Guitar Chat 2007-07-04
Jul 13 2007, 08:26 PM
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From: Stockholm, Sweden
00:12:57 Sircraigery: wow no since i was here last...
16:20:29 Smikey2006: hey
16:40:37 Robin: hey dude
16:40:41 Robin: *meow*
16:42:01 Smikey2006: oh hey
16:42:03 Smikey2006: whats goin on
16:42:18 Robin: not much, singing along to my favorite artist ^^
16:42:24 Robin: whats up over there?
16:43:02 Smikey2006: lol just playing my new git
16:43:22 Robin: new guitar you say? what guitar?
16:43:29 Smikey2006: schecter c-1 exotic star... it looks better than it plays.. but it plays amazing too
16:43:36 Robin: cool
16:43:49 Robin: I've been playing guitar aswell, but my high E string broke again
16:43:53 Smikey2006: aww damn
16:44:01 Robin: and it did that yesterday aswell
16:44:05 Smikey2006: yea i need to go get more strings soo
16:44:16 Smikey2006: uh oh.. maybe its time to sand the bridge a bid
16:44:23 Smikey2006: bit*
16:44:33 Robin: I need to do something with my bridge aswell
16:44:40 Robin: I'm pretty sure thats the problem
16:44:51 Smikey2006: i love through neck guitars because the bridges are always great
16:45:02 Smikey2006: through body* not through neck haha
16:45:04 Robin: Hi rokchik :F
16:45:04 Smikey2006: sry lol
16:45:06 Robin:
16:45:07 Smikey2006: hey
16:45:11 rokchik: hello all
16:45:21 Smikey2006: hows life treaten yea
16:45:24 Robin: what do you mean?
16:45:29 Robin: with the bridhe and all
16:45:30 Robin: bridge
16:45:34 Smikey2006: like the strings go through the body
16:45:39 Robin: ah yes like that
16:45:42 Robin: like on strats
16:45:43 Smikey2006: so its not really a traditional bridge
16:45:45 rokchik: not bad..just making supper
16:45:51 Smikey2006: it just holds up the strings
16:46:04 rokchik: what's we talking bout?
16:46:14 Smikey2006: my new guitar and through body guitars haha
16:46:19 Robin: bridges being bitches!
16:46:19 Smikey2006: so bridges
16:46:24 Smikey2006: robins been breakin strings
16:46:28 rokchik: ahh I see
16:46:43 Robin: yeah my high E string. I got alot of good suggestions how to fix it in a thread I made though
16:46:52 Smikey2006: i saw that 1 haha
16:46:53 rokchik: yes I saw your post...I use elixirs and don't have a problem
16:47:12 Smikey2006: i use skulls but they r a pain in the ass so ive gotta find a new brand
16:47:13 Robin: gonna have to try to put something beetween, or switch the little thing where the string goes trough
16:47:34 Robin: Elixir is indeed nice. But I'm pretty sure its my bridge cutting the strings
16:47:37 Smikey2006: u can sometimes sna dit down a bit
16:47:44 Smikey2006: sand*
16:47:48 Robin: yeah
16:47:57 Robin: we've tried that, yeserday actually. and before that even
16:48:10 Smikey2006: no good?
16:48:13 Robin: nope
16:48:27 Robin: its kinda annoying when lpaying live
16:48:44 rokchik: I have a tune o matic bridge
16:48:50 rokchik: no problems
16:48:53 Robin: we're playing at this festival in a couple of weeks, if a string breaks there it sucks! I will bring another guitar though, incase it braeks on stage
16:49:16 Smikey2006: i only ever break strings during tuning
16:49:22 Smikey2006: it wud suck breaking it playing
16:49:27 Robin: hmm that have never happened to me
16:50:10 rokchik: when I do break strings it's usually the 1st string...but that's by my playing
16:50:18 Robin: ah ko
16:50:49 Robin: I've also thought about that it might be my playing, but today it broke when I was just playing really soft, and it also breaks just from regular whole step bends
16:50:51 rokchik: Mostly on my acoustic...have yet to break any on the Gibson
16:51:15 rokchik: That would suck dude
16:51:33 Robin: I have a gibson aswell. The bridge seem to cut the strings, I mean, it got so sharp edges. My dads strat is sort of round
16:52:05 rokchik: Is it the tune O matic on the les pauls?
16:52:14 Robin: think we're gonna have to buy a couple of those small pieces to the bridge and just "file" them wider
16:52:21 Robin: les pauls yes
16:52:24 Robin: and explorer
16:52:31 Robin: gibson/epiphone usually got those
16:52:48 rokchik: I don't have that problem with mine...
16:52:58 rokchik: edges don't seem overly sharp
16:52:58 Smikey2006: hmm
16:53:21 Smikey2006: yea im having no troubles here either
16:53:29 Robin: hmm
16:53:30 Robin:
16:53:32 Smikey2006: anyways ive gotta run for a bit ttyl perhaps
16:53:41 rokchik: c ya
16:53:59 rokchik: Robin ya got me stumped amn
16:54:04 Robin: I cry myself to sleep every night becuase of this. And sometimes, I wake up by the sounds of my own screaming.
16:54:05 rokchik: man*
16:54:58 rokchik: I feel your pain....there isn't extra tension coming from somewhere else is there? I don't know if that's possible but it seems strange to be breaking so often
16:55:01 Robin: Haha, nah just joking *laughing*
16:55:17 rokchik: I figured LOL
16:55:19 Robin: the strings have never ever broken anywhere else than on the bridge
16:55:34 rokchik: weird.....
16:56:03 Robin:
16:56:03 rokchik: it's not adjusted to high or anything is it?
16:56:10 Robin: thats sort of the bridge I have'
16:56:35 Robin: I think the edges where the strings goes trough got sharp edges
16:56:42 Robin: I've heard it gives good tone.
16:56:50 Robin: but I think thats why it breaks.
16:57:40 Robin: adjusted too high? I have the strings very close to the fretboard
16:57:52 Robin: The bridge is low yes
16:58:37 rokchik: I have the same one...but mine is chrome
16:58:47 Robin: yeah same here
16:59:05 Robin: what kind of pick do you use? hows the thickness on it?
16:59:55 Robin: Hi muris
16:59:59 rokchik: I'm using a dunlop .60mm right now. Kind of experimenting with pick thickness at the moment
17:00:01 muris: Hi folks
17:00:06 rokchik: Hi Muris
17:00:14 Robin: ok
17:00:16 muris: hello my lady
17:00:27 rokchik: your so kind sir
17:00:41 Robin: I actually dont know what thickness mine got, it doesnt say anything. I use jim dunlop jazz III. Its kinda thick, the way I like it
17:00:42 muris: pleasure is all mine
17:00:58 muris: brb
17:01:33 rokchik: Robin...I'm thinking of getting the Jazz III. At least to try....I like that they are small. You like them do you?
17:01:44 Robin: I love those pick
17:01:53 rokchik: Black or red
17:01:58 Robin: I dont even understand how peoepl can use anything else than those
17:01:59 Robin: red
17:02:10 Robin: I started with Jazz I, then II and now III.
17:02:27 rokchik: That's a bit thicker than the black isn't it?
17:02:34 Robin: I dont know
17:02:48 Robin: actually I didnt know there was a difference other than the color never tried the black ones
17:02:49 rokchik: I'm not is thicker though I think
17:02:54 Robin: ok
17:03:15 rokchik: I could be very wrong on that but I thought I read it somewhere
17:03:23 Robin: guess I just have to start using 0.15 on the high E string and the rest nromal, haha
17:03:27 Robin: ah ok
17:03:29 rokchik: LOL
17:03:51 rokchik: you may aswell use no pick if your going that thin
17:03:56 rokchik: lol
17:04:01 Robin: :F
17:04:04 Robin:
17:04:31 rokchik: have you checked out the singing lesson yet?
17:04:34 Robin: wonder if it helps to use glue or soemthing
17:04:36 Robin: yeah
17:04:51 Robin: she got a pretty voice even though she only did a warm up thing
17:04:56 rokchik: glue??? I wouldn't think
17:05:02 Robin:
17:05:05 Robin: Hi there
17:05:17 rokchik: I'm gonna look at it later...figured while waiting for supper I'd chat
17:05:22 rokchik: hey Tank
17:05:28 Tank: hi guys
17:05:32 Robin: someone mentioned to use some anti-friction oil thing on the bridge
17:05:38 Tank: (and gals!)
17:05:43 rokchik: That may work
17:05:57 rokchik: Guys is fine...I'm in the minority..LOL
17:06:03 Robin:
17:06:23 rokchik: I'm actually not that womens Lib....
17:06:28 Tank: Hey, its good to be different!
17:06:36 rokchik: true
17:07:41 rokchik: BRB....gotta go baste my roast....very domesticated though...LOL
17:07:43 Tank: hows playing going?
17:07:54 Tank: Don't burn the food!
17:08:12 Robin: It went great, untill I broke a string have been playing all day so I didnt bother changnig it
17:08:50 Tank: A natural end to practice
17:08:55 Robin:
17:08:57 rokchik: back...not burned...but smells delish
17:09:14 Tank: good
17:09:18 Tank:
17:09:25 rokchik: playing is going good Tank...doing Gabriels Rocking riff
17:09:41 rokchik: very Tom Morello...I like it a lot
17:09:56 Robin: yeah I saw that lesson. RATM indeed
17:10:12 Tank: excellent
17:10:13 rokchik: It's broken down very well too
17:10:32 Tank: I haven't had a chance to noodle the new lessons yet
17:10:34 rokchik: I just can't seem to get the artifical harmonic just right
17:11:00 Tank: I'm dying to get back into it, but there just aren't enough hours in a day at present
17:11:11 rokchik: I kind of know the feeling
17:11:32 rokchik:'ve been here must be a guitar god!
17:11:44 rokchik:
17:11:57 Robin: I'm actually happy that I dont have many other interests than guitar, I can play all day
17:12:10 rokchik: Work gets in the way
17:12:40 Robin: I understand. I just have this 6 hour day job, family buisness. so I get alot of tiem to play guitar
17:12:42 Tank: I only wish I was 15 again, and didn't have work, and the other facets of music getting in the way of my guitaring
17:13:15 rokchik: I wish I had started playing at 15...or sooner instead of 28
17:13:37 rokchik: I have the dedication just not the time I'd like to put in
17:13:47 Robin: I wish I wasnt a idiot when I started playing
17:14:02 rokchik: I think a lot of us wish that
17:14:06 Robin: if I werent, I would have been much better. 4 years wasted on power chords
17:14:23 Tank: I started when I was 10.
17:14:28 Robin: 7 months ago GMC saved my life!
17:14:34 Robin: really? how old are you now?
17:14:54 Tank: Learned Nothing Else Matters at 14, and spent the next 6 years at that stage
17:15:14 Tank: (it's amazing what that song used to do to girls at parties, in the 90's
17:15:21 rokchik: I have year and a half wasted learning songs.
17:15:22 Robin: hahaha yeah
17:15:30 Robin: its like that still dude
17:15:33 Tank: I turned 30 last month
17:15:54 rokchik: turned 30 in April
17:15:55 Robin: ALL girls love it, so at school everyone plays it >_<(3-4 years ago that is)
17:15:56 Robin: ah ok
17:16:03 Robin: so you're pretty good at the guitar now?
17:16:28 Tank: I'm decent. I really should be better
17:16:42 Robin: hmm ok. I feel the same way
17:16:53 Tank: I did play professionally for 5 years
17:17:00 rokchik: cool
17:17:03 Tank: but not any more
17:17:04 Robin: didnt "really" start playing untill I joined GMC
17:17:07 Robin: wow thats cool
17:17:12 rokchik: same here Robin
17:17:29 Tank: Honestly, it's a great time to start
17:17:39 rokchik: maybe a little bit for I found this site but probably only like a month
17:17:57 Tank: I guarantee you, that studying here will knock a decade off of your learning curve
17:17:58 muris: guys,it's always a great time to start
17:18:02 Robin: yeah
17:18:14 Robin: the FIRST week at GMC I learned more than in the 4 previus years
17:18:17 Robin: previous*
17:18:17 rokchik: I agree
17:18:30 Tank: There wasn't even a widely available internet when I started
17:18:41 rokchik: being as I'm the newb on this chat right now
17:18:59 rokchik: it definatly isn't to late to start
17:19:01 Robin: I hate myself for being a retard kid that only played iron maiden intros. And I always skipped something if there was something difficult... lets say there was a part with chords, I just replaced it with easy power chords instead
17:19:46 rokchik: I hate to admit but I still kinda do that now....but not as much and it usually has to do with speed
17:20:01 muris: rob,Iplayed Irons for a long time
17:20:02 Robin: oh haha no offence!!
17:20:11 muris: lol
17:20:17 muris: don't do that to me
17:20:26 Robin: Ah I was talking to rokchik
17:20:34 Tank: It's all about tackling the hard stuff
17:20:37 rokchik: none taken man
17:20:52 Robin: but I guess I can say it to you too haha I said I was retarded since I only played maiden ah well sorry
17:20:55 rokchik: I know my limitations
17:21:04 muris: no prob
17:21:16 Tank: If you spend 3 hours a day playing stuff you already know, it ain't practice (I learned the hard way!)
17:21:50 Robin: there is nothing wrong with learning maiden songs, but I was such an idiot when I did it. I followed tabs a 100%, skipped the hard parts and didnt really practice much
17:21:53 rokchik: Actually I find if I practice too long playing don't help
17:22:14 rokchik: I have to be very specific of what I practice...and how
17:22:51 muris: try to figure out as much as you can by listening
17:22:59 muris: let tab be the last option
17:23:17 rokchik: I'm learning that now....I listen to music completely different now
17:23:18 Robin: yeah I know that now
17:23:31 muris: never late tho
17:23:48 rokchik: I'm more focused on the guitar and what it's doing
17:23:51 Tank: Developing aural skills definately helps
17:24:15 Tank: I'm doing a little session work for a band next month
17:24:21 Tank: who do cover versions
17:24:27 Robin: cool
17:24:40 Tank: stuff like Sweet Home Alabama, guitar based rock
17:24:48 rokchik: cool
17:25:48 Tank: That I never bothered to learn sooner. But being able to stick on the record, and nail most of the solo on the first or second attempt really attests to developing a good sense of how it sounds
17:26:12 Tank: I think guitarists spend too much time worrying how it "looks"
17:26:23 Robin: huh?
17:26:26 Tank: not enough work with our ears!
17:26:34 Robin: how what looks?
17:27:01 Tank: a solo
17:27:05 Robin: hmm never even thought of that
17:27:16 Tank: if we see fingers flying everywhere, we go "my god thats hard"
17:27:20 muris: true tank
17:27:24 Robin: hahaha yeah thats true
17:27:25 rokchik: very true
17:27:30 Tank: or "I can't hear what hes doing"
17:27:43 Tank: or "there's a million notes on that tab"
17:27:47 Tank:
17:27:48 Robin: haha yeah
17:28:30 rokchik: visually limiting ourselves instead of actually listening to what is being done and that what you mean
17:28:33 Robin: when I was a real noob, some years ago we played live with my band on a school, and I was just 100% improvising without scales, and I picked as fast as I could and I played as fast as I could with my left hahahha
17:28:46 Tank: exactly rokchik
17:28:57 Robin: some of the audience were like: "OH MY GOD did yous see the fingers on that guitarist???"
17:28:58 Robin: hahaha
17:29:15 rokchik: I do that....sheepishly backing away and blushing
17:29:27 Robin:
17:29:36 rokchik: but I'm very self depricating...LOL
17:30:04 Robin: dont be!
17:30:14 Robin: (if I understood the word correct)
17:30:23 Tank: Humility goes a long way in the music bus
17:30:41 rokchik: I'm getting better...
17:31:10 Tank: brb!
17:31:45 rokchik: Like I said before speed is more my problem with some solos....but also I'm just learning techniques so I do still find some stuff intimidating
17:32:06 Robin: you've only played 2 years
17:32:10 Robin: dnot worry about speed
17:32:24 Robin: just need to practice practice practice and practice to get it right
17:32:59 Robin: I've been practicing my ass off the last 2 months on somethnig I thought I would never be able to play. A snog I made myself, I made it WAY to hard for my skill, but now I can play it good and fast!
17:33:01 Robin: Hi there
17:33:01 rokchik: true...but I have a very competitive personality...I push myself pretty hard....thus why so hard on myself
17:33:17 Owen: hey
17:33:22 rokchik: hey Owen
17:33:22 Owen: mind if I crash the partaay
17:33:26 Robin: sure
17:33:36 rokchik: consider yourself invited
17:33:42 rokchik: LOL
17:33:44 Owen: cheers
17:33:52 muris: hi owen
17:34:02 rokchik: Your from Scotland correct Owen?
17:34:18 Owen: yas
17:34:22 Owen: that would be correct
17:34:24 rokchik: What part
17:34:28 Owen: Fife
17:34:43 rokchik: My family is from Glasgow
17:34:43 Owen: to the east
17:34:51 Owen: ah yes
17:34:58 Owen: were terminal workers beat up terrorists
17:35:16 rokchik: that's right....crazy stuff going on
17:35:29 Tank: I don't think Al Qaeda is quite ready for Glasgow yet
17:35:44 Owen: I dont know if anyone is
17:35:50 Owen: its a bit of an untamed entity
17:36:01 rokchik: They sure didn't study up much
17:36:09 Tank: I love the place. I have a couple of friends up there
17:36:25 Owen: yeah its better than edinburger anyway
17:36:28 Owen: that place is dull
17:36:31 rokchik: I've never been but am going over this coming spring
17:37:09 Owen: weathers awesome let me tell you
17:37:12 Owen: xD
17:37:18 Tank: hahah
17:37:27 Owen: especially in glasgow
17:37:31 rokchik: I have a few friends in Lousimouth...I always spell that wrong.... and Inverness
17:37:32 Owen: sunshine capital they call it...
17:38:03 Tank: I'm from Northern Ireland, so I'm used to the climate
17:38:05 rokchik: so I hear...
17:38:21 rokchik: At least it's not snow
17:38:24 Owen: I dont think anything is quite comparable to Glasgow, everytime I go it rains
17:38:28 Owen: maybe thats just me
17:38:38 Owen: Glasgow must have it in for me
17:38:45 rokchik: LOL
17:39:06 Tank: You need to visit on one of the two days a year that it's not raining
17:39:15 Tank: when it's just overcast
17:39:19 Owen: its all about the timing I hear
17:39:38 Owen: they predict rain 365 days a year for it
17:39:41 rokchik: Yes the Scots are not know for their tans are they....LOL
17:39:48 Owen: because they know that thats over 99% correct anyway
17:40:03 Owen: yeah, we're known for our tan cream
17:40:07 Owen: we're all orange
17:40:13 Tank: only god knows what will happen if they ever see that strange bright yellow disk in the sky
17:40:13 rokchik: LOL
17:40:34 Owen: probably think its an Iraqie invasion
17:40:41 Owen: major sp? xD
17:40:53 Tank: lol
17:41:04 Owen: they'll think allah's come to get them back for beating up his terrorista's
17:41:30 rokchik: Is anyone seeing any concerts this summer?
17:41:57 Owen: if I can work up enough cash I might go to see the Black Crusade but thats in November I think
17:42:41 rokchik: cool....I'm unfortuatly not getting to any this summer
17:42:48 Robin: Yes rokchik
17:42:53 Robin: I'm watching rolling stones!
17:43:03 Owen: theres a few locals I'm planning on going too
17:43:04 Robin: and Ken Hensley(uriah heep hammond organs)
17:43:07 rokchik: still paying from the Stones last year....LOL
17:43:08 Owen: unfortunately not playing at
17:43:31 rokchik: The Stones put on an awesome concert
17:43:37 Robin: sweet
17:43:44 Robin: its a miracle that they are still alive
17:43:51 Owen: keith richards, powered by his dads ashes
17:43:54 rokchik: I was about 75 feet from the stage
17:43:59 rokchik: LOL Owen
17:44:07 Owen: you knew that was going to come up xD
17:44:15 rokchik: I did
17:44:20 rokchik: inevitable
17:44:35 Robin: Oh, and I'm also watching Gorgoroth. Really, really, really great black metal band. They are very old and kinda world famous inside the genre. Infact, I'm not only gonna see them live, me and my band is playing on the same stage and night as them in a couple of weeks
17:44:48 Owen: ah yes
17:44:59 Owen: Corpse Paint and Spikes
17:45:02 Owen: have fun in the pit
17:45:13 rokchik: I'm not much of a metal fan...but I've checked out a few bands since I've joined GMC
17:45:14 Robin: sell they are a bit mroe than that
17:45:26 Owen: Gorgoroth pictures allways amuse me
17:45:40 Robin: crucifying people on stage upside down, have ALOT of blood and sheep heads and stuff. They are a bit childish yes, but its gonna be fun anyway
17:45:50 Robin: they have awesome music
17:45:54 Robin: really, rtaelly awesome music
17:45:54 rokchik: interesting.....
17:45:58 Robin: but they are kinda stupid
17:46:07 Owen: I'm more into death metal
17:46:21 Robin: I like some death too. But I'm more into thrash and black
17:46:22 Owen: got some Emperor cd's but I dont like black too much
17:46:25 rokchik: see i don't really like the growling
17:46:30 Robin: but mostly into blues and rock'n'roll at the moment!
17:46:31 Owen: thats the awesome bit
17:46:41 Robin: ah I hated growling a couple of years go rokchik
17:46:46 Owen: xD
17:46:46 Owen: you have no idea how hard it is to do it
17:46:47 Robin: it have to grow on you
17:47:20 rokchik: I can imagine it's hard....but its just not my cup of tea so to speak
17:47:24 Owen: I can do about 3 hours of throaght demolition before I have to call my band off xD
17:47:30 Robin:
17:47:33 rokchik: LOL
17:47:46 Robin: our vocalist started growling when he was 13
17:48:01 rokchik: angry youth?
17:48:02 Robin: he was rpetty good. If you want to I can show you some recordings from when he was 13.
17:48:05 Owen: that would of course completely do stuff to your voice xD
17:48:19 Robin: nah we're normal kids, we dont really got a "Punk" attitude.
17:48:28 Robin: we're nto angry. we just like the music
17:48:29 rokchik: sorta like throwing a fast ball to young can mess up your arm
17:48:52 Owen: yeah but this time you risk sounding like a two year old for the rest of your life
17:48:57 rokchik: cool Robin...I was just messing with ya
17:49:01 Owen:
17:49:01 Robin:
17:49:06 rokchik: LOL
17:49:18 Robin: yeah people can fu** up their voice pretty bad if they're doing it wrong
17:49:35 Owen: I use serious amounts of rasp which is probably wrong
17:49:38 Owen: but I dont push it
17:49:45 rokchik: Just singing in general can mess up your voice if your not careful
17:49:49 Owen: that involves slamming the chords together
17:49:50 Robin: hm yeah
17:49:56 Owen: you can do about one 3 minute song and thats it
17:50:36 rokchik: I sang along at the Stones concert and could't talk for 1 week after
17:50:41 Owen: I can never turn the PA up loud enough
17:50:48 Robin: haha really?
17:50:53 Owen: last practice I had it full blast
17:51:02 Owen: still doesnt compete with a vox ac30 and an orange stack
17:51:09 Robin: Both maiden concerts I've been to, I sang along to everything, after the concert my voice was fucvked
17:51:15 rokchik: I have a ad30vt
17:51:16 Robin: but it was fine the day after
17:51:51 rokchik: I also spent like 11 hours in the rain at that concert....rained all day and was an outdoor venue
17:52:00 Robin: haha
17:52:01 Owen: oooh nasty
17:52:14 rokchik: Plus Alice Cooper opened...gotta love Alice
17:52:17 Owen: not as bad as all those poor souls that go to Glastonbury though
17:52:23 rokchik: true
17:52:25 Owen: they're all drowned yearly
17:52:39 rokchik: but well worth it ...I'd love to go
17:52:50 Owen: I watched it this year on the telly
17:52:53 Owen: seemed a bit crappy
17:53:00 Owen: the sound was a bit thin for most of the bands
17:53:02 Owen: I felt anyway
17:53:05 muris: feed my Frenkenstain
17:53:14 rokchik: just the atmospher alone would be worth it for me
17:53:16 muris: sorry for these drops
17:53:20 muris: working something here
17:53:26 rokchik: why is he hungry....LOL
17:53:26 Owen: and there was telecasters everywhere, every band had at least one
17:53:42 rokchik: sorry very dry
17:53:47 muris: Cooper's tune
17:53:59 muris: great one
17:54:05 rokchik: I know...was trying to be funny...didn't work
17:54:13 muris: lol
17:54:44 Robin: so... what does everyone think of creedence clearwater revival btw?
17:54:52 Owen: nooooo idea
17:54:52 Robin: I think john fogerty is amazing.
17:54:59 rokchik: Ya gotta love CCR
17:55:05 muris: hmm
17:55:07 Robin: they're freaking awesome
17:55:10 muris: dno't know a lot
17:55:11 rokchik: Fogerty is ccr
17:55:15 Robin: one of my favorite guitaist, john fogerty
17:55:19 Owen: ignorance is bliss xD
17:55:23 muris: proud merry
17:55:23 Robin: yeeaah I know
17:55:35 rokchik: Centerfeild is one of my favorite songs
17:55:42 Robin: he's a incredible vocalist aswell
17:55:45 Robin: dunno if I got that one
17:55:55 rokchik: He's definatly recognizable
17:56:01 Robin: but I lLOOOOVE, ramble tamble, I heard it trough the grape wine, feelin blue, the working man
17:56:05 Robin: actually all their songs are good
17:56:11 rokchik: It's a Fogerty tune not a CCR tune
17:56:15 Robin: ah ok
17:56:37 Robin: I saw a live DVD with only john fogertys solo thing, but I didnt really like it that much
17:56:43 Robin: I LOVE creednece though
17:56:44 rokchik: Looking out my Back Door is probably my fave followed by Cottonfields
17:56:55 Robin: yeah that ones great
17:57:04 Owen: gtg guys, last day of skewl for me tomorrow *yas*
17:57:12 Owen: ttyl
17:57:15 rokchik: c ya man...stay dry
17:57:18 rokchik: LOL
17:57:19 Robin: bye
17:57:20 Owen: loool
17:57:23 muris: see ya
17:57:36 Robin: amazing vocals at Travelin band
17:57:55 rokchik: Have any of you heard of the Tragically Hip?
17:58:02 rokchik: agree Robin
17:58:05 muris: nope
17:58:07 Robin: hmmm no I dont think so?
17:58:28 rokchik: Great Canadian Band....very popular here been around forever
17:58:31 Tank: I'm off as well
17:58:36 Robin: see ya
17:58:39 rokchik: You should check them out
17:58:42 Robin: havent really heard of that band
17:58:43 Tank: speak to you soon guys
17:58:43 rokchik: c ya Tank
17:58:45 Robin: ok sure!
17:58:50 Robin: bye
17:58:56 Tank: bye
17:58:57 muris: bye
17:59:33 Robin: do you guys like Rocky Erickson?
17:59:42 Robin: I only have a few tunes of him, 5 maybe, but man its great
17:59:48 rokchik: I can't say I've heard him
17:59:51 Robin: ah ok
17:59:55 Robin: he's not that popular I guess
17:59:58 muris: unknown
18:00:01 muris:
18:00:46 rokchik: Guys bear with my trying to post a youtube clip of the Hip
18:03:35 muris: I'll go rest a bit folks
18:03:43 muris: had 2 rehearsals today
18:03:45 Robin: ok bye
18:03:49 rokchik: for some reason it's not working???? youtube search them if ya like. Look for New Orleans is Sinking, Blow at High Dough or Grace too
18:03:49 muris: tired as hell
18:03:55 rokchik: c ya Muris
18:04:04 muris: see ya
18:04:07 Robin: what was the name of the band again?
18:04:14 rokchik: The Tragically Hip
18:04:32 Robin: btw there is roky erickson, INSANE SONG. But the audience is annyoing, not really good video and sound
18:04:34 Robin: ok
18:04:39 rokchik: They are pretty amazing
18:04:58 Robin: I'll check them out in a sec
18:05:17 rokchik: Little Bones is another good song by them
18:05:39 Robin: ko
18:07:18 rokchik: I kinda like Roky...
18:07:32 Robin: its amazing!
18:07:33 rokchik: sort of a Neil Young feel
18:07:59 Robin: if you have msn I can send you the song with real quality. (I dont want to bother if you dont want to add me to msn of course)
18:08:22 rokchik: I do have MSN
18:09:23 rokchik: I think you'll like the Hip Robin....they are kinda bluesy but like rock bluesy...if that makes sense
18:09:39 Robin: haha cool
18:09:45 Robin: rock bluesy... sounds like johnny winter
18:10:17 rokchik: I don't really know who to comapre them too....ya just gotta listen to them
18:10:25 Robin: yep gonna check em out no
18:10:26 Robin: w
18:10:32 rokchik: cool
18:11:12 rokchik: Grace too is my fave....and Nautical Disaster...but that's kind slower
18:11:27 Robin: ok
18:11:35 rokchik: New Orleans is sinkimg is very cool....actually it's all good
18:11:44 rokchik: sorry rambling
18:12:39 Robin: listening to it now
18:12:41 Robin: really cool
18:12:55 Robin: Oh !!! I got to show you something amazing
18:13:03 rokchik: which song?
18:13:04 Robin: (great band btw)
18:13:13 Robin: gonna give youtube link, best music video ever
18:13:29 Robin:
18:13:38 Robin: That band is amazing
18:13:41 Robin: specially that song.
18:13:57 Robin: I really like the vocalist. Both his vioce and looks. he looks so,.. weird, but really cool!
18:14:06 rokchik: which song
18:14:17 rokchik: checking your vid by the way
18:14:24 Robin: I was listening to new orleans is sinknig
18:14:48 rokchik: great of their first...back in the late 80's early 90's I think
18:14:54 Robin: it was pretty cool. I guess I'll check them out some day! But at the moment I'm waiting for 6 Cd's that I've ordered
18:14:58 Robin: cool
18:15:00 rokchik: They have tons of CD's
18:15:07 rokchik: all pretty good
18:15:11 Robin: great
18:17:19 Robin: I really liked the guitar work in new orleasn is sinking
18:17:28 Robin: vokcals are pretty cool aswell
18:18:44 rokchik: yea Gordon Downie is a very uninque vocalist...check out th song Courage or fully completely...he kind shines on them. The guitar rocks in all their songs
18:18:56 Robin: ok
18:19:03 rokchik: I can't seem to get the link to work bare with my...I suck at computers
18:19:26 Robin: hmm
18:19:57 rokchik: working now...
18:20:04 Robin: ok
18:20:22 rokchik: liking the banjo
18:20:39 rokchik: I love a good banjo....never thought i'd admit that
18:20:45 Robin: his vocals are really really really awesome, and he looks kinda crazy
18:20:49 Robin: banjo is amazing yes
18:21:22 rokchik: Oh do I have a song for you then
18:21:28 Robin: cool song btw. listening to it now (courage)
18:21:53 rokchik: told ya you'd like the Hip
18:21:57 Robin:
18:22:13 rokchik: That's what us Canucks call them...just The Hip
18:22:18 Robin: haha ok
18:22:58 rokchik: I have a version of House of the Rising Sun by a Newfoundland Band that is done on the is awesome...very bluegrass
18:23:06 Robin: ok cool
18:23:28 Robin: what do you think of robert randollph btw?
18:24:01 Robin: awesome performance on david letterman show
18:24:44 rokchik: and the Family Band...that randolph?
18:24:49 Robin: yeah
18:25:59 rokchik: He's pretty cool...I saw him on Letterman
18:26:11 Robin: you did? cool
18:26:23 Robin: thats the link I just gave btw
18:26:48 Robin: if you ever stumble across their album "Unclassified", buy it! its amazing
18:26:51 rokchik: yeah i just saw it...LOL
18:26:56 Robin: hehe
18:26:58 rokchik: cool
18:30:27 rokchik: So are you paracticing anything new?
18:31:11 Robin: hmm
18:31:32 Robin: I've been practicing a bit on david wallimans pentatonic mixolydian lesson
18:31:43 rokchik: I just sent you that song by the way...hopefully it works
18:31:46 Smikey2006: hey guys im back
18:31:48 Robin: and on a instrumental snog I made, wich I find very hard. And I've been making my own licks and stuff
18:31:53 rokchik: hey Smikey
18:31:53 Robin: ok cool thanks
18:32:20 rokchik: I haven't done any of Wallimans stuff yet
18:32:41 Robin: he's great
18:32:46 Robin: cool rock'n'roll/bluesy style
18:33:23 rokchik: All the instructors are great
18:34:36 rokchik: Smikey...i'm turning Robin into a Hip fan...LOL
18:34:46 Robin: :F
18:34:50 Robin: Hi btw smikey
18:34:51 Smikey2006: lol
18:34:53 Smikey2006: uh oh
18:34:53 Robin:
18:34:54 Smikey2006: haha
18:35:07 rokchik: Ya gotta love the Hip
18:35:17 Smikey2006: yea heh
18:35:32 rokchik: It's like Canadian law for us canucks
18:35:45 Robin: listening to the song you sent me now btw rokchik
18:35:53 Robin: never heard of the band actually
18:35:56 rokchik: cool...enjoy
18:36:14 Robin: oh man this is F"/¤&&#*!! cool!!
18:36:20 Robin: banjo god damnit, sweeeet
18:36:25 rokchik: They are an Irish/Newfoundland Band from St. John's....not really known out of the province
18:36:45 Robin: just had to send you the roky erickson song :F
18:36:47 Robin: *
18:36:53 Robin: cool
18:36:55 rokchik: A lot of their songs have a bluegrass twist
18:37:18 Smikey2006: haha
18:37:21 Smikey2006: NFL
18:37:37 Smikey2006: man i just found the coolest pick its like a bendy straw
18:37:38 Smikey2006: haha
18:38:29 rokchik: Ahhh the bendy straw...great invention
18:41:29 rokchik: My boyfriend is such a nice guy....just brought me my supper....I'll brb
18:41:34 Robin: :F
18:41:38 Robin: *
18:51:25 rokchik: ok back....damn I can cook a mean roast
18:51:27 rokchik: lol
18:53:07 Robin:
19:04:51 Smikey2006: haha
19:49:59 ace_frehely: hello?
22:31:14 Smikey2006: hello
22:31:22 ch00ch00man: hey
22:31:30 Smikey2006: whats goin on?
22:31:55 ch00ch00man: cant sleep, tired of playing, thought id give chat a go
22:32:09 ch00ch00man: whats happenning with you?
22:32:12 Smikey2006: lol yea same really except its too early for sleep and i am playing
22:32:18 ch00ch00man: lol
22:32:22 ch00ch00man: where are you?
22:32:25 Smikey2006: chats always empty and no one has given me any review suggestions
22:32:27 Smikey2006: canada\
22:32:32 Smikey2006: london
22:32:32 Smikey2006: ont
22:32:53 ch00ch00man: your way up north im right bellow you
22:32:58 ch00ch00man: new york
22:33:19 Smikey2006: oh so same timezone then
22:33:52 ch00ch00man: right
22:34:42 ch00ch00man: i usually dont go to bed this early either. this is my usual practice time. but the kids wore me out today

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