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> German Power Metal IV: Primal Fear, Lesson By Gabriel Leopardi
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Marek Rojewski
post Jun 12 2015, 12:08 PM
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Original lesson: German Power Metal IV: Primal Fear by Gabriel Leopardi

One of my long time favourites, I finally recorded this lesson myself. As always I recorded the lesson standing, even though sitting is a bit easier for me, because I like to think that posting a REC take is like performing in front of an audience ;) I practised this lesson and another one I just posted on REC for a very long time, and in fact it proved to be counter productive - because I practiced it for too long, I became a bit bored by it, and started to not concentrate strong enough - in effect I learned not the polished version, but a more shoddy one :/ When I finally realized what happened I decided to record it as fast as possible, and move on to new lessons, so here it is ;)

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Gabriel Leopardi
post Jun 13 2015, 08:09 PM
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Hi Marek! Great to see you sharing new stuff at REC!

This is not an easy lesson, it requires concentration and a very good manage of palm muting and rhythm. I think that you are close to master this one, however the tricky parts (faster riffs and patterns like at 00:18) are not completely smooth and clean yet. You also need to be careful with timing when you switch from palm muting to open power chords (as it happens in the intro), because you tend to go a bit before the beat.

So this is not a flawless take, but with some work on tricky passages and more concentration on overall timing it could be soon. I would just keep the tricky sections into your diary practice, start working on some new lessons and get back from time to time to use it as a rhythm training that could be complemented with my Thrash Metal series: https://www.guitarmasterclass.net/lessonseries/Thrash-Metal/

Keep on the hard work!

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Darius Wave
post Jun 13 2015, 10:02 PM
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You're a very good player Marek. You spend a lot of effort to deliver very descent takes. There is not much of different misteks so we could write a long feedback post. You basicly have everything done and what it takes now it's just polishing it till it will be perfect. To not copy Gabs point I'll only suggest to mess a bit with that tone. It has a lot of presence but not enough definition (lower mids that include the root frequencies of notes). I think you could get a bit more of a juice in here. Boosting low mids and lowering guitar track volume will probably make a batter balance in the mix. I miss a "note you play" information in your guitar frequency spectrum. Just a suggestion worth reviewing smile.gif
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Bogdan Radovic
post Jun 14 2015, 10:23 PM
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Bass & Beginner Instructor
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Hi Marek, great to see a new take from you in the REC zone!

I have compared your take with the lesson and I think that this was very good performance. You seem to have gotten all the important elements in this lesson. You just need to polish up this take and to do so, I'd suggest focusing on :

- Timing: you have a tendency to play in front of the beat (rushing). Try making the backing track louder in your headphones, it might help with getting "on top of the beat" or slightly behind it. This will make the riffing sound much better as generally you are doing a great job with this tricky and fast rhythm. Usually musicians when they are recording in the studio always have this tendency of rushing. It might be because of adrenaline which flows when we hit that record button.

- Faster runs : fast run at 0:17 is hands on the trickiest part to play in this lesson. I'd suggest isolating this one and practicing it repeatedly with a metronome to get the fingers to go faster. From your take I can feel that you are nearly there finger speed and dexterity wise.

My last point would be to focus on slightly wider vibrato on the pinch harmonics note and keeping them sustained a bit longer but that is just a small detail.

Overall, I think that this take was very strong. I know that practicing a few lessons over a long period of time can get boring, but look at it this way: once you nail them, you'll be playing on the level instructor in the original video does and trust me - no lesson is easy to play and record to any of the instructors. I'm sure there are tons of bloopers and mistakes videos from the lessons recording process hidden in a dark, deep place smile.gif

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post Jul 2 2015, 11:20 AM
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