Guitar Chat with Muris etc. 2007-07-19
Jul 23 2007, 11:28 PM
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05:24:44 Hemlok: It is a dawn, a moment of uneasy slumber, whens dreams become confused with reality.
11:39:13 Kurt: Hi Eat-sleep...!
11:49:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: bye ?
18:27:19 CrashOops: no one home?
19:57:38 Sircraigery: yo
20:51:03 CrashOops: hello?
21:23:05 muris: hi guys
21:54:20 kethcup: Hello there
21:54:36 kethcup: I had to download a different browser to get this chat to work
21:54:54 kethcup: it doesn't like IE7 and Vista too well!
21:55:41 muris: hey gabe
21:55:46 kethcup: Hey
21:55:52 muris: how are you?
21:55:53 kethcup: How are you?
21:55:56 muris: lol
21:55:59 kethcup: diddo!
21:56:02 kethcup:
21:56:10 kethcup: or... jinx!
21:56:14 kethcup: I'm a tard, sorry lol
21:56:22 muris: no prob
21:56:48 kethcup: I was just saying before you joined that I had to install a different browser to get this chat feature to work.
21:56:59 muris: aha
21:57:07 kethcup: Apparently this doesn't get along with IE7 and Vista
21:57:11 kethcup: or it's just me
21:57:12 muris: and which browser you are using?
21:57:20 kethcup: Opera
21:57:27 muris: I see
21:57:40 kethcup: So anyway, what's up?
21:57:48 muris: just came from gig
21:57:51 muris: it was great
21:57:53 kethcup: It's an honor to chat with such a great musician!
21:58:00 muris: I played tunes of my album
21:58:08 muris: I'll post some clips soon
21:58:12 kethcup: nice!
21:58:17 muris: thank,appreciate it
21:58:34 kethcup: So how long have you been playing?
21:58:44 muris: about 13-14 years
21:58:57 muris: but there's one good trick about it
21:59:03 kethcup: And that it?
21:59:05 kethcup: is*?
21:59:12 muris: wrong answer is 13 years or som
21:59:20 muris: good one is..
21:59:25 muris: 26736 hours
21:59:31 CrashOops: oh wow I guess I should check this thing everyonce and a while
21:59:32 muris:
21:59:44 CrashOops: how's it going?
21:59:45 muris: you got my point?
21:59:54 muris: hey Chrash
21:59:55 kethcup: lol yea
21:59:58 muris: we're fine
22:00:05 kethcup: That's alot of hours!
22:00:08 muris: it's about real played houres
22:00:10 kethcup: Hey Crash
22:00:17 muris: no i just imagined number
22:00:22 muris: but deal is in hours
22:00:26 muris: not years
22:00:32 CrashOops: Sorry I was learning a new song and wasnt paying attention
22:00:40 CrashOops: guitar pro is being stupid right now
22:00:42 muris: no wprries mate
22:00:45 kethcup: Yea I can agree with that. I have 'played' for about 17 years but probably not so many hours
22:00:51 muris: yeah
22:00:56 muris: you see what I mean
22:01:01 kethcup: yep, totally
22:01:20 muris: but its about 13-14 years after all
22:01:21 muris: lol
22:01:37 muris: easier to count
22:01:37 kethcup: The really sad truth about it, it's been all cover songs!
22:01:47 muris: no
22:01:50 muris: covers are fine
22:01:55 muris: must start with them
22:01:56 CrashOops: still playing right
22:01:59 muris: to get your own stuff
22:02:24 kethcup: I can dig that
22:02:31 CrashOops: exporting gif's from guitar pro I'm getting errors sometimes, but not always
22:02:35 CrashOops: any idea why?
22:02:42 kethcup: Sorry, never used it
22:02:50 CrashOops: sorry bmp not gif
22:02:51 CrashOops: ah k
22:03:01 CrashOops: awesome program, but this is the first time I ever had a problem with it
22:03:12 muris: i have GP
22:03:13 kethcup: I've heard great things about it.
22:03:22 muris: but without option for export gif
22:03:24 muris: i think
22:03:37 CrashOops: I have retail version of gp5 so I dunno what you have
22:03:43 CrashOops: I actually bought it
22:03:57 kethcup: Mind if I ask what it costs?
22:04:10 muris: version 5 too
22:04:18 CrashOops: I got it for 20$ canadian. but it was on clearance at a store my friend works at. dunno what it is regular price
22:04:35 kethcup: very cool! Deals are always great!
22:04:49 muris: yep
22:05:14 CrashOops: isnt it sad that I'm just starting to try and learn fade to black lol
22:05:27 kethcup: Noway. That's a great tune!
22:05:43 muris: yeah
22:05:53 muris: i can remeber whan I was learning it
22:05:55 kethcup: I remember (years ago because I'm old!) learning that song. I was so excited to learn it!
22:06:01 muris: I had accoustic guitar
22:06:05 CrashOops: it's pretty easy as far as speed is concerned and it sounds good so I figure why not
22:06:08 kethcup: I played and played and played it
22:06:11 CrashOops: I cant get the acoustic part..
22:06:18 CrashOops: mind you I just started trying today but
22:06:21 muris: was wondering how he gets those hig notes in small B minor arpeggio
22:06:24 muris: me fool
22:06:48 kethcup: on the first solo muris?
22:06:52 muris: yeah
22:06:54 CrashOops: Guitarpro definitely makes it a bit easier to learn lol
22:06:56 kethcup: ahh lol
22:07:05 muris: accoustic was with 12 freats playable
22:07:12 CrashOops: I can just play a part over and over till I get the tempo right
22:07:15 muris: and that's on 14 and above
22:07:24 kethcup: yep!
22:07:27 CrashOops: only 12 frets?
22:07:37 muris: was hiting wall with my head
22:07:43 muris: and then i got electric
22:07:55 muris: mystery solved
22:07:56 muris: lol
22:08:02 kethcup: Trying to reach 19th fret on a non-cutaway acoustic isn't fun! lol
22:08:08 CrashOops: lol
22:08:10 muris: yeah
22:08:13 muris: 12 is ok
22:08:22 muris: everything above is non playable
22:08:31 muris: mean with comfort
22:08:46 kethcup: Crash you'll get fade pretty quick. I would practice it without a pick though
22:08:53 kethcup: it's a good start to finger picking
22:08:56 CrashOops: yeah
22:09:03 CrashOops: the acoustic part I noticed needs finger picking
22:09:12 CrashOops: but I'm more interested in the distorted parts for now
22:09:32 kethcup: I find that you can do it with both, but it's more authentic sounding with fingers
22:09:37 kethcup: that's cool
22:09:38 CrashOops: yeah
22:10:24 CrashOops: I've been really lazy in my playing lately and not really learning anything so I decided that I'd learn something and picked fade to black. I was thinking maybe looking for unforgivenII because I dont recall that sounding too difficult either
22:10:49 kethcup: If you are into Metallica, I would try Sanitarium
22:11:02 kethcup: It's a good and easy starting point
22:11:49 kethcup: So Muris... How did you get speed on your solos?
22:11:58 muris: ohh
22:12:01 kethcup: Meaning, what's the trick to playing faster solos?
22:12:04 muris: practicing I guess
22:12:14 muris: no big thing in that
22:12:21 kethcup: I am having troubles with speed and coordination
22:12:22 muris: just sit and work out
22:12:33 kethcup: That's the worst answer! lol
22:12:39 kethcup: I want the magic pill!!
22:12:43 kethcup: Pleeeassee!
22:12:47 kethcup:
22:13:09 CrashOops: lol
22:13:14 CrashOops: while your handing them out
22:13:15 CrashOops: gimme?
22:13:16 muris: sorry mate
22:13:25 muris: don't have one
22:13:47 kethcup: Nah... honestly though, I have noticed that my speed and coordination are picking up ever since joing GMC
22:13:56 kethcup: It's very motivational to hang out here!
22:14:08 muris: that's great !!
22:14:09 muris: yeah
22:14:55 kethcup: oops
22:14:59 CrashOops: I've got lots of time to practice now. being unemployed again lol
22:15:00 muris:
22:15:08 kethcup: that's a bummer!
22:15:13 CrashOops: ah I quit my job
22:15:16 CrashOops: stressed to the max
22:15:18 kethcup: no good?
22:15:20 CrashOops: so looking for something new
22:15:23 kethcup: What did you do?
22:15:36 CrashOops: drove forklift for a large drywall company
22:15:45 kethcup: right on
22:15:54 CrashOops: something about that place just drove me up the wall and turned me into a giant stress ball.
22:16:04 CrashOops: had only been there 3 weeks too
22:16:14 kethcup: "drove me up the wall" no pun intended lol
22:16:20 CrashOops: lol
22:16:33 CrashOops: ah brb
22:16:35 kethcup: k
22:19:23 muris: watching clips from gig
22:19:30 muris: nice moments must say
22:19:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ahhh yes its a party
22:20:12 muris: yep
22:20:13 muris:
22:20:14 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hello fellow Gmc-ers
22:20:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam: !
22:21:01 muris: how is practicing going?
22:21:06 muris: or theory?
22:21:07 kethcup: Howdy, back!
22:21:08 Eat-Sleep-andJam: very well !
22:21:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Both!
22:21:11 kethcup: Hey eat...
22:21:27 kethcup: How goes it?
22:21:28 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hi there!
22:21:28 muris: great!!
22:21:31 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im good
22:21:35 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Its going good
22:21:36 kethcup: cool man
22:21:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: theory im just taking baby steps here and there
22:21:55 Eat-Sleep-andJam: no giant leaps yet
22:22:19 kethcup: Are you just starting out?
22:22:26 Eat-Sleep-andJam: with theory yes!
22:22:29 Eat-Sleep-andJam: guitar no
22:22:33 kethcup: cool
22:22:42 kethcup: I'm not so great at theory
22:22:52 kethcup: It's something I want to learn for sure
22:23:03 muris: questions,please
22:23:11 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
22:23:15 Eat-Sleep-andJam: maybe in a little bit
22:23:21 muris:
22:23:23 Eat-Sleep-andJam: be sure to check out my new album review guys
22:23:33 muris: will do
22:23:43 kethcup: Did you post?
22:23:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Yeah I made one on Rage Against the Machine
22:24:24 kethcup: Rage was a good band, back in the day
22:24:31 muris: Gabe
22:24:36 kethcup: I really loved there song "Renegades of Funk"
22:24:37 muris: tell me if I'm wrong
22:24:40 kethcup: Yea?
22:24:41 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
22:24:46 muris: is that Ninja on you myspace avatar????
22:25:10 kethcup: Nah... that's me with my lightsaber's and motorcycle helmet
22:25:12 kethcup: lol
22:25:18 muris: holy
22:25:26 muris: I AM wearing glasses
22:25:31 Eat-Sleep-andJam: you guys on myspace ?
22:25:37 kethcup: Yep
22:25:49 kethcup:
22:25:54 kethcup: if you are interested
22:26:05 muris: so you must be Jedi then Gabe
22:26:07 muris: lol
22:26:23 kethcup: Sometimes after a few beers I think I am !!
22:26:25 kethcup: lol
22:26:38 muris: may the force be with you my friend...
22:26:49 kethcup: ahhh... supercool!
22:26:54 muris: yeah
22:27:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Ill send you a request, im sleepin in my pic
22:27:13 kethcup: I haven't updated that page for a long time.
22:27:15 Eat-Sleep-andJam: whats your last name
22:27:25 Eat-Sleep-andJam: or what ever
22:27:27 kethcup: mine?
22:27:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
22:27:31 kethcup: wells
22:27:34 Eat-Sleep-andJam: k
22:27:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: not working
22:28:04 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Wells ?
22:28:19 Eat-Sleep-andJam: forget it whats your email
22:28:53 muris: oups
22:29:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: poop head!
22:29:05 kethcup: [email protected]
22:29:30 kethcup: but I don't think that's on myspace anywhere
22:29:42 kethcup: if you search gabe wells you should find me
22:29:48 Eat-Sleep-andJam: im on your think
22:29:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I just cant send you a friend request
22:30:05 kethcup: really?
22:30:08 kethcup: hmm
22:30:14 Eat-Sleep-andJam: just send me one
22:30:18 kethcup: ok
22:30:43 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
22:30:49 Eat-Sleep-andJam: my last name is minoia
22:31:27 muris: added
22:31:34 Eat-Sleep-andJam: cool
22:32:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hmm who is this creepy pervert named " Muris"
22:33:05 muris: me?
22:33:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha ha
22:33:12 Eat-Sleep-andJam: just kidding
22:33:15 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
22:33:21 muris: think so
22:34:32 kethcup: hahahaha I love the picture that says "Child Toucher"
22:34:38 kethcup: that's awesome! haha
22:34:41 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
22:34:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: heyy muris can you use your pinky when finger picking ?
22:34:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: i mean
22:34:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: chicken picking
22:35:18 kethcup: You should use all fingers
22:35:21 muris: I dont use it a lot
22:35:31 muris: but I can if its needed
22:35:51 muris: tho those are rare situations
22:35:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ok
22:36:07 Eat-Sleep-andJam: most likely for complicated stuff ?
22:36:16 muris: not really
22:36:17 CrashOops: back
22:36:20 CrashOops: if you missed me
22:36:31 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Crash you quit your job ? I had a feeling you would
22:36:36 kethcup: I'll be back in a few. I gotta pack. Leaving for Illinois tomorrow!
22:36:46 CrashOops: lol why's that
22:36:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Idk your like "
22:37:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Yeah well I got a job using a fork lift. " Oh that must be fun " , Yeah Well I do it alllllllllllll day
22:37:33 CrashOops: haha
22:37:35 CrashOops: yeaah
22:38:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Man Idk what im going to do when im older
22:39:12 CrashOops: work and be miserable
22:39:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Ill probably just play guitar, video games, and eat chips till im 40 and when all else fails Ill watch re-runs of happy days and live in my moms basement till the day I die
22:40:11 CrashOops: damn can I do that?
22:40:25 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Depends how much your mom loves you
22:40:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: *slap* muris wake up !
22:41:47 Eat-Sleep-andJam: brb I gotta grab some AppleJacks
22:41:55 CrashOops: k
22:42:01 muris: im here
22:43:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: back
22:43:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ( Ik I was missed )
22:44:17 CrashOops: oh lots
22:45:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Muris what new lessons do you have planned ?
22:45:21 muris: hmm many
22:45:31 muris: just I'm busy a lot lately
22:45:38 muris: but will do my best
22:45:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: *wub* Girls Muris ?
22:46:02 muris: one
22:46:06 Eat-Sleep-andJam: awwwwwww
22:46:11 muris: 7 years together
22:46:15 Eat-Sleep-andJam: thats good !
22:46:20 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Married ?
22:46:24 muris: more than good
22:46:33 muris: not yet but will for sure
22:46:49 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Thats Excellent!
22:46:57 CrashOops: why the wait muris? if you've been together that long tie the knot already
22:46:58 muris: yes it is
22:47:05 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
22:47:14 muris: jst need to do some things before
22:47:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and pretty soon youll be poppin out little Muris's left and right
22:47:21 muris: maybe next year or som
22:47:34 CrashOops: that might hurt the poor guy
22:47:41 CrashOops: she's the one that's supposed to be poppin them out
22:47:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
22:47:48 muris: yeah probably
22:47:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam: you know what I mean!
22:47:59 muris: of course
22:48:01 muris: all ok
22:48:02 muris:
22:48:05 Eat-Sleep-andJam: wise guy :|
22:49:24 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Do you guys recomend any specific ibanez rg models ?
22:49:57 muris: I'm not much in Ibanez
22:50:00 muris: sorry
22:50:12 Eat-Sleep-andJam: no worries
22:50:33 Eat-Sleep-andJam: whats your rig consist of muris ?
22:51:32 muris: well
22:51:42 muris: Musicman axis as a mani guitar
22:51:54 muris: Rocktron Prophesy Preamp
22:52:02 muris: Mesa 2 : 90 power amp
22:52:03 CrashOops: from what I understand if you want an rg you should save up for the prestige series if you can
22:52:11 muris: Furman power conditioner
22:52:20 muris: and custom cab 2 x 12
22:52:25 CrashOops: Muris you have an entire recording studio full of toys
22:52:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Im liking the Mesa
22:52:45 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and yeah I planned on getting a prestige series
22:52:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Ill show you guys a link tell me what you think
22:52:58 muris: yeah some are mine,some owes firend of mine
22:53:57 kethcup: I have a prestige
22:53:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
22:54:02 kethcup: love it!
22:54:07 kethcup: be back in a few
22:54:11 Eat-Sleep-andJam: really?
22:54:12 Eat-Sleep-andJam: damn ok
22:54:14 kethcup: Yep
22:54:29 kethcup: It's the Bubinga Prestige
22:54:36 kethcup: best guitar I've ever head
22:54:57 kethcup: had*
22:55:09 CrashOops: basically the best way to buy your next guitar is to sit down with it and play it
22:55:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ive played that
22:55:19 Eat-Sleep-andJam: great feel
22:55:29 CrashOops: it's yourr call as to if it's teh guitar for you
22:55:35 CrashOops: I cant really help you choose anything
22:55:41 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Is an Edge Pro trem different from a floyd rose ?
22:56:04 CrashOops: from what I understand it's their version of a floyd rose
22:56:12 CrashOops: very similar. and some say better than an original floyd
22:56:19 CrashOops: rose*
22:56:34 muris: A bit bigger if I recall correct
22:56:44 CrashOops: I'm not sure about the size.
22:56:48 CrashOops: but the quality is there
22:56:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: fine for like whammy tricks ?
22:56:54 muris: for sure
22:57:00 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ok cool
22:57:07 muris: same as floyd rose for tricks
22:57:07 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and im struggling on which pickups to get
22:58:04 muris: I'll go guys
22:58:08 muris: must sleep
22:58:10 CrashOops: k
22:58:12 muris: talk soon
22:58:15 CrashOops: nice chattim
22:58:21 muris: yeah
22:58:24 muris: bye
22:58:28 Eat-Sleep-andJam: bye
22:59:00 CrashOops: getting pretty good at going from drop d to standard by ear now
22:59:05 CrashOops: and back again
23:00:07 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I stay in standard
23:00:16 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I never have changed a tuning
23:00:23 CrashOops: this one song I want to learn is in drop D
23:00:28 CrashOops: and it's only the low e that gets changed
23:00:31 CrashOops: takes about a second
23:00:34 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Cant say I know how to either how
23:00:39 CrashOops: for drop d
23:00:43 CrashOops: just take your low E string
23:00:48 Eat-Sleep-andJam: for drop d or have step
23:00:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: half*
23:00:53 CrashOops: detune it one whole step to a d instead of a e
23:01:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah Idk exactly how I would do that
23:01:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: with my tuner
23:01:22 CrashOops: do you have a chromatic tuner?
23:01:28 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I have this
23:01:46 CrashOops: Eadgbe goes to dadgbe in drop d
23:02:04 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
23:02:18 Eat-Sleep-andJam: dont know how I would apply that to using my tuner
23:02:32 CrashOops: k when you strum a string does it tell you what note it is?
23:02:42 CrashOops: liek if you do your low E string ( thickest)
23:02:47 CrashOops: what does it display
23:03:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam: a tuning bar that you must line up right in the middle to tune to you low e
23:03:22 Eat-Sleep-andJam: so yeah it does that
23:03:37 CrashOops: so loosen the knob till the E changes to a D
23:03:39 CrashOops: and center it there
23:03:48 CrashOops: get it?
23:04:05 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
23:04:12 CrashOops: I have the Korg CS 30 chromatic tuner. not sure how much different it is
23:04:29 CrashOops: or you can just strum your D string. and change your low E till it sounds the same
23:04:38 CrashOops: takes a bit of practice that way
23:04:41 Eat-Sleep-andJam: mine was 20$
23:04:50 CrashOops: yeah mine was 20 or 30 canadian
23:05:09 CrashOops: but I believe yours is identical function wise
23:06:47 CrashOops: yeah looking at the manual for it it's pretty much the same
23:07:06 CrashOops: hope that cleared the air a bit about drop D tuning?
23:07:23 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well like
23:07:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: idk because like
23:07:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: eadgbe
23:07:45 Eat-Sleep-andJam: would i be tuning it to the 4th string
23:08:18 CrashOops: yes, you'd be tuning it to your D string so you now have two D strings, just at different octaves
23:08:28 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
23:08:35 CrashOops: hope I'm not confusing you more.
23:08:47 Eat-Sleep-andJam: no , not at all
23:08:50 CrashOops: ah k
23:09:17 CrashOops: you get a heavier sound in drop D, and if you look up some tabs for a couple of different bands you'll see that a lot of them do most of their songs in drop d tuning.
23:09:24 CrashOops: mostly metal
23:09:35 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah like
23:09:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I just cant get it to read the d when im playing it
23:09:51 Eat-Sleep-andJam: it reads A
23:10:04 Eat-Sleep-andJam: then it goes from A to a Seventh String B
23:10:23 CrashOops: hmm
23:11:16 CrashOops: I'll just take a look at the manual for your tuner and see what it says
23:11:34 Eat-Sleep-andJam: will do
23:11:50 CrashOops: there's an online one as well I noticed. it's linked in that site you sent me
23:12:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Lol right now its AADGBE
23:13:46 CrashOops: lol
23:13:56 CrashOops: oops?
23:14:11 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
23:14:14 Eat-Sleep-andJam: back to standard
23:14:16 CrashOops: k
23:14:22 CrashOops: now I just saw something interesting
23:14:31 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and whats that ?
23:14:37 CrashOops: play your low e, now press the b button twice on your tuner
23:14:44 CrashOops: should let you tune 2 semitones flat
23:14:53 CrashOops: and if I understand correctly that's a whole tone
23:15:16 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
23:15:25 CrashOops: see what that does
23:15:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well
23:16:03 Eat-Sleep-andJam: it gives me
23:16:10 CrashOops: Ebb?
23:16:20 CrashOops: lol
23:16:51 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha
23:16:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam: no
23:17:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Well Idk
23:17:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: so if I tune my Low E 2 Semi Tones still on a low e, thats a d ?
23:17:31 CrashOops: yes I believe so
23:17:46 CrashOops: your tuner isnt very user friendly
23:18:01 CrashOops: that's why I like a chromatic tuner. it shows the note your playing doesnt care about the string
23:18:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Does it make you low E really tight ?
23:18:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: On dropped d ?
23:18:31 CrashOops: no loose
23:18:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha messed up
23:18:44 CrashOops: yeah your going up
23:18:46 CrashOops: not down
23:18:49 CrashOops: hence drop
23:18:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ill just buy a chromatic tuner
23:18:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam: tommarow
23:19:01 CrashOops: haha
23:19:02 CrashOops: yeah
23:19:12 CrashOops: well if you dont feel a need for drop D dont waste your money
23:19:19 CrashOops: you could always tune it by ear
23:19:22 CrashOops: play your d string
23:19:28 CrashOops: and just detune your low E till it sounds the same
23:19:38 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
23:19:44 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and buy that Id make it higher
23:20:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ha ha thanks for your help in this tuning journey im going to bed
23:20:49 CrashOops: hehe
23:20:50 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ttyl pal see ya, good luck with your next job
23:20:50 CrashOops: night
23:20:57 Eat-Sleep-andJam:
23:23:12 CrashOops: ah and then there were 2
23:31:13 Sircraigery: 3
23:38:54 kethcup: yo!
23:38:58 kethcup: anyone still here?
23:39:17 kethcup: Ketchup has arrived
23:39:24 kethcup: but noone cares!
23:39:34 kethcup: :|
23:39:57 kethcup: alrighty then... I'm off to bed. Have class tomorrow. Peace out!
23:45:49 CrashOops: and the one without a job prevails!

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