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> Melodic Satch, Lesson By Ben Higgins
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post Dec 27 2014, 10:20 AM
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Learning Rock Star

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Original lesson: Melodic Satch by Ben Higgins

Hey guys! I'm back with a new take. Overall I thought it was an okay take. Timing was off in some spots and I was not able to hit some pinch harmonics that I wanted, Hopefully you guys still enjoy it. Hope everyone had a great holiday and looking forward to the new year!

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Ben Higgins
post Dec 27 2014, 12:48 PM
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Hi my friend, it's great to see you back in the REC Zone !

This is a very solid attempt. I really like your tone too. Guitar Rig maybe ?

As you've said yourself, the timing could be tighter. With these slow ballads, any notes that are out of time really stand out so this type of track is a real challenge to any player because it really demands a lot of control. You relaxed a bit more as the track went on but at the start you were just in front of the beat a bit, during the sliding phrases.

The pinch harmonics are a taste thing, if you manage to get them then great but even if you don't it's not going to count against you. For the pinch harmonics on the top E string I use an upstroke technique that allows you to use the flesh of your index finger to get the 'squeal' instead of the thumb. I explain it in the spoken video too (I think) That may help you get those high squeals too.

Your string bending technique is good with getting the pitch but your finger strength is still lacking so try to work on holding bends for longer.

The quicker phrases are a bit beyond your level at the moment but it doesn't mean you can't get them.. it might take a few weeks (or even longer) to build the finger reflexes for those passages but keep at it. As well as playing them slowly and perfectly you can play small fragments of them at high speed. Just pick a few notes that you can confidently hit at speed and cycle them with a rest in between. This trains speed without burning you out of stamina. It also prevents making mistakes by trying to play faster than you can. So remember to keep the speed bursts to small fragments of a lick. Add more notes as you get better until you can string an entire run together.

Good work, keep it going !

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Darius Wave
post Dec 27 2014, 08:03 PM
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AS Ben says - some phrases sound a bit beyond Your skills at the moment - You loose some notes in the middle of a lick. Also You tend to get out of pitch while making vibrato. I can probably detect the reason because I had similar issue. Sometimes we overreact while playing. We would like so much to translate our feelings to the guitar that we do some things a bit more intense than they really have to be. It's like" I wanna play like I feel but it sounds a bit to emotional". Most common effect of this is too fast, too wide vibrato or a little incorrect pitch. It happens smile.gif It nothing weird. The cure is to to focus on those moments to not overexpose those long notes with too much of motion while those notes in fact are a moments of breath in the melody. It's a bit hard to describe but I hope trying to imagind that "here is the spot for release of the tension i feel" is a best way smile.gif

Anyway You took a lot of effeort to bring us that version and it's visible You try a lot. It's a good way to success! smile.gif

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Cosmin Lupu
post Dec 28 2014, 12:46 PM
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Hey mate smile.gif

I think that the guys pointed out the important aspects linked to your playing in this take, which is clearly starting to build up very nicely. In order not to repeat something that they have already said, I would like to mention an important aspect, linked to the position of your thumb when bending and vibrating - I noticed it is positioned behind the neck, not really grabbing it - the guys mentioned the fact that you are having trouble with sustaining the bends and that happends due to not having enough grip and strength. If you position the thumb over the neck, you will get that strength smile.gif Watch Ben do it around 0:33 - 0:34 - it's very obvious there smile.gif Hope it all made sense!

Keep rocking!


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post Dec 28 2014, 01:16 PM
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Learning Rock Star - Wiki Coordinator
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Almost there, 6

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