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> Guitar Chat 2007-07-08
post Jul 16 2007, 10:01 AM
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00:01:24 SDMF75: Maiden, Kiss, Ryche, Black Label, Judas Priest, Ratt, White & Rob Zombie, Van Halen, Poison
00:01:37 SDMF75: I can keep going I think you get it
00:01:44 SDMF75: 80's metal
00:01:49 SDMF75: Metallica
00:01:51 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha haha yeah
00:01:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: were in the same genre i believe
00:02:33 SDMF75: My favorite vocalists are Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, Geoff Tate and Sebastian Bach
00:02:49 Eat-Sleep-andJam: interesting choices there
00:02:58 SDMF75: Just downloaded Bach covering Children of the Damned by Maiden tonight....really cool
00:02:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and guitarists ?
00:03:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im a big time chili peppers fan
00:03:34 SDMF75: EVH, Zakk, George Lynch, Maiden boys
00:03:55 SDMF75: My wife used to dig the Peppers until they hit their Adult Contemporary stage
00:04:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
00:04:07 SDMF75: evey band goes through it
00:04:15 SDMF75: almost
00:04:25 Eat-Sleep-andJam: true but I still think they have the old chilis in them
00:05:12 SDMF75: oh yeah, they just have to find it again like Kiss did after Dynasty and Unmasked and the same with Metallica....St. Anger wasn't that great but a step in the right direction
00:05:43 Eat-Sleep-andJam: True
00:06:05 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Kiss did lose their magic after they were unmasked though
00:06:51 SDMF75: somewhat, I dig Lick it up and Animalize and Revenge had balls
00:07:29 SDMF75: I haven't listened to Asylum in a while. I may have to dust it off and give a listen again
00:07:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha yeah. but you know the chilis are one of the real "true" bands left in the music industry
00:07:50 SDMF75: yep
00:08:38 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and i also like gnr,van halen,metallica, no ac dc, and you know
00:09:01 SDMF75: don't like AC/DC?
00:09:32 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I think there loved a little too much
00:09:38 Eat-Sleep-andJam: heyy ace
00:09:42 ace_frehely: sup
00:09:47 SDMF75: I like some of their stuff but one album is pretty much the same as the rest
00:09:48 Eat-Sleep-andJam: n2m u ?
00:09:50 ace_frehely: how did u put the video
00:09:57 ace_frehely: on ur myspace
00:10:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: true but a real band trys to maintain there style
00:10:32 SDMF75: yeah but they've never even veered off the path
00:10:50 SDMF75: how's that AP comin' Ace?
00:11:00 ace_frehely: good
00:11:08 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Ik thats why I dont like it, Dirty Deeds sounds the same as Noise pollution you know
00:11:16 SDMF75: yep
00:11:21 SDMF75: good
00:11:29 ace_frehely: how long do you think i should practice a day
00:11:41 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Ace about my space, you simply take the embeded code and put it on the page
00:11:41 SDMF75: as long as you have time and energy
00:11:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: idk depends how much time you have
00:11:55 ace_frehely: where did u get the embered
00:11:55 SDMF75: and drive
00:12:11 Eat-Sleep-andJam: like look at a and google video and you will see
00:12:24 SDMF75: when your playing starts getting sloppy put it up for a bit
00:16:52 SDMF75: hello?
00:17:05 Eat-Sleep-andJam: !
00:17:05 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hi !
00:17:32 SDMF75: think I'm gonna take off. Practice a little bit then go to bed
00:17:41 Eat-Sleep-andJam: good call
00:17:49 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im playing some boston peace sdm
00:17:57 SDMF75: later
06:00:58 Owen: hey
06:01:28 Owen: *whip*
06:02:03 Owen: *whip*
06:19:00 muris: hi guys
06:19:49 Owen: hey
06:20:03 Owen: ES&G is asleep by the looks of it
06:20:12 muris: yep
06:20:15 muris: probably
06:20:48 muris: how are you doing?
06:21:16 Owen: I'm doing fine
06:21:25 Owen: xD
06:21:25 Owen: recording a seriously daft song for a friend
06:21:31 Owen: the outtakes are just bad
06:21:46 Owen: yourself?
06:21:54 muris: cool
06:21:57 muris: I'm ok
06:22:04 muris: wanna make new lesson
06:22:09 muris: with acoustic
06:22:19 muris: something not too compicate
06:22:34 Owen: hmm
06:22:48 muris: many asked
06:22:51 muris: acoustic
06:22:58 muris: kind a beginer level
06:23:04 Owen: theres only four at the moment isnt there
06:23:07 Owen: for just cleans
06:23:28 muris: yes I guess
06:23:38 muris: this'll be on acoustic
06:23:44 muris: finregpicking
06:23:47 muris: struming etc
06:23:48 Owen: ah cool
06:23:54 Owen: so various styles?
06:24:00 Owen: my fingerpickings still not great
06:24:05 Owen: I never learnt it to begin with
06:24:17 Owen: and I use all five fingers on my right hand
06:24:23 Owen: which I'm not sure I'm meant too
06:24:25 muris: can't tell about style
06:24:42 muris: it'll be something chilly
06:25:05 muris: and with 4 fingers
06:25:37 muris: no need for pinky at this point
06:26:06 Owen: I've heard other guitar teachers say not to use it in general
06:26:14 Owen: because of the inaccuracy or w/e
06:26:53 muris: well it depends of what you're playing
06:27:09 muris: I don't use it a lot actually
06:27:47 muris: only when I need to hit 5 strings together
06:28:49 muris: I had classes in classical guitar durring high school
06:29:07 muris: pinky is really rarely in use
06:29:40 Owen: ah, I'm self taught
06:29:48 Owen: so I just did whatever I felt like
06:29:53 Owen: and I learnt with 5
06:29:58 muris: that's cool tho
06:30:35 muris: must go now Owen
06:30:41 muris: talk to you latter ok
06:30:54 muris: see ya
06:57:32 Robin: hello
07:06:13 Owen: hey
07:06:16 Owen: sorry
07:06:37 Owen: *whip*
07:06:44 Robin: hi there
07:06:44 Owen: everyone's asleep
07:06:57 Owen:
07:07:06 Owen: sorry I was recording
07:07:24 Owen: I'm fiddling about with the rotary speaker effect on my amp
07:08:20 Owen: trying to get a interesting unique tone
07:08:36 Owen: what are you up to?
07:09:05 Robin: recording ey? what are you recording?
07:09:19 Robin: I'm just browsing the forum and stuff like that. listening to music
07:09:43 Owen: ah cool
07:10:59 Owen: I've done most of my browsing for today
07:11:41 Robin: haha ok
07:11:51 Robin: I refresh the forum all day haha
07:11:57 Owen: that youtube thing is unbelievable
07:12:01 Robin: yeah dude
07:12:04 Robin: its crazy
07:12:04 Owen: + yeah so do I
07:12:07 Owen: I'm sad like that
07:12:14 Robin:
07:12:18 Owen: I just cant see how anyone benefits
07:12:32 Robin: Indeed, I just dont get what they are up to
07:12:36 Owen: I mean, I'm not a huge fan of playing other peoples stuff
07:12:39 Owen: never have been
07:12:54 Owen: but it seems drastic and stupid
07:13:03 Robin: me neither, I dont really do, but still I dont get why
07:13:40 Robin: I understand that its somethnig different with people that earn money on it, GMC for instance, but people that dnot charge anything on youtube, maaan why is that illegal?
07:14:02 Owen: yeah, but I think GMC is careful with how it does it
07:14:18 Owen: I mean most of the in the style of's dont use the same riffs as the real artists
07:14:24 Owen: Its just how to get their tone ect
07:14:41 Owen: I dont know if that is a proper loophole though
07:14:46 Owen: we shall see
07:15:30 Robin: yeah
07:15:44 Robin: I dont think anyone of the lessons on GMC copy antyhing a 100%
07:16:06 Robin: but man if they start screwing wtih GMC!
07:16:56 Owen: yeah
07:17:09 Owen: well its a relatively small operation compartitively
07:17:12 Owen: I dont think they will
07:17:48 Robin: yep, doubt they will, but you never know how stupid someone can get
07:17:57 Owen: haha true
07:18:12 Owen: personally I think the more they go on about these things the more people will turn to piracy
07:18:17 Robin: "OH MY GOD! You used the same scale as Iron Maiden use! THats illegal, SHUT THIS SITE DOWN!"
07:18:30 Robin: yeah indeed
07:19:04 Owen: haha, dont Iron Maiden post their own lessons on how to get their styling
07:19:11 Owen: sure I saw one on youtube
07:19:20 Robin: yeah adrian smith got one
07:19:32 Owen: thought so
07:19:42 Owen: I'm not a maiden fan, but I respect stuff like that
07:19:54 Robin: yep
07:21:39 Owen: I wonder where ES&J is
07:21:42 Owen: actually....
07:21:45 Owen: on second thoughts
07:21:47 Owen:;#entry41509
07:21:51 Owen: naaaah
07:21:53 Owen: I dont wonder
07:22:02 Robin: Heh yeah
07:22:21 Robin: saw that great
07:22:24 Owen: xD
07:22:43 Owen: now all we need to do is find his house no, tell his mother he's been doing stuff underage xD
07:22:52 Robin: hahaa yeah
07:23:02 Robin: gotta start stalking him
07:23:16 Owen: haha
07:23:26 Robin:
07:23:43 Owen: that'd ruin it for him
07:23:44 Owen: we cant do that
07:23:46 Owen:
07:24:11 Robin:
07:24:20 Owen: actually
07:24:26 Owen: If I had his ip address....
07:25:07 Owen: and a flight over to new york
07:25:12 Owen: and a map
07:25:18 Robin: haha
07:25:56 Owen: respect to him though, I'd never tell people my insecurities over a guitar forum xD
07:26:00 Owen: I'm far too paranoid for that
07:26:14 Robin: Heh, yeah I dont think I would have the guts to do that
07:26:22 Robin: friendly forum though.
07:26:27 Owen: tis xD
07:26:48 Owen: unlike UG
07:26:51 Owen: which is just like
07:27:05 Owen: OmG lawl lawl lawl...
07:27:09 Robin: haha yeah
07:27:11 Owen: and the million topics on masturbation xD
07:27:14 Robin: most guitar forums are crazy
07:27:18 Robin: really? ohh jesus
07:27:23 Robin: dont they have moderators?
07:27:23 Owen: yeah
07:27:28 Owen: theres like one every ten minutes
07:27:33 Robin: haha jesssus
07:27:34 Owen: they dont delete those types of things
07:27:40 Owen: they have a "sex thread"
07:27:59 Owen: actively encouraged by the mod's xD
07:28:10 Robin: hhahahahha
07:28:14 Robin: stupid crap forum
07:28:30 Owen: I dunno
07:28:32 Owen: its a good read
07:28:33 Owen: xD
07:28:46 Robin: on most guitar forum its like when someone ask a question, people are like: "LOOOOL noob you didnt know that??" or something like that
07:28:49 Robin: haha
07:29:14 Owen: OmG pinch harmonics are for Shredz0rz lawl lawl, Shredding is ghey
07:29:21 Robin:
07:30:09 Robin: brb just getting some food
07:30:14 Owen: k
07:33:47 Robin: so, whats up? hows the recording going?
07:36:14 Owen: laid down the first part
07:36:20 Owen: need a better mic actually
07:36:37 Owen: when I start to project my voice it sorta isnt captured in the range of the microphone
07:36:50 Owen: which is a bit of a pain to say the least
07:37:05 Robin: heh ok
07:37:21 Robin: what style are you playing?
07:37:25 Owen: also I cant get drums unless I want a repititive loop xD
07:37:33 Owen: I dunno, Owen style
07:37:36 Owen:
07:37:39 Robin: really
07:37:48 Owen: I plan to do some heavy stuff later on
07:37:57 Owen: but heavy vox are a nightmare recording xD
07:38:11 Robin: mkay cool
07:38:14 Owen: I've learnt that you can get away with them clean on live
07:38:33 Owen: but in the studio most death metal ect bands lay down a ton of effects on timbre ect
07:38:38 Owen: just to get it dead on
07:38:49 Robin: yeah
07:39:46 Owen: I also need a pop sheild for this mic, when I pronounce P's its unbelievably annoying xD
07:39:54 Robin: haha
07:39:58 Robin: I could use that myself
07:40:22 Owen: I'd also love to record the the amp with a mic, so I get better tone
07:40:43 Robin: you mean, have a mic infront of the amp? thats what I do
07:40:44 Owen: but I'm having to direct record the guitar because my mate broke the end of my micstand by smashing me in the face with it xD
07:40:53 Robin: ahh >_<
07:41:04 Owen: meh, cheapy plastic
07:41:06 Owen:
07:41:10 Robin:
07:41:18 Owen: but yeah, thats my list of problems
07:41:54 Owen: you got any uploads of your stuff on this site?
07:42:31 Robin: nope
07:42:36 Robin: I havent got anything done yet
07:42:57 Robin: I got one song almost done, but I'm so unused to hear my own voice thats it horrible, haha
07:43:07 Robin: my band got alot of recorded stuff though
07:43:27 Owen: I dont know what kills me more, my guitar playing or my voice xD
07:43:41 Robin: haha maaan I hate hearing myself, specially singing
07:44:38 Owen: lol, I dunno, I want to know if people like Vai listen to themselves and can actually enjoy it
07:44:47 Owen: I'm hypercritical of my stuff most of the time
07:44:56 Owen: so much so that I dont sit back and just take it in
07:45:02 Owen: and ask myself what other people would think
07:45:32 Robin: hmm yeah
07:45:46 Robin: I just listen to my stuff untill I get used to it, hahah and then suddenly it suonds good
07:46:02 Owen: hehe, yeah I know what you mean
07:48:31 Owen: I may just do a million takes for this one
07:48:33 Owen: till its dead on xD
07:48:55 Owen: my guitar sound is so effects'ed up its unbelievable xD
07:49:00 Robin: know what you mean. When I record solos I got to do them a hundred million times >_<
07:49:07 Robin: haha
07:49:21 Robin: I like it when it sounds old and crappy. Rock'n'roll!
07:49:48 Robin: the lpaying got to be good though..
07:51:02 Owen: haha, I'm a pretty crap guitar player
07:51:17 Owen: compositionally I have some rubbish ideas xD
07:51:24 Robin: I'm no Vai myself, but I guess I'm ok
07:51:26 Robin:
07:51:40 Owen: I dont think I've written a proper riff in about two year xD
07:51:45 Robin:
07:52:00 Robin: I personally think I'm a pretty good song writer. my playing could have been alot better though
07:52:39 Owen: I'm better at writing lyrics
07:52:42 Robin: if you want to you can check out some of the songs frmo my bands. I made most of the riffs.
07:52:45 Owen: never run out of ideas for that
07:52:47 Robin: lyrics? cool
07:53:00 Robin: I'm not that good at lyric writing really
07:53:32 Robin: the 3 on top are our newest recordings
07:54:01 Owen: nivr
07:54:05 Owen: nice*
07:54:17 Robin: thanks
07:54:27 Owen: I'm waiting patiently for the vox
07:54:29 Owen: ahh
07:54:31 Owen: nice scream
07:54:36 Robin:
07:54:42 Robin: eternal afterlife you're listening to?
07:54:49 Owen: my personal longest is like 25 second scream
07:54:51 Robin: vox ey? bought a new amp?
07:54:52 Owen: yeah I think so
07:55:05 Robin: hah cool. I'm not the one singing btw
07:55:05 Owen: nah
07:55:08 Owen: vox = vocals
07:55:10 Robin: I just play the guitar
07:55:13 Robin: ah ok
07:55:30 Robin: I thought you mean the brand Vox
07:55:33 Robin:
07:55:37 Owen: nah, cant afford one
07:55:47 Owen: and If I had the money I'd get a mesa triple rectifier
07:55:54 Owen: not a vox
07:56:02 Robin: ah ok
07:56:36 Robin: Luckily my dad had a really old music man 2x12" amp. so I didnt really had to buy anything otgher than the guitar
07:56:46 Owen: cool
07:56:53 Owen: what do you use for your distortion?
07:57:08 Robin: johnny winter even used that amp I saw it on a picture of him carrying it
07:57:14 Robin: Boss MD-2
07:57:23 Robin: mega distortion pedal thingie
07:57:25 Owen: ah MegaDistortion
07:58:03 Owen: thats good stuff btw
07:58:10 Owen: your just a hint of being quite pro
07:58:11 Robin: thank you very much
07:58:29 Robin: I suck at playing. Or, I do know how to keep the rythm and make songs, but thats pretty much it
07:58:38 Robin: our drummer is freakin crazy though, he's so skilled
07:58:48 Owen: our drummers a maniac
07:58:52 Robin:
07:58:54 Owen: its like
07:59:02 Owen: how many double bass hits in a minute can I manage
07:59:10 Robin: haha
07:59:24 Owen: which is probably why when we try to do some cleans they mysteriously turn into blast beats
07:59:35 Robin: hahaha
07:59:43 Robin: do you play in a death metal band or something?
08:00:02 Owen: yeaaah
08:00:09 Robin: cool
08:00:09 Owen: although I'd like it to be a prog
08:00:16 Robin: ah
08:00:19 Owen: personal preference
08:00:27 Owen: I like variety
08:00:32 Robin: yeah
08:00:37 Owen: I do listen to quite a lot of death metal though
08:00:43 Owen: Panzerchrist, Thus Defiled ect ect
08:00:50 Robin: we look at ourselfs as a black metal band, but latelly its more like thrash really
08:01:04 Robin: havent really heard of those, I dont listen to that much death
08:01:58 Owen: black and death are really close together IMO
08:02:03 Owen: only difference appears to be the lyrics
08:02:18 Robin: naaah not really dude! what black metal do you listen to?
08:02:46 Owen: bit of Emperor on occassion, Thus Defiled are a sorta Death/Black hybrid
08:03:10 Robin:
08:03:17 Robin: those 2 videos are black metal
08:03:23 Robin: far from death tbh!
08:03:27 Owen: got some Satyricon too, but I think they're like metalcore black metal xD
08:04:05 Robin: myeah satyircon isnt that great imo some of their stuff is cool, but I dont know if I should call it black metal. Atleast not their latest album
08:04:36 Owen: Black Metal tends to be really badly produced
08:04:37 Owen: xD
08:04:39 Owen: at least
08:04:42 Owen: thats what I notice
08:04:48 Robin: yeah thats the way its supposed to be
08:04:50 Owen: and they like their spooky intro's
08:05:08 Robin: if black metal had the usual Green Day sound it would have been soooooooooooo boring
08:05:15 Owen: meh, personally cant stand black production
08:05:23 Owen: black? bad*
08:05:46 Robin: I dont like overproduced stuff, I think it doesnt sound like its people that is playing, more like computers
08:06:05 Owen: yeah but you've got to get the sound right man
08:06:09 Owen: I mean
08:06:18 Robin: its the same with blues aswell. Aerosmith got a blues album, but its so perfect production that it loose all the "soul" in it. Its just plain boring
08:06:25 Owen: I I just find when they use something that sounds like a computer mic to record a whole band its awful
08:06:39 Robin: heh yeah sometimes people go too far
08:06:50 Robin: but the 2 videoes I just linked, I think thats perfect black metal sound
08:07:20 Owen: listened to the second one
08:07:36 Owen: first ones probably better
08:07:38 Owen: imo
08:07:46 Robin: yeah I think both are graet
08:08:17 Robin: burzum(the second link) is freakin magic love it
08:08:33 Owen: hmm.
08:08:40 Owen: not really my thing
08:09:00 Owen: I find the lyrics pointless as well
08:09:19 Owen: to believe in black metal lyrics you have to be a christian anyway
08:09:25 Owen: as only christians believe in the devil
08:09:39 Owen: so its just a bit wierd
08:10:03 Robin: most people dont really mean what they say in the lyrics, I mean, dark music got to have dark lyrics
08:10:42 Robin: there are some crazy satanists though, not many.
08:10:47 Robin: Gorgoroth for instance.
08:10:52 Robin: great music though
08:11:20 Owen:
08:11:24 Owen: have a listen ^
08:13:08 Robin: took ages to load that site
08:13:19 Owen: >_<
08:14:03 Robin: what is that stuff btw?
08:14:08 Robin: I see they have toured with Mayhem
08:15:02 Owen: yes
08:15:35 Robin: I must say, the design looked scary. and that chick had "emo" written in her face. By "scary" I mean, it doesnt look too good.
08:15:52 Robin: 12kb/s so I havent managed to listen to the music yet
08:16:26 Owen: ah yeah
08:16:28 Robin: hmmm listening now
08:16:33 Owen: that album cover is wierd as hell
08:16:38 Owen: musics awesome though IMO
08:16:53 Robin: hmm its ok
08:17:14 Robin: cool riffs
08:17:39 Robin: but didnt really like those melodies, for some reason
08:18:06 Owen: their best track is the second one on Daemonspawn I dont think thats the one they have up
08:21:06 Owen: And They Shall Fear the Night
08:21:17 Robin: yeah thats the one I listened to
08:21:22 Owen: ah yeah
08:21:27 Owen: thats an awesome song
08:21:35 Owen: but the drum bit at the beginning annoys me
08:21:39 Owen: I just want it straight in
08:21:42 Owen: with the rararararararar
08:21:46 Owen: boomboomboom
08:22:05 Owen: because Im a sad blastbeat freak
08:24:18 Owen: still listening to your stuff though
08:24:26 Owen: its a fucking great job for just three people
08:25:12 Robin: haha yeah I know, I dont really like when bands exaggerate with the bass drums
08:25:16 Robin: thank you so very much!
08:25:39 Owen: should see Panzerchrist. the drum held the world record at one point for 850 beats a minute
08:25:44 Owen: or 14 every second
08:25:49 Robin: O_o
08:26:01 Robin: crazy
08:26:56 Owen: yeah!
08:28:04 Owen: I see your in the metal archives
08:28:15 Robin: yeah
08:29:03 Owen: nice. I'm actually really impressed
08:29:10 Robin: I dont know how we ended up there. Can we add ourselfes there or do other people do that?
08:29:18 Robin: haha thank you so much! great to hear
08:29:19 Owen: I've been playing with people for two years and my bands equivalent is crap xD
08:29:29 Robin: heha
08:29:31 Owen: other people do it I think
08:29:41 Robin: hmm really? cool
08:29:46 Owen: I could put up a review there, If I had the full lengh
08:30:10 Robin: cool
08:30:27 Robin: but our full length is getting so old and crappy now
08:30:38 Robin: its over a year since we recorded it.
08:30:47 Robin: we sucked back then
08:31:00 Owen: haha, everything continually has to get better
08:31:02 Robin: if you listen to the songs Presteberg, Den Fremmede and Fornedrelse
08:31:09 Robin: thats from our full length
08:31:20 Robin: the sound is better on those, but thats not the way we like it, hahah
08:31:42 Robin: but those 3 latest songs were just something we recorded in 1 night and then we were done with them
08:31:50 Robin: we are gonna record them again for real
08:32:02 Owen:
08:32:28 Robin: do your band have any recordings?
08:32:43 Owen: nah
08:32:50 Owen: we started with a new drummer about 5 weeks ago
08:32:54 Owen: had three practices so far
08:32:55 Robin: ah ok
08:32:59 Owen: we need a regular practice place
08:33:16 Owen: and now our drummers got glandular fever
08:33:18 Robin: 5 weeks ago? 3 practices? we practice every day, in the drummers garage
08:33:22 Robin: ahh
08:33:29 Owen: he's not meant to do any hard work for 7 weeks
08:33:38 Robin: ohhh jesssus
08:33:48 Owen: yeah, well we cant which is a shame, we're looking to arrange something with the drummer
08:33:57 Owen: but he's well out of it in hospital at the moment
08:34:48 Owen: and I'm like the only one with proper kit
08:34:55 Owen: the guitarist's guitars are falling to bits
08:34:58 Robin: hospital ey? serious stuff?
08:35:03 Owen: yeah
08:35:05 Owen: its a virus
08:35:05 Robin: really?
08:35:08 Robin: ohh
08:35:11 Owen: cant be treated really
08:35:16 Owen: until it goes away
08:35:25 Robin: dont they got money for new guitars?
08:35:31 Owen: nah
08:35:41 Owen: one's waiting till he can get money for being poor
08:35:43 Owen: the other
08:35:46 Owen: is just skint
08:35:50 Robin: :/
08:36:27 Robin: lol, just a bit off topic, I think I need to vacuum clean today, I'm starting to getting rbeathing trouble, hahaha
08:36:30 Owen: but I've contacted another dude for a jam in a weeks time or something to be in a sorta Doom Metal type band
08:36:35 Owen: but we'd need a drummer for that
08:36:36 Robin: breathing*
08:36:41 Robin: ah ok cool
08:36:56 Robin: do you play alot live and stuff? (when you have a drummer )
08:37:10 Owen: pff, nah, not done one, its been two years of a rollercoaster ride
08:37:17 Owen: up and down like its out of fashion
08:37:24 Robin: ah ok :/
08:37:31 Owen: kicked so many members xD
08:37:36 Robin:
08:37:41 Robin: we've only kicked one
08:37:48 Owen: I though he left?
08:37:48 Robin: the bassist. Our vocalist eventurally took over
08:38:07 Robin: well yeah sort of, we didnt really kick him, but we had this talk with him
08:38:13 Robin: and we just pushed it till he left himself hahah
08:38:21 Owen: lol
08:38:24 Robin: we didnt want to be cruel and just say "your kicked" haha
08:38:29 Owen: ah yes
08:38:32 Owen: the last drummer I kicked
08:38:40 Owen: a drummer that liked his U2 in a metal band
08:38:48 Owen: kept complaining about the "vomit vocals"
08:38:49 Robin: becuase he was in when we started the band, but he rarely showed up for practice, he was extremely negative, never practiced at home and he sucked
08:38:52 Owen: so we all pretended we had left
08:39:01 Robin: hahahah
08:39:15 Owen: needed a bit of talking though
08:39:19 Owen: two guitarists are dithers
08:39:35 Owen: but we were in a good situation until our drummer got glandular fever
08:39:42 Robin: ah bad luck >_<
08:40:23 Owen: but yeah, we initially started out as a Sabbath style band
08:40:25 Owen: hard rock
08:40:31 Owen: did a few covers
08:40:37 Robin: cool
08:40:37 Owen: for Whom The Bell Tolls ect ect
08:40:41 Owen: the singer was pish
08:40:45 Owen: axed the singer
08:40:47 Owen: drummer left
08:40:50 Owen: I ditched the bassist
08:40:50 Robin: we did that aswell actually. A heavily iron maiden influenced band
08:40:56 Owen: talked to a new guitarist
08:41:00 Owen: got the drummer back
08:41:04 Owen: had a few rehersals
08:41:06 Owen: got bored
08:41:10 Robin: :/
08:41:20 Owen: got our original original guitarist back with a new drummer
08:41:27 Owen: kicked new drummer
08:41:29 Owen: got new drummer
08:41:36 Owen: and new drummer got glandular fever
08:41:37 Owen: xD
08:41:40 Owen: what can I say
08:41:44 Owen: its fucking epic!
08:41:49 Robin: sounds like Iron Maiden when they started. Steve Harris kicked soooooooooooo many people haha
08:42:09 Robin: maiden have had like 40 memebrs or something hahaha
08:42:10 Owen: well its just getting people that want what I want
08:42:13 Owen: its a nightmare
08:42:18 Robin: before they actually released something
08:42:30 Robin: hm yeha
08:42:32 Owen: Its evolved from Pop > Rock > Thrash > Death
08:42:38 Robin:
08:42:53 Owen: started of doing Greenday about 3 years ago
08:42:58 Owen: now everyone's like diehard metalheads
08:43:03 Owen: its strange xD
08:43:06 Robin: luckily we're all good friends in our band, and everyone is very into music. not troubles so far
08:43:08 Robin: haha
08:43:21 Robin: yeah we HATED growling vocals 3 years ago
08:43:44 Owen: how does your vocalist cope with 1 practice a day?
08:43:54 Owen: xD that'd kill me
08:44:00 Owen: unless I took it really easy
08:44:04 Owen: but I'd need a mega big PA
08:44:06 Robin: haha
08:44:11 Owen: I can never turn it up loud enough
08:44:40 Robin: we never really hear the vocals when we practice always some trouble with the mic or something
08:45:01 Owen: haha, yeah I've about broken mine xD
08:46:03 Owen: its had its share of abuse
08:46:09 Robin: haha
08:46:13 Robin: btw
08:46:22 Robin: I'm gonna go afk for about 30 mins now
08:46:28 Owen: k righto
08:46:31 Robin: I got to vaccum clean my room before I die
08:46:34 Robin:
08:46:35 Owen:
08:46:38 Robin: so see you later
08:46:46 Owen: vaccuming my room is like neva!
08:47:09 Robin: haha yeah it always takes some weeks in beetween well see you later
09:15:34 Robin: pheew thats a relief
09:15:36 Robin: *meow*
09:18:17 Owen:
09:18:31 Owen: btw, I meant to ask earlier
09:18:37 Owen: did you record with your own kit/
09:18:49 Owen: or did you go to a studio type thing?
09:19:00 Robin: with our band? studip
09:19:06 Robin: pro studio
09:19:13 Robin: theres only 1 studio here in town
09:19:59 Owen: ah cool
09:20:03 Owen: none where I live xD
09:20:13 Robin: ah ok
09:20:14 Owen: how much did it set youse back?
09:20:51 Robin: what do you mean?
09:21:04 Owen: moneywise?
09:21:10 Owen: to go to the studio?
09:21:15 Owen: or dod you have friends in high places
09:21:16 Owen: ;P
09:21:43 Owen: do*
09:21:46 Robin: ah money yeees, we have parents!
09:22:00 Robin: gonna check how much we payed in Euro
09:22:14 Owen: we have parents too
09:22:20 Owen: they just dont give money away xD
09:22:54 Robin: our first demo costed about 630 euro
09:23:08 Robin: second one twice as much, we had to make alot of demo copies and stuff aswell
09:23:12 Owen: more than I get in a year xD
09:23:38 Robin: we have nice parents they payed it all
09:23:48 Owen: >__>
09:23:55 Owen: my dad would be like
09:24:01 Robin: they are really supportive when it comes to our band, thank goodness
09:24:08 Owen: "That much for screemy stuff? No feckin' way"
09:24:53 Owen: they stop at perhaps giving me a ride to the rehersal area xD
09:25:03 Robin: haha
09:25:52 Owen: shocking xD
09:26:26 Robin: well check this out then, I'm in two bands, and we get studio time FOR FREE
09:26:41 Owen: *strangles*
09:26:47 Robin: becuase: the guitarist/pianist in the band is the daughter to the guy who owns the studio
09:26:57 Owen: *strangles again*
09:27:04 Robin: really nice guy, he sat up all night mixing our latest song haha
09:27:18 Robin: I said "well we got to give you something for all this hard work".
09:27:25 Robin: he just said "dont mention any money!"
09:27:35 Robin:
09:27:38 Owen: I envy you muchly
09:27:43 Robin: hahah
09:27:54 Robin: guess we're a bit lucky yeah
09:28:05 Owen: If I do well in my exams, I may get a condenser, that'll be when the fun starts
09:28:21 Owen: I need a new soundcard too though xD
09:28:28 Robin: ah
09:29:11 Owen: its all expensive and its all adding up
09:29:13 Owen:
09:29:19 Robin: >_<
09:29:32 Robin: luckily, I never use money, so I always got money
09:29:37 Robin: been saving for years
09:29:42 Owen: I spend mine all on kit
09:29:45 Owen: or rehersals
09:29:47 Robin: so if I want something, I just buy it
09:30:07 Robin: hmm you got to rent rehearsal rooms and stuff?
09:30:59 Owen: yeah :/
09:31:01 Owen: I hate it
09:31:08 Owen: I would much rather use my own kit
09:31:11 Owen: get a defined sound
09:31:19 Owen: instead of chopping and changing amps all the time
09:31:29 Robin: cant you just practice at your drummers place or something? I assume he have a drumkit
09:31:35 Robin: hm yeah
09:32:56 Owen: yeah he does
09:33:03 Owen: but he's comatosed now innee xD
09:33:16 Robin: I remember our very first rehearsals, we did it in the drummers TINY LITTLE BEDROOM. We didnt have any ear protection, so it was a living hell.
09:33:47 Robin: and his parents was right beneath his bedroom, I can imagine it made alot of noise
09:34:14 Owen: you use ear protection?
09:34:28 Robin: yes of course, or else we would have NO hearnig left at all
09:34:39 Robin: not when playing live though
09:34:52 Owen: lol
09:34:59 Owen: I probably have no hearing xD
09:35:03 Robin:
09:35:15 Robin: you dnot use protection on your ears when you rehearse?
09:35:20 Owen: nope
09:35:40 Robin:
09:35:47 Robin: I'm not talkign about this of course:
09:36:05 Robin: I mean those tiny fluffy things you put in your ears
09:36:30 Owen: yeah I figured
09:36:34 Robin: its REALLY loud when we play, we just play in a small garage attic
09:36:39 Owen: I just dont do that either xD
09:36:45 Robin: so without ear protection we'd die
09:36:50 Robin: hmm
09:36:54 Robin: doesnt sound good!
09:37:30 Owen: yeah but I dont practice often enough to worry about it
09:37:32 Robin: what I think is really fun though, is people that use ear protection when they play live, and then they complain about the sound crew, "omg I dont hear anything in my monitors"
09:37:39 Robin: hehe ok
09:38:33 Owen: does your singer not worry more about his voice
09:38:34 Owen: I know I did
09:38:37 Owen: do* even
09:38:47 Robin: dunno really
09:38:51 Robin: he dont have any problem
09:38:52 Robin: s
09:39:16 Owen: I dunno maybe I have the technique wrong
09:39:28 Owen: but I use major amounts of rasp in the back of my throught
09:39:43 Robin: maybe, that can be a bit dangerous. Some people ruin their voice if they use the wrong technique
09:39:56 Robin: warming up is also important. (our singer doesnt do that though... )
09:40:03 Owen: neither do I
09:40:04 Owen: xD
09:40:07 Owen: nah but
09:40:08 Robin:
09:40:15 Owen: I have a tech that doesnt do anything to my chords
09:40:23 Owen: I can go from doing death metal to a full vocal scale with ease
09:40:32 Owen: its just that after about 2 hours I start too feel it a bit
09:40:41 Robin: ah yeah
09:40:44 Robin: 2 hours is quite alot
09:41:10 Robin: we got alot of instrumental stuff in our songs aswell. We have vocals for every song, but its not trough the whole song
09:41:27 Robin: and at the moment we're just practicing a 30min setup, for a gig we're playnig soon
09:41:56 Robin: so I guess 2 hours is a bit harder for your voice
09:42:13 Owen: yeah
09:42:34 Owen: we've always had huge sessions though
09:42:41 Owen: maybe it'd be an idea to have shorter ones
09:42:45 Owen: but its finding teh time
09:43:45 Robin: yeah
09:43:48 Robin: but we practice every day
09:43:54 Robin: for about 45min-1 hour
09:44:10 Robin: so we dont need to practice that long every tmie
09:44:31 Robin: its a bit different if you just practice like once a week or something
09:49:31 Owen: sorry
09:49:40 Owen: I was just doing something on audacity
09:49:43 Owen: my whole pc crashed
09:49:46 Robin: ok
09:49:47 Owen: >_>
09:49:57 Owen: tried to change the pitch of something and it went crazy
09:50:10 Owen: lost my whole song xD
09:50:22 Robin: ohhh jesus >_>
09:50:29 Owen: wasnt a lot anyway
09:50:31 Robin: I always save often
09:50:34 Robin: ok
09:50:49 Owen: yknow
09:50:57 Owen: for someone who's in a black metal band
09:51:03 Owen: you say "jesus" quite a lot xD
09:51:54 Robin: hahah
09:52:00 Robin: well I'm an atheist
09:52:18 Robin: I say stuff like "oh my god" still. Its not like I believe in a god because of that
09:52:46 Owen: haha I figure
09:52:47 Owen: d*
09:52:51 Owen: I just found it ironic
09:52:59 Robin: yeah I guess it kinda is
09:53:19 Robin: actually, Haha, I've tried to find other words to use instead of "jeeeesus christ" and "ohh my goood"
09:53:44 Robin: but those words are just really good to use when you find somethign shocking, stupid or whatever
09:54:02 Owen: fair enough
09:55:02 Robin: want to hear something even more ironic?
09:55:07 Owen: yeaaah?
09:55:10 Owen: I love my irony
09:55:12 Robin: our vocalist is a christian >_<
09:55:18 Owen: hahaha
09:55:20 Robin: and he writes satanic lyrics....
09:55:30 Owen: well I suppose only he could do it...
09:55:44 Owen: proper christian?
09:55:48 Owen: goes to church and shit?
09:55:50 Robin: well I dunno realy
09:55:51 Robin: no
09:56:00 Robin: he dont believe in a afterlife, so I dunno what he means really
09:56:04 Owen: or just one of those, Ima just a christian because they had to put something down as my religion?
09:56:08 Robin: he write antireligious lyrics and stuff
09:56:18 Robin: probably
09:56:21 Owen: lol
09:56:25 Owen: i'm agnostic
09:56:29 Owen: but I hate religion
09:56:32 Robin:
09:56:40 Owen: organised religion is just a no no
09:56:41 Robin: agnostic? I dont even know what that means
09:57:00 Owen: I keep an open mind because there is no fundamental proof for either science or god
09:57:16 Robin: hmm mkay
09:57:30 Owen: makes sense to me
09:57:34 Owen: I can sit in the middle
09:57:44 Owen: although I tend to come out against the christians
09:58:02 Robin: well, they've been bitches...
09:58:05 Owen: my early lyrics were very anti christian
09:58:10 Robin: some hundred years ago
09:58:24 Owen: its funny, you can be anti christian
09:58:31 Robin: I just dont see any point in relgiion, I think it hurt more than it helps
09:58:37 Owen: but the moment you start to critisize people of other faiths
09:58:39 Owen: Ie Jewish
09:58:43 Owen: your a neo nazi
09:58:50 Robin: haha yeah...
09:58:58 Robin: I just dont like religion in general, dont care wich one
09:59:30 Owen: one of the original band names we toyed with was Godless Demise
09:59:37 Owen: it was built on the premise of being anti-religious
09:59:48 Robin: kool
09:59:57 Owen: unfortunately the guitarists were like
09:59:58 Robin: I like Atheist. The name and the band
10:00:11 Owen: "We just wanna be like Lamb of God, we dont want to stand for something"
10:00:18 Robin: haha
10:00:22 Owen: or words to that effect
10:01:03 Owen: I'd have the lyrics at the forefront
10:01:14 Owen: but they just wanted me to sing about demons and stuff
10:01:19 Owen: f*** that!
10:01:21 Robin: xD
10:02:00 Owen: however, I did get away with writing one called 3 Minute War
10:02:02 Owen: its not religious
10:02:06 Owen: but its deeply political
10:02:11 Owen: anti-nuclear
10:02:16 Robin: ah yes
10:02:18 Owen: pacifism
10:03:05 Owen: "Forecasting worldwide chrenobyl
10:03:15 Owen: We shall cultivate our own corpses
10:03:21 Owen: Basking in the rotting meat
10:03:29 Owen: Knee deep in the dead."
10:03:56 Robin: is that what you wrote?
10:04:05 Owen: its part of it
10:04:10 Robin: cool, its great
10:04:35 Owen: thanks
10:05:01 Owen: my other favourite lines include
10:05:10 Owen: "A race of arms, or of arms to race"
10:05:41 Robin: cool
10:05:47 Owen: I like to toy with dual meanings
10:05:53 Owen: but I never get to metaphorical
10:05:57 Owen: I dont like to miss a point
10:07:34 Owen: I can write bloody brilliant emo stuff too, xD thats by far too easy
10:07:46 Robin: haha
10:08:01 Robin: Hi there gen
10:08:04 Owen: heeey
10:08:07 Gen: hi all^^
10:08:34 Robin: when I write I either write anti religious, sometimes just satanic stuff(not that I am) or I write some fun stupid stuff
10:08:42 Robin: Hi there
10:08:49 Gen: hi matt
10:08:50 Owen: hey
10:09:00 Matt: hey wots up
10:09:10 Robin: though I've only wrote 3 lyrics for my black metal band. I also have alot of lyrics that I got for my one man band though
10:09:11 Owen: I find the satanic stuff a bit to cliche
10:09:16 Robin: yeah I know
10:09:34 Owen: I hate songs to sound like something out a Slayer album
10:09:38 Robin: but you know, there got to be some satanic stuff in a black metal band as I said, dark music got to have dark lyrics
10:09:39 Owen: Rararararar Hail Satan!
10:09:59 Matt: lol
10:10:00 Robin: hmm slayer doesnt really sing about satan do they? I only have reign in blood though, havent read the lyrics either
10:10:11 Owen: their new one does
10:10:14 Owen: Christ Illusion
10:10:20 Owen: half way through a song
10:10:22 Owen: they're like
10:10:23 Matt: love slayer
10:10:26 Owen: "hail satan"
10:10:29 Owen: and I'm like
10:10:32 Owen: "jusst noooo"
10:10:33 Robin: I personally dont really care much about the meaning in the lyrics
10:10:36 Robin: haha
10:10:52 Matt: slayers awsum but they song themes have been the same for 100's of songs
10:10:59 Owen: yeah
10:11:07 Owen: Reign in blood was their peak
10:11:18 Owen: Angel Of Death and Raining Blood were their masterpieces
10:11:20 Matt: i reali like seasons in the abyss
10:11:44 Matt: yep definetely
10:11:59 Owen: anyone hear any Katatonia or Opeth?
10:12:11 Owen: heard*
10:12:13 Owen: awesome bands
10:12:17 Matt: nah more into the thrash metal stuff
10:12:29 Owen: ah
10:12:32 Owen: in that case
10:12:33 Robin: opeth of course
10:12:37 Robin: its great
10:12:37 Owen: listen to any Dew-Scented?
10:12:41 Owen: yeah
10:12:46 Matt: never heard of em
10:12:46 Owen: I have every Opeth album
10:12:52 Owen: thrash band
10:12:54 Owen: heavy thrash
10:12:58 Owen: like extreme Slayer
10:13:00 Matt: il take a look into it
10:13:14 Robin: hobbs angel of death \o/
10:13:19 Owen:
10:13:38 Robin: they're great
10:13:47 Matt: i no u guys wont like em, but lately iv been really into black label society
10:13:53 Owen: my favourite Opeth song is probably The Funeral Portrait
10:14:04 Owen: riffing at the start is so catchy
10:14:08 Owen: I have one BLS album
10:14:14 Matt: wich 1
10:14:17 Owen: erm
10:14:22 Owen: I'll have a look
10:14:36 Owen: Shot to Hell
10:14:47 Matt: ahhh the new 1
10:14:54 Matt: 2 much boring shit in that 1
10:14:55 Robin: I really like the leper affinity, nectar, black rose immortal, but then again, almost all their songs are so freakin good. Atleast the older stuff
10:15:03 Owen: I like his vocals even if the pinches get a bit much
10:15:12 Owen: I like all their stuff
10:15:18 Matt: yea half of them are balads in that album tho
10:15:22 Owen: the Grand Conjurations got some catchy riffage
10:15:37 Matt: 1919 eternal is their best i rekon
10:15:39 Owen: Black Mass Reverend was good
10:15:49 Matt: yea same with conrete jungle
10:16:01 Owen: after that it got boring
10:16:17 Matt: yea fair enuf
10:16:31 Matt: this is the coolest place, so many ppl into metal in the 1 place
10:16:39 Owen: anyone heard any Scum? its like black metal fused with punk
10:16:55 Owen: the members are from like Emperor and Turbonegro
10:16:57 Robin: havent heard
10:16:59 Matt: never heard of it
10:17:01 Robin: really?
10:17:04 Robin: sounds interesting
10:17:04 Owen: yeah
10:17:11 Robin: heard the new darkthrone btw?
10:17:14 Robin: freaking sweet
10:17:18 Owen: nope
10:17:25 Matt: anyone into painkiller era Judas Priest
10:17:55 Matt: ?
10:18:00 Owen: nope
10:18:05 Robin: painkiller is sweet
10:18:10 Robin: check it out! I love it
10:18:12 Robin: new darkthrone
10:18:21 Owen: yeah, Scum have got Samoth, Faust and Happy Tom
10:18:21 Robin: the song starts playing automatic btw
10:18:35 Owen: from Zyklon, Emperor and Turbonegro
10:18:39 Owen: its interesting
10:18:40 Owen:
10:18:42 Robin: cool
10:19:20 Owen: 20th year of Darkthrone?
10:19:22 Owen: woah
10:19:29 Robin: yeah soemthing like that
10:19:35 Robin: soon 13th releases
10:19:46 Robin: and their only like 36 years old. They'll probably rock until they are 70
10:19:54 Robin: and IMO ALL their albums are good
10:20:21 Owen:
10:20:46 Owen: ah yeah
10:20:48 Owen: Fenriz
10:20:54 Owen: I've seen him on some youtube vids
10:20:55 Robin: unlike maiden wich is 40-50 and have 13 albums, but most of it is crap after seventh son, (IMO)
10:21:00 Owen: he's actually hilarious
10:21:02 Robin: fenriz is cooool
10:21:03 Robin: yeah
10:21:08 Robin: nocturno culto aswell
10:21:19 Matt: bodom anyone?
10:21:59 Owen: Laiho
10:22:02 Owen: no thanks
10:22:06 Robin: not to brag or anything(well actually yeah ), fenriz wanted to buy our band t-shirt, but I said that he could have it for free, so instead he sent us a singole from them. A vinyl. wich only was 2000 copies of
10:22:07 Owen: bit OTT
10:22:07 Robin:
10:22:22 Owen: OMG
10:22:24 Owen: I hate you
10:22:25 Owen: xD
10:22:29 Robin: haha
10:22:32 Owen: thats just so cool
10:22:36 Robin:
10:23:10 Robin: when we got our first demo done, he played us on noe of norways biggest radio channels, we got this "demo of the week" thing
10:23:21 Robin: sorry if I'm giong too far now with the bragging haha
10:23:27 Owen: they let metal on the radio over there
10:23:30 Owen: that is just not on
10:23:31 Owen: xD
10:23:32 Matt: haha
10:23:37 Robin: they have some metal shows
10:23:39 Owen: what happened to all that underground shit xD
10:23:49 Owen: they try to stop us playing gigs here
10:23:56 Robin: really? Rofllllll
10:24:21 Owen: yeah
10:24:22 Robin: there was one country where they made it illegal with black metal
10:24:26 Robin: in europe somewhere
10:24:33 Robin: dont remember wich country, but maaan thats insane hahaha
10:24:50 Owen: its rubbish here
10:24:57 Owen: everyone trashes the venues xD
10:25:04 Robin: :
10:25:05 Robin:
10:25:39 Owen: yeah its quite bad
10:25:54 Owen: actually
10:26:02 Owen: I'll give you a link to the biggest local metal band
10:26:07 Owen: you'll laugh when you hear this
10:26:08 Owen: but its true
10:26:16 Owen:
10:26:22 Owen: they're pretty awful
10:27:48 Robin: hmm the intro of the song I'm listening to now sounds like some green day stuff
10:28:26 Robin: oh my goooood
10:28:29 Owen: hhahahaha
10:28:29 Robin: in flames ripoff
10:28:30 Robin: lol
10:28:35 Robin: Lol.
10:28:40 Owen: what one are you listening too?
10:28:53 Robin: beneath darknedd skies
10:29:01 Owen: yeah, song name though?
10:29:10 Robin: didnt really like the vocals that much either
10:29:15 Robin: oh thats the band name
10:29:27 Robin: vengenance demo
10:30:00 Robin: to me it just sounded like in flames.
10:30:06 Owen: lool
10:30:09 Owen: its in flames done badly
10:30:13 Robin: indeed
10:30:16 Robin: and I hate in flames
10:30:46 Owen: the vocalist is gone now anyway xD
10:30:53 Robin: their sound sucked aswell
10:31:12 Owen: yeah
10:31:17 Owen: I tried telling them that at the time
10:31:20 Owen: no-one listens xD
10:31:26 Robin:
10:31:42 Robin: want to hear the two most popular bands in this town?
10:31:45 Robin: its horrible I tell you
10:31:46 Owen: yes
10:31:50 Owen: go for it
10:31:58 Owen: I added your band on myspace btw
10:32:01 Robin: before I show you it, have you heard The Hives, new Iron Maiden and ni flames?
10:32:03 Robin: ok cool
10:32:11 Owen: if you wanna go in and authorise it, get rid of the spam on your page
10:32:14 Owen: yes I have
10:32:18 Robin: becuase those 2 bands are 100% ripoffs of those bands
10:32:27 Robin: one of them even copies riffs from the hives, ALMOST 100% the same
10:32:50 Owen: link plz
10:32:55 Robin: they even does EXACTLY the same on stage.
10:32:59 Robin: yeah finding it now
10:33:30 Robin: "Lytt" means listen
10:33:40 Robin: thats those The Hives ripoffs
10:33:54 Owen: thanks
10:34:19 Robin: this stuff is even more redicilous. Check out the vocalist, hahahah its nothing but a joke really.
10:34:33 Robin: and they are the most popular bands in town lol
10:34:41 Owen: wtf is this?
10:34:45 Owen: looooooooooooooool
10:34:47 Owen: hahahahaahahah
10:34:51 Robin: we own them when it cmoes to international stuff though, and out of this little crappy town
10:34:53 Owen: its so cheesey
10:34:57 Robin: what are you listening to=?
10:35:00 Robin: haha yeah it sucks
10:35:03 Owen: first one
10:35:04 Owen: xD
10:35:16 Robin: hahah yeah
10:35:22 Owen: the vocalist annoys me
10:35:26 Owen: very much so
10:35:28 Owen: xD
10:35:29 Robin: yeah shes horrible
10:35:32 Robin: BUT LOOL!
10:35:40 Robin: if you think the first one is bad, hahaha check out the next one
10:35:46 Robin: their vocalist is rediclous
10:36:03 Robin: want to hear 2 local death metal bands? Wich are REALLY GOOD!
10:36:27 Robin: we played live with them once, awesome death metal.
10:36:29 Owen: shoot
10:36:46 Robin: we're gonna play with these in a couple of months
10:36:50 Robin: also realyl great stuff
10:36:51 Owen: Red Metal is boring xD
10:36:56 Robin: hahaha yeah it sucks so bad
10:37:02 Robin: have you heard the vocals?
10:37:09 Owen: hahahah
10:37:13 Owen: sounds like he's on the crapper
10:37:14 Robin: their music is just complete boring non energic piece of crap
10:37:17 Robin: hahahah yeah
10:37:21 Robin: it sucks so bad
10:37:32 Robin: and THEY talk crap about us all the time to everyone
10:37:43 Robin: they think they are so much better than us everyone hates us lol
10:38:10 Owen: do they?
10:38:12 Owen: straaaange
10:38:13 Robin: yeah
10:38:16 Robin: all the time haha
10:38:38 Owen: the first one up their isnt too great either
10:38:48 Owen: Slogstorm
10:38:58 Robin: wooot! THey're freakin sweet!
10:39:23 Owen: Hordes sound good
10:39:29 Robin: yeah they are awesome aswell
10:39:52 Owen: so why do people not like what your doing
10:39:53 Owen: ?
10:39:59 Robin: jealous
10:40:01 Robin: I think
10:40:16 Robin: sure they got more fans than us in this place, but thats just kids
10:40:21 Owen: there must be some groupies!
10:40:24 Robin: all the grown ups like us best
10:40:37 Robin: haha we dont really have any groupies
10:41:09 Robin: the stuff in this town is much worse than the death metal band you showed me
10:41:39 Owen: tbh they're better live
10:41:54 Robin: yeah probably, becuase the quality of their recording sucked
10:42:06 Robin: I like metal when its not that polished and stuff
10:42:09 Robin: but that was just horrible
10:42:24 Owen: what shocked me even more was that they paid money for it
10:42:29 Robin: hahah yeah
10:42:30 Owen: good money
10:42:34 Robin: I can do better recordings at home
10:42:38 Robin: hi there andrew
10:42:45 Andrew Cockburn: hi
10:42:48 Owen: hey!
10:43:18 Owen: we were just discussing various black/death bands from the different places we live
10:43:28 Andrew Cockburn: oops ...
10:43:38 Andrew Cockburn: I can contribute zero to this discussion
10:43:40 Robin: and other crap bands
10:43:42 Andrew Cockburn: I;ll just listen
10:43:44 Owen: looool
10:43:51 Robin: andrwe
10:43:54 Owen: its been an ongoing discussion all day
10:43:58 Andrew Cockburn: I'm busy becoming Steve Vai
10:43:59 Owen:
10:44:00 Robin: mind if I show you something that will scar you for life?
10:44:11 Owen: it probably will xD
10:44:11 Andrew Cockburn: ohh yes pleazse!
10:44:20 Robin: "Lytt" means listen
10:44:33 Robin: this is even worse, hahaha
10:44:35 Owen: have I heard that one?
10:44:40 Robin: try not to die andrew
10:44:41 Robin: yes
10:44:46 Robin: those are 2 local bands hahaha
10:44:56 Owen: I cried...
10:44:57 Owen:
10:45:07 Owen: something that will make you cry more
10:45:17 Owen:
10:45:22 Robin: hahaha
10:45:23 Owen: the most popular band were I live xD
10:45:45 Robin: the popular ones are usually crappy. Me and owen just proved that
10:45:58 Gen:
10:45:59 Owen: isnt all metal like that though?
10:46:15 Robin: not talking just about metal
10:46:21 Andrew Cockburn: who are these guys?
10:46:24 Robin: I mean, lol, those 2 bands I showed you
10:46:29 Robin: some local bands from where I live
10:46:36 Robin: some horrible, horrible bands
10:46:41 Gen: lol
10:46:52 Robin: or are you talking about the stuff owen linked?
10:47:07 Andrew Cockburn: no didn;t get to that yet
10:47:32 Owen: its worse
10:47:37 Owen: listen to bring back the dead
10:47:38 Owen: xD
10:47:44 Robin:
10:48:04 Andrew Cockburn: well my ears are still nbleeding from Robins link - do I really need this???
10:48:12 Robin: Hahahahha
10:48:31 Robin: thats the reaction most people get andrew
10:48:39 Robin: just put on something good and it will go away
10:48:53 Andrew Cockburn: listening to my self play - that's good
10:48:58 Robin:
10:49:03 Owen: those bands reminded me of something out the eurovision xD
10:49:08 Robin: hahaha
10:49:36 Andrew Cockburn: nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I left all that behind when I moved to the US ...
10:49:42 Robin: hahahahhah
10:49:53 Owen: haha Robin
10:49:58 Owen: loooking at your site
10:50:03 Owen: your old bassist does not look the part
10:50:11 Robin: hahaha I know, everyone says that
10:50:28 Robin: "Hey, you guys look like 3 band mates and one ditch digger" thats a standard hahaha
10:51:22 Owen:
10:51:27 Owen: that is such a cool picture
10:51:34 Owen: can just see the mop in the background xD
10:51:37 Robin: yeah I like it aswell, thank you
10:51:45 Andrew Cockburn: lol
10:52:05 Robin: if you go to the front page theres a link to a live performanvce
10:52:08 Robin: video
10:52:53 Owen: doesnt want to load
10:52:55 Owen: :/
10:53:08 Robin: got to open it in internet explorer :/
10:53:34 Owen: :/
10:53:36 Owen: I dont have it
10:53:50 Andrew Cockburn: Aha - mac user?
10:53:56 Owen: linux
10:54:00 Andrew Cockburn: COol!
10:54:09 Owen:
10:54:17 Owen: my pc's so slow in windows
10:54:20 Owen: I had to make it faster
10:54:25 Owen: linux is the perfect solution
10:54:38 Andrew Cockburn: I have a linux server - never quite made the break for the desktop
10:55:00 Owen: I use Ubuntu
10:55:08 Owen: I may upgrade to Ubuntu Studio
10:55:24 Owen: I'm trying to emulate IE to watch this video xD
10:55:25 Andrew Cockburn: Never tried it - I'm a Fedora guym but I hear a lot of good stuff about it
10:55:33 Owen: its simple and easy
10:55:43 Owen: nothing else works on my pc
10:55:47 Owen: its a server, dual processor
10:55:54 Owen: Gentoo got a black screen
10:55:58 Owen: Solaris just doesnt run
10:56:09 Owen: Damn Small Linux ran really slow
10:56:16 Owen: Windows is just unbearable
10:56:47 Andrew Cockburn: interesting ...
10:57:41 Owen: yeah
10:57:46 Owen: now this video's playing
10:57:49 Owen: just really badly xD
10:57:59 Robin: ok
10:59:22 Owen: I'm managing to get about a second in
10:59:25 Owen: before it stops
10:59:27 Robin: you're watching the one from the main page? "UKM Video"
10:59:28 Owen: and buffers
10:59:31 Robin: ah ok :/
11:02:37 Owen: ah
11:02:41 Owen: found some on YouTube
11:02:46 Owen: much better
11:02:51 Robin: oh noooo
11:02:52 Robin: dont wathc htose
11:02:55 Robin: please
11:02:56 Robin: hahahah
11:02:58 Robin: its sooooo crappy
11:03:14 Robin: we was sooooo shy on stage thats its unbeliveable
11:03:19 Robin: *meow*
11:03:24 Gen: lol
11:03:38 Robin: I'm embarrased about those videos
11:03:48 Owen: lool
11:03:54 Robin: hi muris
11:03:56 Owen: "hail swwweet freedum"
11:04:00 Owen: hi
11:04:00 Robin: hahaha
11:04:05 Robin: but man we sucked
11:04:13 muris: Hi guys
11:04:24 Robin: I'm just saying, before you think "man those guys suck live", we're something TOTALLY differenlt noww!!!
11:04:25 Robin:
11:04:43 Andrew Cockburn: hi muris
11:04:48 Owen: seen worse
11:04:54 Owen: your actually still pretty good there
11:04:57 muris: Hey Andrew
11:05:08 muris: any comments about new modes lessons?
11:05:19 Robin: well our playing is OK, but man we sucked
11:05:28 Andrew Cockburn: Theres a new lesson???
11:05:35 muris: pardon
11:05:42 muris: latest lesson
11:06:10 muris: the one you posted few days ago
11:06:36 Owen: Robin, the drum kit in that vid is wild
11:06:39 Owen: two bass drums
11:06:40 Owen: awesome
11:06:48 Andrew Cockburn: oh, yes sorry - not too many yet
11:07:07 muris: hmm,must hit it with some light
11:07:08 Robin: hehey eah
11:07:22 Robin: gonna show you somehting cool owen
11:07:26 Andrew Cockburn: It will get noticed - my theory stuff is usually a bit slow
11:07:46 muris: will wait
11:07:58 Owen: I think there was a suggestion for video theory Andrew
11:08:04 muris: oh yeah
11:08:04 Robin: same consert, just another band(slogstorm)
11:08:06 Andrew Cockburn: yeah saw that
11:08:08 Owen: that would certainly make it more exciting? can yo do it?
11:08:10 muris: waht about it Anderw?
11:08:22 Andrew Cockburn: see my response in the thread!
11:08:26 muris: lol
11:08:28 Owen: ah sorry
11:08:28 muris: ok
11:08:29 Owen: not looked
11:08:30 Owen:
11:08:38 muris: same here
11:08:39 Robin: gonna eat dinner, brb
11:08:45 Andrew Cockburn: seeya
11:08:47 Andrew Cockburn: yes I could do it
11:08:52 Andrew Cockburn: I have the gear
11:09:24 muris: don't know if video could help a lot with theory
11:09:41 muris: maybe a little
11:09:58 Andrew Cockburn: its about presentation mostly - peoples eyes glaze over when confroted with a page of test
11:10:06 Andrew Cockburn: I could say the same thing and people might listen
11:10:18 muris: yeah
11:10:29 Owen: hmm, just an idea I suppose
11:10:36 muris: same thing different package
11:10:38 Andrew Cockburn: I'll do it eventually
11:10:41 muris: try with it Andrew
11:10:44 muris: yep
11:10:45 Owen: it depends what teaching style individuals prefer
11:10:52 muris: and see reactions
11:10:57 Owen: I mean, I can read textbooks or w/e on something
11:11:06 Owen: but I'd much prefer to listen to someone talk about it
11:11:08 Andrew Cockburn: I really want to get my text lessons complete first
11:11:10 muris: I prefer to read about theory
11:11:15 Andrew Cockburn: lol
11:11:20 muris: lol
11:11:24 muris: really
11:11:32 Owen: lol
11:11:33 Andrew Cockburn: Definately in the future
11:11:37 muris: video is cool for licks and stuff
11:11:47 muris: but why not
11:12:09 muris: must go now guys
11:12:15 muris: have a student here
11:12:22 muris: i'll be back in an hour
11:12:26 Andrew Cockburn: seeya - thanks for stopping by
11:12:32 muris: anytime
11:12:33 muris: bye
11:12:38 Owen: byee
11:15:43 Owen: so Andrew, how is your playing, I havent heard any of your stuff?
11:15:53 Andrew Cockburn: useless
11:16:18 Owen: cant be worse than mine
11:16:20 Owen:
11:16:26 Andrew Cockburn: hang on a sec, I;ll give you a couple of links
11:17:03 Andrew Cockburn:;hl=floydian
11:18:12 Owen: downloading
11:18:57 Andrew Cockburn:
11:20:07 Owen: haha, thats good
11:20:21 Andrew Cockburn:
11:20:32 Owen: I suppose how good you are is comparitive isnt it?
11:20:42 Owen: there always seems to be someone better in the end
11:20:44 Andrew Cockburn: yeah - we have this iscussion a lot
11:21:06 Andrew Cockburn: I think that after the first year everyone calls themselves intermediate untilk they die
11:21:14 Andrew Cockburn: Pavel calls himself intermediate for instance
11:21:22 Owen: loooooooool
11:21:27 Owen: can I cry now?
11:21:28 Owen: xD
11:21:36 Owen: Pavel is by far Advanced
11:21:39 Andrew Cockburn: yep
11:21:47 Andrew Cockburn: but he sees Rusty out ahead of him all the time
11:22:10 Owen: hehe
11:22:18 Owen: well comparitively you are advanced
11:22:34 Andrew Cockburn: I see a lot of people ahead of me ...
11:22:35 Owen: I remember when I used to think people who could play power
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11:22:35 Owen: I remember when I used to think people who could play powerchords were the best
11:22:41 Owen: hahah
11:22:44 Owen: funny times
11:22:54 Andrew Cockburn: did you listen to the second song yet ??
11:23:04 Owen: still on the first
11:23:25 Andrew Cockburn: First was played to a backing track - second is all my own work - but very different
11:23:40 Robin: Hi
11:23:47 Andrew Cockburn: Hi
11:23:47 Norven: hi
11:23:53 Owen: HI!
11:24:10 Owen: ah
11:24:15 Owen: I'm not a jazz fan
11:24:25 Robin: wooot jazz is so awesome!
11:24:28 Owen: I live by the ignorance that
11:24:31 Andrew Cockburn: its a santa-esque bossanova actually
11:24:34 Norven: Yeah jazz is beautiful
11:24:47 Owen: "one bum note is a messup, more than one bum note is jazz"
11:25:03 Andrew Cockburn: lol - they invent scales to cover their mistakes
11:25:08 Andrew Cockburn: But I DO love Jazz
11:25:31 Owen:
11:26:44 Robin: listen to this, cant say that jazz is bad when you've heard that!
11:27:33 Andrew Cockburn: Classic!
11:28:00 Norven: nice
11:28:12 Robin: so what!
11:28:25 Owen: that is actually quite boring xD
11:28:45 Robin: looool take five isnt boring at ALL!!! you cant say that!
11:28:53 Owen: I can
11:28:54 Norven: Depends on what mood you are in
11:28:58 Andrew Cockburn: lol
11:28:58 Robin: nooo
11:29:02 Owen: its making me want to put Panzerchrist on
11:29:45 Robin: MAN I love this one, bad audio quality though on this one
11:30:36 Owen: i just find it all really wishy-washy
11:30:40 Andrew Cockburn: good stuff Robin
11:30:48 Owen: it just floats over me without stopping to present itself as interesting
11:30:50 Norven: yeah
11:31:02 Andrew Cockburn: lol
11:31:16 Andrew Cockburn: Wouldn;t be any fun if we all liked the same music
11:31:22 Robin: true
11:31:36 Owen: haha yeah
11:31:39 Owen: well I like blues
11:31:42 Owen: and I like Soul
11:31:46 Owen: and I like Rock and Metal
11:31:51 Robin: I STILL find it hard to believe that people dont like this though
11:31:58 Owen: even though I would never admit to my parents the former
11:32:03 Andrew Cockburn: YES!!!
11:32:18 Andrew Cockburn: I just found out how to do pimch harmonics whilst doing trem-dips - awesome!
11:32:38 Robin: I cant do that stuff
11:32:48 Owen: I can just pinch
11:32:51 Owen: I have no tremelo
11:33:01 Andrew Cockburn: Ah, well there is a special switch on the Jem called "Steve Vai Mode"
11:33:02 Owen: took me ages to learn how to do just the normal pinch harmonics xD
11:33:06 Andrew Cockburn: it makes you play like a genius
11:33:14 Owen: haha
11:33:59 Owen: is there an Owen switch too?
11:34:04 Owen: make you play the opposite xD
11:34:09 Owen:
11:34:09 Owen: gotta have variation
11:34:13 Robin:
11:34:26 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah, flicm it the other pay and it goes into "pants mode"
11:35:16 Owen: haha
11:38:04 Owen: yeah I've not been able to compose something decent yet xD
11:38:08 Owen: its a nightmare
11:38:18 Robin: how long have you been playing?
11:38:34 Owen: 2 and a half year xD
11:38:39 Robin: ah thats nothing
11:38:44 Andrew Cockburn: 30 ...
11:38:45 Robin: its easier after a while
11:38:51 Robin: and its easier when in a band
11:39:12 Robin: when jamming with the drummer for instance. Unfortunatly your drummer is sick and all
11:39:43 Robin: 2.5 years isnt really long, dont be frustrated if you dont make anything good. Its not easy in the start. Atleast it was like that for me
11:40:14 Owen: yah, well my lead stuff is alright, I can play over something's quite well
11:40:19 Owen: just my rythm is pretty awful
11:40:36 Owen: whats the best scale for metal type riffing? xD
11:40:43 Robin: I've been playing in a band from day 1 so my rythm is pretty good I guess
11:40:55 Robin: pfffh scale in metal riffing! just go crazy with powerchords
11:41:00 Robin: thats the secret
11:41:25 Owen: haha thats what I thought
11:41:32 Owen: I just cant find any decent combinations xD
11:42:03 Robin: hmm after I started listening to Pantera I made some really cool riffs. Maybe you just need some inspiration!
11:45:49 Andrew Cockburn: LOL RObin and I always argue about the scale thing
11:46:04 Robin: hahahahahha yeah
11:46:07 Robin: we hate eachother
11:46:11 Andrew Cockburn: yeah!!!
11:46:32 Robin: heh, brb
11:46:52 Owen: see thats where I fall down
11:47:01 Owen: I cant just churn out riffs by randomly hitting stuff
11:47:05 Owen: I like my logic xD
11:47:22 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah, people vary
11:51:26 Owen: eoops
11:51:30 Owen: woops*
11:51:34 Andrew Cockburn: lol
11:53:26 Owen: so Andrew, you being the theory master, I know you dont like metal, but what are the best scales for it?
11:53:55 Andrew Cockburn: sme as any music - Major Minor, Pentatonic
11:54:08 Andrew Cockburn: Then you get into the wierder stuff like Harmonic minor for neo classical
11:54:13 Robin: if you want to make some old school pantera stuff, use the pentatonic scae
11:54:32 Andrew Cockburn: you cn get a long way with penta
11:54:48 Owen: I know a couple of the minor pentatonic boxes but its not really working xD
11:55:39 Andrew Cockburn: if you can;t make penta work, the answer isnlt to learn different scales, its to concentrate on penta
11:55:49 Andrew Cockburn: until you get it to work
11:56:21 Andrew Cockburn: I used esclusively penta for a long time on my improv
11:56:27 Owen: will try that
11:56:36 Andrew Cockburn: then added passing nites, until I got tothe major scale
11:57:38 Owen: passing nites?
12:01:14 Andrew Cockburn: passing notes!
12:09:40 Andrew Cockburn: ok, gotta stop this and get out in the sun and warm my pasty bones ...
12:09:50 Robin: ok bye
12:09:56 Andrew Cockburn: seeya !!!
12:10:00 Robin: see jee
12:20:26 Owen: yes, I have a riff, bring out the beer
12:20:27 Owen: xD
12:20:52 Owen: sorry Robin, I had to figure it out in scale xD
12:20:56 Owen: *whip*
12:21:03 Robin:
12:22:08 Owen:
13:00:08 Owen: Bleh...
13:47:57 Eat-Sleep-andJam: whats up Owen
16:37:52 Gen: anyone?
16:52:26 Gen: hey
16:52:31 Gen: whats up
16:54:36 muris: huh
16:54:39 muris: no it's ok
16:54:41 muris: odd
16:55:13 muris: just uploaded new lesson
16:55:23 Gen: really?
16:55:31 Gen: im gonna check it now
16:55:39 Gen: hey jvm
16:55:40 muris: can't do it now
16:55:48 muris: Kris must to put it on server
16:56:00 Gen: oh yeah lol
16:56:05 muris:
16:56:17 muris: hej jvm
16:56:23 muris: how's life?
16:56:38 Gen: *slap*
16:56:41 Gen:
16:56:43 JVM: yo
16:56:46 JVM: im good
16:56:54 JVM: trying to figure out what this song i just heard was
16:57:04 Gen: hehe
16:57:15 muris: what song?
16:57:23 JVM: its called move on
16:57:35 JVM: im fairly sure its either dave martone, corbin king or guthrie govan
16:57:36 JVM: but im not sure
16:57:55 muris: no vocal?
16:58:09 JVM: nope
16:58:17 JVM: really good though
16:58:29 JVM: oh
16:58:32 JVM: of course
16:58:34 JVM: its andy timmons
16:58:38 muris: how do you know it's called move on then??
16:58:40 Gen: oh dude!
16:58:43 muris: hehehe
16:58:51 Gen: andy timmons is awesome
16:58:53 JVM: it has the title of the song but not who by
16:59:06 muris: ok
16:59:16 JVM: but yeah its good
16:59:17 Gen: cry for you is one of his best song i think
16:59:31 muris: good one
17:00:09 Gen: hehe im trying to learn the intro of the song technical difficulties by paul gilbert
17:00:17 Gen: or racer x lol
17:00:22 JVM: <3 PG
17:01:16 muris: colorado buldog
17:01:19 Gen: this intro is hard to play, i mean, you must do some really weird alternate picking stuff
17:01:25 JVM: do you guys know corbin king?
17:01:31 Gen: just the name
17:01:36 JVM: really good
17:01:48 JVM: I cant seem to find any videos or anything though but I have a cd
17:01:56 Gen: a okay
17:02:07 muris: heard of him yeah
17:02:13 muris: don't know details tho
17:02:17 JVM: its shred
17:02:19 Gen: i was almost saying: send a link
17:02:22 JVM: but its full of hooks and melody
17:02:39 muris: like Rusty???
17:02:40 muris: lol
17:02:43 JVM: a bit yeah lol
17:03:01 JVM: i'm not a huge rusty fan though
17:03:07 JVM: maybe just havent listened to the right stuff
17:03:08 Gen: same here
17:03:16 muris: tell me
17:03:57 muris: cant' listen more than a minute of his playing
17:04:02 JVM: lol
17:04:03 Gen: hehe
17:04:05 muris: great technique
17:04:08 muris: for sure
17:04:14 muris: but what for???
17:04:19 JVM: I think you'd like corbin king muris
17:04:25 JVM: its really cool
17:04:37 JVM: the songs actually sound like theyre going somewhere
17:04:37 muris: Guthrie is the man
17:04:46 muris: wil check out Corbin
17:04:58 JVM: kind of reminds me of satch sometimes
17:05:24 muris: yeah,good old 80s
17:05:28 JVM:
17:05:36 muris:
17:05:41 JVM: I have embraced my love of 80s cheese
17:05:49 Gen:
17:05:52 muris: hehehe
17:06:27 muris: anyone tried to play rhode island shred?
17:06:43 JVM: well I'm far from a shredder..
17:06:44 Gen: hehe not me
17:06:49 Gen: yeah me too
17:06:57 JVM: I can do the first half of tender surrender
17:07:09 JVM: (the non shred half )
17:07:11 muris: deal is to play in
17:07:17 muris: slower tempo is coo tho
17:07:23 muris: cool
17:07:34 muris: great stuff for alternate
17:07:38 muris: awesome
17:07:47 JVM: do you like anastasio?
17:08:04 muris: hmm
17:08:13 muris: i'm no into new guys must say
17:08:26 muris: who is he?
17:08:31 JVM: ahh he's not new
17:08:36 JVM: trey anastasio, guitarist from phish
17:08:40 muris: ahhh
17:08:47 muris: tel the whole name
17:08:50 JVM: lol
17:08:52 muris: lol
17:09:18 muris: great guy
17:09:26 muris: listened to some stuff
17:09:39 JVM: stash was one of the first songs I learned
17:09:48 JVM: he has a kind of fusion/jazzy rock style I think
17:09:53 JVM: so thought you might like it
17:09:55 muris: yeah
17:10:03 muris: not many boudaries for him
17:10:44 muris: hey,have you got my cd?
17:11:07 JVM: the first one yes
17:11:12 JVM: as the second ones not out right
17:11:19 muris: lol
17:11:21 muris: yeah
17:11:31 JVM: yeah I bought it along with bjorn berge on itunes
17:11:50 muris: cool
17:11:56 muris: so,like it?
17:12:31 JVM: yes I do
17:12:55 JVM: I really liked all the stuff on your myspace page so I figured I'd like the rest
17:13:06 muris: thanks
17:13:13 muris: speaking of jazz
17:13:29 muris: drunk funk
17:13:37 muris: ]try that one
17:13:46 JVM: that ones really good
17:13:47 muris: has cool chord progression
17:14:10 JVM: also especially liked srv or what and hyper cowboy
17:14:18 muris: ahh
17:14:25 muris: Hyper is for the next one
17:14:34 JVM: yeah you said that was just a demo right?
17:14:44 muris: but we'll have it done
17:14:46 muris: yeah
17:14:48 muris: still demo
17:15:03 JVM: I wish ben howell would do some more jazz lessons here, I really liked his first one
17:15:11 JVM: have you seen it?
17:15:16 muris: yeah
17:15:21 muris: i saw one
17:15:28 muris: that's the only tho?
17:15:33 JVM: I think so unfortunately
17:15:39 muris: ahh
17:15:41 muris: bad
17:15:50 muris: I'll do one in a future
17:15:57 muris: if not Ben
17:16:02 JVM: cool
17:16:25 JVM: its cool how GMC is starting to diversify, we have a lot of metal and now we're getting blues and classic rock with gabes rocker riffs, jazz, singing
17:16:38 muris: of course
17:16:51 muris: fusion is all about
17:17:00 JVM:
17:17:04 JVM: theres some info on corbin king
17:17:10 JVM: I have his album 'destination'
17:17:17 JVM: dont know about the band he's in though
17:17:54 muris: great stuff
17:18:43 JVM: you can listen to some of it there i think
17:18:51 muris: yeah
17:18:54 muris: at the bottom
17:18:57 muris: listening
17:19:26 JVM: try hurricane x
17:20:24 muris: Y J M
17:20:27 muris:
17:20:29 JVM: lol
17:20:36 JVM: a bit
17:20:41 JVM: I don't listen to much yngwie though
17:20:42 muris: yeah
17:20:45 muris: tone
17:20:58 JVM: i think this guys a lot bluesier than yngwie
17:21:15 muris: he is
17:21:16 JVM: this could be the neo-blutal that one guy was trying to make
17:21:26 muris: more pentatonic
17:23:04 muris: sound like Shime
17:23:27 muris: also one of Y M clons
17:23:39 muris: more in tone than in playing
17:23:47 muris: Strat overdriven
17:24:17 JVM: yeah
17:25:06 JVM: lol
17:25:11 JVM: im watching a rusty cooley video
17:25:21 JVM: and he has this fantasy war helmet in the background
17:25:54 JVM: but yeah rusty always sounds like he's practicing and not playing to me
17:27:03 muris: lol
17:27:08 muris: yeah
17:27:28 muris: Rusty is mistery to me
17:27:49 JVM: haha! im checking out shime
17:28:00 muris: yeah?
17:28:00 JVM: and this video of him hes like playing and acting like yngwie
17:28:07 JVM: and then he stops and points at the camera all dramatically
17:28:09 muris: hehehe
17:28:11 muris: yes
17:28:12 JVM: very yngwe
17:28:24 muris: but he doesn't have hair
17:28:27 muris: lol
17:28:27 JVM: lol
17:28:46 muris: hmm
17:28:54 JVM: hes not bad though
17:28:59 muris: tune is more coffe or som
17:29:29 muris: of course he's not bad
17:29:39 muris: as Rusty
17:29:39 muris:
17:30:00 JVM: lol
17:30:11 muris: lol
17:30:32 muris: those kind of guys are really funy
17:30:39 muris: can't figure them out
17:30:47 muris: I mean
17:30:50 JVM: do you like becker? he shreds like crazy but i think he's really good
17:30:54 JVM: jason becker
17:30:58 muris: It's ok when you're 16 or som
17:31:06 muris: but these guys have kids
17:31:09 JVM: lol
17:31:23 muris: ohh Becker is something else
17:31:25 JVM: he looks like he might have grandkids
17:32:01 muris: He's kind a smart shreder
17:32:09 JVM: yeah
17:32:15 JVM: and he has a lot of stuff that is strictly not shred
17:32:25 muris: of course
17:32:29 muris: that's the point
17:32:42 muris: same as Rusty
17:32:45 muris: lol
17:32:56 JVM: theres so many guitarists out there >< hard to keep up
17:32:58 JVM: hey dude
17:33:23 muris: hello
17:33:24 JVM: end of the beginning is really good I think, if you know it
17:33:41 JVM: maybe a bit over the top with the orchestra and stuff but good, especially for a guy who cant play guitar anymore
17:33:51 muris: yeah
17:33:54 muris: sad thing
17:33:59 JVM: very
17:34:47 JVM: I think we need to compile a list of guitarists
17:34:52 JVM: in certain styles
17:35:02 JVM: maybe thats a thing for the wiki that kris is working on
17:35:16 muris: might be
17:35:24 muris: but there are too many styles
17:35:40 JVM: yeah theres thousands of guitarists, it would be very hard not to leave some out
17:35:43 muris: specialy when you make styles by numbers of notes per second
17:35:45 muris: lol
17:35:54 muris: shred
17:35:57 muris: semi shred
17:35:58 JVM: but worth a try I think, theres a lot of good music out there that people just dont have access to
17:36:05 JVM: mega-shred
17:36:11 JVM: rusty-shred
17:36:11 muris: high shred
17:36:13 muris: yeah
17:36:18 muris: that could be great
17:36:21 muris: hehehe
17:36:41 JVM: I mean i think we'd have to limit it to people who have appeared on an album
17:36:53 JVM: thats a little more doable
17:37:03 muris: it is
17:39:07 muris: I'll take some rest guys
17:39:11 muris: have a great time
17:39:15 muris: see ya soon ok
17:39:26 JVM: bye
17:39:34 muris: bye
17:40:55 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hey guys
17:43:45 JVM: hey
17:44:06 JVM: *whip*
17:44:17 Gen: hey dude
17:44:28 Eat-Sleep-andJam: how you guys doing ?
17:44:48 Gen: good
17:45:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: thats good to hear
17:45:08 Gen: and you?
17:45:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: its sooooo hot here
17:45:12 Gen: how s goin?
17:45:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im alright though
17:45:31 Gen: here, it was so hot yesterday
17:45:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: sweden right ?
17:45:50 Gen: but now its 11:40 pm and its raining a lot
17:45:57 Gen: no switzerland
17:46:06 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I was close
17:46:10 Gen: hehe
17:46:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Its 5:45 here
17:46:23 Gen: its really stormy just now
17:46:23 JVM: oh man
17:46:25 JVM: its so hot here too
17:46:33 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah i feel like im in a oven
17:46:44 JVM: we're supposed to get some rain and we got some sprinkling a little bit ago but we need way more lol
17:46:53 Gen: lol
17:47:26 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Weather Channel= Lies
17:47:45 JVM: brb
17:47:51 Eat-Sleep-andJam: k
17:48:30 Gen: so esaj
17:48:37 Gen: how long have youo been playing?
17:48:42 Gen: you*
17:48:47 Eat-Sleep-andJam: me ? 2 years
17:48:53 Gen: cool
17:48:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and yourself ?
17:48:58 Gen: how old are you?
17:49:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: 14
17:49:25 Gen: hehe, you started early
17:49:33 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
17:49:33 JVM: back
17:49:53 Gen: you re lucky
17:49:59 Gen: i wish i could start like you
17:50:19 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Well I wish I started at 9 or 10
17:50:24 JVM: I did
17:50:29 Gen: lol
17:50:30 JVM: I just didnt practice really until a year ago
17:50:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Gotcha
17:51:11 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I was like that for like 3 months then I told myself , John you have to pick up the pace
17:51:38 JVM: yeah
17:51:47 JVM: I started looking around for some theory stuff
17:51:51 JVM: cause I was like this is going nowhere
17:51:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
17:51:57 JVM: so thats how i came across gmc
17:52:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I still suck at theory
17:52:05 JVM: I found one of kris's lessons on ultimate guitar
17:52:26 JVM: yeah well, once I found gmc I didn't do much theory I definitely have a better understanding of it than before but I need to practice it
17:52:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I googled free guitar lessons and it gave me some swedish guy ( Kris)
17:52:38 JVM: lol some swedish guy
17:52:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
17:53:03 Gen: i also found gmc on ultimate guitar
17:53:14 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ultimate guitar is a great site
17:53:16 JVM: some weird swedish guy who dances in his videos and is generally crazy
17:53:25 Gen: lol
17:53:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I dont do much there besides get tabs, Ik right
17:53:31 JVM: and likes to throw random pictures of himself into his forum posts
17:53:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha and walk around naked! , wait nvm :?
17:54:00 JVM: yeah I just use UG for tabs, the lessons there aren't very well explained most of the time IMO
17:54:14 JVM: and a lot of errors
17:54:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Lessons there suck imo, to much text and not enough tab
17:57:22 Gen: guys, i g2g, its late here
17:57:37 Eat-Sleep-andJam: see ya
17:57:38 Gen: later
17:57:46 JVM: later
17:57:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: And then there was 2
17:57:55 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
19:06:16 JVM: hey robin
19:06:40 Robin: hi
19:06:47 JVM: hows it going
19:07:21 Robin: going ok. just wathcing some simpsons
19:07:24 Robin: whats up?
19:07:25 JVM: nice
22:31:38 Sircraigery: check my post in guitar uploads everyone, it's just some youtube links. let me know what you think

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