Guitar Chat with Wallimann, Muris, Andrew Cockburn etc. 2007-07-18
Jul 23 2007, 03:59 PM
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From: Stockholm, Sweden
00:01:07 CrashOops: interesting
00:01:12 CrashOops: he's good, but I dont like country
00:01:23 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well I dont really either
00:01:38 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
00:01:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: but thats what roos farm is
00:04:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam: what musicans do you guys like ?
00:04:50 CrashOops: Roo's Farm hurts my head
00:05:03 CrashOops: I like a lot of metal
00:05:11 CrashOops: you name it I probably like it?
00:05:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: like
00:05:18 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Metallica
00:05:34 Slammer: clapton hendrix SRV Zeppelin Classic rock for me
00:05:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I like metal alot to
00:05:49 Slammer: ok dudes I gtg
00:05:52 Slammer: ttyl
00:05:54 CrashOops: have fun
00:05:55 Slammer:
00:05:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ttyl bye bye
00:06:26 CrashOops: anyway I'm gonna bail too
00:06:29 CrashOops: time to go to bed
00:06:37 Eat-Sleep-andJam: see ya laterz
00:06:42 CrashOops: have a good night
00:06:45 Eat-Sleep-andJam: keep practicing bye bye
00:06:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: you 2 bye
00:58:33 Smikey2006: sry guest u can't talk
04:35:59 Hemlok: get up, stand up, stand up for your right, get up, stand up, dont give up the fight!
04:36:19 Hemlok: mmmmm
07:05:47 Neth: Hey
12:04:47 Eat-Sleep-andJam: *im showering as of 12:04* *bbs*
14:30:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: sry guest you cant chat
14:30:12 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
14:30:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: but you should sign up !
14:46:18 Eat-Sleep-andJam: * whip * or *slap* and and Ill come back if anyone wants to chat
16:08:37 Owen: hey
16:08:42 Owen: *whip*
16:08:56 Owen: *slap*
16:10:16 Owen: *meow*
16:10:26 Owen: alive?
16:10:31 Owen: obviously not...
16:26:03 Wallimann: Hi there!
16:26:31 Owen: hey
16:26:34 Owen: *whip*
16:26:37 Owen:
16:26:37 Owen: sorry
16:26:40 Wallimann: hehe
16:26:44 Wallimann: How's it goin?
16:27:02 Owen: Pretty good the day actually
16:27:11 Owen: yourself?
16:27:21 Wallimann: Good thanks
16:27:37 Wallimann: just wanted to see who was online at this time of the day...
16:27:45 Owen: what time of day would that be?
16:27:47 Owen:
16:27:59 Wallimann: it's 4:30 PM for me
16:28:01 Wallimann: and you?
16:28:13 Owen: 9:30 pm
16:28:23 Owen: GMT -5?
16:28:23 Wallimann: ok
16:28:27 Wallimann: where are you from?
16:28:31 Owen: UK
16:28:33 Wallimann: I'm in Tennessee, USA
16:28:35 Wallimann: ok
16:28:37 Wallimann: col
16:28:38 Owen: Scotland to be exact
16:28:45 Wallimann: nice
16:28:47 Owen: Kilts and haggis and all that xD
16:28:51 Wallimann: Always wanted to go there
16:29:01 Owen: weathers awsome
16:29:04 Wallimann: hehe
16:29:12 Owen: been raining all summer
16:29:16 Wallimann: Nice beer over there I heard
16:29:17 Wallimann: :-)
16:29:30 Owen: Hmmm
16:29:32 Owen: depends
16:29:42 Owen: all of its still in cans
16:29:53 Owen: whisky from here is probably the best known thing
16:30:04 Wallimann: oh ok
16:30:05 Wallimann: :-)_
16:30:20 Owen: but yeah, I cant stand american beer xD
16:30:26 Owen: no offense its just tasteless
16:30:28 Owen:
16:30:30 Wallimann: hehe
16:30:41 Wallimann: I don't consider myself as American.. So that's cool
16:30:49 Wallimann: I moved here 3 years ago
16:30:56 Owen: Ah ok, where from?
16:31:04 Wallimann: France
16:31:45 Owen: ah
16:31:47 Wallimann: So.. How's the guitar going?
16:32:30 Owen: fine I suppose, my playings still majorly sloppy but I guess I make the grade for about average
16:32:50 Wallimann: Cool! It gets better...
16:33:35 Owen:
16:33:43 Owen: what about you?
16:33:48 Owen: next jimi h
16:33:49 Owen: ?
16:33:51 Owen:
16:34:49 Wallimann: No.. I want to get better too. I've been relying on what I know for too long now and want to get back to serious practicing
16:35:55 Owen: ah, your an instructor >_< I was too dumb to realise xD
16:36:15 Owen: I knew I 'd seen the name xD
16:36:28 Owen: *doh*
16:36:48 Wallimann: Oh, no problem
16:36:56 Wallimann: I forgot that I tought here...
16:36:57 Wallimann: haha!
16:37:03 Owen: haha, I feel stupid now xD
16:37:22 Owen: I'd not seen any of your stuff
16:37:26 Owen: I dont think anyway
16:38:00 Wallimann: I only got a few so far
16:38:08 Wallimann: Hi Eat-Sleep-Jam
16:38:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: heyguys
16:38:22 Owen: hey!
16:38:33 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Walliman is a gangggggggster
16:38:34 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha ha
16:38:49 Wallimann: Yeah, Stupid avatar
16:39:02 Wallimann: Can't remember tohow to change it
16:39:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: your going to jail !
16:39:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: go to um the little mask icon at the bottom
16:39:35 Eat-Sleep-andJam: or else
16:39:41 Owen:
16:39:48 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
16:39:58 Wallimann: Ok thanks
16:40:01 Wallimann: :-)
16:40:06 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yupp
16:40:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam: duh I need to learn roos farm
16:40:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: its wicked hard for me though
16:40:31 Wallimann: I wanna learn that too
16:40:57 Eat-Sleep-andJam: youll do fine since your an instructor
16:41:05 Owen: >_>
16:41:08 Owen:
16:41:15 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
16:41:26 Owen: I never realised v_v
16:41:37 Eat-Sleep-andJam: nor did I :x
16:41:52 Wallimann: haha! It's still a lot of work.
16:42:04 Wallimann: Being an instructor doesn't nmean that it's easy for me. :-)
16:42:09 Owen: he confused me by having the same guitar as Kris
16:42:14 Wallimann: hehe
16:42:48 Eat-Sleep-andJam: it comes across different foryou though, being that youve played for awhile
16:43:25 Wallimann: So, how long have you guys been on this site?
16:43:33 Neth: I'm having this weird bug where I press send and it takes what I wrote like a minute to show up :|
16:43:35 Owen: 1 month
16:43:37 Eat-Sleep-andJam: since feburary
16:44:00 Eat-Sleep-andJam: no that just means your computer is a little sloow
16:44:29 Owen: my connection speed has slowed down to four times below its original speed since last week
16:44:54 Owen: Bt are a crap ISP
16:44:57 Owen: >_<
16:45:29 Owen: I can no longer download stuff fast
16:45:37 Owen: I say stuff...
16:45:44 Owen: xD
16:45:55 Eat-Sleep-andJam: thats only because your computer doesnt like you,or your kilts
16:46:10 Owen: you think I'm irish remember
16:46:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yes!
16:46:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well your scottish big difference
16:46:46 Owen: xD
16:46:50 Owen: nah man
16:47:19 Owen: thats like saying all yanks are like canadians
16:47:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: 0% yanks are canadians
16:47:55 Owen: exactly!
16:48:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: *slap* Walliman died
16:48:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
16:49:21 Wallimann: sorry.. I'm working at the same time...
16:49:29 Eat-Sleep-andJam: LIES!
16:49:45 Owen: uhh
16:49:49 Owen: dunno what happened there
16:49:52 Owen:
16:50:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: told you your computer hates you
16:50:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: its sick of all the porn youve downloaded
16:50:26 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
16:50:37 Owen: music dammit!
16:50:40 Owen: >_>
16:50:42 Owen: xD
16:50:42 Owen: woops!
16:50:47 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
16:50:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Musical Porno
16:51:11 Owen: one day when I am a famous member of a famous band I will be cussing all the little download junkies stealing my money
16:51:18 Owen: but until then
16:51:21 Owen: I am one xD
16:51:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Ditto
16:51:41 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I have like over 1,000 songs downloaded
16:51:55 Owen: primarily because i'm too busy spening money on making my own music to buy other peoples
16:52:18 Eat-Sleep-andJam: si signor
16:52:26 Owen: 2074
16:52:39 Owen: thats not counting the whole LOG discography I deleted
16:52:45 Owen: >_>
16:53:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: i gtg
16:53:12 Eat-Sleep-andJam: bye
16:53:50 Owen:
16:54:07 Owen: can I even justify that conversation?
16:54:20 Wallimann: hehe
16:55:36 Owen: I have a good conscience really.... xD
16:56:24 Wallimann: about downloading?
16:56:50 Owen: yeaah
16:57:05 Wallimann: oh ok
16:57:30 Owen: haha, I dunno
16:57:41 Owen: if you cant afford music, but you download it
16:57:47 Owen: and you tell people its good
16:57:50 Owen: and they buy it
16:57:56 Wallimann: Yeah...
16:58:03 Owen: isnt that contributing in a positive way to the artists finances?
16:58:28 Wallimann: Somewhat. But it does affect musicians somewhat though
16:58:43 Wallimann: Maybe not the major artists.. But more the indie musicians
16:59:10 Owen: its hard to get minor artist stuff in the shops though even
16:59:41 Wallimann: yeah.. But you can always order through their websites
17:00:27 Owen: which normally involves credit cards or something, its a bit of a faff, and most artists still dont offer that
17:01:21 Owen: as that means that young people without credit cards cant buy music from artists that arent in the big time
17:01:24 Wallimann: If you really can't find their music anywhere.. Then yeah, download is OK I guess
17:01:28 Owen: because theres no physical purchase involved
17:01:44 Wallimann: But I'm not gonna preach to you as I download stuff too
17:02:01 Wallimann: I just know that it does affect musicians to some extent
17:02:07 Owen: I just find it an interesting discussion
17:02:26 Wallimann: yeah
17:03:36 Owen: I dunno, in general, would you say the internet is beneficial to artists or not?
17:03:53 Wallimann: Generaly speaking Yes
17:03:57 Wallimann: definitally
17:06:08 Owen: I suppose in general it increases the circulation of music, the variety
17:06:53 Wallimann: Yes, a lot more info available.. I think it's a great tool for artists...
17:10:50 Wallimann: I'm gonna log off
17:10:54 Wallimann: Still have a lot of work
17:11:01 Wallimann: Sorry I was kinda busy...
19:04:57 atconner: G'evenin
19:05:22 Kurt: Hi!
19:05:39 Kurt: wasup?
19:06:44 atconner: Not much.. I'm debating whether or not my fingers are too sore to keep playing. I'm trying to get two of Muris' lessons down: the pentatonic sub, and the blues bending.
19:07:05 atconner: brb -- gotta move some dishes into da kitchen
19:07:16 Kurt: sorry, what means sore?
19:07:46 atconner: Hurt.
19:08:06 Kurt: ah...ohh thats bad for you
19:09:02 Kurt: how long have you been playing guitar?
19:10:38 atconner: Today? 90 minutes.
19:10:58 atconner: I think it's enough. I have to go to work in a little while.
19:11:08 Kurt: and how long in general?
19:11:42 atconner: Oh, many years, but I played wrong. I just played scales up and down, and up and down for a long time. GMC has taught me a lot.
19:12:01 Kurt: yeah its really great!
19:12:46 Kurt: you know, yesterday was my first day on GMC...I play nearly 10 hours
19:12:46 atconner: How about yourself? How long have you played?
19:13:03 Kurt: played
19:13:51 atconner: Wow. How do you type? Your fingers must nearly be falling off!
19:14:18 Kurt: In general I play since about 1 year, but I am fanatic, I practice very much, I am used to that
19:14:51 Kurt: But I also practiced often a little bit wrong
19:15:08 Kurt: until I got GMC member
19:15:57 Kurt: I didn´t even know exactly what alternate picking means
19:16:25 atconner: Man, I didn't know what legato, alternate picking, sweep picking, etc, etc.
19:16:50 atconner: The only reason I didn't go into music professionally is becuase I was worried I would be poor the rest of my life.
19:17:01 Kurt: yes, It is horrible to play with wrong technique
19:17:21 Kurt: I have the same problem
19:17:38 Kurt: So what do you do as profession?
19:17:55 atconner: I'm still a student. I'm taking physiology, and biology classes at university.
19:18:18 Kurt: nice, must be interesting
19:18:26 atconner: It is, but I have no idea what to do with it when I'm done.
19:19:01 atconner: I might continue on, and get a business diploma, too, but I'm not too sure.
19:19:06 Kurt: maybe teaching?
19:19:36 atconner: Bah, at my school there are 3 general ideas of what to do. Medical doctor, then if not that, dentist, then if not that, teaching.
19:20:00 atconner: To get into medical school you need a 90%+ average. Teaching school needs an 85% average. It's almost stupid how hard it is.
19:20:30 Kurt: If you want, you can do it!
19:20:59 atconner: Yeah, but I don't have time to study that much! Last year, I had to sell the family home in Canada, work two jobs, and go to school.
19:21:36 Kurt: and also becoming a guitar hero
19:22:10 atconner: That too. I did other things too. I teach karate, and I was part of teh choir, and I learned how to dance.
19:22:14 atconner: I had a very full schedule.
19:22:41 Kurt: wow, sounds really not boring!
19:23:00 atconner: <-- she is my new favourite violinist.
19:24:18 Kurt: wow..thats great!
19:24:39 Kurt: who composed that?
19:24:52 atconner: Bach.
19:25:09 Kurt: oh..I would have guessed!
19:25:24 Kurt: He composed a lot of shredding!
19:25:52 Kurt: I play also some bach,..but on piano
19:25:59 atconner: J.S. Bach bmv 565, i think.
19:26:41 Kurt: I think I play the bmv 999
19:27:50 Kurt: Yngwie takes his ideas from Bach, don´t he?
19:28:54 atconner: I don't know. Gabriel said in one of his lessons that Yngwie takes a lot of his ideas from Paganini. I'm not sure, though. I don't listen to enough classical music, or Yngwie.
19:29:31 Kurt: Yes also from Nicolo Paganini: a very famous violonist
19:29:44 Kurt: caprice 5
19:30:27 atconner: I have to go, Kurt. I need dinner, then I have to work. :\
19:30:27 Kurt: I think I am also not a big fan of yngwie
19:30:41 atconner: haha, my friends call him the "Guitar masterbator".
19:31:09 Kurt: Ok, was nice to talk with you
19:31:10 atconner: See 'ya!
19:31:15 Kurt: Bye!!
19:53:12 Eat-Sleep-andJam: heyy kurt
19:53:57 Eat-Sleep-andJam: *slap*
20:01:06 Kurt: oh,sorry..hey!
20:01:19 Kurt: was on youtube..
20:02:18 Kurt: this chat is not very often used
20:03:09 Kurt: hello!?!
20:03:24 Kurt: are you here?
20:23:40 rokchik: Hello
20:25:54 rokchik: *whip*
20:31:01 rokchik: hello Andrew
20:31:07 Andrew Cockburn: hey
20:31:25 rokchik: How've ya been?
20:31:25 Andrew Cockburn: havent seen anyone here for days :
20:31:29 Andrew Cockburn: cool
20:31:38 rokchik: I haven't been on here really for days
20:31:52 Andrew Cockburn: quiet work day - been playing probably 4 hours total
20:32:13 rokchik: is way to hot here and muggy to do anything
20:32:31 Andrew Cockburn: a bit hot here too
20:32:40 Andrew Cockburn: especially in my office with 3 computers
20:33:17 rokchik: we've been having crazy weather up here, blistering sun, then down pour, the lightning crzy
20:33:27 rokchik: been that way all week
20:33:38 Andrew Cockburn: wierd weather - we got a stom this am
20:34:39 rokchik: I tried to play a bit earlier..checked out Pavels harmonics lesson...but just to hot. In basement now but still not much better
20:35:21 Andrew Cockburn: how do the polar bears handle it ???
20:35:49 rokchik: I don't know? I guess they just spend more time in the water
20:36:08 Andrew Cockburn: AH, lounging in the pool - clever polar bears
20:36:36 Andrew Cockburn: hi Aib
20:36:41 rokchik: their smarter than the average bear...wait...that was Yogi...
20:36:45 Andrew Cockburn: lol
20:36:51 AIB234: hello gents and lady
20:36:56 rokchik: hello
20:37:04 Andrew Cockburn: I'm no lady
20:37:14 AIB234: happy.gif
20:37:34 rokchik: but I'm a laady
20:37:36 Andrew Cockburn: <-^ovo^->
20:37:47 Andrew Cockburn: lol I'm a laaady !
20:38:13 rokchik: Always have to have a little Britain's a must
20:38:25 AIB234: haha
20:38:31 AIB234: what's going down in here tonight?
20:38:50 Andrew Cockburn: hotness
20:38:59 Andrew Cockburn: and my legato is smokin'
20:39:00 rokchik: not a whole lot really, weird weather and polar bears
20:39:01 AIB234: sweet. glad I showed up
20:39:52 rokchik: me legato is sadly not...however my finger picking is improving very well
20:40:15 Andrew Cockburn: cool - you working on the classical lesson?
20:40:15 AIB234: learn to play Nothing Else Matters by Metallica rokchik
20:40:20 AIB234: it's a good finger picker
20:40:50 Aaron: ive hear nothing else matters...i think its ok
20:40:58 rokchik: Yeah Muris's finger picking lesson....I can do up to the 4th video pretty smooth then I mess up
20:40:59 Aaron: *heard*
20:41:18 AIB234: it's one of my favourite songs
20:41:27 Aaron: to each his own
20:41:46 Aaron: i learned how to play ONE bu metallica
20:41:49 rokchik: I've tried Nothing else Matters....I'm better at Neddle and the Damage done
20:41:57 Aaron: *by*
20:42:19 Aaron: rokchik i dont think im going to rock the bells
20:42:19 Andrew Cockburn: i feel ignorant - I don;t know a single Metalica song
20:42:27 AIB234: ooh Andrew, you poor soul
20:42:33 rokchik: your breaking my heart Aaron
20:42:44 rokchik: I was living vicariously through you
20:42:48 rokchik: lol
20:43:02 AIB234: know not how to play one, or know not of them period!?>
20:43:09 Aaron: im sorry. im trying to find tickets but....c'mon it RAGE
20:43:16 rokchik: Andrew....I can't play a single Metallica song all the way through so don't feel so bad
20:43:16 Andrew Cockburn: 10 points for using the word Vicariously in cold blood ...
20:43:54 Aaron: im broke too so that doesnt help
20:43:56 rokchik: I didn't know we were keeping score
20:44:14 rokchik: Understandable....I guess
20:44:23 Andrew Cockburn: We aren;t but if we were you would get 10 points That word always impresses me
20:44:31 Andrew Cockburn: along with corect use of the word eponymous
20:44:40 AIB234: lol
20:44:42 Aaron: hey Andrew ... can u lend a GMCer some money? lol
20:44:44 rokchik: LOL
20:44:57 Andrew Cockburn: yeah,m I've got way too much ...
20:45:11 rokchik: lol
20:45:12 AIB234: haven't we all
20:45:17 Aaron: not me
20:45:20 AIB234: Aaron you are missing out.
20:45:28 Aaron: on wut?
20:45:36 Andrew Cockburn: I'm so rich I burn money to keep the AC going
20:45:37 AIB234: all the moooney
20:45:42 rokchik: LOL
20:45:49 rokchik: AC would be good right now
20:46:03 Aaron: yes i am. lend a fellow GMCer some monet
20:46:09 Aaron: money
20:46:34 rokchik: I would but I'm going on vacation next week and plan on buying a whole lot of expensive stuff
20:47:05 Aaron: fine then.. i see how it is!! lol
20:47:10 rokchik: lol
20:47:13 AIB234: I wish the chat would save my settings. ie. no sounds and keep the time stamp on
20:47:24 Andrew Cockburn: My million $ mansion sale is going through soon, I need the money to buy it
20:47:50 rokchik: your excuse is far better than mine Andrew
20:48:08 rokchik: Aib234 i agree
20:48:10 Andrew Cockburn: My delusions are also far larger
20:48:14 Aaron: fine then
20:48:18 Aaron: lol
20:48:26 AIB234: I hate not having the time stamp
20:48:37 Aaron: hey andrew...does kris have podcasts on itunes?
20:48:39 Andrew Cockburn: ow AIB, you are obsessing!
20:48:44 Andrew Cockburn: dunno
20:48:48 Andrew Cockburn: don;t think so
20:49:16 Aaron: that would be cool...."GMC ON THE GO"
20:49:16 rokchik: Andrew how do you like your iphone now that you've had it for a bit?
20:49:33 Andrew Cockburn: still cool
20:49:43 Andrew Cockburn: was listening to songs on i out on the porch earlier
20:49:47 Andrew Cockburn: thing of beauty
20:49:51 AIB234: haha
20:50:08 rokchik: I was gonna get one until they informed me they don't get reseption in the boonies of Labrador
20:50:21 Andrew Cockburn: bad show
20:50:25 rokchik: yep
20:50:29 AIB234: does anything get receptions in the boonies of labrador?
20:50:30 AIB234: lol
20:50:36 AIB234: *reception
20:50:41 Aaron: brb
20:50:51 rokchik: not much....aliant, and some telus networks but that's a bout it
20:51:11 AIB234: lol
20:51:19 rokchik: we suck I know
20:51:30 AIB234: well, your reception does
20:51:35 rokchik: but we have nature....lots and lots of nature
20:51:40 Andrew Cockburn: noce wildlife though ...
20:51:46 rokchik: yep
20:51:58 AIB234: cellphones are irritating anyways as far as I am concerned
20:52:33 Andrew Cockburn: I can read GMC anywhere in the world - irritationg? Essential!
20:52:38 rokchik: They have there purpose...but it's not in a resturant when your trying to eat
20:52:54 rokchik: That's the cool thing about them
20:53:11 rokchik: GMC on the Go as Aaron said
20:53:33 Andrew Cockburn: yep
20:53:41 AIB234: I dislike them
20:54:11 rokchik: So anyone have any big plans for the summer?
20:54:24 Andrew Cockburn: work
20:54:33 rokchik:
20:54:33 Andrew Cockburn: Going to the UK in Sept though
20:54:39 rokchik: That's cool
20:54:47 Andrew Cockburn: shoudl be
20:54:55 rokchik: I'm on vacation next week until the 13th of Aug
20:54:58 Andrew Cockburn: Going to hang out with my music buddy - have missed playing with him
20:55:04 rokchik: cool
20:55:06 Andrew Cockburn: Cool, where ya going?
20:55:10 Aaron: who would that be
20:55:31 Aaron: why do you keep logging out
20:55:37 AIB234: think I'm just gonna head out. this isn't fun -.-
20:55:37 AIB234: my net keeps crapping out
20:55:45 Aaron: lol
20:55:50 AIB234: maybe better luck after I shower
20:55:55 rokchik: Just driving across Newfoundland really. Going from here to St. John's and back. We have a wedding to go too
20:56:09 Andrew Cockburn: Cool - long way I guess?
20:57:17 rokchik: Well it's a 12 hr ferry ride from here to a place called Cartwright, then 4 more hrs on dirt road to another ferry 1.5 hr crossing to the island then 12 hr drive (pavement) to St. Johns so yeah kinda long
20:57:39 Andrew Cockburn: Damn, and that's just part of Canada
20:57:44 Aaron: 1 whole day?
20:57:52 rokchik: thats just part of one province
20:58:09 Andrew Cockburn: Hi muris!
20:58:09 rokchik: Little over one
20:58:13 muris: hi folks
20:58:14 rokchik: Hey Muris
20:58:25 muris: all fine here?
20:58:34 Andrew Cockburn: yep cool
20:58:38 rokchik: yes sir...just very warm
20:58:39 muris: great
20:58:49 muris: ohh same here rock
20:58:51 muris: too hot
20:59:03 rokchik: It's really humid here today
20:59:13 muris: we had 40 celsius today
20:59:20 rokchik: good for the old acoustic though
20:59:41 rokchik: it was pretty close to that here...I believe 32 plus humidity
20:59:49 muris: horror
21:00:00 muris: and I was in a car for about 4 hours
21:00:13 rokchik: brutal...I hope you had AC
21:00:24 muris: well I do
21:00:33 muris: but was traffic rush
21:00:37 muris: no help
21:00:52 rokchik: Although that just makes it hotter when you get out
21:00:59 muris: but I got nice color on my hands tho
21:01:00 muris: lol
21:01:04 rokchik: LOL
21:01:21 muris: was wearing summer shirt
21:01:27 muris: off sleves
21:01:46 muris: so,what are you talking about?
21:01:56 rokchik: Vacation
21:01:57 muris: am I interupted somthing?
21:02:03 rokchik: no not at all
21:02:08 muris: ok
21:02:17 rokchik: I am really enjoying your finger picking lesson
21:02:28 muris: thank,glad you like it
21:02:34 muris: I'll do more of it
21:02:36 Andrew Cockburn: and I am currently trying to do desending pentatonic triplets
21:02:48 muris: after I finish with these jobs
21:02:53 muris: ahhh
21:02:59 rokchik: I can do up to video 4 pretty smooth but the change I still mess up a bit
21:03:06 muris: pentatonic substitution?
21:03:19 Andrew Cockburn: yeah, just stole the triplet run because I love it
21:03:28 Andrew Cockburn: trying to fit it intp one of my songs
21:03:28 muris: ok
21:03:35 rokchik: cool
21:04:00 Andrew Cockburn: will pay you royalties
21:04:04 muris: pullofs are fine tho
21:04:16 muris: but picking has more timing
21:04:26 muris: for those pentatonics
21:04:29 Andrew Cockburn: Yep - my alt picking sucks
21:04:29 muris: triplets
21:04:34 Andrew Cockburn: I can manage pullpoffs better
21:04:38 muris: yeah
21:04:41 muris: easier a lot
21:04:49 rokchik: So Muris your lessons are very musical...who are some of your influences. I find they flow so nice
21:05:02 muris: well I have them too many
21:05:07 muris: huge range
21:05:20 muris: from Django Rainthard to Malmsteen
21:05:28 muris: everything between
21:05:56 rokchik: Cool...yeah there seem to be a Malmsteen feel to them. Very classical but still rock
21:06:06 muris: but most sweet are Like,Knoprfler and Gilmour
21:06:08 muris: IMO
21:06:16 muris: Luke
21:06:31 rokchik: Love Knopfler
21:06:36 muris: yeah
21:06:39 muris: btw
21:06:40 Andrew Cockburn: yeh!
21:06:50 Andrew Cockburn: and Gilmour!
21:06:53 muris: I'll play Sultans on tomorrow gig
21:06:57 muris: ohh
21:07:12 muris: and Comfortably Numb
21:07:17 Andrew Cockburn: nice
21:07:18 rokchik: That is one of my favorites....I really suck at playing it though
21:08:07 muris: I'll make lesson in style of Knofler
21:08:19 muris: just must do it
21:08:25 rokchik: Yah know I'm not a big fan of comfortably numb...great song but up here it is soooo overplayed. Like if you ask for a Floyd song that's what they play or another brick in the wall
21:08:39 Andrew Cockburn: My favourite ever Knopfler is the version of Romeo and Juliet live on the Alchemy album - beautiful nylon sound
21:08:48 muris: hell yeah
21:08:56 muris: or private investigation
21:09:00 Andrew Cockburn: Yes!
21:09:03 rokchik: I Thing High Hopes or Wish you were here would be my faves for floyd
21:09:15 muris: great tunes tho
21:09:16 rokchik: Agree on both boys
21:09:22 muris: I play Wish often
21:09:26 Andrew Cockburn: Shine on you crazy diamond
21:09:34 Andrew Cockburn: the first part
21:09:44 muris: beyond the horizon..
21:09:49 muris: is that start of Hopes?
21:10:04 muris: first verse
21:10:32 Andrew Cockburn: not ringing any bells
21:10:39 muris: High Hopes
21:10:46 muris: start of lyric
21:11:11 rokchik: I"m checking it out Muris as right now all I can come up with is the chorus
21:11:24 muris: no need for chorus
21:11:29 muris: just the beginning
21:11:30 Andrew Cockburn: which album?
21:11:36 muris: Division Bells
21:11:49 Andrew Cockburn: Ah, I havent got to that one yet
21:11:51 muris: Last One I think
21:12:17 rokchik: Yep thats it Muris.....Beyond the horizon of the place we lived when we were young...
21:12:22 Andrew Cockburn: I;m a dsotm wywh kind of guy
21:12:23 muris: yes!!!
21:12:25 muris: thanks
21:12:33 rokchik: Love that song
21:12:37 muris: awesome
21:12:51 muris: and pedal steel at the end
21:12:53 muris: ahhh
21:12:56 muris: kill me
21:12:58 muris:
21:13:01 rokchik: I'm listening to it right now
21:13:11 muris: way too great
21:13:20 rokchik: The grass was green, the light was brighter....
21:13:24 muris: yeah
21:13:26 muris: chorus
21:13:29 muris:
21:13:30 rokchik: yep
21:13:51 muris: Dogs of War is great to me too
21:13:54 muris: hard stuff
21:13:56 muris: like it
21:14:05 rokchik: yes
21:14:26 muris: it's from A Momentary Lapse Of Reason
21:14:27 rokchik: I'm more of a Zeppelin fan than floyd though
21:14:32 muris: I think
21:14:48 muris: they are cool tho
21:15:00 muris: never listened a lot
21:15:03 muris: but like it
21:15:22 Andrew Cockburn: Led Zep IV
21:15:22 rokchik: Brom Y'aur'd like it I think if you never heard
21:15:32 Andrew Cockburn: Is that on 2 Rok?
21:15:34 muris: no no
21:15:39 Andrew Cockburn: Gonna get that one next
21:15:44 muris: I ve listened to all stuff from LZ
21:15:54 muris: but haven't been a fan
21:16:02 rokchik: I have to think a minute Andrew..I think it may be III
21:16:05 CrashOops: oh my full house
21:16:31 Andrew Cockburn: ji Crahs
21:16:39 Andrew Cockburn: Hi Crash that was meant to be
21:16:43 CrashOops: I figured
21:16:44 rokchik: Yep it's III Andrew
21:16:48 rokchik: Hey Crash
21:16:50 Andrew Cockburn: Cool - will get that next\
21:16:50 muris: hi crash
21:16:52 CrashOops: how is everyone
21:17:00 Andrew Cockburn: I have I and iV - only heard IV until recently
21:17:05 Andrew Cockburn: But love every track on it
21:17:12 rokchik: Some great songs on III....Friends, Gallow Pole
21:17:15 Andrew Cockburn: HOT!
21:17:17 muris: i'm ok crash
21:17:47 CrashOops: ugh it's been pouring rain all day
21:17:50 rokchik: Brom Y'aur Stomp is my all time favorite song...hands down
21:18:05 muris: great one
21:18:12 muris: no doubt
21:18:29 rokchik: I wish we had some more rain here Crash, cool things off a bit
21:18:30 muris: my fav is Imigrant Song
21:19:07 rokchik: great tune too, second fave for Zeppelin for me would be a toss up between Ramble on or Over the Hills and Far Awy
21:19:20 muris: too many ha
21:19:27 rokchik: yes
21:19:27 Andrew Cockburn: Battle of Evermore ...
21:19:44 rokchik: Very Tolkein of you Andrew
21:19:54 Andrew Cockburn: Guess so \
21:19:58 rokchik: Same with Ramble on though
21:20:07 rokchik: lots of LOTR in Zeppelin
21:21:07 CrashOops: I have lots of time to practice guitar now for a bit. quit my job today
21:21:15 muris: really?
21:21:17 rokchik: Really?
21:21:20 muris: lol
21:21:21 CrashOops: yeah
21:21:23 Andrew Cockburn: really?
21:21:27 CrashOops: now I'm like damn why did I do that
21:21:41 muris: so why did you?
21:21:47 CrashOops: tired, stressed
21:21:47 Andrew Cockburn: to follow your dream of becoming a rock star
21:21:51 muris: ahh I see
21:22:00 CrashOops: more like forklift mechanic but yes Andrew
21:22:10 CrashOops: now I gotta find another job.
21:22:21 Andrew Cockburn: Hey man, follow your dream whatever it is
21:22:24 muris: best are in GTA
21:22:31 rokchik: True dat Andrew
21:22:42 Andrew Cockburn: and hypocritical
21:22:46 CrashOops: going to go see evan almighty. anybody else?
21:22:52 CrashOops: lol
21:22:55 CrashOops: hate your job andrew?
21:23:03 Andrew Cockburn: sometimes yes
21:23:10 Andrew Cockburn: When they make me travel a lot
21:23:14 muris: and what are you doing Andrew?
21:23:23 muris: mean job
21:23:37 Andrew Cockburn: Security Software technical sales
21:23:54 muris: like firewall or som?
21:24:04 rokchik: I love my job so I'll stay out of this
21:24:14 CrashOops: lol
21:24:18 CrashOops: I'm sure Muris loves his job too
21:24:20 CrashOops: if not I'll take it
21:24:23 Andrew Cockburn: kinda - bit we protect carrier networks - like AT&T, SAPrint etc
21:24:33 muris: ahh ok
21:24:42 Andrew Cockburn: Detect DDOS attacks etc
21:24:47 muris: yeah
21:24:51 muris: bustards
21:25:05 muris: El Bastardo
21:25:14 Andrew Cockburn:
21:25:28 Andrew Cockburn: Lucky I don;t understand SPanish lol lol lol
21:25:35 muris: same here
21:25:50 muris: we made this one for one really bad guy here
21:25:53 muris: drummer
21:26:04 muris: does lots of OUTS in playing
21:26:09 muris: lol
21:26:47 Andrew Cockburn: Drummers always deserve the bad names
21:26:53 muris: yeah
21:27:08 muris: like Brick,craddle etc
21:27:10 muris:
21:27:32 rokchik: Drummers are suppose to be bad boys...oh i thought we switched to bands...LOL
21:27:50 muris:
21:28:15 muris: I'll pass guys
21:28:21 muris: rehearsal tomorrow again
21:28:34 CrashOops: have a good night
21:28:34 muris: in the morning
21:28:36 muris: uhhh
21:28:38 Andrew Cockburn: seeya
21:28:38 muris: thanks
21:28:44 rokchik: cool..c ya
21:28:44 CrashOops: anyway I'm heading out too. gonna go catch a movie
21:28:45 muris: have a great time
21:28:49 muris: see ya soon
21:28:54 rokchik: See ya crash
21:28:58 Andrew Cockburn: bye
21:29:01 rokchik: Hey Scott
21:29:04 CrashOops: talk to you all later
21:29:07 Andrew Cockburn: Hey
21:29:11 rokchik: c ya
21:29:11 Scott Gentzen: wow, there's a bunch of folks. hey all
21:29:35 Andrew Cockburn: tey all left ...
21:29:40 Andrew Cockburn: nothing personal
21:29:47 Scott Gentzen: maybe I should have showered
21:29:51 rokchik: LOL
21:29:54 Andrew Cockburn: lol
21:30:11 Scott Gentzen: maybe it's that stench of "haven't practiced today"
21:30:21 Andrew Cockburn: you haven't ??????
21:30:31 rokchik: I didn't practice much so don't feel so bad
21:30:44 Andrew Cockburn: NO, both of you feel bad !!!!
21:31:05 Scott Gentzen: Yeah, I know. It's sitting right here..I could be practicing instead of typing.
21:31:07 Scott Gentzen: gah
21:31:13 rokchik: Sorry Andrew...I do
21:31:27 Andrew Cockburn: lol - I didn;t mean it Its too hot
21:31:43 rokchik: I practiced a little...but yes way to warm
21:32:04 rokchik: hands get sweaty
21:32:07 Scott Gentzen: I'm cranking the's about 72 where I'm sitting
21:32:11 rokchik: not a good scene
21:32:21 Andrew Cockburn: 82 in this room
21:32:41 rokchik: It's 28 C in the room I'm in now and it's the coolest in the house
21:32:55 rokchik: no AC...I suck lol
21:33:43 Andrew Cockburn: Wow! I just found a legato run that sounds just like Steve Vai!
21:33:54 rokchik: sweet
21:34:10 Andrew Cockburn: its this guitar ... it is!
21:34:16 rokchik: Your really on a Vai kick since you got the Jem aren't you?
21:34:34 Andrew Cockburn: they kind of happened at the same time
21:34:41 rokchik: cool
21:34:48 Andrew Cockburn: I really did get the Jem because I liked pavels - but then I discovered SV
21:34:58 rokchik: He is great
21:35:19 Andrew Cockburn: He has replaced Gilmour as my main inspiration
21:35:31 rokchik: I'm still on my Morello Page kick with a bit of Slash right now
21:35:43 rokchik: Wow that's a big statement Andrew
21:35:54 Andrew Cockburn: NO disrespect to Dave of course
21:36:02 rokchik: none taken
21:36:02 Andrew Cockburn: But I feel I have as much of his style as I need
21:36:15 Andrew Cockburn: and I;m heading in a different directrion now
21:36:29 rokchik: Hey ya gotta keep learning
21:36:56 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah I was stagnating for years befoire I got to GMC - now I have direction and prgress
21:37:54 rokchik: See i love the style of Page, very blues rock, but I love the innovation of Morello and what he does to the's very unique. Slash is like page but just a bit edgier
21:38:06 Andrew Cockburn: Great combination
21:38:15 Andrew Cockburn: Pagey is great!
21:38:26 Scott Gentzen: and Page doesn't wear a hat like that
21:38:38 rokchik: Awesome....But I love Slash's hat
21:38:47 Scott Gentzen: wow
21:38:59 rokchik: He was my second celebratie crush
21:39:02 rokchik: LOL
21:39:04 Andrew Cockburn: must be a (rok)chick thing ...
21:39:27 rokchik: When you see the hat...ya know it's Slash
21:39:42 Scott Gentzen: yup
21:40:02 Scott Gentzen: when there's a fan on the floor pointing up, Vai's gotta be nearby
21:40:07 Andrew Cockburn: lol
21:40:21 rokchik: Nice burn man...I'll take it
21:40:24 Andrew Cockburn: just got his DVD today
21:40:28 Scott Gentzen: then there's the aliens
21:40:57 Scott Gentzen: I've got the Astoria DVD in my Amazon wishlist. Haven't gotten anything there in a while though
21:41:14 rokchik: I don't have any of Vai's DVD's
21:41:15 Andrew Cockburn: yeah thats the one I got
21:41:18 Andrew Cockburn: havenm;t seen it yet
21:41:33 Andrew Cockburn: hmm - should put it on my phone for my next biz trip
21:41:38 Andrew Cockburn: great idea - thanks!
21:42:00 rokchik: Ahhh the wonder's of th iPhone
21:42:11 Scott Gentzen: heh
21:42:22 Andrew Cockburn: believe it GOt doctor who on there at the moment
21:42:25 Andrew Cockburn: andd Monty Python
21:42:37 rokchik: Little Britain!!!!!!!!!
21:42:39 Scott Gentzen: fantastic
21:42:48 Andrew Cockburn: al my DVDs are in storgage
21:42:52 rokchik: or the office...UK version
21:42:55 Andrew Cockburn: (And the wrong region!)
21:42:59 Scott Gentzen: I keep thinking I'd mess something up like that. I always drop my phones
21:43:06 Andrew Cockburn: me too ...
21:43:07 rokchik: Ahhh yes I forgot
21:43:12 Andrew Cockburn: its only a matter of time
21:43:24 Scott Gentzen: that's why I spent $50 on my last phone
21:43:51 Andrew Cockburn: I just can;t resist shiny new ohones
21:43:54 rokchik: I have a razor...I'm so 6 months ago
21:44:00 Andrew Cockburn: Every 6 months or so I get a need ...
21:44:15 rokchik: I'm like that with guitars...LOL
21:44:18 Scott Gentzen: Mine's a t610. 4 years old I think
21:44:28 Scott Gentzen: Kinda looking at the Ocean though
21:44:33 Aaron: im bak
21:44:40 rokchik: hey man
21:44:44 Scott Gentzen: hey
21:45:00 Aaron: wuts up
21:45:34 rokchik: Well boys I gotta jet....gotta work early tomorrow
21:45:37 Andrew Cockburn: he's in an endless loop ...
21:45:44 Andrew Cockburn: Yah I was just gonna say the same
21:45:48 Aaron: l8z
21:45:50 Andrew Cockburn: Wanna see if I am still married ...
21:45:51 rokchik: Andrew I'll make sure I practice double tomorrow LOL
21:45:52 Scott Gentzen: I've been getting that way with guitar stuff too...but I'm a tad on the broke side and there's that little voice in the back of my head that tells me I don't know what I'm looking for yet anyway
21:46:01 Andrew Cockburn: good rok!
21:46:08 Scott Gentzen: I'll get some scale runs in tonight.
21:46:15 Andrew Cockburn: get a col beer in too
21:46:18 Scott Gentzen: Probably no time tiomorrow
21:46:27 Scott Gentzen: there's a great idea
21:46:33 Scott Gentzen:
21:46:34 rokchik: see ya guys...Scott...I haven't given in since I bought my LP but the earge is still there
21:46:36 Andrew Cockburn: ok, gnight all
21:46:43 Scott Gentzen: g'nite
21:46:47 rokchik: night

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