Guitar Chat 2007-07-06
Jul 16 2007, 09:57 AM
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17:59:44 ace_frehely: pavel
17:59:48 JOhn: hello
17:59:51 ace_frehely: hi
18:00:17 Pavel: hello
18:00:51 JOhn: wat you guys doing?
18:01:19 Pavel: i am thinking over and over the swearing topic...
18:01:40 JOhn: whats that mean?
18:02:21 JOhn: oh
18:02:27 Pavel: oh you know the topic about Andrew's moderating...
18:02:31 JOhn: yeh
18:02:41 JOhn: you thinking about it
18:02:57 Pavel: yes...
18:03:22 Pavel: the discussion got pretty nasty and now i am sorry i even posted in that topic
18:03:39 JOhn: was it nasty?
18:03:50 JOhn: lol i better go read it
18:04:05 Pavel: long read
18:04:23 JOhn: can you just tell me the important parts?
18:04:45 JOhn: when i posted i read one or two posts then posted
18:04:55 Pavel: It's like: "Why can't we use some words bla bla..." "No swearing allowed"...people started to fight...
18:05:07 JOhn: who fighted?
18:05:29 Pavel: all of us hahahaha
18:05:37 Pavel: doesn't matter...
18:05:51 Pavel: the topic is closed and i hope it will stay like that - no more fights and no more swearing
18:06:13 JOhn: i didn't fight
18:06:25 JOhn: lol
18:06:49 Pavel: lol
18:07:30 JOhn: why are you thinking about it if it doesn't matter
18:07:43 Pavel: well i have a reason on my own....
18:07:50 Pavel: really - just forget about it hahaha
18:08:00 Pavel: right now i am working on updating my website
18:08:09 JOhn: really
18:08:15 JOhn: can i hv a link?
18:08:26 ace_frehely: its in his profile
18:08:43 JOhn: ok
18:09:01 Pavel:
18:09:10 Pavel: all small letters....
18:09:26 JOhn: why can't i use your guest book?
18:10:10 Pavel: i jsut uplaoded the home and biography today
18:10:16 Pavel: still working on the whole page
18:10:48 JOhn: oh
18:11:54 ace_frehely: pavel
18:12:25 ace_frehely: do you still have to pay when you upload your videos and your an instructor
18:13:04 Pavel: no
18:13:07 Pavel: i am a stuff member
18:13:16 JOhn: lol
18:13:24 JOhn: im a stuff member to
18:16:25 JOhn: brekfast
18:16:28 JOhn: g2g
18:16:30 JOhn: cya
18:23:43 Owen: woops
18:23:49 Owen: just noticed I had this window open
18:23:53 Owen: shocking
18:24:05 Owen: *whip*
18:24:09 Owen: christ
18:24:14 Owen: people are having breakfast
18:24:18 Pavel: lol yeah
18:24:26 Pavel: it's midnight here
18:24:29 Owen: thats bad, its half eleven at night here
18:24:40 Pavel: it's 0:24 here
18:24:42 Owen: I need some breakfast...
18:25:05 Pavel: i need some good sleep
18:25:14 Owen: hehe
18:25:16 Owen: dont we all
18:25:21 Owen: I just got off on a 6 week break
18:25:24 Owen: which is awesome
18:25:36 Owen: but I need to find a guitar/excercise/singing/sleeping schedule
18:25:45 Owen: + eating, lets not forget that
18:25:46 Pavel: hehe yeah
18:25:59 Pavel: i have one more exam on Wednesday and than i am having my vacation
18:26:11 Owen: cool, I done my exams a while back
18:26:27 Owen: I'm hoping I did ok, get the results in august sometime
18:26:46 Owen: but now its guitar all the way
18:27:17 Owen: no band practices though, drummer caught glandular fever and is now not going to be doing anything for about 7 weeks >_<
18:27:46 Pavel: wow - that's bad
18:28:12 Owen: its a pain, I mean, I'm a bit annoyed myself, I cant imagine how he feels
18:28:42 Owen: I need my dose of double bass xD
18:29:35 Pavel: make it on PC hahaha
18:30:17 Owen: its not the same
18:30:30 Owen: I dont get to throw all my clothes in the bass drum
18:30:48 Owen: I have no excuse to solo in the semi-nude anymore
18:31:01 Owen: whereas before I could just say it was to make the drums sound better xD
18:32:05 Pavel: Hey Rockchik
18:32:30 Owen: hey!
18:33:43 Owen: *whip*
18:33:53 Owen: everyone ran away on me xD
18:34:02 rokchik: hello guys sorry checking out some lessons
18:34:17 rokchik: wasn't paying attention
18:34:46 rokchik: how is everyone doing?
18:34:50 Pavel: no probs
18:34:57 Pavel: fine thanks
18:35:07 Owen: Great
18:35:13 Owen: drinking beer
18:35:22 Owen: contemplating the consumption of cornflakes
18:35:53 Owen: theres a sad amount of c's in that sentence
18:36:06 rokchik: I'm having a few myself owen
18:36:24 rokchik: Beer not cornflakes
18:37:22 Owen: ;P
18:37:25 Owen: my lifeblood
18:37:36 rokchik: mothers milk as they say
18:37:47 rokchik: what's your brand
18:37:56 Owen: carlsberg at the mo
18:38:04 Owen: generally whatever's in the fridge though
18:38:09 rokchik: LOL
18:38:15 Owen: american beer is pretty rubbish
18:38:23 Owen: imo
18:38:30 Owen: no taste
18:38:37 rokchik: I'm more of a Guinness, Stella Artois kinda girl on the import side
18:38:47 Owen: yes
18:38:49 Owen: stella
18:38:51 Owen: my fav
18:38:52 rokchik: I'm yeah US beer sucks
18:39:10 Owen: pavel, whats your poison, if your still with us?
18:39:20 Owen: yeah
18:39:25 rokchik: As for Canadian Beer...Alexander Keiths..only way to go for me
18:39:28 Pavel: i am here...
18:39:34 Owen: cant stand budweiser xD
18:39:34 Pavel: well honestly i don't drink at all
18:39:52 Pavel: if i go out with friends i may drink 1 beer but i am not a fan
18:40:41 Owen: xD
18:40:41 Owen: hmm, gotta keep the senses clean huh, cant shred drunk, be like watching dragonforce live
18:41:10 rokchik: I have to admit I don't drink all that often...and when I do it's usually vodka cranberry....but every now and again I'll partake in a cold one
18:41:29 Owen: I dont go overboard
18:41:31 Owen: but I love beer xD
18:41:53 Pavel: i got drunk before my first concert because my band mates were drinking
18:41:59 Pavel: and fortunately i did it too early
18:42:01 Owen: oohhh
18:42:12 Pavel: so by the playing time i was back "online" again
18:42:27 rokchik: I find most rock bands take indulgance wayyyy to far
18:42:29 Owen: and they werent?
18:42:55 Pavel: they were already used to drinking
18:43:01 Pavel: i don't drink and i dont like it
18:43:46 rokchik: I don't understand why some people think they need to drink to have fun....I'm the designated driver most weekends and have just as much fun
18:44:13 rokchik: sometimes more as I'm not stuck with my head in a toilet at some gross bar
18:44:13 Owen: watching everyone drunk is possibly just as hilarious
18:44:34 Owen: yeah but they dont remember that bit in the morning!
18:44:40 rokchik: it can be...but sometimes your just babysitting
18:44:52 rokchik: ohhh I remind them LOL
18:45:36 Owen: ah yes
18:45:45 Owen: the good old bit of schadenfreude
18:46:22 rokchik: I'm sorry...I don't know what that means
18:46:30 Owen:
18:46:33 Owen: good word
18:46:41 Owen: laughing at others peoples misfortune
18:47:29 rokchik: ahhhh....I C...LOL
18:47:52 rokchik: Than yes schadenfreude
18:49:23 rokchik: Pavel I'm looking at your new lesson...very nice man...You always amaze me
18:50:09 Owen: the alternate picking ones make me cry
18:50:40 Owen: one of the guitarists in my band saw it today, and went "I could do that"
18:50:44 Owen: and I just laughed so hard
18:50:59 rokchik: LOL
18:51:12 Pavel: rokchik thanks!!
18:51:17 Owen: I'm such a cynic
18:51:25 Pavel: Owen which alternate picking?
18:51:30 Pavel: the last one?
18:51:31 rokchik: Owen I hope you challenged him
18:51:35 Owen: yeah I think it was
18:51:44 Owen: I cant do it, it wouldnt exactly be much of a challenge xD
18:52:14 rokchik: Pavel....the only time I see my boyfriend when practicing is if I'm looking at one of your lessons...he loves your playing
18:52:21 Owen: I'm still lagging back at the speed metal lesson
18:53:12 rokchik: yes but it would have shut himup quick...unless he could actually do it of course
18:53:35 Pavel: haha great! i am gettin more fans hahaha
18:53:45 Owen: oh no, nowhere near that level of technicality
18:54:07 Owen: haha, I hate to be "asspatty" but I do admire your stuff
18:54:59 rokchik: actually Pavel...I think I need to start doing more of your lessons because I never see him...I'm always on here doing lessons or chatting with you guys...LOL
18:55:36 Pavel: hehehehe
18:55:38 Owen: loool, he has a passing love for Pavel? xD
18:56:02 rokchik: I wouldn't go that far....
18:56:12 Owen: Hmm
18:56:16 Owen: mild fantasy?
18:56:26 Owen: or is that going further
18:56:55 rokchik: lol...maybe...but yeah I think it ends with his playing
18:57:44 Pavel:
18:58:22 Owen: maybe he just loves the dashing nimbleness of his fingers xDDDD
18:58:55 Owen: verra sorry btw, I'm a bit tipsy now
18:59:49 rokchik: Just don't spill anything on the keyboard
19:01:07 Owen: I'll try not too
19:01:28 Owen: its far too close to my amp
19:02:14 rokchik: LOL
19:03:35 rokchik: Pavel...I've noticed in a few of your lessons you have earphones in...what are you listening too? or is that like asking how they get the caramel inside the Caramilk bar.
19:05:17 Owen: Is pavel moulded around the earphones perhaps?
19:06:05 Pavel: i have earphone on every lesson it's just you can't see it in each video - when recording the main video i haev to record guitar using camera mic and later mix it on computer with backing track to achieve maximum possible quality
19:06:15 Pavel: so i listen to Metronome or backing track
19:06:39 rokchik: cool...I was just curious
19:11:34 Pavel: ok i got my guestbook up and running
19:11:37 Pavel: thank God! it works
19:11:49 Owen:
19:11:58 Owen: whereabouts?
19:12:35 Pavel: sec...
19:13:01 Owen: k
19:13:12 Owen: you got it set up to a mysql database or something then?
19:13:24 Pavel: yes
19:13:27 Pavel:
19:14:02 Owen: cool
19:14:07 Owen: did you do all the stylesheet
19:14:17 Owen: those things annoy the hell outta me
19:14:44 Pavel: yeah i did it all
19:15:34 Owen: good job
19:15:47 Owen: I always hate the stylesheet bits when I'm designing a site
19:15:50 Owen: messy as hell
19:16:00 Owen: I have a clear idea of what I want
19:16:04 Owen: and I can design it in photoshop
19:16:17 Owen: but when it gets to the stylesheet I have absaloutley no clue
19:16:23 Owen: takes me ages to transfer simple stuff
19:17:02 Pavel: i jsut started with photoshop yesterday
19:17:07 Pavel: never used it before
19:18:03 Owen: takes a while to get used too
19:18:28 Owen: I used psp8 before it
19:18:32 Owen: does the same thing
19:18:37 Owen: results arent quite as clear
19:20:04 rokchik: Photoshop is great once you get to use to it...I like it
19:21:04 Owen: I managed to get it working in linux
19:21:08 Owen: quite a feat xD
19:21:10 Owen: took ages
19:21:21 Owen: but I hate using windows
19:21:24 Owen: my pc is soooo slow
19:21:35 Owen: multitrack recording is the worst xD
19:21:52 rokchik: I'm hoping to get a Macbook in a couple of weeks
19:22:30 rokchik: my other laptop got fried and now have to use the boyfriends
19:22:35 Pavel: recording is the reason why i got myself a new system 2 months ago
19:22:43 rokchik: cool
19:23:08 Owen: I'd love too, but I'm on a non existant budget
19:23:30 Owen: (get a new system even)
19:23:56 Owen: I'm still lagging behind on 256 mb ram
19:23:59 Owen: feel my pain xD
19:25:10 rokchik: I'm no good with computers...I know what i need to know and that suites me fine
19:27:07 Owen: yeah
19:27:14 Owen: knowing any more is probably pointless
19:27:20 Owen: everything changes in the blink of an eye
19:28:06 rokchik: this is true
19:28:46 Owen: unlike guitar
19:28:48 Owen:
19:28:57 Pavel: it does change but as soon as you need something you browse the internet for 15 minutes and you are in the water again
19:29:03 Pavel: i mean - you are back in business
19:29:13 rokchik: hello muris
19:29:17 Owen: hey muris
19:29:20 Pavel: when i bought my last PC i stopped reading about new stuff coming...
19:29:24 muris: hey folks
19:29:32 Pavel: hey Muris
19:29:35 muris: Pavel
19:29:48 muris: just saw your post about resolution
19:29:55 muris: I post reply
19:30:04 muris: I use 320 x 240 also
19:30:23 muris: Vegas as well
19:30:40 muris: no idea what wrong with your
19:30:40 Pavel: strange...i ahve those couple of pixels blank space on the left and right...
19:30:46 muris: yeah
19:30:52 muris: I had it too
19:30:53 Pavel: i'll try higher bitrate of my codec
19:30:56 Pavel: what codec do you use?
19:31:09 muris: before setting same resolution in project setting too
19:31:12 muris: try that
19:31:24 muris: might fix the problem
19:31:35 muris: hmm codec
19:31:42 Pavel: i did - i have 320x240 all over the place
19:31:42 muris: some remind me
19:31:48 muris: some scandinavian name
19:31:49 Pavel: i use XVid codec - what's yours?
19:31:55 muris: like sorensen or som
19:32:04 Pavel: oh ok i know that one
19:32:12 muris: look
19:32:24 muris: i took default
19:32:40 muris: sec
19:33:47 muris: 1 Mbps video
19:33:59 muris: and that changed audio compression
19:34:04 rokchik: oh Pavel I ment to tell you...I stated playing with the guitar resting on my left leg, like you had suggested in one of your posts...worked wonders for me. I find it so easier now to play...not as restricted or confined...sorry for interrupting the tech talk
19:34:38 muris: to 16 bit big ednian
19:35:00 Pavel: rokchik no probs - cool i am glad it works for you
19:35:06 muris: no streaming option checked
19:35:09 Pavel: Muris - Vegas 6?
19:35:21 muris: 7.0
19:35:26 Pavel: ok..
19:35:33 muris: but same thing
19:35:39 Pavel: let's see...
19:35:59 muris: so how are so guys?
19:36:14 muris: you
19:36:26 muris: rock,owen?
19:36:49 Owen: huh?
19:36:54 Owen: oh
19:36:55 Owen: I'm fine
19:37:00 Owen: vaguely paying attention
19:37:03 Pavel: muris i'll try to get that codec now...
19:38:01 muris: ok
19:38:06 rokchik: I'm fine, just checking out some lessons, practicing some scales and yacking
19:38:20 muris: nice
19:38:27 muris: seeing some progres?
19:38:58 Dansol: ola
19:39:31 muris: hi Dansol
19:39:42 Owen: hello, goodbye
19:39:43 Owen:
19:39:48 Owen: gtg
19:39:50 Owen: sleeeeep
19:40:00 muris: see ya then
19:40:01 Dansol: goooodbye
19:40:03 rokchik: kind of
19:40:26 Dansol: what musics everyone into here ?
19:41:00 muris: hmm,many
19:41:04 muris: you?
19:41:28 rokchik: just practicing switching scale boxes
19:41:49 muris: dansol?
19:41:57 Dansol: im into metal
19:42:01 Dansol: mainly older stuff
19:42:02 Pavel: Dansol same here
19:42:23 Dansol: dunno whats happened to modern metal
19:42:58 rokchik: sorry guys my virus scan is going and delaying everything for me
19:43:16 rokchik: Dansol...I like pretty much everything
19:43:31 Dansol: sweet
19:43:36 rokchik: mostly Led Zeppelin and RATM right now
19:43:40 muris: i'm slow here too rock
19:43:48 muris: downloading a horse
19:43:59 Gen: Hi all *slap*
19:44:02 rokchik: hello Gen
19:44:13 muris: hi Gen
19:44:29 Gen: whats up
19:45:26 muris: just came from a concert
19:45:33 Gen: wich band?
19:45:53 muris: ohh,I played
19:45:57 Pavel: cool
19:46:00 Gen: omg
19:46:04 rokchik: cool
19:46:05 Gen: lol great!
19:46:13 muris: Pavel,heard of Kemal Monteno?
19:47:02 Pavel: no
19:47:26 muris: yeah,metal age
19:47:26 muris: never mind
19:48:14 Pavel:
19:48:26 Pavel: hey Muris i can't find the codec you have for download....
19:48:37 Pavel: do you have the installation file for it?
19:48:42 muris: hmm
19:48:51 muris: I have it with Vegas
19:48:57 muris: try to get version 7.0
19:49:15 Dansol: anyone here good at tabbing out music ?
19:49:32 Pavel: ok i'll try
19:49:32 Gen: hehe not really
19:49:35 muris: i don't have that codec alone
19:49:57 rokchik: no Dansol...sorry
19:50:32 Pavel: Dansol why? what do you need to tab?
19:50:48 Dansol: one riff from a trivium song
19:50:59 Pavel: can't you find it on internet?
19:51:06 Dansol: its wrong
19:51:16 Dansol: been on ultimage-gtar
19:51:22 Pavel: well if you know it's wrong just correct the wrong notes!?
19:51:32 Pavel: it can't be 100% wrong
19:51:33 Dansol: im not good enough haha
19:51:36 Dansol: hold on
19:53:25 Dansol:
19:54:25 Pavel: well i can tab it for you tomorrow...
19:55:13 Dansol: that would be sweet
19:55:16 Dansol: cheers
19:55:40 muris: do you need tab for yourself Dansol?
19:55:59 Dansol: you mean for me to play ?
19:56:05 muris: yeah
19:56:08 Dansol: yeh
19:56:18 Pavel: muris i installed Vegas 7 but it doesn't have your codec
19:56:23 muris: is that some hard tune for you to play?
19:56:29 Dansol: its the only part of the tab i found that doesnt sound right
19:56:34 Dansol: not hard
19:56:35 muris: holy crap
19:56:39 muris: no idea Pavel
19:56:54 muris: weird
19:57:17 muris: i probably got it long time ago
19:57:20 Pavel: yeah i know...
19:57:29 Pavel: it sucks
19:57:39 muris: hey
19:57:48 muris: try to use 1 mbps video
19:57:56 muris: and see what is codec
19:58:08 muris: would love to know
19:58:51 muris: Dansol,can you get that part by ear?
19:59:21 muris: without tab
19:59:51 Pavel: muris one last question - what file format do you use? AVI or WMV?
20:00:17 muris: I render it as mov
20:00:22 Dansol: havnt been playing long enough to play by ear haha
20:00:27 muris: QT
20:00:43 muris: well,you noticed that tab is wrong
20:00:52 muris: so you do use your ears
20:00:53 Dansol: yes
20:00:56 Dansol: haha
20:01:04 muris: try it
20:01:07 muris: better than tab
20:01:22 muris: don't get me wrong here
20:01:28 muris: I have one student here
20:01:31 muris: private
20:01:37 Dansol: il give it a go
20:01:39 muris: he's always looking for a tab too
20:01:49 rokchik: I wish my ear was that good...I can play some stuff by ear and tune a bit but that's it
20:01:54 muris: but he has good ears
20:01:54 muris: but tooo lazy
20:02:08 Dansol: sounds like me
20:02:09 rokchik: I guess it comes with practice cause I never use to be able to do it
20:02:49 muris: yeah,but whan you notice that tabs it wrong,it means something right ?
20:05:05 muris: I'll do some beginers lessons durring sunday
20:05:09 muris: many asked the same
20:05:25 Dansol: haha
20:05:29 rokchik: so do any of you guys play acoustic at all?
20:05:34 Dansol: i tried
20:05:39 muris: rock
20:05:43 Dansol: then one of the tuners snapped
20:05:49 rokchik: Musris I beleive you said you may do a lesson
20:05:51 muris: there are few vids at my page
20:05:56 muris: with acoustic
20:06:01 muris: guitar is guitar
20:06:10 muris: no difference for me
20:06:18 Dansol: when you see tabs on internet sites, how do people write them
20:06:20 Dansol: ?
20:06:23 rokchik: I find a huge difference
20:06:42 muris: of course
20:06:55 muris: but you asked do you play at all
20:06:55 muris: must play it
20:07:01 muris: that's what I wanted to say
20:07:29 rokchik: ahhh IC I misunderstood
20:07:38 muris: no prob
20:08:02 muris: any progress Pavel?
20:08:28 Dansol: pavel, a question
20:09:11 Pavel: muris well i solved the problem with *.WMV file type - and there is actually no particular codec - it's jsut the bitrate i set
20:09:34 Pavel: until now i was using AVI filetype and it has totally different settings
20:09:48 Pavel: WMV has different so i'll have to experiment with it
20:09:49 muris: yeah
20:09:52 muris: I see
20:09:52 Pavel: Pavel yeah go ahead
20:10:00 muris: i used mov
20:10:14 muris: that's why I have that codec perhaps
20:10:28 JVM: I have arrived
20:10:32 Gen: hey jvm!
20:10:43 muris: hi jvm
20:10:52 JVM: hows it going?
20:10:54 Dansol: hello
20:10:56 Gen: good
20:10:57 JVM: hi
20:11:01 Gen: and you?
20:11:16 JVM: good
20:11:22 JVM: dansol, you're the englishman is that right?
20:11:30 rokchik: hey JVM
20:11:36 Pavel: hey
20:11:49 JVM: hey rok, how're you doing with that scratching thing you were working on?
20:12:27 rokchik: not to bad actually...timing is still a bit tricky but it's a lot better
20:12:44 JVM: cool
20:12:58 rokchik: I have Bulla on Parade down pretty good now actually
20:13:05 rokchik: Bulls*
20:13:06 JVM: nice
20:13:23 Pavel: muris nasao sam ga je******************** - u MOV formatu imas Sorenson Video GRRRRR
20:13:35 Gen: wow lol
20:13:36 Pavel: ajde barem znam da nisam glup hahahaha
20:13:43 muris: heheheheh
20:13:45 JVM: yeah, wow is all i have
20:13:54 muris: vidis da je mov zakon
20:13:55 muris: ee
20:13:56 Gen: it seems to violent here lol
20:13:58 Pavel: hahahahahaha
20:14:01 Gen: to be*
20:14:01 rokchik: LOL
20:14:02 Dansol: english i am
20:14:04 muris: a jel tebe zeza avi u Vegasu?
20:14:10 muris: kad ga importujes?
20:14:14 Dansol: sitting here drinking tea
20:14:18 JVM: nice
20:14:20 JVM: how old?
20:14:42 rokchik: I just finished a tea...seriously
20:14:48 Pavel: muris da
20:14:52 Pavel: nece mi sliku prikazat
20:14:55 Pavel: samo zvuk
20:15:01 muris: aha
20:15:04 muris: ista stvar
20:15:23 Dansol: im 18
20:15:27 JVM: 17.
20:15:33 Dansol: where you from ?
20:15:35 muris: trazio sam po forumima,spominju neke codece al meni nije uspjelo
20:15:40 JVM: north carolina in the states
20:15:47 Dansol: i have a friend from there
20:15:52 muris: ma jebes avi,mov je tito
20:15:56 JVM: what part?
20:16:09 Dansol: eeeeeek cant remember
20:16:10 Dansol: hold on
20:16:28 rokchik: I was in Charlotte about 2 years ago
20:16:29 Pavel: murisda ali sada ne mogu nac ono 1Mbps.....
20:16:39 JVM: charlotte is a nice town
20:16:45 rokchik: I liked it
20:16:52 Pavel: Sorenson Video - Settings i tamo toga nema
20:17:09 Dansol: cary he's from
20:17:13 muris: imas ga na kad ides na rendering
20:17:14 JVM: ah!
20:17:16 JVM: I'm really close to cary
20:17:19 rokchik: I wanted to go to Charleston but never got to go
20:17:29 JVM: charleston is really cool
20:17:32 JVM: especially the waterfront
20:17:32 Dansol: met him through biking when he moved over here
20:17:40 rokchik: so I've heard
20:17:47 JVM: what kind of biking?
20:17:52 Pavel: aha nasao hvala
20:17:55 Dansol: mountain biking
20:18:03 rokchik: I just wanted to go for the civil war history...kinda a history buff
20:18:04 JVM: yeah, have you been to asheville/up in the mountains?
20:18:10 JVM: theres a bunch of great trails up there
20:18:16 muris: i samo prmjeni audio compresiju
20:18:18 Dansol: havnt been the states
20:18:21 rokchik: can't say I have
20:18:22 JVM: ah
20:18:32 Dansol: been whistler, near vancouver to ride
20:18:40 Pavel: sta da stavim?
20:18:58 JVM: are you into biking much? like do you follow it?
20:19:00 muris: ja stavim onaj 16 bit big endian
20:19:05 rokchik: Biking as in pedal or biking as in Motor
20:19:11 Dansol: yeh its my main hobby
20:19:13 muris: file format ustvari,nije komresija
20:19:16 muris: al dodje na isto
20:19:18 Gen: Stavim nasao hvala onaj ne mogu!!!!!
20:19:19 JVM: have you ever heard of willow koerber?
20:19:23 Dansol: going to the french/swiss alps in a week
20:19:30 Pavel: Gen lol nice try
20:19:30 Gen: haha i can talk kroatian
20:19:32 Dansol: nope i havnt
20:19:32 Gen: !
20:19:33 muris: jer taj na 1mbps po defaultu je katastrofa
20:19:33 Gen: lol
20:19:37 Pavel: but doesn't make sense at all hahahaha
20:19:38 JVM: ah, my cousin
20:19:40 Gen: lol
20:19:41 Gen: sure
20:19:44 muris: heeeej
20:19:50 muris: this is bosnian as well!!!!!!!!!!!!
20:19:50 JVM: she's the number 1 woman in the states right now and something like 4 in the world
20:19:57 Gen: yeah lol
20:19:58 JVM: going to the olympics probably, i'm really proud of her
20:20:01 Dansol: thats cool
20:20:05 Gen: i mean i can talk bosnian!
20:20:06 rokchik: cool
20:20:10 muris: lol
20:20:11 muris: ok
20:20:13 Gen: lol
20:20:19 Dansol: the type i do isnt in the olympics lol
20:20:43 JVM: trail riding?
20:20:50 Dansol: its called downhill
20:20:53 JVM: yeah
20:21:00 Dansol: do some racing over here
20:21:15 JVM: you do like jumps and stuff?
20:21:29 rokchik: Thats pretty cool Dansol...I have a couple of friends that do that
20:21:46 rokchik: It's pretty crazy
20:22:02 Dansol: yeh
20:22:04 Dansol: haha
20:22:12 Dansol: thats what the paramedics say to us
20:22:15 muris: no soccer this evening
20:22:41 rokchik: that is sad muris
20:22:56 Dansol: my friend broke his back not so long when we were out biking together
20:23:01 muris: smrc
20:23:08 JVM: ouch
20:23:39 JVM: my dad hit a rock a couple months ago, flipped over his bars and got a cut through his forehead through to his skull
20:23:45 rokchik: doesn't sound pleasant...a buddy of mine broke his back this past winter on skidoo...he's pretty messed up
20:23:54 JVM: its pretty cool though, the scar is like a harry potter lightnening bolt
20:23:58 Dansol: haha
20:24:14 Dansol: its a risk worth taking tho
20:25:13 rokchik: well boys I must bid you farwell...I've been informed it's time to go to the bar to shoot some pool...I'll talk to ya later
20:25:23 Dansol: goodbye
20:25:29 rokchik: c ya
20:25:29 JVM: bye
20:25:31 Gen: bye
20:25:43 muris: she's fast
20:25:49 muris: i missed to say bye
20:25:51 Gen: lol
20:25:53 Dansol: cheers muris for the encouragment, i got the tune now lol
20:25:55 muris:
20:25:57 muris: lol
20:26:02 muris: yeah?
20:26:40 Dansol: gonna have to learn to play by ear
20:26:47 Gen: okay guys, i know its 2:20 am here but i g2g practice! i need to play just now, so later all!
20:26:51 Gen: lol
20:26:53 muris: yep
20:26:55 JVM: bye gen!
20:27:00 Dansol: cya
20:27:01 muris: see ya gen
20:27:15 muris: you have good excuse after all
20:27:29 Pavel: muris Eto rjesio sam stvar - u WMV formatu ce bit ali je velicina mala i konacno rjesio te crne rubove i na 1Mbps mi je
20:27:43 Pavel: hvala
20:27:44 muris: eto ga
20:27:50 muris: nema na cemu
20:27:59 Dansol: is there any disadvantage that i play powerchords with my 3rd finger ?
20:28:06 Pavel: no
20:28:09 Pavel: it's actually good
20:28:19 Pavel: because than you have pinky free for extended patterns
20:28:28 Dansol: good to know
20:28:40 muris: as 9th
20:29:13 muris: actually
20:29:24 muris: you'll use your second instead of third
20:30:25 muris: try to use thumb as well for power chords
20:31:19 Dansol: ive never really used my thumb for playing
20:31:25 JVM: me neither
20:31:33 Dansol: when will it be an advantage for powerchords ?
20:31:41 muris: you should
20:32:06 muris: let say G power chord
20:32:17 muris: play G with thumb on low E
20:32:39 muris: play D on A string with 2nd
20:32:50 JVM: what are the advantages of doing that instead of normally?
20:32:56 muris: pardon,with 3rd
20:33:32 muris: play G on D string with pinky
20:33:59 muris: and play a small bare with index finger on B and high E strings
20:34:31 muris: you can play G string open
20:34:45 muris: but if you move to G# power schord
20:34:57 muris: you'll have to mute G string with your pinky
20:34:58 Dansol: my old guitar teacher gave me a riff where you had to uses the thumb
20:35:02 Dansol: couldnt get it
20:35:12 Dansol: well, for a while
20:35:21 muris: you will
20:35:28 muris: thumb is sooo cool to use
20:36:32 JVM: is there a specific way to fret the G with your thumb? like should you use the side of the thumb etc
20:36:52 muris: well
20:37:05 muris: it a slight touch I guess
20:37:09 muris: just to get the tone
20:37:44 JVM: I feel like a beginner again doing this
20:37:54 muris: that's cool
20:38:10 muris: many pro players have troubles to play with thumb
20:39:18 muris: Hendrix was doing it a lot
20:39:24 muris: check him out
20:39:25 muris: lol
20:39:47 JVM: yeah
20:39:55 JVM: I think he had a much bigger hand than me too
20:40:16 muris: it's again about practice
20:40:20 muris: no big deal
20:40:37 muris: it's kind a hard to play it on clasical guitar
20:40:47 muris: but on electric it's easy
20:41:27 muris: speaking of neck measures
20:44:06 muris: all doing thumb work????
20:44:16 muris:
20:45:18 Dansol: any good riffs that use thumbs you know of ?
20:45:45 muris: can't point at any at the moment
20:46:07 muris: but you can play many with thumb
20:46:20 muris: try every power chord that way
20:47:07 muris: I have a cool riff for my new album
20:47:14 muris: using thumb
20:47:16 Dansol: album eh
20:47:22 muris: i play B on low E
20:47:39 muris: and some pentatonic bends on G and B at the same time
20:48:16 muris: and few notes on D as well
20:48:30 muris: muting A string with thumb
20:48:38 JVM: pavel!
20:48:45 JVM: i finally got your hand control lesson down
20:49:41 muris: full download or?
20:49:59 Pavel: JVM cool! good job
20:50:13 JVM: those string skips are little demons
20:51:01 Pavel: hahaha
20:52:02 Pavel: i am off to sleep
20:52:04 Pavel: good night all
20:53:31 muris: night

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