03:34 Sircraigery: h is all open haha jk
21:03:36 muris: here in Bosnia and ex Yugoslavia alpha bet goes like this
21:03:43 rokchik: TWo crazy Canucks on the chat...we're taking over
21:03:45 muris: ,a b c d e f g h
21:03:46 rokchik: lol
21:03:47 muris: but
21:04:04 muris: it music tones it goes like this
21:04:20 muris: a h c d e f g a
21:04:30 muris: and now the coolest part
21:04:33 Andrew Cockburn: Yes - there was a threa don this a while back
21:04:36 muris: note Bb
21:04:39 Sircraigery: uhmm....well how about h is...i have no theory to back this up
21:04:40 muris: is B here
21:04:41 rokchik: That's just confusing...for me anyway
21:04:47 muris: lol
21:04:53 Andrew Cockburn: lol so B is H but Bb is Bb ?
21:04:56 muris: it's confusing to me too
21:04:58 muris: I mean
21:05:02 Sircraigery: perfect!
21:05:25 muris: when I sapek to my folks I use H as B and B as Bb
21:05:35 muris: but here must switch to B is B
21:05:38 rokchik: the H I played didn't sound like any B I ever heard...LOL
21:05:43 Andrew Cockburn: lol
21:05:44 muris: and Bb is Bb
21:05:52 Andrew Cockburn: muris you must be smarter than the rest of usd then
21:05:58 Andrew Cockburn: I'd get confused ...
21:05:58 muris: lol
21:06:04 muris: check out my head
21:06:12 muris: it's all like bubble
21:06:20 Andrew Cockburn: Hey muris, isn;t it about 3am where you are?
21:06:25 muris: from this h b bbb hhhbb
21:06:30 rokchik: ok ok...I just started Andrews Theory stuff....go go confusing me LOL
21:06:39 rokchik: don't* go
21:06:40 Andrew Cockburn:
21:06:41 muris: yeah
21:06:44 Sircraigery: 7 here, just got off work, have a whole night of playing ahead of me
21:06:46 muris: it's 3 am here
21:07:02 muris: watching a soccer game
21:07:02 rokchik: 1006 pm here
21:07:07 muris: chating with you
21:07:14 muris: and uploading new lesson
21:07:15 rokchik: who's playing
21:07:19 muris: cool
21:07:30 rokchik: soccer I mean
21:08:11 Sircraigery: how long have you been playing andrew?
21:08:19 Andrew Cockburn: 30 yers
21:08:21 Andrew Cockburn: years
21:08:32 Andrew Cockburn: 25 of them wasted
21:08:36 rokchik: wow
21:08:47 Andrew Cockburn: well maybe 20 wasted
21:08:53 Sircraigery: sweet, can you do sweeps and stuff? like malmstein?
21:09:00 Sircraigery: i wasted a few years too
21:09:00 Andrew Cockburn: nope
21:09:05 muris: Urugvay vs Venezuela
21:09:07 muris: sorry
21:09:10 rokchik: Andrew..I tried to check out your web site the other day but it wouldn't work
21:09:10 Sircraigery: i'm probably around 5 years actual playing
21:09:10 Andrew Cockburn: not a shredder - working on it though
21:09:26 rokchik: Muris...under 20 tourny?
21:09:29 Sircraigery: hey andrew, i thought i seen you playing on youtube
21:09:38 Andrew Cockburn: not me
21:09:39 Sircraigery: it was before i seen this site
21:09:52 muris: no,this is Copa America
21:09:52 Sircraigery: oh it was a guy that looked just like you then, kicked ass haha
21:09:54 muris: A teams
21:10:12 Andrew Cockburn: wouldn;t have been me if he kicked ass
21:10:16 rokchik: ahhh...we ahve the under 20 tourny going on over here in Canada right now
21:10:29 muris: cool
21:10:38 Sircraigery: if your playing is like your theory, i'm sure your not too shabby haha
21:10:48 rokchik: very...just wish I could have gone to see some of it
21:10:58 Sircraigery: i can play master of puppets (sounds good), and that's as hard as i get
21:10:59 Andrew Cockburn: I poted a couple of things on the uploads board - check out Floydian Dreams and Remwembering Amanda
21:11:14 Sircraigery: well, the main parts anyways, solo's scare me
21:11:36 Sircraigery: i'll check them out
21:11:39 rokchik: I agree sircraigery...I sorta stay away from most solos
21:12:03 Andrew Cockburn: that's where the real funis!
21:12:06 Sircraigery: i'm just not confident in my timing to do solo's
21:12:25 Andrew Cockburn: You have to kind of go through timing and out the other side
21:12:29 Sircraigery: like doing thing's double time, quarter time etc..
21:12:38 rokchik: I know...but I usually mess up get frustrated and put the guitar down
21:13:10 rokchik: I'll wait until my speed and acuracy is better...I do some solos but nothing overly tuff.
21:13:44 Sircraigery: i do solo's from like....silverchair haha they are easy but i like them
21:13:52 Sircraigery: just for practice
21:13:55 rokchik: The solo in About a Girl by Nirvana is about my speed right now..LOL Although I'm getting better at the Tom Morello stuff
21:14:07 muris: Andrew,you have some videos of your plaing?
21:14:18 muris: playing
21:14:26 Sircraigery: i have a crappy 1 take video if you want to see that
21:14:28 Andrew Cockburn: nope,just some recordings
21:14:37 Sircraigery: it's nothing special, just me screwing around
21:14:45 muris: make some!!
21:14:50 Andrew Cockburn: I'll get around to doing a video lesson or two for the site eventually if Kris will accept them
21:15:02 muris: will love to see you playing!
21:15:09 Andrew Cockburn: But I want them to be amazing
21:15:13 Sircraigery: you have any muris?
21:15:18 muris: well make something for yourself
21:15:37 muris: and put on your website
21:15:50 muris: yeah Sir,I got few
21:15:56 Andrew Cockburn: I will
21:16:00 Sircraigery: let's see em
21:16:13 muris:
21:16:25 muris: videos section
21:16:28 Sircraigery: awesome website man
21:16:53 muris: you'll probably love imrovisation video
21:16:56 muris: thanks sir
21:17:24 Sircraigery: dude you kick ass! haha
21:17:51 FretDancer69: hello people
21:17:57 muris: hey fret
21:18:02 FretDancer69: hows it going
21:18:12 muris:
21:18:13 Sircraigery: how long have you been playing?
21:18:25 FretDancer69: cool, just finished practicing, ill take a lil break
21:18:28 muris: 13-14 years I think
21:18:39 rokchik: Hey FretDancer69
21:18:40 muris: yeah why not fret
21:18:47 FretDancer69: hey there rokchik
21:19:02 FretDancer69: lol
21:19:06 FretDancer69: yeah i deserve it
21:19:15 Sircraigery: man, i like your style, you have a tone of feeling in your songs
21:19:31 muris: thanks
21:19:39 muris: I try not to shred a lot in my tunes
21:19:55 muris: but I do some stuff in vids
21:20:08 FretDancer69: muris, are you working on a record?
21:20:19 muris: yeah,second one
21:20:40 Sircraigery: so is that your job? or you just having fun?
21:20:40 FretDancer69: oh, awesome, hows the 2nd one going?
21:20:49 FretDancer69: good question
21:20:51 muris: great by now
21:21:00 muris: have 8 tunes at the moment
21:21:08 muris: plus 3 with vocals
21:21:15 FretDancer69: are u the one singing?
21:21:15 muris:
21:21:22 muris: yeah
21:21:27 FretDancer69: cool,
21:21:28 muris: I looooove to sing
21:21:36 FretDancer69: yeah same, but i wish i could lol
21:21:56 muris: you know,many have same problem
21:21:59 rokchik: I wish I could sing LOL
21:22:04 muris: not god to by shy a lot
21:22:07 muris: must sing
21:22:32 muris: ahh
21:22:35 muris: not good to be shy
21:22:54 FretDancer69: so do u guys like the new homepage design?
21:23:07 muris: welcome Andrew
21:23:39 muris: is it new?
21:23:49 muris: haven't noticed
21:23:52 FretDancer69: well, its sure different
21:23:54 FretDancer69: check it out
21:23:59 FretDancer69: lol
21:23:59 Andrew Cockburn: sorry browser crashed
21:24:01 Boggi: hey
21:24:03 muris: since when?
21:24:06 FretDancer69: hello
21:24:07 Sircraigery: muris how did you get into that? i mean i have a small band that we play bars n stuff but you've got a whole professional set up going there haha
21:24:08 Boggi: woow many people here .
21:24:08 FretDancer69: just a while ago
21:24:09 rokchik: I hate the browser crash
21:24:27 FretDancer69: yeah i wanna go professional at guitar when i get better
21:24:35 FretDancer69: but unfortunately you cant do that here where i live
21:24:51 muris: and where do you live?
21:25:01 FretDancer69: Honduras, Central America
21:25:07 muris: mate
21:25:11 muris: I'm in Bosnia
21:25:15 muris: ex War Zone
21:25:19 muris:
21:25:27 FretDancer69: well, the reason i said that its bcuz
21:25:29 Boggi: mursi have you earned alot money from music ?
21:25:36 Boggi: muris*
21:25:38 FretDancer69: my country is very poor country, and even more poor in the music business
21:25:44 rokchik: Hey Boggi
21:25:50 Boggi: Hey
21:25:50 muris: well I'm not a milioner I guess,but it's good
21:25:53 FretDancer69: and most music here is Reggaeton, idk if you have heard of it
21:26:09 FretDancer69: yea thats what i wanna do, not rich, but make a living out of music
21:26:13 Boggi: I see you have a big studio, it must a cost a bit of money.
21:26:16 Sircraigery: awesome good for you man
21:26:19 muris: fair enough
21:26:21 rokchik: Sounds like a plan Fret
21:26:27 FretDancer69: yea, im definately going for it
21:27:14 muris: that studio is property of friend of mine
21:27:20 muris: I have a home studio
21:27:31 Sircraigery: i just like playing during weekend with my friends, don't want anything more
21:27:34 muris: enough for my stuff
21:27:46 FretDancer69: thats awesome
21:27:57 muris: what kind of music do you play with your band sir?
21:28:19 FretDancer69: Metal
21:28:29 muris: cool
21:28:32 Sircraigery: the band? haha popular radio music, for the bars. none of us are wanting anything big, so we just play stuff that people want to hear
21:28:35 muris: for fun or paid ?
21:28:39 Andrew Cockburn: dammit did it again
21:28:41 Sircraigery: we all have different personal styles
21:28:43 Andrew Cockburn: User error this time
21:28:50 rokchik: Hello again Andrew
21:28:50 Sircraigery: just for fun, we don't get paid
21:29:01 FretDancer69: im having band troubles rite now, i think 2 people will have to leave..but i still wanna be friends...
21:29:02 Andrew Cockburn: Hi there
21:29:07 muris: that's cool tho
21:29:12 Sircraigery: we play like U2, and 3 Doors Down and stuff
21:29:36 rokchik: U2 r awesome...saw them in Toronto a couple years ago
21:29:45 rokchik: amazing concert
21:30:02 muris: yeah.U2 is great band
21:30:13 muris: first big that came to Bosnia after war
21:30:16 Boggi: anyone heard the new "The Scorpions" cd ?
21:30:17 Sircraigery: yeah i like them alot, and the guitar isn't that hard...well it isn't too fast. that's why theyncall him edge doesn't give any notes away he doesn't have too haha
21:30:21 muris: in 97 I think
21:30:35 rokchik: I haven't
21:30:43 Sircraigery: i have the scorpions "best of" cd...i love it
21:30:46 muris: yeah,Germans did a great job
21:30:51 muris: hard tunes,love it
21:31:00 Boggi: they are coming to my town 4 august.
21:31:08 rokchik: they rock us like a hurricane
21:31:12 muris: naaaaaajz
21:31:13 Boggi: to the Faroe Islands.
21:31:26 Sircraigery: i love the tone they have in "winds of change" in the beginning
21:31:31 Sircraigery: just awesome
21:31:34 rokchik: Great tune
21:31:39 Boggi: like 60.000 people here, and in my town there is 4000.
21:32:23 rokchik: ya gotta love small towns...there are only about 8500 in mine
21:32:41 Sircraigery: i grew up in a town of 1200 lol many many bush parties
21:32:42 Boggi: wich country ?
21:32:49 rokchik: but I basically live in the woods
21:32:56 rokchik: Canada
21:33:02 Boggi: oki
21:33:31 Sircraigery: muris, are those pearly gates you have in the guitar?
21:34:02 Boggi: mursi youre jamming videos is very good.
21:34:07 muris: which guitar?
21:34:07 rokchik: I live in Labrador and there are less than 40,000 people here in total.....this part of the country is all wilderness
21:34:20 FretDancer69: wilderness is cool
21:34:20 Boggi: it inspires me .
21:34:33 Sircraigery: the one your playing on the site....either it's a musicman, or wofgang
21:34:34 rokchik: lots of bears
21:34:42 muris: Musicman
21:34:55 Andrew Cockburn: Polar Bears???
21:35:00 FretDancer69: lolLol
21:35:01 Sircraigery: haha no no
21:35:04 FretDancer69: lol
21:35:20 muris: yeah,gates on mechanics are pearly
21:35:22 rokchik: actually yes....but mostly black bears..
21:35:28 Sircraigery: not even in baffin island right?
21:35:33 muris: but more like sedeph
21:36:05 Sircraigery: muris....i have no idea what you just said lol
21:36:19 muris: though so
21:36:20 rokchik: There are polar bears in Northern Labrador...I can send ya a pic of one if ya like
21:36:29 muris: don;t know how you call that material
21:36:33 muris: we call it sedef
21:36:35 Andrew Cockburn: Only if yuo took it!
21:36:50 rokchik: my boyfriend did does that count?
21:36:58 Andrew Cockburn: Yes!
21:37:24 rokchik: I wouldn't go near it...and it had already been shot
21:37:34 muris: forget about gates sir,we have hard time with it
21:37:37 rokchik: my mama didn't raise no fool
21:37:46 Sircraigery: uhm, let me rephrase my question. what kind of pick-ups do you use in the music man?
21:37:58 Andrew Cockburn: LOL
21:37:59 muris: holy
21:38:10 muris: DiMarzio at the moment
21:38:24 muris: but soon I'll put Stan Hinesley's pickups inside
21:38:30 Sircraigery: ok
21:38:45 Sircraigery: are those more of fatter sound?
21:39:04 muris: mean Stan's?
21:39:09 Sircraigery: yeah
21:39:14 muris: hmm
21:39:21 muris: can't tell at the moment
21:39:38 muris: he's going to make me some custom puckups
21:39:49 muris: his idea tho
21:40:25 Sircraigery: that would be awesome, tell him to put your anme on them
21:40:30 Sircraigery: name*
21:40:32 muris: hehehe
21:40:38 Boggi: muris, when you were younger and trained alot guitar, did you have a practise session if the day, or did you just jamming around ?
21:40:45 muris: must open it each time I wanna see it
21:41:10 muris: I was jamming and practicing
21:41:20 Sircraigery: on the front, like a seymour duncan
21:41:20 FretDancer69: how much did you practiced a day?
21:41:23 muris: acctualy both are practicing
21:41:33 muris: ahh yeah
21:41:43 muris: but there's no covers here
21:41:51 muris: with covers it;s easy to make
21:42:18 Sircraigery: oh yeah, just take them in and get them engraved...i never thought of that
21:42:33 Sircraigery: maybe I'll do that with my les paul
21:42:35 muris: good idea tho
21:42:39 muris: I'll tell him
21:42:44 muris:
21:43:02 Sircraigery: call them the "Muris Mofo's" lol
21:43:08 muris: lol
21:43:21 Andrew Cockburn:
21:43:36 Boggi: of all youre experience with youre practising, what had the biggest effect in youre improvements ?
21:44:10 Sircraigery: for me, using the drum machine while playing with songs
21:44:36 muris: can;t tell for sure,everything I guess
21:44:37 Sircraigery: it's way better than just playing along with your cd player
21:44:50 Boggi: any secret ?
21:45:28 Andrew Cockburn: Yes - the secret is PRACTICE!!!!!
21:45:33 muris: lol
21:45:35 muris: knew it
21:45:36 Sircraigery: yepper
21:45:54 FretDancer69: im lookin at Bosnia right now in GoogleEarth, its very far away!
21:46:02 muris: it's all about hard work boggi
21:46:06 muris: no big secret
21:46:22 muris: but I'll tell you something
21:46:28 muris: sing as much as you can
21:46:39 muris: sing what you're playing
21:46:51 muris: sing on the street,in the shover
21:46:53 Sircraigery: i have an hour drive to work and back, so i sing lots everyday haha
21:46:54 muris: all the time
21:46:55 rokchik: Andrew that email is thinking about going
21:47:00 Boggi: yeah thats what I was looking for.
21:47:07 Boggi: singing.
21:47:18 Boggi: great to improve my ears
21:47:27 muris: and playing
21:47:30 muris: believe me
21:47:32 Boggi: yea sure
21:47:43 Sircraigery: i'll be back later tonight guys, supper is on the table
21:47:45 Boggi: I play hard
21:47:49 Sircraigery: and girl
21:47:56 muris: ok sir
21:47:59 muris: see ya
21:48:01 FretDancer69: ok
21:48:03 FretDancer69: see ya
21:48:11 rokchik: there are more boys than girl so guys is OK
21:48:17 rokchik: c ya
21:48:37 muris: rok how old are you?
21:48:40 rokchik: 30
21:48:47 rokchik: just turned
21:48:53 muris: great
21:49:01 muris: how long have you played?
21:49:03 rokchik: only been playing for 2 yrs though
21:49:13 muris: awesome
21:49:17 rokchik: wanted to learn for a long time
21:49:20 muris: just love to see this
21:49:28 rokchik: figured I should before I hit the big 3 0
21:49:43 muris: it's never late
21:49:57 rokchik: changed my life really...kinda corny I know but true
21:50:10 FretDancer69: lol
21:50:10 muris: it's ok
21:50:16 FretDancer69: it also changed mine
21:50:16 Boggi: lol
21:50:18 FretDancer69: lol
21:50:25 Boggi: mine too
21:50:48 Andrew Cockburn: rokchik just got it thanks
21:51:00 rokchik: I find it's a great tool for relaxing, a great stress releaver
21:51:10 rokchik: no problem Andrew...happy it worked
21:51:15 muris: yeah
21:51:39 rokchik: and now I just listen to music different
21:51:52 rokchik: more of an appriciation
21:52:17 muris: yep
21:52:25 muris: music IS a jewel
21:52:32 rokchik: here here
21:52:47 Andrew Cockburn: ITs been with me all my life - would be lost without it
21:53:25 muris: yeah
21:53:30 muris: music is all inside
21:53:42 muris: and that's how I became a Jedi
21:53:45 muris: lol
21:53:53 Andrew Cockburn: lol
21:53:56 rokchik: I've always had it with me...just not in a "hey I can play it" sorta sense. I'd be lost without music
21:54:13 muris: may the force be with us
21:54:44 rokchik: Ahhh but are we Dark Side.....
21:54:57 muris: noooooo
21:55:04 rokchik: I always prefered the red light saber
21:55:10 Andrew Cockburn: NO, the rappers are
21:55:13 muris: hehehe
21:55:17 rokchik: lol
21:55:31 rokchik: I was thinking from a metal point of view
21:55:44 muris: Coolio is Dart Waider
21:55:48 muris: I'm sure of it
21:55:50 muris:
21:56:22 rokchik: I don't know...with his hair...I'd be surprised it would go under a helmet
21:56:27 rokchik: lol
21:56:33 Andrew Cockburn: is Dart Waider Bosnian for Darth Vader?
21:56:38 rokchik: Dr. Dre maybe...or Diddy
21:56:52 muris: hmm no
21:57:02 muris: I made a mistake in writing
21:57:06 Andrew Cockburn: lol
21:57:09 muris: we write as we spell
21:57:18 muris: we spell as we write
21:57:23 muris: one letter-one sound
21:57:26 muris: all the time
21:57:28 Andrew Cockburn: some days I don;t do either ...
21:57:55 FretDancer69: 50 cent
21:58:06 Andrew Cockburn: Ok guys and gals, I have to go - my wife is probably lonely (or that is what I tell myself)
21:58:09 muris: ahhh
21:58:12 rokchik: well boys gotta go get some shut eye...Andrew enjoy the pics. Talk to ya all later
21:58:15 muris: he's Imperator
21:58:17 FretDancer69: you mean the JEM?
21:58:20 FretDancer69: lol
21:58:24 FretDancer69: ok, cya man,
21:58:26 muris: lol
21:58:31 Andrew Cockburn: No, my real wife - the one who let me buy the Jem!
21:58:34 Andrew Cockburn: Seeya all
21:58:38 muris: see ya Andrew
21:58:40 rokchik: The Jem is his mistress
21:58:41 Andrew Cockburn: seeya Rok
21:58:42 FretDancer69: bye andrew
21:58:45 Andrew Cockburn: lol
21:58:47 FretDancer69: bye rokchik
21:58:49 FretDancer69: take care all
21:58:49 Andrew Cockburn: don;t tell my wife!
21:58:54 muris: bye rok
21:58:58 rokchik: c ya guys...I won't andrew
21:59:03 Andrew Cockburn:
21:59:05 Andrew Cockburn: gnight
21:59:06 FretDancer69: cya, practice hard!
21:59:10 rokchik: she probably knows anyways...we always do
21:59:11 FretDancer69: night
21:59:15 FretDancer69: lol
21:59:15 Andrew Cockburn: lol
21:59:35 FretDancer69: well, i think my brake is over, ima go practice more
21:59:40 FretDancer69: cya later muris, take care
21:59:43 FretDancer69: night
22:12:57 Sircraigery: wow this place cleared out fast...

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