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> Sepultura Style Rhythm, Lesson By Gabriel Leopardi
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post Oct 10 2015, 11:54 PM
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Original lesson: Sepultura Style Rhythm by Gabriel Leopardi

I really liked this lesson. For one, I like that era of Sepultura, and Refuse/Resist is one of my favorite songs. It was good to learn some riffs in Phrygian. Also, while technically its not really complex, the rhythm is what makes it brutally effective. Definitely learned some good stuff with this lesson.

I don't have an EQ pedal, so I tried to recreate the intro sound by putting a wah pedal AFTER the distortion pedal. This has the effect of "choking" the guitar tone, making it sound like an old radio. Also rocking the wah forward has the effect of building tension for when the rest of the instruments kick in.... well... at least that was what I was going for lol

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Ben Higgins
post Oct 11 2015, 02:20 PM
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Woah - another REC from the 'Boner!

I liked your trick with the wah pedal - it works!

Tone wise, it was a bit 'top end' for me, a bit too much fizz. It might be gear limitations, though - if you reduced the treble it might sound boxy and indistinct. I don't know. I'm not sure what you're playing through.

The hand anchoring thing I talked about in your other REC, here is a good example of where you don't need it. You're bashing away and not needing the anchor... so it's ok to anchor and also switch between non anchored for riffing. Your hand did seem tense where you straighten out your unused fingers, though. It became less so during the course of the vid. You might want to have a look at that. Extending your picking hand fingers out to their limit will put extra muscular force through your arm that you don't need. You can let them hang out, but no need to actually put any muscular force through them, just let them chill and do their own thang. Look at Zakk Wylde. He lets all his fingers hang out when picking but they're always relaxed.

Timing is once again your main nemesis. Nothing too outrageous, just need to lock in a bit more smile.gif

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Darius Wave
post Oct 12 2015, 05:47 PM
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Nice one! Really not much to complain here.

There are a few a timming slips in the middle and near the end - I'm sure you felt something went wrong while you were playign. As for the tone I would typicaly say it's a bit to harsh but in this particular video I gues it's mostly a fault recording device - I would liek to hear your tone in a sterile conditions - like guitar recorded thorugh an audio interface (miced amp, direct processor signal or thourgh plug-ins - whatever you use. According to tone distortion of a backing track drums, I gues that all this harshness in not being present in your tone straight from the speakers.

I like your hand shape and position. I think it's quite descent and looks like it's comfortable for you but I (guessing again) think that picking strength you use here would not give you the tone you like on the more "from the amp" distortion. It's worht to increase it and maybe go just a little lower with the gain. IT weould definitely make your playing clearer and more tight - especially on the pal muting

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Gabriel Leopardi
post Oct 12 2015, 07:47 PM
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Hi Mudbone!

Good playing here! I can hear that your playing is tight most of the time on this lesson, but when I look at your hands, you don't look comfortable yet with the rhythm and left hand changes. The next step should be to economize movements and relax both hands while you play to add some extra groove and dynamics to your playing.

About the tone, I like the wah wah effect, it's a good solution for this kind of effect, but the overal tone could have more "body". You have a good amount of distortion but I would try to get more low end in your tone, to make your guitar sound bigger as this style deserves it. I think that adding more bass, and also experimenting with different mids levels from your amp could help.

Other than that, this is a good take, keep on rocking. smile.gif

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post Oct 14 2015, 06:46 PM
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Pass. 7.3

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