Guitar Chat 2007-07-09
Kristofer Dahl
Jul 16 2007, 10:06 AM
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07:41:58 Owen: hey
07:42:04 muris: hi owen
07:42:10 muris: how's it going?
07:42:22 Owen: pretty good, practicing the new singing lesson
07:42:24 Owen: yourself?
07:42:33 muris: all fine
07:42:53 Owen: did you manage to make a start to the acoustic lesson you were planning?
07:42:58 Owen: or is it still in conception
07:43:04 muris: ohh,it's already done
07:43:15 muris: waiting for Kris to post it on server
07:43:32 Owen: cool, just fingerpicking and stuff?
07:43:54 muris: yeah,fingerpicking
07:44:03 muris: natural harmonics etc
07:44:24 Owen: ah cool, I'll give it a go when its up, those are two things I need to work on specifically
07:44:41 muris: you know
07:45:04 muris: cool thing here is that everyone can say what he's looking for
07:45:19 muris: so the next lessons can be made in that direction
07:45:32 Owen:
07:45:55 Owen: well I need to work on those two things because I kinda skipped some of the basics when I was learning
07:46:09 muris: yeah,why not
07:46:13 muris: it's never late
07:46:14 Owen: so now I'm having to go back and revisit them
07:46:40 muris: I'm thinking of next one
07:46:49 muris: probablu bending stuff
07:47:09 Owen: cool
07:47:33 muris: half,whole,whole and half,2 whole
07:47:44 muris: let strings breaking
07:47:46 muris: lol
07:48:02 Owen: I never think about that when I'm bending, I just do it
07:48:15 muris: oh,you must
07:48:19 Owen: I should probably go into the technicalities of these things in depth a bit more
07:48:34 muris: think of it as a slide
07:48:54 muris: must know where you are going to
07:49:25 Owen: haha, yeah, as I'm self taught I just randomly threw myself off in various different directions and hoped I would get somewhere
07:49:31 Owen: which was probably the wrong thing to do
07:49:32 muris: hehehe
07:49:38 muris: fair to say
07:50:02 Owen: but my mate spent several grand on lessons, and he's still only marginally better than me
07:50:10 Owen: so I suppose it cant have been all that bad
07:50:20 muris: of course
07:50:25 muris: i didn't say that
07:50:54 Owen: yeah I know, I was just commenting on my own situation lol
07:51:28 muris:
07:54:36 Owen: btw, nice telecaster, that is one cool guitar
07:55:24 muris: mean Ben's guitar?
07:56:35 Owen:
07:56:41 Owen: the one in that vid ^
07:56:55 muris: oh,that's Musicman Axis
07:57:26 muris: but body has some similarity with tele after all
07:57:48 Owen: ah yeah
07:57:49 Owen: I see
07:57:54 Owen: its more curved at the bottom
07:58:03 muris: yep
07:58:39 Owen: looking at those light picks, they're expensive, do they last?
07:59:11 muris: you get diferent tips for it
07:59:18 muris: light,medium,heavy
07:59:35 muris: so you can change it at any time
08:00:01 Owen: ah cool, I've paid less than that for a guitar though xD
08:00:07 muris: and batteries work for how long...well it depends of how often you're playing it
08:00:29 muris: and you have few types of light pick
08:00:36 muris: regular light show
08:00:39 muris: metronome
08:00:49 muris: and profi serie
08:00:53 muris: check out the site
08:01:15 Owen: yeah I'm looking at it
08:01:21 muris: need a link?
08:02:10 Owen: nope
08:02:14 Owen: ah I see the tips now
08:02:15 Owen: cool
08:02:30 Owen: it just looked like the pick was one whole thing at the time
08:02:49 muris: yep
08:03:02 muris: looks like but it's not
08:03:24 muris: and you can change colours of enclosures too
08:04:19 Owen: hmm... cool. Bit gimmicky though I'll stick with the regular cheap picks I think
08:04:32 muris: cool tho
08:05:27 Owen: I guess It'd look pretty cool at darkly lighted gigs
08:05:39 muris: awesome
08:13:54 muris: see ya owen
08:13:57 muris: must go out
08:14:00 muris: take care
17:44:39 Owen: hey
17:44:47 Owen: *whip*
17:46:06 Pavel: hey there
17:46:19 Pavel: *slap*
17:46:30 Owen: hey
17:46:35 Owen: Gen's asleep
17:46:40 Pavel: hahahaq no probs
17:46:56 Gen: oh no no im here
17:47:05 Pavel:
17:47:08 Owen: I retract my previous statement
17:47:11 Owen:
17:47:14 Pavel: So owen did you listen to those other 2 songs?
17:47:18 Owen: yeah I did
17:47:28 Gen: i just heard the snap i was practicin
17:47:43 Owen: I didnt see a hugely drastic change in the vocal style, but it was quite good none the less
17:47:58 Owen: I just cant get over how much they all sound like each other in speed metal vocals, its a bit dull
17:48:04 Pavel: there is a change - definitely is!
17:48:15 Pavel: well it's like that in all genres
17:48:21 Pavel: black metal is also all the same
17:48:23 Pavel: so is power metal
17:48:26 Owen: yeah I cant disagree
17:48:35 Owen: thats why I'm primarily a Doom man
17:48:41 Gen: lol
17:48:42 Owen: I never know how the vocals are going to turn out
17:48:47 Pavel: hehe
17:48:53 Pavel: i like Instrumental stuff the most hahaha
17:48:58 Owen: because Doom isnt really a strict Genre
17:49:00 Gen: yeah me too
17:49:49 Owen: I dont like Instrumental stuff
17:49:50 Owen: xD
17:49:53 Owen: I dunno
17:50:01 Owen: I like having something to connect too
17:50:08 Owen: I feel vocals are a central part of that
17:50:08 Gen: hey pavel, have you ever tryed to play the song "technical difficutlies" by paul gilbert?
17:50:47 Pavel: no - i don't listen to him at all
17:51:17 Gen: actually this song is by racer x
17:51:21 Owen: I got my little brother to listen to Symphony X
17:51:28 Gen: its a pretty difficult song
17:51:29 Pavel: Gen yeah i know
17:51:42 Owen: personal win!
17:51:43 Pavel: that instrumental stuff is kinda old and borring already....IMO
17:51:43 Owen: xD
17:52:06 Gen: yeah, im gonna see symphony x and dream theater the 31 october
17:52:49 Owen: cool
17:52:55 Gen: yeah lol
17:53:03 Owen: I'm gonna see If I can see Machine Head in November
17:53:15 Owen: that'll be awesome
17:53:34 Pavel: i saw DT a month ago
17:53:47 Pavel: you know why i hate live concerts??
17:54:00 Owen: sore ears?
17:54:04 Pavel: because sound is always a big pile of crap and you can't hear anything
17:54:11 Gen: yeah thats true
17:54:16 Owen: its the ambience you go for
17:54:17 Owen: xD
17:54:19 Pavel: i want to hear each isntrument playing his role - not jsut a bunch of noise
17:54:22 Owen: or the moshpit
17:54:26 Gen: i also saw dt a few weeks ago, with megadeth
17:54:29 Owen: but I dont think you get those in speed do you
17:54:47 Pavel: so - i love listening to studio records the most
17:54:57 Gen: yeah
17:55:02 Pavel: i see Petrucci playing and i can't hear him playing
17:55:09 Owen: very much the purist
17:55:15 Pavel: i only see fingers moving - but i actually want to HEAR him! not the ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
17:55:23 Gen: lol
17:55:32 Pavel: no more live's for me
17:55:38 Owen: I can normally make out whats happening xD
17:55:41 Pavel: maybe Rhapsody if they ever come here
17:56:04 Pavel: i go to concert to enjoy it - not to work on making out what is going on
17:56:16 Owen:
17:56:19 Owen: fair enough
17:56:27 Owen: I enjoy it by killing myself in the pit
17:56:32 Pavel: hahahahahahahaha
17:56:43 Pavel: in the end the beer spilling all over the crow - AGRRRRRHHHH
17:56:45 Gen: lol
17:56:50 Pavel: crowd*
17:56:52 Owen: yeaaaah
17:56:56 Pavel: hate it
17:57:06 Owen: haha, do you play gigs?
17:57:18 Owen: or would you hate the crowd to not enjoy your music?
17:57:20 Owen:
17:59:09 Owen: *whip*
17:59:14 Gen: lol
17:59:25 Owen: Its official
17:59:29 Owen: I've stumped him
17:59:37 Pavel: i'm typing post in forum hahaha
17:59:38 Owen:
17:59:46 Owen: aw man
18:00:01 Pavel: I would love the crowd to enjoy my music with better sound quality
18:00:10 Owen: your solution?
18:00:10 Pavel: when i will be on stage i will not care about beer down there hahahaha
18:00:13 Owen: big earphones?
18:00:16 Owen: all round
18:00:22 Pavel: no - very simple - make it A BIT lower
18:01:11 Owen: but then what happens to the folks at the back xD ?
18:02:02 Gen: when i saw dt and megadeth, megadeth was really really loud, but dt the sound with dt was pretty good
18:03:10 Gen: when i heard dave mustaine playing the first riff of the first song they played, i was like: hey, this must be a test or something lol
18:03:28 Gen: cuz it was really loud
18:03:46 Pavel: hahaha
18:03:54 Pavel: ok guys i am gonna crash...
18:03:56 Pavel: see ya around!
18:03:58 Pavel: nice to talk to ya
18:04:00 Gen: okay cya
18:04:56 Owen:
18:05:31 Owen: see when a chick is texting you at 12 oclock at night and is trying to out x you, does that count as being "in the zone" xD
18:05:44 Owen: haha
18:05:47 Gen: hahaha
18:06:01 Owen: If so then I've qualified three nights running xD
18:06:19 Owen: maaaaaan, I gotta not be an ass more often
18:06:21 Owen: xD
18:06:27 Gen: lol lol
18:06:58 Owen: geek's get laid too xD
18:07:09 Owen: well.... soonish xD
18:07:12 Owen: lawl
18:07:22 Owen: or maybe just "specky people"
18:07:27 Owen: not sure I qualify for geekdom
18:07:42 Owen: haha
18:07:44 Owen: now I ramble
18:07:57 Owen: and there is no reply
18:08:11 Owen: OmG I killed Gen
18:08:14 Owen: with my ramblings!
18:08:17 Owen: Oh noes
18:08:23 Gen: X_X
18:08:28 Owen: hahah
18:08:30 Gen: lol
18:08:34 Owen: you dont speak much do you?
18:08:43 Owen: your always in here never talking
18:08:58 Gen: yeah, sometimes im practicing lol
18:09:13 Gen: and i watch if the disscution is interesting ^^
18:09:24 Owen:
18:09:26 Gen: hey hemlok
18:09:26 Owen: hey!
18:09:30 Hemlok: hi guys
18:09:52 Hemlok: I have not been in the chat before. My PC finally decided i am allowed to. haha
18:09:59 Gen: haha
18:09:59 Owen: cool
18:10:00 Gen: cool
18:10:03 Owen: did you not try earlier?
18:10:07 Owen: I was in and it said you came in
18:10:09 Owen: I think
18:10:12 Hemlok: about amonth ago
18:10:22 Hemlok: maybe, slow internet connection, so nothing showed up
18:10:29 Owen: ah dialup?
18:10:52 Hemlok: i had cable but too much downloads cut my speed to dial up
18:11:02 Hemlok: it refreshes every month
18:11:17 Owen: ah that sucks man
18:11:26 Owen: BT just charge me more if I missuse their service
18:11:44 Owen: I say me
18:11:47 Owen: I mean my parents wallet xD
18:11:52 Hemlok: oh ok, not id rather not be charged any extra. hehe
18:11:59 Hemlok: well yeah, thats good then
18:12:03 Owen: its like 30pence a gig
18:12:06 Owen: which is very little
18:12:46 Owen: I dont think I could stand dialup speeds
18:12:49 Owen: was there 2 years ago
18:12:51 Owen: never again
18:12:52 Hemlok: So i see you are trying to learn to sing and play at the same time, i would like to learn the same
18:13:05 Hemlok: yeah on that speed you cant watch any lessons on GMC
18:13:12 Owen: yeah, well I want a fast way, every time I try its quite annoying
18:13:26 Owen: I end up slurring my words
18:13:45 Hemlok: opposite for me, my playing just sounds like crud while i try sing
18:15:03 Owen:
18:15:32 Gen: okay guys, i gotta leave now, so cya later
18:15:39 Hemlok: anyway nice chatting, i need go practice my sweeps
18:15:41 Hemlok: cya Gen
18:15:44 Hemlok: cya owen
18:41:47 rokchik: anyone around
18:42:00 rokchik: *meow*
18:43:13 rokchik: Hello Owen
18:43:32 Owen:
18:43:33 Owen: few
18:43:36 Owen: *phew*
18:43:38 Owen: even
18:43:43 Owen: it wasnt for letting me type there
18:43:47 Owen: >_<
18:43:53 Owen: hi
18:43:55 Owen:
18:43:59 rokchik: I C...what cha been up to
18:44:12 Owen: not a lot, been a bit bone idle to day
18:44:17 Owen: started working out again
18:44:23 Owen: for the first time in months xD
18:44:30 rokchik: I gotta start at that soon
18:44:55 rokchik: I was laid up a bit with a shoulder thing and been doing physio but not much els
18:45:07 Owen: I started, then I found out it was "pie n chips" for tea, I was like "wwhhat - I need salad!"
18:45:17 rokchik: LOL
18:45:46 rokchik: I C your gonna be a singer soon
18:45:59 Owen: I'm one anyway, In the loosest possible sense
18:46:27 Owen: I "screem" for "ice creem" in another band
18:46:35 rokchik: I can sing to some songs while playing but others...I'm hopless
18:46:43 rokchik: cool
18:46:51 Owen: I think half of it is having the nerve to do it
18:46:55 rokchik: is it screaming or growling
18:47:03 Owen: when your the singer you have peoples undying attention
18:47:08 rokchik: true
18:47:17 Owen: I dunno, what defines the two?
18:47:25 Owen: I'm a sorta throughty rasp
18:47:31 Owen: more growling I think
18:47:37 Owen: but I tend to use highs in practice
18:47:43 Owen: cos the PA is such I cant hear the lows
18:48:06 rokchik: I C
18:48:31 rokchik: I can sing while playing as long as the singing goes with the timing and melody of the stumming
18:48:49 Owen: I slurr my words when I try both at the same time
18:49:08 rokchik: like Wonderwall or Mary Janes last dance no problem singing...Laid by James or Come as you are screw up evertime
18:49:37 Owen: but yeah, in my new band I'm just doing cleans
18:49:40 rokchik: Actually if you can sing and play Come as you are by Nirvana at the same time your aces in my book
18:49:47 Owen: the other guitarist said he wanted the screamy stuff
18:49:56 Owen: and he didnt want to do cleans
18:49:59 rokchik: saves your voice at least
18:50:00 Owen: so It suited me fine
18:50:06 Owen: I'd rather no trash my voice
18:50:29 Owen: I only like one Nirvana song
18:50:40 rokchik: which one
18:50:43 Owen: I think I played Smells Like Teen Spirit endlessly last year
18:50:44 Owen: xD
18:50:53 rokchik: I hate that song
18:51:05 Owen: oh I loved it
18:51:09 rokchik: I find it annoying...very over played
18:51:11 Owen: emphasis on the past tense
18:51:18 Owen: I even played it backwards at the time
18:51:22 Owen: because I was "kewl"
18:51:36 Owen: so I could hear cobain screaming "I hate you"
18:51:48 rokchik: I think my fave would be either Polly or Where did you sleep last night from the unplugged album
18:51:55 Owen: ah
18:52:08 Owen: is the unplugged album the one with the rubbish sound quality?
18:52:27 Owen: its all tapes and stuff xD
18:52:33 Owen: no thats Silver, I think
18:52:45 rokchik: no it's the one they did live in NY
18:52:52 rokchik: for MTV
18:52:58 Owen: ah... MTV
18:52:59 Owen: :/
18:53:16 Owen: yeah I have the one with the boombox versions of everything
18:53:17 rokchik: Same sorta gig Eric Clapton did
18:53:19 Owen: it sounds awful
18:53:46 rokchik: yeah it was pretty horrible. I have all of Nirvanas stuff actually
18:53:51 Owen: they have a live cover of led zepplins "Heartbreaker"
18:53:58 Owen: and I love the bit at the end
18:54:03 Owen: where they run to a halt
18:54:10 rokchik: ah yes
18:54:22 Owen: and Kurt (or someone else) shouts "SOLO SOLO!"
18:54:28 Owen: and they start back up to do the solo
18:54:35 Owen: I thought it was so truely awful it was funny
18:54:42 rokchik: I was never a big fan of Nirvana to be honest
18:54:55 Owen: Me neither
18:55:01 Owen: I just got that record and hated it xD
18:55:20 Owen: hello again
18:55:23 Pavel: i am back..just can't get into bad...
18:55:40 Pavel: chatting with a friend of mine from germany on ICQ and there is no way i can get off this chair
18:55:49 rokchik: About the only Seattle bands I really liked were Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and a teeny tiny bit of Pearl Jam
18:55:53 rokchik: Hello Pavel
18:56:07 Owen: I dont listen to any of them
18:56:16 Pavel: hey Rokchick!
18:56:18 Owen: although I like to think I have a very wide musical spectrum
18:56:23 Owen: it could be disputed xD
18:56:58 rokchik: Soundgarden was good in it's day...Spoonman and black hole sun are my faves
18:57:10 Owen: ah cool
18:57:24 Owen: I'm still listening to the stuff Pavel gave me earlier
18:57:32 rokchik: Chris Corneil has a very interesting voice
18:57:43 rokchik: ah cool...Pavels stuff rocks
18:58:04 Owen: oh yeah, I've heard a lot about him, never heard any of his music though - Corneil not Pavel xD
18:58:16 Owen: nah, Pavel gave me some Speed Metally type stuff from a band called
18:58:31 rokchik: hello Muris
18:58:40 Owen: hey
18:58:41 muris: hello everybody
18:58:54 Pavel: hey
18:59:06 Owen: To finish what I was saying - Impellitteri
19:00:11 rokchik: Owen...if your gonna check out Corneil look at his Audioslave stuff. It's Corneil with everyone from Rage against the Machine...without DeLa Roca of course. I'm bias as Tom Morello is the guitarist and I love him
19:00:42 Owen: I will have a look
19:01:46 rokchik: I going old school right now...Motley Crue...Kick start my heart
19:01:53 rokchik: LOL
19:02:11 Owen: ;P
19:02:14 muris: love 80s
19:02:18 muris:
19:02:23 rokchik: ya gotta love the 80's
19:02:27 Owen: I'm still listening to Elvis Costello
19:02:32 muris: of course
19:02:36 muris: Toto
19:02:38 muris: ahh
19:02:56 Owen: otherwise known as Declan McManus
19:02:57 Owen: xD
19:03:33 rokchik: Costello is pretty cool
19:04:27 Owen: yeah, I dug the cd out the other day
19:04:32 Owen: unfortunately it was a two parter
19:04:38 rokchik: I haven't heard it
19:04:41 Owen: and all the best cd's were on the other one I can find
19:04:53 Owen: cant*
19:05:38 Owen: I need more light music xD
19:06:07 rokchik: I always liked Bowie more than Costello
19:06:15 rokchik: hello icedern
19:06:25 icedern: Hey!
19:06:28 muris: hey Ice
19:06:31 Pavel: hey
19:06:48 icedern: How we all doign
19:06:51 icedern: doing
19:06:54 Owen: hey, come join the party!
19:06:56 Owen:
19:06:58 Owen: well
19:07:00 muris: what was name of the band ,Knopfley played there too
19:07:01 Owen: party is debatable
19:07:07 rokchik: pretty good....just kickin it old school
19:07:14 Owen:
19:07:21 muris: something like..Nothing Hilibilies
19:07:21 rokchik: Muris....Dire Straits
19:07:27 muris: noo
19:07:49 rokchik: I though you wrote Knophler...sorry illiterate this evening
19:08:03 muris: lyeah
19:08:08 muris: it is Knopfler
19:08:22 muris: but not Dire Straits
19:08:26 muris: another band
19:08:31 muris: had just one album
19:08:38 muris: more like country
19:08:48 muris: awesome stuff
19:09:01 muris: wanted to recomend it to Owen
19:09:09 muris: he's looking for light music
19:09:15 Owen:
19:09:32 rokchik: Oh yeah i think it's the Notting Hillbillies
19:09:43 muris: yeah
19:09:51 muris: maybe I wrote it wrong
19:10:08 muris: those double letters are killing me
19:10:10 muris:
19:10:24 icedern: haha
19:10:32 rokchik: lol
19:10:40 muris: lol
19:11:03 icedern: I was going through guitar withdrawls on vacation
19:11:11 Owen: The Notting Hillbillies
19:11:14 Pavel: let's try to get off this chair...see ya all... take 2!
19:11:20 Owen: thats the one yeah
19:11:22 muris: yeah
19:11:24 Owen: I'll have a look
19:11:26 Owen:
19:11:26 muris: that's the one
19:11:32 muris: ok
19:13:19 Owen: woops
19:13:26 Owen: I keep doing that
19:13:31 Owen: google searching when I'm in chat
19:13:37 rokchik: Has anyone heard of a band called Days of the New? They were around a few years ago but I think the've since disbanded
19:13:39 Owen: without realising that it will use the very same window
19:14:22 icedern: Yeah i have rokchik
19:14:26 muris: never heard of
19:14:45 icedern: They had a radio hit here
19:14:58 muris: who likes Toto?
19:15:05 rokchik: They are a great least I think so. Have some pretty cool acoustic guitar on their songs
19:15:32 rokchik: Africa is an awesome song but that's the only one I know Muris
19:15:46 muris: Hold The Line,Rossana?
19:15:54 Owen: anyone heard of the duo, Rodrigo Y Gabriela
19:15:59 rokchik: they sing those? Never knew
19:16:05 Owen: fantastic acoustic guitarists
19:16:07 muris: of course
19:16:08 rokchik: Not I owen
19:16:09 icedern: yes I have owen..good stuff isn't it
19:16:18 Owen: its wild!
19:16:41 Owen: the rythm segments are wonderful
19:17:04 Owen: their cover of Stairway to heaven is about the best i've seen anyway
19:17:29 rokchik: I'm listening to it right now on Youtube Owen
19:17:34 Owen: ah
19:17:40 Owen: I was going to post a link there actually
19:17:42 rokchik: It's pretty damn great
19:17:46 Owen: you beat me to it by going there first
19:18:16 rokchik: sorry
19:18:33 Owen: haha, what does it matter? It was for you to listen to anyway
19:18:40 Owen: whether you found it or I posted it
19:18:45 Owen: doesnt make a jot of difference
19:18:47 rokchik: I've been trying to pot links but for some reason I can't....I hate computers
19:18:56 rokchik: post* not pot
19:20:47 Owen: ah I found some of what Muris recommended
19:21:14 muris: and?
19:22:02 Owen: I'm letting it load a bit before I listen
19:22:31 Owen: my pc has a relatively slow connection for broadband
19:22:31 muris: I enjoy listening to it
19:22:38 muris: Marc is the man
19:22:48 muris: Mark
19:23:10 icedern: My connection sucks..i'm on dial up. When i'm downloading lessons i can't do much but look at email and chat haha
19:23:25 muris: lol
19:23:36 muris: it's odd
19:23:46 Owen: that'd become annoying
19:24:10 Owen: you should see if you can save lessons, if its in your own best interests to not have to wait thirty minutes to see them every time >_<
19:24:12 muris: suer
19:24:20 muris: hahaha
19:24:23 muris: i can tell
19:24:25 icedern: gives me plenty of time to practice while i wait
19:24:31 muris: lol
19:24:41 muris: no need to complain after all
19:25:04 icedern: or eat like i'm doing now haha
19:25:31 Owen: I'm shattered right now
19:25:36 Owen: I should really get some sleep
19:25:39 Owen: but its the holidays
19:25:39 rokchik: I'm looking at lessons
19:25:43 Owen: xD
19:25:43 Owen: so I dont really care
19:25:48 rokchik: LOL
19:26:08 icedern: oh i''ll be going to bed early tonight..thats for sure. Today was hell on earth at work after 5 days off
19:26:41 Owen: see thats weird with you saying that
19:26:47 rokchik: I have 20 more days until my vacation so everyday is hell on earth...LOL
19:26:54 Owen: its half twelve here
19:27:15 icedern: europe?
19:27:20 Owen: UK
19:27:22 rokchik: 8:30 here
19:27:33 Owen: I dunno if that counts as Europe
19:27:39 icedern: yah
19:27:40 muris: 1: 26 am
19:27:44 Owen: we're very anti-European as a nation >__>
19:27:49 icedern: rokchik must be like newfoundland
19:27:51 muris: lol
19:28:04 rokchik: i am
19:28:09 icedern: well, I can see that owen
19:28:14 icedern: lol
19:28:20 Owen:
19:28:47 Owen: meh... I'd rather join the Euro and all that
19:29:05 Owen: politically its probably better than siding with Bush and co
19:29:22 icedern: I'd leave the states in a heartbeat if i could
19:29:40 Owen: it doesnt look like much fun there at the moment
19:29:44 Owen: politics there is dire
19:29:54 Owen: two parties = not enough variety
19:30:11 icedern: its all polical mumbo jumbo
19:30:14 Owen: it just seems all about money, red is just another shade of blue and what not
19:30:42 icedern: when we vote for our leaders..its basically just pick the lesser of the crook
19:31:09 icedern: unless you are diehard party members
19:31:23 Owen: bit of a mistake the last two terms then isnt it
19:31:28 Owen: mind you
19:31:31 Owen: I suppose its not really
19:31:42 Owen: more people voted Gore than Bush originally anyway
19:32:13 icedern: I almost moved to NZ after that fiasco
19:32:23 muris: Gore is cool
19:32:38 Owen: hmm
19:32:45 muris: mean
19:32:50 muris: better than this one
19:32:51 muris:
19:32:52 icedern: hell ya. all that global warming he is working on fixing
19:33:00 Owen: thats just wierd
19:33:10 Owen: isnt he the one that set up that festival or something?
19:33:23 icedern: probably
19:33:53 muris: so you like George?
19:34:03 Owen: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
19:34:06 muris: lol
19:34:07 muris: ok
19:34:10 Owen: no, no, no
19:34:15 Owen: I'm a complete left winger
19:34:18 icedern: George Dubaya
19:34:23 Owen: nah
19:34:24 muris: yeah
19:34:30 Owen: I just find Gore a bit of a hypocrite
19:34:33 Owen: all this live earth stuff
19:34:38 Owen: people all turn on their tv's
19:34:42 Owen: all over the world
19:34:45 Owen: then theres the festivals
19:34:46 Owen: litter
19:34:48 Owen: sound
19:34:53 Owen: its burning energy
19:35:02 Owen: energy which comes from nuclear and coal power
19:35:06 Owen: ie not clean
19:35:16 Owen: its doing more harm than it is helping
19:35:17 icedern: I live in the largest windfarm in the world atm
19:35:38 icedern: I love it
19:35:42 Owen: people complain about them over here
19:35:45 Owen: its sad
19:35:52 Owen: I'd have loads of them
19:35:52 icedern: are they stupid?
19:36:02 Owen: people are used to huge power cabling
19:36:07 Owen: but the moment you mention wind farms
19:36:10 Owen: its a no no
19:36:16 icedern: its free, renewable enegery
19:36:37 icedern: people drive me nuts when they say they don't like em
19:36:43 Owen: yeah, then theres the RSPCA complaining that rare wild fowl will impale themselves on the blades
19:36:47 Owen: to which I think
19:36:50 muris: why they say that?
19:36:56 Owen: Darwin xD
19:37:11 icedern: people here complain about the noise....
19:37:13 Owen: I dunno, its something stupid, any excuse
19:37:16 muris: hmm
19:37:30 Owen: I think hydro is the way to go
19:37:30 icedern: I like listening to them..they put me to sleep
19:37:33 Owen: it never stops
19:37:42 muris: better than gas in your face
19:37:48 icedern: hahahaha
19:37:52 muris:
19:37:57 Owen:
19:38:44 Owen: anyway, I'm off to get some excercise
19:38:46 Owen: then go to bed
19:38:55 muris: good one
19:38:57 Owen: cos I can barely keep my eyes open xD
19:39:03 Owen: bye folks!
19:39:04 muris: I'll take a break too
19:39:08 icedern: See ya later owen
19:39:12 muris: see ya guys
19:39:16 muris: and girls
19:39:22 Owen:
19:39:27 icedern: later Muris
19:39:36 rokchik: later Muris
19:39:56 rokchik: sorry caught tied up on the phone
19:40:08 icedern: hehe, no problem. I know how that goes
19:40:25 rokchik: Work...I gotta go in for some OT
19:40:34 icedern: ouch
19:40:54 rokchik: yeah but what cha gonna do when the boss calls
19:41:11 icedern: thats true, and ot money is good
19:41:19 rokchik: so true
19:41:36 rokchik: anyways I better go get ready...sorry to leave ya stranded
19:41:43 rokchik: I'll check back later
19:41:52 icedern: No problem. Have fun ttyl
19:41:57 rokchik: C Ya
19:53:42 ace_frehely: hello??
19:53:54 icedern: Hey Ace

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